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Dr. Ed- Magulro Elected Mayor
Without Opposition —D. C. Dow
Re-Elected Attorney Over .1.
W. Mathews.
Very little Interest was shown in
last. Tuesday's city election, the re
sult being that only about 325 votes
were cast out of a registration of
nearly six hundred. Th.- principal
interest centered around the race for
city attorney, in which D, C. Dow,
Incumbent, was pitted againt John
\V. Mathews. At the primary elec
tion the race for the nomination was
between Dow and F. E. Sanger, the
I former winning out by a small ma
jority. Sanger announced that he
" would be a candidate tor election
and asked his friends ot. write his
name on the ballot, hut a couple of
days before election he withdrew
from the contest. On .-lection day
stickers bearing the name of John
XV. Mathews were freely distributed
to the voters and 143 of these wore
used. Dow'b vote was 205, giving
him a majority of 62
For mayor, Dr. Maguire was elec
ted without opposition, as were also
! J. B. Sanborn for councilman-at
large, Geo. Henry for clerk and .1. S.
Clark for treasurer.
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Watches Clocks Silverware
Jewelry Brooches Rings
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Everything in the Jeweler's Line
The Pullman Herald
Devoted to the best interests of Pullman and the best farming community in the Northwest surrounding it.
For councilman from the first
ward, Geo Wagner, Incumbent, was
defeated by I*, G. Lawler, the vote
standing 69 to 10, Wagner was de
feated tor the nomination at the pri
maries and his name did not appear
on the ballot, his supporters using
the "sticker" method of expressing
their choice.
In the second ward Murray Henry,
Incumbent, go! 7:' votes to 11 cast.
for XV. F. M, Kick, and in the
third ward p. E. Banger won out
over J. P. Dm hi. . the vote being 17
to 7.'..
Will Improve Itoad.
At tho last meeting of the Pull
man Chamber of Commerce a com
mittee was appointed to solicit
funds from the business men for the
improvement of the road from the
Grand Street bridge to the stork
yards. The mad is nearly Impassable
and it was decided that this would
be the host moans of getting action
on the proposition. The committee
is making a thorough cam ass of the
business houses and Is meeting with
much success. Tlie city council has
announced thai it will provide one
dollar for every dollar raised by the
committee and in all probability
enough money will 1..- forthcoming
from the two sources to put the road
in cue.: condition.
Th. XV. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. Damon Tuesday, Dec.
1 3th, at. ;', p. m. Mrs. Brumblay
will preside and the topic is "Causes
Which Necessitate Rescue Work."
Pullman Chamber of Commerce
We, the undersigned, do hereby make application to become mem
bers of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce and we each agree on he
coming members to pay tie- sum of $2.50 as a membership fee. Wo
also agree to pay the sum of $1.00 0 _ the first of each and every
i.ninth into the general expense fund and give the Pulman Chamber
of Commerce and its officers our unprejudiced and impartial support.
