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Friday, December 17, 1020
THE COWLITZ : l* t5M,p
iAiuashvi; >» •"--*— I 1 water FROM
«>TYLIi»M CM SAP to o^r*S^^^^mim
mt/Y' *!**ii__-_£s^__l_ll > Mb-t-
A S-** *~r"~~ \^i WE MAKE AND IX',. !
qU"**=*v- %S^"^ W-4UARANTEE TTfTTT
__ -_^"_f-- OUQ LUMBER L~fcpr:
4k|9SP.°° and that ,6 a" we
ty\LO\J ••will charge you for all
Lumber shindies windows doors lath
mouldings inside and outside finish to
complete this modest home
Duild without extras our free plans
point out the"waii"
i pi mw^wk^m I
g==i w4l-l,_______:73'FK^^Sffi-_f
PHJ HsftP4- kM_*<- _»y__s^^3K»'fc4__
*_______ i^^sKS^i __.
'-■-.'•". ' ■ ■ . I
A vast army of 300,000 people is at your
service, night and day —all the time. You
are one of the 110,000,000 patrons of the
greatest organization of its kind in the world —The
United States Post Office Department. The many
interesting and instructive activities of this depart
ment are vividly shown in the fourth of a series of
handsomely illustrated folders about Our Govern
ment which this Institution is now distributing to all (i
who send us their names.
Without placing yourself under any obligation let us ,
send you these articles and also those previously I
Pullman. Wash. |
"Home of the Palouse Dollar" i
* [ * "' J
"Here's Real Tobacco"
says the Good Judge
That gives a man more **_-___"^)
genuine chewing satis- d^^___^
faction than he ever got £^«|l^
out of the ordinary kind.
Smallerchew.lastslonger *^^\y /
— it costs less to chew d3_Px_v /***'"■■'
this class of tobacco. IS
And the good, rich to- VX_ J^
bacco taste gives a world \
of satisfaction. •«• _/"•- \ flj ';r
a . l '"♦"**- -.-Ax \H ° *
Any man who uses the - v\ Vy-v,
Real Tobacco Chew ]}&*£*
will tell you that. I — T^^Zli i~>"
Put up in two styles €____&*' '
W-B GUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
1 1 -AND- j|
;! Hately, ;!
!; McClaskey
; & Klemgard
Most People Have an Aversion to
Seeking It.
Not That They Have Any Objection
to Slumber In Itself, but That
They Reject the Abject Sur
render Involved.
One of the characters in "The Moon
; and .Sixpence" remarked that he had
I faithfully lived up to the old precept
I about doing every day two things
j you heartily dislike; for. said he, every
j day lie had got up and he had gone
j to bed.
It Is a sad thing that as soon as the
l hands of the clock have turned ten the
| shadow of going to bed begins to creep
over the evening. We have never
beard bedgolng spoken of with any
enthusiasm. One after another we
have seen a gathering disperse, each
person saying (with an air of solemn
resignation): "Well, I guess I'll go to
bed." Rut there was no hilarity
about It. It Is really rather touching
how they cling to the departing skirts
of the day that Is vanishing under the
' Spinning shadow of night.
This Is odd, we repeat, for sleep Is
j highly popular among human beings.
i The reluctance to go to one's couch is
' not at all a reluctance to slumber, for
i almost all of us will doze happily In
I an armchair or on a sofa, or even fes
' tooned on the floor with a couple of
I cushions. But the actual and formal
j yielding to sheets and blankets is to
be postponed to the last possible mo-
I ment.
The devil of drowsiness Is most po
tent, we find, about 10:80 p. m. At
this period the human carcass seems
to consider that it has finished Its
cycle, which began with so much cour
age ahout 16 hours before. It be
gins to slack and the mind halts on
a dead center every now and then, re
fusing to complete the revolution.
Now, there are those who hold that
! this is certainly the seemly and ap
! pointed time to go to bed, and they
do so as a matter of routine.
These are, commonly, the happier
creatures, for they take the tide of
sleep at the flood and are borne calmly
nnd with gracious gentleness out to
■ great waters of nothingness. They
push off from the wharf on a tranquil
current, and nothing more Is to be
seen or heard of these voyagers until
they reappear at the breakfast table,
digging lustily Into the grapefruit.
These people are happy, aye, In a
brutish nnd sedentary fashion, but they
' miss the admirable adventures of
those more embittered wrestlers who
will not give In without a struggle.
: These latter suffer severe pangs be
tween 10:30 and about 11:15, while
they grapple with their falling facul
! ties nnd seek to re-establish the will
on Its tottering throne.
This requires courage, stout valor
unbending. Once you yield, be It ever
; so little to the tempter, you are lost.
