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Established. 1877. Eutered at the postofflee at
Ot-lfax its second clans matter.
miBU lll^lUJH KATKS.
Six Mtinths, po«tß(?c paid One dollar
One Year, posJiM \m\<\ Two Dollars
Twi'iitj--)iv<' per com discount for
advaaee paymeßt.
O. 14. At N. Tim«^ Card.
T<» Spokane 5:45 a.m. :'.:02 p.m.
To Portland MMsam. 7:10 p.m.
Fron tioaoow. '.»:()<» a.m. 2:10 p.m.
To Momcow H.;50 a.m. 7:40 pm
siag<-« |ji-m\i- Col Tax For
Aliuota Men., Wed., Fri., 7:00 a.m.
lVnawawa Toe., Thur., Sat., 7:00 a.m.
Thornton Tue., Thur, Snt.. 7:<K) a.m.
Tlliti I- l{|!»incss.
Id the last fivi -years the largest per
centage of gain i" Doited States exports
has been across the Pacific, with
Asia and Oceaniea. These are the
ttgvresof increase for ten months from
125,587,421 in I*'.).", to 183.563,153 in
the present year, ■ gain of 226 per <vnt
Temporarily, there i« a fulling oS in ex
ports to China on account of military
operation* at Pekin and the disturbed
condition of the country. Hut to Japan
thin year the United States han sent
good* valued at over 123,000,000, or
50 per cent more than in 1899. There
haH also been an increase in exports to
Honjj Kong and Asiatic KuhHia. Our
exports to Africa have almost tripled
Bince 1895, standing this year at $17,
--000,000 for ten months. In Hawaii,the
Philippines and Alaska there is a large
increase in trade, but as this i« our own
territory the figures are not included in
thin showing.
It is to the Pacific that the producers
of the Doited States may look for the
moHt rapid enlargement of foreign trade.
South America, to which our average
exports arc not more than $3,500,000
a month, and which Bella us morn than
it bays, in b less promising field than
the Pacific. European countries take
special pains to cultivate business rela
tions with South America and a conven
tion composed of representatives from
the Bpanish-speaking countries has just
been held in Madrid. Its results wore
chiefly sentimental, for Spain is in no
position to assume any commercial
leadership. The completion of the
Nicaragua eannl will open to American
enterprise new facilities for reaching the
Pacific side of South America, Asia and
Oceanian, and as our twde there i«
growing at a greater ratio than with
any other part of the world American
merchants, manufacturers and traders
must keep sharp eyes on developments
in the vast ocean that borders on the
most populous part of the world. Even
our wheat will go there in time and
create a competitive market with Liver-
Keapportinnment Bill.
In a forcible way the Oregonian calls
attention to a matter of vital import
ance to the state of Washington and the
country west of the Mississippi in gen
eral. It in to the inequalities of what jh
known as the Hopkins bill apportioning
congressmen and presidential electors.
Here it is in several words, with com
ments of the Walla Walla I'niou added:
The Hopkins apportionment lull
makes a plea for the state of Washing
ton which should be understood and
appreciated by the people of this state.
This infamous bill has been reported
favorably to the house and it gives one
additional representative to Louisiana,
Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New
York and West Virginia, and two addi
tional representatives to Texas, these
increases being effected through the loss
of one each by Indiana, Kansas, Ken
tucky, Maine, Nebraska, Ohio, South
Carolina and Virginia.
The object of the Hopkins scheme is
to keep the membership of the house the
Hame as it is at the present time. The
Oregonian says:
"The inequities of the bill are manifest,
and grow out of a determination to re
strict the house to its present member
ship. The price paid for this slight gain
to convenience is too high. It makes
\ery little difference whether the house
consists of 357 members or of .'J.s"), and
it makes still less difference whether the
electoral college has 4+7 votes or 47.",
Hut it makes much difference whet tier
some states are unjustly treated—so
much that it is doubtful if the Hopkins
bill can survive the strenuous tight that
will be made upon it. The Cram packer
bill is far better. The west, for one
should stand out for justice to the state
of Washington, nor only because the
extra representative and electoral vote
to which it is entitled will stieugthen
the west in congress, but because Wash
ington's growth in population entitles ir
to that recognition It shows the num
ber of representatives Mr. Hopkins pro
poses to give the various states he i*
willing to reward, their population
under the census of L9OO, and the aver
age number of inhabitants to each of
their representatives. Ir also includes
corresponding figuies for the state of
State. lv<-p*. Population. Kati(>.
