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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, July 19, 1918, Image 2

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County Record.
■ ■ I.i ■Ll-.11.1_>
JULY S, 191S
United Suites to Samuel A. Wei
man, eh of neq. eh of sen IS-13-39
L. L. Tun-oUCi et ux to Coluinliu?
T. Scott, blk ,".. Fisher's ad.l. Pa
louse, lot 1. blk (I, I .'a'cer's add,, Ta
louse, $52.".
Henry Bietr.back ct UK to Wll'iat
Otho Grlsham, sh of s\v.|. inn .ef uwq
wli of seq 10-19-39. ?1. ■
Theresa Schrr.itt, Gdn., lo ti. ti
Tv rente lot 1, blk 0, Fisher's add
Palou •■ $1.
(!. E. i!< ster et ux to T. V Hon
ning. part 24-19-43, $1.
T. F. Henning to C. H, Hester
pari 24-19-43; $1.
Valley L. Slnll et. ux to F. S
Clark, nil tract 1. 11. 11. McKinney'i
; dd, Garfield, $ I.
Rliza .1. Stall to F. X. C. rk, >-!
tract. 1. 11. U. McKliiuoy's acid.', Ga>,
field. $1.
I. ti. Tufcotii. to Chas. Srhniiit
two real tutgs.
Conditional Bills of Sale.
Burroughs Adding Machine t\>. U
.1. F. Roadman, adding machine
Norrla Safe .v Lock ('... to llar.r..
(iuske. ..afe, .. I n;.
The Crescent lo Karl II MiiDser
house furnishings, $221 i
CuUoh-Moylan-Rcilly Auto Co. {•
J. Reiber, auto., $-.00C.
Bills of Sale
(!. VV. Rango to Milwaukee' Crait
Elevator Co., undivided ball' Interes
in warehouse, ISO,
Winner, Dwyer, Heimer Co. to Cm
Milwaukee Grain Elevator Co., un
divided ha If inteiesl in warehouse
Maiden Grain Co. to Milvvaii.ee
Grain Elevator Co., warehouse, etc
.11 1.. 9, CMS
lice. Is
Elizabeth dcKelhei to France:
Amos, part 28-18-41, $200^
M inda. Brink to Perry S. Baldwin
lot 1."., blk 1. VV. 11. Rudolph's add
La Crosse, $500,
Clark J, Hilts el iix. to Fedora
Land Bank, Spokane, part 36-17-45
and part 1-16-45, $1600.
Ira Scott to Hold Mfg. Co., harvest
er, $3700.
First. National Hank, Pullman, i
David G. Kmdil, chattel, $850.
Conditional Bill of Sale
Ahri'ii-. & Ahrens to* Dr. 1; 1-
Donaldson, auto $650;
Robert I. Wool man ed u\. to O. D
McKeehan, undivided half interes
sen 6-19- 16, lot. '.', bll 3, McDonald';
add, Tekoa, . .000.
Howard VV. Arnold et nx. to R. II
Allison, lot 21, bill •Jl', Ewan, $500
Murt gages
Win. 11. Totty el ux. to Xationa
Farm Lands
Farm Loans
City Property
also bought and sob!
If you want to buy or sell any
thing see or phone me.
Office second floor of City (all
Chamber of Commerce Room
Real Gravel- Plug has been
chewed for :s real tobacco
satisfaction ever since 1831.
It's made the good old
Gravely way.
//// tfmmm
// / / _m fif Peyton Brand
¥ jg§§d) Real Gravely
iw^vjA Chewing Plug
&L _.'"^*-r^-:' iZs **- i'" 1* mm^ _mmc
1 _ff__%\_Wi 10c a pouch— and worth it
,1 WSmm 1
'i 1 £m %'**i^S£ss Gravelyla.tsttomuchlongeritcosta
t__\mtmt!l -■'. "i_S no more to chew than ordinary plug
"o^__\X^^iifM: P. B. Cr*»»«l» Tabacco Company
KBa ___t______S____^_^j___^_ Danvil!a, Virginia
Hank. Palouse. swq of ay. |, wli of
swq 10-16-45; $.'.700.
Win. S. .Mood to National Bank of'
Palouse. part 1-16-44, lots 1,8.15,
of O-l 0-..">. pari lots !'. tl. of 0-16
--45, $3200.
O. .D. McKeehan et ux. to the
. Western Union Life Insurance Co.,
seq 6-19-40, §700*'.
Josephine H. Weitman to Lizzie C.
j Sanlon, one-third lot 8. blk 7. i horn
. ton. $800;
Ralph 11. Allison et us to Cleve
land Smith, lot 2 1, blk 22, Ewan.
Peter .1. VerStoppen p! 11 \. to Col
ton Stale' Hank, lot I, bik 8, Col ton,
ami conlents. $1350,
Ralph 11. Allison <tux. to Clove
land Smith, furniture, etc.. of barber
. shop, poolroom, etc., $1000.
