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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, July 31, 1914, Image 2

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Records of Whitman County!
SATURDAY, .ILLY 18, 1914
William Cole, sheriff, to Giles R.
K*rns. part lot l, and all lot 2, blk
1, Stamford A. Manrlng's add. Gar
field, $763.
Marshall K. Snell et u-i. to Paget
Sound State Bank, Taeonia, blks Do
and 51, Ewan, $1.
John K«llelof, receiver, to W. W.
MucKenzle. let 2. blk 2. Palousa or
chards, $1.
Daniel Frew et ux. to Charles vV.
Beau, lot .<, blk 0, Fairmount ( eme;
tery, $20.
Alexander Howry "i cix. to A'uiy
E. Drake. lew s and 9, blk 8. FLs?
add. St. John. $1.0.
William Cole, sheriff, to Gil;* X
Kerns, part let 1 and lot :', blk £,
Pantlord A. Manrlng's add, Garfioli,
certificate ft :.a)e, $763.
Heal Mortgages
I. B. Walfe et ux. to L. A. Quaifj
pan of lot I of sec 6, part lots .: and i
4 of 5-20-44, $1500.
Chattel Mortgages,
Salllu Matney et al. to A. 11. Aver
-11l Machinery Co., machinery, $1800.
J. P. Hagamuu to Col State
Bank, crop nwq nwq 28, part swq
swq 21, nwq neq, part seq sec 18,1
nh 32-18-41, $800.
Barton Bros, to Colfax State
Bank, live stock, $500.
Trlesch Bros, to F. L. Puckett et j
al., chattel mortgage.
George W. Case, Jr., to .1. I*.
Hagaman, partial release, chattel \
Rill.- of Sale
E. W. Ettor to Robert 1. Ragou, :
live stock, $205.
Walter R. Kelley to Farmers Un- i
ion Supply Co., Colton, stock of mer- 1
chandise, $4073.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Moneyweigkt Scale Co. tee A. i
Ktrube, scale, $130.
Fairbanks, Morse & Co. to Crowe
Pros., engine, $600.
Harry E. Jordan &. Co. vs. Na
tional Realty Co. and Marshall K.
Snell, land in Ewan, lien, $123.
E. P. McNall vs. National Realty
Co. et al., lot 8, blk 21, Ewan. lion,
H. E. Jordan & Co. v*. National
Realty Co. et al. lot 8, blk 21. Ewan, |
lien, $81.
MONDAY, JULY 20, 1914
Marshall K. Snell et ux. to John
B. Frlck, lot 7, blk 28, Ewan, $65.
Charles 11. Griffith et ux, to Will
iam Akers et al., lots 9, 11, 12, 13,
blk 14, Rosalia, $1.
F. P. Whetzel et al. to W. C. Mor
row, part lots 5 and 6, blk 1, Wi
nona, $1.
Taylor Richardson et ux. to S. R.
Emerson, part of 3-17-45, $1700.
Carrie R. Steffen Horn and hus
band to John li. Rutherford, lots 3
and 4 of 24-43-6, $1200.
Railway Land Improvement Co.
to State of Washington, part blks
4 4 and 31, Steptoe, $1.
Real Mortgages
Lee A. Worthy and wife to J. J. !
Peden, blk 2, George F. Stiver's add,
Garfield, $2000.
Chattel Mortgages
Claude A. James to Bank of Wi
nona, live stock, $128.
W. C. Morrow to Charles E.
Breeden, chattel mortgage.
Bills of Bale
William Thompson to R. C.
Cowan, automobile. $800.
Charles 11. Griffith to William
Akers et al., warehouse', tools, etc.,
W. F. Mattlngley to Irvin Dela
van, one-halt' interest in threshing
machinery, $ —
J. R. Mattlngley to lrvin Delavan,
oue-half interest In threshing ma
chinery, $576.
Conditional Bills of Sale
S. W. Miller Piano Co. to Mrs. M.
E. Say lor, piano, $400.
TUESDAY, JULY 21. 1914
Marshall K. Snell et u_. to .Myrtle
McNall, lots 9 anel in, hlk 2. Ewan
Zeuer-Hilt Co. to Myrl .1. lllgley,
lots 3 and 4, blk 12. Wiley's add,
Palouse, $1.
James F. Kenoyer et ux. to J. A.
Recotte, lot 10, blk 4. Guy, $62.
■I. W. Clark et ux. to Ray L. Bar
ton, administrator, pari neq 29-18
--45. $1.
William Cole, sheriff, to Nether
lands-Am. Mortice Bank, sh
23-13-37. certificate of sale, $6214.
William Cole, sheriff, to nelher
lands-Ameriian Mortice Bank, nh
23-13-37, certificate of sale, $6214.
William Cole, sheriff, to Nether
lands-American Mortgage Bank, nh
13-13-37, certificate of sale. $7400.
William Cole, sheriff, to Nether
lands-American Mortgage- Bank, sh
13-13-37, certificate of sale $7400.
