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Store in a central location. Inquire
at the Pullman bank. ' 3t2
, ..111 II I p HII* ' ' (
At Reaney's hull, Pullman, on Christ
mas night, j Dec. j 25th. A first-class
time guaranteed. Supper served at the
hall. Ticket*, including sapper, $2.50
per couple; without supper, #1.50.
7w2 ; - -
. Persons wishing to have colts and
horses broken, cither to harness or sad
dle, or both, should bring them to
Frank Tbuax, Pullman. Terms rea
sonable. 6w2
There will be a grand turkey, chicken
nnd glass-ball shooting match at Pull
man the day before Christmas and day
before New Year's, commencing at 10:30
a. m. each day. Everybody cordially
invited to bring their guns and partici
pate.. Don't forget the days.
7w2 A. Reaney, Manager.
I have unlimited capital to loan at a
low rate of interest in sums to suit bor
rowers on corresponding time on first
mortgage in Whitman county, Wash
ington territory, Latah and Nez Perce
counties, Idaho. Borrowers will do well
to call upon or address me at Pullman,
W. T. (2tf) W. M. Chambeks.
All persons wanting wood or coal will
do well to see the agent of the Northern
Pacific road at Pullman. 3tf
Have you heard of Joe Knepper's
Condition Powders ?
Now being pat on the market for the cure of
Weak Hack and Loins and General Debility of
the Horse. These Powders have been THOR
OUGHLY TESTED and acknowledged to be Su
perior to anything of the kind ever put upon
the market for the following diseases: Swelled
Leg*, Loss of Apjietite, Hide-Hounds, Coughs,
Cold*, etc. WHITE & JACKSON, Mia agents
for, Pullman and vicinity. sw*
New Lumber Yard!
Wenre (joins to have one! BIGHT AWAY, too!
Just wntrli this tpfTt for particulars, which will
be givon hert-ufter.
sniß Hunt «C- Uncklry, rullmun.
Dmilits in
Dedrick Hay Presses
Or Power,
Acme Brick and Tile Machines, Swell-
Body Cutters and Sleighs,
fh-indler & Taylor's No. 1 Engines and
Saw-Mills, Ac, &c
Tlie Herald.
Oregon Hit i limn «i- ,\«r. Co.
Freight Hnil Accommodation 7.20 p m
Freight and Accommodation 7.30 a m
H. H. MiOWN, Agent.
Northern I*ocf/?<- Railroad.
Passenger 6.22 a m
Freight and Accommodation 8.58 a m
Passenger 5.43 p m
Freight aud Accommodation 3.15 p m
E. F. CHAWFORD, Agent.
t^f"Additional local on 3rd page.
■—A happy New Year! aud "may you
all lif long and brosper."
—W. V. Windus made a brief visit to
the county seat Sunday.
—Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Staley, of Staley
P. O. were in town Thursday.
■—M. Leitch is building an ice house
adjoining his wine cellar.
—Mr. McCall and family from Endi
cot were here this week visiting friends.
—Skating on the creek is reported
good and many there be that improve it.
—Mrs. Archie White is spending the
holidays with her parents at Palonse
—Mrs. J. W. Rice, of Guy, is visiting
with friends and relatives in our city,
this week.
—J. W. Oberholtzer has purchased the
livery stable outfit formerly run by
Frank Truax.
—W. J. McConnell, "the old man
himself," was down from Moscow,
Try the chillblain remedy at the drug
store. 6tf
—Remember the turkey, chicken and
glass-ball shooting match on Monday
next, commencing at 10.30 a. m.
—The receipts of the Pullman post
office for the year 1888, were forty per
cent, more than for 1887.
—Agent Crawford moved into his fine
new house in time to eat Christmas din
ner beneath his own roof.
—Rev. Davies received a package at
the Christmas tree containing $22, a
gift from the Ladies Aid society of the
Congregational church.
—District court, at Colfax, has ad
journed for the term. Judge Nash made
a most favorable impression upon all who
had business before him.
—Miss Maud McNeil, who was very
low with typhoid fever a few weeks since,
was out on the street Thursday, for the
first time since her recovery.
—The Christmas treo was a success,
notwithstanding the short time in which
the committee had to make preparations.