Louisiana 7 1,381,627 197 000
Illinois 23 4,8'_»1 ..ViO 210 000
Minnesota 8 1,751,395 220,000
New Jersey !• 1.883,669 809000
New York 36 7,2»>N,000 207,000
West Virginia.. 5 958.900 l!)l!ooo
Texas... ..... 15 8.048,828 20.^000
Washington 2 517,653 258,000
"These figures point their own Moral.
Whj ien'r LouMtana'a prenent ratio of
one representative for 230.000 people,
or Went Virginia's present ratio of one
representative for 239,000 people, as
tolerable for them hs in the proposed
continuane? of Wa^hineton with one
representative for 285.000 people? What
has Texas done for Mr. Hopkins or his
party that one representative for 217,
--000 people isn't enough for it, while one
representative for 258,000 people ie
enough for Washington?' 1
The Walla Walla IHion nays the Ore
gonian'fl Bgurea and criticie*uir< are time
ly. They show that of the ej; ht statPH
named YVushifisjton has a larger popula- !
tiou for each member ol eongrees than
any of the other states. And vet if the
state of Washington was allowed to
have a representative baaed on her
average of the above figures, popula
tion and membership, she would been*
titled to three members, [n the eight
statts named above the total number of
members provided under the Hopkins
bill is 101. while the total population of
the eight states is 21,631,621. The
basis, therefore, is one member for every
207,996 of population. If Mr Hopkins
had made thin, the bans of his appor
tionment, justice would have been done
to the state of Washington.
If is n fact, which any man of healthy
mind must admit, that the state of
Washington would be in reality entitled
to n grpßfpr per cfntage in the appor
tionment than the sfiite which i« no
more deinelv populated if discrimination
i* to be used. This is true fro?n the facr
t!iat everything is in the formulative
period, and the congressmen are com
pelled to do more work than are those
in older states.
It is evident from the reception given
the Hopkins bill in the house that the
friends of the state of Washington will
have to be up and doing if they expect
to defeat it.
The attempt will be m<ide to hurry
the apportionment tiiil through so that
the legislatures of Hi" different states
will have time to take action and re
arrange the districts this winter In
every city in the state action should he
taken immediately denouncing The un
fairness of the Bopkios bill and backiDg
up the fight that will he made by the
Washington delegation in congress from
this state against ir. Not only that
tsut whatever influence citiz-ns of the
stiite are able to exert among the mem
bers of the bouse and senate from other
Btates should he used to defeat this bill,
which bo transparently throttles the
rights of the young state of Washing
Oriental orders continue to pile up
with unprecedented rapidity and volume.
Russian demands are holding Dp wou
derfully well even on orders to be deliv
ered after tiie Ist of January, when the
new tariff goes into effect, Bajs West
Coast Trade of Tacoma. So great has
been the demand from .-ill parts of the
orient for American Hour and American
commodities, that a great many eastern
mills are making preparations to engage
extensively in the oriental trade also.
The next year will undoubtedly be the
most prosperous and most successful in
the history of this port.
Tacoma Ledgei: Washington shipped
a cargo of flour to South America rhis
week. It went in an American bottom
and did not wait the impetus of a »uh
Feed More Animal Food.
Observations among the breeding
pens and chicken yards Indicate that
poultry breeders are not feeding suffi
cient animal food to the fowls. So far
as possible this animal food should be
given fresh in preference to beef
scraps, animal meal, etc. Boil and
grind or cut up the feet, necks and
beads ni the poultry killed for the table
and add this to tue mash of cornraeal.
I>o the same with the eggs which arc
tested oul from tht- Incubators and sit
ting liens and with all scraps of meat
from the table. <";. t fresh fjsh beads
and tails or buy cheap fresh ttsb and
mix this occasionally in the mash for
growiup chicks or laying hens. It will
paj you !■•*•!( r than patent "egg pro
ducing foods." Send to Director Brig
bam of the agricultural experiment
station. Kingston, It. [.. for bulletin
No. 61. which every poultry grower
ought to read and study.—Professor A.
A. Brigham.
The f^i
That JgjJL
Women fy
Work. §1 '-a/k
ffW(W(/otl, i "I'nm ![,„,
It's enough to wear any one out.
First it's washing, in damp' and draft.
Then it's ironing with the hot stove and
the hard work to endure. And in be
tween whiles, meals to get, house to
clean, and children to tend. It's bad
enough for a well woman but for a weak
woman it's slow torture. Dr. Pierces
Favorite Prescription cures the diseases
of the delicate organs which weaken
women. It makes weak women strong
and sick women well.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr
Pierce by letter, free of charge. AH
correspondence strictly private.
