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jhe Pullman Herald
L — — ... ..-. =^,^J «^ amgc= „_, «
.WE GOODYEAR, Lessee. KARL I*. ALLEN, Editor.
IftbUnhed every Friday at Pullman, Washington, and entered at the Pullman
I poitoffice m second- class mail matter.
111.00 per Year if paid in advance; if not paid in advance 50 cent* additional.
Pullman, Wash., Friday, June 23, 1916
The election next November will
an unusually Important one, not
Jy because of the fact that national
d state officials are to lie chosen,
it because a number of laws will
1 submitted to a vote of the people
4 adoption or rejection.
Of the eight initiative petitions
ni on file in the office of the sec
pry of state, No. IS, the bill to
pit hotels to serve liquor to
jests goes on the ballot through Ill
ation through the legislature. The
iter seven must each be supported
• petitions carrying 31,836 names
i order to appear on the ticket.
lese are numbered and listed as
P'o. 19, non-part elections;
i. 20, first aid to be paid Injured
irkmen out of industrial insurance
ads; No. 21, city regulation of pub-
I utilities within their limits; No.
I fish code amendments, fixing tax
'fish caught; No. 23, .lay Thomas
providing a commission lor fur
ling jobs to lobbyists; No. 24,
permit manufacture and sale of
Fin this state; No. 25, to repeal
if' Prohibition law now in effect.]
llßeferendum measures to be voted
|l this fall include Chapters 54. 55,
|J '81. 178, 40 ami 49 of the ses
r laws of 1915. They are nuiu
red from 3 to »i Inclusive, as fol
°- 'i, requiring initiative and ref
e»dum petitioners to be registered
'd ° sign petitions at registration
lfes; No. 4, similar provision as
re «di petitions; No. 5, requiring
re« primary candidates to sign af
av| t to support platform of party
,on whose ticket they file; No. 6,
ojlblting picketing of places where
.*» are in progress; No. 7. re-
J r"ig Public utility companies de
"B to enter a competitive field to
•eertiricatea of necessity for addi
«M service with the public service
y**ion and sustain them as a
""'ion of entering the field; No.
' "urging the memership of port
fissions, a bill of particular In-
J to Seattle; No. 9, adopting the
Bel system of appropriating and
1 B expenditure in public office.
!1|» l,»' duty, as well as the prlv
htof fiVer>' lllizen to exercise the
'sho m an('lliS"' No qualified vot
. md be so indifferent-to the
*»mh 0 w th'B nation and ,hiK cora-
Ifrher , aS t0 fail t0 ex»r*Bß his
MiJ!« 011 at ""' Polls regarding
i and ? 8 Which "tight to be adopt
*choL he »<Hdates who ought to
T .. <* to carry out those policies.
""* year «o
entered '>ne Can Vote ******
is far 6 ' which 's a new regulation,
liict, a** resi <ients in county pre
(to ple who «>cerned. These are the
tro nge gt * °' as a rule. were the
nt« m V. a<Jv°cates of the primary
he right no,,li nating candidates and
*lt»'rou 1! 0 Pa '' tic, ate '" law mak-
a sn the initiative and refer
endum. They certainly can not af
ford to shirk the responsibility which
these rights brought with them.
They must register and the sooner
bey .In it the better.
