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["irggfSVILLE I
■|^^rrl e Young and son Howard
If-?"ldaffof Portland, where How-
IPSII attend school. . Mrs. Young
pVtb: return to the Palouse
"me this fall.
V I HlBK lns last week Bold a th°"
[ hbred Poland China hog to Eli
Kamerer is attending high
_ ho in Pullman this year ' and is
ling bis home with Mr. and Mrs.
'Ltler, formerly of this neighbor
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Turnbow have
noved'-?- Pullman, where Mr. Turn
er expects to run a dray.
Mrs. XV. H. Kincaid and daughter
flta spent Sunday afternoon at the
;. H. Kincaid home.
Miss Ella Houck has returned to
oilman after spending her vacation
Ittheuomeof her mother, Mrs. A, F.
M, J. Murray had the misfortune of
toning a horse last Sunday. Dr. Held
fjng was called, but too late.
Mrs. Hinchliff and daughter Mar
ia spent Monday afternoon at. the
i P. Carrotners home.
Mrs. C. H. Kincaid has secured
Its. Clark to help with her work
_ fall and winter.
Mrs. May Kincaid visited her sister
I Spokane this week. Upon her re
ira she will take a position as cook
f$L The Boy's
~R__vj_*___. **
tThe Boy's must have a new fall
Of course the boy must have a new fall
YW$ Suit, and it must be a good one. If
HSjr there is any person in the family that
TraJL^r needs good clothes
To stand the wear and tear that every healthy boy gives his clothes they need to be good.
It pays to get the best, not only in dollars and cents, but in comfort, health and appearance.
who are careful buyers will find much to commend you to our Suit Department. You will
find here the substantial, guaranteed quality and the honest prices that have made this de
partment the best place in Pullman to outfit the children. Our Knee Pant sizes, 2 1-2 to 17
years— $3.00 up to $9.00. Especially strong line $4.50 to $8.00. Children's Over
coats, 3tc 8 years, are here. Older boys' Over coats not in yet but will follow soon.
~.r 1 1 |j^-. _--_. . "»**',*?*> mt_J* *•** \". 1,.: •-"'.. ~ '-■.. t.... ■-. - ..... „iiii|iimiiij .. •*—r» >t
Boy Scout, j|^y_J^BSM_S_S_Sa
SWF ATFR Imn The Best Stocßin 2 MaKers I
UlI-L-i-l-Lli S |g> in the Country have done their best on H
Got up to match the boys I 1111 IS BOY SCOUT STOCKINGS ;
Scout Hose. Comes in a || |^^^S M. ___ study by experts desirous of turning out f|
beautiful shade of brown,|j:H real "hikes" I
military collar, bras?, mili- || TO|| \%* and in other sports prove the superior wear i
tarv buttons gold and || HIH *_* aII around quality of this wonderful, hosiery. B
breast of a Boy Scout in Ij Blit"s r.ever wants any other brand! ||
$_F t^T^B-_tff_nK_-£ !/__.' »_"^^___fl \\ " _K^V •
_____&_/ PV HJw^l _B^^__rW_a__-.J ' f \t\ T" rt* ~ J ' "' *-&
___ I" HP* ___ _p' vWld'_K* ■AtTs^Hp*' w"_\ / V^y* J^Si_~~". v*
__. _fla HE Kg! _* WrT^ Jr_TC?_^JH*- L-_rT.-^ lir " feltr V_M_t(' a__.i£^ v.l* 1* ' I^*m^\ ' O'^'Yji
The Boys' Fall Hats and Caps are here. Our New fall line Bath Robes came this week.
The handsomest line we have ever shown-$5.00 up
Burgan-Emerson Company
k hiUmmn IKS* £ufllit Store Washington
Pullman "I 0 Muaxn y *wl*
for the PI Delta Phi Sorority, who
have the LaFollette residence.
Mrs. .1. S. Klemgard and son Gor
don were at the farm Monday.
Threshing is again In progress and
nearly all the grain will have been
threshed by the end of another week.