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.
«My health is the best now that it has been
tor lour year?." writes Mrs. Pnebe Morris of Ira
Cavuga Co., N. V.. Box 52. -I have taken but
two bottles of your medicine ' Favorite Pre
scription ' and -Golden Medical Discovery.'
These medicines have done me more ijood than
all that I have ever taken before. Before I took
your medicines I was sick in bed nearly half the
time. I couldn't do my work only about half
the time, and now I can work all the time for a
family of four. My advice to all who are troub
led with female weakness is to take Dr Pierces
Favorite Prescription and ' Golden Medical Dis
covery '—the most wonderful medicines in the
Dr. Pierces Pleasant Pellets sweeten
the brcat.ii.
A Ili-niitiful Jnpaneap Vine.
What would Sower Lovers do with
out Japan? New and beautiful things
from that country are looked for as
regularly each year as the Fourth of
July or Christmas day. The present
pretty climbing plant Clematis pani
culata has long been known to bota
nists, but it Las been ouly of recent
date that it has come Into cultivation.
Tlmnberg says It is closely related to
the American Clematis virginiana.
It is, however, in every way a hand
somer plaut than its American rela
tive, and, besides, flowers much later.
Thunberg says that in Japau It flowers
during August and September, and It
has retaiued this character In its new
American home.
Median's Monthly concludes the
foregoing Illustrated mention of this
good thing, which has only recently
become really well known, by noting
the proper pronunciation of clematis.
The accent is on the first syllable,
elem-atis. It Is a word of Grecian ori
gin and simply means a ropelike
branch to bind with.
using Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. One
little tablet will give immediate relief or
money refunded. Sold in handsome tin
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Winter Homes
In Vmeland
are enjoyed by scores of ranchers
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homes here for their families because
of the excellent wtaools, churches,
mild and healthful climate, good
roads the year around, near neigh
bore, 6ocial advantaKt'B, pure cheap
water, and all the rent that go to
make life worth living. The fine
gardens and orchards and poultry
on the two to ten-acre tracts make
a good living for the families The
ranchers and miners keep up their
business on the hill* and in the
mountains and make their money
there. In this plan of living worth
your investigation? Write a postal
card for our new illustrated pamph
let. Or, better, come and see for
Lkwiston Water and Poweb Company.
Clarkston, ffn. Lewis ton, Idaho.
/£tfJi£\ Tlie Shortest,
/^/V\ llickt'st K«ute
( (^d I T° *EKKASKA,
nSjJmTv Missouri
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Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
and BUITE.
And All Points
Through tickets to Japan and China, vis
Ticonia and Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
Vot further information, time cards, maps
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Railway and European Steimahip A^ent,
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Portland. Ores-o>i
Express and Drayman
Will hanl your freight or move your
goods and chattels
Sores and Ulcers uever become chronic
in less the blood is in poor condition —is
Bluggish, we.ik and unable to throw ofl
tiie jjoisons that accumulate in it. The
system must be relieved of the unhealthy
matter through the sore, and great danger
to life would follow should it heal before
the blood has been made pure and healthy
and all impurities eliminated from the sys
tem. S.S.S. begins the cure by first cleans
ing and invigorating the blood, building
up the general health and removing from
eiTete nma ruer'. UPON THE SYSTEM.
When this has been accomplished the dis
charge gradually ceases, and the sore or
ulcer heals. It is the tendency of these old
indolent sores to grow worse and worse,
and eventually to destroy the bones. Local
applications, while soothing and to some
extent alleviate pain, cannot reach the si*at
of the trouble. S. S. S. does, and no matter
how apparently hopeless your condition,
even though your constitution has broken
down, it will bring relief when nothing
else can. It supplies the rich, pure blood
necessary to heal the sore and nourish
the debilitated, diseased body.
Mr. J. B. Talbert, I,ock Rox 24S,Winona, Miss.,
aays: "Six years ,-tgo my leg from the knee to
the foot was one solid sore. Several physicians
treated me aiui I made two trips to Hot Springs,
but found no relief. I was induced to try S.S.S,
u-nl it made a complete cure. I have been a per
fectly well man ever since."
**3*^ MIIF ruin the digestion and
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ings. If your flesh does not heal readily
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charge for this service.
Squirrels Squirrels
Farmers, why let the squirrels
eat up your crop when you can
kill them with a
McDonald Squirrel Gun ?
