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Friday, December 10, 1920
That is the comment of many
of our patrons, and the "food
tastes as good as it smells, we
can assure you. Everything we
do here is for your comfort and
pleasure and if you are dissatis
fied, you will do us a favor by
telling us.
Robinson's Bakery !
I will improve I
i hair or we 1
| pay you f
~ Wildroot is a guaranteed preparation z
Z which goes right at the hidden cause 2
Z of coming baldness—the scaly, itchy 2
- crust of dandruff. Wildroot removes z
Z this crust—allows nature to produce Z
Z the thick lustrous hair normal to any -
= healthy scalp. 2
Z' Wildroot Liquid Shampoo or Wtldront j;
2 fthampoo Bosp, used la connection with -
Z wildroot Huir Toaic, will hasten tin) -
— treatment. Z
IS For sole here under a z
£ money-back guarantee £
D ! d you over f<ac£ x
d beating^ i^.<^£b
Storm taltfffi^
BRAND ffllWk
Reflex *|/';|m^'
Slicker? - Kvl -
Oh Boy! Urate l|M /
protection ImJ^mC
for you. Ji r-^m
looktotheßeflexEd^e *$&§£
AJ.TOWER CO. .<%g±m**;l
ESTABLISHED IS3& ► f^' -'^*" '
dfaicrs cvrfrrwHerte „..
about the auto owner who spent
the first year under hi:; car see
ing why it didn't run instead of
running it?
Well, he never heard about
our expert work in
When we fix your car you
know that expert work has been
done and you won't have to
bring it back to have the same
job done over in a day or two.
Pilau Eiirii Comw
Opposite P. 0.
Your Garments
Are Dry Cleaned Here
By Master Dyers
and Cleaners
We are members of the Na
tional Association of Master
Dyers and Cleaners, which,
gives you
for your garments.
This includes the highest
grade of, workmanship and a
guarantee against loss of your
garments up to twenty times
the charge for cleaning.
There is no extra charge for
this double guarantee. We
pay shipping charges.
French Cleaners & Dyers
x. Incorporated
Third Aye., at Washington St.
We Pay All Shipping Charges
Recording cash receipts and ex
penditures is good but hardly as im
portant as yearly inventories.
That all Woodman of the World
may eat turkeys at Christmas time
Pullman camp. No. 110. W. O. W.
decided Wednesday evening to offer
rewards in the shape of the national
toast bird to those who attend meet
ings and work for the good of the
order. The managers were Instruct
ed to have a turkey in the lodge room
next Wednesday evening to be drawn
for by those present and a campaign
was started whereby every member
may procure a turkey before Christ
mas at the expense of the lodge.
District Manager Dirks was pres
ent at the meeting last Wednesday
evening and told the neighbors of
the work being done in this district
and of the advancement of the order
as a whole. He will probably re
main in Pullman for a while to aid
the local camp in putting on a mem
bership campaign.
After the business of the evening
was disposed of the camp enjoyed a
social session, cards and refresh
ments being the principal topics of
I wish to express my grateful ap
preciation to the Moscow lodge of
Elks for their kindness and beauti
ful flowers sent during the illness
and last days of my husband, also
to the local lodge of Portland for
their many kindly visits, flowers and
hist beautiful service.
382 E. 12th St.. N. Portland, Ore
We desire to hereby express our
heartfelt thanks to the friends find
neighbors who by their expressions
of sympathy and kindly acts, com
forted us in the hour of our bereave'
ment. We desire to especially ac
knowledge our gratitude to Progress
lodge No. 943, L. O. O. M.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Swift.
Certification of seed potatoes
stands for better and more product
ive stock.
A pot of parsley in the kitchen
window furnishes garnish for the
Winter Eggs
"The first winter I used Dr. Le-
Gear's Poultry Prescription, it
made me a lot of money. I have
61 hens and sold in January $44.
worth of eggs, besides what we used
ourselves." — C. D. McCormick,
irimo, Idaho.
Poultry raisers who get an abund
ance of eggs, use Dr. LeGear's Poul
try Prescription, which tones up the
system and stimulates the egg-pro
ducing organs without injury. If you
want eggs this winter when eggs
mean money, get Dr. LeGear's Poul
try Prescription from your dealer
right today. Dr. LeGear is America's
foremost Expert Poultry Breeder and
Veterinarian. For any ailment what
soever among your poultry or stock
get his remedies from your dealer.
They must satisfy you, or your deal
er will refund your money.
Dealers everywhere. Sold in Pull
man by Yeo & Emert. declO
Enroll Now
"The School of Results"
Business College
Send for FREE Catalogue
! ¥, Webster's
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'. ness men, engineers, bankers^ :
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- gymen, by successful men and '■
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Regular and India-Paper Editions.
—•*C!?^^' wg^jSJlßj irntu page*,
f ■'V^JfH ■ illustration!.
Sil S \ mm- P* c' *c. j
£31 *I.EM" MERR,AM :
,£), 1920. by McClnn N«wsp«pei Syndicate.)
