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Page Four
County Records
APRIL 10, 1920
Robert J. Neely to Frank Murray,
ah of nwq, nh of swq 3-13-44, part lot
1 of Sec. 1. part lots 2, 3, 4, of 3-13
--44. $33,000.
Helen A. Fulnaer, Gdn. Est. of
Helen Jean Pulmer, to Jervis M. Ful
mer, undivided one-eighth int. in lots
1, 2. blk 5, Reaney's 2nd add, Pull
man. $500.
George W. Thompson and Clarence
J. Thompson to L. Plowman, lots 1,
2, 3, 4, blk 31, Sheehan's add, Farm
lngton, $300.
L. Plowman to John W. Baylor,
lots 1, 2, 3, 4, blk 31, Sheehan's add,
Farmlngton, $"300.
Ezra E. Thompson to L. J. Ander
son, east 48 ft lots 1, 2, 3, 4, blk 16,
Rosalia. $1000.
Ira N. Nye to W. A. Yeo, lots 22,
28, blk 12, Farr's add, Pullman, $1.
William A. Yeo and James Emert
to J. C. Clark, lots 1 to 23, inc., 29
to 24 inc., blk 12, lots 1 to 6, inc.,
blk 19, lots 1 to 6, inc., bit 20, Farr's
add, Pullman, tract in seq of seq 31
--16-45, $4350.
Harriett Haynes Brown to D. C.
Downen, part lots 9, 10, blk 7, Pull
man, $4250.
Sarah A Hughes to Security State
Bank. Palouse, nog of nwq. seq of
neq, wh of neq, except, 35-17-45,
L. J. Anderson to Whitman County
National Bank, east 48 ft., lots 1, 2,
3, 4, blk 16. Rosalia, $600.
W. J. Kinder to Ernest C. Huntley,
Ford roadster, $175.
A. G. Youngman to Bank of Endi
cott, two-thirds crop oi. swq 17, swq
18-16-40, live stock, implements,
$3000. .
John Hancock Mutual Life Insur
ance Co. to M. G. Morrison, real
mtge, $9000.
John Hancock Mutual Life Insur
ance Co. to M. G. Mattye Morrison,
real mtge, $5500.
M. G. Dbord to Robert J. Neely,
real mtge, $5000.
Albion State Bank to S. C. Parrish,
chattel, $700.
Bank of Endicott to Con Norris,
chattel. $5700.
Bank of Endicott to Con Norris,
chattel, $5700.
Bill of Sale
Con Morris to A. G. Youngman,
two-thirds crop on swq 17, seq 18-16
--40, live stock and implements, $*1.
Conditional Bill of Sale
Simon Piano Co. to Gladys May
Keisner, piano. $465.
Simon Piano Co. to William Wood
ward, piano, $600.
Simon Piano Co to Mrs. T. J. Has
tings, piano, $600.
Ress and Imbler to E. H. Stephens,
tractor, $989.
H. Bush to C. W. Lindsay, nwq 12
--15-40, $115 per acre, half cash, bal.
5 years, 6 per cent, cash commission,
E. W. Downen to The Public, D. M.
Haynes and David M. Haynes same
person, husband of Harriett Haynes.
A. R. McClaskey to The Public, R.
J. Neely and Robert J. Neely same
APRIL 12, 1920
Improvement Co., Guy to Belle and
Susie Cuddy, lot 11, blk 13, Syndi
cate add, Guy, $10.
Ida B. Hughey to Albion State
Bank, lots 4, 5. blk 5, Bleeker &
Brown's add, Colfax, $1.
Ary S. Wilson to Emma C. Mar
tin, eh of nwq and lots 1, 2, of 30
--18-44, $1.
Cassius Needom Gaddis to Georgia
Gustafson, lots 10, 11. blk 5, Garden
City add, Pullman, $50.
William H. Robertson to J. G. An
drew, lots 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, blk 11,
Power's add, Palouse, $750.