William Cole, sheriff, to Nether
lands-American Mortgage Bank, v/h
15-13-37, certificate of sale. $7400.
William Cole, sheriff, to Nether
lands-American Mortgage Bank, eh
15-13-37, certificate of sale, $7400.
Chattel Mortgages
Hugh 1. Daily to Minneapolis
Threshing Machine Co., machinery,
E. P. McNall vs. National Realty
Co., Hen.
Conditional Bills of Suie
Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co.
to M. A. Hodges, furnishings $46.
Henry C. Sanders to the public,
c. W. Gwlnn vs. B. E. Loom la et
al.. lis pendens.
I. E. Sanger to tho public, San
ger's sub division lot 6 of McGee's
sub-division seq 32-15-45.
Thornton Lodge, No. 197, l. O. O.
F„ to L. C. Smith, lot 3, blk 11.1.
O. O. F. cemetery, $20.
John Weitman to Lissie C. Smith,
lot 9 and part lot 8, blk 7, Thornton,
Heal Mortgages
Henry Engfer et ux. to Pullman
Savings & Loan Assoicatlon, lots l,
2, 3, 18, 19, 20, blk 26, College Hill
add, Pullman, $300,
Chattel Mortgages
Will Hogan to Jerry Hogan, two
thirds crop seq 17-14-44, $10
A, 11. McAlpine el al. to Bumel)
Products Co., machinery, $1075.
A. Snider el al. tee Lulu Click, ma
chinery, $600.
Lew Madison e-t al. to A. 11. Aver
ill Machinery Co., live stock, $1819.
Wallace Pledger to M, Rumely
Co., machinery, $340.
Fidelity State Bank, Unlontown,
to John .1. Grief, real mortgage.
International Harvester Co. to .1.
J. Grief et ux., real mortgage.
Napoleon White et ux. to Henry
Engfer et ux.. real mortgage.
O. I). McKeehen to F. M. Quinn et
ux., real mortgage.
Henry Herbotfa to John J. Grief
et al.. chattel mortgage.
Hank of Winona to T. .1. Burns
chattel mortgage.
standard Lumber Co. vs. Joseph
Whltehouse, part lot 3, blk 6, G. T.
Huffman's add Tekoa, $41.
Gov. Talents and Receipts
United States to John N. Swift,
seq neq, lots i. 2, 3, of 2-17-40, pat
William C. DeYoung and wife to
William Hoare, part wh neq 20-19
--41, $1.
R. J. Gilder and wife to Grant
Snril,peter and wife, lots 7 and «,
blk 5, LaCrosse, lot 7 and part lot 6,
bl'v 6, Shobe's 2nd add, La Crosse,
part Bwq Beg 2-15-39, water pipes,
reservoirs, etc., 1000.
Real Mortgages
A. M. Davis to McGregor Land &
Livestock Co., live stock, $100.
George 11. Bouse e't al. to Interna
tional Harvester Co., machinery,
George H. Bouse et al. to Interna
tional Harvester Co., earnings con
tract on machinery. $3636.
Roy Long et ux. to Vein Clark,
live sctock, $75.
Conditional Bills of Bale
Harry i.. Olive Co. to Walter A.
Denson, automobile, $505.
FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1914
Government Patents and Receipts
United States to Silas P. Syron
swq neq, lots 1, 2, 3 of 6-17-45,
j patent.
Cassius E. Coonradt and wife to
John H. Matlock, lots 10, 11, 12, blk
26, Oakesdale, $1000.
J. H. Matlock and wife to Louis
J. Niedert, lots 7. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
, blk 26, Oakesdale, $300.
Frank E. Sanger et ux. to Jessie
Hansford el al., lot 7, blk 10,
Reaney's 2nd add, Pullman, $2050.
Florence A. Miller and husband
to Frank E. Sanger, lot 7, blk 10,
IReaney's 2nd add, Pullman, $1800.
; J. P. Ripley e't ux. to Roy C. and
Leota E. Endsley, lota 16, 17, IS,
'• blk 1, Perkins & Preseott's 2nd add,
Colfax. $310.
Florence A. Vincent, guardian, to
Eugene Rice, seq ne<i, neq seq, 10
--16-44, $860.
Florence Adell Vincent to Eu
gene Rice, seq neq, ne-»q seq 10-15
--44, $3950.
Jessie R. Aldrlch et al. to J. N.
Scott, 2-3 Interest in lot 1, blk 4,
I Reaney's 2nd add. Pullman, con
tract, $1500.
Real Mortgages
Mary J. Ewell, administratrix, to
First Savings & Trust Bank of
Whitman County, nh neq, swq neq.
'neq nwq 6-17-45 (ex). $691.
Eugene Rice et ux. to Day & Han
sen Security Co., neq seq. swq neq
j 10. wh swq 11, part seq 10. part neq
"-16-44, $6000.
