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Records of Whitman County
JUNE 14, 1916
R. S. Kalbfleschi administrator)
to Citizens Stato bauk, Tekoa, lots
10, 11, 12, blk 9, F. H. Mamonej i
Lombard's add, Tekoa. $300.
C. Lillian Good to J. R. Good,
tract in lot 12, blk 11, Colfax, also
tract In blk 1 1. Colfax. $1.
C. Lillian Good to J. 11. (oh.el. lot
11, blk 11, lots 7, 8, I, 10, blk 11.
lots 1, 2. 3, 4. blk If, lot '. blk 14,
lot 2, blk SO, Colfax, $1.
O. V. Hi sou et ux. to Clarence \
Kronek. lots 9, l 0, blk 11. LaCrosse,
T. XV. Walters et ux, to Hugh V.
Hunt, lots 2, 3, blk I, Rose Park add, j
Pullman, $500.
Virginia N. Butcher to John 11.
Butcher, lot 6, blk 8. Prescotl & ]
Perkins Riverside add, Colfax, also
lots 3, 4. blk 2, Prescotl _ Perkins
Riverside add, Colfax, $1.
John R. Butcher to Virginia N.
Butcher, lots ... 6, blk 3, Preseott &
Perkins Riverside add, Colfax, $1.
John R. Butcher to Virginia N.
Butcher, lot If, blk 2. Perkins &
Prescott's Riverside add. Colfax.
tract in Perkins & Prescott's River
side add, Colfax. $1.
Virginia N. Butcher to Lillian J.
Hogan, lots 5, 6, blk 3, Perkins &
Prescott's add, Colfax, $1000.
P. W. Cox el ux, to First Savings
& Trust bunk, seq 18-14-40, $2500.
George H. McQueen et UK. to G. W.
Moore, swq neq 1-18-45, $850.
Chattel Mortgages
John SCchultz to XV. W. Renfrew,
live stock, machinery, one-third crop
on 24 acres on Jorgensen place, one
third crop on 15 acres of Win. Scblu
huber land, $500.
B. A. LeFaivre to First state bank,
LaCrosse, live stock, two-thirds crop
on 160 acres on seq 24-15-39, two
thirds crop on 340 acres on 19-15-40,
C. E. Rust to E. Burnham, live
stock, harness, hack, etc.
MBalfour-Guthrie Investment Co.
to W. S. Campbell, real mtge.
Armin & Tupper Mortgage Loan
Co. to David S. Ryan et ux., real
First State bank, LaCrosse, to B. '
A. LeFaivre, real mtge.
Pullman State bank to Ralph
Cline, chat.
Bprague General Supply Co. to G.
W. Countryman, chat.
Sprague General Supply Co. to G,
XV. Countryman, release of condi
tional bill of sale.
E. H. Wit to M. A. Comegys, real
Kill of Sale
C. Lillian Gaad to .1. R. Good, all I
her interest In lumber mill stock,!
equipment, machinery, etc., In J. R.
Good's and R. E. Reid's business, $1.
Herman Bethke to the public, af
R. B. Games to the public, affi
Virginia N. Butcher to the public,
lot 12, blk 2, Perkins & Prescott's
add, Colfax, also tract in Perkins &
Prescott's Riverside add, Colfax, dec
laration of homestead.
JUNE 1,"., 1910
A. P. Waer et ux. to Isaac H. tlif- j
ford, lot 1, blk l, LaCrosse, lot i.
blk l. Rudolph's add, LaCrosse,
Clark & Eaton Co. to Isaac li. Gif
ford, part lots 11. If, blk 9, La
Crosse, $200.
Arthur L. Hasting et UK. to St.
John State bank, lots ", i. „ blk 5,
St. John, $700.
First National bank, Pullman, to
Frank Burnett, part lot 4, blk 13
McKenzie's add, Pullman, $000.
Mary 1.. Anderson to 11. E. Funs-1
ton, lot 4. blk 14, Rosalia, $1.
S. S. Link et ux. to Ferdinand Ehr-
Itch, tract in 25-15-4 $370.
August Lidwell to James A. Davis,
James A. Davis et ux. to First Say- i
ings & Trust bank, nh seq and eh j
Bwq 34-18-43, $6000.
James A. Davis et ux, to First Say
ings & Trust bank, ash swq and sh !
nwq 34-18-43, $6000.
H. S. Milner to A. N. Huffman etl
al., real mtge.
George T. Huffman et ux. to Lau
rence Guerettaz. lot 3, Ilk 0. Huff
man & Lake's add, Tekoa, $1000,
M. J. Rumbaugh to Nancy C. E.
Mattingley, lots 3, 4, blk 2, Lock
hart's Ist add, St. John. $1000.
H. O. Conn et ux. to A. E. Stewart
et al., lot 4, blk 1. Winona. $50.
