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Records of Whitman County
SATURDAY, JAN, 11 1913
Gov. Patents and Receipts
United States to Edw A Brim. ,
eh neq 10-16-39, patent.
Herman F. Schrleber and wife to
John __. Marsh, sh 11-16-42, except,
Lee J. Coberly and wife to John
F. Irby, pt swq 29-ID, $1; pt swq
29-18-45, $1.
Homer Seward ef ul. to l.uella
Seward, wh neq. eh nwq 4-19-41, ?eq
33-20-41, $1.
Byron D. Henry et al. to F. D.
Stark, eh lot 6, wh lot 7, blk 14, En
dicott, $2000.
Real Mortgages
John A. Marsh and wife to Herman
F. Bchrieber, sh 11-16-42, $12,327.
John F. Irby and wife to Interna
tional Mortgage bank, pt swq 29-1
45, $6000.
Richard Leroy Benbow and wife to
J. M. Thompson, lots 1, 2, blk 2. Mc-
Croskey's 3rd add, Garfield, $20'>.
Chattel Mortgages
Hagaman and McCurdy to Farmers
and Merchants State bank, *<-">
bushels wheat on neq 18-19-11,
Daniel M. Dobbins to Wesley W.
King and wife, real mtg.
Farmers State bank of Uniontown
to Peter J. Warnecke and wife, real
Farmers and Merchants State
bank to D. J. Altlce, real mtg.
J. H. St, Lawrence to F. T. Nick
erson et at., conditional bill of sale.
Bills of Sale
J. D. Cable to E. Maguire. live
stock, etc., $430.
Conditional Bills of Sale
John Deere Plow Co. to Inland
Implement Co., consignment of wag
ons, Implements, etc.
MONDAY, JAN. 13. 1913
Annette Loder to Nets Anderson,
lots 1, 2, 3, blk 16, lots 5, 6, wh lot
4, blk 15, Oakesdale, $2125.
Fidelity State Bank of Uniontown
to John B. Thill, lots 1, 2, 15, 16,
blk H, Griefs add, Unlontown, $1.
Robt. Thorn and wife to Wm. Y.
Wyatt, pt 5-18-45, $1.
John Fisher and wife to Peter Ben
tel, neq neq. wh seq neq 35-19-4 5,
Heal Mortgages
Peter Bentel and wife to J. G.Con
ger, wh neq, neq neq, wh seq neq
35-19-46, $5030.
W. D. Sinclair and wife to Secur
ity State bank, lots 10, 11. 12, blk
2, Colton's add, Palouse, $125.
Chattel Mortgages
G. W. Rhoads and wife to Spo
kane State bank, 1-3 crop, swq 22
--19-41, pt neq 27-19-41, $453.
John Simpkins to C. E. Frederick
Co., live stock, Implements, 2-3 crop
sh swq, seq 30, nh nwq 31-16-46,
Frank Ayler to Wm. Dledrich, live
stock, $250.
Herbert Klmbrough to Tryphosa
B. Bobbins and husband, real mtg.
Chas. Corbet to Dan'l M. Colling
wood, real mtg.
Security State bank to W. D. Sin
clair and wife, real mtg.
F. A. Davis to W. W. Green and
wife, real mtg.
P. A. Carlon to Jesse Edwards, real
R. B. Games to R. A. Blackwelder,
chat: to W. A. Thompson, chat; to
R. L. Kilgore, chat; to Seth Drake,
chat; to Elmer Hoist, chat; to S. E.
Durbin et al., chat; to Clarence Mor
gan, chat; to G. M. Squires, chat; to
Frank H. Scott, chat.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Commercial Importing Co. to Wai
ter and Brady, coffee urn, $35.
Oliver Typewriter Co. to Elmer E.
Etherlngton, typewriter, $100.
Oliver Typewriter Co. to Jos. S.
McLean, typewriter, $100.
"Pandora Orchards, Inc.," articles
of Incorporation.
TUESDAY, JAN, 14, 1913
E. E. Stark and wife to P. I. Hays,
lot 4, blk 40, Maiden, $700.
C. H. Preuett and wife to R. T.
Smiley, lots 7, 8, blk 6, Lombard's
add, Tekoa, $1.
