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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, December 01, 1916, Image 2

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Records of Whitman County
NOVEMBER 15, 191 C
Lenora Conrad et vir to Orville
Stephenson, swq sec 11, nh of seq 10
--15-45 (except). $10,468.
James W. Burns et ux. to Charley
M. Johnson, part of let 5, blk 16,
W. C. McCoy's add. Oakesdale, $600.
Anna L. Smith to Cordon Ilickey,
lot 15. blk 1, LaCrosse, $1.
Gordon Hlckey el ux. to Anna L.
Smith, lots 2, 3, blk 17, LaCrosse,
Martha Langford to Maggie Land
ford, lots 2. 4, 0. 8. blk B, Holbro dci
add, Pullman, $1.
Wm. P. Ron to Stonewall .1. lios
tetter et ux., tract In seq 24-18-44,
also tract in neq of neq, IB 19 14,
Geo. A. Conrad et v* to Orville
Stephenson el ux., sh of seq 10 I." 15
Arbanna B. MacLeod to J, P. Line
han et al.. part of neq and nh of swq;
nh of sh of swq 25-20-15, and lots
1. 2, and eh of nwq 30-20-46.
Orville Stephenson et ux to E. li.
Letterman, swq see l I, nh of seq 10
15-40, $10,000.
Anthony Schumacher el ux. i«. St.
John State Bank, sh of nwq and lots
2. 4. 2-18-41, $3000.
Melissa S. Stockwell to Winters In
vestment Co.. all of lots i ami part
lots 2. 3, 4. blk 7, Pullman, $20 000.
Stonewall .1. Hostetter et ux. to
Murphy Fuvre & Co., tract in seq 2 i
-18-44 (except), also tract in neq of
neq 25-18-4 4, $1150.
Geo. E. Williams el ux. to Barney
McNeely, part of lots 4. 5, blk 1 1,
Preseott & Perkins Riverside add.
Colfax, $1450.
Wm. R. Anderson el al. to .1. 11.
Kimbrough, eh of swq and lots 0. 7.
6-15-45, $6000.
Chattel Mortgages
A. B. Stone to X. M. Crlder, live
stock, harness, half crop on 90 acres
seq 15-19-1::. $600.
E. P. Martin to I. am..in Stale
Bank, live stock. $400.
G. 11. Heglar to Lamont State
Bank, live stock, Implements and half
Interest in McCormick header, $1500.
E. P. Martin to Lamont State
Bank, two-thirds crop s.-q sec 1, nh
of neq and nh of nwq 12-19-39, eh
of swq and lots 6 and 7, G-19-40,
G. L. lle-^le'i' to Lam on I State
Bank, crop on nh sec Hi- i 0-30,
A. F. Mltzlmberg et .in. to First
Natl. Bank, Pullman, live stock, har
ness, $175.
R. P. Porter et ux. to W. 11. Haw
ley, crop on lots 3, 4, and eh of Bwq
20-15-46. $200.
F. H. Scott to J. C. Wilson, live
stock, wagon, etc., $100.
D. M. Davis to T. S. Port, live
stock. $30.
Aaron Kuhn to E. Hammond et
ux., real mtge.
Bank of Kndicott to John B.
Machin, real mtge.
Investors' Mtge Security Co, to
Frank Pool, real mtge
B. A. Ish to Fred E. Robinson el
ux., real mtgo.
- Bank of Sprague to John Potts el
ux., real mtge.
J. N. Scott to R. C. Holt el ux.,
real mtge.
International Mtge. Bank to .lam-
Gallagher, real mtge.
Alliance Trust Co. to Wm. P. Sj
ron et vir, real mtge.
First Savings & Trust Bank of
Whitman County to Anthony Schu
macher, real mtge.
Farmers State Bank, Pullman, to
Geo. A. Conrad et ux.. real mtgi -
E. A. Hamper to Geo. A. Conrad,
real mtge.
C. D. Martin to Lenora Conrad et
vir, real mtge.
First National Bank, Pullman, to
W. W. Cochran et al., chattel mtge.
Albion State Bank to M. Tarlej
chattel mtge.
Sherman Clay & Co. to Mrs. Lee,
release of conditional bill of Bale.
Farmers Natl. Bank of Colfax to
R. P. Hill. H. S. Miller. J. 11. Van
Tine, Ed Reinhard, real mtges
First Savings & Trust Bank of
Whitman Co. to Lillian E. Graham,
real mtge.
