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Pssgo Ten
(Continued from page three)
Mazelle B. Price to Ira Scott, neq
17-16-40. $10,800.
J. T. Allen to Wm. Wery, tract
12-16-45, $8000.
Phillip P. Sittner to Edwin W.
Orr, seq 5-15-42, $1 1,888.
J. T. Allen to A. P. Murray, part
1-16-45, $2500.
Wm. F. Lawson to First National
Bank, Pullman, neq I 8-1 i 15, $'Jooo.|
Grant Miller to Pullman State'
Bank, lot 3 of . 1-43, $350.
"Wm. Wery to I. ft Parker, pt 12
--16-4,". pt 12- 16 IS, *4000.
W. A. Jeeamore to La Crosse Mot
or Co., auto, $172.
Robert Watson to the Tekoa State!
Bank, live stock, farm implements,;
crop pt 20, pt in Of 20-4« s $2000.!
Fred Relf Jr. and Fred Relf Br. !
to Pullman State Bank, lira stock, j
farm implements, 1250.
Fred Relf Jr. and Fred Relf Sr. '
to Pullman State Bank, crop wh 2>i
-15-44, $4250. I
Colfax State Bank to Wiley Pra
ter, real mtge, $3000.
Win. Weber and Frank Weber to!
Wiley Prater, real mtge. $2350.
Orlo Urlch to Dan W. Pierce, real;
mtge, $4000.
J. A. Hayton to John T. Allen,
real nil go, $10,000.
Conrad Wagner to John Grama- 1
towlch, real mtge, $70.
Patrick J. Haney to Pauline N. j
Shields, real mtge, $364.
•John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co.!
to H. W. Tuttle, real mtge, $4500.
M. U. Henry to P. W. Strupplerj
conditional bill of sale. $1815.
Bills Of Sale
J. E. Miller to Fred Reif, live!
stock, farm Implements, 52 acres
swq 26-15-44, etc., $7250.
P. W. Btruppler to J. W. Allender.i
Inc.. 262 opera chairs, fixtures, etc.
as onsen!
Frank Weber and Win. Weber to
Willis Davis, easement over eh nwq
30-16-4 $1.
NOVEMBER 5, 1919
Nelson Grewell to Ebb Caldwell, I
lots lit to 24, Sclnilt/ add, La!
('rosso, $500
Henry Leinweber to Adam Leiu
weber, tract 33-1 7-42, $10.
Katie Sehierman to John Peter
Oeha, part 13-17-41, $3000.
Homer W. Hanford to Chas. F.
Zimmerman, part 18-20-44, $20,000.j
Fred 11. Hinchliff to Vera F. Hub
bard, one-seventh interest lot 7, blk,
1, Emily W. Hull's add. Colfax,';
$4 25.
John It. Mathews to Frank Slater.
part. 6-14-4 6, part 31-15-46, $16,
H. N. Whitelaw to Christian Zim
merman; part. 1 19-44, except,'
Louisa E. Baker to Fred B. Rog
ers. north 36.8 it lot 2, all lots 3, 4,
blk 2 of Baker's add, Colfax, $5000. 1
G. A. Hale to C. F. Feenan, nwq!
or swq. awq of nw.| 36-18-42, $8800.
John Bloom hi John Peter Ocha, !
pt 13-17-4 1. $3000.
Old National Bank to Day .v- Han-
Ben Security Co., tract 22-17-45, $1,
Hiram Lodge No. 21, F. a;- A. m.,
to J. W. Cairns, lot :;o, Ist add, Ma
sonic cemetery, Colfax, $20,
Conrad Beidel to John Lauten
scheger, pan 28-18-41, $27,971.
John Lautenscheger to Conrad J.
Sehierman, part 28-18-41, except
Willis R. Das la to R. C. Johnson,
wh of swq 21 -16-45, $5000
Chas. F. Zimmerman to Commer
cial State Bank, part 11-20-4 1. ex
cept, 0,000,
Chas. F. Zimmerman to .Commer
cial State Bank, part 10-20-44; $10,
J. Alfred Marquis to S. J. Carpen
ter, part 10 IS 15 $4000.
