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VOL. 1. NO. 3.
Famous Canton Walking Gang Plows,
The "Superior" Drill,
which has no equal in this or any other market. Yon will find it to your interest
to call and see us before purchasing, as we will NOT BE UNDERSOLD by any
competing establishment. Don't forget that.
Dealers in
Plain and Fancy Groceries,
Make a Specialty of Choice Canned Goods,
Our goods are always FRESH, and warranted, and will be sold at "Bed-Rock"
figures right along. fW Goods delivered free of charge anywhere in city.
Main St., - - Pullman.
have just opened, nt STALKY P. 0., n brand now stock
of GENERAL MERCHANDISE, including everything
usually found in a first-class General Store, such as
Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions,
KUHNISIIINU GOODS, &O. tS*~ And our prices will
always be. as low M the lowest. Please give, us a call.
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
which will be closed out at lower prices than ever before.
Large lot Fur Caps
Call in and see them before they are all gone. They're going fast.
Has a full stock of GROCERIES ft PROVISIONS, Hats,
Cajffi. CLOTHING, Gents" Furnishing Goods, Confection
ary, Cigars and Tobaccos, CROCKERY and GLASSWARE
all at prices lower than ever Ixsforo known in this country.
Main Street, - Pullman, W. T.
Proprietors of
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Oils,
- ay PRESCRIPTIONS nccnrotely compounded Day or Night, and nans bnt PUBS DRUGS clis-
V .isihl. Pare Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes, and a first-clase stock of CIGARS ami
TOBACCOS always on hand. Your patronage is respectfully solicited.
Blacksmiths, Wagon Makers
idff° All my work is guaranteed.
OftASDSD. • • • PULLMAN. W. T.
■ ■■■..:,■■ ■ , .MiOhm. ▲. J J ' ' ' ■'""•- ' *•' ' %-' S ¥^.'-'--:
Wat ftalltittam fUfoliit
Oregon Hallway & Xdv. Co.
Idaho Express 11.17 a m
Freight and Accommodation v 6.00 n m
Pacific Express 8.40 a m
Freight and Accommodation 1.50 ]i in
H. If. BBOWN, Agent.
Northern Pacific Railroad.
Passenger C.22 a m
Freight and Accommodation 9.45 a m
Passenger „ 5.43 p m
Freight and Accommodation 2.45 p m
E. F. CBAWFOBD, Agent.
Society Directory.
Phcenix Lodge, No. 105, A. O. U. W.,
meets every Thursday evening in Stewart Hall.
C. B. Mason, M. W. ' J. F. Watt, Kec.
Pullman Lodge, No. 29, I. O. of O. F.,
meets every Saturday evening in Stewart Hall.
W. V. \VindD3, N. G. J. W. Stewart, U. S.
Congregational Church: Morning ser
vice at 11 o'clock, evening service at 7:30. Sab
bath-school at 10 a. m. Jam. Davies, pastor.
Methodist-Episcopal Church: Services
first and second Sundays of each month at 11 a.
IB.; third and fourth Sundays at 7 p. m. Bab
bath-school every Sunday at 12 m.; prayer meet
ing Thursday eve. Wat. 11. Phelps, pastor.
Saturday, Nov. 17, 1888.
Wheat, sacked, per bushel - - - C 5
Barley, per cental ... - • 82685
Flax, per bushel ----- $1.25
Hay, baled, per ton - 9'Mil'2
Hides, good, per Ib. - - - - 5c
Hides, culled, •'---- 2£less
Butter, per It). - - SO
Eggs, per dozen - 30
Potatoes, per bnhhel - 40
J^f" Additional local on 4th page.
—When you want a good piano, call
on M. S. Phillips.
—Druggist White, is confined to the
house with a moasley attack of—measles.
— first-class general clerk: who
wants such a man ? Call on or address
the Herald.
—The Palace Hotel is maintaining its
No. 1 reputation under the new man
agement of Hall & Quivey.
—A party of fourteen adults from
Nemaha county Kansas, all intending
settlors, passed over the N. P. to Colton
last Saturday.
—Eight car-loads of coal are on the
way, or soon will be, to this station from
the famous lloslyn mines. It is said to
bo a first-class quality of soft coal.
Best lino of spectacles in Whitman
county, at White & Jackson's.
—Tho roller-skating rink was thrown
open again to the public last Saturday
evening and quito a number of people
indulged in the fascinating glido on tho
—Tho still-increasing business of Me-
Connell, Chambers & Co. calls for yet
another warehouse, and this tho firm is
about to erect on Main-st., next west of
their present location.
