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VOL.I. NO. 5.
Famous Canton Walking Gang Plows,
The "Superior" Drill,
which has no equal in this or any other market. You will find it to your interest
to call and see us before purchasing, as we will NOT BE UNDERSOLD by any
competing establishment. Don't forget that.
Dealers in
Plain and Fancy Groceries,
Make a Specialty of Choice Canned Goods,
Our goods arc always FRESH, and warranted, and will bo sold at '• Bed-Rock"
figures right along. Jrt?" CJoods delivered free of charge anywhere in city.
Main St., - - Pullman.
have just opened, at STALKY P. 0., a brand new stock
of GENERAL MERCHANDISE, including everything
usually found in a first-class General Store, such as
Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions,
FURNISHING (iOOI)S. Ac. |3»- And our prices will
always bo us low as the lowest. Please give us a call.
Proprietors of
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Oils,
EET- PRESCRIPTIONS accurately compounded Day or Night, and none but PURE DRUGS dis
pensed. Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal purpose*, ."..id a first-class stock of CIGABB and
TOBACCOS always on hand. Your patronage is respectfully solicited.
Blacksmiths, Wagon Makers
£-£*" All my work is guaranteed.
rS tr^. /»> -C^ fc « w i; to .
((l« dV Isz i 2 «3 -I =-
>£i^Efi^«lli-i § E * *«=«
which will be closet! out at lower prices than ever before.
Large lot Fur Caps
Call in and see them before they are all gone. They're- going fast.
Has a full stock of GROCERIES t PROVISIONS, Hats,
Caps, CLOTHING, Gents 1 Furnishing Goods, Confection
, HT, Cigars and Tobaccos. CROCKERY and GLASSWARE
ulI at 2>riees lower than ever before known in this country.
Main Street, - - Pullman, W. T.
. at USJ V^.^
Oregon Railway & Xav. Co.
Idaho Express 11.17 a m
Freight and Accommodation 6.00 a m
Pacific Express 8.40 a m
Freight and Accommodation 1.50 p m
H. 11. BIIOWN, Agent.
Northern Pacific Railroad.
going NORTH:
Passenger 6.22 a m
Freight and Accommodation 8.58 a m
GOING south:
Passenger 5.13 p m
Freight and Accommodation 3.15 p m
E. P. ("KAWFOKD, Agent.
Society Directory.
Phcsnix Lodge, No. 105, A. O. U. W.,
meets every Thursday evening in Stewart Hall.
C. ii. Mason, 51. W. * J. F. Watt, Bee.
Pullman Lodge, No. 29, I. O. of O. F.,
meets every Saturday evening in Stewart Hall.
W. V. Windus, N. (i. J. W. Stewaht, E. S.
Whitman Lodge, No. 49, A. F. & A. M.
meets 2d and 4th Fridays of each month. Vis
iting brothers invited to attend. E. H. LKTTEit
mas, W. SI. A. A. Miller, Bec'y.
Congregational Church: Morning ser
vice at 11 o'clock, evening service at I'-'.IO. Sab
bath-school at 10 a. m. Jvs. Daties, pastor.
Methodist-Episcopal Church: Services
first and second Sundays of each month at 11 a.
m.; third and fourth Sundays at 7 p. m. Sab
bath-school every Sunday at 12 m.; prayer meet
ing Thursday eve. Wm. K. I'iielpk, pastor.
Saturday, Dec 1, 1888.
Wheat, sacked, per bushel ... 66
Barley, per cental ... SOW 85
Flax, per bushel ----- $1.25
Hay, baled, per ton - *[email protected]
Hides, good, per It). 5c
Hides, culled, "... - %less
Butter, per Ib. - .... 30
Eggs, per dozen - 30
Potatoes, per bushel .... 40
Oats, per cental - - - - - 90
—Born to Rev. and Mrs. John Davies,
a girl.
—Mrs. Win. Chambers returned from
her Portland visit, Tuesday.
Goods at Portland prices at Philip
Bremer's for cash.
—Bring or send us the news, and we
will remain as usual, '"yours truly."
—We hear it remarked that President
Cleveland and cabinet are about to
March 4th.
- The sun will be totally eclipsed
again on January Ist, nest. The spec
tacle will be visible here.
— Attorney Thos. Noill and wife, ac
companied by Mr. Will Allen, have ar
rived from Dawson, I>ak.