B. F. Manring, Co. Treas., to Cas
scius Needom Gaddis, lots 10, 11
blk 5, lots 8. 9. blk 7-, Garden City
add. Pullman, $30.
Eva Kenoyer to Hester E. Plow
man, lots 7, 8, 9, 10, blk 3, lots 6. 7,
8, 9. blk 16. Syndicate add, Albion,
tract in Albion, $1.
F. R. Pierce to the Equitable Sav
ings & Loan Ass'n, tract in seq 2-15
--39, $1700.
Lyman Arrasanith to Webster and
Lamphere, crop on tracts 5, 18, 13
14, part tract 1, blk 1, State add, Pa
louse, $'322.15.
Robert Howard and A. T. Zweck
to Citizens State Bank, Tekoa, 200 -
«oL ft' IOgS and 1:,,,1MM1 ft, lumber,
W. W. Telford to Citizens State
Bank two-thirds crop on nh of seq
*'■_--, 0l SWq 10, and SWfl 9"44-5.
M. Schultheis Sr. to John L. Har
ris, real mtge, $3000.
W. E. Mitchell Finance Co. to the
Baker Motor Co., conditional bill of
Joseph Brown to Perry Hites, real
$5000 Jo»epn Pranzen. real mtge,
Conditional Bill of Sale
McClaskey Register Co. to Thorn
ton Drug & Supply Co" register
$139.50. *>sier.
Lewis A. Thompson to Tom Ton
stad, truck, $1000.
Whitfield Helmer Co. to J. t Be
lieu, auto, $575.
Power of Attorney
W. V. West to Otho West.
Execution and Levy
F. W. Holmes vs. T. H. Palmer,
tot 9, blk 43, Colfax.
Order to Sell and Return of Sale
Co. Com. to Co. Treas.. lots 8, 9,
10, 12. blk 30, Perkins & Prescotf.
Riverside add, Colfax, sold to Mile
Boland. tot 19, blk 21. College Hill
add. Pullman, sold to Grant U,
APRIL 13, 1920
Fred Smith to John Hughes, lota
1. 2, ... blk 36, Prescott & Perkins
Riverside add. Colfax, $300.
John Hughes to H. D. Haynes, lotf
1. 2, 3, blk 36, PreßCott & Perkins
Riverside add, Colfax, $300.
A. M. Davis to Washington Farm
Land Co., summer fallow for 192 C
and crop for 1921 on 15-13-37,
T. 11. Dingle to the Bank of Endi
cott, undivided half int. live stock
machinery, two-thirds crop neq and
sh 12, nh 32, wh 13-18-41, wheat,
oats, feed, hay, $6000.
Chas. Homer Johnson and Edna
Mac Johnson to Bank of Endicott,
undivided halt int. In two-thirds crop
neq and sh 12, nh 32, wh. 13-18-41,
wheat, oats, hay, implements, ma
chinery, $5000.
Harry G. Smith and Lucius B.
Smith to Farmers National Bank,
Colfax, live stock, 70 acres crop on
the Cram and White places, $2000.
F. Osterberg to Albion State aßnk.
hogs, $200.
E. F. Worman to Colfax National
Bank, two-thirds crop on eh and eh
of wh 28-16-45, live stock, imple
ments, $"3000.
Edward Maguire to W. H. Van
Nice, real mtge, $13,020.
Conditional Bill of Sale
La Crosse Motor Co. to R. F. Fowl
er, auto, $744.71.
Standard Oil Co. to Pullman Eng.
Co., pump and tank, $529.25.
McCaskey Register Co. to Union
town Hdw. & Fur. Co., register, $297.
Lis IVntlcaas
Greham Cemetery vs. Hattie A.
Biernbach, William Otho Grisham,
Ida Rebecca Mills and Unknown
Heirs of William E. Grisham, de
ceased, 4 acres in lot 1 of 2-19-39.
