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While at Medical Lake 8. W.
.Smith assisted in rescuing a young
lady from drowning; in fact saved
notonly her life but probably the
lives of two men who had jumped
in to save her. Mr. Smith got a
long board by means of which he
and Mrs. Smith succeeded in pull
ing them out.
The young lady was bathing,
when she got in over her depth and
sank. Our gallant townsman saw
her from his tent, and cutting off
one of the tent ropes ran to her as
sistance, but could not reach her
with the rope. Another man ran
up and jumped in, but the girl
clutched him and held him under.
A second man jumped in and the
young lody left her first victim and
grasped hiji and was sinking him
when Mr. Smith managed to reach
them with a long board and as
sisted the three out. —Garfield En
Thursday afternoon Constable
Sims arrested a young boy about
Hi years of age on suspicion of hav
ing stolen jewelry in his possession,
says the Oakesdale Sun. The boy
had tiied to sell a ring and thimble
to different persons, but when the
constable searched him nothing
was found. Mr. Si "ns deputized
Ike Hickey to watch the young fel
low and take him in if he tried to
get away. Not long after the pris
oner was transferred to Mr. Ilick
ey's care, he made a break for lib
erty down the N. P. railioad track
with Ike in close pursuit. Both of
them demonstrated that they were
sprinters of no mean ordtr and it
was not until the boy had reached
Hanford's orchard, nearly a mile
away, that he was overtaken by the
deputy constable. He was brought
back to town and after a rigid ex
amination by Constable Sims he
was discharged..
At 6:30 Tuesday morning the
bells rang warningly, the whistles
blew frightfully and' the kids, big
and little, yelled dreadfully. The
alarm of fire was given for a des
tructive blaze was discovered raging
in the large warehouse owned by
Dernham & Kaufmann, which was
situated on the llnion Pacific track
near the depot. It was fully ten
minutes before the firemen arrived
upon the scene, and the (la nes had
gained great headway and were
consuming everything combustible.
For a few moments it looked as
though the electric light plant
would also be burned and a stream
of water was turned on the build
ing, also one on the Union Pacific
depot which was threatened and
ready to catch at any moment.
The fire burned rapidly, and
there was nothing saved from the
warehouse. Several hundred bush
els of wheat and 00,000 grain sacks
were bvrned. The loss is fully cov
ered by insurance.
The origin of the fire is not
known, but rumor has it that it
was incendiary. On several differ
ent occasions someone has attempt*
ed to blow the building up but
failed. A night watchman has been
kept on duty there all winter up to
about six weeks ago, when all the
grain which was stored in the
building was shipped out. If the
fire had occurred before Monday's
rain it would have burned half the
We are assured by the firm that
they will be amply prepared to
handle all the grain that will be
coming their way this fall.—Mos
cow Democrat.
Sequardine, the late Dr. Brown-
Sequard's elixir of life, made of
macerated guinea pigs' orchids, is
an effective cure for leprosy, used
as an injection; at least, so Dr.
Boufi'e tells the Paris Academic dcs
It is not generally known that
the ex-Empress Eugenic is an Irish
woman. On one side she was des
cended from an Irish soldier of for
tune, who made a name and a place
for himself in the interminable
Spanish wars.
Paderewski's physical collapse is
so complete as to lead to the can
cellation of all the pianist's engage
ments for at least the earlier part
of next season. The player's out
look is a serious one. He is tem
porarily a nervous wreck.
John W. Foster will entertain
Li Hung: Chang in September, when
the latter visits the United States.
Gen. Foster is an intimate friend of
the viceroy and served as his con
fidential adviser during the peace
negotiations with Japan.
Several years ago Maarshall Har
ris, a wealthy lumberman of Osh
! kosh, Wis., bequeathed to the city
1560,000,I $60,000, to be used in the building
lof a library, provided the amount
I was increased to $100,000 by other
J contributions. Senator Sawyer has
i recently volunteered to add $25,000
■and it seems probable that the re-
I maining $15,000 will be forthcom
Ysaye, the violinist who plays
i like an angel and looks like a
! butcher, is simple in his tastes.