Chid In cool white she sat on a green
hill among tin 1 daisies and dreamily
watched the pale day moon. An art
ist's portable camp stool and an easel
stood beside her and In her hands was
a palette, much daubed with green
and yellow. The bees droned and all
was sleepy and warm.
Then a man's voice quietly chimed
In with her mood —
"There's a superstition about that,
you know —
"Yes?" she questioned without mov
ing, ami then, startled, she turned to
see a tanned, white flannel chid young
man standing behind her. his keen blue
eyes thoughtfully considering tin day
"Funny so few ever write about that
or paint It," he was saying. "Now I
could place It over hazy hills, between
columns of marble—" his long Angers
tightened on the brush they held, "but
that superstition —" He turned to her
and she greeted him with a smile. Hut
it was quite different from that Inti
mate questioning "yes." Oh, it was
entirely polite, the smile was, but very
cool, for the girl had come back from
the white day moon to this queer old
world where there are men who have
been Introduced, and there" are others
(oh, quite attractive others) who have
The artist laughed good humoredly.
"I didn't come up to talk of moons,"
he said, "and I apologize for being so
Informal, but I'm painting this land
scape" his sweeping gesture took In
flic sunny hills and the gleaming riv
er — "and just as I was getting It my
light yellows gave out —that's the
main tone — and then I saw your easel
and wondered If you, being a painter,
"Of course," she admitted, "light
yellows. One couldn't paint without
them today. But the oil tubes aren't
here yet. If you'll wait — "
She motioned to him to he seated.
"It's wonderful to paint," she said
as he complied.
"Isn't it, though? And on a day like
She nodded and sniffed the sun
scented air delightedly. "Nature's Just
baking," she declared, and laughed
as she added, "Cooking things always
smell good to me."
The artist tapped the ground with
his brush. "Nature," he said, "Is the
one artist who Is practical. There are
so few like that."
In the valley below was a white
church, seeming ridiculously tiny as
they looked down from the hill. The
wee door swung open and —
"Why, that darling white speck,"
cried the girl. "It's a bride! And
the black speck Is the groom, and all
the rainbow specks are"
The artist watched them. "From
this distance," he mused, "we can sup
pose them the Ideal couple. Mother
Nature Is healthy, artistic and practi
cal. We people can all be the first
and then we have our choice between
the other two."
De had often talked In this strain
at the club.
"I hope," he added, "that one of
those little specks can dream to some
purpose and that the other can—boll
eggs. They might use the day moon,"
he suggested.
"Oh." she remembered, "the day
moon! What was that superstition?"
"An old Hindu thing, I think. Your
watching It so Intently made me re
call it. On the noon of the full of
the day moon one should pray to It
for his heart's desire. But he won't
receive it unless It Is worthy and fair
ly practicable. It's best to sleep with
a white cat until the new crescent
appears, and there ought to be some
one else who wants the same thing.
They could vow for the practical."
"How keen you are for the practi
cal." She turned to look at him.
"Well, being mi artist I've had to
cook for myself now and then. It
makes a man think. I shall never
marry an artist, while you, now. If
you were to marry some Intensely
practical fellow—"
Suddenly he didn't want her to mar
ry any too Intensely practical fellow.
"But maybe you're not an awfully
(.'cod artist," he suggested hopefully.
"I don't wonder our grandmothers
laugh at us," she declared, rising
briskly. "This way of discussing our
most personal affairs In an Impersonal
way with utter strangers is funny."
He chuckled at her dainty decisive
ness, and, rising, too, "Ho you know
I wish you weren't an artist?"
The girl was shading her eyes and
looking off toward the hot. lazy river.
A canoe, paddled by a strong, drab
clad woman, glided ashore. The girl
"Ah. there's Annette," she mur
"Annette Fraser, the artist," he
The girl's hazel eyes doubtfully ap
praised the easel and stool. "I hope
these are right."
She turned quizzically toward the
artist. "Oh, by the way," she said,
and there was amusement In her voice
and, yes. apology :
"You see," she waved tier hand to
ward the canoe, "Annette paints," she
paused a moment; "I'm a teacher of
Quite abruptly she sat down among
the daisies and lifted her eyes to the
day moon.
'.'No!" lie exclaimed, and quite ab
ruptly he tat down on the green be
smeared palette, but his eyes—well,
be had forgotten the day moon.
MsssseesM hhsi^ ——m a ■. .—.
English Visitor Finds French Influ
ence, Especially in Architecture.
It used to be said that good Ameri
cans when they died went to Paris,
The Parisian lure no doubt is still
powerful; hut every day I should
ess that more of Paris comes to
America. The upper parts of New
York have boulevards and apartment
IMS very like the real thing, ami l
noticed that the architecture of Franca
exerts n special attraction for the rich
mini decreeing himself a pleasure
There are millionaires' residences In
New Fork that might have been trans
planted not only from the Avenue dv
Row de Boulogne but (Torn Touralne
Itself; while when I made my pilgrim
age to Mr. Wiilener's. .Inst outside
Philadelphia, I found Uembrnndt's
"Mill." an.l Manet's dead bull fighter,
and a Venneer. and a little meadow
painted divinely by Colot and El Gre
co's family group, and Donatello's St.