APIIL 14, 1920
Deeds •
A. A. Scholtz to Julius Schwenke,
lots 10, 11, 12, blk 16, La Crosse,
. Thomas P. Buoy to Hattie Buoy,
lots 5 to 17 inc.. nh lot 18, blk 1,
Lausche's Ist add, Elberton, $1.
11. S. McClure. sheriff, to Hattie
Buoy, lots 1 to 6, blk 19, lots 1, 2,
3. 8, 9, 10, blk 9. Ist add, Elberton,
Standard Lumber Co. to J. C. Parr,
lots 26 to 30 inc., blk 57, Pullman,
Horace H. Spalding to E. A. Aesch
liman, S. I. Aeschliman, P. R. Aesch
liraan, L. F. Aeschliman, William
Rubin and John W. Rubin, part
_wq 13-14-42. $1200.
Fitus Fleischman to Philip Kin
zer, lot 3, blk 3, Schwenne's add,
Uniontown, $100.
C. F. Jennings and Fred A. Jen-
Tings to Jas. R. Barnes, tract in 5
-13-45. $1.
James R. Barnes to C. E. Jen
nings and Fred A. Jennings, tract
in 5-13-45, $1.
J. G. Herth to John F. Bafus. part
lot 5, blk 8, Endicott, $400.
Frank Murray to M. G. Bjord,
Dart lot 1. Sec. 4, part lots 2, 3, 4,
Jf 3-13-44, $3000.
R. P. Proctor and Ransom Proc
or to Farmers State Bank, Johnson,
ive stock, harness, wagons, $"800.
Rex Gross to Farmers National
Rank, Palouse, live stock, imple
ments, 35 acres spring wheat, three
fifths int. 40 acres on nwq of sea 28
--17-45, $500.
Pullman State Bank to R. P. Proc
or. chattel. $300.
Wm. M. Porter to C. F. S. Jasper,
chattel, $700.
M. H. West to The Public, Mar
garet Monaghan and Margaret Mono
aan same person.
APRIL 15, 1920
Virgil Smith to W. G. Mustard,
ract in Oakesdale, $10.
Mrs. Mary Copenhaver to Harvey
Copenhaver, undivided half int. nn
and nh of swq 18-14-45.
W. H. Henneck to Cassius N. Gad
lis, lots 2, ... 5, 7. 8, 9, 10, 12, blk
5, Garden City add, Pullman, $600.
B. F. Manring, Co. Treas., to Milo
[inland, lots 8, 9, 10, 12, blk 30, Per
kins & Prescotfs Riverside add, Col
fax, $19. ' \
Oakesdale Cemetery Ass'n to Pip
er Brothers, eh lots 47, 48. blk 2
Oakesdale Cemetery. $1.
E. T. Piper and Mrs. E. T. Piper
to Oakesdale Cemetery, north three
quarters lot 48, blk 2. Oakesdale
cemetery, $1.
Martha Francis Phillips Snyder to
E. F. Carlile, lots 8. 9, 20, 21, hlk 2
Bell & Bailey's add. Oakesdale. $4 0o!
F. N. Clark to Mary A. Widick.
Jib and sh tract No. 1. H. H. McKin
ney s add. Garfield. $1000.
Laughlin Currie to Sarah E.
Nance, seq 18-18-40, $3000.
George F. Jamieson to Ira X. Nye,
tract in nwq of swq 32-15-45. $1000
Arthur c. Cook to Charles V Har
bour, lots 1 to 8 inc.. blk ... Proff's
Ist add. Rosalia, $3500.
Ida U. Rouse to Willis L. Rich
tots 5,„ « '- hik 2, McCroskey's add,
Garfield. $1.
Homer L. Rouse to Willis L. Rich
tract in Garfield, $1.
William Kevill to Richard S.
nAA V?, tB '"' 6 ' b,k 28 - College Hill
add. Pullman. $200.
