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Pullman herald. (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, May 13, 1905, Image 13

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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l BUM tffet Big Sale of I
HH^ B^Bi BffIPBBBJI _!____ H W Men's, Women's I
BBS H BB WEm aBMyHB »IB| H jjß| f and Children's I
r — Xillrx I
I B—4^ ___T" ""* _#"^^___T"^ I
Bin ■■! mil HI i 0 JP n|L Jm B__flr?^B^fc An °PPortnnity to buY for the Entire . *
HBmBKSBS CB3B3iiHB ei^b^^b _^&^sf^r Bww. i&iiOH^^V v^j"^ i"3
J «^_—^^ Family at a Bij; Saving. *vj
i/Ve've hardly begun the season, yet already we're giving you buying opportunities that in the or- I
|Its ambition is to accomplish greater things. I
i! f^, $1.50-1.75 MONEY TALKS IN _VERY~PRICE WE PRINT <£\ I
I* Men' Shirts The Greatest K^Sfcif I
I- /^ki In ocr Men's Suit Sale of the Season \\j(m I
§|c- / '*. r-jR ''3; I ; The bargains we are offering now were never deemed even possi- Av-^s|f &S H
II /^fWl ? \ Through our immense bus- ble, but we are urged on to greater things by our great success, and the unheard-of fi^y'''\ x HI
Ild yS' \XI ;! I - mess ventures we chanced Prices are beyond the scope of competition, [ ) * j||-
V <2f[\\~ I- JY upon an opportunity to se- r 35 Men's Suits, $12-50, 1400, 15 00 and 16.50—a1l go at the same / # M
*£^'iMt!rj\S^~^~ zJ ' l^'""-> lv .^ uniform price — $9.50. >->^_// W&
SlMEml&lMCiiMi^iMi cure an extraordinary q van This ' assortment is certainly the finest values in Clothing ever offered. IJ o ht, 1 /* ' \ H
% v tUx, c.i; season's goods at mcd 1 his assortment certainly the nice, values in Clothing ever offered. styles. 1 A 1 H
g^S^Bfe^ W™flPiikl/ y ? th'S Jason's goods at medium, and heavy-weights all are nice, neat, and desirable patterns and styles A H
y^iilJ'f^'n nearly half below their real Without doubt now is the time to buy your clothes. —^ 1 / \ \ M
l" jl' IT value, and will now give W&~ $12.50, 14.00, 15.00 and 16.50 Suits all go for t^^€J 1 / \ 1 mm
,_ , . „ , . ... you the benefit. — ———— _—— : ill \ I KM
Wlli- To dress comfortably and in style this ,111,, 1 1 | mm
—■ v,r season you need a few " Choice of these Shirts 25 Men's all-wool Suits, $8, 8.50, 9,10 and U, all goat the same price 111 I, ' i
g^ Model Shirts . t Cfe_C-_L €=k^^ - il 1 '^w II
Famous for fit. Cut right-give you plenty «-£» • Z__P %^P »\\ll I|l I\lAC^^ Mi
„-,;■: ■f room— have correct style of made-to- C^lM^^r^ ™, . , -. Wit \\\\l\l MFYFR.' I'^
you -lev Blurts. All styles— new fabrics— \J^\* The special values offered in these Suits during this sale are worth inspection. V\l T/ \f\ , '^^^ I M
?W popular prices. The same high standard of material and]workmanship found in the higher-priced Hi \«-< v H
£ . clothing you will find in the Suits we are offering you at the low price of $6-90 , tea pi
K~ big values CARPETS" SPEGIALLY Honej-gavina gpecialg Z I
fcQi^AV __ _. . Why not buy a Carpet now and get the advantage of the iirriiii/i If A Tin AA^v H
iPmV) Tailor Suits „,,,.„,^^r-,»,.., MEN S SHOES yV I
V^A'Uy/ 7&c all-wool Ingrain Carpet, a red and light color yf \]\ §g|
S&jffiXY •% ♦ f combination, per yard g3c 31 pairs of Men's Fine Shoes, regular" /i /"fs/ Hi
■fM&X ZUlu ijKirlS 75c all-wool Ingrain Carpet.a green and light color $3.50 and $4— a good range of sizes, Jf\ /o / S
j^ 1 combination, per yard 70, light and heavy weights, in all the A \ L( M
jll| I j 1.00 beautiful Brussels Carpet, per yard 87c leathers, your choice W. \ f%^V HI
I /111 I I This sale of women's _^ # - 52.65 v^v Vvlf I
Mli \v fine, tailor-made suits (^ hilrll^^n V $2.00 to $2.50 A \^S S
»l 11 V and skirts comprises the VllilVll 3 kJllUWjj MenS Work Shoes \ N«l I
KMtflln iN new modes for this sea- .w , -.... ,_, . \\ \ Hi
Hrlßtll'lti %S_ son-; tA7 M r on H ie Children s Shoes, sizes 3to 8, regular pric- ' This assortment comprises medium & , X \ M
111 til T'' 1 1 '. T eS 75C tO $1.00, sale rice sO c heavy Work Shoes, in lace, buckle, % j^\ M
WmmL v y °PP Unity j tO One lot Children's Shoes, light and heavy weights ™d Congress, just what you want W^ \ 1
F #/jlm..-_J^ bu y y°Ur readmade lace or button, sizes 7to ,o#, regular price. for hard wear. ) ■
t^l^i^^ garments. $1.10 to $1.50, sale price 75c Only 75 M
W& TCP" A A I" t%V R BE" BBS S
> style, ~ — I
rices Three Hundred Garments, Fancy Weaves, all colors I
n, and all sizes. Regular price, 50c to 75c. I
igate or tni s sale, 25c and 40c. 1
tURGAN & SON, The Leaderl f
■_■__■■-■ ■_______H___iHnMHßai^_b___i m^**^tmim*ia*l*l^ll^—*^*mam^mmmm^m^^^^mtmmKmma^m^mmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^^^^^m-^^^^^.
HB _9 ■_■ ____________"'

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