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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, December 08, 1911, Image 7

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j?(Un«us Danish Violinist at Head of
Concert Company 'hit I, Appears
V Monday Evening
j The Skovgaard Concert Company
. \ will appear at the Auditorium on next
Sjfonday evening. Students of the col
lego and residents of Pullman are ex
tremely fortunate this season in hav
ing the chance to hear this famous
,• concert, company. Alex Skovgaard,
• 'the leader, carries with him the repu-
fe>-*^J^ a^^_rj_l^_i* T^Tfe- ' ■"* ~*^ '"S'&: ""''*'l
ni' mm _____ i___r^ M\
____af&Ri :- jm Wo^»:'li_Pr ___v _B_L ''
flff ___S____o___fßßks^^B______(_p TEhEm
M^rvr^^^flk^flSßj__i;' # ■■ ____%___] _R lt_a ■ vEy~lt
§1* <*,"*" Sla §j^s -^i£j__j_ni_ pnf' S__
r SMv3 3aß__^__H__S*9_r BB __fifiS_2fl_t_l
i nHtpftrWihSjffl ■ _9-M-N_Br_i__CTiS^)____9
i .___.WByt__rf_s__i__j^ffiSi____[______L BBp DB&S1.
Alex Skovgaard
tation of being the most accomplished
violin artist now before the public.
All of his concerts are played on his
.famous $13,000 Stradaverious violin.
In his concert he is most ably assist
ed by two musical artists of the first
rank, Miss Alice McClung and Miss
May Warner.
Tho appearance of the concert com
pany here will make the third num
ber of the College Lecture Course,
itX SS I'M o"\t\*\~oo\s* C oKff&iSj^ _*-*~ 4K^r^^^^^^Lr^0f m&A MiWtMkMllmS^
7jk^V^ftllol_JaS OGaSOHra i^KHl^P^^lwf J9KRHH_&
'■'-W£y\i. _'t~' C" _T_ • _Ct* • * m7^m*t..i__. _^- :'t^l^^M^\,Mi^7/r!W^^iot-m_^^tAtm*' C^JTil.
' me log rfwa^^^^Sf, &W^sl \ *\
s A 9 / * '■'1 / \a.s—^' m /*" Jg___r^-'- _f_!_*__?__^»^__a^!l^' "*t i~ ''' . ' ? /T—azz'**^^^^l^^- L*- _4w s
-tp?» _ - * '
Every Department -^EMERSON ym\mmm\\^mt\mm
Offers Special Values compaivy ments, Silver and Gold
TOYLAND in THE basement
This is the Fairyland for the Children, and the older folks seem to enjoy it too. Toys and games of all descrip
tions. Large tables being loaded down with them. A great assortment of Christmas books and booklets.
Here you will find the very best books for the boys and girls, also handsome gift books for the older folks.
Handsome china and cut glass, cheaper than you have ever seen them. Have your friends meet you in Toyland
The large main floor of the Big Store has on her holiday attire in every department, every direction you look, you
will see beautiful things for Christmas. We can't enumerate, but ask you to see the big bills. Scan the following lists
Ladies* Furnishings Furnishings
rt-Wm'C. \HC_3l'Wji3^Q^ _|_3&^ Hand BagS ' BeltS ' Dainty Collars, Combs, Umbrellas, Men's Suits.... Twenty Per Cent Off
A_tfoj*4_s^*^^ *\\_\-<- i_cf_^S___ru^_V^'Atir^*_^:^___j ■-*•■_. __r^P__r ___^_ «__»___ Kid Gloyes, Silk Petticoats, Corsets, Waists in Silk and Cravenettes Twenty Per Cent Off
Slr^^J^V^^J^^^^^l'-- '"^^^^,>^_^_s^LJ_t^^fe^. Kid fi,OVPS- Silk Petticoats, Corsets, Waists in Silk and Cravenettes Twenty Per Cent Off
*-7 i^^^^^^^^e^^^^fe^^^^^j^ LiDen ' Tl°Bo 'ri S ' lk? Lisle and W° nl ' Handsome Furs for Overcoats Twenty Per Cent Off
Y^^%_M^9^l \7^^^^^^sT^'/^!SO^ Ladies an<l Children for Gifts. Boy's Suits Twenty Per Cent Off
W^^^^^^^mM^\a n__lCvs^ " Here is January savings for you in time for
\. iPa \-* Ladies* Suits Christmas
a*WsSr Ladies' Coats One-Fourth Off f __
*f, v£ chads' coats one-naif off Christmas Trees 25c, 50c and 75c
For the Men Ladies' Dresses One-Fourth Off Candles, Candle Holders, Ornaments, Tinselin Gold and Silver.