We further agree to do all in our power to build up the City of
Pullman and to make it the cleanest and most progressive and up-
date city in the Palouse country,
Frank M. Slagle Ira E. Clark ,
Dr. E. Maguire sXT?TffomuronilT'- I A
J. A. Sanford. F. A. Thomson
Coo. li. Watt If. is. Humphrey £ri
A. P. Brownell C, A. White
J. X. Scott Uohart, Burns
E. W. Thorpe M. J. Chapman
C. H. Harrison Karl P. Allen .
if. Scott .1. I-;. Else
I-:. 11. I.i tterman A. 11. Dawson ; /
S. 11. Cameron J/j A. .1. Hockradle
1.. It. Stivers n )£ Harry T. McKenzio
F. P.. Sanger >■ [A V .1. .M. Palmerton
11. Folger '/ W. <;. M. Hayes
A. A Rounds ('. A. llingaman
R. A. Emerson E. XV. Downen
W. E. Hansen , O. L. Waller
E, A. Archer / D. R. Campbell
D. I). Kimball Pullman I-.'. S. Company
John 11. Jones 'y C. It. Dutton ;•'''
L. H. Folger \s Wm. Goodyear
Lou Curtis y A. B. Clark
John F. Herding W. L. LaFollette
W. R. Morrison E. A. Bryan
C, D. Roberts G. W. Reid /
XV. L. Greenwalt A. M. Richardson
.1. M. Klemgard J. B. Sanborn
0. M. Thomason F. V. Roth
E. S. Burgan „- W. T. McDonald
A. li. Baker j/' T. W. Amos T*>
R. M. Van Horn W. C. Kruegel
.1. X. Emerson F. O. Kreager
J. XV. West Herbert Kimbrough
W. S. Thornber ('has Timblin
G. /.. ITulse L. W. Dawson
.1. \V. Anderson, Jr. J. E. Wetherell
11. D. MacVean J. D. Morton
Bruce McCully C. R. Coston
.1. S. Klemgard F. A. Woodin
Ross Kennedy ... C. R. Sanders
J. H. Motsk. E. E. Wegner
George McCroskey R. F. Campbell \/
him E. Wenham '
1. E. Henshaw
Win. Swain
F. W. McCann
Harry Austin
L. M. Miller
W. F. M. Ricketts
.1. J. Rouse
T. M. Rlcketts
J. P. Duthie fv
J. B. Holt -;
H. C. Dow V
L. M. Clarkson
A. C. Douglas
J. E. Hammond
Next meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 13th, at 6 p. in.. I. O. O. F. Hall
Cut this out —get all the signers you can, then you come and
bring them to the next meeting.
Will lie Held Monday Evening.—lni
tiation, Banquet, Smoker anil
General Good Time.
Next Monday evening the district
convention of the Knights of Pythias
will he held in this city, at which
time Evening Star lodge No. 26 of
this city, will entertain in the neigh
borhood of 100 visiting Knights
from nearby towns. To accommo
date the visitors both the Masonic
and I. O. O. F. halls will be pressed
into service. The banquet will be
spread in Masonic hall, while the
loftiness meeting and initiatory work
will take place in I. O. O. F. hall.
Third rank will be exemplified by the
local team.
At the meeting of the lodge last
Monday evening officers wen- elected
for the ensuing term as follows:
C. C.—B. L. McAlister.
Prelate —R. M. Van Dorn.
M. at A.J. H. Jones.
M. of W.—L. E. Wenham.
I. G. —Seth Clarkson.
O. G. —John Gannon.
Christmas Bale.
The Golden Rule society of the
Congregational church will hold
their Christmas sale in the church
parlors, December 1G and 17, when
handkerchiefs, aprons, plain and
fancy, dolls and dolls' clothes, and
many other articles suitable for
Christmas gifts will be for sale. The
sale will bo held iii the afternoon
and evening of both days. Do not
forget the time, Friday and Satur
day, December 16 and 17.
State College Songsters Will Visit
Several Towns in Northwest—
Will Sing in Pullman.
The state College Glee Club, whose
previous entertainments have always
more than pleased its audiences,
will soon start on Its fourteenth an
nual tour of the towns of the North
west. The club has been brought to
a high stage of efficiency through
the faithful coaching of Prof. W. B.
Strong, and the entertainment this
year gives promise of surpassing all
previous efforts. The club is com
posed of Messrs. Graham, Baunleis
ter, Merritt, Crane, Thompson, Cave,
Glalsyer, Gaddls, Hoffeditz, Laird,
Brownell, Wilson, Shields, Fulton,
Curtiss and Ness, and will give its
initial performance at Pomeroy,
Dec. 27.
The boys will also visit Walla
Walla, Waltsburg, Dayton, Ellens
burg, Sunnyslde, Prosser, Ritzville
and Davenport, after which they will
sing in this city. The club .'.ill be
accompanied on the trip by Prof. xv.
B. Strong, director; Dr. E. A. Evens,
Pianist, and Mrs. Kuria Strong, so
prano. The Pullman date wilt bo
given later.
