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Records of Whitman County
JUNE 9, 1916
Thomas Oscar Gilbert -tux to
Bert Hateiy, sh nwq, Dh swq 34-14
--44. $1. !
Utile Ma ken to Bernice Macken,
part of 10l 13, 14, blk 2, Tekoa. $1.
An. Dai Coffland et ux. to El
eanor Truax Harris, swq, sop nwq. I
lot 3, 34-14-40, lots 2, 8, 4, ,*.. 6, 7,1
and SWSJ nwq 3-13-40 (except),
Bert Hatley el ux. to F. C. Forrest,
sh nw«i and nh swq 34-14-44, $5500,
Bert Hatley el ux. to Thomas 0»
ear Gilbert, --h nwq and nh swq 34
--14-44. $3000.
Chattel Mortgages
Win. N. Lad.l to the Holt Manu
facturing Co., combined "Harvester,
John Coolidge to ltagon & Hen
derson, automobile, $545,
Western & Hawaiian Investment
Co. lee Jesse A. I .... hi li , real mtge.
C. E. Moore to Ole Krogstad, hat.
F. XV. I!.'liner to A. J, 11. Sell,
et al., chat.
Conditional Bills or Nate
Spokane Filers Musi. House to W.
11. Jaques, piano, $:17."..
Spokane Filers Piano House- te. J.
1. Imh.it. talking machine, $170.
Washington Motor Car Finance
Co. to Dan Sullivan, automobile.
C. L. MacKenzie to the public, af
JUNE 9, 1916
Daniel Frew to Ella Alien, lot I,
blk 3, Palrmounl cemetery, $15.
Jay Maynard to 11. J. (Hand, tracl
in 9-13-45, $12,000.
Mary A. Jorgensen to Eleanor Tru
ax Harris, sh nh ami nh sh l!»-i;i
--it.. $5500.
Chattel Mortgages
Levi Storms to Steptoe State bank,
live stock, $80.
John Coolidge to National hank, i
Oakesdale, all property described in
chattel mortgage No, 18,546, $300.
XV. R. Walker to National bank,
Oakesdale, live stock, $4SO.
James W. McCoy et ux. to R. S. |
Kalhfleise h. 65,000 ft. lumber cut
and piled, 90,000 ft, saw logs locat
e.i on seq 35-44-5, $475.
J. R. Hagamau el al. to Huntley
-Mercantile Co., live stick, two-thirds
crops abn on lot I, 18-19-41, all crop
on neq nwq 18-19-41, neq swq 18-19
--41, machinery, $900.
Lester Davis to Farmers National
bank, Colfax, automobile, $250,
C. F. Alexander to W. S. Chiene,
two-thirds traction engine ami sep- >
arator, $190.
Bel oases
Sabina Morion (admrxi to Mary
a Jorgensen, real mtge.
T. C. Martin to L. E. Moore, re
lease of conditional bill of sale.
In the matter of the estate of
Chas. Morton. deceased, letters
Kiaiit.-el to Bablna Morton.
JUNE 10, 1916
Rex. K. Smith et ux. to J. C. Min
shull, lots 3, 4, blk 25, Ewan, $1.
J. C. Mlnshull el ux. to Rex E.
Smith, tract in Ewan Orchards, $1.1
J. C. Davis el ux. to Alice I. Reyn- !
Hells, tract 111 swq swq 14-16-43
G. G. Aune et ux. to Severl Emer
son, sh awq, nh swq, swq neq and
lots 8, 3, 4, 2-14-39, $15.1 00
Callie Brown to Hester A. Lake,
tract in eh neq 22-17-4 1. $700,
• Wm. R. Anderson el ux, to B. L.
Sharp, tract in 5-44, $6400.
Mary L. Chase el vir to C. 11. -
Schoenberger, tract In 14-16-43, $1.
J. R. Bradshaw el ux. to Chas. De
sell, lots 12, 13, 14, blk l. ii. Shobe's
add, LaCrosse, $236.
Emerson Mercantile Co. to West
ern Union Life Insurance Co., lots 7, i
8. part lots 5, 6, hlk 9, Pullman, also;
right of way across part of lot 6,
Seven Emerson et ux. to Vernon
Loan & Trust Co., sh nwq, ah swq
swq ne-,, and lots 2, 3, -i, 3.14.39
Sever) Emerson et ux. to Vermont
Loan & Trust Co., sh nwq, nh swq,
swq neq and lot 2. 3, 4, 2-14-39,
George C. Marsh et ox. to Pacific
Building & Loan Assn., lot 3, blk 32,
Endieott, $450.