Chas. J. Freeman to Colfax Na
tional Hank, part 36-18-42, part l
-17-42, $20,000
Nathaniel T. Horton to Union
Trust Co., awq 32-16-40, $7200.
Claude L, Davis to First National
Bank, Pullman, pari I i-i::- is. $10
John Lautenacbleger to First Say.
& Trust Bank of Whitman Co.'. tract
28, pt 32 in 18-41, $600
Conrad J. Sehierman to First Sas
& Trust Hank of Whitman Co,, part
28-18-41. $3000.
Philip Sehierman to Bank of En
dicott, live stock, farm implements,
crop in pt 14-17-41, $2800.
H. D. Weitman to John Weittuan,
live stock, two-thirds crop pt 3-18
--43. $6850.
Matt Ross to National Bank of
Oakesdale. live stock, $150.
B. F. Ellis to National Bank of
Oakesdale, live stock, farm Imple
ments, two-thirds crap pt 9, pt 18, pi
15, in 19-44, $3000.
A. D. Smith to Farmers State
bank, St. John, grain pt 7 and 18 in
18-42, part 10-18-41, $375.'.
Conrad Dipnoi to M. D. Overby,
live stock, farm Implements, crop
part 6-17-45, $475.
Bert Bonncy to First State Bank,
Garfield, live stock, farm imple
ments and crop on pt 6-17-45, $900.
L. B. Carter to First State Bank,
Garfield, live stock, farm imple
ments, two-thirds crop on pt 6-17
--15, $900.
L. E. Carter to First State Bank.
Garfield, live stock, farm imple
ments, two-thirds crop on pi 16-17
--15, $7000.
* Old National Bank, Spokane, to
James E. Peden, real mtge, *1600,
E. C. Johnson to Aaron W. Rob
inson, real mtge.
Mary J. Pittman to Chas. F. Zim
merman, real mtge.
S. J. Carpenter to J. Alfred Mar
quis, real mtge, $4000.
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.
to John B. Johnson, real mtge,
$65 00.
First National Bank, St. John, to
Jos. Ruark.
National Bank of Oakesdale to B.
F. Ellis, chattel 1000.
Matt I'-., i to B. F. Ellis, chattel.
National Hank of Oakesdale to B.
F. Ellis, chattel, * 1000,
Farmers National Bank, Colfax, to
T. J. Hodge, chattel, $1000.
Potlatch Lumber Co. to A. S.
Coon, lion, $636.
Partial Releases
Lillle E. Graham to G. A. Weldon,
real mtge, $4500.
R. H. Lacey, ex, est. David X. Mc-
Adams, deceased, to First Say. &
Trust Bank of Whitman Co., real
mtge, Frank Luft, $5000.
E. C. White to A. D. Smith, wh
10-18-41; except, one-third crop.
Lien, Notice
Conrad P. Morasch v.-. Commun
ity Milling Co., labor bldg., Endi
cott, $361.
Conditional Bill of Bale
Rldgeway Motor Co. to C. W. Hen
derson, auto, $800.
Rldgeway Motor Co. to A. R. Sch
lehuber, tractor, $3000.
Rldgeway Motor Co. to L. C. and
11. J. Clendenln, auto, $800.
Rldgeway Auto Co. to Luther M.
Lyons, auto, $1200.
Potlatch Lumber Co. vs. Commun
ity Milling Co.
NOVEMBER 6, 1019
Win. W. Bright to Berlin Wooster,
lot 1. blk 'J, Maiden. $25.
Ole Melhus to Harry C. Bach, half
int. part 20, 15-20-4 1, $483.
Edith M. McCabe to Roy Jones,
part 2, and 1 in 15-41, $1.
James E. Sellers to M. A. Har
wood, part 18-18-41, $100. ,
Anna M Weltz to Josephine Hunt
ley, part 23-17-41, $1 ; to Deane
Wilson, part 2:1-17-11, $ I ; to Henna
Kaiser, part 11-1 6-4 $1.