Murphcy Favre & Co to Central
Life Assurance Society, real rati
A. A. Wilson to B. A. Isb, real
First Savings &. Trust Bank of
Whitman Co. to Grand Lodge Degree
of Honor. A. O. F. w., two real
United States of America to Em
ery Hammond, nwq 28-15-42.
Ceo. A. Johnson to Anna John
son, lots 5. 6, blk 3. Culton'i add.
Palouse, love.
Friederlcke Peterson to J. E. Irv
ing, lot 30, part lot 31, blk 14, Ro
salia. $10.
Henry XV. Stark et ux. to Joseph
Stark, nb of neq; t~q of nee) ami
neq of nwq 22-13-38, $GOOO.
!B«*r; ■',■■-■.. ■ •<
Ira L. Pittman to Kathryn Mobs,
lots 2, 4, 5, 0-20-41, $5349.50.
Arbanna Bell i.. Paul Misteri
el ux., nh of swrj and i.b of 9b of
nwq 25-20-1 5. $9300.
Walter M. Harvey el ux. to Kath
rya M. right, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 15,
16, blk 52, Ewan, $1000.
Ralph 11. Allison -I al. to Howard
W. Arnold et al.. lot 21, blk 22,
Ewan, $1000,
Helen <I, Bolllan et vir to Henry
W. I'm 1.. i. lots 1, 2, blk 3, G. T.
Huffman' 2nd add, Tekoa, * 000,
'„ ... W. Westacott el al. to Roy
Thomas, lots 7, S, blk 2, Garfield,
XV, ,i. Young ol al. to Fannie 10.
Single, part of lot 8, blk 2, Lawrence
& i 10l brook add, Pullman, $1.
i rank .1. Bowman el ux. to .1. C.
Bains, tract In sh of net] 28 15-4 i,
Edward O. Martin el ux. to John
I!. Ala. hin, tract In nwq of nwq 32
--17-41, $1.
Ida F. Ramsey el vir to A. A.
Manchester, lots i, 2, ::, blk 20,
Preseott & Perkins Riverside add.
Colfax, $1.
L.i.i F. Ramsey el vir to A. A. Man
chester, lots 1... 6, blk 36, Pres
tott & Perkins Riverside add, Col
fax, $1.
E. 0. Carter et. ux, to .Matt Car
bury, tract in 1-10-15, $300.
.1. E. Irving <-t ux. to Peter Proff,
Sr.. lot 30, pari lot 31, blk 11, i:.»
salia, $500.
Geo. F. Schmick el ux, to Bank of
Endieott, ieq and swq 28- 6- 4.
$3 5 00.
Ralph 11. Allison el al to Willis A.
Evan . all of lot 21, I.lk 22, Kuan.
.lacih Schneider el ux. to August
Vasher, lots i), In. hlk 2. Rudolph's
add, LaCrosse, $500.
Roll.'it I . Gannon el ux, to Union
Trust et Savings Bank, nwq 22-18-
I 1. $4000,
Burke A. LeFaivre el ux, to Mur
phej, Favrc & Co., eh 7-15-10,
Chattel Mortgages
I lonl own Co-operatlvo Assn. to
Lambert Taufen el al., grain elevator
and warehouse equipment and real
estate at Leon, .-? 1 8,000.
Earl Dunne el ux. to A. 1!. Willard,
Ii vi stock, wußim, etc., 200.
C. (i. Ilemstead to Security State
Bank of LaCrosse, all crop on seq
1-15-10. eh 12-15-40, neq 13-1 5-
nwq see- 18-15-4 lj swq 7-15-41, live
stock, threshing outfit, 550 a. res
summer tallow on above land, $1800.
O. i. Waller to l). B. Putman el
ux.. real mtge.
S. 1. Olmstead to Fred C. Pratt,
real mtge.
North tern & Pacific Mortgage
Co. to Jacob G. Blank et al., real
S. W. Tow to C. A. Bottorff, real
11. S. \lllner to VV. A. Jordan et
al., real mtge.
A. L. Hill to E. 11. Carter el ux.,
real mtgo.
Colfax Natl. Pan]-., to Win. Byrd,
real mtge.
NOVEMBER 17, 191 6.
C. 1.. MacKenzie el al. to Whit
man County, tract in 8-16-45, $250,
F. M, Green ,-t ux. to w. R. Ellis,
lot 3, blk l . LaCrosse $75,
Sidney A. Bartletl el ux. to John
J. Peden, all of blk 2, Geo. F. Stiver's
add. Garfield, $1.
•lames W. Toohej to Win. W. Mc
; Nail, neq of Beg and eh of neq 23-20
- $6000.