—A nice, clean business, paying a
large profit yearly, solidly established
in a busy town not a million miles away:
who wants to buy it? Cull on or ad
dress Pullman llei;ai».
—Colfax Gazette: "Tho Hekald is a
well-patronized, newcy sheet, and is wel
comed to tho Gazette's table with the
wish that its shadow may never grow
less. There are now eleven newspapers
pnblished in Whitman county.
—Mr. Levi Crawford, father of our N.
P. agent, arrived in Pullman last Mon
day from Kansas, and will make bis fu
ture homo in our midst, Another rela
tive (father of Mrs. Crawford) is looked
for soon, with two-carloads of stock, etc.,
from tho same state.
—And now tho firm name will read,
"ZenderA- Drinkwater," because Martin
and Arthur have decided to join fortunes
and names with tho character '• &." As
blacksmiths and wagon-makers they
have no superiors in the Palonse coun
try, as everybody knows.
—It is worthy of record .right, here
that a decided "■ heap" of John B. Al
len's fine voto in Pullman and vicinity
was duo to tho early-and-lato hard rust
ling of your uncle, Dr. Webb, who was
on deck all day with free teams for all
who needed a ride to tho polls. Of such
is the kingdom of " get-theres."
Before buying a watch call on White
<fc Jackson. 2w3
—Editor Brown, of the Moscow Star,
was elected coroner in the recent battle
of the ballots, and verily hath he become
puffed up and vain-glorious and eager
for a corpse whereupon to sit. Evon
offeieth he to hold inquest upon the
Mirror man free of charge if the latter
will only die. But, verily, Bro. Brown,
the very good seldom die, neither the
perversely wicked. Hence, and so forth.
—Tlirco weddings to record this week,
viz: At Moscow, last Wednesdnv. 11. H.
Str;itton and Miss Mary McGregor. The
brido is a sister of Mrs. M. C. True, of
this place. At the M. E. parsonage, Pull
man, on the 12th, by Rev. Phelps, Win.
Euber. and Miss Eosa Aesehliman, both
of this county. At Moscow last week,
Patrick Manning, the prosperous farmer
living at the head of the Almota, and
Mrs. Annie HpJpin, sister of our large
friend, Tom Halpiu. Congratulations
all around.
—Preaching at the M. E. church to
morrow evening at 7 o'clock. Subject:
" The talents."
—A thoroughly competent eehool
principal: who wants him? Call on or
address the Herald.
—Fariss Bros, received three car-loads
of goods this week, tho freght bill for
which amounted to §1,500.
—Mrs. Buchanan hr.s closed her
school and opened a private boarding
house on cor. Main and Grand sts.
Heavy all wool twill flannels 40 cents
pec yard, at McConnell, Chambers & Co.
—The Moonlight Club will give an
other of its social dancing parties at
Reaney's hall on Thanksgiving night.
Tickets $2.50 per couple, including an
elaborates supper served from 11 p. m.
to 1 a. m.
—A kindergarten school would pay
in Pullman. We have heard of quite a
number who wonld send their children
to such an institution. It is tho very
best possible school for little folks. Who
will start one?
—One of the workmen employed on
the new bridge over tho river at Colfax
fell from the top of the structure, Mon
day, to the stream beneath, breaking an
arm and sustaining other serious inju
ries. Did not learn his name.
—Tho county commissioners have
been in session during tho week, mak
ing the official canvass of votes cast in
Whitman, forwarding the bridge work
here and there in tho county, and of
course auditing bills more or less.
Board by the week or month. Ap
ply at Mrs. Buchanan's, corner Main
and (irand-sts. 3w4
—Engine No. 68, on the O. R. & N.,
got off the track and into the mud while
switching in the yard here, Wednesday,
and it required the best part of half a
day to convince her of the error and get
her back into the Tay she should go.
- -Surprise parties, more especially for
the young folks, seem to be the " rack
et," just now. During the week the lit
tle men and women havo enjoyed them
selves at the Empire House, at Mrs. J.
D. Kirkwood's, and at Win. Renfrew's.
—Vancouver Independent: " The town
of Pullman, Whitman county, has a
newspaper, the Hekalp, the first bright
and newsy issue of which we have re
ceived. It adds one more proof of the
fertility of the famous Palouse country.
— Colton Eagle: "Thefirst number of
tho Pullman Herald made its appear
ance on Saturday hist. Mr. Sargent,
tho editor, comes to Whitman county
well recommended by the Dakota press,
and will bo a material help in advancing
the interests of Whitman county, and of
Pullman in particular."
