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Records of Whitman County
SATURDAY. OCT. 9, 1915
Deeds „
Henry Litzenberger et ux. to
Conrad Litzenberger, lot 6, blk S,
Endicott, $776.
S. C. Kurdy et ux. to Dorothy Fan
aszlck, part of lot 4, blk 3, Endi
cott, $5.
Robert E. Moore et ux. to losoph.
Semler, Jr., part of lots 7, 8, hlk 2,
Colton, $1.
J. F. King et al (trustee to Jonas
King Co.), eh sec 32-16-40, sh of
neq and lots 1, 2, sec 4-15-40, $1.
A. A. Marden et ux. to Clyde
Meyers, lots 13, 14, blk 4, Cham
bers add, Pullman, $775.
James W. Taylor et ux. to Peter
Taylor, eh of swq sec 4-18-41, part
of seq sec 4-18-41, except, also tract j
In seq sec 4-18-41, $5300.
I. M. Curtis to E. A. Wltto, lota 1,
2, and sh of neq and seq sec 2, all
of sec 11-13-39, except, $5000.
H. B. Gilbert et ux. to Bank of Ro
salia, lots 3, 4, blk 2, Mumme's 2nd
add, Rosalia, $800.
Joseph Seniler, Jr., to Robert Moa
er et ux., real mtge.
Commercial State bank to Maggie
Williams, real mtge.
Edna E. Walker to A. A. .Maiden
et ux., real mtge.
First State bank, La Crosse, to
Daniel P. Vick, chattel mtgo.
J. B. Sanborn to H. W. Keffer,
chattel mtge.
First State bank, La Crosse, to Ed
Hickey, real mtge.
L. M. Allen to J. G. Hickman,
chattel mtge.
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
to J. H. Moore et al., chattel mtge.
Security State bank, La Crosse, to
H. H. Lair, chattel mtgo.
St. John State bank to F. L. Moul
ton, chattel mtge.
Bank of Endicott to Henry P. Kel
so, chattel mtge.
Bills of Sale
George W. Taylor to Jacob Schnei
der, blacksmith's outfit, $150.
J. L. Groom to Sherman F. Town,
2-3 oats, hay, in barn situated on
nwq sec 16-17-43, $48.
Declaration of Homestead
Lela B. Clifford to the public, wh
of neq and eh of nwq sec 4-18-41,
undivided half interest in tract in
MONDAY, OCT. 11, 19 15 |
United States of America to Rob
ert Clyde, neq of seq sec 4-14-38.
Thomas H. Hale et ux. to W. F.
Page, lots 11, 12, blk 36, Oakesdale,
W. H. Rudolph to LaCrosse lodge,
no. 223, I. O. O. F„ tract in sec 2
-15-39, $200.
George Nicholis to Martha Hick
man, lot 12, blk 42, Colfax, $1600.
Mary T. Frazier to W. A. Gordon
et ux., tract in sh of seq sec 14-16
--43, $300.
John A. Marsh et ux, to Mary C.
Houston, tracts 9, 10, Lillis F. Smith
add, Endicott, $600.
German Congregational church,
Endicott, to Ella A. Hutchison* tract
in sec 30-17-41, $1.
H. D. Smith et ux. to Daniel W.
Henry, tract in sec 30-17-41, $1.
Fred G. Heaton et ux. to R. L.
Heaton, half interest in wh of swq
sec 25-13-44. $2500.
Christian Kleweno et ux. to Philip ,
Litzenberger, government lots 1, 2,1
seq of uwq; sh of neq and part of I
sh of neq also neq of nwq and nh
of neq sec 31-18-42, also part of sh
of seq sec 30-18-42.
Channiug H. Workman et ux. to
George H. Huntley, nwq sec 15-18
--41, $5906.10.
S. F. Cockran et ux. to Farmers
National bank of Colfax, half inter
est in lots 3, 4, and eh of swq gee
31-17-43, $2000.
Robert J. Skaife et ux. to Marion I
Freeman, lot 3, blk 8, Colfax. $818.
Chattel Mortgages
John J. Cowley to Huntley Mer
cantile Co., live stock, all crop on :
nwq sec 15, and 2-3 crop on 3wq fee'
15-18-41, all crop for 1915 and l!> 10 |
on nwq sec 15, 2-3 crop on swq sec
16-18-41, $684.
