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The United States grain standards
.-ct is thoroughly analyzed in the fol
lowing important letter by Secretary-
Houston to XV. F. Drown, Byers,
"Reference is made to a letter ad
dressed by * nil under date of Sep
tember l" '" the lion. Jouett Shousc,
Members of ingress, Seventh dis-
Met, Kansas, In which you register
j complaint against the Unit States
grain standard net. You do not spe
cifically protest against any particu
lar provision or provisions of thi act,
or do you complain against, the of.
ficial grain standards of the United
States established thereunder.
"It is believed that the real cause
of any complaint which you may
have is not occasioned by the require
ments of the United States grain
standards act, nor the standards
fixed and established thereunder, but
is due primarily (1) to a misunder
standing on the part of farmers and
country grain dealers as to the re
quirements of the act and the federal
standards for wheat, (2) Incorrect
and arbitrary application of the fed
eral standards on the part of coun
try buyers, (3) dissatisfaction on the
part of the growers with the actual
price fixed anil paid for the delivery
of'wheat at terminal markets.
No Mandator** Assessment
"It has been brought to the atten
tion of the United States Department
if Agriculture from several sources
that, in certain parts of the country
where this year's crop of wheal Is
now being moved, the country grain
dealers are assessing the farmers a
discount against all wheat, pur
chases, contending that such assess
ment is mandatory by reason of the
official grain standards of the United
States for wheat under the United
States grain standards act. Appar
ently the contention on the part of
the country grain dealers is based
upon the Item 'dockage' contained
in the official standards. Prom in
formation received by the depart
ment it appears, however, that the
discount is an actual and arbitrary
assessment in the interest of the buy
in, and is neither on the basis of
the official standards nor required
nor contemplated by the act or the
regulations hereunder.
Dockage System of Grading
"The primary purposes in the es
tablishment of the official grain
standards of tho United States were
to provide a bests whereby parties
to transactions Involving the pur
chase and sale of grain shipped and
delivered for shipment in Interstate
lad foreign commerce might,
through being able to obtain a cor
rect application of such standards,
arrive at the actual value and make
settlement accordingly. These stand
ards for wheal do not provide tor
any arbitrary assessment for dock
age. The) do provide for the de
termination of the amount of sand,
dirt, weed seeds, weed steins, and
certain other matter called 'dockage,'
Which actually may be present in a
lot of wheat, the amount of which,
if equal to or in excess of one-half
of 1 per cent by weight, is to be stat
•d in terms of the actual percentage
as a part of the grade designated of
the wheat. This is called the dock
age system of grading and has been
used for many years in the north-
Western state* prior to the adoption
of the official standards. The trans
actions in question appear to be
Purely local, not involving interstate
commerce, and are perhaps conduct
ed in a way not within the prohibi
tions of the act. Nevertheless, the
department is investigating the, mat
ter, and will he glad to:have any
facts which may be of value. It will
do everything in its power to bring
about the discontinuance of misrep
resentations based on the act or the
standards thereunder.
Opinion lU^ai-dinK Dockage
'It must be borne in mind that
*lth the establishment of fixed prices
to be paid for wheat, competitive
buv'ng has been practically elimin
ated. This injects a feature unpre
cedented in the history of grain mar
keting. This fact, together with the
•a"t that the federal standards for
"wheat are comparatively new, hay
iug be**n In effect only a few weeks,
institutes the cause of __ agitation
■""d confusion. It is believed that
Ucder existing conditions, no matter
*'hat standards or methods of grain
SraoTng were used, the same diffi
culties would be met. For your fur
v"er Information, the opinion or the
department regarding 'dockage' in
. wh eat is set forth as follows:
'The official grain standards of
c Unit.-,! States for wheat, in force
*nd effect for hard red winter wheat,
1 red winter wheat, common white
2r:,r »• --tab wheal »-«
• -' *•■''• "a set forth in
*»mtv Markets No. it, Include, fi
Port, an ne.,, lor dockage. This
tern is found und - sec „ oh „£ ™
"*"'•• '-'■ Ooekage^ Uockiige in
(lKl"s ■-'•••'■■ «»?. weed seed, weed
g«w. chair, .traW, grain other than
Wheat, and any other foreign mater
;•'' whlcl' can be removed readily
from the wheat i, y the use of appro-
P]' iate K. leVe ß. 'leaning devices, or
other practical means suited to sep
arate the foreign material present
also, undeveloped, shriveled; and
mibl] I'leces of wheal kernels neces
sarily renioytd in properly separat
»ng the toreign material. The quan
tity ot dockage shall be calculated in
terns of porccnldgc based on the
total weight of the grain, including
'!"' dockage. The percentage of
dockage so calculated shall be stated
In terms u f whole per centum and
half ncr c.-nt,im. *_ fraction of a per
centum when equal to or greater
■ll:i» '> half shall he treated as half,
and '* hen less than a half shall he
disregarded. The percentage of dock
age so determined and stated shall
be added to the grade designation]
"The purpose of the Item above di
scribed is threefold—first, to define
dockage; second, to prescribe hot
dockage shall be calculated; third,
that whenever dockage is found in
wheat, the amount thereof shall be
stated and made a part of the grade
designation for the wheat.