Mrs. .1. M. Klemgard had quits ■
serious accident Monday while wash
ing While rubbing a garment she
ran a rusty needle into her hand, the
needle then breaking o.T, leaving
about half of it in the flesh. She ran
nearly half a mile to tho V. l. mug
gins home, but the needle could not
'"■ removed. Mrs. C. _, Kincaid was
called, who took her to Dr. Magulrt*.
who, with Dr. Slse, performed an op
eration on her hand, but were unable
to remove the needle, as it had buried
Itself between the muscles, .and to cut
them would mean a stiffened thumb)
It. is thought that, It will in time work
its way out, and will he allowed to
do so, unless the thumb becomes in
Mrs. Emma Johns and two children
arrived Monday evening from Mon
tana to visit the W. F. Paullus fam
ily, Mrs. Johns is a sister of Mrs.
By the overturning of a combine on
the James Em inert, farm Tuesday, Al
bert McGee bad one of his legs broken
just above his shoetop. Dr. Maguire
was called, who set the bones.
.lack Halliday was here this week
from Washtuckna visiting his sister
Mrs. M. E. Rucker.
No. 4699
Vho First National Bank
At Pullman, in the state of Washington.
at the dote of business, September Ist 1911.
Loans and Discounts. . fM)lO] 41
Oirerdrafts.secnred and unsecured U77i 04
U. S,.Bonds to secure circulation .".onoo 00
Honda, Securities, etc 1957 10
banking house Furniture and fixtures!. list 47
Other real estate owned 4790 02
Due from state and Private Banks and
Rankers, Trust Companies and Sav
ings Banks . 2116 90
Due from approved reserve agents 54063 „
Checks and other cash items .4 _
Kxchange for Clearing House 298 80
Notes of other National Batiks 135 00
Fractional paper currency,nickels,cents 154 19
Lawful money reserve in bank, via:
Specie 12497 05
Legal-tender notes 590 00 13087 05
Redenutlon fund with U.S. tteasurer(s
per cent of circulation) 25n0 IK)
"Total $473311 77
Capital stock paid in % 50000 00
Surplus fund lowt 00
Undivided profits, less expenses ami
taxes paid 13:«.. 150
National bank notes outstanding 50000 00
Due to other National Banks 13S'( 18
Due to State and Private banks and
bankers 7421 93
Individual deposits subject to check 221136 32
Demand certificates of deposit 3.199 87
Time certificates of deposit 81818 97
Certified Checks
Bills payable, including certificates of .
deposit for money borrowed 35.000 00
Total $473511 77
State of Washington, County of Whitman, ss:
I, J. J Rouse, Cashier of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
merit is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. J. J. RCUBK, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Ilth
day of September, 1911.
D. B. PUTMAN, Notary Public.
E. S. Bur.an, N. H. J. ('.entry, M. W. Whitlow
ft Have you visited our Special Sale in our CROCKERY DE- 9
S^ PARTMENT. A saving from 10 to 50 per cent _$
Remember this Sale Only Lasts two More Weeks «
g— — : - —_-_-—■__-_, a
SJust Received a Number of New Pianos ft
> Prices Right Easy Payments §
(< __= — __— _, 3
g Waters Furniture and Piano Store n
<&Bgy/gga-«-y is-vsey /^?wcy /*_\v_y >ggxo-y^c\^
_■-■_*---■-_■-■__■■__————■_—-_---——_____——___________,__, M _ M _________________________________________________
Take Some Home for
Sunday Dinner!
Get 'em at DUTTON'S
The Chocolate Man
inexpensive to operate.
Anyone who wants a small, com
pact, powerful engine for pumping
water, churning, operating cream sep
arator or printing press should pur
chase a STOVER
We also have the agency for the
Demlng Power Pump. Come in and
see them work, Just the thing to
save time and labor on the farm.
Plumbing, Heating and Tining
Olson Street,
Call and See Our
Leading Photographer.
and Jeweler
Pullman, Wash.