Chattel Mortgage**
Ralph Cline to Pullman State
bank, photograph ii stock, fixtures,
furniture, etc., located li studio at j
806 Alder St., Pullman, $200.
Wm. N. i.auei to First State bank,
LaCrosse, live stock, part of crop on
nh 4-2 9, bis interest in crop on
sh 32-15-39, also 360 acres Bummer
fallow on 22 99, $3000.
O. J. all) to C. K. Hoover, two
thirds of 240 acres on eh 19, 173
acres of lots 2, 2, 1, 20-16-40, $950.
Farmers National bank, Colfax, to
James Rook, real mtge.
Conditional Hill of Sale
Sherman, Clay & Co. to Fred Rob
inson, piano, $265.
Misi ell nieuua
I. E. M 0..," i.i the public, af fi
i davit,
!'. L. McClePau to Rii^rrd 11.
Reid and -L AL M:Croskey, [towel of
JUNE 12, 1910
Lucindn A. Davis to F. U. Ileal.l.
lota 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, McGee's Sub
division of iuts 1, 2. 5-15-44, $440').
Edwin 11. Babcock e-l UK, to Nellie
T. lleald, part lots 28, 27, McGee's
Subdivision of lots 1, 2, 5-14-45,
Wm. E. English et ux. to E. C.
Armfield. lot a. and part lot 6, T. H.
Shobe's 2nd add, LaCrosse, 5."..",').
John 11. Haines to George J dan,
see) 2 : 16-39, $ I.
Lucy V. Inghram to Ada James,
hlks C, D and F, Robarfs add, Pa-
I louse, $ I,
T.ilie..it Inghram to Lucy V. [ugh*
ram, hlks c. I>. and E, Robarts' add,
Palouse, $ 1.
Samuel Spencer to P. A. Mason,
lot 5, blk I, Spencer's add, Thorn
ton, $ 1.
Chattel Mortgages
Mrs. C. B. Warnstaff to Bank of
Winona, live stock-, $30.
G, W. Con i! rj man el ux. to the
Sprague General Supply Co., two
thirds crop on 11 and ny, q ne m anr
i neq nwq ] I. 86 act in seq 10-12-i
io, $20,355,
< '*. XV. Country an et iix. to
Sprague General Supply Co., live
stock, machinery, crop ■ii 11, nwq
neq and neq nwq I I, 86 acres of :;.■< i
10-20-40, $20 r 355.
('battel Mortgages
Lee Trimble el ux. to A. P. John
' son. live dock machinery, all crop
on neq and 60 acres In nwq 7-12-5,
nwq and nh swq 8-42-5, $2449.
K. F. Mot to .'alter Freels. live
stock. $320.
Kasper Miller to St. John State
hank, live stock, two-thirds crop .-n
150 acres on nwq 3-18-42, 100.
laac Tj c el ux. to Thomas I. Line
ham, two-thirds crop on wh neq see]
neq lots I, 2. 2. Nad wq sen, 25-45
--| 6, also lots I, 2, 30-45-5, live stock,
machinery, $.">(io.
Kmil Schmidt to Frank R. Free
man, live stock, $ l 15.
J. S. Peddlci.rd to A. I-:. Fonts, ma
chinery $ 10.
C. L. Hosl to McGregor Land
& Livestock Co., all summer fallow-
I on eh nwq and neq 34-14 -37, $605,
S. G. Wendover to Bank of Wi
nona, live stock, 200 sacks crop on
' neq 23 39, $50.
R. E. Gulllck to I). H. Mahoney,
real mtge,
Williams & ( lallaugher to Karl J.
; IL Weber, assignment of conditional
bill of yah-.
Williams & Gallaugher to C. L.
Shaw, assignment of conditional bill
Of sale.
Williams and Gallaugher to P. M.
, Price, assignment of conditional ill
1 of sale-.
Conditional Bills of Sale
National Cash Register Co. to Geo,
| L. Cornelius, register, $595.
Williams & Gallaugher to P. M.
Price, automobile $508.
Williams & Gallaugher to C. L.
Shaw, automobile. $506.
Williams & Gallaugher to Karl J.
1. Weber, automobile $455.
Bill of Sale
George Lommasson, Jr., et ux. to
Mrs. Luella Duff, housekeeping par
aphernalia, bedding, shades, stoves,
cots, etc., In lodging house known as
Duff hotel. ?10UO.
The owners of the following de
scribed property on the north side of
Spring street extension, are hereby
notified to construct cement side
i walks along lot 1, block A, Hoi
brook's Add.. 0.-W. K. & N. right
of-way, an.! that portion of a tract
lying between (he 0 W. R. & N.
right-of-way and the concrete bridge
at the '"1 of Spring street extension.