'- . _ „.,. T>l ' Everything to make the Christmas Tree beautiful.
Men's Dress Gloves, Belts, Bath Robes, Shirts, Sox, Silk, Lisle — - :
and W00 l; 50 Dozen Men's Christmas Ffrgggg Ut^- Here is Christmas Economy for you Christmas Candies, ***, Oranges, Bananas, Dates, Figs all the
flers, Umbrellas, Suit Cases, Sweaters. Cuff Buttons, Handker J delicacies for Christmas dinner will be found in our complete Groc . .
chiefs, Pane. Vesta, Smoking or House Coats, Suspenders, Garters. ~ . . j.
~ ' ' JL_/Oni miSS 11 cry Department.
Gowns, Pajamas, Etc. ■ '
which is being given under the aus
pices of the Y.M. C. A. and Y. W.
C. A. Mr. Henke, secretary of the Y.
M. C. A., who has had a great deal of
responsibility for the numbers on the
lecture course is strong in his state
ment that this will be one of the
features of the entire season.
Following this number there will
he four other numbers which have
been selected for the quality of the
entertainment which they can give.
Alton Packard will appear on Janu
ary 29, shortly after the Christmas
ollday. On March 4, Frank Dixon will
be featured; on March 21, will come
the Montavllo Flowers, and the wind
ing up of the season will be the ap
pearance of the Leßrm Grand Opera
The last number on the course
will be charged for at. the- rate- of 78
cents for single admission, The oth
er numbers, Including the one next
Monday evening, will be charged for
at the rate of 50 cents for single ad
mission. The season tickets for the
remaining five numbers are now sel
ling at $1.50, thus giving the pur
chaser a chance to get $2.75 worth
of entertainment for about half the
price of single admissions.
Host Cooking Apples.
Out of the eleven varieties of ap
ples entered in the contest Grimes
Golden won first honors at the ap
ple show last week for the best ap
ple pie. Rome Beauty made' the
best tasting baked apples and Winter
Banana the best tasting apple s..use.
Miss Laura Breese, domestic
science instructor at the University
of Idaho, had her class conduct the
cooking contests.
Tho varieties tested were: Win
ter Banana, Grimes Golden, Rome
Beauty, Winesap, Stayman Winesap,
Arkansas Black, White Winter Pear
main, Babbitt, Jonathan, Delicious,
and York Imperial. The Bfitsenburg,
Yellow N'ewtowns and Wageners
which were tried out lost week, were
not entered in the contest.
Each apple was cooked In three
different ways— as apple sauce, bak
ed and in apple pie. Ten Judges, five
men and five women , gave the de
cision, the baked apples and the sauce
being Judge in three ways, for color,
general appearance and for taste. All
were cooked without sugar.
In the baked apple contest, on col
or, after being cooked, the Babbitt
got six votes and Arkansas Black
four votes. On general appearand
after cooking the Arkansas Black got
seven votes, the Jonathan one and
'he- Rome Beauty two votes.
For taste in baked apples the
Rome Beauty got eight votes, Jona
than one and White winter Pear
main one.
In the apple sauce contest, on col
or the Arkansas Black got eight
votes and Rome Beauty two. On
general appearance the Arkansas
Black got seven votes, Rome Beauty
two and Jonathans one vote.
Far the best tasting apple sauce
the Winter Banana got six votes.
While- Winter Pearmain two aud the
Stayman Winesap one vote.
Apple pie was judged for taste
only. The Grimes Golden got eight
first-choice votes. One of the judges
had been called away by this time
and the other could not decide.
A second-choice vote was taken on
the apple pie, giving the Babbitt four
votes and the Jonathan two votes.
The number of minutes required to
bake each apple follows: Delicious,
88; Jonathan, 54; Stayman Winesap,
3d, Winter Banana, 51; York Im
perial, 64; Arkansas Black, 63; Bab
bitt, 44; Crimes Golden, 49; White
Winter Pearmain, 49; Winesap, 50;
and Rome beauty, 20.
The number of minutes required
In the cooking of the apple sauce
of each of the apples follows: Ar
kansas Black, 7; White Winter Pear
main, 9; Delicious, 7; Jonathan, 14;
Stayman Winesap, 8; Rome Beauty,
8; York Imperial, 25; Winesap, 19;
Winter Banana, 10. The Babbitt was
not entered in the sauce contest.
The ten judges of the contest were:
C. J. Stensul, chief of Judges at the
apple show; J. Olbb, Judge at the
j apple show; J. D. Taggart of Waits
burg; Professor A. I. Melander, of
the Washington State College; E.
