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CfliiiiiiiiNiiimi""" A DOLLAR—WHAT IS IT? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii
• ;■-■ _\
\ "I worked hard yesterday and _\
• j earned a dollar. I might have spent r.
I ' it in a minute, but I did not. The S
< dollar is my yesterday. I may spend j§
1 It and start tomorrow a bankrupt. I ~
S may save it, and tomorrow not work S
; at all, because my yesterday's dollar _\
2 will pay for the services of another r
; who may do the work better than =
: :» myself." I _\
0 _^
0 __\
* __
0 JJ
J|f; A dollar is really part of a man's life, I
I and as he guards his health to take care of 1
I his future, so should he guard his dollars to 1
I secure the full service of the pail. 1
**„.'' mm
m . mm
m'» '■ j, _«i
m .-. *■■
5 We have made special arrange- E
S:T incuts to take care of your dollars. E
m _.
ajS '' V ' M
urn . M
i* mmt
m ■•' : *. ". __,
First National Bank I
Tmiiii i""""1 "Home of the Paloose Dollar "mini immn
the Pullman Herald
Kj Published every Friday at Pullman, Washington, and entered at the Pullman
I*l postoffice as second-class mail matter.
I $1.00 per Year if paid in advance; if not paid in advance 50 cent* additional.
J Pullman, Wash., Friday, April 3, 1914 ~~~
A favorite contention of the cham
pions of the liquor traffic is that pro
hibition does not check the sale of
liquor, some of them even assert that
ihe sale Increases in dry territory.
31 course this assertion Is ridiculous
(in its face, otherwise the liquor
Manufacturers would be found fight
n? on the side of prohibition, for
hey favor anything which increases
he sale of their product and con
ersely oppose anything which tends
o diminish it. There are plenty of
eliable and competent witnesses
iho will testify from personal knowl
dge that prohibition does greatly
ecrease the sale of liquor and these
"itnesses are not confined to the
anks of the anti-saloon forces. A
boroughly trustworthy and liberal
linded business man told me a few
ays ago that for years he worked to
eep saloons in Pullman, because he
tolly believed in the argument that
making the city dry would not diniin
» the sale of liquor, but would sim
-17 cause It to be sold illegally in
lead of legally. Observation has
"winced him that this argument
ad no foundation and he remarked
tat he could point out a dozen farm
's, who always came to town on
""days and invariably started
«me under the influence of boose
«ore the town went dry, who still
me in every Saturday, but now go
nme absolutely sober.
The same testimony is given by a
7>nkeeper in Kansas City, Mo., in
letter which was printed in the
7" City Star and was repub
■jtta in the March number of "The
iter and Server," the official jour
" of the Bartender's International
ague of America. The fact that
; jas given space in this journal.
Renting as it does one branch
'tte liquor traffic, is very signifi
! L"? indicates that the liquor
cc fully appreciate the gravity of
h « condition which confronts them.
» letter is as follows:
"1-have been a saloonkeeper In
*«% located, elaborately fitted
J completely stocked and is well
ltron 'ttd. The saloon is for sale
ttdartf a,, a? l,ra,Bed by the usual
mS Sr af *am *oln* to retire
°« the business.
'treason for quitting the liquor
" trol!"'? that * am old ' or rich,
i oubled by my conscience. 1
/!! t I"" 6 deC' ded to set out while
■ "Sri is Boocl, for , belleve that
»!l read t he handwriting on the
i h, m GVe that the finißh ° the
ttbußin esgln this country is in
t. and I prefer to step from under
; ore the roof falls in.
ienn a °!! d DOt und«take to say
H nation-wide prohibition is go
*•_.?■♦' bUt Uiß com,n«- as
ray ate, and it is not many years
result 7 COn,ing ' not so much as
Nation fever,Bh and hysterical
fthe Vo ', aS a result of a majority
> the,,. .° f the country making
'minai J" 10'8 that °o*«»« «■ a
id boo J _"L °f t,me and money
• drug a nu,Bance and a danger-
Patronage of my place has
been growing less with suspicious
steadiness for more than two years.
"When I first looked about for a
cause 1 couldn't find any. Other
saloonkeepers had the same com
plaint wherever I went about town.