H. F. Tollett to Farmers and Mer
chants State bank, live stock, $1200.
H. F. Tollett to Farmers and Mer
chants State bank, crop on neq and
eh of seq sec 17-20-43. $1.00.
D. H. Poison to National Bank of
Oakesdale, live stock, implements, 1
E. L. Bailor to National Bank of
Oakesdale, 2-3 crop on 60 acres, Bv-c
28-19-44, $250.
Oscar Martin to U. B. Games, live
stock, implements, 2-3 crop on sec
, , township 18-42, $21
C. H. Workman et ux. to Huntley
Mercantile Co.. live stock, Imple-
meuts, crop on 75 acres in uwq tec
15*18-41, 2-3 crop 140 acres on swq
sot 15-14-41, 125 sacks barley to be
used as feed, $800.
A. C. Miller to L. L. Smith, live
Stock! 2-3 crop on 155 acres on wh
of wh sec -8-18-40, $107.02.
John J. Cowley to Cliaiiii.n, H.
Workman ct ux., real mtge.
George Welts to Rosa i.. Hamil
ton, real mtge.
Nicholis & Shepherd Co. to W. J.
Greere et al., chattel mtge.
First State bank, La Crosse, to W.
A. Self, chattel mtge. ,
First biate, bank, LaCrosse, to
Adam (Cunts, chattel mtge.
.i. 1. Case Threshing Machine Co.
to Gust Nelson,, chattel mtge.
J. H. St. Lawrence to Chas. Ben
nor, release of conditional bill of
- Conditional Hill of Sale
A. F. Bigolow to G. F. Grant, fur
niture, $37.60.
National Cash Register Co. to Con
way Best, cash register, $140.
Eiler Music ilou.e to John P. Mc-
Ginuis, piano, $245.
Eiler Music House to F. li. Golds
worthy, piano, $225.
Bills of Sale
J. L. Gordon to Ryan Harness Co.,
150 sacks oats in Colfax Milling Co.
warehouse, 100 sacks of oats on the
i nwq sec 16-17-43, $1.
Spokane Merchants association to
Wm. Lee, stock of merchandise,
known as Colfax Shoe store, $2100.
R. J. Smiley vs. Alpowa Orchard
Co., land near Bishop.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 13, 1915
Elizabeth Rice to Albeit R. Rice,
neq of nwq and nwq of neq sec 14
--15-44, $1. .
Elizabeth Rice to Albert R. Rice,
part of lot 12, blk 5, Guy, also 13,
14, blk 5, Guy, $1.
Samuel Easto et ux. to Alvin E.
Olson, sh sec 9-14-44, except, $28,
H. B. Engfer et al. (trustee) to
Lutheran Church of the Reformation,
Pullman, lot 41, blk 57, Pullman,
except, $1.
Herbert W. Goff et ux. to Henry
Clay Barr, neq of swq sec 9-14-43,
Northern Pacific Railway Co. to
Herbert W. Goff, neq of swq sec 9
-14-43, $120.
Bernard McNeely et ux. to Sarah
L. Sparrow, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, blk 2,
lots 8. 9, 10, blk 3, Perkin's 2nd
add, Colfax, $1.
Charles C. Schreck et ux. to
Charles XV. Mays, lots 1, 2 of neq; sh
of neq, seq and seq of swq sec 4-14-
38, $12,000.
Pullman Lodge No. 29, I. O. O. F.,
to D. R. White, lot 5, I. O. O. F.
cemetery, Pullman, $20.
Mrs. Bessie Foy to G. W. Nye et
al., part of wh of seq and part of
swq sec 12-17-44.
Henry Deift et ux. to Conrad Luft,
seq sec 34-16-41, $5000.
John M. Million et ux. to John
Hall, lots 7, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, blk 6,
Diamond, $500.
E. T. Hall et ux. to Wessel Mumm,
tracts in sec 5-17-43, also sh sec 5
-17-43, except, $11,000.
Alvin E. Olson et ux. to Samuel
Easto, sh sec 9-14-44, except, $14 -
Charles W. Mays et ux. to Mc-
Gregor Land and Livestock company,
lots 1, 2, of neq; sh of neq and seq
and seq of swq, sec 4-14-38, $10,000.
