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~TZ»r. August -■». ">•-"
•rhloride of I*- ■ Preventive
Remedy, Says State College
Sanitation Expert
By H. _. Phelps, XV. S. ('.
During the summer months large
numbers of men, women and chil
dren are engaged ■in harvesting,
Threshing and picking fruit, often be
i nx compelled to live in tents, bunk
houses and other temporary and
nortable homes placed near their
work and frequently moved from
olace to place. Under these circum
stances the sanitary conditions sur
rounding them are frequently far
from good, and many cases of ty
phoid fever and other intestinal
troubles are the direct result of such
unsanitary conditions. It is well es
tablished that most cases of typhoid
fever and the less serious but un
pleasant summer intestinal troubles
are caused by drinking impure water.
It has frequently seemed difficult
0 r impossible to provide harvest
workers with a sufficient supply of
pure drinking water, because of
the temporary and scattered nature
of their work and the expense that
has seemed to be involved. A certain
amount of typhoid and intestinal dis
ease has often been looked upon as
an inevitable accompaniment of such
kinds of work. This has often been
true of those who realized that such
diseases were transmitted by Impure
water, and generally by those who
were ignorant of this fact.
It is, however, possible to provide
a supply of pure water for harvest
workers, and to greatly reduce the
amount of disease to which they are
subject. The destruction of all dan
gerous bacteria which may be in tin
water can be easily and efficiently
accomplished by the use of chloride
of lime. Chloride of lime, or bleach
ing powder, can be Obtained at al
most any grocery store, and the
amount required is so small as to
make the cost negligible. It should
be used in the following manner:
One tablespoonful of the chloride
of lime is dissolved in 10 quarts "i
water. This quantity is sufficient to
treat 1000 gallons of water, and the
operation is carried out by simply
pouring the clear solution Into the
water to be treated and stirring
thoroughly. This solution is a pow
erful germicide and its action is very
rapid lo minutes or so being all
the time required to carry out the
purification. One quart, of this so
lution is sufficient to treat effective
ly a tank of 100 gallons of water,
and one pint of it stirred into a 50
--gallon barrel full of water will de
stroy any dangerous .germ and him.
the water safe for drinking purposes.
One is cautioned against using
too much of the chemical, not be
cause it is dangerous at till, but be
cause an undesirable odor or taste
may be imparted to the water where
too large amounts are used. The
strength of solution Indicated above,
used in the manner described,, will
be found perfectly satisfactory. The
qualities of the water will in no wise
be impaired and no undesirable con
ditions will arise from its use. On
the other hand, dangerous water may
be made safe and much sickness pre
The solution loses its strength if
left standing open for any time, hut
may be kept for several days if kept
in a tightly stoppered bottle. If so
kept, it becomes a very handy germi
cide to use during the harvesting and
threshing season. The water used
about the cook house and for drink
ing purposes in the field and about
the threshing machine can be made
safe and the amount of typhoid
fever and other intestinal trouble
made much less.
Carpets and furniture for sale.
Mrs. A. E. Lundgren, phone 1871.
Auto Radiator Repairing — [^^^^^^ft |~~1 Acetylene Welding
We are Fitted to Repair Radiator Leaks and do !Sl_M^^Sitf ALL CLASSES OF WELDING-ALUMINUM
Radiator Repairing rf^p^H wqm&trftr™** CASTIRON, BRASS and AUTOMOBILE
-■i ■ T .:-^"-- ms ~- i FRAMES , '
RFPAIRED '~-*' -^•^^t^j^H iLJ_i
i^6__k_V/—'^^r^^EE c * nsta^ Skylights, Make Skylight Repairs and do
PLUMBING AND JOB WORK 9BBK^lU!^_3l__. Sheet Metal Work
. '*-'•■ '■■ -":: ;:'.y- '■-:■.* - ■ ■' .■ <■ ■ '■ ' ' ' ■
rsofi Witter Engineering Co. | mmm.