White & Jackson aro overstocked on
jewelry, which must bo sold at twenty
per cent, off for cash. 2w15
—By the way, the general business
and stock of Stewart & Lee, at Jnlietta,
has just been purchased by that irre
pressible team, McConnell, Chambers &
Co., and Mr. J. 11. Maguire, of tho firm,
has gone over to take charge of things.
Mrs. Maguire is visiting at Moscow, and
their Pullman homo is non eat.
—Moscow Star: The Star o! Idaho
extends its hearty congratulations to the
people of Pullman and vicinity on secur
ing so good a paper as the Hekald, the
first number of which made its appear
ance upon our desk last week. It is
bright, newsy and interesting, and shows
plainly that its editor understands his
business. Shake.
—Delegate Yoorhees fled to the East
just after election, and on Wednesday of
this week drowned the sorrows of a de
feated candidate in the ever-alluring
bowl of matrimony. Ceremony, at In
dianapolis, Ind. Bride—Miss Fannie
Yajen. of that city. Well, Charles,
here's to better luck nest time—in poli
tics, we mean.
McCJonnell, Chambers & Co. import
crockery in original crates and undersell
small dealers. Dinner plates, cups and
saucers, 40 cents per set, lamps, 25 cents,
etc. ltf
—It will bo noticed that there lias
been quite a change made in tho time of
the freight and accommodation on the
S. <fe P. Going north, it now leaves
Pullman at 9:45 a. m., an hour later than
former]j. Going south, 2:45 p. m., an
hour and 20 minutes earlier than before.
No change at present in tho time of the
passenger trains. Homo important al
terations of time have been made recent
ly on the Northern Pacific main line in
the arrivals and departures at Spokane
Falls. The train from the east that ar
rived at 11:53 p. ttu, in that city, now
arrives at 9:45 a. m. Tho east-bound
train that formerly reached there at 4:23
a. m., now arrives at 1:05 a. m. The
east and west-bound local trains which
formerly arrived there at 8:30 p. m. from
the east and at 6:40 a. in. from the west,
have been discontinued. The Cceur d'-
Alene train leaves Spokane at 3:30 p. m.
and arrives at 10:15 a. m.
—We understand that the sidewalk
on the north side of Main-st., from the
Central restaurant up to and around the
Nodine block, and along Grand-st., is to
bo rebuilt at once and made of double
thickness. A royal good action that will
be—and most likely prove a saving to
the city by preventing damage suits for
dislocated shins and other delicacies.
Some of the walks on tho opposite side
of the street need a little of this atten
tion, also, p. d. q.
—The Herald acknowledges a pleas
ant call from Editor Warner, of the Col
fax Commoner, last Tuesday, accompa
nied by Oliver Hall, distriot-deputj
grand chancellor, K. P.; John Hart, John
Ellis, A Coolidge, Charles Bowder and'
A. C. Harris, all of Cceur d'Aleno lodge,
Colfj'.s. Tho gentlemen were on their
way to Gencesco to assist in the institu
tion there of a new lodge of tho order.
They were joined at this place by Sir
Knights J. F. Fariss, Orvillo Stewart,
M. C. True and E. E. Ellsworth. All
returned Wednesday, reporting a "mag
nificent" time.
All persons wanting wood or coal will
do well to see the agent of the Northern
Pacific road at Pullman. otf
—Tho watches stolen from the Palace
Hotel last week were found Wednesday
by Frank Taylor in the rubbish and
wood in rear of Reed & Prentis' ware
house. Taylor was loading his dray
with wood, and in doing so happened to
uncover a silver watch in the chips that
lay about the wood-pile. This led to
further search in the vicinity, resulting
in his recovering all four of tho stolen
time-pieces and a pocket-book from the
spot where they had evidently been has
tily secreted by the thief. The proper
ty was restored to the owners (the Mc-
Connell '-boys" and Julius Christian
son), but tho robber is still at largo.
—A rather novel election wager will
be publicly paid in this city next Tues
day afternoon. Barney Hattrup pinned
his faith on Cleveland by betting Wm.
Renfrew a new $10 silk hat, §20 in cash,
and a ride in a brand-new wheel-barrow
that Harrison would not be elected pres
ident. Having lost, Barney will carry
out the program, and will wheel Ren
frew the length of Main-st. and back in
a new barrow on tho day mentioned.
Tho vehicle (which is included in the
wager) will be appropriately decorated,
and Renfrew will wear tho new hat and
carry the $20 bill as a banner. You
should bo on hand to ccc tho phun.
