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Records of Whitman County
Gov. Patent* and Receipt*.
United States to Elmer E. Huntley,
5 lots 3, 4, 5, seq nwq 6-18-34, patent.
Se-lit-tsute and E-yo-tson-mi to
Roy C. Lane, lot 1, section 21, lot 4,
swq nwq 22-14-42, lease. •
Viola Knight Soniter and husband
P;o Albert Murdo, lot.l, blk 1. Farr's
add, Pullman, $40; to August Murdo,
lot 2, blk 1, Farr's add, Pullman,
Real Mortgagee
F. J. Mahoney et ux to Citizens
State Bank of Tekoa, lots 3, 4, 5, 6,
9, 10, 11, blk 5, lots 4, 5, 6, blk 7,
Lombard's add, Tekoa, $4000.
Geo. E. Miller et ux to Jos. Wright,
nwq nwq, sh nwq, neq swq 8-20-41,
Andrew W. Nelson to Swan Nel- J
son, sh 3-19-40, all of 2-18-40,
Geo. B. May et ux to Citizens State!
Bank, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, blk 20.
Huffman's 2nd add, Tekoa, $300.
Jno. Ellis to N. F. McDanlel, lot
7, bttSß,, Elberton, $100.
V Francis M. Sever et ux to R. M. |
Johnson, nwq neq, sh neq, neq seq, 1
nwq 10-15-42, except, $6000.
Jas. H. Swannack et ux to Holland
Bank, swq 15-19-39, $3000.
Alfred L. Swift et ux to Colfax
National Bank, wh neq, eh neq, nwq
21-17-42, $1600.
Chattel Mortgages
E. A. Hanna et al to Cleveland
Smith, machinery, $515.
Jas. Lyon to XV. H. Hlte, 100 j
acres wheat on nwq 37-17-42, $1206.
. Alfred L. Swift et ux to Colfax J
' National Bank, livestock, etc., $1600.|
A. F. Goddard to F. A. Davis,
livestock, $300.
, Martha J. McKinney et al to Mary !
M. C. Grove, real mtg.
Benj. Rees to _.. F. McDaniels, real
mt«- I ;,'-. i I
Holland Bank to Emily E. Lamber-j
son, real mtg.
; Bank of Endicott to Daniel Green,
f M. L. Reilley to Ichabod N. Clark
et ux, real mtg.
Wm. G. Torrance to Elizabeth V.
Cript, real mtg.
N. A. Rolfe to J. W. L. Robinson,
real mtg.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Oliver Typewriter Co. to Ed R.
Bonney, typewriter, $100.
McGowan Bros. Hardware Co. to
W. H. Thomas, range, etc., $75.
W. W. Bate-heller vs. John L. Can- j
utt et ux, lis pendens.
Robt. L. Collins vs. W. G. Busse, j
chattel lien on three pianos, $130. |
Fanny Eldridge vs. Jno. Eldridge,
lis pendens.
Mark F. Mendenhall to the public, j
XV. B. Peoples et ux to Woodman j
Hall Ass'n., undivided half interest \
in wh lot 4. blk 10, Elberton, $1200.'
Bert Davis to Alexander Hickman,
Ssh swq 3-14-43, $4400.
Samuel Ferinimore et ux to Eliza
beth Fennimore, wh neq 22-14-38,
Wm. C. Morrow to Geo. Honn, lots 1
5, 6, ; blk 1,. Morrow's 2nd add, Win
ona, $50.
Fidelia McCall and wife to Orin I
* H. Bartleson, lot 2, blk 2, Winona,
Allen Hosiner to Geo. Horn, lots 9,
110, blk 1, Fockler's add. Winona,
V Pullman Lodge No. 29, I. O. O. F., I
.to Myrtle E. Klemgard, lot 108, I.
O. O. F. cemetery, $1.
Christian W. Schlee et ux to Chas.
'Heltstuman, pt 32-12-46, $487.
Real Mortgages
J. E. Bishop and wife to If. E.!
Fitzgerald, lot 4 of 30, lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 6, of 29, pt lot 2, lot 1 of 28-13
--j 44, $2000. |
; Alexander Hickman et ux to Farm
ers State Bank of Colfax, Wash., sh
swq sh seq 3-14-43, $4400.
A. B. Nordyke et ux to Colfax Nat'l
Bank, lots 1, 2, neq nwq, seq nwq, neq
swq 7-15 43, $3500.