This notice is riven by order of
the city council,
City Clerk.
The music pupils of Mrs. Styles
will be heard In public recital at
!"1 Colorado street, Friday, June
30. at 4:00 p. in. They will be as
sisted by the Ladies' Trio. ji.."j--
Board and room or meals sep
arate; borne cooking; 111 l Kami
[akeo St. Phone 2913. jui!::if
Order Co Show Cause Why Mortgage
or Sale of Ileal Estate .Should
Not lie .Made
In the Superior Court of Whitman
County, State of Washington.
In the Matter of the Guardianship of
Bernice Haines et al., Minors.
It appearing to tho said Court by
the petition this day presented and
filed by James W. Haines, the guard
ian of the estate of Bernice Haines,
James Wesley Haines, Anna 1..
Haines and Linda Doris Haines,
minors, praying for an order author
izing the mortgage or sale of real
estate, that it. is necessary to mort
gage or sell all of the real estate of
said minors In order that a better in
vestment of the proceeds may be
It is therefore ordered by the said
Court that all persons interested In
the estate of said minors, appear be
fore the said Superior Court on the
Ist day of July, 1916, at 10:00
o'clock a. m., of said day, at the
court room of said Superior Court, at
Colfax, In said County and State to
show cause why an order should not
be granted to the said James XV.
Haines to mortgage or sell so much
of the real estate of said minors as
shall be necessary; and that a copy
of this order be published at least
four successive weeks in The Pull
man Herald, a newspaper printed and
published in Whitman County, State
of Washington,
Hated June Ist, 1910.
Superior Judge.
I). C. Dow, attorney for the Guard
ian, Pullman, Wash.
State of Washington. County of
Whitman, ss.
I. B. F. Manring, Clerk of the Su
perior Court of Whitman County,
State of Washington, do hereby cer
tify that the foregoing is a true, full
and correct copy of an order duly
made and entered upon the minutes
of the said Superior Court.
Witness my hand and the Seal < f
said Court, this Ist day of June,
(seal) County Clerk.
By M. P. Bellinger, Deputy.
June 2-30
i ok SALE
A half interest in Sanger's addi
on. Buyer must have sufficient
capital to help develop it. Have sev
eral people wanting houses and right
party can make some money, as it is
a sal.- and sure investment. Sec me
for particulars.
Having decided to move to Cali
fornia, we will now oiler all of our
household furniture for sale at a
bargain, at 170.5 Colorado St.
jne C. A. PRICE.
For General White Lead -10c per
pound In 12%, 25, 50 or 100 pound
We Sell for Cash
Cor. Main and Grand Sts.
Quaker (lata — m ay
regular 15c |»kg Jt \JC
Cook's Outs m mm
regular li for •-•"><; 2 pks XOC
Xi inkle- Corn Flukes — QH
four packuges for tamtaXjCe
Peanut Butter, School Boy A_*
Brand — 2%nlh. ran. tOC
Wesson Cooking Oil— *y mat
quart .an wOC
Keel White and Blue Flour —
Saturday only, _* ■% mm ay
lii-11.. fuck .. . «|> 1 at)!/
(111 Me.eaie.lll m
iii bulk, per pound i C
Wisconsin Cream Cheese— OO
per iMiiiud. . efcaOC
Ivory lilies Starch— ***
|ier |MU'kag« «DC
Lighthouse Cleanser— mm
large can «3C
Ivory Soui>— OT
six ban for g_ § C
Crystal White ScMp— *"> O
ten liars for *3£iC
Phone 60 We Deliver
ft. "}k -toty JHB!IBS P-A. puts new joy
IK i $^_:^B& If tobacco is prepared it into the sport of
W fxfc' ;--- X All FOR SMOKERS UNDERTHE . . .
Mt i X%/r^X-s#l I PROCESS DISCOVERED IN 1 King !
% AM K» X produce the MOST DE- i You may live to
Vtiy-J ft "M Bmtf. '/■•' RIGHTFUL 1 AND WHOLE- J hplin; ,; lU
\t^V^#lfe^ TOBACCO FOR CIG- | / , be }° and nev
VjL >M ggj^,^^^ and pipe smokers. | feel old enough to
i^Sffi'- \^^^^^^^P^i process patented ii j vote, but it's cer
~ --■ \V^ XfiSaSSSS^/^T 7j|||il!|''7 July 3o™ 19071 li I tain-sure you'll not
k'^Ptm^ \W&%@Kf/ ' i Hi! liiiiKiiKiilllHl II II I tain"sure you 11 not
>^^\{i^™ a™^ I IJ-ReynoldsJo^coCohwjw know the joy and
fS^Z_\\\V j^Sj I W!HsroNS«.EM.RC.u.s.A. contentment of
W^^T^T^Xtf^^W DOES NOT BITE THE TONGUE I fr - n - K , „ . a
I'iW^Srfe^ Afl™Pfif 1 I i:.iHmiimM-fi!^i..i:|i;Hirini;M<:HiMn|iiMMil MB > friendly old Jimmy
F-v rEI I) IfU" lljll!llllVUllnnilrlM II Wt UUIUU 111 hi i I iU*MiiUiiUnUlUnUitnLaebi<*U»*» > n . « "
ill Hi ZSI^JM 11 *-** pipe or a hand rolled
lllllP^^xllllllr 11 c^arette unless you get on talking-terms
Sill If JilL^ xWm I with P"nce Albert tobacco!