Lawyers Form Partnership.
D. C. Dow and F. B. Sanger have
formed a law partnership and hence
forth their shingle will read "Dow
& Banger." Mr Dow was formerly
in partnership with Thos. Neill, but
upon tin- election of Neill to the
office of superior fudge the partner
ship was dissolved.
Tubciciilosls Exhibit Will We 01 vol
in Pit 11 man Next Monday ami
Tuesday — Good
Every citizen of Pullman and com
munity should make it a point, to at
tend Iho tuberculosis exhibit of the
Washington state department. of
health, in conjunction with the
Washington State Association for
the Prevention and Relief of Tuber
culosis, which will ho held here in
the Bloomfleld building on Decem
ber l- and 13, These two organiza
tions are making an educational
campaign of he state and Pullman
is indeed fortunate in being one of
tin- places included in the Itinerary
of the cities of the stale to have an
anti-tuberculosis campaign this
The exhibit will consist of mottoes
stating briefly (he salient, facts about
tuberculosis; of charts and diagrams
showing its prevalence in various lo
calities; the mortality from different
Infectious and preventable diseases;
of pictures, hospitals, sanatoria,
homo appliances, dispensaries, open
air schools, etc.; of models of out-of-
Merry Christmas
V*P_dV. mtf 111-} 1910 Vuleliile is last approaching and will -
If IV soon lie upon us. Not the regular tide 111 I lie
f _J_\ rising and falling of tin great oceans, but as
nf yore.
jo_%_W_\^f Friends ami relatives everywhere are look
C^ ing with wistful eyes and wondering what it
is going to lie tO them, whether pleasant or
sorrowful, sad or joyful.
You can make it both pleasant and joyful for them by pur
chasing your gift presents from our splendid assortment of
high-grade Jewelry, Cut-Class, Fountain Pons. Hand Painted
and Decorated China and Art Goods. Solid 1 I -Karat Band and
Stone Set Rings, Brooch Pins, Cuff Links, Scarf Pins, and num
erous other articles, including nearly all the standard watch
movements and eases. Our stock is fresh and up-to-date and
contains more good things for Christmas presents than ever be
fore, and our prices, you will find by comparison, will be satis
factory and every article well worth the price we ask for it.
'nine In and inspect our goods anyway, and if you see any
thing you want, we will be pleased to furnish it with the knowl
edge thai you will be pleased with the quality as well as the
price paid for it.
Wishing you till a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
we arc, very I ruly yours,
W. F. M. Ricketts & Son
Jewelers and Watchmakers
Has a complete line of suitable and useful
Christmas Gifts
——^«» a"m*mmT~^ _____________________________________Z__^^
What would be a more appropriate or
more acceptable Xmas. Present for your
mother or your wife than a set of our
Beautiful China
I* '* ' * % •
[. artesian)/
door sleeping rooms and porches, of
Institutions, ami specimens of sani
tary appliances which are used in the
treatment of tin i disease. All of
which give an idea of the means by
which a patient is given proper care
and at the same time prevented from
becoming a source of danger to oth
One of the most striking facts
brought out by the exhibits is
that, -third of all deaths in peo
ple dying between the ages of 15 and
i". an- due to tuberculosis." Con
trary to the genera] belief, it has
been discovered that tuberculosis Is
preventable and curable and that the
many deaths resulting from the
'White Plague" were caused, not by
tuberculosis alone, but by other
complications which could he elinln
ated by proper care ami caution. Be
sides the matter illustrating tuber
culosis problems there are over two
hundred stereopticon views and dia
grams illustrating the prevalence
and means of controlling other com
mon diseases, as typhoid, smallpox,
scarlet, fever, diphtheria, and views
Illustrating proper methods of sew
ago and garbage disposal.
During the campaign here meet
ing I will be held each day from 10 a.
m. to 10 p. m . at which prominent
local physicians, teachers, clergy and
business men will In- called upon to
give heir i.v. upon the problem.
All the school children In the city
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