.lonics Toohej to Wm. W. McNall,
;eh of swq and w h of seq 23-20 10,
Emma F. Smith to Frank B. Bab
cock, seq of 2-19-10, $2000.
Lafayette Smith el ux. to Frank B.
Babcock, ■pq of nwq and lots 3, 4,
•", 10, 6-19-41] $1.
.1. 11. McTrle to Lewis Bros . nh
!of nl sw.| of nwq; Beg of neq sec 7,
eg of Feq 6-15-44,
L. W. Gross el UK. to lsiab Gross.
pari of swq 5-17-45, $1200;
Fred li. Robinson et ux. to John
. Ellwart, tract in 29 and 30. Tom
ship 10- 12, $2000.
John p. Davis et u\. to 11. H. Mills,
nwq*and seq 27-19-39, $7350.
DeWitt Reed Atherton et ux. to
F. C. Forrest, lots 7. 8, 9, blk I I,
Farr's 3rd add, Pullman (except
Wm. B. McNall et ux. to Bank of
Spragi eh of neq, eh of seq eh of
swq: wb of seq 23-20-40, eh 24-20
--40, $-Suoo.
Silas E. Swift el Ul In Dale J.
Stewart, nb of lot .'!, blk IS, „i, of
lot 4. blk 18. Bh lot 1. blk 8, sh lot
2, blk S. lots 5 to 8, blk 17. hits 5 to
8, blk 2 1, Penawawa, $200.
Homer French to Farmers Natl.
Bank of Coll one-seventh interest
seq sec 16, neq nd eh of nwq 21-10
--44, $500.
Pullman State Bank to S. V. Meek
et al., real mtge.
Fourth Natl. Bank of Cadiz, Ohio,
to Chas. Bemler et al.. real mtge.
EI. I. Welly to Wilson Investment
Co., Ml mtge.
James Wenham to E. M. Hazen,
real mtge.
Isaac Rlgg to R. L. Smith et ux.,
real mtgt
Isaac Martin to Win. C. Curtis et
ux., real mtge.
N. W. McGee to Edward .1. Na.uby
real mtg<
Linville Bros, to P. W. Burns, chat
tel mtge.
Bank of Sprague to W. E. Harri
son, chattel mtge.
Union Lumber Co. to 11. TO. Davis,
release conditional bill of sale.
NOVEMBER is. 1916
Geo. V, Boies el ux. to Charles
1.. »is, nh of neq of lee 13, eh of
se.;, by q ml seq, bw of seq and seq
of swq 12-19-4::. $1 5,000.
Geo, V. Bob el UK. to E. J. Fran/,
lets :;. 1, eh of swq sec 7, nh of nwq
18-V»-44, $17,400.
Stat., .-!' Washington to Arthur
Cox el al., nh and swq 36-14-39,
$ 1 1 .1 so.
ate of Washington to I). W.
11. my, nwq 36-16-40, $3200.
'.',. A. Weldon et ux. to Rosa L.
Hamilton, lots 2. 3, I, blk 11, Beach's
add.' Palouse, $1150.
Ole 1.. Vecle el ux. to L. J. Emer-
Bon, all 20-11-10, * 17,000.
John Wall el ux, to Arthur Cox,
m q 2 1-11 -30, $5800.
1). M. Collingwood to Stciitoe State
Bunk, lots 1, 2, 3, I, 5, 6, 7. blk 3 I.
Resurvey, Steptoe, $210.
Geo. Teifcl ct u\. to W. W. Ren
frew, live stock, $500.
I). M. Colling « ood to Steptoe Stat.'
Bank, live slock, 00.
James G. Tate et al. to O. 1). Mc-
Kooiiau, live stock, implements, all
crop on allotment No. 206, Joseph
Bedell, wh of swq of seq, nwq of Beg,
wh of wh of n.'ii of seq; Bwq of neq,
y. h of wh of seq of neq, wh of wh of
lots 1, 2, 3-44-5, allotment No. 205,
Susan Bedell Skiky, swq 3-4 4-5. $2,-
John S. Gallagher to Bank of
Farmington, live stock, implements,
also crop on sw.i 13-19-45, I 200.
.I. F. Day to Farmers Natl. Bank,
Colfax, crop on 122 acres -I. W. Day
farm, sees/, and 8, twp 10-12, $650.
J. ('. Davis .'i ux. to Farmers Natl.
Bank, Colfax, live stock. Implements,
s.'e acres crop on wh of neq and cli
of nwq 20-1 0- 1.".. $ 1 050.
Geo. V. Boise to John T. Naff,
■': unci VV. I tennis, (two) real mtgs.