The same rate of federal income
; , and inheritance taxes here i hat Eng
land had In 1914, would have pro
duced nearly $900,000,000 in reve
! nues for the federal treasury, or ll
times as much as our federal income
taxes amounted to that year. Since
i hen the rate of reel taxation in
England has more than doubled, so
that her rat. applied here would pro
duce upward of $2,000,000,000 of
revenue for Uncle Sam in l 91 7. Why
Isn't ibis the only fair way to pay
for "preparedness"? Tax those most
able to pay, Instead of piling indirect
taxes upon the consumption of those
least able to pay. Denmark did just
this, a few years ago; heavier taxes
upon larger incomes paid for her
naval additions: "no burden was
added upon small farmers and work
ers." American farmers will pay
cheerfully their just part of really
needed government expenditure, but
they hate to be imposed upon. The
people generally insist thai the gov
ernment pay its way —that prepared
ness be- paid out of new or higher
taxes, not bidden by bond issues. For
the same reason, the public insists
ii em rigid economy from all offi
cials. Public waste., if stopped,
would alone- defray a large share of
the cost of any well matured plan
of preparedness.—Northwest Farm
The more Pullman and the State
College develop In size and beauty,
the more people will want to visit
this community. Many of them will
come in automobiles and prefer to
camp out rather than to stay at ho
tels. Within the las' few days sev
eral such parties have visited the
city, but found no suitable place for
parking their machines and making
their camps. Accommodation for
ibis class of tourists should be pro
vided. An excellent location would
be the flat in front of Ralnej park,
if the land could be leased. There Is
plenty of room and shade there and
water could be easily piped to the
grounds from the artesian well In the
park. Good parking accommoda
tions for auto tourists would be a
splendid advertisement for the city.
There is a notable reversal of form
in the context of the democratic and
republican national platforms this
year. The democrats are now "point
ing with pride" and the republicans
•'viewing with alarm." The real issue
on which the campaign will be de
cided Is whether or not the people
approve of the policies of President
Sines the lease on the city ball
I'ark has been given up Pullman has
no adequate play ground for the
young people. This is i serious mat
ter which deserves prompl attention.
If no place is available where the
boys can work off their surplus en
-> in playing baseball, football
and other games, they are pretty
likely to ;"';'i the habit of loafing
on the streets and forming bad
habits, Instead of engaging In whole
some spoils. Neither the .ity nor
the school district is in a financial
condition to provide a playground
Bnd it appears to he up to the pub
lic spirited citizens to mccl this self
evident tie. .1 of the young folks In
tin- pursuit of happiness!
*^! m*^ mmmmmmmtma^— ew s—
It appears that Colonel Roosevelt
has beat a hasty retreat from Am
magedon <<< ■' ceased to battle for the
Shall the city park be used as a
picnic ground lor live stock or for
people? This is a question which
no« confronts the residents of Pull
man. i
i I will sell at public auction at my ranch, M
1 one-half mile from Grangeville, Ida. ||
H the following live stock, to-wit: ||
I 150 head of Hereford Cattle I
[' 1 Consisting of 75 head of cows and | 1
pi heifers with calf or calf at foot. t;l
U 20 two-year-old Steers I
H 50 Yearlings I
I 4 pure-bred Shorthorn Bulls I
I 20 head of Horses I
I 150 head of Hogs I
[:i TERMS OF SALE — One year's time on bankable fi
11 Sale will be held rain or shine. i |
|J Absolutely no reserve. I J
I E. S. SWEET, Owner I
| 4 grange IDAHO f f
[ GUE & CRANKE, Auctioneers j J
|::j North Yakima and Spokane |>J
\ m Saturday Specif^
Rtt yourself* )/e)SJL
in HER place/ \t7, \
Why not get a good _ ll
oil stove so that dur- ~W There's no overheating Eg
ing the hot weather § the kitchen with an up-to- j|
your wife or mother = date oil cook stove. It's g
or sister or daughter, i just like cooking with city j,
can prepare the = Bas- The burners con- g
meals in a cool, com- § centrate the heat at the g
fortable kitchen? I different cooking points. s
' ', dr* IL__jßL__jßaV—-J 1 sizes, with or without ~M
Oil Itsssl /i- -] \lcallfS^ ovens. Also cabinet ||
VA'^iif \<**l \^'''\r%9 models with Fireless s
For Sal.' by
Floyd Hamilton
Lee Allen
VISIT ool,i.i:<;i;
State College of Washington, .lull"
21.—At legist IOC auto loads of farm-
is and others Interested In the State
College will visit this institution
J una 26 and 21 from Adams County
and 60 more from Douglas County
will coin.- June 29 and 30.
The visitors making the excursion
are entertained at the college for a
day and every department, Including
the experimental plots and the stock
farm are visited. The work of the
institution is shown In detail. A
free dinner is served to the visitors.
