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Friday, April 23, 1020
Just Where and How
! Is the Money
to be Spent
j ||% |jf§| )
A businesslike Answer to
i> a businesslike Question
THIRTY denominations cooperating in the Inter
church World Movement have budgeted their
needs. No business could have done it more scientifi
They have united to prevent the possibility of duplica
tion or waste. At least a million dollars will be saved
by the fact that thirty individual campaigns are joined
in one united effort.
Each denomination has arranged its budget under six
main heads
lAT HOME. A More of items coma T least 12,000,000 children and young
under this head. Consider only one. people under 25 year, of age are en-
Fly* and a half million people In the taring American life without any
United State, cannot even read and religious at alt. Remember
write the English language. Who Is Ing the faith of Washington and
to carry forward this vast work of Lincoln, do you think that America
Americanization If the church does will continue to produce Washing
not? tons and Lincoln, if faith die. out
of the hearts of its youth? <
Every yearthousandsof men.nd 5 ABROAD i_Tfl_?___.:V-JY *K.
women seriously 111 are turned away fT»m ,h. A'"fl, u.« n" CBme fi"»
from Church hospitala because of „°™ij i ? i nt tllirty *•£• «RO;
Lack of room. The children', home. "," r'* a" V °r,ent, al
are compelled to turn away mora <,u«u«»- ? . ,on «f B« China has only
children .h.n they can r«e£e f" c ?, h r T" c'-a_? '"'.. **"*? "I°^
the Orient will continue to be a
menace. So long as one-third oi .he
3___ .„_.-__ ._ „ babies of India die before their see-
FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. Of ond year our own babies are not
the 450,000 American atudents In safe. A Christian doctor or teacher
Institutions of hlither grade, one- sent abroad Is working for America
half are in Institution, founded and as truly as though he worked at
supported by the Churches. Many of home,
these institution.have had nogreat
■ndowment campaigns, but their
need, are Just a. pressing as the £ PREACHERS' SALARIES. Th.
needs of larger schools; and you U preacher is called the "forgotten
have only to read their list of alum- man," and well he may be. Eijht
and alumnae tomeasurethe value out often preachers are paid less
of their contribution to America. than $20 a week I
Each denomination has its own detailed budget, and
will administer its own funds. Your pastor has copies
of the budget: examine them for yourself. In the week of
April 25th-May 2nd you will be given your opportunity
to help. You can do it with the full satisfaction of know
ing that every dollar of your gift has its post assigned
to it in advance.
Every dollar for better America and a better world.
When your church calls on you give—and give with
your heart as well as your pocket-book.
United «/C JW. April 25th
Financial (-(■ D ill »°
Campaign \Aj| W*w* May 2nd
\M_>rld Movement
of North America
Tin tmhlkatien of thii advertisement It made possible through the cooperation
of thirty denomination..
We have our
Set up and you are invited to come and
look them over
Also Our Line of
Singletrees and Lead Bars
Gasoline Engines
Washing Machines
Power and Electric
Idaho Roller, Auto Tires
Vacuum Cleaners
Oils and Greases
And Everything for the Farm
See Us Before Buying
__■____———■■-__■■---■--■■———-^-—----—___—■-——SISP *
* _ * *
We Deliver Phone 51
K3 THE sn
The highest cultur* Is to speak no ill;
The best reformer Is the man whose
Are Quick to see all beauty and all
And by his own discreet, well-ordered
Alone reproves the erring.
-Ella W. Wilcox.
A potato salad Is always a good
standby and one which may be varied
with ninny sejrt
sonings and com
New England
Potato Salad. —
801 l two quarts
of small potatoes
and hard-boil two
eggs. While hot
aa •
combine the eggs and potatoes and
stir In two tablespoonfuls of butter,
one-half cupful of vinegar, one
chopped onion; season with salt and
pepper and set aside to become cold.
When ready to serve, add a cupful of
heavy cream and sprinkle with pars
Smothered Ham. —Cut a slice of
ham two inches thick from the center
of a ham. Let simmer for two hours
Just covered with water. Remove to
a baking dish, spread with butter, add
a few cloves and cover with one-inch
layer of bread soaked In milk and sea
soned with salt and pepper with a bit
of onion Juice. Bake In a moderate
oven until the bread Is brown.
Sausage and Veal Croquettes.—Mix
together one-half pound of sausage
meat with one-half pound of veal
chopped. Add one-half cupful of bread
crumbs and one tablespoonful each of
chopped celery and pickles. Season
with one teaspoonful each of lemon
Juice, celery salt and scraped onion
with a dash of red pepper. Bind with
a beaten egg, form Into rolls and
brown in a little hot fat.
A Good General Salad Dressing.
Take half a dozen eggs, beat well, add
a half cupful of mild vinegar and a
half cupful of water; cook until
smooth and thick, stirring constantly.
Beating with a Dover egg beater while
cooking makes a most light and creamy
dressing. Put away In a glass can,
and when wanted for use, add such
seasonings as are appropriate for the
combination served. One tablespoon
ful of the dressing with three oft
whipped cream, salt, red pepper, mus
tard and sugar to taste Is a dressing
eood for many vegetable combinations,
If used for fruit the mustard is omit
l/[*JUbU /VU*i*t*fi_
Go to Duthle's for Martin's Beat
flour. $3.50 per sack. feb2otf
Painting Tinting
Paper Hanging
Hard Wood Finishing
Call Phone 270
The thirty cooperating Protes
tant churches, in their financial
campaign, April 25 to May 2, are
seeking to pledge $...»>,7 72
Looks like a bis sum, doesn't
But It isnt. Its only one-third
of a billion dollars.