O. A. Weldon and wife to Chas.
Ogan et al., nwq 28-17-45. except,
Chattel Mortgages
Henry Rlchardßon to J. B. San
born, live stock, $90.
W. E. Disney to Crumbaker and
Sons, live stock, potatoes, etc., $9,"..
Robt S. Brown to Chas. B. Alex
ander and wife, real mtg.
Geo. Rake to Pullman Improve
ment Co., real mtg.
Standard Lumber Co. to Mrs. C. S.
Conley, lien; to Wm. Hoare et al..
Hen; to Frank Rlkowskl, lien.
Union Trust and Savings Bank to
David Humbird et al., two real mtgs.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Culbertson-Grote-Rankin Co. to J.
D. Jaton, house furnishings, $274.
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10, 1913
Mary S. Jordan and husband to
Chris Knmmeyer, pt lot 2 of 6-16-46,
Oregon ltd. and Nay. Co. ot al to
Phillip Ochs. nwq 3-16-41, $1277.
Mrs. F. C. Peterson to J. M. Buer
gel, lot 30, blk 14. Rosalia, lease.
Heal Mortgage
Jas. R. Hagaman and wife to Geo.
W. Case, Jr., neq, nh seq, neq uwq,
18-19-41, $524.
John .M. Klemgard and wife to
John L. Metsker, nh nwq 21-14-14,
pt 16-14-44, $2500.
Chattel Mortgages
i;. W. Gale to Security State Bank,
hotel furnishings, live stock, etc.,
J. R. Hagaman et al. to Geo W.
Case Jr., 2-3 crop nh 9-111 and
23-18-40, implements, etc., $524.
B. B. Farley to John Erwin, live
stock, etc., $250.
J. R. Hagaman et nl. to R. B.
Games, trustee, live stock, 2-3 crop
pt 23-18-40, $1208.
Geo. T. Smith to Farmers State
Bank, Colfax, live stock, Implements,
2-3 crop wh nwq 6, wh swq 9, pt 8
-14-42, 2-3 nwq neq 8-14-42, $7160.
G. L. Hegler to Colfax National
bank, live stock, implements, crop
neq 16-19-39, $3000.
G. W. Gale to Geo. N. Lamphere
Jr., hotel furnishings, implements,
live stock, $375.
M. D. Henry to Frank Smalley and
wife, real mtg.
First Saving and Trust bank of
Whitman county to Martha Hensie,
real mtg.
Hollis D. McKenzie and wife to
Ira S. Sperry, eh swi|, wh set] S-13
--38, $710, agreement to sell.
W. W. Shields vs. 11. A. Malsed
et al., lis pendens.
THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1913
P. E. Roberts and wife' to W. W.
Glass, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 17, blk
23, College Hill add, Pullman, $750,
Real Mortgages
Walter Gross et al. to G. A. Wel
don, nwq 28-17-45, except, lots 3,
4 of 5-16-45, $4000.
Thomas H. Bills and wife to Com
mercial State bank, seq 3-18-43,
Geo. T. Smith and wife to Marion
Freeman, pt lots 5, 6, blk 39, Col
fax, $1425.
Chattel Mortgages
Walter Gross et al. to G. A. Wei
don, crop nwq 28-17-45, $2000.
N. S. Hatley to Pullman State
bank, crop swq 33-14-44, $380.
C. G. Swecker to P. E. Roberts
and wife, real mtg.
Commercial State bank to T. 11.
Ellis and wife, real mtg.
People's State bank to Alphonzo
R. Olds and wife, real mtg.
Farmers and Merchants State
bank to J. R. Hagaman et al., chat.
Moneywelght Scale Co. to Zellmer
and Little, conditional bill of sale.
Bills of Sale
A. M. Clark to C. W. Clark, chop
mill, machinery, etc., $400.
Potlatch Lbr. Co. to C. F. Hudson,
tract in 36-17-45, lien, $27.
(5 ~ II I BMMM OK ■I'.lil — 7-.;___i___»a_:=i=- 1 -m ——..
