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Records of Whitman County
SATURDAY, SEPT. ii. 1912
E. T. Hall and wife to Geo. W. I
Hall, nh 8-17-43, tract in 5-17-4 3,
James Kennedy to Margaret Ken
nedy, lot 4, blk 12, Laniont, $1.
Mrs, Jans McClnskey to R. Kuhn, j
lot 12, pt lot 11. blk -'2, Steptoe,
E. H. Newton and wife to Christian
L. Miller, seq 25-16-43, $12,800.
Alfred M. Jamison to E. P. Green
await, lots 7, 8, 9, 10, blk 17, Huff
man's 2nd add. Tekoa. contract to
sell. $400.
Real Mortgages
E. O. Carter and wife to A. L. Hill,
pt 1-16-45, $300.'
Geo. W. Hall aud wife to Wessel
Mumm, nh 9-17-43, $7168.
John J. Peden ami wife to .1. 11.
VanTino, nwq 23-18-4 4. except,
Christian L. Muller and wife to
E. H. Newton, seq 25-16-43, $10,
Frank Cultou and wife' to Rank of
Rosalia, live stock, $900; crop mi wh
seq, swq 17-20-4 $900.
John Davis to Farmers State Bank
of Colfax, live stock, $500.
J. XV. Lamb to J. A. Lamb, live
stock, etc., $50.
H. XV. Gamble to C. I Roberts,
live stock, 2-3 crop on seq sh 20-10
--45, pt wh swq 21-16-45. $340.
R. M. Swift to E. S. Swift, live
stock, $160.
Cleveland Martin to Colfax Na
tional Bank, 2-3 crop on nh 22-15-41,
livestock, $900.
Everett C. Johnson to John .1. Pa
den et ux., two real mtgs.
Security State Bank to Eppa O.
Carter and wife, two real mtgs.
Bank of Rosalia to Frank Culto..
and wife, two chats.
Paul H. Askerman to .1. A. Ander
son, chat.
Shoudy Bros, to Horace J, .Mills,
Walter Hayflebl to Harrington and
Adler, chat.
Geo. W. Case, Jr., to R. I. Haynes,
J. XV. Ross to Eppa O. Carter, chat.
Conditional Rills of Sale
Lutke Mfg. Co. to H. E. Roberts,
show case, $62.
G. B. Carter, sheriff, to A. R.
Metz, lots 7, 8, 9, blk 15, Blberton.
certificate of sale: assigned to Blber
ton State Bank.
C. D. Metcalf to the public, affi
davit of renewal of chat.
Gov. Patents and Receipts
- United States to Wm. H. Bra'ncn,
sh nwq, nh swq 32-14-40, receipt,
Jacob T. Arrasmlth and wife to
John H. Cave, tract in 5-16-4 4,
Georgia Saxon and husband to
Adam Luft, tract in wh 35-15-41. $1.
Wilbur S. Yearsley to Adam Luft,
wh 35-15-41, except, pt nh nwei .'{:,
--15-41, $3280.
O. A. Johansen to B. Bertleson
lots 10. 11, blk 28. Ewan, $500.
James E. Llndsey et ux. to Maxi-
C. Morse, pt 5-14-45, $100.
H. S. Gransch and wife to Rev.
Jaß. L. Frei, lots 11, 12, blk 12, Fer
guson's 3rd add, Colton, $150.
■ Andrew E. Meyer to John Weis.
seq nwq, swq neq, wh seq 5-11-45
W. M. Duthie et ux. to XV. D. Mc-
Gregor, lot 9. pt lot 8, blk 14,
Reaney's 2nd add, Pullman, $i.
Patrick M. Sheahan to M. F. Sloan
lots 10, 11. blk 1, Thornton, $150.
A, J. French and wife to O. P.
Tuttle and wife, lots 1, 2. 3. 4, 5, 6,
blk 5, Huffman's add. Tekoa, $900.
Wm. S. King and wife to Chas. W
81ocum, lot 5. blk 2. Loekhart's add
St. John, $750.