Cleveland Smith to Ralph 11. Al
lison el ux.
Tekoa State Hank to Claude Smith
et. ux.. teal mtge, $ .1,1,
Bill of Sale
Howard W. Arnold to Ralph 11.
Allison, building on lot 21. blk 22,
Ewan, and business, groceries, pool
tables, etc., $.100.
Conditional Bills of Sale
International Harvester Co. to ,T.
i '. Hodgeni Pearl Anderson, harvest
'l er, J 1687.
International Harvester Co to W.
f M. Horton. harvester. $ I 0621
International Harvester Co. to
Elijah Hopkins, harvester, $1062 V
International Harvester' Co. to
j Fred Yeend. harvester, $1062.
International Harvester Co. to
j Ira Scott, harvester. 1062,
International Harvester Co. to
Henry Fennimore, ■is engine, $725,
International Harvester Co. to
Guy W. Dally, separator, $1870, to
? VV ,i. Cm engine, $12.".; to W J.
■Crowe, harvester, $1062; to 11. T.
■ Brophey, engine, $325; to D. T.
Brophey, harvester, $1062; to Jesse
' Grant; harvester. $1192; lo J. E.
■ Trimble? thresher. $1102; t.) 11. R.
Williams', harvester, $1062.
.ICY I, 11 CMS
Maude Darnellle et vir to Ceo R.
| Pierce and Velenl Pierce, lots 0, 10,
•part loi 11, blk :., Coffin's add, Te
> Icon. $1 150.
Katie- VVeltz Repp et al. to John
j M'eit-/. lots 4, -„ blk _. 11. D. Smith's
■i Ift ■ dd. Endicott, SI.
•j Mortgages
Geo. R. Pierce ot ux. to A. Ross,
" lots !', 10 part M. blk 2. Coffin's
add, Tekoa. $600.
.1. H. Smith el ux. to 11. L. Miller,
' horses, hack, etc . $175,
O. 11. Johnson ''■ Farmers Nat lon
al Hani;, Colfax, live stock, machin
' cry, two-thirds crop neq 27, sh of
22, swq of 23-15-42, $2650.
! 'rank Karly to Geo. 11. Schlegel,
live stock-. $2750.
Fred Parks to Colton state Bunk,
• live stock, 110.
t .
' JULY 12, 1918
Milwaukee Land Co. to Solomon
• .i. Wright, lot! 7, 8, blk 2, lot l. blk
I 25. Maiden, $700.
''has, 11. and W. C Harrison and
jWeltha. .1. la nihall to Edward Har-
I rison, eh of swq of seq 7-45, $1.
[ Jas. A. Perkins ed ux, to I. B. Ma
i lon-*. pari seq of seq 11-16-43, $250.
' Maud.* Ella Jamison to Dewey L.
, Jamison, sh of swq 1-20-15, 100.
1 Ruth E. McCoy ci ux. to Win. M.
dStrunk, tract in Oakesdale, I 000.
' Mortgage
J G. E. Halliday to First National
, | Hank of l.md. live stock, auto, etc.,
i! ..::100.
, Citizens Slate Bank of Tekoa to
' Albert Lewis et ux., real ml >•
,j F, A. Williams 10 Homer Hull, con
ij iii Mortal bill of Bale, $440 03.
1 Conditional 1,,11 if Sale
,1 Hans Chrlslonsen to Peter Charlie.
I ; i Ford 1 auto, -no.
: Miscellaneous
il "Oakesdale Grain & Milling Co
I articles of Incorporation.
State of Washington vs. H. B.
' Radcliffe, lots i. ■_. 3, i. bik I, Wet.
of C street, lots 5, I, 7, 8. blk ''
East D. street. Breedings add, Pa
louse, levy and attachment.
Order dismissing petition of Emma
P. Griffin to adjudge Claude D.
Griffin a spendthrift.
Clarke & Eaton Co. to Wilson
Investment Co., lots l, 2, 3, 4, 17. IS,
blk 12, lots it. 12. 18, blk 9, La
Crosse, except, $1.
.las. M. Richardson et ux. to Ed
mund L. Schell, part wh 9, part eh of
lee c; S-19-40, $20,322.
Frank A. Ratliffe et ux. to North
western Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
nwq and part r.wq 29-18.-41, part en
29, part neq 29-18-41, $6000.
Louis Schelly, to Advance Riimely
Thresher Ci., tractor, $1500.
Louis Lee to J. 1. Case* Thresh.in;
Machine Co., threshing machinery,
Colfax National Bank to Alex
Smith el ux., real mtge, $2000.