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;^w^SV - -mm^tAmz _m_*______Z*i ■' : iZ^lltm—m UPBPW^ *__
_h____tf_M^______ SBW^^i^_______t_( _M__tt_^it_-. aj—m
___fil___&P___tf_H______f_iHMV¥^^T^ tii mmmmWsP '' ' -___R__*k < '^ _____«________M_____i
M*lF _ * I f • j I t I k ___P__K Vfl_____fet ,-vs tr-*. *W« i iMt____llpnß
■__. ' r_______a_mm________m mmmmmm^yxp _■* f 1 _*1 _L I I __r ______ _^_ l__FßW_ar'^__ Vv : _______________________
i • _H KPjSSjir 11 _r_i^___________i^S-_-iRI __P_ita^^.__4K?^k^^k^^s«_.
■ _SJ_%^ -ft. '■' __ m—i——U
fl t *& .^^"Sjw.
________■ __________"v^^ii' '^' *_» '^^80-EftS-iI.; —flfcfcs- _____
mm————————mm— ._ y ' *>-v ' *^HHB i_y -——*i>————Z————m—m
Uml. __. iH-SHfifl
MM_a_-_ffi____k___- >t-_■>..--:- ■ </ ■ J9mHim___. 9aHB6_B B__________H» i
Hi -BB i' v *■*•« _______"' £_W«g&>. I x__
Trl_B! ____§ L i____H B^'^__i BIIS x___a ■ Bl
1 _________! _■ _■§£' _____fiW' __E8 I ~' _HtJ ______v _&___. 'V ____ w '^EdlSi __._■ m—v ■ ______<> ».y^g mi-____Ei ir. it_K S_r_T_fl
a j bei rat v MBS^ME^'tiL£M Br. >^______p B_____p ___\____Wk m_t_Y\ <____
: -__U fyei '* 'wmT >A
I*. 9 - ____ ■■■' '
i ' eimp *s___-__-___________________________________HH-v HH!
As usual the State of Washington
sent an exhibit to the Northwest
Products Exposition at Minneapolis,
this year, which led in artistic excel
lence over all other exhibits at this I
FRIDAY, JAN. 17. 191
Will R. Heglar and Wife to La
mont State bank, lots 17, 18, blk 10,
i.amont, $1.
G. B. Carter, sheriff to .1. G. Har
disty, lot 27, blk 14, Rosalia, $1,400.
Fidelity State bank to Interstate
Telephone Co., pt lots 0, 7, blk 8,
Fitch's add, Palouße, $2000.
Geo. Tempero and wife to Clair
Tempero, seq 17-16-45, $1.
R. W. Gordon and wife to Oregon-
Washington Railroad and Navigation
Co., right of way over nh neq, neq
nwq 26-15-38, $100.
M. W. Letter and wife to Colfax
National bank, wh 32-17-44, $1500.
Phillip Ochs to Phillip Aschen
brenner, nwq 3-16-4 1, 2,000.
Real Mortgages
Frank J. Swam and wife to J. 8.
.'aire's, pt B>'q swq 20-17-40, $600.
Horace G. Coffey and wife to Elea
nor Truax Harris, nwq 12-13-3 8,
Phillip Aschenbrenner to Farmers
State bank, Colfax, nwq, except, 3
-16-41, $6000; seq 88-17-41, $4700.
W. S. Schell to Lamont State bank,
2-3 crop sh. neq 31-20-40, live stock,
H. P. Ripley to Farmers State
bank, Colfax, live stock, etc., $380.
M. J. King to Frank Swam et si .
real mtg.
Clair Tempero to Geo. Tempero et
al., relinquishment of Interest In es
tate of pari of the second pari, $1.
SATURDAY, JAN. !8, 1913
Chas. E. Bailey ami wife to Harry
E. .lonian, eh neq 20-19-40, $3200.
M. J. Rumbaugb et al. to Henry
Ochs, wh 21-17-40, $8000.
Phillip .1. Ochs, admr., to Rum
baugb & Henry, wh 21-1 7-40, $8000.
L. Schmuck to Peter Helm, lease
on 2nd story building on lot 6, blk
6, Colfax. This lease lias been as
signed to John .lames.
F. W. Brickner to Peter Helm and
wife, lease on upper floor of build
ing in sh lot 5, l. _ 7. Colfax, This
lease has been assigned to Jno,
F. W. Brickner ci al. to N. L.
Thayer, lease on 2nd story of build
ing on pi lot 5, blk 7. Colfax. This
lease has been assigned to John
ileal Mortgages
Daniel M. Collingwood to Com
mercial State bank, nwq. lit swq, pt
seq 17-18-46, $12,000.
