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Pullman herald. [volume] (Pullman, W.T. [Wash.]) 1888-1989, December 17, 1920, Second Section, Image 9

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County Records
DECEMBER 3, 1920
Trustees M. E. Church of Palouse
to J. C. Allen, lot 12. blk 17, Beach's
add, Palouse, $1.
Hilda Paulsen to Mary B. Delaney,
lot 4, blk 16, Huffman's 2nd add, Te
koa, sh lot 5, all lot 6, blk 17, Huff
man's 2nd add, Tekoa, $1.
I. K. Luce to Charles H. Ames
Sr„ lot 5, east 16% It. of lot 6. also
sh of sh lots 3, 4, blk 8, Fitches add,
Palouse, $6 0.
Fred B. Carpenter to W. S. Cham
bers, lot 2, blk 1, Culton's add. Pa
louse, $300.
Catherine Nathe to J. B. Klein, lots
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, blk 9, Colton. $1.
Farmers Union Warehouse Co. of
Palouse, to Farmers Union Company
Of Dalouse, lot 10. in 1-16-45, $1. _
John E. Sullivan to Norman E.
Stewart, part neq of 16, pt 9, 10, in
14-42, pt crops.
E. J. Curtis to Marshall Miller, live
stock .implements, harness, etc., $1.3,
Emery Ingram to Farmers State
Bank, St. John, live stock, imple
ments, pt crops in IS, 20, in 18-43,
Emery Ingram to Farmers State
Bank, St. John, live stock, Imple
ments, pt crops 17, 20. in 18-43,
Shelby Stevens to W. F. Smith and
Son, live stock, implements, etc.,
E. M. Ti.tzwater to First National
Bank, St. John, live stock, imple
ments, two-thirds Int. crop in 16-18
--40, $1100.
Emil Anderson to First National
Bank, St. John, live stck, implements.
pi crps Sees 8, 9, 17. in 18-41, $2870.
Conditional Kills of Sale
The 500 Company to Earl R. Voor
hees, auto, $1300.
LaCrosse Motor Co. to Chas. Reese,
auto, $50.
Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Co. to J.
J. I. Richardson, pump, $330.
DECEMBER 3. 1020
First National Bank, St. John, to
Emil Anderson, chattel, $.1000.
First National Bank, St. John, to
E. M. Fitzwater, chattel, $1650.
Oldsmobile Co. of Washington to
the Pullman Engr. Co., conditional
DECEMBER 4, 1920
Theodore H. Ackerman to John
Appel, pt neq of neq 9-15-41, $200.
John M. Appel to the Security-
State Bank, La Crosse, pt neq of neq
of 9-15-41, $1450.
J. H. Llewellyn to the Vermont
Loan & Trust Co., nwq of seq and neq
Of swq 20-19-43, $2500.
J. D. Cummins to Lucy M. Wiley,
seq of seq 36-19-41, $1500.
J. E. Nickerson to Pauline Nicker
son, seq 18-19-4 2, lying east of coun
ty road. $4 50.
Frank S. Miller to First National
Bank, St. John, eh of swq 34-18-41,
A. M. Davis to Farmers Supply Co.
Inc., auto. $340.
C. L. Crawford to Emerson Mer
cantile Co., Pullman, 2 mares, 2
cows, harness, $478.
Farley Bros, to Commercial State
Bank, implements, $2763.
John and Geo. Massengale to A. E.
Davis, live stock, implements, 800 a.
summer fallow, swq 10-19-42. $"3000.
John and Geo. Massengale to A. E.
Davis, two-thirds crop swq 10-19-42,
First State Bank, La Crosse, to
Geo. Stewart, tract in 2-15-39,; ex
cept. 4-17-20, $500.
Phoebe Nelson, extr. estate of
Christen Nelson, to J. D. Cummins,
seq of seq 36-19-41, $1500.
Vermont Loan & Trust Co. to John
E. Nickerson, real mtge.
Northwestern Mutual Ins. Co. to
Anderson Cox, real mtge, $8500.
A. E. Davis to John and Geo. Mas
sengale, chattel, $3000.
A. E. Davis to John and Geo. Mas
sengale, $3000.
Mrs. Emma McCracken to J. O. Cal
laway, chattel, $375.
.Murphey. Favre & Co. to Daniel
Newton, real mtge. Arna M. Melville
3 years.
