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The board of county commission
ers met pursuant to adjournment
February 3 and 4, 1913, with all
members present
Q. B. Carter, deputy sheriff.
H. O. Conn, deputy treasure i.
H. N. Slmms, deputy assessor.
E. S. Couchroau, constable, pre
cinct No. 38.
Campbell Lefors, justice of the
peace, precinct No. 37.
W. M. Collins, justice of the
peace No. 37, resignation accepted.
Bonds Approved
Luclous E. Corbet, constable, pre
cinct No. 42.
George N. Henry, justice; of the
peace, precincts No. 41, 51 and 04.
George C. Marsh, justice of tim
peace, precinct No. 55.
Tax Matters
Upon the application of tne Spo
kane & Inland Empire Railroad Co.
taxes from 111. to 1909 inclusive,
amounting to $4.43, on nine acres
in the nwq of 12-1 .-4 4, cancelled be
cause said tract is operating prop
erty r.nd is taxo 1 by the state tax
Upon the application of the Spo
kane & Inland Empire Railroad Co.
taxes from 1906 to 1911, amounting
to $20.38, upon two acres in the op
erating property of said company
cancelled because said tract is as
sessed by the state tax commission.
Indigent Relief
The board orders $20 per mouth
to be paid to the family of Otto L.
Barnhart, Palouse, until further
Fifteen dollars per month allowed
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Brlnner of Si.
John until further ordered, upon the
petition of Geo. W. Case Jr., and
Warrants aggregating $60 payable
to James Lyle, Pullman, ordered can
celled because said Lyle declined the
Itoad Matters
The hearing in the matter of the
Trlbbet road was continued to May
5, 1913, at 1 p. m.
The hearing in the matter of the
Breeden road was continued to May
19th, 1913, at 1:30 p. m.
The hearing in the vacation of the
Garwood Green road came on as
ordered and the board made order
vacating as petitioned for.
In the matter of the North Hang
man Creek road tho board made an
order of establishment as petitioned
for and awarded damages as per en
gineer's report.
In the matter of the Thompson
road vacation the petition was re
jected because Insufficient.
Orders to open the following
roads were made:
Ewan Main avenue road.
Mlhlke change ln John Moore
Johnson change in Vaughn road.
Otto Jones change in Rebel Flat
and Four Mile road.
The report of Henry .1. Clark, su
pervisor of Road Dist. No. 1, filed
and approved.
The petition of W. A. Sparks and
others, asking for the appointment of
Mark D. Brandon as road supervisor
I-*. Road Dist. No. 4, filed.
Petition of J. B. Taggart and
others, asking for the re-appoint
ment of W. B. Wise as supervisor In
Road Dist. No. 4, filed.
Application of Fred C. Doollttle
for position of road supervisor, Road
Dist. No. 3, filed.
Contract and bond of the Spokane
Asphalt Macadam Paving Co. for
Permanent Highway No. 5, and also
for Permanent Highway No. 4, signed
and approved.
Inventory of tools In hands of
.Frank M. Hanna, superintendent of
Road Dist. No. 4, filed.
Miscellaneous Matters
Application of the Unlontown Tele
phone Company for a franchise
granted by order and franchise
The hearing in the matter of the
petition of the LaCrosse Telephone
Company, Ltd., continued to March
3rd, 1913, at 1:30 p. m.
The report of the prosecuting at
torney with reference to bonds of
county and precinct officials eg.
amined and filed.
The county treasurer's certified
list of depositories for county money
examined and filed.
The January report of the superin
tendent of the county farm approved
and filed.
Thomas Neill made assistant to
prosecuting attorney for the trial of
all criminal and civil cases.
Fourteen dollars and ten cents
transferred from tho funds of Road
Dist No. 1 to current expense fund
account of erroneous expenditure.
Three hundred dollars appropri
ated for circulating fund for the pur
poses of the sheriff.
Cancellation notice of American
Bonding Co. of bond on First Na
tional bank, Pullman, approved and
tiled. ZA F'-F
Auditor's certified list of salary
rants lor January approved.
Claims of Standard Lumber Com
pany against Smith C Stratton ex
amined and filed.
Assignments of contract from O.
11. Stratton to Albert L. Smith tor
Improved Road No. 3 and from
Smith & Stratton to Albert L. Smith
for improved Road No. 0, filed and
consent not. given.
Certificate of alteration of boun
daries of school districts No. 01 and
fB, and 47, examined and filed.
The board adjourned to meat
March 3, 1113, at 10 o'clock a. in.
Gov. Patents and Receipt*
United States to Wm. M. Shaw, eh
swq 30-19-44.