Cassias X. Caddis to Pullman Sav
ings * Loan Assn.. lots 7, 8. 9, 10
$2500* °arden CUy add> Pullman'
t,.. Wm. .F Krcll to Grant McCann
lots 2. 3. 4. Sec. 2. lots 1. _. Sec. 3,
Bwq, wh of neq, neq of nen Sec. 10,
neq 9-20-45. except, $27,000.
Pelva Drew to Genevieve Rowell
real mtge. $800.
- Northwestern Mutual Life Insur
»tge,C ßooo Ann,e M - Hltcbin« ' rea'
<*«_.?. $"250. * "arry °bertßon
Farmers State Bank, St. John, V
Arnold Ellwart, real mtge, Cliffon
S. West, $6000.
New World Life Insurance Co. t
I State Treasurer of Wash., real mtge,
I Byron G. Mansfield to Union True
Co., $44,000. ,
< onditionnl Bill of Sale
Burroughs Adding Machine Co. t
Hoover and Davidson, adding ma
chine, $150.
Spokane Elgin Co. to Walter Bu
chanan, automobile, $1400.
Richard A. Truax to The Public
Ellen H. Wells and Mrs. E. H. Well,
same person.
Contrtict •
T. W. Ryan to Ed Hogan, sh o
nwq, nh of swq 34-14-44.
Power of Attorney
Laughlin Currie to Sam Ransiet
Certificate of Increase
Bank of Endicott, from $25,000 ti
APRIL 16, 1920
Thomas J. Batterton to Gilbert W
Pierce, lots .',, 4, 5, blk 8, Pampa
and tract in 20-15-39, $200.
.Maiden Co-operative Co. to F. X
Godfrey, lot 8, oik 18, Maiden, $1.
John G. Korte to Kathryn Huser
lot 13, blk 31, Maiden, $'950.
O. 1). Gray to Ralph J. Freeman
swq 13-17-44, $14,400.
William G. Curtis to the Farmer,
State Bank, St. John, neq of swfl, sh
of nwq, part nwq of seq and tract It
24-19-42, $6500.
H. W. Terhuue to Pacific Building
& Loan Assn., wh lot 6, blk 1, Black
hurst and Hurd add, St. John,
Geo. Poffenroth to Bank of Endi
cott, live stock and two-thirds crop
on 300 acres.
.'. W. Shoup to E. A. Thompson
household furnishings, eh 18-16-41,
Security Finance Co. to Otto Giles,
conditional bill of sale.
Conditional Hill of Sale
Robert Neill to C. R. Rubie, sew
ing machine, $85.
Revocation Power of Attorney
Mrs. Louisa S. Chappell to F. D.
Chappell, power of attorney.
J. A. Bach vs. R. M. Seaman, the
seq 32-20-42, $500.
Affidavits v i
J. A. Perkins to The public, Wm.
B. Renshaw and W. B. Renshaw,
same person; Lissie C. Smith, Melis
sa Smith, same person; T. .7. Smith,
Thos. J. Smith and Thomas Smith,
same person; M. A. King and Mary
Ann King, same person; Wm. B.
and Moses A. Renshaw, same as Ren
shaw Brothers.
C. H. Hanford to The Public, Hai
dee L. Berry and Sarah Berry same
person; Mabel E. Corbett, heir of
Sarah Elizabeth Berry.
APRIL 17,- 1920
John Hall to William Miller Stipe,
lots 5, 6, blk 5, Fowler's add, Dia
mond, $400.
Elizabeth Green to George Stew
art, tract in seq of swq and in swq
of seq 2-15-39, tract in La Crosse,
S. H. Long to Elizabeth Green,
tract in La Crosse, $300.
B. E. Lewis and Helen Ericksen to
A. F. Steele, tract in Palouse, $1.
Lewis Brosa to Alexander Hick
man, nwq of swq, sh of nwq, neq of
swq, lot 4, except, 3-14-43, $31,000.
I. M. Curtis and Amanda J. Cur
tis to Engelhart Trankle, tract tin 22
--14-39, $180.