Mary C. Fairchild to S. C. Roberts,
lot 6, blk 15, Pullman, lot 4, blk 85,
Main street extension, Pullman, 325.
Wm, Cole (sheriff i to Western
Loan ,v Building Co., lot IS, blk 17,
Maiden, $1303.
Clint lel .Mortgages
Roy Hickman to Holt Manufactur
ing Co., combined harvester, $3225.
J. R. llagaman el si to J. G. Sharp
et al.. 80 acres crop on nwq seq, ueq
swq. all ii. 18 19-41, $620.
1 Conditional Kills of Sale
11. D. Henry el al. to Philip Blu
jmenschcln, automobile, $200.
.Mry,. .i. ii. St.Lawrence to L. M.
Tw ile. piano, $280,
Articles of Incorporation of Rhodes
I larvesler Co.
JUNE 17, 1916
Lucy A. Croaa et vir to Lottie Her
zbg, lot 1, blk l, Santford A, Man
ring's add, Garfield, 150,
.1. M. Trowbridge .'t ux. to L. P.
Wallace, lot 7, i.ik 23, Resurvey,
St. ptoe, $70.
Maty Pears el vir to It. E. Dicken
son, wh lot 7, bile I, Farmington,
Arthur D. McNeilly el ux to Sam
uel A. M. Neillj. tract In 29 lG- 12,
Chattel Mortgages
R, W. Gwinn et ux. to C. W.
Voting, crop on swq 12, seq 11, neq
and seij nwq and swq 14, seq la, nwq
23, neq and nh sen, 22-14-44, $4340.
George Parks Jr., to Colton state'
Dank, live stock, 00.
.lack Phillips to Colfax National
bank live stock, $60.
Williams ,v- Gallaugher to .lames
A. Martin, assignment of conditional
bill of sale.
L. V. Dickenson et. ux. to R. E.
Dickenson, assignment for bond of
Conditional Rill of Sale
Williams & Gallaugher to James
A. Martin, automobile, $504.
Articles of Incorporation of Pal
merton, Moore drain C...
Following is the text of the Rural
Credits Constitutional Amendment
which is being Initiated by the Farm
ers. Union, Grange and state Federa
ion of Labor of Oregon:
The Constitution of the State of
Oregon is hereby amended by the
addition of Article. Xla, to read as
Section 1. Notwithstanding the
limitations contained in Section 7 of
Article XI of this Constitution, the
credit of the state may be loaned and
Indebtedness incurred to an amount
not exceeding two per cent of the
assessed valuation of all the property
in the state for the purpose of pro
viding funds to be loaned upon the
security of farm lands within the
state, subject to the limitations here
in contained.
Sec. 2. The governor, secretary of
State, and state' treasurer shall con
stitute the state land board, which
board is hereby authorized and
directed to issue and sell or pledge
bonds in the name of the state to be
known as Oregon farm land bonds in
an amount not to exceed said two
per cent of the assessed valuation of
all the property In the state, and to
place the proceeds in the state treas
ury in a fund to be known an the
"Rural Credits Loan Fund."
Sec. ?,. Said bonds shall be issued
in denominations of $25, $100, $500,
and $1000 and shall be Issued in
series of $50,000, or multiples there
of, drawn to mature in not more than
36 years They shall bear interest
at the rate of four per cent per an
num and shall be exempt from all
taxes levied by the state of Oregon,
or any of its subdivisions.
Sec, 1. Said state land board is
authorized and directed to loan the
moneys in said rural credits loan
fund to owners of farm lands in Ore
gon upon notes secured by mortgages
or deeds of trust constituting first
j liens on such farm lands in amounts
which shall not exceed 50 per cent of
the value of such lands, nor $50 per
a. re on such lands, nor less than
$200 nor more than $5000 to any in
idividual. If pending applications
shall at any time exceed the funds
! available, preference shall be given
to loans not exceeding $2000 in
j amount.
Sec. 5. But loans shall not be
j made except to owners who operate
'and occupy the lands mortgaged and
■ shall be made only for the following
| purposes: (a) The payment for
I lands purchased; (b) the purchase of
live stock and other equipment and
i the making of Improvements which, In
I the judgment of said board, will in-
I crease the productivity of such lands
j or add to their value as a farm home
lin a degree to justify such expendi
ture; and (c) for the satisfaction of
encumbrances upon such lands
which, in the judgment of said board,
were Incurred or assumed by said
applicant for the aforesaid purposes.!