Eugenia Gillingham to Lillian Pol
ka, pt 24-20-45, $1.
V. J. Wilmor and wile to E. E.
Flood, pt 15-20-43, $3000.
St. John Statu bank to Thus. Gar
vin, wh eh 28-19-42, $1.
Milwaukee Land Co. to C. A. Pet
erson, lot 2, blk 0, Revere, $150; lot
1, blk 6, Revere, $1.
Wessel Mumm to Chas. H. Miller,
nwq 22-20-43, seq, 15-20-43, except,
Heal Mortgages
M. J. Chapman and wife to First
Savings and Trust Bank of Whitman
County, pt Southside add, Pullman,
and tracts in sections 6, 7, in 14-40,
Chattel Mortgages
John Stokke to First State bank,
LaCrosse, live stock. 2-3 crop seq,
neq 20, wh swq 21-15-40, pt 21-15
--40, $1370.
Geo. McKay to Bank of Winona,
live stock, Implements. $5300.
C. Biedel to Farmers State bank,
Colfax, live stock, crop on nh nh 14,
sh sb 11-15-41, |200.
Frank Zalesky to E. H. Babcock,
real mtg.
P. W. Sheehan to Chas. A. Tucker
and wife, real mtg.
F. J. Wilmer to Chas. A. Tucker
and wife, real mtg.
Vermont Loan and Trust Co. to
Robert J. Park and wife, real mtg.
F. L. Titus to Abbie A. Petty, real
W. C. Morrow to Geo. McKay, chat.
Bills Of Sale
Charley and Ed Hartley to 11. M.
Moffatt, live stock, $36.
H. H. Carmin to First State bank,
LaCrosse, chat
W. F. Chalenor and wife to Albert
S. Jacobs, undivided half Interest in
lot 1, blk 2, Wiley's add, Palouse,
J. J. Rouse et ux. to M. W. Whit
low, lots 11, 12, blk 15, Reaney's
2nd add, Pullman, $10.
Wm. Hoteling to Leonard Craw
ford, lots 5, 6, blk 5, Lawrence and
Holbrook's add, Pullman, $500.
Frank Clark et ux. to School Dis
trict No. 17, tract in 23-14-45, $250.
Alex Stewart et ux. to Frederick
Kramllch et ux., all 11-16-41. except,
decree; to Jos. C. Faires, tract in 11
--16-41, decree; to Samuel J. T. Stott,
nh 23-16-41. decree.
Chattel Mortgages
Ed Hogan et al. to Pullman State
bank, live stock, Implements, $3000.
W. L. Zumwalt to National Bank
of Oakesdale, live stock, implements,
etc., $800.
W. E. Wells to Colfax State bank,
live stock, Implements, $200.
J. C. Stevlg to Farmers State bank,
Colfax, live stock, $100.
F. Fry to Farmers State bank, Col
fax, live stock, wagon, etc., $300.
Colfax Lodge No. 14, I. O. O. F., to
I Chas. S. Hair et ux., real mtg.
Colfax State bank to W, E. Wells,
Bills of Sale
Joe Canutt to H. O. Conn, undi
vided half interest in office furni
ture, fixtures, accounts, notes, etc.,
D. Fletcher Staley and wife to
j Maurice Windus, lot 19, blk —,
j Richardson's add, Pullman, $1.
Mary A. Tucker to J. F. Austin,
sh seq 18-19-45, $4000.
Phil G. Blckford to Geo. A. Mc-
Donald, undivided half Interest in lot
12, Mk 49, Pullman, $1.
Jno. Bohn and wife to J. M. Camp
bell, lots 5, 6, 7, 8, blk 6, Smith's
add, Palouse, $1.
John K. Truax to Carl Bennet,
tract In 6-18-46, $660.
A .--_tf^_ * "
Jas. E. Owens and wife to Robt.
Kllpatrick.pt nwq 19-19-44, $4029.
E. P. Arms and wife to Frank Bur
uett, tract in Pullman, $4000.
A. L. Webster and wife to Albert
D. Webster, pt seq 1-17-45, fl.
Real Mortgages
J. S. Robertson and wife to Jos. A.
Street, seq, eh swq 20-20-39, $1000.
Louis J. Swannack and wife to
Bank of Sprague, neq 2-19-39, wh Bwq
pt seq 35, pt neq 17-20-40, $3600.
Emma S. Wicker to M. Havlick,
lot 10, blk 8, Huffman's 2nd add,
Tekoa, $350.
Robt. Kilpatrick and wife to Union
Trust and Savings bank, eh neq 24
--19-43, pt nwq 19-19-44, $4100.