Jno. Bell to Northwestern and Pa
cific Hypotheek Bank, nh (ex) 9-19
--45, $5000.
Walter S. Dartt. et ux to A. L.
Maxwell, lots 7, 8, blk 13. Wiley's
add, Palouse, $800.
Chattel Mortgages
James Lyon et, al to Farmers
State Bank of Colfax, livestock, ma
chlney, 2-3 crop in 25-17-42 and
part 36-17-42, $7072.
Armin and Tupper Mtg. Loan Co.
to Laura E. Reigart, real mtg.
. Deeds
C. H. Coryell to Martha J. Coryell,
tracts in Rosalia, $4000.
Peter Terrell et ux to Lot D. John
-1 son, tract In ah 17-20-44. $11,565.
g Herman Rick to Effle B. Brinser,
tracts ln Colfax, $1750.
'r* Mrs. Francis RTHarta^eli and hu¥
band to Adam Thompson, lot 19, hlk
6, Maiden. '
Worthington McCreary to Peter
Terrell, seq 8-20-44, $13,600.
Reuben R. Lamb and wife to Fran
cis O. Lamb, et al, undivided third
interest in section 3, swq 4-17-39,
D. E. Rice and wife to Fred E.
Day. all 31-14-39, $1.
.Milwaukee Land Co. to Otto Butz
laff, lot 3, blk 57, Maiden. $217.
C. J. Dicus and wife to Jno. Dicus
et al, nh nwq 15-17-45, except,
Milwaukee Land Co, to Sue Fel
ton, lot 3, blk 54, Maiden, $215.
Milwaukee Land Co. to Mrs. F. R.
Hartwell, lots IS. 19, blk 16, Mai
den. $1.
L. M. Merrick and wife to Francis
Iff. Dyer, seq 10, swq 11, nh 15-15
--! 39, except, $1.
Arthur J. Logsdon and wife to
Frances' M. Dyer, seq 10. swq 11,
nh 15-15-39, except, $25,600.
F. W. Sever and wife to E. P.
Deering, lot 9, blk 9, Syndicate add,
Guy, lots 11, 12, blk 9, 2nd Syndi
cate add, Guy, $150.
Real Mortgages
Fred E.E Day et ux to Colfax Na
tions Bank, all 31-14-39, $5500.
Francis M. Dyer and wife to Ar
thur J. Logsdon, seq 10, swq 11, nh
15-15-39, $11,320.
Wm. Learhart and wife to Citizens
State Bank, nh neq 16-20-45, $900.
Peter Terrel et ux to Jesse G.
Williams, seq 8-20-44, $2000.
Fred M. Day and wife to First Sav
ings and Trust Bank, eh 31-14-39,
$3500; wh 31-14-39. $3500.
Alexander W. Lamb et al to Mech
anics Loan and Trust Co., all 3-17
--39, $5000.
Alexander W. Lamb et al to Me
chanics Loan and Trust Co swq 4
-17-39, $2000.
Benj. J. Trull and wife to Ver
mont Loan and Trust Co., wh 10-18
--40, $2500.
Chattel Mortgages
Fred E. Day and wife to Colfax
National Bank, livestock, machinery,
crop on 31-14-39. $5500.
A. G. Rainbault to National Bank
crop on nwq 11-16-44, $2492.
Ivan Richardson to St. John State
Bank, livestock, crop on wh 9, pt neq
8-19-40, $1500.
I R. W. Einert to Shoudy Bros.,
; livestock, $179.
M. Farley to E. H. Letterman
crop on pt sections 6, 7, in 14-4
i $510.
Arthur J. Logsdon to Francis M.
'_ Dyer and wife, real mtg.
First Savings and Trust Bank to
j W. E. Strevy et ux, real nitK.
Mary L. Preston to Chas. Lemley,
! real nitg.
International Harvester Co. to <;.
; H. Thomas, chat.
Bills of Bale
H. B. Hagen to C. A. Hagen, live
. stock, etc., $—.
; Farrington and Adler to V. M.
j Smith, hay baler, etc., l 50.
Conditional mils of sale
National Cash Register Co. to A. 1..
; Ritz, register, $140.
Farmers State Bank of Colfax, to
j P. B. Straven, real nitg.
E. E. Champlin vs. Adam Luft, et
al, levy on wh 35-15-41.
! Mrs. Francis R. Hartwell to the
I public, affidavit.