Sec. 0. Every applicant for a farm
loan shall state clearly in his appli
cation the purposes for which such
loan la desired, and upon its approval
by the board, this statement shall be
deemed a part of the note or con
tract under which the loan is grant
ed. But no failure to apply such
funds to the purposes stated In such
application or enumerated herein
shall invalidate a loan when once
mode, nor shall anything herein con
tained be deemed to prevent any
farm owner from selling or leasing
lands subject to such encumbrance;
but if he shall violate his said con
tract by applying the moneys bor
rowed to purposes other than those
stated in his application or enum
erated herein, or if he shall lease
such lands or sell them to any per
son not fulfilling the conditions and
purposes provided for herein, said
board is authorized and directed to
require the repayment of said loan
upon six months' notice, and said
note or contract shall contain a
clause providing therefor.
Sec. 7. Such loans shall be re- !
paid with interest accruing in semi
annual or annual instalments on the
amortization plan, such instalment-;
being fixed at such sums as will cover !
the Interest rate and will liquidate
the debt In a period to be agreed on
between said board and the applicant,
such period to be not less than 10 nor 1
more than 36 years; but any debtor
may liquidate any part or all of his
Indebtedness in amounts of $50 or
multiples thereof upon any amortiza
tion payment date.
Sec. 8. The rate of interest on
loans shall be five per cent per an
num, provided that in case any series ;
of said farm credit bonds is sold at ',
an average of less than par, the board I
may charge upon such farm loans as :
are made' from the proceeds of the !
series see sold below par rate of in
terest in excess of five per cent, but
which shall not exceed by more than |
one per cent the rate which the state
must pay for the funds actually ob
tained from the disposal of its said
bonds. The board, however, shall re
quire each applicant to pay an initial
charge of one per cent of the loan
granted, the minimum charge to be
$10, to cover the cost of appraisal
and examination of title.
Sec. 9, All surplus funds accruing
from the operation of the system of
rural credits herein provided for,
after paying interest accruing on the
aforesaid bonds, and all operating
and other expenses arising from the
administration of said system of rural
credits, shall be placed in the state
treasury and become a part of a fund
to be known as the "Rural Credits
Reserve Fund." Said rural credits
reserve fund shall be loaned on farm
land in the manner herein provided
for the rural credits loan fund, and
the interest accruing from loans
made from said rural credits reserve
fund shall be added to it and be
come part of it. The said rural
credits reserve fund shall be irre
ducible except that it may be drawn
upon to reimburse the state for loss
Incurred in the administration (of
said system of rural credits.
Sec. 10. The legislative assembly
shall provide in such detail as it
shall deem advisable for the carry
ing out and administrating of the
Ten thousand acres, from two to six miles from town on
main line of the Milwaukee, about 60 per cent tillable; 25
miles of three and four wire fence. This tract is well watered
by creeks; plenty of timber and coal. Government land around
this is taken up and farmers prosperous. This land will make
an ideal proposition for diversified farming, and is a big bar
gain at the price, and you will agree with me if you look into
it. Price $6.75 an acre on good terms.
Irrigated land, plowed and in crop, purchaser gets one-third
of the crop. Best soil and climate in the state; $40 to $65 an
acre, including water right You can not beat this.
• i"24 acres, all plow land, water for irrigating two-thirds of
section; good barn, two log cabins, three granaries; all fenced;
$45 per acre.
640 acres; 630 cultivated; all fenced; new eight-room house;
two barns for 24 horses each: two large granaries; one two
room house; $45 an acre.
640 acres, 600 cultivated; all fenced; $40 an acre.
320 acres of good raw land, all fenced, for $25 an acre.
980 acres; 65 irrigated; 75 per cent plow land; $20 an acre.
We have several sections of land in Big Horn county, about
85 per cent tillable; three to six miles from railway towns; the
soil being a chocolate loam with deep clay subsoil, buffalo
grass sod, an.l very productive. These lands are among the
best, if not the very beat, offerings in the state, price and
quality considered. This section is settling up very rapidly.
Price $10 to $18 an acre.
800 a.res near Pendleton, Oregon, cultivated and fenced.
Good barn and house: $25 an acre.
Good terms on all of the above.
I have other lists of good farm and grazing land—all pries.
Room 6 Urquhart Block
Moscow, Idaho
provisions of this amendment and
shall provide adequate safeguard;,
against the use of such loans as an
{ aid to the purchasing and holding of
lands for purposes of speculation.
Such safeguards shall include clear
definitions of the terms "operate"
and "occupy" used herein. In the
I absence of such legislation, and sub
j ject to the same after Its enactment,
I the state land board shall proceed
to administer said system of rural
credits under rules and regulations
provided by Itself, but subject to the
provisions herein contained.
Sec. 11. The provisions of the
constitution and laws of Oregon in
conflict with this amendment are
hereby repealed insofar only as they
conflict herewith. The provisions of
this amendment shall be self-execut
ing, and shall take effect and be in
operation 60 days after their ap
proval and adoption by the people of
Order to Show Cause Why Mortgage
or Sale of Real Estate Should
Not Be Made
iln the Superior Court of Whitman
County, Slate of Washington. !
j In the Matter of the Guardianship of
Bernice Haines et al.. Minors.
