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Two decisions of vast importance
to Washington State College were
meted out by the representative* of
the Institutions constituting the Pa
rifle Coast Conference in the two
day session at the New Wash
ington Hotel, Seattle. After debating
throughout the two-day session over
the formal application for iidniitance
of Washington State College, the I'ni
tersity of Southern California, and
Leland Stanford University, the
Coast Conference delegates finally
decided late Saturday night that
Stanford and Washington State
would be granted admission.
Of equal moment and pleasure to
the sport lovers of the' Northwest
was the other important decision of
the conference that the historic
Thanksgiving football game between
the University of Washington and
Washington State College, until two
years ago the classic of the year on
the Seattle gridiron, will he played
again next year, the result of the re
newing of athletic relations between
the two state institutions.
The Pacific Coast Intercollegiate
Conference now Includes the' Uni
versity of Washington. Oregon Agri
cultural College, the University of
Oregon, Washington State College,
the University of California, and Le
land Stanford University.
The Northwest Intercollegiate Con
ference now Includes the University
of Montana. Whitman College, the
University of Idaho, Washington
State College, the University of Ore
gon. Oregon Agricultural Coll.
and the University of Washington.
Noninterference by the faculty
with the personnel of any conference
football team on scholastic giminds
was guaranteed at the annual meet
inf of the Pacific Coast Intercol- ,
legiate conference.
Oregon Drops Technicality
A duplication of tin. Parsons ell
gibility matter was made Impossible
by the re-wording of the clause re
lating to the five-year rule. Oregon
offered a substitution to the present
ruling that a man is Ineligible for
further competition after five year*
of residence in the university. The
present ruling sustained specifies
that five years after a man's matric
ulation, without regard to his resi
dence, he is barred from further
Competition. The Oregon ruling
would allow a player to register in
college during the semester his sport
was being played, and then to drop
out the following semester. Ton
years after his matriculation he
might still he eligible to compete for
his university,
Coach Is Protected
The ruling in regard to non-inter
ference on scholastic grounds, once a
player has been certified, protects
the coach from depletion in his ranks
when the crucial tests of the year
come. At present the faculty can
remove a man from the team at any
stage of the year for low work in a
single subject. The rule adopted
provides for the certification of a
player one month after the opening
of college. After that certification
the player can not be barred on
scholastic grounds.
Ail Important amendment iii re
gard to certification calls for data
On each man certified as to whether
he is Working his way through col
lego. who he got his position from,
how much he receives for it. the av
erage pay per hour, and the hours
actually spent in such work. Ibis is
Intended to show if any school is pro
viding lucrative positions for ath
letes, with nothing much to do ev
cept play football. This was adopt
ed along the lines of a similar agree
ment In force between Vale, Harvard
and Princeton.
Five Members on Committee
The eligibility advisory committee,
to which all disputes of eligibility
are to be referred, has been raised
in membership to five Instead of two.
Pour schools are to be represented
and the fifth member is to be eletct
fed outside of any of the universities.
The members of this board have no'
been ejected. •
The entire conference agreement
was gone over thoroughly, measure
by measure, and each article amend
ed as seen fit. The completed docu
ment will be practically a new con
The officers of the conference are
to hold over, as Is the membership
from the schoolß. The following
•were in attendance: 7.
Dean Arthur R. Priest, faculty
representative of the University of j
w -t . wa g -. Vat? , v "■+«*•.'..*'
*«*hington; General Manager J. v
'V I*"-"1'*"-"'' <»• the University 0 f
; r '? ° ( n: A. ... Brown, faculty
£S^ the Oregon Agrlcul"
" "'" 5?!L e««: Colin V. Dyment, fa,
--' ty representative of the University
%°_™, ******** Manager Johnny
* *A- of the University of Cali-
I '"'" and M. C. Lynch, faculty rep
resentative of the University of Call:
torn „i
The Washington State triumvirate
who parleyed i.. Seattle with repro
sentatixes from all the larger
colleges and universities <„, the
Pacific slope, returned M i Mon
'':' V with the following laurels.
vi/.: a football gam,- with i> ( ,i,ie col
lege next Thanksgiving; Northwest
Conference track meet on Rogers
fieid; ami bulging schedules, re
plete with extensive trips for both
the varsity track and baseball ma
jors. Physical Director ,1. Fred Boh
ler, Graduate Manager Kruegel, and
Prof. Solon S. »hedd, were the Wash
ington state delegates to the .joint
meeting of the two conferences held
in Seattle December I and '2.
Especially pleasing to all Stato Col
lege students and alumni is the news
of the resuming of the annual foot
ball games with the University of
Washington. Although Washington
State may consider herself as having
bowed ie, the dictates of the Univers
ity schedule makers, the fact that the
annual contest will be resumed Is
pithy new to all sport lovers of the
Northwest and Washington state, by
first declaring herself in favor of the
resumption, gained not a few new
Rogers field, as last year, will
again be the scene of the Northwest
Conference track classic on June 2.
In addition, althletea from Montana,
Whitman, and Idaho will strive on
Rogers field against the Crimson and
Gray track and field experts.
For the first time In many sea
sons, baseball men will make a com
plete tour of the Northwestern
oampl The schedule of IT. intercol
legiate games will give the diamond
gymnasts ample opportunity to up
hold the standard of former cham
pion Washington State nine.
The football schedule reported by
Athletic Director Bohler includes
games with six members of the con
ference and with Gonzaga University
in case the latter institution will ac
cept the only date dale on the XV,
S. C. schedule. The entire football
schedule for W. S. 0., as arranged
at Seattle, is as follows;
October .13 — Gonzaga at l'ullman
October 20 —U. of O. at Pullman.