The presents were numerous and costly.
—Mrs. Heywood and daughter, of
West Plains, Mo., arrived here Tuesday
last, where they will remain some time
visiting with Mrs. H.s brother, Dr.
Holiday goods in great variety at Mc-
Connell, Chambers & Co.
—The Moscow papers ought to change
their railroad time-cards once in four
years, at least. And also hire proof-read
ers. We say this whilo poised in a
friendly attitude.
—The Pullman graded school opened
its winter term last Monday, with the
names of 75 pupils enrolled. Let the
parents do all they can to aid the teachers
in making our schools A. 1.
—The Herald acknowledges the re
ceipt of a pass for the year 1889, from
Lossburg to Prosperity, issued by Father
Time, general manager; and countersign
ed by W. V. Windus. Thanks.
—When making resolves for the com
ing year don't forget to resolve to sub
scribe for the Herald for yourself and
for one or two friends at a distance, whom
you would like to have locate here.
A first-class No. 8 cooking stove for
$16.00, at Fariss Bros., Pullman.
—J. L. Hayes, who, at one time in
tended to make this place his permanent
location, removed his family and house
hold effects to Genesee, last Thursday,
where he will engage in the dental busi
—J. A. Hungate, who has been living
two miles south of Pullman, has moved
into town, that his children may have
the advantages of our educational facil
ities. He is occupying T. L. Hunt's
—Whew! but wasn't Monday a lively
day in Pullman. Everybody and all
their neighbors were out, notwithstand-
ing the unfavorable weather; arms filled
with mysterious bundles: clerks on the
run: impatient customers waiting their
turn, etc. That's business.
Christmas presents, unique and ele
gant in design, at McConnell, Chambers
—J. J. Sargent, of the Herald, is in
Portland selecting new material and
machinery for the paper, to meet the in
creasing demands of the office. The pub
lishers propose to keep the Hebaxd in
the van of the progress and development
of Pullman and vicinity, and will not
spare expense —if they receive the proper
patronage —to make it not only the
"neatest" but the "best paper in the
Paloase country."
—Jack McKenzie is another victim to
the measles.
—C. S. Mason made a business trip
to Colfax, Monday.
—Mrs. Thos. Neill was numbered
among the 6ick ones this week but is
now much better.
—The boys are now well snpplied
with jewelry, the result of a wheel-of
fortune man in town on Wednesday.
—Mrs. W. V. Windus returned home
Sunday, after making a visit in the
rural districts with her sister, Mrs. J. S.
—Monday was the busiest day of the
season in the stores. It is estimated
that $7,000 worth of goods were sold
in town.
—The dance and supper at Reaney'6
hall on Christmas night was a grand
success. There were about 150 people
—Harry McKenzie, living 2} miles
north of town, has been suffering from
a severe wound received from a nail, but
was able to be in town Thursday.
—Ex-Sheriff David Marsh died at
Colfax, on Tuesday night. He was
highly esteemed in the county, and held
the office of sheriff for six years.
—John E. Moys died at his home,
twelve miles west of Pullman, on the
20th inst., at the age of 77 years, having
lived in this territory for the past elev
en years.
—Dr. Webb commenced moving into
his handsome new residence last Wed
nesday. Limited space prevents us
from giving such a detailed description
in this issue, as the structure merits, but
will reserve it for another time.
■—Preaching at the M. E. church Sun
day, morning and evening, at the usual
hours. Morning subject: "The Church;"
evening, "The Star of our Lord." The
Sunday school will be reorganized, also.
The congregation is increasing and a
good choir would bo greatly ajipreciated.
Who'll organize one?
Our County Jail.—ln the Habeas
Corpus case of Michael Schrcck heard at
the last term of court, it was shown by
expert testimony that the county jail at
Colfax was an unfit place to confine any
one. It was compared to the "Black
hole of Calcutta." The court, after hear
ing tho evidence, ordered the sheriff to
find better quarters for t'jo prisoners at
the county's expense. Our advanced
state of civilization demands that the
health of all those who aro confined in
prisons, 6hall be protected and cared
for, and from tho evidence in this case it
it is evident that our county jail is a
barbarous placo in which to confine any
It's a Daisy.—Hon. A. T. Faries' new
house is about completed, and ho has
left nothing undone to make it a model
of convenience and artistic skill. The
main entrance leads into a hall, the front
door of which is embelished with an ele
gant stained glass window. To the left
of the hall, and leading from it, is the
library, bespeaking the taste of the own
er, and away from all noise. In the rear
of this is an airy bed-room directly con
nected with the bath-room, the latter to
be supplied with hot and cold water.