—Preaching at the M. E. church noxt
Sunday at 11 n. m. Subject: "The
four beasts of Revelations."
All holiday goods below par at Bie
mer's store.
—Knejjper, of Walla Walla, the lively
condition-powders man, was in town
Monday. See bis card in this paper.
—Rev. Phelps holds services at Guy
the first Sunday in each month at 7:30
p. m. and the third Sunday at 11 a. ni.
—Our Guy correspondence came too
late for last week's issue. Strike us not
later than Thursday, gentlemen, please.
—D. L. Btaley wag a caller this week.
He reported his town as flourishing, and
the new firm of Staley Bros, as having a
tine tr;:de.
Everyday coats $1.00 each; suits from
54.00 to 810.00, at Bremer's.
—W. J. MeConnell, head of the fa
mous firm of MeConnell, Chambers &
Co., came down from Moscow, Wednes
day, on business.
—Rev. and Mrs. Phelps gave a party
to the young folks of Pullman, Thurs
day evening, at tho parsonage, and all
seemed to enjoy it greatly.
—Henry Baird and Miss McKenzie
were married at Guy on the 17th nit,
at tho residence of the bride's brother,
Alex. Justice Bradbury officiated in
his usual neat manner.
—The Herald Las recently been fa
vored with pleasant calls from such sub
stantial and go-ahead farmers as B. M.
Booth, E. P. Arms, M. A. Crippea, Win.
Reed, L. P. Piowland, W. O. Booth, A.
Whitton, and others.
All persons wanting wood or coal will
do well to see the agent of the Northern
Pacific road at Pullman. 3tf
—Since the appearance of that eight
line item in the Hek.vld mentioning
Pullman's need of a lumber-yard, no less
than five different letters have been re
ceived by the. editor and other persons
in town in regard to establishing a yard
here. Some of these letters are from
Dakota and Wisconsin.
—The north-bound freight on the N.
P. was partially ditched last Monday at
a point known as the summit cut, 6ome
eight miles north of this station. The
accident was caused by spreading rails.
The engine and one car passed over in
safety, but the six following cars, all
heavily loaded, were let down into the
mud ker-chuck! sinking almost over
their wheels. As the track was thor
oughly blockaded by the wreck, the pas
senger trains were delayed there until
Tuesday evening. We understand none
of the freight was damaged, the cars not
being broken up at all.
—Dr. Webb's handsome furniture, in
oak and walnut, has arrived and will
soon adorn the mansion on the bill.
The doctor expects to eat his New-Year
dinner up there.
—Charles H. Dodd, the veteran agri
cultural implement dealer, visited Pull
man, Wednesday. He thinks the town
is one of his boss points, and we should
not "wonder." Good agents here.
—A nice, paying business in Pullman,
established several years, can be bought
at B reasonable price. A fine chance for
securing a trade in which there is no
competition. Call on or addicts the
Heuald for particulars.
—The many friends of Archie White
will regret to learn that he is again ill,
this time with a serious attack of pneu
monia. Recovering from the measles,
he came out-doors too soon and contract
ed a cold, resulting in the present sick
■—Auction sale bills promptly execut
ed at this office. Or any other bill.
—Tho Tacoma Real Estato Journal
observes that " tho new town of Pullman
seems to be going forward rapidly tho
present year, putting up a fine school
building and erecting innumerable
dwellings, etc." Correct, sir; there are
no flies roosting on Pullman or its peo
—The Methodist society is about to
move its church building to the lots do
nated by the Messrs. Moore. Beally,
however, tho society would like to get
down from the hill. Yet, "a city set
upon a hill cannot be hidden " —likewise
a church. In tho valley it might be
—Eev. Mr. Davies, of tho Congrega
tional church, delivered his farewell ser
mon last Sabbath. Ho intends to re
move either to California or tho Sound
country, but has not, we believe, fully
decided which. Mr. D. is a gentleman
of fice abilities, and a valuable acquisi
tion to any society.
Heavy all wool twill flannels 40 cents
per yard, at McConnell, Chambers & Co.
—The Hekald's subscription list io
growing right along, here and in the
East; but there is room and a welcome
for many more. Send in your names,
gentlemen, and let us administer to your
comfort for tho coming year. Only 82
from now until January Ist, 1890 (thir
teen months), if paid in advance.