Writ of Attachment
Commercial State Bank vs. Jack
James and Marion James and James
Bros., eh of neq and nwq of the neq
of 12-19-44, $3422.
Bill of Sale
W. F. Hickman to Ethel Blakely,
piano, $1.
DECEMBER 6, 1920
O R. Hedges to Ole Melhus, hall
int. lot 9, blk 50, Maiden, $1.
Maiden Co-operative Co. to OK
Melhus, half Int. lot 9. blk 50, Mai
den, A. Grief, Carrie Grief Taufen
C A Grief, Carrie Grief Taufen
and A. H. Grief to Joseph Grassl. lot!
4, 5. 6. 11. 12, 13. in blk B, Grief i
; dd, Uniontown, $3000.
Elizabeth Salisbury to John Lader
er, sh of nwq and nh of swq 22-20
George J. Esser to Linus P. Yunck
eh lot 5. blk 8, Colton, $1350.
C J Bishop to Catherine A. Bish
op. lots 4.5, blk 52, Maiden. $1.
Mary A. Rogers to Minnie Clark
lot 2, blk 26, Pullman, $1.
■Hi ■j, __ m i SECOND SECTION _ M
The Pullman Herald
Devoted to the best interests of Pullman and the greatest farming community in the Northwest surrounding it.
H. I. Meredith to B. C. McDaniel,
lots 1 to 7, blk 3, Lauch's Ist add,
Elberton, also tract in nwq 14-17-44,
Herman Spuler to August Stolp.
nwq of swq, sh of nwq and nwq of
nwq of 30-20-41. $1250.
J. M. Appel to Oswald Appel and
T. J. Wigen, pt neq of neq of 9-15
--41, $1688.
Elmer C. Hickman to C. R. Moys,
tracts in Sees. 5, 17, 8, 20. 18, 4 in
14-43, also .seq 33-15-43, pt 34-15
--13, $9000.
W. L. Davidson. Milton and James
Davidson to La Crosse Hardware <•_
Implement Co., live stock, harness,
H. Long to Pullman State Bank,
pt crops Sees. 4, 6, 7. 5, in 13-45, pt
32, 33, in 1-45, $8625.
Will L. O'Keefe to Pine City State
Bank, pt crops eh of neq and eh of
se<i 14-19-41. $1625,
Harold W. Hastings to C. R. Higgs,
live stock, $24 2.
W*. L. and .1. D. Davidson to Han
oi* & Hanna Investment Co., Inc.,
crop 1921 neq 5-13-38, pt. neq 32-14
--38, $974.
Will L. O'Keefe to Pine City State
Dank, live stock, implements, $1645.
Harry E. Davis to Lamont State
Bank, two-thirds crop swq, pt nwq
1 1-19-39, $2600.
Harry E. Davis to Lamont State
Bank, live stock, farm implements,
A. P. King to Endicott Hardware
ft Imp. Co., I've stock, $465.
IL Long and Stanley Long to Pull
man State Bank, live stock, imple
ments. $8625,
J. F. Hall to John Kager, real
j mtge. Robert (' Campbell.
F. C, Forrest to Christopher P.
I Busch, real mtge, 1500,
Pine City State Bank to Will L.
! O'Keefe, chattel, $2000.
Bank of Endicott to Jacob Goetz,
| chattel, $2700.
1 R. B. Grant to A. C. Miller, wh of
swq ,25-20-40, swq . 24-20-40, one
third crop.
Rill of Sale
W. H. Bellinghansen to Martin
Reisenauer, live stock, implements.
I autos. 4 cords wood, three tons oats,
hay. seed, wheat, harness, saddle fan
' ning mill, household poods. 1 dozen
' chickens. $3500.
Louis E. Hall vs. Harry Wexler, la
bor, nwq nwq 29, pt 30 in 15-45,
Louis E. Hall vs. John Devine and
Ella Letterman, labor, sh 21-15-4
Conditional Kill of Sale
Linville Bros., Inc., to J. Y. Little
ton, auto. $24 95.
Williams & Gallaugher to Clarence
L. Taylor and Georgia A. Taylor, au
|to, $139
Grant. Bontrager to Jay V. Carlth
era, phonograph, 190.
G. H. Coffin to Endicott Hardware
: Co., tractor, $1000.
Grange Warehouse Co. to National
Cash Register Co., register. $575.