"The department's interest In the
question of dockage is primarily
directed to the enforcement of a cor
rect determination of dockage under
the official main standards of the
United States for wheat and to ob
taining compliance with the provis
ions of the act which require the use
of those standards and the grades
i hereof.
"For example, in the case of a
country dealer who ships his wheal
in Interstate coiujnerce to a terminal
market, where inspectors licensed
under the grain standards act are lo
cated, pursuant to a sale subject to
an inspection by such Inspectors, let
it. be assumed thai a particular car
of wheat contains two per cent of
dockage. The licensed inspector who
inspects and grades this particular
car of heal is required by he act
and ihe rules and regulations of ihe
Secretary of Agriculture thereunder
.ill to determine the dockage In ac-
dance with the official standards;
(21 to calculate the dockage as pro
vided for in the official standards;
and (3) to show, as a part of the
grade designation for the wheal on
the certificate of grade issued by
him, the amounl of dockage I 2 per
cent) which he finds In the wheat.
"For ihe purpose of obtaining a
uniform application of the stand
ards with respect to dockage, there
will appear In the Service and Regu
latory Announcement, now in course
of publication, a detailed description
of the method recommended by the
department for the determination of
dockage, which method Is used in all
offices of federal grain supervision,
In connection with the handling of
appeals and disputes taken or re
ferred to the Secretary of Agriculture
and all supervlsional activities of
such offices. Licensed inspectors,
in determining dockage In wheat In
accordance with the official stand
ards necessarily will use methods
which will give results similar to the
results obtained by the use of the
method recommended by the depart
! ment.
"In many Instances the material
ri i, rmined to be dockage may con
tain undeveloped, - shriveled, and
,all pieces of wheat kernels neces
sarily removed in properly separat
ing the foreign material. In such In
stances the dockage may have a con
siderable commercial value.
•Assuming that the licensed in
spector properly performs his duty,
,1,;,, there is no appeal, and that the
parties Interested comply with the
reouirementsj)f sections I and 5 of
the act, the manner in which dock
age determined and stated in ac
cordance with the official grain
standards of -he United States for
wheat, is to be assessed against the
s.ller is a matter to be determined
by the parties to the transaction.
••Then „,.,. several method' used
i,, various actions of the country as
a basis of settlement for wheat In
which dockage may be found: (1)
The price to be paid may be for the
net weight contained In the lot or
parcel; that is, the gross weight of
the wheat minus dockage; (2) or it
Dl ay be a certain price per bushel for
the gross weight of 'heat less a
fixed discount for each one per een
of dockage contained therein; (3) o.
it may tf a certain price for the net
weight (the gross weight, of the
wheat minus the dockage) upon con
dition that the dockage If to be dis
nosed of by the buyer at the market
price and the proceeds turned over
to the seller, in whole or in part, ac
cording to whether there is an agree
a_er.t which may allow the buyer a
certain percentage for services mnr
formed by him in cleaning 'he wheat.
"There is nothing ;„ the act which'
would prevent the parties from using
any of these nuti ods. However, this
department docs not feci that it
should at this time discus* the rela
tive merits of these methods or ex
press any preference nmbng them.
In any methods which the parties
fiiRJ see fit t„ „,i p t ; ni H ,| 1( . () ,,i n i on
of the department that any value
which the dockage may -possess
should he paid for in some manner."