Alexander Hickman to Mrs. Isa
bella Taylor, the swq 27-15-44, $26.
W. C. Morrow to Thomas W. Bus
bey, swq Sec. 1, seq 2-19-41, $35,200.
James M. Trackwell to Hester A.
Lake, lot 3, blk 36, Oakesdale. $"400.
Henry B. Wood to Mrs. Glen Fitz
gerald, lots 7, 8, blk 2, Ist add, St.
John, $1800.
George Stewart to the First State
Bank, La Crosse, tract in seq and
swq and in swq swq of seq 2-15-39,
Harry Johnson to First National
Bank, St. John, live stock, imple
ments, two-thirds crop on part seq
15-19-40, int. in summer fallow on
150 acres in 27-18-40, $1150.
Commercial State Bank to John
W. Queen, real mtge, $1000.
Farmers National Bank. Colfax, to
Henry P. Ripley, real mtge, $1900.
W. W. Montgomery to Grace Cor
nelius, real mtge, $60.
Northwestern Mutual Life Insur
ance Co. to .lames K. Smith and O.
K. Smith, real mtge, $4500.
Conditional Bill of Sale
Crescent to T. R. Guilford, piano,
Bill of Sale
J. V. Miller to Mark K. Miller Mill
ing Co.. warehouse, trucks, scales in
Palouse, $1.
Washington Grain & Milling Co.
to ,1 a. Miller, warehouse, scales in
Palouse, $1.
Increase Capital Stock
! J. M. Hell Co. changes name to
! Emerson-Dell Co.. increases stock
.from $15,000 to $35,000.
In the Superior Court of the State oi
Washington in and for Whit
man County.
Frances E. Sigler. formerly Grier
Plaintiff, vs. Homer Grier, Ber
tie Lyon. Roma Taylor, Erna
Vain. Burs Starr. Ethel Grier
Gladys Grier, George Sigler: al
so the Unknown Heir of John B
Grier. deceased. Defendants.
The State of Washington, to Hornet
Cried. Bertie Lyon. Roma Tav
lor. Erna Vain. Eura Starr
Ethel Grier, Gladys Grier, ant
George Sigler. also the Unknowr
Heirs of John E. Grier, de
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within 60 days after the data
of the first publication of this sum
, mons. to-wit: within 60 days aftei
I the 23rd of April. 1920, and defent
Famous For Its Marvelous Motor I
J_B_____HMQ____//__RUlMtt_n_____r _n? _ffl___t_N_______ __m__ _n-o__m_.
; t . .:■__....
Two Great Chandlers 1 ,
Right Out In Front *
HERE are two Chandler Six models which the big and con
stantly expanding Chandler factory production has never
been able to build in volume that could supply the demand of
discriminating motor car purchasers. They are the Chandler
Six Touring Car and Dispatch Car, the former a big, handsome,
roomy, comfortable, real seven-passenger car; and the latter a
trim, smaller car, suggestive in its appearance of all the good
things of outdoor life. The Dispatch Car has a touch of snappy
style in its clean lines, and is strikingly finished in the beautiful
Chandler Rainbow Blue. It seats four persons in restful comfort-
Both the Chandler Six Touring and Dispatch Cars are mounted
on the same standard Chandler chassis, developed, through
seven years of manufacture, to a surpassing point of excellence
and famous for its really marvelous motor. The Chandler Car
is priced much lower than other cars which may, perhaps,
compare with it.
\ w_* I
If you want yotir new Chandler
this Spring, place your order now
Seven-Passenger Touring Car, $1895 Four-Passenger Roadster, 51895 I
Four-Passenger Dispatch Car, 1/975 I
I Seven-Passenger Sedan, Four-Passenger Dispatch Coupe $2795 Limousine, $3395. II
Seven-Passenger Sedan, S2B9S Four-Passenger Coupe 1219% Limousine, 53395.