Vermont Loan & Trust Co. to Al
exander Smith et ux., releases, two
Mr. and Mrs. VV. VV. Snyder and
daughter, Beryl, motored to Spokane
Saturday, returning home Sunday
evening. Their daughter, Lena, who
scent a couple of weeks in Spokane
with her aunt, Mrs. Will Comstock,
returned with them, as did also Mrs.
Snyder's nephew, Jennings Comstock.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Brannon
and children, Freda, Vera, Iva, Lu
cille, ami Tommy, motored to Spo
kane on Sunday and spent the day
iiii Mr, and Mrs. Thos. Huff.
Eugene Young spent a couple of
days this week at the 11. .1. Young
Mrs. m. T. Coffman or Pullman
was a in ' a few (lays this week at
the V 1.. Higgins home.
Mrs. Myrtle Young ami children
spent Sunnily with Mrs. M. E.
Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Higgins were
guests em Sunday at the. home of .Mrs.
Maxie Morse in Pullman.
Mr. and Mrs. Commodore Hen
drix spent Sunday afternoon with
My. ami Mrs. Chester Brannon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Cochran came
up tin- first of the week from near
Walla Walla, to visit the hitter's
mother, Mrs. M. Seitz, and at the
Bert Seitz home for a few days.
Mr. ami Mrs. W. 11. Pritchard and
little son. John Robert, spent Sun
day afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. L.
U. Rueker.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paullus and lit
tle daughter, Lucille, spent Sunday
at the W. F. Paullus home.
Miss Mac Swecker arrived on Tues
day from her home at Troy, Idaho,
'" spend some time with her broth
ers, Albert and Charles Swecker.
11. J. Young is adding some im
provements to his farm house, in the
way of a concrete foundation and
two porches.
Work on the Sherman Brannon
residence is progressing rapidly, and
the house is Hearing completion.
Setb Clarkson of Pullman was a
Sunday guest at the A. .1. Whitten
Dr. and Mrs. E. Maguire of Pull
man spent Monday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. 11. ,T. Young.
They were accompanied by their
guests. Miss .Nell Strain of Pomeroy,
and her sister, Mrs. Ray I'ickrell of
New York.
Mr. and Mrs. George X. Henry
spent Wednesday at the Oscar Kin
caid home and called at the V. L.
llimuns home on tßeir return to
The annual Long Beach picnic was
held on Sunday at the J. S. Klem
■-..ii! home. The day was spent with
a picnic dinner, sports and merry
making. Music by the orchestra,
composed of the young folks of the
Klemgard family, was greatly en
joyed. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs, i. S. Klemgard and sons. Xeal
and Wayne, Mr and Mrs. C. O. Kel
logg, daughter, Kuma, and son, Joe;
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Martin, Mr. and
Mrs. J. At. Klemgard and son, Hud
son, Dr. and .Mrs. EC. Maguire, Mr.
and Airs. J. H. Wicks, Mrs. Mary Ket
tering, Air. and Mrs. E. S. Spencer
and son. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Gordon
Klemgard, Mr. and Mrs. C. 0, Slus
ser and son, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. .1. B.
Sanborn, Mrs. Margaret Richards.
Dr. a. K. Archer, Mrs. Brackney, X.
E. J. Gentry, Mr. and Mrs. 11. J.
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Wade J. Young,
Mrs. Jesse Knowles and son, Carrol,
Mrs. Mamie Johnson, James Hinch
liff, Miss Bessie Roe Anderson, Miss
Lola Spencer, Mid.. Margaret Boyles,
Miss Eileen Brackney, Miss Mildred
TO TRADE— Mitchell touring car
for work horses. Inquire of Geo.
Severance, 1402 Star Route, Pull
man. Jn2BJlyl9
At a meeting of the executive com-?
mittee of the Whitman County Tax- :
payers association held at Colfax on ]
duly 6, the following resolutions j
were adopted: , ;
Whereas, The winning of the war i
Is our greatest concern and all else I
is relatively unimportant, and I
Whereat, Whitman County ha :
supplied three and one-quarter mil- :
lions of dollars lor government war :
requirements, largely from the cm 7 j
short crop, and doubtless must pro- :
vide five million dollars from the ■
1918 crop, which has an unpromising i
outlook and will not provide' five mil- <
lion dollars net. over cost of produc- i
Hon, and I
Whereas, All taxation under pre •
enl conditions impairs the ability of i
our people to provide needed war ;
funds, and
Whereas, Construction of public I
improvements encroaches upon the i
labor supply needed for the produc- i
tion of food stuffs, therefore be it i
Resolved by the Executive Com- :
mittee of the Taxpayers Association j
of Whitman County, That all ex* :
1 endltursa at this time for other ■
than absolute essentials, are unpatri- i
otic and unwise, and the commission- •
ers of Whitman county are urged to i
practice the* closest economy in the ]
administration of the affairs of the ;
county, and to disapprove of all new :
projects for road building or other ■
public Improvements until more op- '
portune times, thus conserving the
resources of the county in money and
labor for war requisites.