Daniel M. Collingwood to E. 4.
Hanford, nwq, pi swq. pi Beg 17-18
45, $4500.
Henry Ochs and wife to Fi.-si Sav
ings and Trust bank, Whitman coun
ty, all 2 1-17-10. $8000.
Chattle Mortgages
S. E. Drake to J. M. Dell, live!
stock, 2-3 crop swq 16-19-41, $400.
Farmers State Bank, Colfax, to li.
P. Ripley, chat.
Bills of Sale
Peter Helm and wife to John
James, lodging house furnishings
known as Helm Rooms. $3250.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Oliver Typewriter Co. to W. J.
Shlngler, typewriter, $100.
Union Trust and Savings bank to
trustees of John A. Humblrd, three
real mtgs.
Farmers State, bank of Colfax to
Peter Helm, real mtg.
wonderful exposition, which far ex
celled in merit the one held In St
Paul in 1911.
Mr. Wessels of Spokane was in
charge of the exhibit and was unceas
Superior Court Proceedings
State of Washington vs. Riley
it.>ii.. "L/Clend&nt granted leave to
withdraw notice of appeal.
Charles li. VanSchoick vs. Etta
Hoffman et al.—Order discharging
Lena A. Short vs. William S. Mood
—Order sustaining demurrer.
it. T. Smiley vs. A. A. Townley et
al.—Decree of foreclosure and order
ol sale.
A. J. Nelson vs. T. D. Lake et al.
—Judgment of default.
Lizzie Munson vs. George E. Mun
son st al.—Order of appointment of
guardian' ad litem; order of default;
and order of sale and appointment of
Collier vs. Collier —Decree of di
Potlatch Lumber Co. vs. M. D.
Campbell—Order of default.
In the matter of the insolvency of
William C. Blakely -Order closing
Henry B. Luhn vs. Maiden Meat
Market —Trial; case ordered dis
missed and defendant given judg
ment for costs; motion for new trial.
R. M. Ryan vs. David Caldwell—
Judgment for plaintiff.
Julia E. Howell and Geo. H.
Howell vs. Albion State bank —Judg-
ment for plaintiff.
1' bale
Estate of John Vourlis—Order re
ducing bond of administrator.
Estate of Rhoda Griffith —Execu-
tor's bond.
Estate of A. M. Bigelow—Order al
lowing claims.
Estate of W infield A. Standard —
Order appointing appraiser.
Guardianship of Emmett Jennings
et al.— Order authorizing guardian to
borrow money.
Estate of Henry J. Schlerman -Or
der confirming sale.
Estate of Thomas CrowleyDe
cree 1,l distribution.
Estate of Sallh Allison — Order
confirming appraisement.
Estate of Margaret Savage—-Order
admitting will to probate and direct
ing that notice be given creditors.
Estate of Mary Williams —Order
continuing hearing to January 24 at
11 a. m.
Estate Of Sebastian Dahm —Order
appointing appraisers.
New Cases
Charles K. David et ux. vs. J. E.
Lester et al. —Action to quiet title.
A. J. Nelson vs. T. D. Lake et al.
—Foreclosure of mortgage on real
Lizzie Munson vs. George K. Mun
son et al. —Suit in partition; order
appointing guardian ad litem and
order of default.
State vs. W. H. Sherrod—Grand
G. B. Carter, as sheriff, vs C. H.
i.cii —Money due.
Adam Beeler, receiver, vs. An
nette Loder —Suit to quiet title.
Estate of David —Order
fixing time for proof of will.
State vs. Henry Y. Huston —Aban-
donment of wife and child—Defend
ant agreed to pay his wife $10 per
week; gave bond for performance of
agreement and was released from
The currency taken from ' mis
directed letters at the dead letter of
fice last year amounted to $67,
ing in his activities to attract the
attention of the Eastener to the op
portunities for home making in the
fruit lands, grain fields and dairy
farms of Washington.
No. 11466.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, in and fur the
County of Whitman.
J. F. Reynolds Landls,
The unknown heirs of A. O. Heath
erly and Mrs. A. O. Heatherly, his
wife, both deceased, and also all
other persons or parties unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate,
lien or Interest in the real estate
described in the complaint here
in, Defendants.
Stato of Washington, County of
Whitman, ss.