Ben Manning to C. T. Krous. nwq
27, swq 22, sh nwq 22, neq seq 21
--15-44, lease.
H. J. Jackson to W. W. Cochran el
al., all 31, pt swq 32-14-44, lease.
Real Mortgager*
. John Sittner and wife to Farmer
State Bank of Colfax, lot 7, blk l
H. D. Smith's 2nd add, Endicott'
Adam Luft et ux to Geo. Maehliei,
wh 36-15-41. except, pt nwq 35-15
--41, $1300.
Wm. H. Branch and wife to Mary
P. Crocker, sh nwq. nh swq 32-1 0.
$1000. '
Henry Fromm and wife to Western
Loan and Savings Co., lot 9, nh lot
8, blk 17, LaCrosse, $600.
Wiley Hampton and wife to Ralph
Comegj-B, manager, wh nwo. ".iq
48, $1200.
Blair Chisholm et al. to Walter \.
Hall, tract 1, Sheehan's proposed
add. Farmington, $600.
O. P. Tuttle and wife to A J
French, lots 1, 2, 3, 4 . 5, 6. blk 5
Huffman's add, Tekoa, $325.
Cbas. W. 81ocum and wife to
Chas. W. Kessler. lot 6. blk 2. Lock
hart's add. St. John, $600
_v_m__t_____i_m^Jij__.. ' ▼wvw«
Thos. J. Hunt et ux. to 1. V. Mol-
ler, pt 15-16-48. $425.
Jr. pt Chattel Mortgages
Chattel Mortgages
John Sittner and wife to Farmers
j ate Bank of Colfax, blacksmith out
fit, $600.
R. M. Swift to Farmers State Rank
I of Colfax, live Block, $7.".
.Claud Lemka to Chas. 0, Wilson,
live stock, $90.
M. R. Pointer to Barbara Sanders.
crop on pt Bwq neq 30-15-4 5, $150.
A. M. Kleins to B. A. Witte, crop
on nh nwq 32. SWQ, nwq, pt seq, pt
neq 29-19-4.",, $2500.
F. L. Maston to Pullman State
Bank, live' stock, machinery, $1664),
F. L. Maston to Pullman State
Rank, crop on nwq 16-14-45, 2-3
crop on seq, eh swq 17-14-45, pt neq
neq 20-14-45. $1500.
S. 11. Weitman Jr. to E. A Witt",
crop on pt wh 33-19-43, $80.
David Sutton to Henry Hickey, 2-3
crop on eh seq. nwq seq, swq neq
4-15-39, $484.
M. R. Pointer to Mary J. Phillips,
crop on nwq, pt swq neq .10-15-45,
H. S. Hull to Colfax State Rank,
live stock, machinery, crop on nwq
8-42. 2-3 crop on pt 22-18-4 2,
Daniel Green to Charles N. Stil
son, live stock, machinery, crop on sh
swq, nwq swq, swq nwq 4-16-12, seq.
sh neq 5-16-42, $1000.
W. W. Gregg to Emery A. Cook et
al., real mtg.
First State Bank to Henry Fromm
et al., real mtg.
M. S. Cannon to Geo. Howell,
Star Drilling Mch. Co. to Freder
ick Bros., chat.
Bank of Farmington to Jacob Kie-f
fer et ux., chat.
R. B. Gilbert e1 al. to ,J. P. Line?
han et al., chat.
Harvey and Regan to Charlie Nun
nalljr, chat.
C. W. Kessler to G. M. Squires,
•I. H. St. Lawrence to E. L. Bur
nam, conditional bill of sale.
Potlatch Lumber Co. to W. A.
Moss et ux., lion: to Ed Homer at
ux.. lien. «
Conditional Rills of Sale
Mosier Safe Co. to 11. S. Groat,
safe, $60.
National Cash Register Co. to Car
mln and Logan, register, $500.
Bills of Sale
.lames Lowry to F. T. Nickerson.
live stock, $663.
