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FVidaj', XoTembe* 14, 1010
County Records
•: »
OCTOBER 31, 1919
Conditional Hill of Sale
\ Culton Moylan Relliy Auto Co. to I
Ridge way Garage, auto, $828.
j D. C. Sever to M. E. Stansell, 23
'and 24-14-38, 1-3 of crop.
Conrad Poffenroth to Phillip
Sehierman, seq 15-15-41, 1-3 crop,
4 years.
Contract ,or yale or I**! Estate I
B. F. Cotter to Irl E. RoblnottJ
, n of swq, nh of swq 24-17-39,
Geo. St. Peter to Iva Case, tracts,
Colfax, 100. -
J. B. Raymane to Ezra J. Frantz,
21-20-44, $74,000.
Joseph Leinweber to W. T., Cha.s.
B. and Earl F. Gregory, pt. 26 and
27-18-39, $9000.
Daniel Fish to Rudolph O. Stanke,
tract 22-19-44, (ex), $150.
Nora P. Lane to John A. Lane,
lot 7, blk 7, Colfax, $1.
\Vm. A. Yeo and .las. and Carrie 1
Bmert to Fred A. Hodges, pt.. 4-14
--44, $24,435. • I
John S. Criteman to Potlatch
Lumber Co., lots 1, 2. blk 8, Fitch's
ad., Palouse, $500.
A. B. Nordyke to (ins Browelelt,
tracts in 7-15-43, $36,617.
John P. Talbot to John Otter,
tract 6-15-46, $1.
J. W. Freeman to Conrad J.
Sehierman, tract 28-18-41, $162.
Michel Bier to George Baumgart
ner, lot 4, eh lot 5, all lots 7 to 12,
blk 16, Ferguson's ad., Colton,
Elizabeth Al. Goulett to John
Goulett, tract 1-16-4". $1,
Phillip Sittner to Farmers Nation-i
al bank, pt. 5-15-42, $9000.
Phillip Sittner to C. B. Unzicker.J
part 8-15-42, tract 16-15-42, $6000.j
Henry J. Sehierman to. Farmers!
•National hank. Colfax, part 10-15-41,1
J. M, Smith to Colfax National
bank, part. 4-16-43, part 3-16-43,
Gus Browellel to Farmers Nation
al bank, part 7-16-43, part 6-15-43,
Clarence A. Hood to First Nation
al bank .Pullman, nart 7 ami 6 In
13-44, $8000.
Edw. Krueger to First Savings A
Trust bank, swq 22-16-42, $8000.
'Ezra J. Frantz to J. ii. dayman,
21-20-14, $35,000.
Rosa YVitte to Pullman Savings &
Loan Assn., lot 3, wh of lot 2, blk
14, Reaney's 2nd ad., Pullman,
Edw. Krueger to First Savings &
Trust hank, 5-8 int. seq 22-16-42,
Edw. Krueger to First Savings &
Trust hank, Whitman county, 5-8
int. in neq 7-1 0-4 $5000.
Edw. Krueger to First Savings &
Trust hank, 5-8 Int. nwq 20-16-42,1
Geo. W. Wagner to Lara C. Shep
herd, lots 14 to 18, l»lk 37, Maiden,
Charming li. Workman to Eleanor
Truax Harris, nwq 15-18-41, $7500.)
J. M. Smith to Colfax National!
bank, eh of swq 33-17-43, eh 33-17
--43, $17,000.
J. M. Smith to Colfax National
bank, eh of seq 4-16-43, $3000.
A. J. Roeben and F. J, Viles to
John I-: Olson, crop pt. 20, 27 In 19
--39, $4500.
C. D. Prindle to K. 11. Hill, crop
nwq 22-18-44, $3000,
Roy a. Shaw to I. S. Woods, live
stock, farm implements, $3024.
C. 1). I'rindle to R. H. Hill, live
stock, farm implements, $3000.
Geo. G. Horine to National Bank
01 Palouse, live Btock, $463.
Roy .v. bhaw to Citizens State
bank, Tekoa, live stock, 2-3 crop,
Oscar Schuman to Chas. M. Dailey,
stock, farm Implements, $8000.
Oscar Schuman to Chas. M. Dailey,
2-3 crop pt, 7 and is of 17-40, pi
12-42-6, W. li, M. (Latah county),
Elberton State bank to R. .1. and
'• A. .Met/., real mtge,
Tekoa State bank to Geo. Trlnas
"ch» re «l mtge, L. E. Larrick, $9000.