Chattel Mortgages
C. P. Howe et ux. to A. B. Willard,
live stock, implements, all crop on
neq sec 8-45-5, two-thirds crop on
seq sec 9, nwq of swq and sh of nwq
sec 9-45-5, $825.
Charley B. Harrison to Farmers
National bank, Colfax, 125 acres
summer fallow on wh sec 8-15-43,
H. E. Moore to W. A. King, sum
: mer fallow on seq sec 28-16-40, $75.
C, L. Hoskins to McGregor Lund
|*- Livestock Co., implements, live
; stock, all grain on ranch, $1100.
Ernest Ratzburg to 8. H. Hale, 3-5
crop on nh of neq sec 88-20-48, seq
sec 28-20-43, $300.
G. W. Wilson to M. v. Harwood,
live stock, $40.
G. W. Wilson to R. B. Games et
al., live stock, implements, 160 bu.
wheat in barn, 30 tons hay, two
thirds crop on sh of swq sec 14, wh
sec 23-18-41, $550.
Kate Taylor to Bert Graham, live
i stock, $30.
Henry Kranschu to St. John State
bank, live stock, implements, two
thirds of crop on 130 acres neq sec
; 2 1-18-42, two-thirds crop 150 acres
I sh of sh sec 32-19-42, $1000.
.-,.■-,,, *. V .""
| S. M. Browder to J. J. Browder,
live slock, two-thirds crop on sh and
260 acres In nh sec 29-19-44, $6200.
Frank Simpson et ux. to Mrs. An
na Clark, furniture, $150.
E. W. Boyd et ux. to George I.
Benson, live stock, $2.0.
. Releases
Plka Pflugral, exec, to Jno. H.
Link et ux., real mtge.
Frank Hellinger to Jesse McMast
era et ux., real mtge.
P. D. Deiggan to Howard Shrivel
et ux., real mtge.
VV. VV. Loom la & Co. to Walter
Ball, chattel mtge.
Garfield .National bank to K. W.
Martin, chattel mtge.
A. C. Smith to Adam Lantenschle
ger et al., release of conditional bill
Of sale.
Farmers National bank to Mrs.
Anna Berry, real mtge.
George. WiIWJ ol ux. to Herman
I. Nagel, neq of seq sec 21-16-43,
also part of seq of seq sec 21-16-43.
Edward Lybeeker claims water
lying on lot 20, McGee's subdivision
of seq sec 32-15-45.
THURSDAY, OCT. 14, 1915
L. XV. Goss et ux. to John Varlence
Edgington, lots 7, 8, blk 6, McCros
key's add, Garfield, $1.
Martin Wldner to J. G. Widuer,
swq sec 29, nh of nwq sec 32, except,
tp 20-43, $12,000.
Vinson G. Ditmore et ux. to Mil
ton R. Hart, lots 5, 6, 7, 8, blk 35,
Farmington, $150.
James A. Pickford et ux. to David
W. Pickford, lots 4, 5, blk 13, First
add, Elberton, love.
Donna Blanche Dallam' et vir to
Harry L Day et a!., swq of seq; eh
of swq and lot 0 sec 6-20-39,
J. E. Gordon ot al. to Charles C.
Schreck, seq of seq and wh of seq
of swq sec 4-14-38, $1.
Wesley Bumgaruer et ux. to Wal
ter C. Bumgarner, tract l in W. H.
Rudolph's add, LaCrosse, $1.
S. A. Manring et ux. to Mary J.
Ewell, nh of neq; swq of sag and neq
of nwq sec 6-17-45, except, $1100.
J. U. Widner et ux. to Martin Wid
ner, swq sec 29-20-43, except, nh of
swq sec 32-20-43, except, $10,000.
Chattel Mortgages
010 Krogstad to C. E. Moore, 40
tons. hay, automobile and oil en
gine, $525. i
S. A. Johnson to St. John State
bank, live stock, implements one
third crop on 220 acres sec 25-19-41,
and sh of nwq and nh of swq sec 30
--19-42, $500.
Ira McCurdy e't al. to H. W. Judd,
livo stock, $103.71.
Ray Allen to L. H. Kuckuck, two
thirds crop on swq sec 26-14-38,
G. H. Dyer to Farmers and Mer
chants State bank, crop on sh of sec
26-19-41, also tract in uwq sec 39
--19-41, $1750.
G. H. Dyer to Farmers and Mer
chants bank, live stock, implements,
Laura G. Child to Donna B. Dal
lam et ux., real mtge.