—Now is tho time to plant your holi
day advertising. Tho goods are arriv
ing :n town, and tho firms that bid livli
est for tho trade will get it, sure. An
nounce your specialties in our local col
umns. We shall issue a handsomely
illustrated four-page holiday supple
ment with tho Herald of Dec. 22d.
—N. S. Hunt reports that tho chick
en-thief is abroad, and that ho is a per
son of discriminating taste, having se
lected and carried away half a dozen or
so of his (Hunt's) valuable Plymouth
Books last Sunday night. Of course
its wicked to steal, yet the present alti
tude of egg prices is liable to tempt a
man to do most anything.
—That case of small-pox reported as
at Colfax in last week's Herald proves
to be a fact. It is well quarantined, we
are told, but nevertheless it behooves us
as a town (as wo have said before) to
see that this dread disease does not en
ter Pullman. Our city anthorities have
the responsibility attached to them in
this matter. Let us have quarantine—
or fumigation.
Board by tho week or month. Ap
ply at Mrs. Buchanan's, corner Main
and Grand-fits. 3w4
—The large number of fruit-trees sold
here by nurserymen this fall indicates a
most praisworthy movement on the part
of our farmers toward extensive orchard
cultivation in the future. There is no
reason why Whitman county should not
raise all the apples, plums, pears and
cherries needed for homo consumption,
and nmeh more. Prunes, too, would
probably do well here; at least, they aro
worth the trial.
—The filling on the Main-st. exten
sion eastward has been completed," and
the street is now opep for/teams and
traffic the entire length". In a very short
time this extension YdJJ/bo all built up
with business houßes and residences,
several contracts having already been
made to that effect. The lots arc now
owned by Pullman men entirely, and
they propose to sell at nominal prices to
all who who will build on them. It is a
fact that there is but little choice be
tween any of these lots; every one of
them is a desirable piece of business
property. The structures to be erected
in the spring will be mainly of brick, so
we are informed —and they should be,
to bei'.utiriy the town, to lessen the dan
gers from fire, and to secure a low rate
of insurance. On with the good work.
—A first-class general clerk: who
mutts ?ncfa a man? Call on or address
the llejj.vll-.
To the PBfoUe.
Mr. J. C. Fullerton, of Pullman, is the
authorized traveling canvasser and cor
respondent of the Hi:hali>. Any favors
shown him will bo duly appreciated and
recorded by the undersigned.
Sakoext »fc Nlill, Pub'rs.
—The O. R. & N. has recently re
duced its freight rates to this and other
territorial points from the East, via
the. Union Pacific and Oregon Short
Line, to the samo basis as that charged
by the Northern Pacific. So much for
a healthy and genuine competition in
our railroads.
—As will be seen by their advertise
ment in this issue, Messrs. N. S. Hunt
and Win. Buckley, of this city, have
formed a partnership and will start a
lum.be- , .rd here, near the Northern Pa
eitic depot, at once. They will keep a
full stock of lumber, and also sash, doors,
blinds, etc., all of which have been or
dered from manufacturers.
—A thoroughly competent school
principal: who wants him? Call on or
address the Herald.
—An artist, a gentleman named Fel
lows, was in town the other day, making
sketches of Pullman and its prominent
buildings for an historical work of the
territory soon to bo issued. Wo didn't
catch him soon enough to ascertain just
when, how, by whom, or for what pur
pose the volume was to bo printed, but
the redoubtable book-agent will unques
tionably bo along in duo season to en
lighten us all.
— Win. Tedder, believing that fine
stock is one of tho best of investments
for tho farmer, has just purchased of tho
Washington Importing Co., of this place,
a thoroughbred short-horn bull of tho
famous Cruikshank strain. It is only
about eight months old, but is a James
dandy animal. Thin Importing Co., b>
tho way, is one of the institutions of
Pullman and Whitman county. Mana
ger Hollinshead is no novice in the busi
ness, and you can rely upon whatever
he recommends.
—Promissory notes and blank receipts
for sale at this office. Give us your or
der for any kind of blanks needed, tf
—Tho city council has just had a
quantity of letter-heads printed at this
office, on tho back of each sheet of
which is a description of Pnllman-'s fa
cilities and advantages as a place of
business and residence, and also a brief
account of Whitman county. Tho idea
is a good one, and will scatter needed
information regarding this lively spot
far and wide. Any of our merchants de
siring this matter printed upon their
stationery will be accommodated at
small cost. Call and see samples.