Eleanor Truax Harris to Win. W.
'rrell, real mtge.
I E - H. Kirkland to J. W. Strevy,
re almtge, E. N. Leslie, $6000.
Ed. Krueger to Jack Phillips,
cb-at„ $850.
BA. V. Bradrick to W. E. Christo
-sh 6r. conditional bill of sale, $1700.
* Adams Leather Co. to C .S. Rohle
fler. conditional bill of sale.
1 Mrs. J. H. St. Lawrence to A. W.
Renter, conditional bill of sale.
NOVEMBER 1, 1919 -
!'.-: ■ Rill of Sale
»'lift and Chase to State College
of Wash., one model - A " Intertype
with electric motor, etc., $1750.
Peter Schmlck to The Public, mar.
ried for 27 years.
Conditional Km, of Sa|( ,
National Cash Register Co to
Auto Sales Co., cart register, $550.
W, J. Kincaid to John H. Rice,
tract! 7, and 18 in 16-44, $2336.
Horace Kincaid to John ii. Rice,
tract in 7 and 18, in 16-44, $7092."
Harvey Kincaid to John H. Rice,
tract 18-16-44, $14,107.
N. H. Lombard to F, McGee, lot
4, blk 33, Maiden, $1.
Thomas Nagle to Lee Tate, part
19 and 32 of 16-45, $18,400.
B. F. Manring, county treasurer,
to Joy C. Morse, lota 9 to 12, b!k 2,
West's St. ad., Rosalia, $--.
School Diat. 80 to Roy Greer tract
12-18-44, $66.
Roy Greer to School Dist. SO,
tract 12-18-44, $56.
W. M. Clutter to Frank Clement,
nwq 17-19- $20,000,
Winifield S. AlcAlasters to John
E. Trimble, pt, 24-18-46, $20,000.
Ira Scott to J. X. Nusbaum, lots
l. 2, ;:, blk 13. LaCrosse, $550.
i "'Witt C. Riker to ''has. J. Fee
nan, 8h of nwq, lots ::. -1, of 1-17-42,
John Kerkman to Edw E. Fee
nan, pt. sections 21, 22. 23 of 17
--42, pt 14, 15 of 17-42, $53,000.
Prank Teak to Hank ol Endlcott,
lots I, 2, 12, 13, blk 6, L. F. Smith's
ad., Endlcott, $1000.
Frank St. Sure to Colfax Nation
al bank, tract eh of tieq 19-15-42,
C. C. Gleiser to A. P. .Murray, lots
I. 8, blk 4 of 16-4 5, $8000.
S. C. Fairish to Albion State bank,
live stock, farm implements, 2-3
crop swq 5-44, $700,
Chahn'ng H. Workman to Eleanor
Trtiax Harris, live stock, farm Imple
ments, 2-3 crop nwq 15-18-41, $500.
Isaac X. Fields to First State bank
of Garfield, live stock, farm imple
ments, all crop seq 4-17-45, 2-3 crop
nwq 23-17-45, $1500.
_. S. Durham and 0. E. Garaghan
to First National bank, St. John,
live stock, farm implements, 2-3
crop pt. 25-20-40, pt. 30-20-41,
Geo, D. Brown to c. H. Langbehn,
real mfge, $9000. '
Geo. S. Bridge to Cutler T. Por
ter, real mtge, $1000.
Union Trust Co. to Chas. 11. Hart,
real mtge, $4500,
Farmers State bank. St. John., to
Charming 11. Workman, real mtge,
Farmers State bank. St. .John. 10
Charming H. Workman, chat, $17 00.
Fred Widman to Angus: Paul,
chat, $ —. '
Security Finance Co. to Joseph
Graff, conditional "bill of sale.
Sherman Clay & Co. to I. R.
Hughey, conditional bill of sale.
Helmer Hardware Co, to E. w.
Gibbs, chat, $1571.
Bank of Endlcott to John Biedel.
chat, $2600.
John L. Smith to Henry D. Kay,
real mtge, Arthur C. Widman,
.1. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
in Helmer Hardware Co. chat, E. W.
Gibbs, *—.
NOVEMBER 3, 1919
Leah Irwin to Frances M. Taylor,
lots 5, 6, blk 15, Endicott, l 000.