F. J. Wilmer to E. S. Waterman
el ux., real mtge.
John N. Morgan to E. S. Water
man et ux., real mtge.
John P. Klein to John Mayer el ux.,
real inige.
Mrs. N. E. Human to Melvin D.
Carby el ux., real mtge.
John P. Dixon to .1. 11. Wedel et
ux., real mtge.
Bank of Farmington to H. (i. Fol
soiri et ux., real mtge.
Colfax Slate Bank to S. S. Sbu
gart, chattel mtge.
Nichols & Shepard Co, to C. F.
Krons. chattel mtge.
A. F. Nelson to XV. G. Humphrey,
release of conditional bill of Bale,
United States of America to North
ern Pacific Railway Co., eh of bwq,
.li of nwq, BWq of nwq 20-14-37, lots
.". and nwq of seq 6-20-30, n\\ of
swq 1-42.
NOVEMBER 20, 1916
R. F. Owens el ux. to J. E. Owens,
sh of seq 34-20-44, $6800.
Margaret V. Shattuck el vir to R.
F. Owen tract In nwq 27-19-44,
$1 0,000.
XX. B. Ellis to Lou L. Ellis, swq 2
-18-43; $700.
John A. Mills to Maberry Davis,
nwq 22-19-42, $8800.
Christian N. Buck et ux. to James
R. Mattingly. neq 1-17-41, wh of nwq
.'.- 17-4 2, $6000.
State of Washington to .1. M. Smith,
nil of -.-ii. "... IU- 13, 160.
M. Elliott .tux. to Codd Invest
ment Co., eh of nwq and wh of nwq
10-17-45 (except), $1.
Bridget Codd to Codd Investment
Co., nwq 19-17- (except), $1.
< 'mill Investment Co. to John Burn,
nwq 10-I*7-45 (except I, $2000,
Hiram Lodge No. 21 to J. XV. Rich
ards, lot 9, Colfax cemetery, 410.
B. F. Campbell el ux. to F. C. For
rest, lots lv. 11, blk 3, Rose Park
add, Pullman, $1.
Elizabeth Varner to Emma G.
Smith, 10-41 interest lots 9, 10,' blk
30, Daws a.1.!. Pullman, $225.
Emma Brophy it vir to Arnold
Ellwart, lots 3. I, 5, eh of swq 5-19
--4 4 (except), $2000.
Edward N. liinchliff el al. to B. F.
Campbell, lots in, 11, blk 13, Rom
Park add Pullman, $750.
Huntley .Investment Co. to John
Lantenschleger. tract in 33-18-41,
Adolph A. Bcbefof .1 ux. to Wilbelm
Rode, tract in swq 33-16-41, also
tract in nwq 4-15-41, $6373.
Geo. Gorlitz et ux. to Colfax Nati.
Bank, mvq 7-15-42, also tract in 6
-15-42, $7500.
Conrad Riber et ux. to Colfax Natl.
Bank, tract In 17-15-42, also part nh
of neq 17-15-42, $5500.
Geo. fJertUU et ux. to Colfax Natl.
Bank, neq sec 6, nh of nh of seq
6-15-42, $6000.
John Lautenschleger et ux. to
Huntley Investment Co., tract in 33
--18-41. $19,200.
,T. E. Ovens et ux. to R. F. Owens,
sh of seq 34-20-44, $5"".
,T. E, Owens to Frank 10, Brown, sh
of seq 3 1-20-44, $4000.
Wm. 11. Chambers el ux. to Robert
.1. Hargrave, tract in 29-18-41, $3000.
Wilhelm Rode et ux. to Colfax Natl.
Bank, swq 33-16-41, also tract in
nwei 1-51-41. $4500.
Chattel Mortgagee
E. ('. Frownfelter to W. Claude
Renfrew, carpel loom. $12.7.'..
l. 1.. Breeden to Bank of Rosalia,
200 acres nh of neq and seq of neq
and ne. | of seq and sh of seq 12-20
--12, eh and swq 7-20-43, live- stock,
machinery, $2360.
A. C. Winn to S. C. Kurdy, live
stock, $200.
A. D, Coffland to First Natl. Bank.
Clarkston, live stock, crop on part
lot 2, neq and part lots 3, 5, all lot
1, swq and nwq and parts lots 6, 7.
swq 3-13-40, seq of nwq ami swq and
lot-::, seq sec 34-14-40, $1750.
J. E. Owens to R. F. Owens, crop
on sh onw nwq and part of swq 34
--20-44, $500.