E. 10. Jones to Roy Jones, pari 2
and I I in 15-41 , $I.
Oscar" Johnson i <;, Wm. A. Wo.
part IJ, blk ><. Reaney s add, Pull
man, $200.
Mrs. L. M. Calvert to .Mrs. Eva
Kenoyer, lots 5 8, blk 4, Guy, $200.
Roy Jones to Colfax National
Haul;, part»2-l 5-41, $10,000 '
Ernest Marion Flint, to Day &
Hansen Sec. Co., pt net] 30, lots I, 2,
of -J.'.' in 20-46, $8000.
Chat F. Zimmerman to i Join
mercial State Bank of Oakesdale, pt
Sees. 11, 14, 15, IS, in 20-4 1. $5000,
Roy Watson to First state Bank,
Garfield, farm implements, live
stock, pt crop on pi 25-18-44, $2700.
N. 11. Stapleton to G. H. Hitschers,
2 horses, 100.
Hans Christonsen and Andrew
Brede to G. Hredt chattel, $2sou.
See. State Bank, Palouse, to Ray
L. Curtis and Bessie A. Curtis, real
mtge, 000,
John R. Boysell to J. It. and L.
Mansfield real mtge. $2500,
11, P. Billups to Thos, W. Busbey,
real mtge, Fanners National Hank.
Investors. Mtge. Sec. Co., Ltd., to
H. M. Birdsell, real mtge.
C. N. Jarvl to i; V. Peringer,
Geo. E. Perlnger, Albert H. Kirby to
C. N. Jarvla, real mtge, $5000.
Geo. Kreutz to C. N. Jarvla, rea.
mtge, $5000,
Portland Cattle Loan Co. to Vera
! Miller, chattel, $4188.
Affidavits to the Public
•'has. Their, well acquainted with
! I. M. Foster.
Vernor W. Smith, right name Ver
nor, not Vernon W. Smith.
Brneat Marion Flint, knows
claims against estate of .Mercy C.
, Flint, to be paid.
Ernest Marion Flint, well ac
quainted with Charles E. Moak.
Conditional Bill of sale
T. S. Morris to .las. F. Howry,
I pool and billiard tables, counters.
| etc.. St. John, (..imp.
Anna M. Wen/ to Peter Green, wh
am ■!■ lirisJts-s-i'i-i -saw.,-.*-** ■ a.—is-wmi ■■■ — "■■
21-17-4 1, one-third crop.
Bill of Sale
R. M. Harden to Roy Seams, tract
or. $3500.
Articles of Incosisoration
Weaver Investment Co., Sprague.
Standard umber Co. vs. Com
munity Milling Co.. bldg. material In
warehouse, Endlcott, $1505.55.
Bageant and Morrell to E. E. Nel
son, conditional bill of sale, $550.
NOVEMBER 7, 1919
I Seeds,
N.P. By. Co. to Allied P. Johnson,
nwq : 17-45, 12.00.1
J. B. Hunter to Clara E. H. Ash
ton, ah of swq 26-17-43, $11.8.
Ira Scott to John A. Scott, swq '•'
--15-40, $10.
John G. Morita to Frank M. Phil
lips, lot 4, 1", blk ">. Uniontown, $1.
City of Pullman to A. E. Hudson.
lot 25, blk 6, Fairmont Cemetery.
Day & Hansen Sec. Co. to J. 0.
Patterson, part 22-17-45, $1.
Frank E. Taylor tr/Wm. M. Por
ter, pt lots 1, 2. blk 5, Fan's 3rd
add. Pullman, $10.
Lillian M. Schwa't to A. W. Peter
son, lot 13. blk 5, Maiden, $200.
Kittle 1.. Peterson to A. W. Peter
sen, lot 6, blk 8, Maiden, $1.
