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Friday, December^ 12, 1010
Wm 9 rDKCTIC* AI x3ff/ XT A C firr^r^ IKf PHI
iiJarTlT'^^fci JL fl». I~*%l .. B H \a f-ml\ a sxr^/m/ I tt n #^ fa o B fl H vv \iwi/rv i^^Ds.
||p^glj |||| * IXi^v ft |l^^^^^^?™v vJlr I 3 » jJM
', mll assortment of Ihe fatuous entire were fortunate enough 0 secure „,,,■ |~ !
, We have alarge assortment oi the huufa __ — entire order of Pyralin tvorv so cum
ji Gibson Christinas card* ,/^S N; > your *'- in that line. ' \
!j H^r^2^jg^j^?^' _-*—v^ Xl^ll " -^" r**r I C J 7 ' WF HAVE HIS <
jl M^-^'^^H NJ^^^^F : ■•"-'" ' </ - CHRISTMAS GILLETTE !
I \ JQ HaWaJMriafatißabfinlHHafliinU "v^~- '''* " man's gift — nothing could <
I, -~*m.. --maMmmm^afaa mm 'i/-.i- . please him better. i
\ KODAK " is always a gift that is practical. Our line Insist on II he already ha* a Gillette give him i
i, of Crane's Christmas Stationery will please Pvralin one of the new models: I
'„ ' The gift that helps to make the Christmas J'OU. / The Aristocrat-in French Ivory- I
( ;' merry-then keeps a picture story of the Ivory Bulldog—with the stocky grip— I
| merry—then keeps a picture Story ot the y A Traveling or Comb.nat.o., Set.
i, Christmas merriment. " _^ ......... Why take ft substitute 9 We have a wide range for choice- '
!; Kodak Albums from 40c to $10,00 Jg\ | . ,sForVh oetSp,.ble^.gi«»-.p.cke, ■
!j . ]P>T\ M^i!^^ft%*#*' •< new Gillette Blades. .' |
i! ■ ■""*•'•' ■• "•' . Face Cream - . ,
i Our nalconv has an assortment of all In* Perfume i
.j TRAVELING SETS best Children's Books. Pace Powder J
jj Are very practical for him. We have " size FOUNTAIN PENS Talcum Powder DOLLS |<
j. to suit every pocketbook. FOUNTAIN PENS Hair Brushes ,„.,,,, , „ ,' I
ij We have the Parker and Moore's Poun- Perfume Atomizers u ° . 8 a"d ,"or'' 'J"" 8 . They arC
j! A Book from our Circulating Library lain Pens in both the plain and gold band ; Etc., Etc. the IDEAL kind-guaranteed not to ,
l! would make an excellent gift. pens. An especially nice pen for the ladies. j BREAK ,i
!' Have you hough, your PULL^QFT <
,' i...,".,- PULL OFF ,
|' I'hristiuas Stickers „ A • .... „ „ , '
! ' unTuj. * „.,. WW« • ■»%. ' at-*, Christmas Ribbon Step up in the balcony to see them. Only a i
I!^.^ \l7V^i4^ ll'S^'fi'B^f PomsCtic Wrapper Paper few Sleeping Dolls are let,. J
\ 1 litf*^ WW 0I if 111 lld Villi L Christina-, Candles There are also a few TEDDY BEARS hat
JL lIV V V JaH*C*W MaJF ML "J"! lk*-#^V/JL %• Tree Decorations will please the children. \
Seven Letter Men and Thirty
Scrubs Respond to Bohler '%
First Call
Basketball stock at Washington
State College is rating higher than
ever before in the history of the in
stitution. With seven letter men
back in the harness with years of
experience in fast company behind
them, Doc Bohler should have no
trouble to turn out a great team.
The great intramural sport prom
ises to have one of the most won
derful seasons in its history. Not
December 13
Tom Moore
%mi and
Lady Algy"
Tills ricrUUH-lH DIRECT'FROM';
-•Alho 2-Beel HAROLD' LLOYD
; ratified "Bumping Into Broad-1
*»*." A Scream. £r,
||§V MATINEE: 1:30 to ■*:<*>
only here, but in every college and
university in the country, basket
ball is regaining the importance
which it naturally lost as a result
ot the inroads the war made into
the roster of athletics. With the
return of pre-war conditions, how
ever, the popular indoor sport prom
ises to take a back seat to no other
line of athletics, even promising to
rival old King Football in interst.
At the University of Idaho the
great team of last year and the year
before is still practically intact, and
the Moscow faction is laying plans
for wiping out the memoryv of that
37 to 0 score which was registered
In our favor on the gridiron this fall.
Oregon has a full team of veterans,
including Durno and Manerude, two
of the fastest men that ever juggled
a basketball. At Seattle and O. A.
C. prospects are also promising, and
taken all in all, there is no doubt
that a number of hotly contested
games are due before any team an
nexes the conference title.
The Cougars look like a good bet,
with Captain Eddie Copeland. Bob
Moss, Chick Rockey, Pink Mclvor,
"Darkhorse" Kotula, "Burgle" Bur
gess, and Lloyd Gillis to draw from
for the varsity berths. In addition
to these veterans of the indoor sport,
about 30 other men are candidates
for the first team places, anu some
of these recruits are slated to make
the letter men step lively for varsity
honors. Cillis has expressed his in
tentions of not turning out for a
while, but may be prevailed upon to
don a uniform after the holidays.