It appearing to the said Court by
the petition this day presented and
filed by James W. Haines, the guard
ian of the estate of Bernice Haines,
James Wesley Haines, Anna L.
, Haines and Linda Doris Haines,
minors, praying for an order author
izing the mortgage or sale of real
estate, that it is necessary to mort
gage or sell all of the real estate of
said minors in order that a better in
vestment of the proceeds may be
It is therefore ordered by the said
Court that all persons interested in
the estate of said minors, appear be
fore the said Superior Court on the
Ist day of July, 1916, at 10:00
o'clock a. m., of said day, at the
court room of said Superior Court, at
Colfax, in said County and State to
show cause why an order should not
be granted to the said James W.
Haines to mortgage "or sell so much
of the real estate of said minors as
shall be necessary; and that a copy
of this order be published at least
four successive weeks In The Pull
man Herald, a newspaper printed and
published in Whitman County, State
of Washington.
Dated June Ist, 1916.
Superior Judge.
D. C. Dow, attorney for the Guard
ian, Pullman, Wash.
State of Washington, County of
Whitman, ss.
I, B. F. Manring, Clerk of the Su
perior Court of Whitman County,
State of Washington, do hereby cer
tify that the foregoing is a true, full
and correct copy of an order duly
made and entered upon the minutes
of the said Superior Court.
Witness my hand and the Seal of
said Court, this Ist day of June,
(seal) County Clerk.
By M. P. Bellinger, Deputy.
June 2-30
The music pupils of Mrs. Styles
will be heard in public recital at
401 Colorado street, Friday, June
30, at 4:00 p. m. They will be as
sisted by the Ladies' Trio. 2-29
1 1 ___H|§|llp For Every
11 BlMfijjjj Occasion
|i j =nj :To dance, work or play,
' m \lm — ' —I to "olt"' walJ< or mm
I '~=~m^ ~ ~ •Vnu can (1° anything
i ==^^;{piill Thoroughly good inside
I if__3i/^lli| 1— and out—models light >
| it'j'^ enough for the slight
i ! Jffl M l jf est figure, strong V
\ i~ . . ¥^X ~1 Dainty enough for any
j .^fer--—.. | frock, strong enough
, f j ',)r tne most str «nuous
• _H=. ■y J"» j aW«, and the Rust
[ j 1 ,>root' boning assures a
I r~ _=zrrrz=3 spotless corset, even in
, ■■ ■ the hottest weather,
I Ijppl JfAarner's
| WIpM Brassieres
' ~eeee^3_ 7>=-—^ dainty piece of lingerie.
» Earner's Brassieres
I Greenawalt-Folger Co.
f~mmmwmm *" ■■'■*■ "i in i — ■ -■—■!■ ii— ■ wii i«>w^M^»y»MM|wytjpygp^_w^ifllj^ffg^Jgg^gg^B__i
Mil \\\ s*\Wiffi\lbA \\\ HTHE man who uses Fisk Non
-1 \\\ li? V"uV X_l \V * Sllids knows he cannot buy
"•Oil \\\ 9%JpA-A~ oHtVuL greater tire value.moremilcsgeof
*SlM\ \ll uP^ V^J_V^v l^c same Berv>ce«
2u\\ Y_\ V f's*iM£x\ Present Low Prices
_3n\\ \IP _r _■_ Ia °n Fi,k Grey Non-Skid CMin,,
OJ^\\ V^ K__fc___sfflffl I/l 3 °- 10.40 41x35.31.20
snJ_l\\ V»\!o*,,^ Li 32-13-40 41x36.31.85
S_Tl2\\ V_! ['"- in 4 x 33.22.00 S x 37.37.30
«n!BFtt\ V-v" %)_S> ~~ *ess l^an l^e pain treac* 8t t"
V&F\3\\ \V^-r__^3__^_7 °^ several other standard makes.
WB___-i^s3®k. 125 Fisk Branches insure prompt
%O_£VV NX^islJPltlllr attention to dealer and u»er.
Vlr_K\V F'*k Tira For Sale B» M Dea!tn
Vgjg^^Si^y The Fisk Rubber Company
General Offie««:°Chicopee Falls, Mm*
R*k Rranchts in More Than 125 OUm
«^ -9 am% /M^^mmSew\
M_a/11 mi__m WyT\4_\
IUrCI UUWllifvfe^lzl
ike G^ohm^Qaa^ v^^^h
For More Power, Insist " I V^SOIS^J! *
on the Straight Distilled, r jfl
All-Refinery Gas ,1 use A
■ r i un \m\\ ZEROLENE I \
Ii -n NOT A|\3_tt_»,/\ I
m_ m \iheSlmdarxlOil / \
MIXTURE |\ j^\
Standard Oil Company 8
Pullman _A

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