"I had occasion to go to St. Louis
and to Chicago, and saloon men
there, too, complained that business
vas bad. Nearly all of them blamed
the state of business to 'hard times,'
and each seemed to get a lot of satis
faction out of the knowledge that
ether saloon men were no better off
than he.
.Not Due to Hard Times
"But the hard times talk did not
convince me, and there wasn't much
consolation in knowing that the trade
oi' the other fellows was dwindling
along with mine. 'Hard times" might
account tor a temporary falling off
in patronage with some, but I
noticed that the men who had ceased
to come to my place, or came less
often than formerly, were not men
ho were affected in their drinking
bj an alleged shortage in current
".My best customers were fairly
prosperous business men, and it was
the falling away of these that was
tutting down my business.
"The men of this country are
making up their minds that drink
ing is bad business, and doesn't of
fer compensations sufficient to off
set the toll of time and money and
health it takes.
"Drunkards there are and will be
so long as there is booze to be had,
and they are panic-stricken at the
suggestion that country-wide prohi
bition may prevail. But the self
respecting and social drinkers, the
real dependence of the liquor traf
fic, are preparing to banish booze.
"And take it from me, when that
time comes, booze will be banished,
effectively and completely.
"A lot of liquor dealers and saloon
bums are fond of kidding themselves
with the argument that universal
prohibition would only result in
wholesale bootlegging, more vicious
secret drinking and other evasions. I
know better. When it becomes a
serious offense against the federal
law for a man to manufacture, Im
port, sell, handle or possess intoxi
cating liquor, booze drinking will
"And 1 don't know but everyone
will be glad of It in the long run. I've
never been proud of being a saloon
keeper, and I don't believe another
self-respecting man can be. We jolly
ourselves along with the argument
that it is legitimate, recognized by
the national government, the state,
the county, and the city, but we
know in our hearts that it is a rot
ten business.
"Anyhow, good or bad, I am going
to get out of it before the fireworks
begin, and Ide advise every other
man with money invested in it to do
the same. John Barleycorn has had
his day."
This testimony from a witness on
tr-e opposing side carries much
weight and should .convince any open
minded man that state wide prohibi
tion will greatly diminish the sale
of liquor.
W. 11. Albright, manager of the
Pullman theater, wants the people of
Pullman to understand that because
he puts on vaudeville In connection
with the moving pictures, at popular
Prices, does not Indicate that the
vaudeville attractions are second
rate. He secures the best vaudeville
features he can get and gives his
patrons the benefit of seeing them at
the prices usually charged for mov
ing picture shows without any addi
tional attractions He figures that
the vaudeville acts add a variety to
the program, which prevents people
from getting tired, and enables them
to enjoy the pictures more. He does
not want people to jump at the con
clusion that because he charges low
prices his show is not first class. He
is on the Kellie circuit and gets four
regular acts a week, for Monday,
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. All
he wants is for people to come and
see for themselves that the acts are
first class and merit their patron
age. The Saturday matinees will be
continued at 5 cents for ladles and
children, so as to give the little folks
a chance to enjoy themselves.
The news that the W. S. C. rifle
team had won the championship of
Class 1, in the intercollegiate rifle
Shoot series of the United States was
received with great joy by all friends
of the State College. This gives our
rifle team the position of second
place among the colleges of the
United Stated, since Michigan Agri
cultural College won the champion
ship of Class A.
Graduate Manager Bender has
signed up for games with the Spo
kane Indians here April 9 and the
Chicago Colored Giants on April IS,
so that the team must begin round
ing into definite shape very soon. The
Colored Giants game will be thrown
open to holders of student passes and
season tickets, although it is not a
regular college game.
The University Club of Pullman
live a very successful and enjoyable
reception and dance at the college
gymnasium last Saturday evening.
ne gymnasium was elaborately dec
orated with large bell-shaped drap
ings of orange and black crepe. The
arge American flag which has
served for so many similar occasions
was newly arranged so a3 to be in a
, n< perpendicular to the floor.