— H. (h DePledge, who has filled the
position of superintendent of the North
ern Pacific elevator interests here for
some time past, has resigned that place
to accept the cashier's desk in tho Bank
of Colfax, recently tendered him. He
enters upon his now duties next Wed
nesday. Merit always wins. Mr. De-
Pledge is a gentleman of enterpriso and
strict integrity; and, while regreting
his departure from Pullman, his friends
will nevertheless join in congratulating
him and tho bank upon his advancement,
so to speak.
The new roller skates have arrived,
and the Rink will be open to-night (Sat
urday). Come one, come all and have a
good' time. Tho ladies will serve supper
from 5 to 8, at 25 cents each.
A. Reaney.
—Tho elegant supper served by the
Pullman ladies on Thanksgiving night,
was a grand success fiaancially and oth
wise. The long tables laden with tooth
some viands and spread in a very attract
ive manner, were a tempting sight and
well might the ladies bo proud of their
efforts. All praise is duo them and their
gentlemen assistants for the admirable
manner in which the affair was conduct
ed. We learn as we go to press that tho
net proceeds amounted to $106.75. The
danco was also a right jolly affair, par
ticipated in by some 40 couples.
—At the teachers' examination held
in this city last week there were twenty
one applicants for certificates, twelve of
whom were successful. Following are
their names, with the grade of certif
icates secured: First grade—J. G. Ell
iott. Kate A. Redmond, Colfax. Second
grade—O. E. Fuuk, Oakesdale; James
S. Clark, Ewartsville; L. T. Broekway,
Pine City. Third Grade—Alfred White,
Coin, Alice Kiggins, Colfax, Anna Fol
lett, Palouse; J. D. Abbott, Colfax, Ph.
G. Bickford, Tekoa; Jessie Meßride, at
Colfax; M. A. Nelms, Pullman. —Colfax
I have unlimited capital to loan at a
low rate of interest in sums to suit bor
rowers on corresponding time on first
mortgage in Whitman county, Wash- i
ington territory, Latah and Nez Peree
counties, Idaho. Borrowers will do well
to call upon or address me at Pullman,
W. T. (2tf) W. M. Chajiuek-s.
The Mill and Side-Track.
Mr. B. B. Wilson, traveling freight
agent of tbo NottherD Pacific, was is
town Tuesday, and the citizens' commit
tee having the planing-mill side-trick
matter in hand took occasion to inter
view him on tho subject. The result
was qnite satisfactory. Mr. Wilson ex
amined the proposed mill site, listened
courteously to tho committee's propos
als, and then stated that the Northern
I'acitic would undoubtedly put in the
track desired, as tho company was very
friendly to Pullman and intended to
" pull with tho town " for mutual bene
fit. This was a case of mutual interest,
and he would immediately consult with
tho higher officials in regard to it. The
committee has also received a communi
cation from Traffic Manager Clink, of
the N. P., in which he expresses himself
as willing to afford our town every pos
sible facility in tho matter, and states
that he will soon bo hero to look into it.
Mr. Enos, tho gentleman proposing to
put in tho mill and yard, has decided
that tho prospect is good enough, and
has taken steps looking to tho immedi
ate establishment of the lumber-yard
and the erection of the mill. We under
stand, also, that our townsman, Mr A.
Keaney, has become associated with the
enterprise as a partner. Success to the
new industry. Pullman and the adja
cent country is in need of a planing
mill, much—or muchly.
From fiiizctto. Nov. 30.
L. H. Flatter, prosecutor-elect, hns
been appointed city attorney and has re
moved his office to the city building, v])
A freight train ran into an open switch
near the depot Sunday, derailing the en
gine r.nd several cars. No ono was hurt.
Jos. liyan has leased his hotel, the
Colfax House, to W. A. Ladd. Mr.
Ryan and family oxjjoct to spend the
winter in California.
One of the most convincing evidences
of prosperity in Whitman county is evi
denced by the early payment of taxes.
Some forty or fifty more receipts have
been given than had been issued at this
time last year. The, collectors say taxes
seem to come in easier than ever before.
C. O. Brovrdcr, B clerk iv the postof
fice, was taken sick a few days ago, and
on Wednesday his physicians pro
nounced it a case of varioloid. The pa
tient has been isolated and necessary
: precautions have been taken to prevent
I the spread of tho disease.