All operators of tractors or other
machines with irregular tread wheels
are hereby warned not to run said
machine over the paved streets ex
cept upon permission from the street
commissioner, »
jlylOoctlS Street Com.
FOR SALE Cook sieve, healer,
wooden bed and springs, base of kit
chen cabinet, pigeonhole drawers ami
bookshelf combination, $12. ai1. Al
so team of mares, 1800 lbs., anil f:o't,
wagon and harness, $125. A. S. Ford,
McGee Fiats. Ilyl9
Good rains in tlie Redwater (Mon
tana) district. It's a heavy rainfall
district. Cheap land of high price
quality. Have good farm lease near
Oakesdale, J. K. Coe, Pullman, at
Struppler & Co. office. jly 19
Go to Duthie's for all kinds of mill
feed. unit If
Many Pullman Citizens Have Profited
By It
If you have* backache, urinary
troubles, days of dizziness, head
aches or nervousness, strike- at the
seat of the trouble, These an- often
the symptoms of weak kidneys and
there is grave danger in delay,
I loan's Kidney Pills arc especially
prepared for kidney ailments are
endorsed by over 50,000 people.
Your neighbors recommend this rem
edy—have proved its merit in many
tests. Pullman readers should take
fresh courage in the straightforward
testimony of a Pullman citizen.
I. J. Cunningham, retired farmer,
306 Oak SI.. Pullman, Bays: "When
I take cold, it seems to settle in my
kidneys and brings on attacks of kid
ney complaint. At times, when I get
up in the morning, my back is very
lame. .My kidneys act. too often,
causing me to get up several times at
night. I use Do&n's Kidney Pills at
these times, getting them from
White's Drug Store, and they always
cure mi' of the attack.
Price 60c, at I'll dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy — get
Doan's Kidney Pills —the same thai
Mr. Cunningham had. Foster-Mil
burn Co.. Mfgra., Buffalo. X. Y.
North Grand St., Phone 58
Work Clothes I


• *•
i: '■'■• ■**•
: *:**h*****:**h***h****m*****^^ li^4"li^*#^4'-H i *X**-:~H-1 I*ti■> . , 5
' -» * * * * «**rv m
it t I
: T I 2
■ i is
•■ n ' '• *m* •!• *■
! f is
It ? 5
;i, J s
— j* 5
| j IF YOU are going to J |
| * • work you will need J 1
| clothes. We have a full J 1
( en —
? line and can fit you out. $ 1
:VJ * 5
f T ■*■*
■ t ————————=— —————— t
4* -__H-MBM a HMMß|._____-_____-_-___-_---_____a.------. Ha . *
■ _> ♦!• 5
■ t t s
i is
•_• ♦ -5
•'•■.- T T •*■
♦ f **■
* «■!• tS
_r V ■*■
."■'■■'* * *
it t 5
j J : ■!- p-t-*-t"»*»-t"t"ti t-'i- ■!■ s-'tl ■!■ ■tiil-■!■ ♦■t"t' ■t"<"l"i'-ii■»*»'*l'■♦■►♦■tl ■!■ 'I'-li■!■ ■f--t"l«'»**B>«|.-tw» :
x _■"*• m
Men's Outfitter . |
( P^ L) Makes Cooking i
\ OIL* / O
■^—^Sj a Pleasure
A New Perfec
; tion oil cook A New Perfection Oil Cook Stove
Stove means kitch
en comfort and takes all the drudgery out of
convenience. Ask ° *'
jour friend who cooking. Lights at the touch of a
has one. Used In «_> *-*
3 0:0,000 homes. match and heats in a jiffy. Bakes,
Inexpensive, easy
to operate. See broils, roasts, toasts, — all the year
them at your deal
er's today. round.
No smoke or odor; no dust or
-^ dirt. Economicalall the conveni
ence of gas.
In 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes, with
or without ovens or cabinets. Ask
your dealer today.
Lee Allen Floyd L. Hamilton
The Sale Season is opening up. When you
think of your auctioneer, think of Col. L. Stro
bel. My reputation is built on square dealing
t and I have for referenced my large list of satis
fied customers. Call me tit an early date, be
fore my dates are till taken. Phone my office,
94, or reside. 207 li, Colfax, Wash., at my
All Red Cross work free of charge.
Pure Bred Bales Conducts Auction
General Farm Sales Sales Anywhere l"
My Specialty Northwest
ti''''''''iiit<ill'lllllllllll1 *111111111
zF^F -:■:- -v.. ■*. :F-z:

.-.■-.- - - ■ ■•■ 'A
Where Sale*. Can Be Dated
■ ■ ■. . -

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