Pullman Lodge No. 29 I. O. O. F.,
| to J. M. Shirley, lot 19, I. O. O. F.
cemetery, $20.
Alexander F. MacLeod et al to
; Frank A. Plerson et al, lot 3, blk 4
! Farmington. $35.
Wm. J. Davis and wife to Kate
; Brown lots 1, 2, 3, 4, blk 61, Pull
| man, $5000.
| Thomas J. Brown and wife to W.
jJ. Davis, sh swq, sh seq 14-16-4
; $10,000.
B. J. Ellis and wife to to G. H. Rae,
in seq 9-20-45, $6800.
Miles C, Moore et al to Frederick
i E. Elmendorf, lots 2, 3. 5, 6, 7, 8,
blk 50, lots 4. 5. 6, blk 51,' PulL
man, $3400.
i Napoleon White and wife to Eliza
| J. Stroup, lots 1, 2, 3, 18, 19, 20, blk
j 26, College Hill add, Pullman, $900.
j N. S. Hunt et ux to Henrietta
Holt, lots 1 to 14, Inclusive, blkl,
i Fairview add, Pullman. $10.
v.. Real Mortgages
Robt. G. Clendenln and wife to
Farmers State Bank of Colfax, lots 3,
| 4, 5, blk 64, except, Colfax, lot 5 pt
lot 6, subdivision of lots 1, 2, blk 64,
I Colfax, $1400. "'•■' ■:■>. i.Ay
Elmer Little and wife to L. L.
Shirley, seq, eh swq 1-33-44, $600.
Eliza J. Stroup to Lulu M. Miller,
ilote 1. 2. 3, 18. 19. 20. blk, 26, Col
j lege Hill add, Pullman, $500. ..'■•■•
. . Chattel Mortgagee
■ Chas. E. Breeden to XV. C. Mor
; row, livestock, .S4OO.
I„: S. C. Shirley to Elmer Little and
■ | wife, real mtg.
Richard Fonger to Hugo Heise,
chat. „-, . ,
. American Mtg. Co. of Scotland vs.
Jno. H. Bach and Co., lis pendens..
G. B. Carter, sheriff, to Security
State Bank, lots 6, 7. blk 9, Wiley's
Ist add, Palouse, certificate of sale,
Mrs. A. J. Ingraham to the public,
Summary of Business Transacted
During the Week.
Clarke & Eaton Company vs. R.
H. Vannice — Judgment for the plain
State vs. Louis Bolon— Plea of
guilty, and sentenced to the State
Reformatory at Monroe.
State vs. Jack Reinhart, or Jack
Smith— Verdict of not guilty.
State vs. J. O.Neil—Verdict guilty
of petit larceny.
James H. Scott vs. O. D. Stevens
—Judgment for the plaintiff.
Mary McKay vs. Robert L. Mc-
Kay—Order for default against the
defendant; trial for divorce; taken
under advisement.
E. E. Champlin vs. Adam Luft and
Wilbur Yearsley— for attach
State vs. R. E. McKay—Trial; ver
dict guilty of larceny by embezzle
Ben C. Holt vs. R. E. Matlock—
Order to release exhibits.
Alfred P. Johnson vs. Claire-
Johnson, et al — Order for publication
of summons.
Gilbert Hunt Company vs. R. E.
MatlockTrial by jury; verdict
$815.35 in favor of the plaintiff.
T. H. Shobe vs. XV. M. Aschen
brenner—Trial before jury; verdict
for the plaintiff.
W. A Gilderßleeve vs. E. B. Cot
trill -Order for dismissal.
Potlatch Lumber Company vs.
Lucy Buchanan—Order for dismis
Estate of F. D. Mustard — Order
fixing time for settlement.
Estate of Rhoda Griffith —Order
appointing appraisers.
Estate of Daniel and Mary G.
Hughes, consolidated —Order fixing
time for hearing on settlement, and
order to show cause of distribution.
Guardianship of Anda B. and Ele
nor M. Synor, minors— Petition for
guardian and order fixing time for
Guardianship of Charles 11. Gil
bert — Order for allowance to minor.
Estate of James Campbell-
tion for letters of administration and
order lixing time for hearing.
In the matter of insanity of Ida
Sloan—Matter continued for further
investigation by the- physicians: Or
der for costs.
Estate of Harris XV, Crees—Order
to lease real estate and order to pay
Estate of Bernard Kilkelly—Order
fixing time for hearing petition to sell
personal property.