DECEMBER 7. 1920
Willis H. Earll to W. G. Crazier,
tract r.h of sh 10-16-4:',, $"1200.
H. M. Love, Referee, to Willis
Earll, tract nh of sh 11-16-43. $1000.
Between Bertha A. Shaw and
: Henry L. Baker, pt lot 1, blk 1, Ruby
i add. and part lot 8, blk 2, Larence
i & Holbrook's add, Pullman, also
; stoves, electric washing machine,
! shades, dressing table, library table,
i bedstead, springs and mattress.
Conrad J. Ochs to Sarah J. Carroll.
swq 33-16-42, swq of nwq, lot 4, of
| 4-15-42, $13,000.
Ira Scott to Murphev. Favre & Co.,
i 16-15-40, $22,000.
C. W. Haines to the Wheeler ot
ter Co., neq 2-14-41, the eh 35-15-41,
demand, $4029.
I. L. Harwood to W. F. Harwood,
I two-thirds crop pt 14-18-41, live
stock, implements, touring car.
I $2 500.
L. P. Gardo to W. H. Ragon and
j Claude A. James, two-thirds crop sh
of neq and nh of seq 8-10-41, $570.
I L. P. Gardo to W. H. Ragon and
| Claude A. James, two-thirds crop sh
< of neq 27-19-4 4. $570.
I J. E. Tueth to Emerson Mercantile
I Co.. two-thirds crop nwq of nwq 32
--j 14-44, $1275.
Nelson Bros, to Vermont Loan &
1 Trust Co., live stock, implements,
two-thirds crop seq 13-18-40. sh 35,
' seq of swq of 34-19-40, $3595.
C.- W. Haines to the Wheeler Mot
ter Co.. live stock, implements, auto,
j crop on pt 2-14-41, pt 35-15-41, de
• mand. $4029.
Robert E. Horton and Win. I. Hor
: ton to First State Bank. La Crosse,
live stock,- implements, pt. crop 31
--16-40, $1800.
J.E. Tueth to Emerson Mercantile
Co.. implements, live stock, $1275.
J. M. Snyder to Linville Bros., two
thirds crop pt 2-20-40. seq 3-20-40,
! pt 84, 35, in 21-40, $1162.
W. Tureman to Citizens State
i Bank. Tekoa, live stock, implements
• pi crop Benewah Co.. $"2500.
Geo. Holesteln to First National
, Bank, St. John, live stock, imple
i dents, pt crop on 17-41. $2391.
i J. A. Crabb to First National Ban!
I of St. John, live stock, implements, p
- crop pt 34. 35 in 18-42, $2000.
J. E. Bageant to First Nationa
1 Bank, St. John, live stock, imple
, ments, pt crops on pt 31-18-42. $3,
I 800.
Commercial State Bank. Oakes
, dale, to Daniel Newton, real mtge
Geo.A. Pittman, $6000. •
Murphey, Favre & Co. to Geo. W.
Crossgrove, real mtge, Isabelle E.
Cordon. $5000.
MacGregor Land & Live Stock Co.
to Washington Farm. Land Co.,
chattel, A. M. Davis. $1300.
F. E. Brown to Joseph J. Johnson,
real mtge, $4000.
Central Life Assurance Society of
U. S. to Thomas J. Morris, real mtge.
McGregor Land & Live Stock Co.
to A. M. Davis, chattel, $1700.
First National Bank, Pullman, to
Clark Burnam, chattel, $1200.
Baker Motor Co. to S. W. Jensen,
I chattel, $1150.
M. A. Harwood to Eniil Anderson,
chattel lien, wheat.
Blackwell Motor Co. to W. A. Ohl
; er, conditional sale.
Citizens tSate Bank. Tekoa, to W.
Hureman, chattel, $4000.
First National Bank. St. John, to
J. E. Bageant, chattel. $6000.
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
to Euel Parvin, chattel, 188,
Lis Pendens
E. K. Wolfe vs. I. K. Qeddes, the
j Lalouse River Lumber Co., tract of
! land, 1-16-4.",.
H. J. Miller, adm. Sarah S. Bants
I est., vs. Anna S. Ficklin and B. D.
| and D, W. Henry, $600.
Rill of Sale
i W. A. Ohler to W. M. Allen and 0.
j P. McGreevy, truck, $*l.
I Certificate Increase Capital Stock
SetrlingMining ft Milling Co.