First Presbyterian Church of Gar
field to Board of Church Erection,
lots 7, 8, blk 13, Garfield. $1000.
Jas. E. Owens and wife to Union
Trust and Savings bank, pt nwq 19
--19-44, $1500; pt nwq 19-19-44.
Frank Burnett and wife to E. P.
Arms, tract in Pullman, $2500.
(.'battel Mortgages
.las S. Campbell et al. to Silas P.
Siron, live stock. Implements, crop,
$1600. \
R. W. Gwinn to Colfax Nati bank,
live* stock, crop on pt sections 11-14
--22 and 23 in 14-44, $2200.
Bank of Sprague to E. F. McNall
and wife, real mtg.
W. W. Reid to J. S. Robertson
and wife, real mtg.
American Central Life Ins. Co, to
Jas. Divine and wife, real mtg. \
Jas, Divine to Jas. E. Owens and
wife, real mtg.
Farmers Stat.- bank to L. H.
Kuckuck, chat. '
First State bank, LaCrosse, to
John Stokke, chat.
Bills of Sale
Phil G. Biekford to Geo. A. Mc-
Donald, undivided half interest live
stock, wagons, etc., $500.
Conditional Bills of Hale
Morris Safe and Lock Co. to Green
awalt-Folger Co., safe, $120.
A. H. Chatell to C. L. Hanson,
half interest In moving picture show,
Maiden, $300.
Cash Hardware Co., Tekoa, list
0.-W. R. & N. Co. vs. Jessie Camp
bell et al.. lis pendens.
THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 1913
Geo. H. Schlegel et ux. to R. P.
Turuley, lot 3, blk 6, Rosalia, $1310.
Frederick Jorgens et ux. to Au
gust Nelson, lot 18, blk 3, Tekoa,
Geo. _. Pyburn et ux. to Wm. F.
Ham, sh sh swq 12-15-42, $1.
Chattel Mortgages
Peter Stokke to First State bank,
LaCrosse, live stock, 2-3 crop eh 21
--15-40, $1200.
Colfax Lodge No. 14, I. O. O. F. to
Louis H. Kuckuck, partial release
real mtg.
J. K. Peterman to Geo. E. Pyburn,
partial release real mtg.
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
to W. M. Stipe, three chats.
J. K. Peterman to H. H. Acker
man, power attorney.
FRIDAY, FEB. 7, 1913
John Morris et ux. to Georgia O.
Darnielle, tract in Oakesdale, $1.
Eva M. Troyer it ux. to Minnie
Schott, n 40 ft lot 5, sh lot 4, blk
15, Huffman's 2nd add, Tekoa, $1.
Cora Etta Campbell et vir to Dan
iel A. Robinson et ux., pt 35-19-44,
Rena Calvert to Security State
bank, lots 1, 2, 11, 12, blk 5, Pow
er's add, Palouse, $1000.
Pullman Improvement Co. to Al
bert W. Perry et ux., lot 1, blk 1,
Ross Park add, Pullman, $1800.
Nellie Phelps et vir to Rachel A.
Phelps, pt 1-17-45, bond for deed,
H. J. Willie to Main Street Garage
Co., Inc., lot 7, blk 36, Pullman,
Joe E. Lanier to A. L. Reid, No.
326 Main street, Pullman, lease.
R. S. Mathews to Lewlston Clarks
ton Improvement Co., right of way
over seq seq 31-15-46, lease.
Rial Mortgages
Lewis Brown et ux. to First Sav
ings and Trust Bank of Whitman
county, neq 21-17-44, $3200.
Madison B. Campbell to Josephine
Copenhaver, guardian, lots 11, 12,
13 14, blk 10 Lawrence and Hol
brook's add, Pullman; lots 7, 8, blk
11, Farr's add, Pullman, $550.
Albert W. Perry et ux. to Pullman
Savings and Loan Assn., lot 1, blk 1,
Rose Park add, Pullman, $1000.
Chattel Mortgages
Frank Slier to A. H. Rosenbaum
et al., live stock, $700.
Will R. Heglar to Lamont State
bank, office furniture and fixtures,
Annie Luft to Colfax Nati bank,
live stock, implements, $1600.
State bank, Spangle, to Eugene
Stltz et al, real mtg.
Edw. Maguire to Madison B.
Campbell et ux., real mtg.
Lizzie Dwelley, executrix, to Orris
Dorman et ux., real mtg.
Pullman State bank to Almee B.
II Chapman et vir, real mtg.