G. W. Wilson to John Sutton, live
stock, machinery, grain, $477.
L. T. Brockway to Myklebust Co.,
stock of mdse.. Rosalia, $16,779.
H. T. Reed to G. XV. Ripley, un
divided half interest in livery busi
ness, etc.. Colfax, $2100.
M. J. Rumbaugh et al. to Daniel
Green, live stock, machinery, grain,
etc., $1087.
Poison Implement Co. to Spokane
Merchants Ass'n., real mtg.
Emily A. Cook to Ada Chisholm, I
power of attorney.
D. F. Staley to the public, affida
vit of renewal of chat.
TUESDAY, OCT. 1, 1912
Alex Stewart and wife to John
Weitz and wife, seq 9, nwq 15-16-41.
Potlatch Lumber Co. to Milwaukee
Land Co.. lots 9, 10, 11. 12. blk 10,
Lavita. $1.
M. A. Slaght to Patrick Ward, lots
7. 8, 9, blk 20, Power's add, Palouse,
Edw. E. Siege! and wife to J. W.
Springs, lots 3, 4, blk 3, Pine City,
bond for deed, $1000.
Renal Mortgages
F. J. Waymire and wife to Ferdi
nand A. Davis, wh lot 4, blk 62. Col
fax, $700.
Howard Shriver and wife to Carrie
Brown, seq swq 7-14-46. $1000.
J. C. Clark and wife to Pacific
Building and Loan Assn.. lot 4, blk
12. Maiden. $600.
John F. Johnson to First Savings
and Trust Bank, wh 31-18-45. $9500.
John A. Dix and wife to Eleanor
Truax Harris, neq 16-17-45, $6000.
E. D. Eldredge and wife to Jesse
F. Neai, lot 7, blk 28, Colfax. $1000.
Chas. J. Day and wife to Farmers
State Bank of Colfax, seq 6-16-4 5
Chattel Mortgage**
A. H. McAlplne to Colfax National
I Bank, live stock, machinery, crop on
nwq 2-15-44, sh 35-16-44, $1260.
J. C. Heidinger to Colfax National
Bank, live stock, crop on wh nwq 5
-15-42, 2-3 crop on pt wh 17-15-42,
J. H. Baskett to Colfax State Bank,
live stock, $260.
H. G. Link to Colfax National
Bank, live stock, crop on seq 28-18
--42, $700.
Jos. L. Millsap and wife to First
Trust and Savings Bank of Moscow,
crops on nwq 1, B wq 16-14-45, $500.
Thos, Baron to R. C. Wilson and
son, machinery, $22.
Releases _r _'■'*■:
First Savings and Trust Bank of
Whitman county to Chas. J. Day
ux., real mtg.
Alexander H. Lynch to Geo M.
Miller and wife, real mtg.
L. N. Knettle et al. to W. C. Jacks
et ux.. real mtg.
Walter E. Burrell to John I". John-
son, real mtg.
Frank K. Godfrey to Jos. C. Clark,
real mtg.
Colfax State Bank to Ceo. V. Rob
erts, chat.
Conditional Hills of Sale
National Cash Register Co. to W.
H. Stuart, register, $175.
R. F. Blgelow to the public, affi
davit of renewal of chat.
In the Superior Court
B. O. Case & Co. vs. Mrs. M. C.
Williams et al.—Order to sell prop
erty levied on.
Lee ]■'. Hubbard vs. Nancy .1. Hub
bard et al.—Order of default; judg
ment in partition; bond of referee-.
W. R. Anderson, $75,000.
Sprague Roller Mills vs. E. A.
Purdy et al.— Order overruling mo
tion to strike.
State vs. Otha Cockrell- Order to
produce witnesses from the peniten
tiary; state granted permission to
endorse names of witnesses.
State vs. M. Gardner—Case set for
trial October 0 at 9 a. m. State
granted permission to endorse names
of witnesses.
State vs. Riley Robey—Set for
trial October 10 at 9 a. m. State
granted permission to endorse name
of witness.