George, and one of the most lovely
scenes that ever wns created by Tur
ner's enchanted brush, nil enshrined
In a palace which Louis Seise might
have built.
But America is still more French
than this. Her women can not be less
soignee than those of France, although
they suggest a cooler blood and less
dependence on male society; her shops
can be as distinguished as those of the
Rue de la Pali and far more costly:
ami her bread is better than Trance's
best. Moreover, when It comes to
night, and the Broadway constella
tions challenge the darkness. New
York leaves Paris far behind. For ev
ery cabaret and supper resort that
Paris can provide New York has
three; and for every dancing iloor Is
Paris New York has 80.
Good Americans, however, will still
remain faithful to their old posthu
mous love, If only for her wine. — E. V.
Lucas In The Outlook.
Whistle Blasts Give All Information
Necessary to All Whom It
May Concern.
As ships pass In and out of port
their sirens sound a code which en
ables all that is necessary to be said
to all whom It may concern. Two tug
boats, one concealed from the other
by the vessel they are taking to her
berth, will rattle away, one telling
the other what to do, and perhaps each
In turn pleading with the pilot on the
liner's bridge to stop his engines, to
go abend or astern, or do half a
dozen things.
Sirens of the big shipping liners
mostly have Individual notes, and they
have calls of their own when nearlng
port. The Cunarder announces her
approach by three long blasts, the
White Star and Allan liner by three,
Dominion four, while Leylands vessels
run to six sounded In three twos, with
a marked interval between each pair.
Boats of the African line have a
threefold call, one long and two short;
Johnsons are quite garrulous with
eight. Alexandra tugs five, and Rae«
tugs two long and two short, while
the Cock boats adhere to their old for
mula of Cock-a-doodle-doo.
Hanged for Symmetry.
One rarely sees a hunchbacked per
son nowadays. People thus afflicted
used to be far more numerous. But
medical science has learned how to:
treat such cases, as well as lateral I \
curvatures of the spine, with remark-' ,
able success.
Harold J. Rink of Chicago, has new
ly patented a contrivance for the pur
pose of straightening backbones
which Is Interesting. The patient Is
literally hung up in a doorway by the
chin, his toes barely touching the
ground. Thus his spinal column is
pulled straight, while cords attached
♦o belts that he wears, one under the
arms, and the other about the hips,
exert drags sldewise to correct a cur
Guiding Ships Into Harbor.
Experiments like those which the
navy department Is now making to
ward the piloting of craft Into the har
bor appear to be meeting with success.
They are certainly worth making. The
method Is a combination of cable with
wireless guidance. , An earlier creek,
the frequent breakage of the cable,
has been overcome. It only remains
to develop the technique In detail.
Very likely the time Will come when
entering New York harbor will be
almost as exactly marked a procedure
as driving about the streets In the cen
ter of the town according to traffic
regulations.—New York Sun.
Acquaintance Limited.
A new clerk In an Anderson depart
ment store was asked by a woman
customer where she might find mosqui
to bar. The clerk, misunderstanding,
answered: ',
"I haven't been here long, so I
don't believe I know where yen will
find Miss Keta Barr."
Then studying a moment, after see
'ng the puzzled look of the customer.
She begged pardon and said hurriedly
that the mosquito bar was In the
Rubber Imports Increase.
A marked Increase In the amount
of crude rubber Imported Into this
country Is shown by figures for the
fiscal year ended June 30, 1920. com
piled by the National City bank of
New York. During the year 600,000.
--000 pounds were imported, as com
pared with 132.000.000 In 1919. Two
thirds of the amount Imported was
used for auto tires.
U ho, you think of Clothes think of Clarksok
ii, iiiini M i in .I.
Here, ladies, is a
way to kill the old
necktie "gag":
\/OU know the old story
1 they "pull" — how
Friend Husband fell all
over himself thanking
Friend Wife for the gift of
a tie he swore inwardly
looked like a map of the
Balkan States.
Here's a^ way to kill that
old "gag." Get a man to
pick out the gift ties —
here, for instance.
Not at all unlikely that
one of our salesmen knows
your husband; what he likes
and what he doesn't.
We'll bet the ties WE pick
out will make a hit.'
When you think of Clothes think ofClarkson
Orange Warehouse Co.
New Walnuts, large size -No. 1—
per pound 30c
Eastern Cranberries —
per pound 22c
"Yakima" Honey in 604b. tins —
per pound 21c
"Karo" Syrup in 10-lh. tins
per tin 98c
The Best "Nut Margarine" in town—
per pound 35c
P. & 0. While Naphtha Soap—
per case— bars $6.95
"Sunkist" Sliced Pineapple
No. 2 tins—per ease of 24 tins $7.65
"Sunkist" Sliced Pineapple —
No. 21 ■■ tins—per ease of 24 tins $9.50
Nestle Permanent Wave
Makes a Soft Natural Wave— Not a Kink
WORK (all at Hemstitching Parlors
GUARANTEED Room 1. Emerson llld«.
The Herald Prints the Latest
local Netf&
$1.50 PER YEAR
Men's Outfitter
Pane Haven i

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