Lee W. Bennett to l. W. Lazelle.
lots I, 2. I.ik 3, East of E St., Breed
ings add, Palouse, $750.
T. 11. Shobe to .1. 11. .Monroe, lot
14, blk 16, Ha. Crosse. $85.
Mary L Negley to Ned If. Lom
bard, wh lots 1. 2, blk .".2. Maiden,
Charles E. Gingrich to Colfax
State Hank, part 28-15-43, with
right of way. also nwq 27-15-43,
J. O. Patterson to Day & Hansen
Security Co.. part. 22-17-4.".. except,
tract in 7-45, $5000.
J. O. Patterson to First National
Bank, Pullman, pt 22-17-45, except.
Isaac N. Fields to First State
Bank, Garfield, three tracts se.| 4
-17-45. 17.00.
E. T. Woods to First State Bank,
La Crosse, crop pt 18-15-39, farm
Implements, $2900.
J. S. Martin to First National
Bank, St. John, live stock, farm im
plements, pi crop 24-18-41, $600.
I. A. Gordy to Citizens State Bank
of Tekoa, live stock, farm Imple
ments, crop pari 7-14-.".. $1150.
Conditional Bill of Sale
Security State Hank to J. E. Con
ner;?, truck.
Union Trust Co. to Marion Baker
and Geo. Henry, executors, real
mtge., $4300.
Grand Lodge, A. O. U. \\'.. to John
Kerkman, real mtge, $8000, First
Say. & Trust Bank of Whitman Co.
Willes E. L. Ford to Wm. L. Eas
to, real mtge, $6000.
Emma English to Eli 11. Twinge,
real mtge, $1000.
Elberton State Bank to J. 11. Wor
thy, real mtge.
First. Say. & Trust Bank of Whit-1
man Co. to Conrad Bid el, $ 13,1 30.
First State Bank, La Crosse, to E. j
T. Woods, chattel, $2568.
Elberton State Bank to W. 0.l
Davis, chattel, $8000.
I Elberton Stat.' Bank to C. U. Bar
-1 baugh, chattel, $530.
Elberton State Hank to \\ . O.
Davis, chattel, $245. J
Hitter Dental Mfg. Co. to Forest!
V. Greif, conditional bill of sale,
NOVEMBER 8, 1919
Eliza Goldsworthy to Fred Hall,
lot 2, blk i. James McCoy add,
Oakesdale, $900;
R. W. Du'ell to F. T. Green, lot
11, ''Ik 29, Maiden; $1.
.1. G. Noble to W. O. Mulroney,
lot ;:, blk 22, Maiden, $181.
Chass. .\l. Duncan to Chas. E. Ray,
one-hall lots 10, 11, 16, 16, blk 5,
lots 1 to 5, lot '.'. blk 6, pi lots i;
12, except right of way of 0.-W.,
blk 8, Texas City; also pt lots I to I
''•• I.S. blk 5, Texas City, also tr.j
one-half of Texas Perry, $250.
Anna Al. Weir/, to .Mary KU-weno,
wh of neq 2-1 7-41, $1.
Earl a. Mc.Mtllian to S. J. Hums),
lot I, eh lot 2, blk 5, Garfield, ex-:
cept, $10.
E. T. Woods to First State Bank,
La Crosse, wh 18, seq 18-15-39,
Conrad Ruby to Colfax National
Bank, live stock, farm implements,
two-thirds Interest crop in 30-15-42,
W. B. Merman to Colfax National
Bank, live stock, farm machinery,
two-thirds Interest crop in 21 and
28 of 17-43, $5600.
A. W. Perry to Colfax National
Bank, live stock, farm implements,
half Interest crops, $2500.
August 11. and August L. Schmick
to Colfax National Bank, live stock,
crop on pt 9, 10, 16 in 17-41, $5000.
E. M. Fit/.water >„ First National
Bank, St. John, live stock, farm im-
plemcnts, crop part 14, 9, 15, 16 in
j 18-20, $1650.
State Building & Loan Ass'n to
Wm. M. Edwards, real mtge, $241.