I'll 111 iwm^a ill lift P*A- comes to you with a rea/ reason for all the
I'-llf H t!w iii i 1 &oociness an£l satisfaction it offers. It is made by
li 111 PI e^^^^^ I lj 11 a patented process that removes bite and parch!
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-I'l Ilk, Splra MW\ ii back! Prince Albert has always been sold without
11111 ill^^i^^i iIH cou P°ns or premiums. We prefer to give quality!
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1 BURNING PIPE AND 1 enjoyment! And that flavor and fragrance and
I ||E^|Sm§^^^3 ,"^ coolness is as good as that sounds. P. A. just
' '*'•'"' n answers the universal demand for tobacco
without bite, parch or kick-back!
Introduction to Prince Albert isn't any harder
teV^^f^^T^S than to walk into the nearest place that sells
Ta'i.^d^rn'huZid^T-a^- tobacco and ask for "a supply of P. A." You pay
humido' Zi'h ry.' P aAni, a" o u°"nef, out a little change, to be sure, but it's the cheer
%r,,V. o %!i n ohaceoin'uch fullest investment you ever made!
(ssvm iiijia the k ¥ W%ff"*W%^^
Fringe i: Albert
R. J. Reynold* Tobacco Co., Winston-Salam, N. C. Copyright 1916 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco C«.
have the reputation among car own- ji^ At- *- \^t\__\
ers of representing more dollar-f>r AY, <£*. //if *v' BmW
dollar value than you can buy in any jlfidisV^M £>£■&. M ¥s
The Cost Is Less \yf
Compare them with plain tread prices of \L J A A
several other standard makes. jt^i _WmfJ***\ M
Prices on Fisk Grey Non-Skit. Casings / [ r I^** am^^^^
3 x3O . . 10.40 41x35 . . 31.20 L£^+*_, \ I
Fisk FREE service in more than 125 direct Fisk I g » _ >^y
Branches. Promptest attention assured both tire I 1 Vv _W \
I'hk. Tires For Sale By All Dealers y J^X "^3 Bo^^^^^rjAA^^Ak
General Offices: Chicopee Falls, Mass. _^^^a\*X*
Fisk Brunches in More Than 125 Cilia .£ f^ jOT^^TjL J><j^^r^^
——^—^_^^__^___ ____^n^^«BSSn**
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington, in and for the
County of Whitman.
In the Matter of the Estate of Will
iam H. Hammond, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned, executrix of the will of
William H. Hammond, deceased, to
the creditors and all persons having
claims against the estate of said de
ceased, to present them with the
necessary vouchers within one year
after the date of the first publica
tion of this notice, to-wit: within one
year after the 26th day of May, A. D.
1916, to said executrix, at the office
of D. C. Dow, in the City of Pull
man, Whitman County, State of
Washington, the same being the
place for the transaction of the busi
ness of said estate.
Dated May 26th, 1916.
Executrix of the Will of William
H. Hammond, Deceased.
Straight Distilled I) l^S^m
Refinery Gasoline L m
de (fasobtte c/Qaa/^L^^i
reduces your gasoline cost because every f mm* §CS_\Si\\e\ _*a\ *
drop atomize* evenly through the carbu- I feV^^l J 9
and give, full and at our SERVICE 1 \ja\__m_f M
DMlers everywhere and at our SERVICE V ar\%tlmA^ie M B
STATIONS. \>!&r>^t*A?Jß
Standard Oil Company I^*ol'^^
Urn ZEROLENE, Tie Standard QUjer Meter Can '■[£ $.S^.j__mJL^
Urn ZEROLENE. The StomUrd Otljer Meter Can B
mmmm^m^m^m^ma^^^^ma^m^^^meis^emeemießa^mmammmeeaaaemimm^^^^*^~T< y
(/%3£*&9_&s' -^ All Lengths and Width*
C. R. Sanders Co.

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