Sheriffs Certificate of Sale
H. S. McClure, Sheriff, to C. B.
; Swift, lots 9, 10, blk 26, lot 6, blk
33, Endicott.
Theo. Rowland vs. L. D, Beovert
and J. M. Davis, wheat, 6-36-5 W.
■ B VI., Sees. 31', 32 In 37-5, $169.
Daniel Rowland vs. L. D. Beovant
and J, M. Davis, wheat. 6-36-5, Sees.
31', 32, in 73-5, $157.
Henry Knack vs. L. D. Beovert and
J. M. Davis, wheat, 6-36-5, Sees'. 31,
; 32, in 37-5, $462.
DECEMBER 8, 1920
I )oeds
Bert E. Summers to R. S. Barr.'
; pi eh of swq 28-17-39, $700.
R, C. Hedglen to M. A. Draper,!
tract swq 13*14-44, also tract seq 14
- 9,200.
Bert E. Summers to Isaac Neace,
; eh of nwq, pt eh of 8-17-39, $900.
Daniel Frew to N. 11. Weeks, lot
10, blk 6, Fairmont Cemetery, Pull
; man, $20.
j Chas. M. Johnson Jo Asa V. Clark,
I lots 1, 2, 3, sh of neq, nil of seq, seq
: of nwq 1-15-44; $1.
Ewan Ladies' Club to Ewan Com
munity Club, nh lots 7. 8, blk 32,
; Ewan, $1.
August Loding to John Kinzer,
seq of nwq, neq of swq 21-12-46,
M. A. Draper to R. C. Hedglen.
tract swq 13-14-44, tract in seq 14-!
| 14-44, $4200.
Asa V. Clark to C. M. Johnson,
govt lots 1, 2. 3, sh of neq, nh of
seq, seq of nwq 1-15-44, $19,000.
John Kinzer to August Loding,
seq of nwq and neq or sei| 21-12-46,
; $8000.
Jemima McKay to H. W. Terhune,
trustee, nh 8-42, $6000.
Jemima McKay and L. S. McKay
; to H. W. Terhune, trustee, live stock,l
implements, crop in 19-18*42, $*6000.
.1. R. Rinehart to Citizens State
I Bank, Tekoa. live stock, implements,
crop pt 19-45-s,and pt Sees. 20, 17,
( in 455, $1421.
W. S. Mood to C. C. Simmons, im
plements, swq 27-18-45, $652.
W. W. Snohill to Farmers State
i Bank, Sprague, live stock, imple
ments, $3650.
Charles 11. Shawgo to John O.
| Pier son, real mtge, $1800.
C. C. Simmons to W. S. Mood,
! chattel,.sl7so.
Rills of Sale
I Charles Jackson to J. F. Aiken and
j D. G. O'Halloran, auto, starter and!
1 generators, etc.. $350.
Roy Mclnturff to J. W. Hackney,
12 head horses, cow, implements,
harness, grain, etc., $4 000.
Potlatch Lumber Co. vs. 11. F.
Newbrough, materials used in repair,
improvement, construction dwelling,
pt lot 10. blk 9, Reaney's 2nd add,
Pullman, $678.
Conditional Bill of Sale !
Between E. E. Quinn and Willis E.
LaFayette and Oscar Olsen, billiard
, tables. $800.
DECEMBER 9, 1920
A. L. Hill to A. H. Martin. N 30
ft. lot 1, blk 15, Wiley's add., Pa-!
louse, $150.
Henry Karfstedt to A. H. Martin,
• nh 30, lot 1, blk 15, Wiley's add.,
,1 Palouse, $1.
Ole Melhus to Charles Luft and!
Edward R. Charvat, lot 11, blk 17, 1
! Maiden. $2000.
James Hubbard Christopher to the
• First National bank, neq of nwq and
, nwq of neq, sh of neq, eh of swq,
wh of seq 8-15-45, (Pullman bank),
• $15,000.
.! Frank B. Babcock to Day & Han
sen Security Co.. lots 1, 2, '.',. 4. eh
I of wh of 19-19-41, (ex) $"12,000.
Frank B. Babcock to Day & Han
sen Co.. eh 15-19-40. $12,000.
i. George W. Gildersleeve to First
tj National bank, Washtucna. 3-4 int.
7, nh 6, in 14-37, $10,700.