St. John State bank to Henry
Kronschu, chattel martgage.
Farmers State bank, St. John, to
G. S. Greene et al., chattel mtge.
Farmers State bank, St. John, to
(1. S. Greene et al., chattel mtge.
Security State bank, Palouse, to E.
A. Malsed, chattel mtge.
A. C. Smith to Fred K. Schultz,
chattel mtge.
E. S. Miller to F. E. Wilhelm, chat
tel mtge.
B. D. Henry et al. to Ray 0. Bar
tleson et al., chattel mtge.
Rumely Products Co. to 0. J. Mar
tin, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to Kasper Mil
ler, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to C. A. Dick
erson, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to Carl Pet
erson, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to Henry Kro
nschu, chattel mtge.
B. D. Henry et al to O. L. Bartle
son, release of conditional bill 'of
Conditional Bill of Sale
B. D. Henry to Conrad Schiermar,
automobile, $180.
A. C. Smith to M. R. Moore et al.,
automobile, $1500.
Simon Piano Co. to Walter S.
Chiene, piano, $235.
Bill of Sale
R. I). Siler to E. L. Harmon, live
stock, hay, 100 sacks oats, $2520.
F. A. Davis et ux. to Annie T. Dav
idson, swq sec 22-18-43, nwq nwq of
seq; swq of neq sec 22-18-43, neq
sec 21-18-43.
Standard Lumber Co. vs. C. H.
Lambert et al., nwq sec 10-15-41,
Farmers and Merchants State bank
to Robert B. Siler, 75 acres in wh
of nwq sec 5-20-41, also 15 acres
in eh of nwq sec 25-20-41, also part
of swq sec 24-20-41, $9100. .
John Franklin to R. B. Siler, tract
in sec 24-20-41, $1.
Fanny Holt to A. G. Catleman et
ux., lots 5, 6, 7, blk 12, Wiley's add,
!l'alouse, $700.
John M. Stinson to Annie E. Stln
son, part of nwq of swq sec 13-16
--43, except, also tract in neq of seq
tec 14-16-48, except, $1000.
Rosa N. Poster to W. A. Hardisty,
all of blk 1, Rednour's add, Oakes
dale, all blk 2, Benton's add. Oakes
dale, $200.
Robert B. Siler et ux. to Harry
lay lor. wh of nwq sec 25-20-41, part
ol eh of nwq sec: 25-20-41, also part
of SWq sec 24-20-41, $4500.
Chattel Mortgages
W. G. Shinklo to National Bank of
Oakesdale, livestock, implements,
three-fifths crop on Frank Dennis
farm, near Oakesdale, $900.
F. P. French to Bank to Rosalia,
crop on swq and wh of seq sec 17
--20-43, $750. f
John Campbell to St. John State
bank, live stock, implements, crop on
80 acres ou neq sec 17-19-41, $1300.
Frank Owens to W. H. Cockran,
live stock, implements, $1040.
David Heidinger to Colfax Nation
al bank, two-thirds crop wh of neq
and seq sec 6-15-42, implements, live
stock, $350.
Ole Pritchard to W. A. Moss et ux.,
real mtge. .
Mary E. Beardsley to Win. H.
Jones et ux., real mtge.
Spokane & Eastern Trust Co. to
Wm. Bradley et ux., real mtge.
Charles Aston to R. W. Hargrave
et ux., real mtge.
St. John State bank to O. J. Mar
tin, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to John
Campbell, chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to C. E. Lewis,
chattel mtge.
St. John State bank to Thomas
Burns et ux., chattel mtge.
John B. Flick to Roy E. York et
ux., chattel mtge.
D. B. Moore to 11. R. Huether,
chattel mtge.
Bank of Rosalia to Kate Taylor,
chattel mtge.
J. I. Case Threshing Co. to Con
rad Wagner, chattel mtge.
A. M. Krous to J. P. Krous, chat
tel mtge. t
Conditional Bill of Sale
Oscar T. Hill to L. S. Brown et ux.,
automobile, $500.
Bill of Sale
O. S. Ford to David W. Cummins,
all furniture, fixtures, etc., in Hotel
Oatesdale, $1.
LaCrosse lodge, No. 223, I. O. O.
F., to the public, tract in 2-15-39.