If one Protestant church mem
ber out or every eleven In the
United Slates gave 32 cents and
7 mills a day, tin 1 sum would pay
the whole ohurch budget for
1918 and leave 22 million dol
lars. If the whole church mem
bership gave 6 cents and 7 mills
a day, the entire church ex
penses for 1918 would be paid
and a balance left of 270 million
If every church member con
tributed 6 1-7 cents a day, the
entire $„..«. 777. .'.72 would be
raised without asking the aid of
the non-church members.
Pastors of Various Denomina
tions Pleased By County
The county Interchurch conferences
held throughout the Inland Empire
between April 6 and 16 were so large
ly attended that in many cases the
churches engaged tor the meetings
were not large enough to accomodate
the crowd.
Explanatory addresses, some illus
trated by charts and lantern pictures,
provided a mass of information about
the Interchurch World Movement; and
the pastors and laymen who attended
represented virtually every Protestant
church in the Inland Empire.
That public sentiment is decidedly
in favor of the Interchurch movement,
was the opinion of leaders of the group
of speakers who had in charge the
various county conferences.
"There was not a note of dissension
anywhere," said the Rev. J. E. Smith,
pastor of the First Baptist church, Spo
kane. "The young people's meetings
were remarkably well attended. Tho
people of the Inland Empire are keenly
interested in the Interchurch move
ment and our only considerable ob
stacle is a lack of adequate informa
tion. The time has come for church
partnership in place of rivalry."
"Biggest Thing Since Reformation."
"If the Interchurch plans are carried
through, this will be the biggest thing
in the Protestant church since Luther's
Reformation," said Rev. George W.
Knepper, pastor of the Central Chris
tian church, Spokane. "For the first
time in history the Protestant church
has an adequate sense of Its task and
has definitely planned an adequate
campaign to meet the need. This co
operation will not only stir the local
churches to their very depths, but will
bring forth an outpouring of life and
money that will bless every needy
field of the work. God is on the
move, we must go with him or go
"I am Impressed by the co-operative
efforts shown by the conference," said
J. G. Eldridge, dean of the University
of Idaho faculty, Moscow, Idaho. "The
Interchurch Is a movement force! on
the churches by the world situation,
and the same need for joint activity
applies to the Inland Empire."
"Brings New Vision."
"There is no doubt but that the
Interchurch is bringing a vision which
will mean a new day for the religious
life of the Inland Empire," said the
Rev. H. O. Perry, pastor of the Metho
dist Episcopal church at Moscow,
Idaho. "It surely brings a challenge
to Protestantism when it is proposed
to sit down together in every county
and work out together an adequate
program for that county. The confer
ence has carried us a long way to
ward the goal, and there is undoubted
ly a great revival coming to us all."
Surveys of rural America, made In
every county by the Interchurch World
Movement, have been sought by the
United States Department of Agricul
ture, which has contracted to buy
copies of the survey of each of the
2,968 con::': The survey covers not
only religious but community condi
tions tn a scientific way.
J In one Eastern Washington
* vlll.ge there are 1,900 people.
J There are 13 Protestant church
+ and 8 resident ministers. On
X the membership rolls of these
♦ churcho. are 1,357 names, 78 per
X cent .f th_ entire population,
T In ' ■ era Washington then
+ is a county with a population
j£ of 5,100. It has only 4 churches,
+ only one resident minister and
J only 3 per cent of the people
3 in the county are church anem
a bars
+ It is estimated that the
t churches In the village, with 1,
--i 999 people, are spending three
99i.i peopla ire spending three
J times as in.'.] as the chun
+ In this county with nearly three
X times aa many people.
Dancing Recital
Friday Evening, April 23
at 8 o'clock
College Auditorium
Tickets on Sale at Watt's Pharmacy
I!!'.:.' I I — ' ; l;:: ll; |in!' l'!|ll|!! l!!l|!i!ll|!I
For Nirveftj rive Dollar we
will furnish qou with enou§h
Lumber shin<>[e«> dr\d Windows
to complete the job.
It i> Twelve feet wide
===== jr. o.*_s» _=
We are loaded on the following. To reduce our
stock we will sell at reduced prices the goods listed
1 box puff wheat, pck $ .15 —per dozen .. . .$1.75
" No. 10 blackberries, can I.3sease of six. . . . 8.00
No. 10 loganberries, can I.3scase of six. . . . 8.00
No. 10 apricots, can 1.25 — ease of six.. . . 7.45
No. 10 pears, can 1.25 —case of six . . . 7.45
No. 10 string beans, can 80— case of six. . . . 4.75
No. 2 peas, can 20— of 24. 4.75
We have a choice assortment in glass
of jellies and jams
Call 56
| Farm Lands and ||
| Stock Ranches
ij Hazen, Hately, McClaskey Co. jijj
James McKay, Experienced Auctioneer
Formerly Live Stock Auctioneer Aberdeen Shire, Scotland
References Satisfaction Guaranteed
Phone Kir. 431 312 6th Aye., Spokane
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