Estray Notices.
One bay colt, branded jjß on left
shoulder. Liberal reward paid for the
delivery of this colt to B. M. Booth, 4
miles southeast of Pullman. 5w2
One dark-brown filly, 2 years old last
spring, branded HT (the letters joined)
on left shoulder. Liberal reward will be
paid for her return to J. M. Hill, Pull
man. 5w2
Two oW jx»nios —one a roan, no brand,
sear on left foreleg, which is lame; ii:e
; other a black, with brand of capital I' on
' hip. Strayed from Pullman, W. T..
1 about Oct. 1. 1888. Five dollars reward
for thi'ir return or information of their
! whereabouts. T. L. Hint,
Store in a central location. Inquire
at the Pullman bank. 3t2
A good, now cooking-stove, with all
its fixtures, for sale cheap. Inquire of
M. H. Phillips. 3tf
A first-class roller chop-mil], with all
connections complete. Capacity, 30 tons
;• day. Enquire of R. Lansing or W.
V. Windus. 4tf
McConnell, Chambers & Co. have effect
ed arrangements with leading manufac
turers which enable them to sell first
class watches at prices within reach of
;.il. ltf
$2.00 PER YEAR
From Eagle, Nov. M,
Prof. Harrow has been engaged to pro
side over tho Colton schools for another
Li. M. Stoclsmitb has accepted a posi
tion in Herman's hardware house at
Genesee. ~_
Colton has a base ball nine compose d
of charming young ladies.
It is rumored that Gus. Ferguson will
visit Walla Walla in December. It in
hinted that (.ins. has matrimonial inten
On Thanksgiving night, at the M. F.
church in Colton, Charles K. Maynard
and Miss Myra Vandever were united in
the Iwinds of matrimony.
Born to the wife of Charles Rosnaglo,
on Saturday, Nov. 24, a nine jxnind girl.
All are doing well, aud Mr. lioscnag'e i*
the happiest man hereabouts.
The death of the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Russell, who live on Pleasant
Flat, is reported. Causo of death, diph
McConncll, Chambers & Co. import
enx'korv in original crates and undersell
small dealers. Dinner plates, cups and
saucers, 40 cents per Bet, lamps, 25 cents,
etc. ltf
Land Office at Walla-Walla, Wash. T.,
Nov. 17, 1888. Notice is hereby given that the
following named settler has hied notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will lie made before
the judge of the probato court at Colfaz, W. T. r
on the 31st day of December, 1888, viz:
UiMAMiN M. Boon,
for the southwest qnarter of section 22, towri
sliip 14 n, of range 45 p. He names tho follow
ing as his witnesses to prove his continuous res
it idence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
1 John M. Hill, Amos Green, John Stnitton, WU
i Ham li. Ktephenson, all of Pullman, W. T.
Any person who de-sires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any
»substantial reason under the law and the regula
| tions of the Interior Department why Mich proof
should not be allowed, will be given an oppor
tunity at the above-mentioned time and (lace to
, cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submit
ted by claimant. B. (iUICHAHD,
4\vii Keeistrr.
Insurance Co.
W. r. WlXf,VS,A:ient, .__
i 4w12 Pullman, Wash. Ter.
;Ttie Pullman Meat Market.
i Dealers in all kinds of
I Fresh & Cured Meat
, . ZST~ Highest market prices paid for Cuttle and
Hid*-*, Hogg, etc.
F. L. Sanboen & Co.
Harness and Saddlery
Everything pertaining to the bnsiness kept in
stock or manufactured to order on the
shortest notice, and nt lowest
prices for No. 1 goods.
Repairing, all Kinds
in oar line, will bo
Promptly + Done!
(! hand St., - Nkxt to Empire llovse,
of I concluded
goods to I would
get call
per prices THAN the
0J" OOlt, that will Bold 1 Goods?;, ]Milliiiei°y [S^jnaoy *fc
T. St. - QniMD J5T* co3t. of Gold will'
C. S. MASON, - - Git.'iND St. - - TULLMAN, W. T.
Plain or Fancy, in Blaci or Colored Inks, en
any desired quality of paper, promptly OMOt d
at PULLMAN HERALD office. Wo pay Kx
press church in rctoniinjj orders sect '■■• uuul*

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