Holland Bank to J. Arthur Brown
and Norris V. Morgan, real mtge.
Holland Bank to J. Arthur Brown,
and Norris V. Morgan, real mtge.
Joe Knapp to Frank J. Scharback,
real mtge.
Netherlands American Mortgage
Bank to C. E. Averill, real mtge,
$7000; to John Devine, real mtge,
$2300; to Joseph Devine, real mtge,
.1. W. Johnson to X. P. Lisenbee,
chattel, $4600.
Mrs. T. Houchln to W. A. Jess
more, conditional bill of sale,
Conrad Wilhelm to J. E. Conner,
conditional hill of sale, $290.
Conditional Rill of Solo
O. D. McKeehen to Lloyd Read,
auto, $1750.
Rill of Sale
D. C. Sever to M. E. Stansell, live
stock, farm implements, etc., $5278.
Ridgeway Motor Co. to W. K.
Mitchell Finance Co., conditional bill
of sale, Luther M. Lyons, $1200.
Tax the Women of Pullman the Same
as Elsewhere
Hard to attend to household duties
With a constantly aching back.
A woman should not have a had
And she seldom would if the kid
neys were well.
Doan's Kidney Pills are endorsed
by thousands.
Have been used in kidney trouble
over 50 years.
Pullman women should profit by
the following experience.
Mrs. G. R. Miller. 7 N. Lake St.,
Colfax, Wash., says: "1 suffered
from rheumatic pains and kidney
complaint some live years ago. When
I was washing, sharp pains caught
mi in the small of my back and I
could hardly work at times. I felt
worn out and couldn't do all my
housework. I had dizzy spells, too,
when everything before me seemed
to be whirling. Hearing about
Doan's Kidney Pills, I got a supply.
This medicine entirely cured me and
I soon felt like a different woman."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy — get
Dunn's Kidney Pills —the same that
Mrs. Miller had. Foster-M ill.urn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N, Y.
FOR RENT—Four room bunga
low; modern. Phone 14 7. oc3tf
The Most Fairly Priced
Fine Car Built
THE Chandler Six leads the whole medium priced
field of motor cars so distinctly in popularity,
because it gives such extraordinary value at such a
moderate price.
We firmly believe, and so do great hosts of people
all over America, that the Chandler Six is the most
fairly priced fine car built. It is quite as distinct in the
excellence of its design and construction as it is in the
fairness of its price.
And that is why the Chandler has come into its position of
undeniable leadership.
The Chandler Six is distinguished for its marvelous motor—
the exclusive Chandler motor now in its seventh year of constant
refinement—and for the sturdy strength and simplicity of its
entire chassis, and for the beauty and comfort of its several
types of body.
00,000 Chandler Owners
Testify Their Satisfaction
" ; - ........< ,<
S.v.m~P M ~t<r T.uring Car, tU9i Four- reenter Roadster, $IJ9S
c- _, ... Fnur-Pauingtr Dispatch Car, $ISIS
S.,en-ra„encer S.da», 5279S Four-FazZafr dp,. S2Ui Um.n.ine. $379$
All trie- f. *. ». Cleeelami J. .v
' ' / ... ■>-
Baker Motor Company
We are equipped to handle any kind of
a contract—large or small
r-:'\v& ]W. rM-^ vS^;. •""■'' ;■"■' ■'--■$!
Roth Construction Co.
"Take it from Me*
says the Good Judge
tWise tobacco chewers long
C/^n ._ since got over the big-chew
idea. A little chew of this
I ok real quality tobacco gives %
/ 8$ them better satisfaction
and they find their chew
<^fdf I ing costs even less.
| / With this class of tobacco,
I / you don't need a fresh
I I // chew so often and you find
\j£* you're saving part of your j
I "^fc»> tobacco money.
put up in two styles
RIGHT GUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
Vidor Vegetables
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Everything in the Market
fT*<Ujr, XcTeSSr^^B
SS___S__?_!____g— ■faJSJ

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