I'llJl.S 'It) SMI m> |
In keeping- with the campaign for
military preparedness in the national
cr|sis, Sergeant \\ . \. Puykolt, who
has coached several teams of college
men to rifle championships, is pro
l-arjug to give the girls of the State
College a-i intensive course in tar
get practice. The course will start
with imi(,or practice, using lighl
rifles, but befon its close the co-eds
will he on Hie rife range using the
regulation army rifles and ammuni
Mil. AMI Mils. If. V. \|um;i
Mr. and Mis. 11. V. Moore re
turned last week from Portland,
Ore., a 1 ere the) had been called to
hid goodbye to their son, Dr. C. U.
Moore, who started east on Septem
ber ii on his way to Prance in re
sponse to a abb from Dr. Lucas,
head of the children division of the
Red Cross in Frame, appealing for
Dr. Moore and 14 specialists In chil
dren's diseases to come at once.
On September I 1 Mr. Moore un
derwent an operation For the re
moval of a cataract from one of his
eyes. lie has not yet fully recov
ered from this operation and the
I her eye has been sympathetically
affected. .Mr. and Mrs. Moore thor
| oughly enjoyed their visit and were
; delighted with Portland and its sub
in lis. They say that while the older
part of the city is too congested, i he
additions are beautifully platted and
occupied by fine homes, with large
lawns and an abundance of trees
and roses. They were specially im
pressed with In- Columbia highway,
which i -mis east from tiie city for 1 5
miles along tin Columbia river.
About, midway a huge observatory is
being constructed, standing *" 0 feet
above ihe river and giving a view
of 15 miles up and down the Co
lumbia. The first floor is finished
In Alaska, marble, but the dome is
not quite completed. Some of the
old time residents who have become
very wealthy still retain their homes
in the business section. One bouse,
barn and cow lot occupy a full block.
which is lied a >' On nin cow 10l
Air. mi Mrs. Moore »i_.ited Sea
Side City, in miles south of Astoria,
and called on A. 11. ore at Pen
i MUSIC IM i:i\<; BANK! 1.-
--i Aii.Miifis convention
Among the many other events that
have been scheduled tor the enter
tainment and Interest of the visitors
from all parts of tie -'a> who will
be tending the Bankers-Farmers
con* lon here at Ihe State College
I on November i' and 1", tbe depart
ment of music is planning to give a
musical program on the afternoon of
Friday next at. 1:30 p. b. I his con
cert will be given In the auditorium
and will consist of piano, violin, or
gan, and vocal Bob of the best
music. The college orchestra "ill
also make Its first appearance this
year in a number Altogether the
program which is ing worked out
will be well woi ■ii while to the stu
dents who can arrange to intend as
well as to In- visitors.
( HKISIiW IU ■■"%< >
Christian Science society holds
services every Sunday morning at
j 11:00 o'clock at the Masonic hall.
Subject of lesson-sermon for next
Sunday "Adam and Fallen Man."
Testimonial meetings are i eld
on the first and third Wednes
days of each month at 8:00 p. in. In
the Masonic ball. • A Ire* reading
room is open to the public every
afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 o'clock
... 226 First National Bai • building.
All authorized Christian Science lit
erature may there be ... or bor
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.,
preaching service at 111 100 a. mi,
B. V. P. U.. 6:30 p. m.. evening wor
ship at 7:30 p. m. Midweek prayer
meeting on Thursday at 7"30 p. m.
Next Sunday the Rev. Alexander
Holder will preach, mornirig and
evening. All are cordially mvited to
these services.
The driver of the Ford car who
on October 9 picked up a lap robe on
the road south of town said robe
bearing the name and address of the
owner, can save himself trouble by
returning it at once.
< imisTMAs honks
The l'ullman Red Cross auxiliary
has been notified that the Pullman
ladie- aro expected to furnish 200
Chtlstiuas boxes for Uncle Sum's sol
diors. The boxes will cost in the
neighborhood of $1.50 each and the
financial and labor assistance of the
people of Pullman is urged to make
the undertaking a success.