•AH I ask," said he, "is a fishline
and some water. The less fish the
j better. I can sit for hours with a
! line in the water in perfect happi
ness. When a nibble comes my
dream is over. A also confess to a
j weakness for the bicycle, but care
j nothing for politics."
There are two known survivors
lof the famous ball given by the
| Duchess of Richmond at Brussells
on the eve of the battle of Waterloo.
They are Englishwomen, the Ladies
| Louise and Sophie Tighe. In 1815
Lady Louise was 12 and Lady
j Sophie (3 years of age. They were
I both looking on at the dancing of
the great Duke of Wellington, with
their elder sister, Lady De Ros, who
! died only a year or two ago.
Difficulties have arisen with re
gard to the administration of Baron
; Hirsch's estate. More than one of
I the executors named by the testator
have refugee to act, and complica
i tions have also arisen from the
! manner in which the will is drawn.
! It is expected that the property in
England which will pay duty to
jthe chancellor of the exchequer will
' fall little short of £3,000,000.
Charles L. Hutchinson, the well
known business nan of Chicago,
who has just returned from a tour
around the world, says that India
! is a terrible example of the bad ef
fects of free silver. "If I had my
way," he says, "I would send all
the free silver advocates to India
for a few months. If they found
they had t® receive their pay in
silver rupees they would begin at
once to hate the white metal. The
rupee was once worth 60 cents, but
free coinage brought it down to 27
I cents, where it now stands. The
natives hope, however, that we will
adopt free coinage, as they can then
ship us their rupees and raw silver
to be coined. It was a most in
structive lesson, I assure you."
Sealed bids for coal and wood to
be furnished in car-load lots f. o. b
Pullman to agricultural college and
school of science will be received by
secretary of board of regents up to
and including August 17th, 1896,
at his ollice in Pullman. Wash.
Coal must bo best select lump. 200
tons or more. Wood must be sea
soned lir or tamarack. Address E.
A. Bryan, secretary board of regents
Pullman, Washington.
/-—-n "oTgra'a g o"B tn~6 o o a a o o fl a sTa a syaisTavf oTnnnp
"oMwinchcstcr Repeating I
' « v Rifles I
0 Our Model 1893 Shot-Gun is now used ■—— o
Iby all the most advanced trap SnOt-GutlS «
o and game shooters. Single Shot-RifleS %
* —-——^——— — o
o Everything that is Newest and Best in Repeating Arms as well as all o
0 kinds of Ammunition are made by the o
° WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO., Winchester Aye., New Haven, Conn. ®
% osr Send a Postal Card with your address for our 118-page Illustrated Catalogue. o
Can sell Hardware, Tinware, Cook and Heating Stoves, Sport
ing Goods, Paints, Oils, Glass, Crockery, Harness, Wall
Paper, or do Plumbing, cheaper than
Jo l^eduee ourSto(;K -:-
We will begin MONDAY, JUNE Ist, continuing
through the month, selling at
Cook Stoves, from $5.00 up.
Wash Boilers, 90e.
Bed-steads, $1.25. Springs, $1.25.
JVew White Sewing Machine, $30.00.
Everything at prices too low to put in print.
West's Variety Stobe,
In K. N. Bank building. .... PULLMAN
0 TyVfll HI (! AT F KM* THE NEXT
W Mil hhMMi_jo DAYS.
50 pairs Ladies Shoes Below Cost.
11 " Misses and Childrens Shoes below cost.
" v Ladies Corsets at Cost.
10 pieces half-wool dress goods reduced from IScts to
Wets per yard. 10 pieces half-wool dress goods
reduced from 25ct$ to 18cts per yard.
Washington Commei'Dial do.
EDWLN POOKE, ..... Manager
Cold Beer,
Double Standard Whisky
Nothing but the finest grades of vvhinky
on hand, also choice wines and im
ported and domestic cigars.
Comfortable card rooms in connection.
J. P. HULL, Propr.

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