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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, October 17, 1919, Image 4

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I»age Four
n— mmmm*mmmm ■ .n ji «■——■ ' 1 jw.f.'fwiKW nim •mwiiimwm.j.i miiuwn»»m
We take pleasure in announcing
that the Theatorium Theatre
will be remodeled, renamed, and
the old equipment replaced with
new and up to date fixtures and
will open for business about
We will offer you the best pic
tures that have been conceived
—by the greatest producers
—by the greatest authors
—by the greatest directors
—by the greatest players
If It Is Good We Will Show It
—-that Zerolene holds J^X/Nft
better compression, gives W /oR
perfect protection to the \]^tk. ) \
moving parts, deposits V-/ \>
least carbon. There is a ]^, )
consistency of Zerolene N. \y.
scientifically refined to *
meet exactly the needs "
of your car. Get a Cor- A^^AmmW WX^Ll^Sk.
rect Lubrication Chart JtT^^^^^KPf!^M
for your car. Bm 2 l\v 1 I3J I|B
(California) % IV /■ W M
m yr£ \zJLmW m¥
j —"^ "^-j
H. L. HATHAWAY, Special Agent, Pullman, Wash.
High Cost of Living Reduced
Bl Reducing Your Foil Hills from ao to 50 Per Cent
This can be done by installing In your residence or business bouse
It insures the greatest comfort given by any known heating sys
tem. It promotes perfect air circulation, thereby promoting health,
it eliminates all the dust, dirt and soot known to so many other
heating systems. It distributes clean, moist, fresh air throughout
every room in the house to an average temperature of TO degrees.
Holds fire all day. Anyone can set It up In a few hours. Lasts a
lifetime and a 10-year-old ct) Id can iperate it. It burns any kind
of coal or wood, always giving up its maximum amount of heat and
practically all the energy is consumed and not escaping in gas and
smoke, as is the case with most furnaces.
it meets with a'l the requirements of Insurance companies as a
safeguard against basement fires nd explosions, it hat; also .'ten
approved by many beards of health and tending physicians of the
It is constructed of very heavy mc I to r.s to re iln heat frum
12 to 24 hours, and 1-. scientifically designed e'o as to radiate the
greatest possible amount ot teat at a minimum cost, wbkb are two
great essentials, and costs but little more than a good heating st,.-. e .
So why delay In Installing one in either your old cr new home be
fore winter?
Call and let us show yon one and explain how you can get real
comfort next winter aud save money.
J. R. GOOD & Co., Colfax
inducted by National Council of the
Boy Scouts of America.) '
' There ,ir,. times when a 'ecoutnins-
I ter must tell someone that one of his
I kids is a mighty line little smut or
! "nil' i trying «> keep still. P. T.
J itUijldn of Troop -No. _.'. \Yiiifl«ld, Kan..
; sends this letter about one of Ills
I scouts :
"For three years he has been work-
Ins with the scouts, as best he could,
,t!.i being old enough to he registered.
i in' I. an honest little fellow, small
| for his age and quiet In disposition,
i but will piny his Jokes. Does not
start in-, disputes, hut will fight for
I his rights, and cukes well with other
j hoys.
"Two yours ago, ft the age of (en
I years while on a hike by himself,
;• ring scout, he came in contact
I with .■■ large rattlesnake, which tilt
him on his ■ Ist. lie- finished, killing
■ It, then put a tourniquet on his own
\ firm, cut off the snake's rattles, and
■ walked two miles home, picking at
j the wound to keep it bleeding so as
\ to wash out as much poison as pos
sible. So tiKht did he twist the tourn
iquet thai he shut the circulation of
; blood off from his arm, self*that none
lof the poison reached his body. Rood
| for a ten-year-old, wasn't it?
"Last summer, age eleven, he res
cued a full-grown man from drown
ing by throwing out a long grapevine
which the man held to. As he puts
It, he threw a grape harbor out to
.5 . *.*t mm*.■%>.'*
Explorer of Labrador, Is Scout Com
missioner in Dutchess County,
New York.
Exit the "boy slouch and enter the
new version of the boy scout. To the
! old we say good-by, and to the new
welcome with all the warmth of broth
• erly feeling.
Years ago a boy who didn't brush
his teeth was common—today he Is
the exception. Why? Because we
have found out the cause of decay, and
brushing is the remedy.
What Is true of teeth is true of
clothes. Two or three slovenly
dressed scouts in a troop tend to de
feat the pride which a majority take
of "looking the part." A dirty uni
form Is a disease carrier and a men
ace to any troop.
Troop pride tends to show up the
fellow who never washes his uniform.
Headquarters is going to help each
troop in dealing with the fellow who
, looks as If he didn't care.
Under the new uniform regulation*
a scout must appear on the street or
i at troop meetings in full dress, and
I that uniform must reflect a clean scout
The boy scouts troops of Pasadena,
Oil}.', have been canvassing the busi
ness and commercial firms of the
city to compile a roll of honor of the
concerns which have Riven jobs to re
turned soldiers, sailors and marines.
The canvass is not simply a local en
terprise, but the scouts are making
the compilation at the request of
the government. Tall men 11. Trnsk.
scout commissioner for the Pasadena
scout troops, has received d request
from Washington for the Information
and a request tor the scouts <> as
semble it. Mr. Trask says the Pasa
dena scouts will lose no time in ob
taining the Information.
It is believed that the canvass will
I ■how that every soldier and sailor who
want from Pasadena got his position
i back on his return If he wanted It,
j and that In addition many other re
turned service men have been placed
, there.
A drive for lemons to furnish re
j '■esMineiit for soldiers passing through
I emits aud Uhrlchsvllle, Ohio, is be
' Ing made by Boy Scouts. Every home
j is expected to furnish a lemon or its
j equivalent in money.
] Boy Scouts of Troop No. I, Medford,
N. V., while engaged in a game of
I baseball were called upon bythescout
j master, Hal B. Fullerton. to search for
| a lost girl. They immediately quit the
( game and hot-footed it over the woods
' where.{be girl haa gone.
History Repeats Itself
3 -vv- v-sh- S-^v : ::&?:^ s ' ''W&^&M
-•--'■• ■ ■' ■ -■
c -.' * ■■• ■■-:v
After experimenting with other kinds
of combines the farmers always
come back to the
Old Reliable Holt
■ ■• . \ -S
We have secured the contract for Holt
machinery and have taken orders for
Holt Combines from Harry Wexler,
Eugene Rittenhouse and J. E. Kimble.
They are wise men to place their orders
early, for the demand for Holts is al
ways so great that those who postpone
ordering cannot get the machines when
they need them.
Place Your Order Now !
". * , '.:'•-• > " :77*£v$,
Whitman Implement Co,
Pullman, Washington ' - • I
...:... :-:/, '-77-./■-: • - m^
» • v ... ■ ....... . ,
sweep with a broom?
—It's hard work—besides, it raises a dust,
causing still more work:
a Simplex Vacuum
—saves your time. Time is valuable. Can you
afford to spend it doing something which electricity
will do for you, without leaving you all tired out?
A Simplex Vacuum Cleaner is sold
on payment plan if desired.
Free demonstration in your home.
■SSB: °^jTSy

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