References — Washington Agricultural Col
lege, Pullman; University of Idaho, Moscow;
B. T. Byrns. Moscow; Reed, Moscow; First
National Bank, Moscow; G. Horn, Oukesdale;
J K. Lee, Colfax.
Warranted, if directions are followed, or
money refunded, and §25 on the side to any
one proving differently.
G. E. HICKEY, Geul. Agent.
Box 426, Walla WaHa, Wash.
' - >v| '«
.:':.-- •-■»■ • -•/ -^ ■£
Don't make the mistake of employing a
btmglsr or a burglar (a bungler in only a mod
ified fo m of a burglar, however innocent his
intent) to do your plumbing, (Jo to a reliable
plumber, who employ* capable, conscientious
workmen. Then notice the difference in bills
—both for the plumbing and of the doctor.
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Cattle and Hogs.
Pays highest market price.
Colfax, Washington
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9:30 a.m. Pullman and Moscow 9:00 a.m.
7:40 p.m. 2:10 p.m.
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Willamette River.
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aud Sat. and Way Landings and Fri.
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Lv. Riparia. Lv. LewiHton
Every other day Snake River. Every other dny
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Ocoan steamshipe sail from Portland for
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rj-eneral Pass^nt'T Aeent. Portland, Wretron.
visit DR. JORDAN'S cheat
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hT The Largest Anatomical Mineun In tbe
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l>r. A. E. Stulit,
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their advantage to communicate with me be- i
fore fixing dates or making final arrangements
for sales. Cali on or address me at Colfax,
and your sale will receive prompt and carefui j
attention. I
Arr. From
Sheriff*! Sal«
st,,r.- of Washington, eonntjrofV, __,«
In tbeiuperior court of l le -'"^1"? u >,ini?
ton, in Hti<i f..r Whitman county. «ft*'u"«
J A. Perkins, plaintiff, vs. I> I- 'I i
Cyrenia A. I backi r, defendant! •Ker *
Decree of fnre< losureand order of ta
By virtoe of a decree and order of sa •
and entered In th" above entitled '*'■
court, '.ii the z7th day ot November, a. j-^qq
a cop] of whii h hat been laraed and eertir, ,^
me bj the clerk of the said court, nnd< r the |
thereof, tx aring date the 28th day of Novem.-
A D. 1900 for the mm of 9921.25 gold eoin.wij
Interest at the rate ol 10 pel cenl per annui
from th'- IHttt day of July, A. l>. 1900, and Ihe fin
- im <>i ?i 1.80, costs and the further sum of
$50.00, attorney's fees, mu\ also tin- Increaned
costs thereon. I, !"*i i>ii Canutt, sheriff <>f Wliit
mau county, Washington, will on the -M.»li '1m;,
of bi Ctiub r. A. h l9ot, at the hour of I o'clock
p. in. of said day, at the south front door of the
whitman county court bouae tit Colfax, Whit
man county, state of Washington, sell at public
auction to tbe hii,'!"'--' bidder, toi <ush, t:
towingdencribed rvni estate, situated,lyingan4
being in Whitman county. Washington, him
particularly described hh followa, '<>-wit: Com
mencing at a point south of 82 degreea 86 min
utes east 860 S feet from the quarter section
conn r on the east side of section ten (10), town
ship sixteen (16), r:iiiK'f forty-three (48), X W.
M., said point being the nortbi art corner of &
tiaei hi land deeded by John Bnrke to Mary K.
Kirklund, June 24th, 18W; running thence
south, 35 degrees, 21 minutes west a distance of
227 fi et; th< nee angle to left U i degrees, l^ min
utes south K0 degrees 10 minutes east, 118.70
fi el: thence angle to left 16 degrees 16 minutes
north kj degrees I • minntes i »ni ioo feel. thence
angle to right ' 26 minutei north 99 de
grees 25 minutes east, 139.60 feet: thence north
31 degrees 25minutes enst to Intersection with
the south line of the Griffith road, th c along
HI i.i i.rlilith roiul in a northwesterly direction
301 90 feet, to the place of beginning, containing
about 7 10of <m acre, Yar. ji degrees SO minutes
east; together »\ 1111 nil and siiit'iilnr the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
Said property is taken ami sold us the property
of I). L. Thackerand uyrenia Tbacker, defend
Dated at Colfaz, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 28 h day of November, A D. l'JOu.
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington.
By C. \. Elmer, Deputy.
Trimble <& Pattlson, attorneys (orplaintiff
SherifTw Sale.
state of Washington, county of Whitman— ss.