R. R. Sherrod to Citizens State
Bank, Tekoa, live stock, machinery,
all crop on swq sec 16, nwq sec 21,
nli of 20-20-45, $2900.
Albert Miller et al. to D. M. Elliott,
live stock, implements, $1000.
S. XV. Ohler et ux. to A. B. Willard,
live stock, Implements, all crop on
so acres,neq 11-44-5, wh of seq -I
-14-5] SO acres sh of neq and sh of
nh of swq and wh of wh seq 12-44-5,
seq of neq 1-4 4-.". I 700.
Geo, Freeman to St. John State
Bank, live stock, two-thirds 11 8 acres
summer fallow, two-thirds 85 acres
sh 13-18-41, $122:,.
Thomas S. Wilson to St. John
State Bank, live stock. implements,
two-thirds crop 160 acres, also two
thirds 200 acres nb sec 20, swq 20
--1 8-42, $2150.
R. L. I lollenbeck to Pullman State
Bank two-thirds crop seq and wb of
neq sec 23, part, of seq sec 11 — ,
R. L. Hollenbeck to Pullman State
Rank, live slock, harness, etc.,
R. E. Slier el ;il. to A. B. Willard,
live stock, $300.
T. J. Hodge to Farmers Natl. Bank,
Colfax, live stock, Implements, 100
res of land of Children of C. W.
Story, $700.
Alex Fox to Colfax Natl. Bank, all
crop on neq and nwq 7-16-42, imple
ments, live stock, $3100.
Emma B. Akin to Frank 11. S.brei
ber" et ux-., real mtge.
John J. Cowley to Henry Fromm
et ai., real mtg.-.
Farmers State Bank of St. John to
Wm. Chllders et ux., real mtge.
Robert .1. Hargrave to Win. Cham
bers el al.. real mtge.
Security State Bank of LaCrosse
to Thomas & Frazier, real mtge.
Citizens State Bank, Tekoa, to R.
R. Sherrod, chattel mtge.
Conditional Bills of Sale
Clyde Cram et al, to Paris A. Jones
et al., automobile, $250.
Clyde Cram to Roy Moore, automo
bile. $300.
Seven Seven Co. to W. 11. Cham
bers, automobile, $400.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash
ington. November 3, 101 6.
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Boone, of Wawawai, Washington,
who, on October 24, 1910, made
Homestead Entry, No. 04774, for
sw>, SW%, Sec. 12, WM> NW 1/!,
NW 1, SW'4, Section 13, Township
13 N.. Range 43 E., Willamette Mer
idian, has filed notice of intention to
make five-year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before William A. Inman, United
States Commissioner, at bis office, at
Colfax, Washington, on the 20th day
of December, 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Harold C. Brewer, of Pullman,
Washington; Philip Bishop, of
Bishop, Washington; William Batty,
of Wawawai. Washington; Launcelot
F. Batty, of Wawawai, Washington.
Not coal land.
Nov 17 He. Register.
Send me your combines by mail
and I will make you first class
switches for $3.00. Mrs. Mary J.
Trent. Pullman. Wash. nvl7de.'22
WANTED—To rent a furnished
house; no children. L. H. Stump,
1111 Kamiaeken St. Phone 2913.
FOR SALE —12-room house on
North Monroe street; hot water
heat; two lots, 50x148 ft; tennis
court. D. E. Foster. Jly2ltf
(this man mad to try tvcooi^ three TIMi"~ »~T~ ~~T~"
l» l"<"» TO TAKE A IMML me, . M C HE W ,~.V
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IN MV d -AND SUCH A^ ME I ~- J ''TE ''"-irgDl' 5'
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no excess sweetening— that*! as far as tobacco BOtiifactiorl can .
what a bid difference it makesl v go > and
Maim by WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY. *1 Un'on Sonar,. New York Cii
' ——-—- ■■■iiii». .m.i^-.w,.— — U|| „ W| ,^* VltT
tfSSt. a ' Xm ' '
kju. |Pk£» ¥21 H
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weather? A good
oil heater will keep
you warm and cosy.
A gallon of Pearl O/'/givea
9 hours of smokeless,
less, cheerful heat.
Prices: $3.75 to $7.75
Perfection Oil Heater
For Sale by
/-rr -:^
( fsty>L<WZ\*] )
14-. Prr-ri
Floyd Hamilton ten iii IJ
i aii ftwSWM Ah\
Lee Allen a^ —~Si:^ J-^ <^2»
Otho West jfM^^ffi 71
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A^A\~~ makes a fine, white ash which is light to — m
Tpjr carry— and there's not much of it J
ggU* There's not a clinker in a ton. ■~Br«
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