Farm Lands
City Property
Flat Iron Block
Notice of Settlement of Final Account
In the Superior Court of Whitman
County, State of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of
Harriet K. Roberts, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Thomas
' Neill. administrator with the will an
nexed of the estate of Harriet K. Rob
i crts, deceased, has rendered and pre
! sented for settlement and filed ln
said Court his final account of his
administration of said estate, and
1 that Saturday, the 23d day of Sep
-1 tember, 1911, at the hour of 10
I o'clock a. m., of said day, at the court
: room of said Court, In the city of
j Colfax. Whitman county, State of
Washington, has been duly appoint
| ed by the said court for the settle
ment of said account, at which time
and place any person interested in
! said estate may appear and file his
| exceptions in writing to said account
and contest the same.
Dated, August 21, 1911.
George H. Newman, Clerk
aug 25-sep 22.
I louses neai college of all sizes for
rent or sale. SANGER & DOW.
Sept. sir
| For clean, pure, unadulterated
! feed, call on Pullman Mill Co.
aug 11 tf
If you want the best bluestem
flour on the market call for the Pull
' man Mills' flour, aug lltf
Anyone knowing themselves In
debted to the Pullman Mills for goods
I received up to July Ist, please call
and settle, as the mill has changed
! ownership, and old accounts must
j be settled. Aug. 11 tf
Furnished Rooms to Rent
I have several large, well lighted
furnished rooms to rent near the
high school building. Mrs. J. E.
Nessly, 803 Church street.
All piano tuning during the month
of September will be $:;. Call phone
78. .1. _'. Osborn. Sept.
For Rent—Two large rooms. Third
house from Franklin school, 411
Water St., Sept.St4
Houses near college of all sizes for
rent or sale. SANGER & DOW.
Wanted —Girl to do housework.
W. li Strong, 1714 Monroe, Pullman.
Our meat market Is now running
in connection with the grocery de
Allen's Business College
••The Standard"
The only school in the Northwest that will allow you to hold
half of your tuition until after you graduate and secure a lucrative
position. Our graduates are the best qualified and secure the best
paying positions. Our new catalog is now ready for you. Ask for
it. Address the principal, W. E. Allen, 01907 Washington St.,
Spokane, Washington.
We will sell GOOD DRY SOUND 4 inch Flooring Rustic
Ceiling or Drop Siding at from 10 to 15 dollars a thousand. Boards
one dollar less. Price depends on quantity wanted and distance
you are from our mill. Ask our man'to show you the stock.
-"£_£.. The Potlatch
1 a_la-£_i , ; &■;■&.;•
Go to Duthle's for flour and mill
For sewer construction and re
pairs, see Oscar Amos.
Baled hay, rolled oats and barley.
June2tf. P. C. I. Co.. 711 Grand St.
Best line of screen doors Id town.
Juno 2tf. P. C. 1. C, 711 Grand. St.
Go to Duthle's for Paints, Oils.
Varnishes and Sunshine finishes for
floor and furniture. Also standard
vail finish.
- or Kent —Suite of three rooms,
nicely furnished.—Mrs. W. L. White
aug lltf
See George N. Henry for Farm and
drain Insurance. aug lltf
Mrs. C. H. Buell dressmaking at
Inline. Phone No. '_'17. Aug. 1
Is all that the word signifies.
Purity, Cleanliness and Excellence of
Quality are our watchword*.
L. B. MOORS, Prop.
Phone Farmers 9x. Pullman. Wash.
. Service
We have engaged in (lie transfer
end Storage business and are equipped
with good teams mid a large ware
house. Our headquarter* are at Loo
Allen's Hardware Store. If you want
anything hauled or stored, ring up
Phone 24.
/^^^ DR. KING has
V__Y_\ \\__\ so'-1 „is interest in
W^JJ^ The King Optical Co.
an d The King- Co.,
Spokane. His office is now 326
Paulsen Building, Spokane.
....DR. A. E. SHAW....
Office: First Nat'l Bank Bldg., Pullman
Hours: 8 to 12 a m., 1 to 5 p. m.
Sept. Btf
Visit The
For a clean Shave and good Bath
118 Main St. - Pullman, Wash.

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