Guardianship of J. Lyman Eccles
—Order to sell real estate.
Estate of Domnick Pool—Order to
publish notice to creditors.
Estate of Emma D. Boardman—
Order fixing time for settlement of
final account, and hearing on petition
for distribution.
New Cases
Iva Belle Johnson vs. S. M. John
son—Action for divorce.
W. W. Batcheller vs. John L. Ca
nutt et ux—Foreclosure.
Mary A. McKay vs. Robert L. Mc-
Kay —Action for divorce.
Fanny Eldridge vs. John Eldridge
—Action for divorce.
C. H. Ede vs. James A. Cole et al.
—Money due.
C. H. Ede vs. Colfax National
C. H. Ede vs. Colfax State Bank
C. H. Ede vs. Farmers State Bank
C. H. Ede vs. First Savings &
Trust Bank —Garnishment.
E. E. Champlin vs. Adam Luft and
Wilbur Yearsley—Attachment for
money due.
American Mortgage Company of
Scotland, Ltd. vs. John H. Bach et al
State vs. Jacob Weitz—Action for
wife desertion; transcript front jus
tice court.
Ice House*
The economic value to the farm
of a well filled ice house of clear,
pure ice. is emphasized by Secretary
Wilson in Farmers' Bulletin No. 475,
Just issued by the U. S. Department
of Agriculture. The bulletin does
not treat of the ice crop as a source
of direct revenue but as a factor in
the economies and comforts of the
country home.
The secrtary calls attention to the
readiness with which city residents
can secure Ice. natural and artificial,
for the preservation of perishable
supplies, and the maintenance 1 of
moderate temperature in their homes
during the heated term of summer'
while the remoteness of country i
homes from the markets often rend- -
ers it necessary to use canned, corn- j
ed, or smoked meat products because !
the want of ice prohibits the keep- j
ing of fresh meats in an edible con
dition. He further points out not
only is ice appreciated because of its
use in the preservation of fresh
meats, butter, and other table sup
plies, but that the production of
high-grade domestic dairy products
is impossible without it, and that
many markets to which milk is now
shipped demand that it be cooled be
fore shipment to a degree not attain
able without the use of ice.
The work of harvesting and stor
ing is done at a season when it will
cost very little to harvest natural Ice
as help and teams are usually less re
muneratively employed during the
winter months than during the sum
mer months, and the cost of con
structing ice houses is small In
comparison with the economic re
turns and comforts which they af
ford. The secretary considers ice of
greater economic importance in the
country than in the city, and in fact,
the ice properly used in the country
is of greater benefit to the city dwel
ler than to the farmers. The bulle
tin appears at a very opportune mo
ment, when farmers still have be
fore the crop forms to build and fit
up ice houses and to construct ponds,
where rivers, streams, or lakes do
not exist, and illustrates methods and
plans so clearly and in such detail
that by following instructions, any
farmer can cheaply provide himself
with an abundant ice supply for next
summer's use, stored in a house so
insulated that the contents will be
thoroughly conserved.
Notice Of Sale of Real Estate.
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington, in and for the
County of Whitman.
In the Matter of the Guardianship
of the Person and Estate of .1.
Lyman Eccles, a minor.
NOTICE is hereby given that in
pursuance of an order of the above
entitled Court made on the 25th day
of November, 1911, in the above en
titled matter, Lewis F. Eccles, the
guardian of the person and estate
of said J. Lyman Eccles, a minor,
will sell at private sale, to the high
est bidder for cash, gold coin of the
United States ,and subject to confir
mation by said Court, on or after
Saturday, the 16th day of December,
1911, and within six months from
said date, all the right, title. in
terest, and estate of said .1. Lyman
Eccles, a minor, in and to that cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of land, sit
uate, lying and being In the City of
Pullman, County of Whitman, State
of Washington, and bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
The one undivided one-sixth (1-6)
interest of said minor in and to
Lot Fifteen (15) and the West
Twenty (20) feet of Lots Sixteen
(16) and' Seventeen (17) in Squires
& Gaddis' Subdivision of Lots 4, 5,
li. and 7 in Block Two (2) of Law
rence & Holbrook's Addition to Pull
man, Washington.
Bids or offers must be in writing
and will be received at the law of
fices of Sanger & Dow. in the First
National Hank Building, in Pullman,
Whitman county, Washington, at any
time after the Ist day of December,
1911. the date of the first publica
tion of this Notice, and before the
making of the sale.