XV. B. Seidell vs. W. D. Eversole —
Order denying motion to substitute
name of administrator.,
Netherlands American Mortgage
Bank vs. John E. Wallace et al. —Or-
der requiring defendants to file to
State ex. rel. J. F. Rice et a:, vs. H.
L, Taton, clerk of Rosalia—Alterna
tive writ of mandamus.
Charles E. Cleveland vs. Maiden
Water Works Co. —Remittitur of su
preme court affirms decision of su
perior court and taxes costs to de
fendant and surety.
Henry B. Luhn vs. Maiden Meat
Co.—-Bond for costs.
David S. Ausherman vs. Canford
W. Hickman—Appeal bond from jus
tice court.
Bessie Ward vs. Guy H. Ward —
Decree of divorce.
Irene Wolheter vs. Elmer S. Wol
heter —Trial for divorce; findings
and decree.
Merchants Produce Co. vs. J. P.
Lich- Bond for costs.
Frederick Kramlich et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux.—Trial; order appoint
ing guardian ad litem; judgment
against the defendants for perform
ances of contract and costs.
Joseph C. Faires vs. Alex Stewart
et ux.—Trial; order appointing
guardian ad litem; judgment against
the defendants for performance of
contract and for costs.
John Weitz et ux. vs. Alex Stewart
et ux.—Trial: order appointing
guardian ad litem; judgment against
defendants for performance of con
tract and for costs!
Samuel J. T. Stott et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux. -Trial; order appoint
ing guardian ad litem; judgment
against the defendants for perform
ance of contract and for costs.
Byron D. Henry et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux.—Trial; order appoint
ing guardian ad litem; judgment
against the defendants for perform
ance- of contract and for costs.
State vs. George Hampton and
Frank Johnson—Order directing
sheriff to destroy plaintiff's exhibits.
State ex rel. J. F. Rice vs. H. L.
Taton—Continued to October 1 for
bearing on writ.
State ex rel. Jacog Heidenrich vs.
County Commissioners Order deny-
Ing permanent writ of mandate.
Mark Wilcox et al. vs. Levi W.
Eaton et al.— Trial in partition; de
cree of sale granted and Geo. W. La
rue appointed referee with his bond
fixed at $25,000.
State ex rel. J. F. Rice et al. vs. H.
L. Tatom, Clerk of Rosalia—Hearing
on alternative writ of mandamus;
motion to quash granted.
Alexander Kindness vs. C. H.
Coryell —Continued for trial to Oc
tober 5, 1912, plaintiff to pay de
fendant's costs up to his date, Oc
tober 1. 1912.
Minnie Hardesty vs. Solomon
Hardesty —Trial for divorce; order
of default: matter taken under ad
visement by the court.
State ex rel. J. F. Rice et al vs. H.
L. Taton, Clerk of Rosalia—Alterna
tive writ of mandamus; hearing
forthwith; continued pending deci
sion of similar case in supreme court,
In the meantime the Clerk of Ro
salia to publish notice of election.
State ex rel. J. F. Rice et al. vs.
H. L. Tatom. Clerk of Rosalia —Dis
missed on motion of defendant (first
Estate of Jeremiah 8. Dallas Or
der admitting will to probate and ap
pointing Charles L. Chameberlin ad
ministrator with bond fixed at $600.
Estate of Edith Davidson —Peti-
tion for letters of administration;
order fixing time for hearing.
Estate of Earnest Gardner —Order
dispensing with appraisement.
Estate of Thomas Crowley—Let
ters issued; order to show cause why
distribution should not be made.
Insanity of John Stevens —Com-
plaint on charge of Insanity; com
mitment; order for payment»of costs.
Estate of Barbara Heidenreich —
Petition for administrator; order fix
ing time for hearing.
Estate of Mary A. Fincher —Order
appointing agent for absent heirs
Estate of George B. Sever — Order
to sell 1912 wheat.