And here our poor bard's clay plays
lus false, undermining the Intellect
with many a trick and wile. "I will
sit down for a season In that com
' fortable chair," the creature says to
| himself, "and read this sprightly
j novel. That will ease my mind and
1 put me in humor for a continuance
i of lively thinking."
And the end of that man Is a steady
| nazal buzz from the bottom of the
[ chair, where he has collapsed, an un
j sightly object and a disgrace to hu
, manity. This also means a big bill
; from the electric light company at
' the end of the month. In many such
i ways will his corpus betray him, lead
; ing him by plausible self-deceptions
I Into a pitfall of sleep, whence he Is
! aroused about three a. m,., when the
j planet turns over on the other side.
! —Boston Globe. ,
Tennyson Home on Market.
Aldworth on Blackdown. Tennyson's
home for many years, has been placed ; '
on the market. The property of the j
former poet laureate of England Is L
near Haslemere In the wild Surrey i
| country and stands by a long avenue < '
lof scrub oak along which Cromwell '
and his army are said to have marched ,
: from Arundel castle.
Aldworth was built In 1868 and on !
April 23, when the first stone was laid,
; the poet's wife made the following en
try in her diary:
"Shakespeare's birthday. A. In ex- !
! cellent spirits, lie was pleased with
| the Inscription on the stone: 'Prosper
! Thou the works of our hands, O pros- j \
j per Thou our handiwork.' "
Here In the shade of the ancient (
! trees Tennyson took his morning ;
walks, clad in his great black coat and [
his famous sombrero hat, which em- .
j phasized his long bearded face. T. P.
; O'Connor once remarked that It was
the best make-up for a poet that he
' had ever seen on or off the stage.
Maine Rich In Tourmalines.
Nowhere Is there such a wealth of '
tourmalines as in the state of Maine, h
I according to a recent statement on the <
development of the resources of that '
■ state. At Mount Mica. In the town of '
Paris, It says, Is a deposit of red and ,
J green tourmaline unequaled elsewhere, i
They arc, It would seem, almost In- '
exhaustible In quantity. of rare bean- '
ty, and when cut Into gem* are In L
good demand, many finding their way j,
into museum collections. |'
Yeast Cakes' Many Uses.
"li beats all." said Uncle Bill Hot
tletop, "'how many different things
yen st cake* are good for. I under
»t!*!>d some folks even use 'em for
iuuKui' bread!" •
Th|s Christmas, of nil years, practical and useful
"Ss^r "llu s,l,"li'' predomjnnte in tlie American home. The
jT *»S. useless, yet expensive, token must give way to tbe
[ Y^*zt*«' ISbSbmwlfu J lifts should predominate housewife is a home.
>. less, yd expensive, token must give way to the
\ /^___fjj@^^_l^g twssk / wholesome personage, Her burden of household
\ W^/ ':m'S '* ;1 ilt>flV-v uno IJ-V n',i'"'in tf JhoHe cares, say
— / l "■- h few steps about tin- kitchen or dining room,
>_. /lA#\ / yon are bringing real Vuletide gladness to her heart
Jet exemplifying in the greatest measure the spirit
""""^ of he Christmas season.
Beat the coal bill and save
Friend Wife's back. Buy an ::::::::
electric iron for Christmas.
(?"$) What better means of reducing the burden of
is_s_,r^_^2--^ w | Friend Wife Hum making her a Christmas gift of
ffa^_. / c^ '"' electrical appliance thai will make her work
_____3" ; P'ffl An 'Ill" iron, electric percolator, electric bed
gtflfl*"" <gMP^dl-_g=^ warmer or any oth r of the numerous electrical appli-
»*^.^l*_i(y ances which we have in stock will bring joy to the
„"'"-.„■-_■'. • , heart of the housewife and add to the family happi-
Good Coffee Is a morning meal „.,., , „ .11
essential. Make it easier for r.ess, not only tor the Yidetide season, but for weeks
the Wife to satisfy your coffee a , l( * „„,„,il s to come ■
demands by buying her an
Electric Percolator for Christ
mas. :: : • :: j;
t^^y^W^faliZ% *' have a full sto<d< for your inspection. Make
Illl^ilsoilifiJ jour selection early and save ttie eleventh-hour rush
_!?*'s•>■ '■ M *UK* possible disappointment through depleted
.'iMa stocks.
1 .j mil' '-tifil i-f-* 1 mni
Ask anybody who has one.
Sweets to the Sweet
The BEST Christmas Remembrance
For your BEST girl
Is a box of DUTTON'S BEST candy
Put up in all sizes of attractive boxes
and baskets, ready to mail anywhere
The name Dutton's on the wrapper
is a guarantee of the quality of the
contents, as every one who has ever
eaten any of it knows
I'iigo Five

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