Among the most promising of the
non-letter men who have reported to
Coach Bohler for a suit are Kreps.
Fertig. risna. Roberts, Boucher.
Rathbun, W. L. King. Walt Hanson.
Morgan, and Fenn. ' Other men of
equal worth are also turning out and
ore expected to figure strongly in
the rates lor first team berths.
The way old man Dope has it fig
ured out. there is going to be some
hot competition for both forward
positions this year. With Moss.
Rockev. and Mclvor. all forwards
with at least two gray "W'a" to their
credit, out in uniform, and several
promising candidates among the
second stringers, some- lively work
Is expected before Coach Bohler an
nounces his choice. At the giir:r I
positions. Captain Copeland, Gili«s. '
Kotula, and Burgess all look good,
and no one can predict at the pres- j
ent who will win out. Perhaps Doc i
Bohler will shift some of his surplus
guard and forward material to the
pivotal position, which at present is
the only weak point in the prospect
ive team.
With men like Friel, .Merritt, PifcK
and several other former high school
stars performing for the frosh, the
outlok for next year is far from dis
couraging, also inasmuch as we will
lose but few of the letter men of
this year.
Moss and Copeland Look Good
Captain Eddie Copeland and Bob
bie Moss, veterans of the 1916-1'
season, when Washington State had
the championship of the Pacific
roast and had three men on the all-
Pacific Coast team, can be relied up
on to play the same great game they
played in that memorable season.
Two years in Uncle Sam's gob out
fits seems to have neither slowed
those stars up nor diminished their
liking for the great indoor game.
On the contrary, both Copeland and
Juoss seem to be faster than ever
and should show up even better than '
Tin did three years ago. I
The schedule provides for a mini- j
mum of three series of lies to be
played here in Pullman, and with I
tentative dates for more contests
The Christian Science society holds
services every Sunday morning at
i i (to o'clock in the new Masonic
Testimonial meetings arc held
every Wednesday cvenirK at 8:00
o'clock in the Masonic hull. A free
reading room is open to the public
Tuesday. Thursday and Sr.turday
afternoons from 2:00 to 4:00 o'clock
In room 226 First National Bank
building. All authorized Christian
Science literature may there ha read
or borrowed.
See our line of staple holiday
poods. Practical gifts at West's,
WANTED —Used furniture. Call,
3292. Highest prices paid for good |
t-oodK. Otho West. decl2-l*»
It »v_-TB «wt4__V_»___l
v *w\w^i\ irf
\\mW 4____H_K ■! * Jfraw
kiiy - - VH-H H J.
____w _*_T * __■ V 3 ' tf_^
bSj-^C'/^/I v i~*A !___H_^ißßßli_______^P__iJHfs^jK-l
_M^*s_ _«^l&*^-__l____rX. *____P^_s^^V^ V 4r»
_________ Warn
Captain-oleet for the 1020 foot-;
ball season and one of the few stars
remaining from Dlett's 1010 «'">»•
An experiment involving the feed-:
carried through last fiver by the;
ing Of pea straw in comparison with J
alfalfa hay is projected here by the
division of animal husbandry, In
charge of Prof. Howard Hackedorn,
sad will include both sheep and
cattle. .
A feeding experiment of this kind j
carried through last winter by the
division of animal husbandry ap
plied to breeding ewes. They were
brought up to the time of lambing
in good, strong condition with pea
straw, at ■'••' per cent less cost than
with alfalfa. Plus the pea straw,,
th ewes each were given two-thirds
of a pound of grain per day. The,
grain ration consisted of six parts
bran and one part cottonseed meal. I
by weight.
For ewes suckling lambs, pea
straw did not prove any more eco
nomical than the alfalfa because it
was found necessary' to feed nearly
twice as much grain with pea straw
as with alfalfa, in order to enable
the ewes properly to suckle their
I .1. 0 Adams Grocery has barrels
of candy and nuts. „ dec!'-'
FOR SALE —Two milch cows; 224
J Cleveland St. K. H. Vincent.
Phonograph Repairing, call 1562.
"Now Is the Time to Do It"
says the Good Judge
Go to real tobacco — SS^T >V
the small chew with l^ O^lax
the rich tobacco taste t^3Mif/*
that lasts a long time. WJ 1 y
It will cost you less to fl. *X
chew than ordinary T%>^ \i
tobacco. Any man \ j
who uses the Real \. I
Tobacco Chew will \ 1
tell you that fSg*
Put Up In Two Stylet
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
-• - •
Farmers Cash Market
Sells all kind* of Meat.
Buys Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, and Poultry.
Pullman, Wash. Telephone 21
Vug* Roven
Four pure bred Shropshire rams.
One pare bred Berkshire boar;
ready for service.
Five bred bows.
Bundle wheat hay, $20 per ton.
Three pure bred Berkshire gilts.
oct 17tf
Wo write fire Insurance. Yeo &
Kmert. OCt24tf
Go to .1. O. Adams Grocery, Pull
man, for Ninas candy and nuts
dec 12

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