They have a chance to see and know
of the work their State College is do
ing and to become familiar with the
Walla Walla delegation was enter"
tamed June R and 10 and was in
charge of Agriculturist O. V, l'at
ton. Adams Counts delegation and
Douglas Count} will also be In
charge of their agriculturists, 11. P.
Smith and A. M. Richardson, res-
Miutb and A M. Richardson, res
This office prints butter wrappers
(— _ ___^ TH*' A GENTLEMAN* cmfm *urTI
Uu,TEAO I g«R k LI , A MAN NEeos N WHt N .T^H
MAN you arc not alone in your desire for n titan, small chew that
, .«- IT'Jl'.Aw? v,)" „,h'u''" ••••••action. Tint's why men are glad to
find W*H CUT Chewing th* Real I e.bacce. Chew, asm tut l.nt ,*„,/
T I hen when Ike* " '"' "' the """""' **"* '" d.> is '" tell " ,r,t» no can «c. (k. Seal
I 9act~Qt i .haw.
" Notice how the •,/.!( biings out the rich tobacco taste"
MaJe by WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY, 50 Union Sqnare. New York City
!"" mitiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiitiiinnniiimiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiinij
| Personal Interesl I
: |3^3B2^HE ofifcers of this bank have a per ■=
- m¥w * ll sonaJ interest in every one of the =
- I^BpWal bank's customers. We want your =
- ™™"t relations with us to be of personal |
: benefit to you. Our wish to give you every fin- §
: ancial assistance consistent with good banking I
: does not include all the service we can render. I
i We believe that we can frequently give you =
I or procure for you facts and figures which you E
: could hardly get otherwise. =
: We will be glad to demonstrate our sincer- S
: ity in this statement. We appreciate your busi- I
j ness and the business of your friends. I
j The Pullman State Bank I
Pi 111 ■ 111 1 11 1 1 11 1111 i i 11111 1 i 1 11 1111 11 11 1 1 11111111 1 1 11 1 111 i 11 1 1 11 1 11 f 111 11 11 111 1 11 11 1 1 1111 iT
I Low Round Trip Fares East!
; On Sale Daily, June Ist to September 30th jl
i Stopovers Allowed in Each Direction (|
! Return Limit Three Months From Date of Sale ij
! St. Paul | Chicago 178.00 .'
Minneapolis I (hey my f\f\ Buffalo $02.00 '!
Duluth 11|> I 111 l New York .$110.70 ||
Kansas City ii i J 111! Boston $110.00 \
Omaha \l|/UUIUU Pittsburg 991.60 J 1
Sioux City J Indianapolis $81.70 <[
And proportionately low round trip lures to numerous other points. .'
Stopover at Glacier National Park, in. side trip necessary. Only ( l
National Park on main line of transcontinetal railway. <
i Compartment-Observation oars mi Great Northern transcontinetal \
trains. ( »
Table d'hote luncheons and dinners served at 7."» cent* in our ',
diners. \
For further information call on ymir In- ■ '^'* —- - '"^ — * ■ t
cal agent, or write f|| fiat-A' .■ 11 <(
ROBERT C. SHAW H v* \.uef\l* 1 !'
Traveling Passenger Agent || pA'** II ji
Spokane. Wash __¥________ <'
, »^<^^^^^>^^^^^>^^^«^c ! jjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiu
Ramer's ji|| _
chocolates i| Quality 1
Direct from the Factory (! E J =
They will Plemae You j!|| 'f~ ~~~~ AND—======= |
j THORPE'S ill Quantity 1
(Incorporated) ) ~ —
>|S AT THE 5
Phone 28 ,',= =
Where Everybody Goes | HITW M ADI/fT 1
PULLMAN = R. C. HAMILTON, Proprietor |
Union Supply Co. _ Phone 99 |
AND iTiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilT
"\\7^ {\i ) 1 FOR SALE—Lot 10x78 feet on
' ▼ V_-^V^_l_^ corner of Montgomery and Opal
delivered to Any Part of City streets. For particulars see W. 8.
JAMES EMEUT, Agent l'ritchard. ■ apr2Btf
Terms Cash Phone 1182 Go to Duthies for Big Horn and
_ w _ „_________ mmammmea— —— Utah coals.

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