Piano and household goods for
sale. See R. M. Van Dorn at post
office. mch2otf
Harley Jackson, minister. Sunday
school at 9:50. Let every pupil be
prompt as we want to reach our mark
by .^Easter. Preaching at 11 a. m.
and 7:45 p. in. Special music at both
services. Everybody invited; strang
ers welcome. Christian Endeavor at
6:-J p. m.
John Gerding has purchased the
Mrs. Penny residence property on
the corner of Oak and Opal streets.
Miss Merle Metcalf, who has been
in poor health for some time, left
yesterday for Minnesota, where she
ill visit a sister.
Text for sermon next Sunday
morning, "Rejoice great, O daughter
of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusa
lem: behold, thy king cometh unto
thee; he is just, and having salva
tion; lowly, and riding upon an ass,
and upon a colt, the foal of an ass."
Sunday school at 9:50 a. m.; morn
ing at 11 o'clock; Endeavor society
at 6:30 p. m.; evening service at
7:30 o'clock. You are Invited. W.
G. M. Hays, pastor.
Rev. J. G. Robinson, rector. Palm
Sunday, April 5. Sunday school and
Bible class at 9:45 a. m.; morning
service and Holy Communion at 11
o'clock; evening service at 7:45
o'clock. During Holy Week there
will he services as follows: Wednes
day at 1:15; Thursday at 7:45 p. m.;
Good Friday at 10 a. m., 4 p. m., and
7:45 p. m. Easter Sunday, on April
12, services will bo held as follows:
Holy Communion (choral) at 7
a. m.; Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.;
Holy Communion at 10:15 a. m.;
morning service, with sermon, at 11
a. m.; evening service at 7: 45.
Blue Hill Green Chili Cheese will
add to your picnic lunch. Other
good things too. Phone 39.
apr3 C. R. SANDERS CO.
Christian Science services are held
in Masonic hall at 11 a m. every Sun
day. Subject of next Sunday's les
son-sermon, "Nuroallty."
The usual services next Sunday.
Freaching morning and evening by
the pastor, James Mailley. Every
body cordially Invited.
Summons for Publication in Fore-
closure of Tax /ilen
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington, for Whitman
Ira Nye, plaintiff, vs. Knapp, Bur
rell _ Co., a corporation; Pull
man-Leo Fruit Products Co., a
corporation, and all other per
sons unknown, If any, having or
claiming to have an Interest in
and to the real property here
inafter described, defendants.
The State of Washington to
Knapp, Burrell & Co., a corporation,
and all persons unknown, if any,
having or claiming to have an in
terest in and to the real property
hereinafter described:
You and each of you are hereby
notified that Ira N. Nye, the holder
of Certificate of Delinquency num
bered 5311, issued on the 17th day
of October, 1913, by the County of
Whitman, State of Washington, for
the amount of $7.34, the same being
the amount then due and delinquent
for taxes for the years 1904-6-6-7-8
--9, together with penalty, Interest and
costs thereon, upon real property
assessed to you and of which you
are the owner, or reputed owner,
situated in said County, and particu
larly bounded and described as fol
lows, to-wit: Lot fourteen (14) in
Block four (4) of Lawrence & Hol
brook's addition to Pullman, and
upon which he has paid taxes as
sessed against said property as fol
Year's Tax Receipt
Tax Date Paid No. Amt.
1910...0ct. 25, 1913. .1852. .$0.62
1911...0ct. 26, 1913. .1852.. .48
1912... 25, 1913..7347.. .38
all of said amounts bearing interest
at the rate of fifteen per cent per an
num; _nd you are further notified
that he will apply to the Superior
Court of the State of Washington, in
and for said county, for a judgment
foreclosing his lien against the prop
erty hereinbefore mentioned, and
you are hereby summoned to appear
within sixty days after the date of
the first publication of this sum
mons, exclusive of the day of said
first publication, and defend this
action or pay the amount due, to
gether with costs; and in case of your
failure to do so, judgment will be
rendered foreclosing the lien for said
certificate of delinquency, taxes, pen
alty, Interest and costs, against the
lands and premises hereinbefore
mentioned. Date of first publication
February 27, 1914.
Any pleading or process may be
served upon the undersigned at the
address hereafter mentioned.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
P. O. Address: Colfax, County of
Whitman, Washington.