Bills of Sale
R. B. Hatley et al. to Main Street
Garage Co.. garage supplies, etc., $1.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Nati Cash Register Co. to Mrs. H.
Douglas, register, $100.
T. S. Hutchinson to the public, af
D. W. Sage to the public, affidavit.
Edw. Maguire to the public, affi
Madison B. Campbell to the pub
lic, affidavit.
In the matter of the estate of Mal
ar B. Dwelley, certificate that Lizzie
Dwelley Is the executrix of the es
Thos. P. Campbell with Dani A.
Robinson, agreement in regard to
wire fence.
SATURDAY, FEB. 8, 1913
Ell C. Thomas and wife to D. W.
Miller, pt blk 8, McCoy's add, Oakes
dale, $1.
Chas. Dennis et al. to Wm. Crow
ley et al., lots 1, 2, 3, of 5-13-46, lot
4 of 32-14-46, $1.
Metzler Hubbard and wife to David
R. Hubbard, undivided half Interest
lv lot 5, blk 5, Pullman, $1.
Wm. Cole, sheriff, to Myra Lehr
bass, wh, wh neq,. wh soq 34-17-39.
lot 1 of 3-16-39, $2685.
Milwaukee Land Co. to J. N. Dcs-
Biens, lot 15, blk 28, Maiden, $150.
Real Mortgages
Emma B. Loeper to Spokane and
Eastern Trust Co., lots 1, 2, seq swq,
swq seq 6-20-41, $500.
Wm. Crowley et al. to Agatha So
na Hutton, undivided 19-21 interest
in lots 1, 2, 3 of 5-13-46, lot 4 of
32-14-46, $2600.
J. B. Sanborn to Thos. J. Richard
son, chat. i
Holt Mfg. Co. to Guilford Miller
et al., chat.
Louis Kahn to estate of Florence
Viola Dennis, judgment.
Farmers State bank of Colfax to
Colfax Lodge, No. 14, I. O. O. F., real
Wm. Cole, sheriff, to Gilbert Hunt
Co., lots 9, 10, blk 5, Lockhart's add,
St. John, certificate of sale, $600.
In the matter of the estate of Flor
ence Viola Dennis, deceased, certifi
cate of clerk.
Superior Court Proceedings
D. F. Staley vs. A. Valk et al. —
Order of default.
In the matter of W. A. and Ada B.
Moss, trustees for the creditors of
and stockholders of the Pullman Im
provement Co., dissolved—Order to
show cause why distribution of
property should not be made.
Myra Lehrbass vs. H. A. Lehrbass
et al.—Order confirming sale of real
estate on execution.
N. P. Ry. Co. vs. Electric Flour
—Order permitting removal of
certain exhibits in the case.
First National bank of Maiden vs.
A. F. Johnson, defendant, Farmers
and Merchants State bank and John
son & Rumberg, garnishee defend
ants Order discharging garnishee
Henry B. Luhn vs. Maiden Meat
Co.Motion for new trial overruled.
Mattlo Creery vs. Christian Jen
sen—Argument on motion of defend
ant to plaintiff's amended com
plaint; matter taken under advise
William E. Fortner, administra
tor of the estate of Lillie Langley vs.
John M. and Kate A. Hughes—De
murrer overruled and defendants
given 15 days in which to plead.
Kallspel Flour Mill Co. vs. F. E.
StudebakerMotion of plaintiff for
cost bond sustained.
Potlatch Lumber Co. vs. J. Mitch
ell et al.—Order of default.
State vs. J.T. Hamilton Arraigned,
plead guilty and sentenced to two to
15 years in the Walla Walla peniten
tiary for forgery in the first degree.
State vs. Robert E. Fontaine
Charge, killing an animal; P. G.
Krueger appointed his attorney; ar
raignment, plea of not guilty and
case set for trial February 13, at 10
a. m.
State vs. James Murray—Charge,
burglary; C. F. Vorhees appointed
his attorney; arraignment; plea of
not guilty; case set for trial Febru
ary 13.
State vs. Richard McCoy and
George P. Sharpe—Charge petit lar
ceny; plead guilty and sentenced
each 90 days in the county Jail.
State vs. H. W. Sherrod—Former
setting of date for trial vacated and
reset for trial February 10 at 1:30
p. m. —Amended information filed.
State vs. William Adler— Charge
statutory crime; arraigned; plea of
not guilty; case set for trial Feb
ruary 17. AF
Estate of Haen —Order con
firming appraisement
Estate of Domnick Pool—Order
confirming appraisement.