One of Interest to Our Headers
Good news bears repeating, and
when it is confirmed after a long
lapse of time, even if we hesitated to
believe it at first hearing, we feel
secure in accepting its truth now.
The following experience of a Pull
man woman is confirmed after threa
Mrs. b. A. Emerson, 1211 Star
Route St., Pullman, Says: "1 suf
fered a great deal from a dull pain
across the small of my back. 1 felt
tired all the time and had but littli
ambition. My kidneys acted irregu
larly and caused me much annoy
ance. Doan's Kidney Pills proved
very beneficial and soon removed the
ailments. Another of my family who
had about the sane ailment:- as I did
found great relief by using Doan's
Kidney Pills." Statement given
April 21st, 1910.) OVER THREE
YEARS LATER Mrs. Emerson said:
"I gladly confirm my former' en
dorsement of Doan's Kidney Pills
and have the same confidence in
them as ever."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy -get
Doan'-« Kidney Pills — the sam _ that
Mrs. Emerson has twice publicly
recommended. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
FOR SALE —Bartlett pears, cook
ing apples, Italian prunes, Bradshaw
and Columbia plums. C. W. Vance,
phone M 145, Pullman. i sepl7tf
Agent for. Steamship Tickets
Room IS, First Nat. B'k Blk.
ITWEl TWE coop -"-do- aOES TO THE~^ A Np-gp_-\
/right you are.X_ """"^'^v* ■ I
/_— — -. TS THE REALTOEACCoI •" ___-v
-^BROTHS R.TH^tV CHEW AMD A ,-__ZJ y/~S\ !
L_lE__________i__J _^ y-H.w,TOO~) V^+*~*^ j'
ASK your dealer for W-B Cut I
-**- Chewing Tobacco. It is the I
new "Real Tobacco Chew"— cut long |
shred—or send 10c in stamps to us. I
WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY, 50 Union Square. New York City 1
jj A New Opportunity in the
jj West Okanogan Irrigation
ij District
|| 9400 acres bordering on the Okanogan river will be irrigated • £
jl with the completion of this project. This section combines the * '
j| soil and climate of the most favored fruit growing, districts of El
j| the state, with unusual opportunities for dairying and stock- ' I
j| growing. A farm unit of 40 acres has been established and a' I
j| price fixed on the excess acreage of the land by the Board./ J • I
11 Directors, which enables the homeseeker to purchase high dm I
,J irrigated land at prices lower than prevailed twelve years ago V
]• in irrigated sections of Washington. ' *M)|
11 PTff_nwmgl_T!ffg Send for our free publication with map |
it rtl rtof-AT Till and full description of country.
i 1 |^g^g^g| Traveling Passenger Agent
11 Spokane, Wash.
~^~^~~ - - " ... 3_B—___MH
I \wH< ►'< ►'< gTIMTS^^
I M J___ / I R-ReffttT J
1 ne -,' tagM
Wfll-Tun orJ>-j^ jl^ j«f
summer CT
sun J^p **§|2;
Perfection Oil Healer
Makes the house warm and .
cozy on the cold, damp days.
Inexpensive to operate — easily carried from
room to room. Smokeless and odorless. Deal
ers everywhere. For best results use Pearl Oil.
Standard Oil Company
(California) .BiE&
Pullman »
( We are now Carrying the Small Size
]» 30 Watt Gem lamp, clear. $0.20 * |
ij 50 Watt Gem lamp, clear ......... -20;'
j, 80 Watt Gem lamp, c1ear........ • ;'^S
1 1 . . MAZDAS Vo^V
i| ' 10 Watt Mazda lamp, clear • <,^i\'\
j| 15 Watt Mazda lamp, clear.. '. • -*J /
i> 25 Watt Mazda lamp, clear ...... .• • ;H-Jp
i| 40 Watt Mazda lamp, clear ■" •* !'
ji 60 Watt Mazda lamp, clear •; \_sili
,[ GO Watt Mazda lamp, frosted •••' -JJ ji
I, 100 Watt Mazda lamp, clear • ••£•£.!'
]> 150 Watt Mazda lamp, clear : ; tt-J l !
<| 250 Watt Mazda lamp, clear • *•« iV
j, 500 Watt Mazda lamp, clear .....;............ -: 3../ j i
jj- Washington Water Power Co.
j| I* W. KINGSBURY, Local Agent f^ *c'

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