Lost: A fine Mexican parrot, a good
talker. Finder liberally rewarded on
leaving information of its whereabouts
at this office.
Anotiieu Suicide.— Following close
ly upon tho recent murder and suicide
at Colfas came the surprising intell
igence Wednesday that Win. McCloud
had ended his earthly existence with his
own hands early that morning. Tho
deceased was) living temporarily on the
well-known Bryant place, five miles west
of Pullman, with his family, and on the
morning mentioned arose at about five
o'clock and started the kitchen fire, as
was his custom. He then left tho houso,
though but partially dressed, remarking
that he wouldn't bo gone long; but, as
the time passed on and brought no sign
of his return, Mrs. McCloud became un
easy and began a search about the prem
ises. Her husband was in poor health
and snbject to spells of vomiting, con
sequent upon chronic dyspepsia, and she
feared that, as was sometimes the case,
he might have fainted during one of
these attacks. Not finding him in tho
immediate vicinity, the search was ex
tended to an old storage barn about one
mile from the house, and there tho fam
ily were horror-stricken by the discov
ery of the lifeless body of tho missing
man suspended by the neck from one of
tho overhead beams. The neighbors
were immediately notified nnd hastened
to tho spot. Investigation showed that
McCloud had walked to the barn in hia
stocking-feet, picked up and knotted to
gether several pieces of old lace-leather,
such as is used in belting, had fastened
ono end of this cord to the beam and the
other end around his neck. To reach
tho beam he had been obliged to mount
upon the feed-tablo of a separator stored
in the barn, and having thus adjusted
; matters to his satisfaction, he deliberate
ly stepped off the table and hung sus
pended by the neck. Tho leather, how
ever, broke with the weight and ho fell
to tho ground. He then secured some
pieces of strong sacking twine and with
these and tho leather succeeded in mak
ing a cord sufficiently strong to bear the
strain. This time his step from the
feed-tablo was a step into eternity, sure
enough. The nock waß not broken by
the fall—death had resulted from strang
ulation. The body was left as found
until the arrival of Justice Lobaugh, of
this city, when it was taken down aud
an inquest held. The jury (Messrs. T.
L. Hunt, B. Lanning, John Squires, E.
and M. Bryant and Jno. Morrison) made
a careful investigation, but no light was
thrown upon tho cause of the 6uicide,
unless it could bo attributed to tho de
ccaped's bad health. There had been
nothing observed in his actions to indi
cate such an ending. Mr. McCloud
came hero last spring from Canada, nnd
had recently built a raakteaoe on Grand
street, into which ho was intending to
move the present week. Tho shock to
his family and acquaintances caused by
this sudden and unexpected event can
be better imagined than described. The
funeral services were held Thursday.
Disastrous Collision-—Tho morning
freight on the Farmington branch of tho
(). Iv. & X. broke in two as it was ile
eeending [the long hill at Colfax yester
day at about 5 o'clock, and owing to the
fact that there were no air-brakes or
brakemen on the cars that staid by the
engine, the engineer WbM unable to con
trol his speed. The heavy frost also made
itimpossible to use tho locomotive brakes
successfully, and tho big engine entered
the yard at a rapid gait, striking tho
rear end of the Pullman train that was
just about to leave, telescoping into the
baggr.ge-car fully two-thirds of its
length mill throwing the passenger
coach into the ditch. Luckily there
were but very few persons on board the
Pullman train, yet the damage was con
siderable. Tho fireman of the freight,
whoso name wo did not learn, suffered a
severe fracture of the skull, and at this
writing there is little hope of his re
covery. The engineer saved himself by
jumping. Prof. M. A. Nelms, of the
Pullman school, and his wife, were also
injured, the lady so seriously that it is
feared she will die. Conductor Barnes,
of tho Pullman train, had his knee-cap
knocked off.
Correspondence, ISth.
We can hear republicans crowing in
every direction, but the fox still lingers
among the bushes.
Rev. Anderson, from Palouse City,
preached a healthy discourse Sunday
morning and evening at our school
house. When he returns again (in four
weeks) ho will protract the efforts for
ono week.
Our school bell was received last week,
and now adorns its place in the belfry.
In our school are enrolled 55 pupils,
ranging in ago from five to twenty-one
years. Our pedagogue is probably find
ing plenty of work to do.
Grain is leaving tho warehouse rather
slow. Quito a good lot of it is yet ex
posed to the inclement elements.