Estate Of Lucretia G. Randolph—
Order admitting will to probate and
appointing XV. Claude Renfrew ad
ministrator with the will annexed
with bond fixed at $3500; certificate
of proof of will; bond; letters; or
der appointing appraisers: order lo
publish notice ti creditors.
Estate of Li His F. Smith -Order of
solvency; order appointing apprais
Estate of Robert Jell —Order al
lowing final account of decree of dis
Estate of John Prltchard —Final
account; order fixing time for settle
ment; order to show cause.
Sew i 'uses
State vs. Pete Neaae —Transcript
from Juetice court; charge, burglary.
State vs. Stanley MitchellTran
script from justice court; charge
Margaret A. Ewan vs. Charles xv.
Ewan —Action for divorce.
George Jefferson Bragg vs. Elva
Mary Bragg—Action for divorce.
Emma Inscore vs. William Inscore
—Action for divorce.
Irene Wolheter vs. Elmer S. Wol
heter--Action for divorce.
State of Washington ex rel. J. F.
Rice et al. —H. L. Tatom, Clerk of
Rosalia; mandamus.
Frederick Kramlich et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux . —Action to enforce
contract for deed.
Joseph C. Fa ires vs. Alex Stewart
et ux.—Action to enforce contract
for deed.
Samuel J, T. Scott et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux.—Action to enforce
contract for deed.
Byron D. Henry et ux. vs. Alex
Stewart et ux.—Action to enforce
contract for deed.
George Hougland vs. Herbert K.
Oliver et ux. e-t al —Foreclosure of
real estate.
State ex rel. J. F. Rice et al. vs. 11.
L. Tatom, Clerk of Rosalia—Manda
Sprlngston Lumber Co. vs. J. L.
Harris—Action for money due on
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington, in and for the
County of Whitman.
John A. Lindner, Plaintiff, vs. Lana
Lindner, Defendant.
State of Washington, County of Whit-
man, ss.
The State of Washington to the said
Lana Lindner, Defendant:
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty (60) days after the
date of the first publication of this
Summons, to-wit: within sixty days
after the 20th day of September,
1912, and defend the above entitled
action in the above entitled court,
and answer the Complaint of the
Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your
answer upon the undersigned, attor
neys for the Plaintiff, at their offices
in Pullman, Whitman county, Wash
ington; and In case of your failure so
to do, judgment will be rendered
against you according to the demand
of the Complaint in said action,
which has been filed with the Clerk
of said Court. The object of said ac
tion is to secure a Decree of Divorce,
dissolving the bonds of matrimony
now existing between Plaintiff and
Dated September 19th, A. D. 1912.
Attorneys for the Plaintiff.
P. O. Address: Pullman. Whitman
County, Washington.
Sep 20 Nov 1 •
table, stoves, rocking chairs, etc. W.
L. Hadlock, 703 California street.
ROOMS FOR RENT-— For three
gentlemen, two ladies or man and
wife. Mrs. White, 205 McKenzie St.
The best three-quarter inch hose
In town at J. E. Hammond's, the
plumber. Jlyl9tf
FOR SALE —My 7-room modern
house at 603 High street; hardwood
floors and furnace; bearing fruit
trees and tree that will bear in two
years. Lots of garden space and
berries of all kinds. $2750. Also
7-room house on College Hill for
rent. A E. Shaw. Sepl3tf
i 111 II i •—,
We expect to close out our entire stock of
Pianos in 30 days.
These beautiful instruments will be sold at
prices never before offered in Pullman.

Do your clothes fit
and dignify you
They can do no morethey should
do no less.
Let us fit you out in a Hart-Schaff
ner & Marx suit. They are made
right and will give you a graceful
MEN'S OUTFITTER If it, for men we have it
A Friendly Atmosphere
The officers and employes of this bank strive to see
that patrons always find here a friendly atmosphere.
You are doing us a good turn when you bring business
of any nature to this bank. We appreciate it, and want
you to feel at, home here, and find it a pleasure to come.
Don't stay away because your transaction is a small
one. It's the sum of small things that makes a bank
The Pullman State Bank

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