(All Pries f. .. *. ClevelonJ, Okie) 1
8 BaKer Motor Company I
K____—_——____—-_____, _ — ■ ■ .. W\
* _______! oanmnwwttsnswsenwmamnwsawswm^
■ ■ ii »'
the above entitled action in the
above entitled court and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff and serve
a copy of your answer upon the 'un
dersigned attorneys for the plaintiff
at their office below stated and in
case of your default so to do, judg
ment will be rendered against you
according to the demand of the com
plaint which has been filed with the
clerk of said court. >
The object of this action is to quiet
plaintiff's title in and to lot four
and the southeast ninety feet of lot
three of block eleven of Farr's Third
Addition to Pullman, Washington,
and to exclude you a,u_J all persons
claiming under you, from all interest
therein, and to forever bar you from
asserting or claiming any interest
therein adverse to the plaintiff, her
heirs or assigns.
Dated this 20th day of April, 1920.
Attorney^ for Plaintiff.
P. O. address: Pullman, Whitman
County, Washington.
No. 3511
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington, in and for the
County of Whitman. !
In the Matter of the Estate of Maude
B. Hazen, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that E. M.
Hazen, executor of the estate of
Maude B. Hazen, deceased, has filed
in the office of the clerk of said court
his final report as such executor, to
gether with his petition for distribu
tion of said estate, asking the court
to settle said report, distribute the
iproperty to the heirs or persons en
: titled to the same, and discharge said
| executor; and that Friday, the 21st
day of May, 1920, at 10:00 o'clock
la', in., at the court room of our said
superior court, in the City of Colfax,
: in said Whitman County, has been
duly fixed by said superior court for
the hearing and settlement of said
! final report and petition for distribu-
I tion, at which time and place any
'person interested in said estate may
i appear and file objections thereto and
contest the same.
Witness, the Hon. it. L. McCroskey,
judge of said superior court, and the
seal of said court affixed this 16th
day of April, 1920.
seal Clerk of Said Court.
D. C. Dow, Attorney for the Es
tate, Pullman, Wash.

George W. Clous, optician, will
again visit Pullman Wednesday, May
I 5, and may be found at the Palace
hotel. He will examine- your eyes
without charge and fit them to your
perfect satisfaction. If you need
glasses or new lenses in your frames,
it will pay you to see him. All work
guaranteed. apr23-30
Attend the I
at the
a. a. Mcdonald farm
Near Freeze, Idaho, and about
Four Miles Northwest of Potlatch;
Seven Miles Northeast of Palouse, .
Ten Miles Southeast of Garfield
Wednesday, April 28, 1920
One Registered Percheron Stallion (Malcolm No. 138832) three
years old, color black, sired by Malcolm No. 61206, by Calypso No.
Ten head of Good Work Horses, weight from 1250 to 1500
pounds; some well matched teams; all good horses. Four sets har
ness complete, with collars.
Eighteen Head Guernsey Milch Cows, most of them registered,
all young and good milkers
'Fifteen Head Berkshire Brood Sows, a;?e 11/., to 2 years, most of .
them registered. Foundation stock wat, purchased from the An
chorage Farms, Orland. California, and from D. C. Brunn's herd,
Prosser, Washington. The herd Berkshire Boar is from the Anchor
age Farms, Glengary Pier, No. 257(587.
Several Registered Poland China Boars a: d Sows are in this sale,
also 25 or 30 good stock hogs.
All necessary Farm Machinery and Tools, to operate a large farm,
included. Machinery all new—no second-hand stuff.
TERMS OF SALE: All sums of $20 and under, cash; sutns over
$20, bankable notes bearing 10 per cert interest, due October 1,
1920, will be accepted. Two per cent discount for cash on sums
over $20.
A. A. McDONALD, Owner \
I Auctioneer clerk • Auctioneer
,Ml^ wmammmmmtm i m iii_________________-__-_-^M
~ t z
I We are equipped to handle any kind of ■{
| a contract—-large or small |
I Roth Construction Co. |
»>idiv, April 23, ,^

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