Robert Babb to Thos J. Hodge,
pt 19-16-45, $9500.
John A. McNeei to Walter Hay
field, tract 3 1-19 15, $1.
Charles P. Moore to Claude ami
Elijah 11. Hopkins, part 34-16-40
Geo. D. Brown to Frank B. Bab
cock, part 2:'.. 24, 13 of 19-40, lots
'i, to. blk 17. lots 9, 10. blk 30, Rock-
Lake, except, $26,000.
John L. Richards to Henry i-;. Rob
erts, lots 1 to 6, lot '.'. blk 19, Step
toe, $6000.
Paul IS Braun to Robert Potts,
lots 3, 4, eh of swq 30-20-39, $1.
E. F. AicXali to T. ('. Sarchert,
lot 6, blk 3, Ist add, Lamont. $1200.
Emily C. Voorhees to Frank Tetn
pero. nwq 5-16-4 5, $13,600.
Wirt Lee Calfee to (has. E.
Bowen. one-twelfth interest eh 34
--19-39, $1.
Lela Kate Olson to Chas. E. Bow
en. one-twelfth interest eh 31-19-39.
Lizzie Perry Calfee to Chas. E.
Bowen. one-twelfth interest eh 34
--19-39, $1.
Llda Jane Russell to Chas. E.
Bowen, eh 34-19-39, $1.
Wilson James Calfee to Chas.
Boween, one-half interest eh 84-19
--39, $1.
G. S. Green to James A. G. Sharp,
part 24-18-39, $2000.
Stonewall J. Hostetter to Tandy
H. Blair, trad 25-18-44, except,
Ernest Flint to Syl James, lots 1,
2. of 29-20-45, part neq 30-20-46,
Walter H. Means to Federal Land
Hunk. Spokane, part 6-17-44, $1000.
Elijah H. Hopkins to Union Trust
Co., part 34-16-40, $7000; seq 34
--16-40, $6000,
Frank B. Babcock to Geo. D.
Brown, part Bees, 23, 24, ami 13 in
19-40, lots 9, lit, blk 17, lots 9, 10,
blk 30, Rock Lake, except, $15,000.
Ezra J. Franz to Olive Johnson,
sli of swq, sb of seq 8-19-4 4,
G. L. Heglar to Farmers State
Bank, Sprague, grain, hay. pi 16-19
--39, two-thirds interest crop pi net}
16-19-39, $4500.
G. 1.. Medlar to Farmers Stale
Bank, Sprague, live stock, farm Im
plements, $4500,
W. W. Snowhill to Farmers State
Bank, Sprague, part 7. 20, 29, in 19«
39, $8600; live stock, farm Imple
ments, $3600.
C M. Blair to Linville Bros., farm
implements, $1180.
H. L. Hollenbeck to Airs, D. M.
Sanders and Mrs. Mary Stacey, crop
part 10-; 15, $1000. '
Arthur Johnson to Citizens Statu
Bank, live stock, farm implements, j
crop in Benewah Co., Idaho, $3200. |
Extension of .Mortgage
Adolph Al. Tate to Fidelity Says I
& Loan Ass part 20-19-41, parti
19-19-41, $6000.
Extension Agreemen t
Between Ernes! M. Flint and Syl I
-lames. B eg 30, part 29 In 20-46, ex
United States to Andrew J. Leach,
nh of neq 18-18
United States to Frit-/. W. Sell, the
neq of nwq 8-20-4 .
Affidavits to the Public
Henry Biernback, well acquainted
with Mary .1. Calfee; with J, ]„ Cal
Harry K. Bowen, we'll acquainted •
with 1,.'1 a Kate Olson.
C, E. M. Sanderson, county clerk j
of Sup. ft,. John Bartol justice of
August Seller to Farmers Nation
al Bank, Colfax, real mtge, Win. M.
Smith, I 1,300.
Citizens Stan- Bank, Tekoa, to H.
S. Milner, real nunc, Milton McHar-j
gue, $8500.
Bill Of Sale
.1. L. Richards to Henry E. Rob
erts, pipes, water system, franchise.
etc., $1.
Conditional Bill of Sale
McCaskey Register Co. to Albion
Warehouse & Mercantile Co., $188.
John R. McQueen to Llnville
Bros., drag saw with engine. $189,
Tull it- Gibbs to Fred Regan,
household goods, $625.