Guardianship of Pearl and Floyd
Munson —Margaret Munson appoint
ed guardian and bond fixed at
Estate of Anton Futter—Order
fixing time for hearing on petition
for letters of administration.
Estate Of Rhoda Griffith Order
fixing time for hearing on return of
Estate of George W. and Ella Po
land Order approving final account
and order to show cause why distri
button should not be made.
Estate of Anthony Rioth—Order
appointing Anthony Rioth Jr. ad
ministrator and fixing his bond at
Estate of Ida Clark—Order to
show cause why sale of real estate
should not be made.
New Cases
Insanity of Mrs. Ida A. Palmer—
Order committing her to Medical
Lake asylum for insane.
Estate of Joseph Porta- Order
fixing time for proof of will and
directing Issuance of commission to
take depositions of witnesses.
Estate of Pleasant D. Ewell—Or
der fixing time for hearing on peti
tion for letters of administration.
Summons for Publication
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington in and for the County
of Whitman.
John P. Ramsey, plaintiff, vs, Alon-
zo O. Wells, defendant.
The State of Washington to the said
Alonzo O. Wells:
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty days after the date
of the first publication of this sum
mons, to-wlt, within sixty days after
the 17th day of January, A. D. 1913,
and defend the above entitled action
In the above entitled court, and
answer the complaint of the plaln
Electric and Power Washer
' -A •'■ mmm
,">..•- A, - .' \.
:???%???«e:;v^ .-;■?«
:?:^ : :.:;::??o??>::-?1 : :;.;:;«: ?:?:;r?:>^:^.,:;-..::--?:. ; --:^.^'?-:^. T:.C J:W-::■: -;? V ;?:::^ :^-:;:<?^^::!:V■: -^;.:??H:;:.:-;:v;::^fv : :?J-■:::?W:. ?!?«
' -»
fZt_ „__ --Ami-^m*9*^ i~_t
yfiggr* "-" " w7^~ ~'rjfi32_______cL 't\9_'___t_tH ll *^__ *r
_R____B__n_____ tf_________K
H_______l ——\
_______■ , M^yPx
We now have the pleasure of offering to our customers the
most modern and up-to-date Electric and Power washer to
be found on the market. This washer is equipped with swing
ing wringer so you can wring the clothes from the washer into
the rinse tub and then swing the wringer to the opposite side
of the tub and wring the clothes from the rinse tub at the
same time that another tubful is being washed. In this way
the washing can be done in half the time taken by other
methods and at the same time let the machine do all the work
The wringer can be started, reversed or stopped without
stopping the washer.
The gearing is all inclosed, making tin* machine perfectly
safe to operate. j
We have these machines equipped to run* with Gasoline
Engine power as well as with electricity.
Attached to the axle on the under side of the electric
machine is a little flywheel three inches in diameter to which
you can affix belt and attach it to the food chopper, ice
cream freezer, silver polisher or buffer, besides other apparatus
about the home, including the sewing machine. When the
motor is used for this purpose the washer and wringer may
be thrown out of gear. \ .?
We now have these new machines on our sample floor and
an examination of them will convince yon of their superior
qualities. • J
Every day is demonstration day at our store. Call an/
time. We are here to serve you and to look after the machine*
if they should need any attention when they are in your home*
Ui-; Zk-i ;■:?*•' __ I MAM WASH. i
tiff, and serve a copy of your t-,*\
upon the undersigned attorney •>,
plaintiff, at bis office below stat*
and In case of your failure so to a
judgment trill lie rendered again
you according to the demand of a
complaint, which has been filed M
the clerk of said court.
The object of the above entltl,
action is to foreclose a niortt]
made, executed and delivered .r_
above named defendant on the (i
day Of May, A. lv 1910, to Hen,
Biernback, upon the following _
scribed lands situated in \\ \\i\_
county, state* of Washington, to-"w|
the northwest quarter of « e *tii
fourteen (14), in township _tm
(20) north, of range thlrty-3
(39) _, W. m.. containing one hm
dred sixty acres more or less,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Postoffice address, Sprague. _
coin county, Washington.
Jan. 17-Feb. 28
The Leading Dairy of Pullman.
Phone Farmers 406.
All cows passed test for tv beret
sis. First for clean milk by bactsil
logical inspection by State Colli
experts. Place your orders for _
and Cream. ' Oct._o-Novl
Cleaning and Weaving Works
Rugs Made of Old Ingrain and
Brussels —Also Rag Rugs
and Rag Carpets
Vacuum Cleaning by the Hour
Phone 243 Pullman, W«
Pullman's Most Sanitary __
/ ''hone Farmers 9K
L. E. Moore, Prop.

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