1 R. L. Hollenbeck to Barbara C.
- Sanders and Mary J., crop nwq, swq
- of neq 30-15-45, $500.
H. 11. Ellis to E. P. McNall and E.
B. Fowler, auto. $288.
Erwin M. Curtis to I. M. Curtis,
, 2-3 crop 1-13-38, live stock, imple
-1 ments, $8000.
, Richard A. Krous to Geo. W. Hall,
live stock, wood and coal, ,'i grain
rocks, $5000,
Otis Shields to First National
bank, St. John, live stock. ''-.'! int.
pt. sees. 2, 3, 10, in 19-40, $2000. I
First National bank. Pullman, to
.Taint's Hubbard Christopher, real
mtge.. $15,000.
The Auto Finance Co. to J. M.
Snapp, conditional bill of sale - ;
Partial Releases
Harris Trust & Savings Banw to
Inland Empire Ry Co., lot 10, blk
16, Colfax, $ —. j
Colfax Mercantile Agency vs. John
IL Schmick, nwq 14-18-41, $878.
Rill of Sale
M. 11. Hotiser to Almota Farmers
Elevator & Warehouse Co., ware
house and equipment, $4600.
Conditional Hills of Bale
Jason Piano Co. to Geo. Adler;
phonograph, $150.
Jason Piano Co. to 11. R. Rudd,
phonograph, $150.
DECEMBER 10, 1920
Conditional Rills of Sale
BaUtn Music House to W. W.
Huntley, victrola.
Baum Music House to Stanley
i Long, phonograph*, $295.
Chas. E. Ray to W. E. Chapman,
neq 20-13-88, $"4 800.
('. C. Gleiser to Walter S. Qleiser,
sh seq 19-16-45, $I.
Isabelle B. Gordon to J. E. Cor
don, seq 1-19-41, $14,400.
Fred S. l.ibby to Will. Wilson,
■ lots 26, 27, in blk 4::, Pullman;
Claude M. Smith to Day & Han
sen Security Co., tracts in Sees, lit,
5, in 16-40, $2500.
Farmers Oarage Co., Inc., to
Thomas Stewardson, lots i, 2, blk
2, St. John, $2000.
Andrew W. Nelson and Swan Nel
son and ii. W. Terhune, trustees,
I nh 13, all 8-40, sh 35, sh Beg and
seq swq 34-19-40, $3879.
Lee Morford and R. J. Thomas 1
and Thomas L. Morford to Citizens
State bank, Tekoa, live stock, farm
Implements, part crop in 19-45-s;'
$1700. I
C. B. Elliott to Commercial State j
bank, Oakesdale. live stock, farm im
plements, part crops . 12, in 19-44,
part 6, 7, in 19-45, $4000.
Ira Morton to Baker Motor Co I
auto. $175.
Andrew W. Nelson and Swan Nel
! son to H. W. Terhune, trustee, live;
stock. implements, 2-3 int. crop seq;
! 3-18-42, neq 13, part. 2-18-40,
Harry J. Phillips to James Phil-!
lips, live stock, drill, $716.
W. S. Garner to Pacific Grain Co.. 1
320 acres summer fallow, neq 25-20
--! 39, swq 19-20-40, $747. 1
A. I). Coffland to First Savings ,<•
Trust bank, Whitman Co., hogs, hay,;
grain, 50 tons unthreshed grain,
No. 3021
i In the superior court of the state of
Washington, in and for the coun
ty of Whitman.
In the matter of the estate of John!
Albrecht, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Nick
Knopes, the administrator of the es
tate of John Albrecht, deceased, has!
filed in the office of the clerk of said
j court his final report as such admin
i istrator together with his petition for
distribution of said estate, asking the
court to settle said report, distribute
the property to the heirs or persons'
entitled to the same, and discharge j
i said administrator and that Friday,;
the 24th day of December, 1920, at
! 10 o'clock a. m., at the court-room of
our said superior court, in the city of
I Colfax, in said Whitman county, has
j been duly fixed by said superior
court for the hearing and settlement!
of said final report and petition for
distribution, at which time and place!
any person interested in said estate;
; may appear and file objections there-,
to and contest the same.
Witness the Hon. R. L. McCroskey,
judge of said superior court, and the;
! seal of said court affixed this 22di
day of November, 1920.
! M. C. TRUE,
Clerk of said Court.
(Seal) nov26dec24
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nov26dec24 ,
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