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This is our first regular clean-up sale, and we are going to make it a great one. For this
sale we have selected lines that are in season; nice bright, clean goods, worth the original price
asked for them any day in the year. At the prices we have put on them for this sale, they cer
tainly won't last long, so don't delay, but come in at once and make your selections.
Kid Gloves
Ladies' and Misses' —
Kid Gloves in white and colors^ in
sizes 5 to "]% ; regular price is
Gauntlets, sizes 7 and 7% ; regular
price $1.25.
Misses' Kid Gloves, sizes 4^ to 5%
regular price $1.25.
Children's Fancy-figured, each, lc
Ladies', regular value 15c to $1.50,
sale price from 8c to $1.
Baby Lawn Bonnets
Regular price 15c, 25c, 35c.
Sale price, Be, 15c, 20c
Swiss and Hamburg—regular price
sc, Be, ioc, 15c, 20c, 25c.
Sale price — 3c, sc, Be, 10c, 15c,
and 18c
This sale continues until Sept. ist only jz? RICHARDSON'S
Saturday, August 20, 1904
State Crop Bulletin.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 13., 1904.
Week ending Aug. 15, 1904: —
The fore part of the week was
moderately cool in the western
counties, but the latter part was
very warm, while in the eastern
counties the week was hot through
out. There was no rain in any part
of the state. Hot wiuds caused in
jury to spring wheat, and the long
continued drought has dried up
pastures and meadows, and short
ened the potato and oat crops ma
terially. The roads are extremely
dusty, and the forests are co dry
that many destructive fires are in
progress, which cannot be extin
guished until there is rain.
Hops are badly in need of rain,
and, except where irrigated, the
crop will be materially lightened.
The burrs are small but the hops
will be rich in lupline. Winter
wheatcutting is finished and thresh
ing is progressing rapidly. The
yield is from about an average in
quantity to very good, but the qual
ity is in some instances not the
best. Spring wheat cutting is now
well along. Dry weather and hot
winds caused much of the wheat to
be thin and short, and, in the cen
tral counties, much was burnt or
shriveled. In the eastern part of
Whitman, and in the southeast
counties, the yield will be average,
or nearly so, but in the central
counties the crop will fali far be
low average.
The oat harvest is well under
way. Corn and vegetables that
*re benefited by hot weather have
thriven thiß season, but there will,
apparently, be a large crop of ap
Banfeips ip Juyepty-pive Different IJpes:
Every Article Sold Just as Advertised
White and Black, Lace and j
Plain, reg. prices 35, 40, 45, i
60 and 65c.
Sale prices 20, 25, 30, 40
and 50c.
Misses' Cotton Gloves, reg. j
price 30c, sale price 20c.
Sizes 18 to 30, reg. prices j
50c, 75c, $1, $1.25.
These go at HALF price.
Plain Black & Fancy Lace, ]
reg. price from 40c up to
Sale price, 25c to $1.
BABY SOCKS, fancy lace,
red, white, blue, black,
25c to 50c.
Sizes 34 to 42, 1-3 to 1-2
off regular price.
VEILS, ready-made; sale
prices 40c, 50c, 60c.
:e*tjjljl,jvi:a3xu \A/ASHIIWGT ojxt
pies this season, but they will be
generally small in size. In the
neighborhood of Detroit, Mason
county, grapes have done better
than ever before.
Pai.ouse Country-Colfax-Wheat
averaging slightly below expecta
tions. All crops doing well. Ro
salia—Binding of spring wheat and
oats in progress. Threshing of fall
wheat nearly done. Average yield.
Pastures and gardens in need of
rain. Sunset—Headers starting
on spring grain. Fall grain about
all cut and a good crop. Spring
grain hurt some by the hot weath
er. Apple trees loaded so heavy
that they are breaking down. Po
tatoes not exceptional.
Getting Along with the Neighbors.
It would be a joyous solution of
the problem of "getting along with
the neighbors" if one could always
hit upon the weak joint in the
other's armor and pierce it with an
unpoisoned shaft of wit. But the
overmastering impulse is to con
demn the adjacent noisy cat or
piano player in vigorous terras and
threaten to destroy them utterly.
A nuisance to the ordinary frantic
city dweller is regarded as the worst
ever inflicted upon any one and
practically irremediable. But now
and then we hoar of the mm of
large toleration who dares approach
the keeper of the nuisance with a
suggestion that disarms all resent
ment. Such was the Chicago man
whose neighbor is the owner of a
rooster of diminutive size, but with
a very large voice, which crows con
tinually, commencing every morn
ing about two o'clock. Further
more, the rooster has a very hoarse
voice, and the crow is very much
drawn out. His note of protest to
the .rooster's owner read as follows:
"Deer Sur: Fur the luv of god
pleese giv that ruster of yures sum
Arbuckle's Coffee, 15c— 7 lbs. for $1 00
Leßoi Baking Powder, % lb. 10c; 1 lb 20
2', lbs. 50c; 5 1b5.... 90
Golden West Baking Powder, 1 lb 20
2% lbs 50
Tillmann's Lemon Extract, 1 oz. 10c; 2oz 15
Vanilla " 1 oz. 15c; 2oz 25
Sunset Brand Japan Tea, per lb. 35c; 3 lbs 1 00
Pickles, 2>2 gal. full measure, per keg 1 25
Karo Corn Syrup, 10 lb. tins 65
" " " slb. " 35
Sunshine Brand Catsup, per gal 80
I Star, Horseshoe, and Climax Tobacco, 1b... 50
\ Capped Jelly Tumblers, per doz 50
Ladies Knit Underw'r
Including Combination Suits
Vests with and without
Regular price ioc to 85c
Sale price 8c to 55c
Ladies Muslin Underwear
Skirts, Night Dresses, Corset Cov
ers and Drawers
korffsirp or grees hits throte sow he
wont make so much noise in the
nite times.