Nelson of Hunters, Wnsh.; Mrs. Grace
M. Scott, city; Mrs A. J. Stevenson,
City; Mrs. Adah Dv Hots of San Jose.
Cal.; Mrs. J. M. Carroll of Mosier.
Ore., and another woman whose name
was not learned.
The- contest was conducted at the
request of B. F. Hurst of Boise, Ida
bo, who Is exhibiting the apple grad
er, and also at the request of either
exhibitors at the fair.
Palouse, Wash., Dec. 4.- one hun
dred creditors of the defunct Pa
louse State bank met Saturday to
discuss the matter of closing up the
affairs of that institution. It was
decided to immediately dispose' of
all the remaining assets except a
$5000 mortgage and a tract of land
on the Columbia river, comprising
190 acres, which was turned over
to the bank by the former president,
H. M. Boone.
Up to date, dividends to the
amount of 40 per cent, have been
paid, and Receiver Jowet states that
with the sale of the lands on the
Columbia river there should be funds
sufficient to pay an additional 20
per cent.
WANTED—To rent 40 to 80 acres
of good farm land within ... miles of
Pullman. Buildings must either be on
the place or provided to make resi
dence possible. Prefer cash rent.
Will buy if well suited. Address
giving particulars.
B. X., Pullman Herald.
Is all that the word signifies.
Purity, Cleanliness and Excellence of
Quality are our watchwords.
L. E. MOORE, Prop.
Phone Farmers 9x. Pullman, Wash.
Portland, Or.. Nov. 30.— So long
as the defendant In a divorce pro
ceeding In Oregon allows the MM to
go by default, there Is no limit to
the time which either the plaintiff
or defendant to such action is depriv
ed of the privilege of Joining in wed
lock with any person his or her heart
desires, according to a decision of
Justice Henry J. Beam of the Oregon
supreme court, which has Just been
Hitherto it has been the accepted
law that parties to a divorce proceed
ing cannot re-wed within six months
after tho decree has been made but
it. appears from the decision of Jus
tice Bean that this is a misconstruc
According to Justice Bean it is a
well accepted principle of law. that
where there is no contest (that is
where the issue goes by default)
there can be no appeal. The law
reads that re-marriage' is barred dur
ing the period during which an ap
peal may be taken from the decree
of the trial court, which is six
months. There being no possibility
A wooden box such as a dry goods box lined with building paper makes
a convenient receptacle for fumigating the plants. Calculate the space
inside the box in cubic feet and allow 1 oz. of potassium cyanide for each
100 cubic feet. Place the stock loosely In the box and do not All too full.
On top of the plants put an old tin can, or earthenware crock, containing
I._ on, of sulphuric acid and 2 _ ozs. water. Wrap the weighed cyanide
in soft paper and when everything is in readiness drop it into the diluted
acid, closing the lid immediately. Fumigate from 30 to 40 minutes, after
which raise the lid and air out the contents.
The gas generated is extremely poisonous and under no circumstances
should be breathed. It Is necessary to use pure cyanide. Lump cyanide
often contains as low as 40 per cent actual cyanide, while the pure cyanide
contains about 9* per cent. If the pure cyanide is not obtainable make
allowance for the weaker material. Cyanide and sulphuric acid can be
purchased through any druggist. The strength of the cyanide is usually
printed on the container.
For grafts and scions it ls well to use less cyanide, say, two-thirds
of an ounce to the 100 cubic feet.
Fumigation should be done before buds open. Do not try to fumigate
| evergreens.
m**.,*m*.^K—nmum*mm»mmmmmmm M -m.—,mmmm,-'
for appeal In a default case, the par
ties to the divorce .which Is allowed ' -
to • go; by default/may therefore
marry the Instant the decree lof tha 1
trial court ts docketed;
Thai our western governors are
men Of spirit as well as loyalty to the
West Is demonstrated by the tour
now being made through the east by
the majority of these governors. They
have a special train and are visiting
all parts of the East with the object
in view to give the Titers some
idea of the great opportunities and
the unexcelled country' that we have
out here. They are taking with them
several carloads of western products
In order to illustrate* their talks with
Hi.' actual resuts of western energy
appi.el to western soil. They are be-
Ing cordially received by the govern
ors and people of the- Eastern states.
Two hundred drug fiends were ar
rested as a result of a raid by the po
lice on San Francisco's Chinatown
recently. The state of California
recently enacted a law requiring that
drug fiends be sent to the state asy
lums for treatment.

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