Feb. 27-April 10
Who It's For
To provide a systematic and abso
lutely safe plan for the investment of
savings, and to aid its members to
acquire homes of their own is the
object of the Pullman Savings and
Loan Association. The Association
is in every sense a Home institution.
It is for the Practical Man, who
realizing the uncertainties of busi
ness and of health, and of the folly of
spending all his money as fast as he
gets it, provides for an emergency.
It is for the Prudent Woman, who
out of her earnings or allowance, de
sires to put away a little money,
monthly, where it will be securely
and profitably Invested, and give her
the least trouble and where she can
get it when needed.
It is for the Young Man possessing
the manhood and determination to
save something every month from
his earnings as a reserve fund, to
draw on when sick or out of a posi
tion, for providing a home or for a
start in business.
It is for Boys and Girls, to help
them to be economical and industri
ous and to encourage them to ac
quire the habit of saving, provide a
fund to educate them and to make
them independent.
It is for Societies, Fraternal and
Other Organizations wishing to in
vest their income for the purpose of
creating a reserve fund, or for build
It is for aU Keeking a Home or
who want to Improve their property,
or pay off a mortgage or to provide
a fund for any other worthy purpose.
Call on or Write
Pullman, Washington
To have a fine healthy complexion
— the liver must be active, the bowels
regular and the blood pure. All this
Is brought about by using HERBINE.
It thoroughly scours the liver, stom
ach, and bowels, puts the body in
fine condition and restores that clear,
pink and white complexion so much
desired by ladles. Price 50c Sold
hy Watt's Pharmacy. •-:> apr
All color ratine in pljkln and fancy
patterns, specially priced for Satur
day at C. It. Sanders Co. apr3
treasured by baby's relatives.
ROBERT BURNS, Pullman, Wash
Also agent for Steamship tickets.
Room 15, First Nat'l Bank Blk.
Direct from the Factory
They will Please You
Phone 28
Where Everybody Goes
Golden Oak Bedroom Set
Good as NewA Bargain
Phone 110 L
Accuracy Jjp^V :
and V^vSsis dfm ' '3,^»"'
Penetration s^^^^^'.
<^3^"High Power"
J«s3lr\ Repeating
fyj£j2) Rifle N0.425
7 £<^r L 'St Vtke *2000
/ / 25 ' -2lKio"-32ami-35
' i'Sil- calibcre
J/U?S9%i&A llie Remington Auto-Loading
"^n_s/fls V Cartriduen.
'jSjl|f^A Big Game Rifle that
?STVI 'J Makes Good.
lj\|§f" Sure Fire No Balks No Jams
\ry~*. ■.- Older from your Dealer.
Jk^ cf Send for Handsomely Illustrated ■
Vtyr, - Kifle Catalog No. 11
■>* J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co., I
» V. 0 no* son, ||
1> Chicopee Falls, Mass. J
is" Saturday Specials__*
'I I lj§ y?\ *MuSmmmt%.±, (JJ j
Make It Easy for the "Devil"
/^ET a Rumely-Olds Engine to run your
press. You just start it and it keeps
on running till the last copy is off the press. It is
the same with other jobs, too. You can use it to run
grain separators or clover hullers and it does just as
good work as it does with your printing press, chum
or grindstone. It turns hard work into mere play.
If you can't call and see one running, let us know
and we'll call on you and tell you all about them.
Or, if you prefer, we will send you a catalog describ
ing them in detail.
B^cCi We're here to serve you, _L^>_]
4 „ give us the chance.
t, c ivi:artij*j
That Implement Man
Phones: Bell 62; Inland 1172
Opposite Postoffice
Pullman Transfer
& Storage Co.
J. P. Duthie, Manager
Dealers In
Brick, LUue, Cement and •__&.
W« mak* a specialty of moving
household goods aud piano*
Call on us and give us a trial.
Office, 107 OranU st
Pullman Hospital
Pullman, Wash.
1506 Star Route St. Phone 69
Champion 5c Cigar
You can make 30 cents
in two minute* by using
our Toll lines to Spokane
FOR SALE —No. 1 seed oats. Ap
ply to C. E. Naffziger, R. F. D. 1.
inch 13-20

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