"He is very hoorse and i tink a
little Axel grees rubbed on his
throte on the inside or with the
fharp edge on the outside just back
of his errs will doo sum good.
Yure frent, A. Yonsen."
An inspired note of protest like
that could have but one effect.—
New York Evening Post.
Wanted—Crab apples. See Win.
WanTKD: —Storage for hay. Inquire
of E. A. Bryan or W. H. Harvey. (47t4)
For sale—Cheap; a few choice build
ing lots on High street. See C. H.
For Sale—Some good horses, broke
and unbroke, cheap. Enquire of G. W.
For Sale —My residence property on
Military Hill. Inquire on premises.
R. C. Sargent.
For rent —Nicely furnished room,
about a block from Main street; cheap
Mrs. Omcas Hill.
For sale —My place in the Fairview
addition to the city. Seventeen acres in
orchard, good residence and outbuildings.
Inquire of Wm. Buckley. (47)
Lost or Stolen—Ladies' purse with
letter "M" stamped on outside. The
purse contained a keep-sake ear-ring, be
sides some small change, and the finder
will confer a great favor by returning, at
least the purse and ear-ring to Mrs. 11.
W. Price, Pullman.
Dr. A. E. Pith, osteopathic phy
sician, will be at the Artesian Ho
tel Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays of each week.
Competent dressmaker wants
work by the day in homes. Address
Mrs. I. S. Pritcbard, Pullman.
Stoves, chairs, couch, tables and
a few other things for sale cheap.
H. C. Sampson, Olmsted's new
Black and Red Satine.
Sizes 39 to 43. i
Regular prices, $1.25 to $2.
Sale price, 75c to $1 50
Ladies Bells
Silk, Crush Kid and Leath
er. Sizes, 20 to 32.
Regular prices, 25c to 75c
Sale prices, 15c to 60c
Office in Lctterman Building, Opposite
Artesian Hotel. Phone, 466.
Osteopathic ph^iciaq
i 1 (fljfr^ I BL..
C. H. Morton will conduct an
employment agency at bib store
this summer. If you wish to hire
help or to secure work in any ca
pacity, list your wants with him.
He will assist you. 41
Our entire stock of Bleach
ed and Unbleached and Red
Damask is included in this
sale at 20 off reg. prices.
Our entire stock of Nap
kins and Doilies at 20% off
regular prices.
1-5 off regular price.
including Dress Ginghams,
: Colored Lawns, Dimities,
| Voiles, and White Walst-
I ings at 1-4 off.
128 pairs Ladies', Misses',
and Children's Shoes have
been placed on the bargain
table at ACTUAL COST.
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Consultation & Examination Free
ill Class Photography
All work given best of attention
I make groups, views and
stamp photos, as well as
regular portrait work
Cabot W, 1 4 yards for $1 00
LL, 16 yards for 1 00
Georgia C, 20 yards for 1 00
Fruit of-the-Lootn, 10 yds 1 00
8-4 Sheeting (brown), yard.. 19c
Honeycomb, 26-inch, regular
20c kind—2 pairs for 25c
Turkish, 36-inch, regular 15c
kind—ioc each, 3 for 25c
Same, heavy 36-inch, regular
15c—each 10c
Men's Shirts
Heavy Work Shirts, sizes 15
to 17, each 25c-
We have put 8 doz. Shirts on
the bargain table, (Golf and
Neglige), sizes 14^ to 17,
reg. prices 85c to 1.50, each 50c
Men's Underwear
A broken line of good weight Bal
briggan, 35c values.
Shirts, sizes 38, 42, each 19c
Drawers, sizes 34, 36, each 19c
ff|P Shout line
and union Pacific
0. R. & N. Time Card.
Under the new schedule, the O.
R. & N. trains now run as follows:
No. 83 will leave Pullman for
Colfax, Pomeroy, Dayton, Pendle-
I ton and the east at 8:40 a. m., daily*
, except Sunday.
No. 81 will leave Pullman for Col
| fax, Spokane, Portland and the.
east at 3:00 p. m., daily. _
No. 84 for Moscow at 12:15, p. mv.
daily, except Sunday.
No. 82 leaves for Moscow at 9:05,
p. m. daily.
The undersigned will quote rates
and receive deposits for prepaid
tickets to be delivered at any point
in the East. Write for particulars.
Agent, Pullman, Wash.
1 Make estimates and specifications an
■ buildings in Pullman and
See them if you intend to build

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