Chattel Mortgages
R. O. Workman to Farmers State
Dank, St. John, live stock, 2-3 crop
on neq 15, neq 10, nwq 11-18-41,
J. 11. Brown to Farmers. & Mer
chants State Bank, .Maiden, live
stock, $100.
J. M. Brown to Farmers & Mer
chants State Bank, Maiden, live
stock, $76.
N. W. McGee to David C. Vincent
et ux., real mortgage.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Wlnion Motor Car Co. to C. L.
: .. .. . -
» . 11111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 i 11111111111111111111 111! I i 11111111111111111111 i■■ C ■ 1111111 ■ 11111 ■ 1111 1 111 ■ 11111111!
Advance Showing of Fall J^ttS"
YY /E ARE pleased to announce the arrival of :^|>^i[ tyjfwji
V V New Fall Dress Goods and Suitings. The l^f Tji \ ;
Stripes, Checks, Dark Plaids, Epingles, Wool \ ;
Moires and Serges are the beft selling and moft »™^| < 1 ;
oires and barges are the beft selling and moil M { I
stylish fabrics. We are making this advance show- , 1 J J ;
ing for the benefit of those who must have their / i^k.
fall sewing done now. //
The New McCall Fall Quarterly Now on Sale
The new Quarterly accurately describes and shows the authoritative fall styles. Secure ;
a copy today. Only Five Cents when purchased with a fifteen cent pattern. The I
McCall Company sells more patterns in the United States than any other company. ;
Their designs stand supreme and lead in fashions.
————————————————————————————— _____________________________________________________
\z' The New __^^^^- When you j
L fey FALL II '■^ss^l'-i think of i
™^^ Are Now Here mP^W think of !
When we say "new" you are to infer styles that are t\i . —^ O'll II • !
different from those ordinarily seen— that possess un- r IlOeillX i lire bilk HOSiery
usual individuality and are in perfect tune with today's Tllis is the da^ of silk hose. Phoenix silk hose have j
.. , • m, . , « „ „ „ . placed this luxury within reach of everyone's purse, i
fashion. Ihey match perfectly the new conceptions in c .1 a ■-_ j *x, • _ <
1 J l See them and be convinced of their economy and
dress. Give yourself the pleasure of a look at them today. beauty. '
—■ — 1 I . _ . _____—. .
ITARVEST SEASON is at hand and we have a complete supply of Harvesters' I
* * Wearing Apparel—Menzies' Shoes, Hansen's Gloves, Crown Overalls, Shirts, Un- ;
derwear, Etc., Etc. Have your Harvest Grocery Orders filled here. You'll appre- :
ciate the quality and prices. Del Monte Canned Goods, Folger's Coffee, Heinz Relishes, Ij
Snow Drift Flour and Shillings' Extracts and Spices are a few of the brands we carry. j
- •,
———____——--—————————_—_____——_—__————_____________. ___________^_^__ _■ 1 1
___-___~-_________ j i
t. appreciate the care a, •/ i i
we take in selecting our _*_#V_#^ _►_- ._/>/ __-_-__^^* l*,'/_^^
j J " Vs^ TRAOB eT *«*lWC_^r MO. 1908 _^T BY 80. V. PRICE * CO. *
boys S S
rinthino pOME IN and see the handsome new |
V^lOLlllllg v- ' autumn-winter woolens just received j
from Ed. V. Price Co.
The suits have a style that is '
Largest tailors in the world— Good made-to-order clothes
distinctly "classy" and the;* i
wear just fine. Every sui is Then you'll have your Clothes question
iii ' *
, vTRAGoop guarmteed to give satisfaction. Settled early. !
J lllll'llllMllllMllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiimi,,, iiimiiiiiiHiiiii
!"- • .
Shaw, motor car, $1200.
Eugene Rice to the public, affi
X. C. Bardsley to the public, affi
Daniel E. Lease et ux. to John Q.
Horlacher, part swq 23-20-43, $150.
Virginia A. Choate to John Hesse,
ot 4 and part lot 3, blk 1, Mum iii
!nd add. Rosalia, $250.
David F. Anderson and wife to
lenry Gage, lot 9, blk 2, Rosalia,
Mary L. Anderson and husband to
lenry Gage, lot 10, blk 2, Rosalia,
Henry Gage et ux. to J. B. Swan,
ots 9 and 10, blk 2, Rosalia, $200.
Levy Hensel and wife to John
lesse, lots 8. 9, 10, blk 2, Rosalia,
Real Mortgages ~~"~~
William L. Mills,., Ux . town.,
S. Mott, lots 2, 3, and 4 SSffiS
neq (ex) 3-18-42, $3500. • ißd
Chattel Mortgages
J. P. Bernlck to Rum?? P TaA
Co., machinery, $500. o<luct»
D. F. McDonald to J. A . P(M> .,
crop seq 21-17-44. $600 ' *'
George Ochs to Peter N eir ,. I,
stock, $75. "' ■»*
Mary L. Anderson to the Duh ,
affidavit. C publl<!.

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