To provide a systematic and abso- I
luteiy safe plan for the Investment
Of savings, nd to aid Its members!
to acquire homes of their 0"* is the
object of the Pullman Savings and
Loan Association. The Association j
Is iv every sense a HOME institution, j
Who it's For
It is for the Practical Man, who
realizing the uncertainties of busi-j
ness md health, and of the folly of j
spending till his money as fast as
he Kets it. provides for an emer- 1
gen i |
It is for the I'rudent Woman, who I
out of her earnings or allowance, de
sires to put 'away a llt'le money,
monthly, where It will be securely
and profitably invested, and give her
the least trouble and whore she can
get It when needed.
It la for the Young Man possessing
the manhood and determination to
save something every month from
his earnings as a reserve fund, to
draw on when sick or out of a posi
tion, for providing a home or for a
start In business.
It is for Roys and Girls, to help
them to be economical and industri
ous and to encourage them to ac
quire the habit of saving, provide a
fund to educate them and to make
them Independent.
It Ist for Societies, Fraternal and
Other Organizations wishing to In
vest their income for the purpose of
creating a reserve fund, or for build
It is for all Becking a Home or
who want to Improve their property,
or pay off a mortgage or to provide
a fund for any other worthy purpose.
(all on or Write
Pullman, Watihinpton
e(t~* "L"*^_
_^f n^_ ii^^h^^*h^t-'ak a -X
Winter WarmtH^^-^^i^^^^^^^N.
t" fr I ) *tP^NlHL''''';^_l V^Tt^^Y'l "^"A*-/ _fc_rt'»^t «R^fc^Vj''-'?/_W&*_H!'.'.- flfAmW _B_l
fF vTi S fjPyV-igTl^B _____rril* rtt**^ '<_^6^.*?i£PrV' - >_^_Bf__^_________B__.
-v^ufv^ *^A _*r * : * „m I rfHßl_^_i "" _^H_^_^_EP^^P« "i'-Jr _fIR _ft_fi
lrV 1 X M X T ajftft*- mnTkil '.IS T'^u_^4_ W*4 _T*_fJ M t*' 'Jv^l-_^U_B_r*.i*'_SV>-J l^_r-4_H_i_iS
Lee Allen Hardware Co. Otho West Floyd L. Hamilton
~^\ I AROUND HE tiff" _ CELEBRATED ffjm&st| —
rO j" L Chewing Plu§ |fißß|] - n
C^t^SS d^Mr-'K Wfm — gravely plug tobacco —9
C -_^__- n IS *J i__,___,_/— \N_Si_Biß a NOW THE PATENT POUCH KEEPS IT „. I
''^IfW^tm^'^^tmmmW' ""^ I v l®^- man\\WLWß FPESH AND CLEAN AND GOOD j
BlIpX pl|fP\ "' STEP-BILL PC^ERS) Ifcp
/ :-^s\ Announce- \
/ r >mk ment— ;
' ■ hW- \ W&Lm ",M'*'**"'"' wiM' ''nl- lihStrivi !
,«. -itC *41l ',"1 '"',vir"- *'-■•- »-■' :
§ment— f ---'^--stlnlo, !
\^ 1 inn working iti ,„. t
\ .•'■■: J AS Ul'sh *' ' A**- "'lvortise !
Wmk i : K''*W "<;"nis Ai",,i,,n Co-" °» i
n J
am l,il,swhprc,hcsnlcis * I
IW l"^' ' ""n-h *" tistif 3 "-ore i
W4-! :•*'*•'•' H_F <l'»n ono/a„ctionccr. I
•-SSa^^^P^ See(';ii ni s;iliOU| t|,;,| S;,]e. (
N. W. CAIRNS -. i
Office with Walker & Struppler !
Phone 7 P. 0. Box 221 !
miiiimiiiiimiiimiiiimiiiiiiiiii 11111111 1111 ii 111 ii i ii inn iitiin Mii 1111 1 ri i
I Liberty Bonds
| The Montana Wholesale Land |
| Company will accept Liberty 1
| Bonds at 101 per cent as pay- 1
| ment on any of their land. I
r T\ IT D /mica Pullman =
| **'• MT • AV-UUSC Representative |
111111111111111111111111111 i 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 ii 11 111111 in 111111 1111111111 ill
A good farm for sale, lames l.m-i
ere, novOtf
WANTED Track men for log
ging railroad 35 cents per hour; :
board $l per da) Apply Blackwell
I.umber Company. Fernwood, Idaho. ■
Office, Alder Street

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