Across the hall from the library is the
parlor, corr.modious, and commanding
an excellent view of tho city and sub
urbs. Folding doors separate this from
the dining-room and the two, if occasion
calls, can be made into one large room.
The kitchen is all that a kitchen should
be, and the pantry! the completeness of
this will be tho envy of all the ladies.
Leading up from tho hall to the second
floor is an elegant stair-case, rich in its
design and finish. Tho upper apart
ments are roomy and in keeping with
the rest. At the rear of the building
Mr. F. proposes to erect a wood-shed,
cellar and ice house under one roof. The
house will be fitted throughout with new
and appropriate furnishings, and when
tho finishing touches are added to the
exterior it will be a credit and ornament
to our city.
The Liberal Advertiseb.—lt is an
invariable rule that the man who is
stingy and penurious about advertising
is stingy and penurious in his other
business transactions. The same busi
ness spirit and enterprise that prompts
a man to use printer's ink liberally in
making his business known, prompts him
to deal liberally with his customers so
that he may hold their trade. The man
who sits in his store and waits for cus
tomers to hunt him up does not have
many of them, and, consequently, he
must make the most out of those he has.
On the other hand, tho man who, week
after week, invites the public, through
the medium of the newspaper, to come
and examine his goods, telling them
when he has new goods, and when spec
ial bargains aro being offered, naturally
attracts more trade than his sluggish
neighbor, and he can afford to sell his
goods cheaper. In addition to this, the
leading public is indebted to the adver
tisers for enabling them to get cheap
j newspapers. Were it not for the reve
| nue derived from advertising, papers
that are sold for 82.00 per year could not
i be purchased for four times that amount.
These are facts worth considering when
buying goods, and buyers will always
find that they act for their own interest
when they patronize the liberal advertis
er. Note our Pullman merchants, for
—Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, of Colton,
were in town Friday.
—Dr. Webb's little daughter Flossie,
has been on the sick list since our last
issue, but is much improved at this writ
ing. Ditto Erve Krice's little boy.
—M. S. Phillips has just received a
new invoice of furniture. There is a
bed-room set in particular, that few deal
ers outside of large cities, cau afford to
keep in stock.
—Don't forget that the marqnerado
ball at Reaney's hall, is on New Years
night, and not on New Year's eve, as
some have erroneously thought. Spec
tators will bo admitted for the. small
sum of 25 cents.
—Have you read McConnell, Cham
bers & Co.'s ad. as it now appears in the
Herald? If not, do so, and you will
fin 3 just what you want. It is in keep
ing with the enterprising go-ahead spir
it of the firm.
—The latest news from E. L. Farrand,
who is at the Walla Walla hospital, un
der the care of Dr. Blalock, is that he is
improving and the chances are favorable
for his recovery, which will bo agreeable
news to his friends.
—Last Monday evening pome budge
inspired individual with pugilistic aspir
ations, sought to relieve his pent up
feelings by putting his fist through a
pane of glass in the window of the store
room formerly occupied by Philip Bre
—H. S. Conover, of Minneapolis, Minn.,
who represents thefirm of L. S. Seaver &
Co., grain merchants of that city, has
been in town the past week and taking
a look over our county. He has bought
100,000 bushels of wheat, this fall, in the
Palouso country, and expects to greatly
increase that amount next season. The
superior quality of our wheat is now be
ing recognized by eastern millers.
—The subscription list of tho Herald
is booming, and more, too. This is en
couraging. Geo. Neighbor, G. F. Lyle,
Wilbur Keith, Howard Cass, J. J. Lar
wood, W. G. Sparrow, O. S. Sehrader,
W. H. Kitzmiller, R. Knight, of Moscow,
C. A. Higgins, Geo. D. Hunter, Edwin
Burgess, and several others are the very
latest additions. And, remember, you
can have this paper and the San Francisco
Call one year for only 82.55, cash. Sam
ple copies of the Call free at this office.