The State of Washington to the
said unknown heirs of A. O. Heath
erly and Mrs. A. O. Heatherly, his
wife, both deceased, and also all
other persons or parties unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate, lien
or interest in the real estate describ
ed in the complaint herein, defend
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty days after the date
of the first publication of this sum
mons, to-wit within sixty days after
the 20th day of December, 1912, and
defend the above entitled action in
the above entitled Court, and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff, and
serve a copy of your answer upon the
undersigned attorneys for plaintiff
at their offices below stated, and
in case of your failure so to do judg
ment will be rendered against you
according to the demands of the
complaint which has been filed with
the clerk of said Court.
The object and purpose of the
above entitled action is to secure a
decree of the above entitled Court
forever quieting the title of said
plaintiff as against said defendants
and each and all of them, in the fol
lowing described real estate, situate,
lying and being in the City of Pull
man, Whitman County, State of
Washington, more particularly de
scribed as follows, to-wit: The
South 45 feet of Lot four and all of
Lots five and six in block 46 in the
town (now City) of Pullman, Wash
ington, according to the official
recorded plat thereof.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Post Office Address: Pullman, Whit
man county, Washington.
Summons for Publication s
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington in and for the County
of Whitman.
John P. Ramsey, plaintiff, vs, Alon-
zo O. Wells, defendant.
The State of Washington to the said
Alonzo O. Wells: ,
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty days after the date
of the first publication of this sum
mons, to-wlt, within sixty days after
the 17th day of January, A. D. 1913,
and defend the above entitled action
in the above entitled court, and
answer the complaint of the plain
tiff, and serve a copy of your answer
upon the undersigned attorney for
plaintiff, at his office below stated:
and in case of your failure so to do,
judgment will be rendered against
you according to the demand of the
complaint, which has been filed with
the clerk of said court.
The object of the above entitled
action is to foreclose a mortgage
made, executed and delivered by the
above named defendant on the 6th
day of May, A. D. 1910, to Henry
Biernback, upon the following de
scribed lands situated in Whitman
county, state of Washington, to-wit,
the northwest quarter of section
fourteen (14), in township twenty
(20) north, of range thirty-nine
(39) E. W. M., containing one hun
dred sixty acres more or less.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Postoffice j address, Sprague, Lin
coln county, Washington.
Jan. 17-Feb. 28
The Pullman Rod and Gun club
will pay $2 reward for the arrest
and conviction of anyone killing
quail or any of the game birds in
the vicinity of Pullman out of sea
Harry Austin, Sec.
FOR SALE— Going at a bargain,
if taken before January 22. Call and
inquire at the F. O. Stevens house
on Military Hill If you want an ideal
home cheap; corner Grand street
and True avenue. Janlo-17
Will have a car of corn in soon.
Call and get prices.
Jan 10-17 J. P. DUTHfB.
Pullman's Moat Sanitary Dairy
'hone Farmers 9K
L. B. Moore, Prop.
Do You Get Mad
:".-'r -
When You are Forced t 0
Pay a Bill the Second Time):
Isn't it exasperating when ,
you think th* bill has been
paid? Had you paid the bill
with a bank check you could
KNOW the bill had been
paid and PROVE it. Every
cancelled check i* event
ually returned to the maker
and may be retained for
future reference.
State Bank
- Pullman
Farm Lands
mmmmmm ______^MM_S«SSBBBS3_BSBB___SSB________S_SS_SS____S_B BB—^
City Property
Flat Iran Block
\\ AlOcTinof
]» With every 25c pipe
i 1 2 tins with every 50c pipe
1 1 (Incorporated)
1 1 128 - Main - Street '
- ■ „ . | lf | __.
Also agent (or Steamship tickets.
Room 16, First Nat'l Bank Blk.
—■■ ■ —
♦ Farmers Phone Bell Phone j
X Office, Blue 2 Office, 100 R!j
T Res., Red 35 Res., 100 V 1
| Physician and Surgeon j
X Office 804 Alder St. ]
• Residence 301 Colorado St. ]
Pullman Transfer
& Storage Co.
3, P. Duthie, Manager
Dealers la
Brick, Lime, Cement amd EUad.
We make a specialty ot mortal
household goods and pianos.? ?
Call on as and give us a trial.
Office, 107 Grand st. V

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