One of Undo Sam's employes has been
around town tho last two or three days.
Everybody guesses what he is looking
after, but being a man of quite large
dimensions they let him go his own way.
Moke Axojt.
From Eagle, Nov. 10.
Mrs. R. 11. "Dnff is very sick.
Two of Colton's young men expect to
marry soon.
John L. Flowers has purchased the
balance of the A. McQueen stock of
A farmer that does not live far from
Colton lost 8200 this season by not hav
ing enough cabbage to supply the de
,T. B. Standley is in receipt of an in
vitation to attend the. wedding of Min.s
Fanny Belle Vajen to Charles Stewart
Yoorhees, at Indianapolis, on the lith
J. H. McCoy, of Jnliettn, has been in
Colton several days during the week.
He reports that development work is be
ing done on the silver ledge at Ruby
camp on the Potlatch. and that the
showing is most excellent. Al>out 20
prospectors are at work in that vicinity
and some will work their claims all win
An effort is being made to establish a
trading place at Johnson postoffice.
Mrs Carrie Beaton, ■wife of George V.
Beaton, died at 4 o'clock to-day (Satur
day, Nov. 10th) of typhoid fever. De
ceased had been very low for several
days. Mr. Beaton is prostrated with
grief. A bright littlo boy is left moth
erless. The family came from Canada
to Colton in April last. Mr. Beaton hav
ing engage 1 with Mr. Wallace as man
ager of the cheese factory.
From JobxbmL, Nov. 8.
Court convenes at Colfax December
Our farmers are sowing their winter
Election is over. Pay your bets and
bo friends.
Erickson, the saw-mill man, loft for a
visit to the old country, last week.
T. D. Stewart shipped his household
~oods to Walla Walla and followed
Mr. Gose received seven cow law vol
umes Monday, which, added to his iil
rendy largo library. Trill materially aid
him in the practice of his profession.
The Uniontown Distillery company
has been organized and we expect to be
able to give our readers the news that
I the institution is in full running order.
I A few necessary changes arc being made
owing to the approach of winter.
Mr. Kiley, tho Northern Pacific Ele
vator company carpenter, was in town
Saturday sad we Iwirn the platform he
had charge of at Jacob's sidinpr, is fin
ished. In size it is 24x04, 10 foot posts,
and temporarily covered. Next season
a warehouse is to be erected.
$2.00 PER YEAR
Store in a central location. Inquire"
at tho Pullman bank. 3t2
A good, new cooking-stove, with all
its fixturep, for sale cheap. Inquire of
M. S. Phillips. 3tf
A choice bnsiness lot on Mnia street
--a bargain. Inquire of
Iw4 W. V. Wixors.
House, and half-acre of land, or less
if desired. Apply to
Iw4 W. V. Wis-nts. Pullman.
McConnell, Chambers ft Co. have effect
ed arrangements with leading manufac
turers which enable them to sell first'
class watches at prices within reach of
all. ltf
I have unlimited capital to loan at A
low rate of interest in sums to suit bor
rowers on corresponding time on first
mortgage in Whitman cotinty, Wash
ington territory, Latah and Nez Perce
counties, Idaho. Borrowers will do well
to call upon or address mo at Pullman*
W. T. (2tf) W. M. Chambers.
Highest market price paid for Wheafj
Outs, Barley, and Flax.
The Pullman Meat Market.
Dealers in all kinds of
Fresli & Cured Meat
Z37~ Highest market prices paid for Cattle and
Hides, Hogs, etc;
H. 3. WEBB. 3. F. 'WATT.
Webb & Watt,
Physicians - and - Surgeons
Special attention given to the diagnosis and
treatment of diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat,
Heart, Kidneys, Langs, and diseases of Women
and Children.
Jeweler &L Engraver
And Practical Watchmaker.
Repairing of Watches, Clocks
Post-Office Hnilding.
Dixilers in
| The Leading Lines of Farm Smpiements,
I Mirh us the <
PLOWS, the celebrated P. D. GANGS, MoOOBMIGK mid DEERING HAR
Please Brop In and "Look Us Over.
F. L. Sanborn & Co.
Harness and Saddlery
Everything pertaining to the bn.-iness kept in
stock or manufactured to order on tho
shortest notice, and nt lowest
prices for No. 1 goods.
Repairing, ail Kinds
in ocr line, will bo
Promptly + Done! -
Geasd St., - » Nirr to Emfib* llocsxj 1
'■■■-: •■■■• ": ■ ""■ ' -jim
PULLMAN, W. T. J- $$:
~-r t

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