Hobart vifg, Co. to St. Joseph's
Academy, $560,
Rachel M. Fawcett to .las. T. Fu
gate, real mtge, $3000.
Union Trust Co., Spokane, to W.
J. Arp, real mtge, $2500.
Bank of Farmington to W. E.
Thompson, real mtge, $7000.
Joel E. Ferris to Fred P. Peter- j
son, real mtge.
ii. S. Milner to Roy P. Smith, real I
Board of Trustees of Whitman
College to Roy V. Peringer, real
mtge, $16,192.
R. H. Hill to Albert Dlebel, real
mtge, $3300,
Vermont Loan & Trust Co. to Wm.
T. Baker, real mtge.
A. B. Willard to J. (J. Tate, chat
Morford Bros, and Martha A. Mor
ford to A. B. Willard (mortgagor)
First State Bank, La Crosse, to
('has Smith, chattel, $205.
Bldredge Buh 1; Co. to W. W. Sno
hill, chattel.
Fred A. Harmon to T. H. Matuey,
$145. .
NOVEMBER -1, 1919
Philip S. Endsiey to Arthur J.
Fnclsley. wh of swq 20-15-43, $1.
Wm. S. Barclay to Rudolph Km
ger, lots 7, 8, blk 24, Oakesdale, ex
cept, $100.
W. Claude Renfrew to Wm. C.
Bishop, part 2-18-4."., $36,000.
Fred B. Wolff and John E. Wolff
to J. E. Miller, part 22-17-45, ex
cept, $20,000.
Wiley Prater to Airs. Malissa Glel
set-, part 19 and 30 ill 16-4-".. $10,
C. H. Kincaid to J. B. Glover, pt
31-41-4 5, $100.
N. E. J. Gentry to Samuel Easto,
tract 6-14-4 5, also lots 1 to 14, in
blk 1, Falrview add, Pullman, $1.
John H. Rice to Edw. Aeschliman,
tract pt 7, 18 in 16-44. $25,750.
J. L. Reed and Lloyd A. Read to
Walter Hayfield and Claude B. Hay
field, part 34-19-45, $9200.
John D. Morgan to Ira Scott, swq
9-13-40, $16,000.
(Continued on page ten)
A Word of Advice and
If you will take the time to read this
little advertisement you will learn some
thing which had never occurred to you
in regard to photography:
Last year we quit promising photos for Christmas delivery on the
12th of December.
We had all we could finish in that space of time.
We were compelled to turn away several orders, people who had
really planned photos as Christinas gifts, but who had delayed bay
ing them taken earlier, not that they couldn't have gotten to the
studio earlier, but just because they neglected to do so. They were
disappointed—so were we.
It is and always has been the policy of this studio to do all in our
power to please our patrons and to accommodate them in every way
possible, not only for their own -.ike. but because we hope in that
way to gel and hold your business. We need your business and
want it. That is why we are advising you Id come early. But it
is not for our sake .'done that we ask you to do this, but it in for
your accommodation us well. §*
Make thai appointment a couple of weeks earlier this year. li is
just as easy to do now as to wail until the last moment".
Several have already profited by last year's experience and are al
ready making their appointments. Be one of those.
We are equipped this year as never before for handling the business
and turning it out in the shortest time possible consistent with good
workmanship. We use nothing but the host grade of materials we
can obtain in our work and allow nothing to leave the shop that
is not in every respect completed and as promised.
After you have rent! this little piece of information and advice just
step over to the phone and call 3234. We will be, glad to answer
any question in regard to photos you may wish to ask.
Remember—Your friends can buy anything you can give then. ex
cept your photograph, and also remember we want your business.
' \*^i' motor Cjj
Dropped Fors9d _-*^^ BCS==^ _. < iifnr^ m
The Buick
Built Steering Knuckle
Efficiently Serves With Absolute
Thoroughness of Protection
This ability has been pounded and tempered into its
construction thru the remarkable Buick processes of
drop forging and electric heat treatment.
Toughness and durability are deeply imbedded in this
* important unit, thru the high quality of materials and
workmanship used in manufacture.
Into each Buick built steering knuckle is hammered the
guarantee of safety which twenty years of Buick engi
neering and designing has made dependable.
When Better Automobiles Are Built, BUICK Will Build Them
Pate Threw

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