October 27 —Whitman at Pullman.
November 3 —ldaho at Moscow.
November 10 —O. A. C. at Cor
November 17- — Montana at. Pull
November 29— U. of W. at Seattle.
Basket Hal)
The basket ball schedule calls for
20 games, a proposed trip to Cali
fornia to meet Stanford and tho Uni
versity of California, depending up
on the winning of the state cham
pionship. The Berkeley games are
scheduled for February 2 and 3, and
tho Stanford contests for February 5
and 6, but should the University ot
Washington cinergo the victor from
her series with the Washington Stat
ers that team will fill the Califor
nia dates and W. S. C. will play the
U. of O. at Eugene on the former
dates and 0. A. C. at Corvallis on the
latter. The basket ball schedule fol
January 6—Whitworth at Pull-,
January 11 and 12— U. of \V. ■>'
January 19 and 20— U. of XV. at
January 22 and 23 Whitman at
Walla Walla.
January 26 an* 27— Idaho, in
Pullman and Moscow, respectively.
February 2 and 3 —Either U. of
Cal. at Berkeley or U. of O. at Eu
February 5 and 6—Either Stan
ford or O. A. C. at Corvallis.
February B—U. of O. at Eugene.
February 9—O. A. C. at Corvallis.
February 10 —Multnomah at Port
February 15 —Montana at Pull
February 28 and March I—ldaho,1 —Idaho,
Pullman and Moscow, respectively.
The games scheduled with Oregon
and O. A. C. for February 8 and 9
will be cancelled in case the team
makes tho trip to California, and the
Multnomah game, In that event, will
be changed.
The wresting program at the meet
ing of tbe moguls at Seattle Included
the adoption of a set of official col
legato weights, thus doing way with
the weight squabbles which have
marked the sport In the past. The
official weights adopted eliminate the
lightweight and heavyweight con
tests, and Include the following con
tests: 115 pounds, 125 pounds, 135
Pounds, 118 pounds, and 166 pounds,
The W. S. c. wrestling schedule, as
arranged at Seattle, Is as follows:
March 3— l". of XV. at Seattle.
March 10— O. a. C. *< Pullman.
March 21 -Montana at Missoula,
The baseball schedule Is as fol
April 11 and 12—-Whitman at
April 18 and 19— O. a C. at Pull
April 26 and 26 Montana at Pull
April 28—Idaho at Pullman.
May 4 and s— Whitman at Walla
May 14 and 15— U. of W. at Se
Ma 3 16 and 17— Oregon at Eu
May IS and 19—0. A. C. at Cor
The W. S. C. representatives were
.successful in again bringing tho big
Northwest Conference track meet to
Pullman, the classic event to be
staged here June 2. The entire track
schedule, bo far as W. 8. C. is con
cerned, Is:
May s—Montana at Pullman.
May 12—Whitman at Pullman.
May 19—Coast conference meet at
May 2G—ldaho at Pullman.
Juno 2— Northwest conference
meet at Pullman.
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for Whit
man County.
K. I. Allen, Individually ajul as Ex
ecutor of Last Will of Susan G.
Allen, Deceased, Plaintiff;
Sylvanus li. Merrill, Hamilton B.
.Merrill, Barrett M. Merrill, Em
ma C. Tripp, Lulu E. Drew and
I'ansy li. Nysteuri, and Alex
ander Rowe; also all other per
sons or parties unknown claim
ing any right, title, estate, lien
or interest in the real estate de
scribed in he complain! herein.
The State of Washington, to the
said Alexander Rowe, Emma Tripp,
and also all other persons or parties
unknown, claiming any right, title,
estate', lien or interest In the real es
tate described in the complaint, de
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear In the Superior
Court of the State of Washington, In
and for Whitman County, within
sixty days from the date of the first
publication of this summons, to-wit:
within sixty days from the 27th day
of October, 1916, and defend the
above entitled action in the court
aforesaid, and answer the complaint
of the plaintiffs in the above entitled
action, and serve a copy of your said
answer on Neill & Burgunder, the
persons whose names are subscribed
to this summons, at their office in
Colfav, in the county of Whitman,
State of Washington, and if you fail
to appear and defend said action and
answer the complaint of the plaintiffs
aforesaid, within the time aforesaid,
pudgment will be rendered against
you, according to the demand of said
complaint, which is on file In the
office of the clerk of said court.
The object of said action is to sat
isfy of record a mortgage in favor
of Alexander Rowe, and to exclude
the defendants from any interest in,
and to quiet title in plaintiffs to the
real estate situate in Whitman
county, Washington, to-wit: Lots 13,
14 and 15, in Block 47, of the Town
of Pullman.
Dated at Colfax, Washington, Oc
tober 24, 1916.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
P.O. address, Colfax, Washington.
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Our Phone No. GO
We Deliver
Department <>f the Interior, U. B.
Land Office at Walla Walla,
Wash., ember C, 193
Notice is hereby given that Harold
Brewer, of Pullman, Washington
who, on December 26, 1912, made
Homestead Entry, No. or.:, i i, for S'/j
M-;» 4 . SVi NW '4. Section 20, Town
ship 13 N.. Range 4 4 8., Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of Intention
to make three-year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore William A. Inman, United
States Commissioner, at bin office, at
Colfax, Washington, on the 20th day
of December, 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ir
vln Lewis, Price Black, William O.
Starr, Jefferson N'ely, all of Pull
man, Washington.
Not coal land.
NovlODecß Register.
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