—Tho east bound train on tho O. R.
& N., -which left Colfax two hours late, on
Sunday last, was further delayed by two
slight accidents. When about three
miles from Colfax, the train, which was a
long one, broke in two, and the engineer
did not discover the loss of about half
the train until he reached Riverside.
Again, between Shawnee and Guy, the
same performance was repeated. It was
nearly eleven o'clock when the train
reached Pullman.
—Action should be taken at onco to
erect street lamjjs to the depots. It is
at the risk of personal injury to go to
the depots in the dark, even to those
who are familiar with the side walks,
much more so to strangers coming in on
the trains. Besides it gives strangers a
bad impression of the town. If some
one is injured the town may have to pay
more for damages than it would cost to
light the whole town for many years.
And, by tho way, what is the matter
with the present street lamps that they
arj not lighted on dark nights? Let us
have light.
—The stockholders of the Pullman
Land and Improvement Co., met on tho
evening of tho 2Gth inst. and adopted
tho by-laws. After the stockholders
meeting the trustees met and organized
by unanimously electing the following
officers: M. S. Phillips, president; M. C.
True, vice president; W. V. Windus,
treasurer; Thomas Neill, secretary. The
subscription book was then opened and
the whole capital stock ($6000) was im
mediately subscribed for. The Co. will
at onco purchase property in Pullman,
for the purpose of improving it, and
selling only to those who will build.
—The elementary conditions have
been so favorable this fall as to allow
tho farmers a continuance of that very
necessary occupation —plowing, up to
the 22d day of December, 1888. But,
on the morning of the 23d, the men who
were so unfortunate as not to have fire
building wives, realized that the atmos
phere had assumed a sudden frigidity
that was not excessively agreeable to
early risers. There was a light fall of
snow during tho day and enough crispi
ness in the air to make the 25th seem
like a genuine Christmas, which was du
ly observed ia this vicinity.
;^ow is the time to form a board of
trade, or organization, to secure our share
of the spring emigration to this territory,
and to act on matters pertaining to the
improvement and advancement of Prill
man and vicinity. What is everybody's
business is generally neglected. Manu
facturing enterprises can bo induced to
locate here by organized effort, and the
advantages of Pullman can be made
known only, by judicious advertising.
We cannot expect people in the east to
know that Pullman offers superior ad
vantages over other parts in thePalouse
country, unless we inform them of that
fact, and this should be done before they
have decided to locate elsewhere, as they
generally know their objective point be
fore leaving home. What do yon say to
calling a meeting for the purpose of
discussing the matter?
—Evidently* there is a good deal of
money nrloat among the snwll boys of
Pullman. We judge from the following
brief but pointed conversation which we
overheard the other day at the post office:
" Tom and me went huntin' last week,"
said the first boy.
'•Get any thinif* asked the other boy,
" You bet! We got sixteen rabbits—
wholloj>ers, too."
" Sixteen! No. yer didn't."
"Y'lie! we did.""
"No yer didn't."
" Til bet ye a hundred dollars Wo did
'•Bet ye a thousand dollars ye didn't
And then there was a pause, as Capt.
Phillips appeared at the door and looked
benignly at them over his spectacles.
Ewartsyill?. :■';
>* Regular Correspondence. .-.
Christmas passed off quietly at E warts
ville; .no public entertainment. Mr.
Kirkpatriek and family, Mr. Benedict
and,family, Mr. Mills and family and A.
J. Whitten, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. O. F. Heal<\ After pinner, Sants
Clans came in with a tree and lots of
presents for the little folks.
We are glad to note that Johney
Klemgard, who has been very sick for
two months, is improving.
We are informed that John Booth lost
a valuable horse a few days ago. The
cause, was thought to be bots.
A. J. Whitten has treated himself to a
new hack.
The literary and debating club held
no session this week, as it was Christmas.
The next meeting will be Tuesday even
ing, Jan. 1.