In the superior court of the State of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
The Second National Bank of Colfax. a cor
poration, plaintiff, vs. W H. Harris and Anna
Harps, his wife; and H. W. Livingstone, de
Decree Of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, made
and entered in the above entitled cause ami
court, on the 28th day of November A. D. I'M*), a
nopy of which has been Issued and certified to
me by 'he clerk oft lie said court, under the seal
thereof, bearing date the 28th day of November
A. I>. 1900 for the sum oi $3451.50,g01d coin,with
interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from the 22d day of November, A. I>. I'.nx). and
the further sum of 913.20, costs, and the further
sum of $60.00, attorney's fees, and also the In
creased costs, thereon, I. Joseph Canutt, sheriti
of Whitman county, Washington, will on the
29th day of December A. D. r.HX). at the hour of
• (lock p m of said day, at the south front
door Of the Whitman county court house, at
i olfax. Whitman county, state of Washington,
sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described real estate, .situ
ated, lying ami being in Whitman county,
Washington, and particularly described as fol
lows, to wit: The northwest quarter ol section
twenty-five (25), in township sixteen (16) north,
ol range forty-three (13), east of the Willamette
meridian; together with all and singular the
tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertain
ing. Said property is taken and sold as the
property oi w. it. Harris aud others.defendants.
Dated .-,t Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, thib'.Mh day of November a. l>. 1900
Sheriff of Whitman county, Washington.
By C. A Elmer, Deputy.
<:. M. Wyman, attorney for plaintiff.
Sheriffs Sale.
state of Washington, county ol Whitman—aa.
in the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
Frances l. Dodge, plaintiff, vs. Rile; B. Hat
leyand Riley B. Hurley as administrator of the
c t.itv of Kachel B. Hat ley, deceased, ami Mary
K. Paulis, N 8. Hatley, Arminda Alice Kindall
Nora Stout, Luis <>. Claw son; William Monroe
Hatley, (a minor), Walter Hatiey, (a minor)
Burton Hatley (a minor) ami Archie Matley
(a minor), heirs of Km-hel B. Hatley, deceased 1
W. C Hatley and Clemina Hatley. his wife;
and C. A Leighton, defemiHiits.
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, mado
and entered In the above entitled cause and
court, on tin- 2srd day of November, A l> lnoo
a copy of which has been issued and certified to
me by the Clerk ol the said court, under the
seal thereof, bearing date the 'Jt.th day of No
vember. A D. l-.iuo. for the sum of 12606.55 gold
coin, with interest ai the rate of 12 per cent i>er
annum from the 23rd day of .November \ i>
1900, and the furthei gum of 139.35 cost's and
Lhe further sum of $150.00, attorney's fees and
also the increased costs thereon, with interest
on said attorney fees at 12 per cent per annum
from the 23rdday ol November, a I) pjOO I
Joseph Canutt, sheriff of Whitman' coui'ity,'
Washington,.willon the29thday of December
A. I). ,!iCO, at the hour of two o'clock i, m of
said day, at the south front door of the Whit
man county court house at Col fax Whitman
county, state of Washington, sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ing described real estate, situated, lying aud
being m Whitman eountv Washington? and
particularly described as follows to-wit: The
southwest quarter of section twenty-eight (28)
in township fourteen (11), north of r,uiire fortv
fonr (4!) east of the Willamette meridian/con
taining 160 acres, according to government sur
vey; together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments ami appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertain
ing, .-aid property is taken and sold as the
property of Kil.-y B Hatley ami others, defend
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, tins 20th day of November, A. U. lyoo
Kyc'Al'li^MKK: 1!";:;^:" 1"1^^^11111^"
--- N. l'ickrell, uttorMcy for plaintiff.
Bankrupt's Petition for Discharge.
In the district court of the United States fan
the district ol Wash,,won. eMeYndlvffi
In the'matterof C ?. Stafford, bankrupt
No. 211. In bankruptcy.
To the Honorable »'." H HinfnrH r,,,i
C.P. Stafford, ol Kosalla, in the eonnt* of
an,l right; of property, an. has fnllt
C. P. HTAFFORD', Bauknjpt.
inSria^^H^:;;^ 11 ' IJißtrictoi Wash-
On this 13tfc day of December.'A D loon «„
reading the foregoing petition, itts: oVd. red hv
in said district, hi lit o'clock in th«T# >kane
and that noticethereol b'' „wsh • in Theoll 1
R. M. HOPKINS, Clerk
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