Terms or sale— Cash, gold coin
of the United States, a certified
check for 10 per cent of the pur
chase money to accompany bid and
balance to be paid on the confirma
tion of sale by said Superior Court
and the delivery of a Guardian's
Dated this 29th day of December.
A. D., 1911.
Lewis F. Eccles.
Guardian of the Person and Estate
of .1. Lyman Eccles, a minor.
Sanger & Dow,
Attorneys for the Guardian,
wee 1-8 Pullman, Washington.
The Pullman Mill Co. gives notice
to their patrons knowing themselves
indebted to them to please call on
the first of the month and settle
their accounts. By so doing you
would greatly oblige. We have some
accounts that are over ninety days
old. We must insist on making col
lection. We can not and will not
carry old accounts. Any old accounts
that are not settled by Dec. 10, will
be turned over to a collector and
the costs charged.
To introduce our new photo gal
lery across the street from the post
office, the first person mentioning this
adv. when you come to have your
picture taken will reoeiv. a special
•ff*r. Rem. mber ..i-v too of these
special Xmas offer* o go out at our
V Pullman's heaMn.r Photographer
, t_e to Duthie's for Boar aad mill
Coeds i
Put in the Bank strength
ens the Wall between
You and Adversity.
Every dollar you put in the bank means
another step toward success. No suc
cessful man has ever been without a
bank account. A bank account means
increased prestige and a sense of relia
bility and security, well worth the great
est effort in order to acquire one.
Pullman State Bank
i:5 .■•'.r*mw^.. ' mmmw
~~ J """1 Special attention giv-
Horseshoeing ,nter
j]im Howard &
UUI Bartell
Specialty ~ziz~
I J Opposite Star Bam
_________________________ Pullman. Washington
- . . :._'__ ■
******* '*_y_\_) ¥ * 12 or 16 GAUGE
laidmV&E'tl' Repeating Skctgun
Made (jmo.ii by iv dependability. The solid top and side ejection keep gases and powder away .ri_.i__ your eject;.
kelp quick, effective repeal shots. Rain, «l--l. mow and foreign matter can't get into the action.
The mechanism it strong, temple, resisting The double extractor! pull any jiefl instantly; two special safety
devices prevent accident*) discharge wfiil. action ii unlocked, and an automatic foil block makes heing fir-t harmlesi.
All Marlins air slro- made, finely balanced, accurate, bard hitting guru, and are the quickest and eanrrt to take
down and clean. lilt.-.ran.. shows Model 24 grade "A" 12 gauge; it has all tHe feature! that make lora perfect tun.
Send three .t_mp.pa.tage today for our 136 7/>e fflarfi/* firearms Ca
page catalog describing the full Mar/m line. I i Willow Street New He.yen. Conn.
' *mmt*mMmmammmtmom m w—mwsawtisit—iiw mm, —u»w " **
1000 CORDS
in ear lot*. Green cut and masoned.
-foot Hlack i_* A QgJ
Pi« «p4«od
Tamarack and tf* I™- Tfi "l
Fir <pO. / 0 I
Delivered on board cars iv Pullman. I
■ V
Address or Phono
R. A. WILKJNS, Avon, Idaho
Farm Lands
City Property
i ' .?&* "V
Plat Iron Black
White Eagle Brand Flour can not
be beaten for the prioe. Try a sack.
i '.':'. ■-, '.„„v;; -> i Uno*\'ti.-i?iK'_Yx_mm-ia
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, tn nd for the
County of Whitman.
In the Matter of the Estate of Betsey
Ann Baud, Deceased.
Notice to creditors.
Notice ls hereby given by the un
dersigned as administrator of the
estate of Betsey Ann Band, deceased.
to all the creditors of and all persons
having claims against the said de
cedent, to present them with the ne
cessary vouchers, to the said ad
ministrator within one year after the
'first publication of this notice, to
wlt: within one year after he 3rd
day of November. iW'AfejJg
offices of Sanger A Dow in the City
of Pullman. Whitman County.
Washington, the same being the place
for the transaction of tho business of
said estate. V:V _*7_ V
Dated this 31st day of October.
ltll. t-i
Administrator of the Estate of
Betsey Ann Baud, deceased.
See George N. Henry for Farm sad
Grain Insurance. S *■* «*
The Variety store has Just received
the first shipment of toys and Holi
day goods. They will have the best
and most complete Una ever shown
In Pullman.

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