U. Know.
Our School Supplies.—Last Wed
nesday the supplies for our public
school arrived from Portland. They
have been examined and pronounce d, by
those competent to judge, the very best
and most complete collection of the kind,
in the county. These things are abso
lutely necessary to a first class graded
school, such as Pullman proposes to
have. As our readers are aware, the la
dies of this place '• put their, shoulders to
the wheel," and, with the net proceeds
of the suppers that they gave (3122.55'),
purchased these much needed accessories.
The set. including freight, cost $89.7
which, by the way, was a bargain, and
contained the following: One complete
set of maps in case; one set Wilson's
physiological charts in case; one Apple
ton's elementary reading chart (fine);
one numerical frame; one set cube root
blocks; Webster's unabridged, indexed
dictionary with an elegant stand; two
call bells; one fractional apple; one doz
en blackboard erasers; map of Oregon
and Washington territory; one magnet;
and six pointers. The ladies have $32.
--80 left in their treasury towards the
purchase of a bell.
Shooting Match.—The turkey, chick
en and glass-ball shooting match came
off on Monday last, as advertised, with
the following results:
Stewart 010
Greer 000
Thompson 000
Hungate 0 0 1
Squires 0 10
Long 010
Hongute won tie.
Watt 000
Prather 0 10
Stewart Oil
Squires 001
Hungate 001
Uobertson 10 1
Stewart won tie.
Robertson 001
Watt 001
J. C. Firr 0 00
Thoni| son 0 0 0
Squires 000
1). Kirkwood 011
Squires 010
Stewart 001
Ixing 11l
(ireer 010
Brock 000
Kirkwood 0 0 1
Greer 10 0
Brock 000
Thompson 100
Stewart 011
Squires ' 10 0
H. Mcl'onnell 110
Spencer 10 0
McConnell won tie.
St sixth pool.
Wuit 0 10
Stewart 0 10
Squires 10 1
Long 111
Spencer 10 0
Kirkwood 111
Kirkwoud won tie.
The winners in rifle shooting were:
Richardson, Robertson, Epperly, and
Two good dwelling houses, one of two
rooms and ono of four rooms, to rent on
reasonable terms. Apply ut the drug
store, Pullman. !>w2
All persons indebted to the under
signed must settle their accounts by the
Ist of January, 188!), or said accounts
will be placed with a justice of the peace
for collection.
Bw2 M. S. Phillips.
The undersigned has been appointed
buyer for the Col fax Pork Packing Co.
and wants to purchase all the hogs in
the country, alive or dressed, for spot
cash at highest market price. Bring in
your porkers, or notify me that you have
them to sell —-the sooner the better.
Btv4 M. C. Tbue, Pullman.
Here You Find It!
Masquerade I
NEW-YEAK'S laGHT, 1, '89.
THE Event of the B<<a«>n.' Ticket*,' ?2.50 per
Coaple. Select a (.'liaraeter, got your MM
rpatlv. and come out. f. Sapper included in bill.
At iteauey's Hall, Pull mail. ..
>•,--'■--• • .'■■■■-■•■■■: ', '■.••:-■•'.:
f"^' ' ■' ■ .:f-":^i F"'Z]'■_?■"' ' _B_ l-1~1-''''' '" ■
$5,000 Worth
Vi —————
nuiiudjf muuuij
must be sold in
The Next Ten Days !
(xOLD---Watches, Chains, Jewelry.
SILVER---Watches, Ornaments, &c,
SILK--Scarfs and Dress Goods.
l'Ll Sll---I)rt'ssiiitc Cases, Mirrors, kc,
£3?" in grrsit variety of styles and prices at —<Sk2
■. *
Winter is coming on and you will need Blankets. You can get a GOOD PAIB
from us for $1.50. But it will pay you to see those EXTRA
FIXE ones selling at only 86.00 a pair.
Immense Stock of No. 1 Rubber Boots,
at from $2.50 to $5.00 per p;iir.
LADIES' MONITORS, 51.75 to 52.25. GENTS' MONITORS, same.
in all latest patterns, from 10 cents to $2.50 a yard.
Car-Load of Sugar!
at a great reduction in price from our last supply.
"Snowflake" Brand, Spokane Falls Flour,
the best over sold in any market—3 car-loads on hand.
Oar-Load of Nails at Prices
never before heard of in the Palonso Country.
and LATEST PRICES should be examined by every one.
You will then know that it PAYS to trade with
& Company.

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