&3 ™ pa
_&> '•'•'■ ""''■'ii *."»i«ni Union )
If you have a mind to adorn jlour
city by ecrated monument* first
consecrate in yourself the most beau
urul monument nt sentleness and __.
tice and benevolence.—Kplctetus.
A delicious dumpling to use in i hick
en soup is prepared as follows:
_——--■ D ii m p I ings.
-^ salt. Heat the fat
and milk; when boiling, ad. the Hour
to which has been added the nutmeg
and salt, cook until It leaves the bot
tom of the saucepan; cool and add the
eggs one at a time, beating well be
tween. Drop by spoonfuls Into the
boiling soup.
Honeycomb Pudding.—Take one
cupful of molasses, one-half cupful of
sugar, one-half cupful of sweet milk,
four eggs, one teaspoouful of soda.
•Mix as usual and bake forty-live min
utes in a moderate oven. Sauce:
Take one-half cupful of brown sugar
two 'ablesi mills of butter, one ta
blespoonful of cornstarch, one-half
cupful of witter; cook until thick; then
itdil "tie pint of whipping cream,
Emergency Dish.—Put a cupful or
more of roast beef through the meat
•'hopper, add a small onion also /.'round
through the chopper. Peel and grind
four to si potatoes. Urease with
sweet fat a deep granite or earthen
baking dish, put in the potatoes, sea
son well, add the meat and onion, cov
er and cook until nearly done, then
uncover to brown, This makes a very
appetizing dish and one which uses
nil bits of cold meat.
Shrimp Wiggle.—Take one can of
shrimps, tv cupfuls of milk, one-hnlf
''•'"» "'' peas, one tublespoohful of Hour
and seasoning. Make n cream sauce
with the Hour and milk, add the pens
and shrimps cut In pieces. Pake In
ramekins, using tiered crumbs to
finish the top.
Cherry Salad.—Take a can of white
cherries, seed, add thirty marshmnt
lows cut in quarters and one-fourth
"i a pound of almonds blanched and
shredded. For the dressing use the
.•-•■lks of two eggs, the cherry juice,
a little lemon juice. flour and butter
to thicken. Cook until smooth. Serve
the stilad well mixed with the dress
ing on head lettuce.
httUu. /YU^VrdtfL
Don't Wait for the Fatal Stages of
Kidney illness. Profit by Pull
man People's Experiences
Occasional attacks of backache,
irregular urination, neadaches and
dizzy spells are frequent symptoms
of kidney disorders. ft.- an error
to neglect these ills. The attacks
may pass off for a time but general
ly return with greater intensity.
Don't delay a minute. Begin taking
Doan's Kidney Pills, and keep up
their use until the desired results
are obtained. Good work in Pull
man proves the effectiveness of this
great kidney remedy.
C. E. Bailey, carpenter, 1203
State St.. says: "I suffered from i
lame back just about a month ago.
When I tried to lift anything, my
back seemed to give way on me and
a sharp pain struck me in the small
of it, nearly taking my breath away.
I had to pass the kidney secretions
too often and they were scanty and
burning in passage. I heard about |
Doan's Kidney Pills and one box j
cured me of the backache and put
my kidneys acting all right. I al
ways recommend Doan's Kidney
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—
get Doan's Kidney Pills- the same
that Mr. Bailey had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
The Herald prints butter wraps
Estate of Ophelia Ash, Deceased.'
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has bees appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Ophelia
Ash, deceased, and has qualified as
That all persons holding claims
against said estate must serve the
same upon me at my office iii Pull
man, Washington; or upon my attor
neys of record, and file the same, to
gether with proof of such service
with the clerk of the superior court
of the Stat.' of Washington, in and
lor Whitman county, at Colfax,
Washington, within six months after
the date of the first publication of
this notice, to-wit. July 16, 1921, or
be forever barred.
Estate of Lucy E. Dickey, Deceased. I
Notice is hereby given that the un- 1
dersigned has been appointed admin
istratrix of the estate of Lucy B. I
Dickey, deceased, and has qualified
as 1 such administratrix.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons holding claims against said de
ceased, to serve a verified statement |
of their claim on me or on Neill & I
Sanger, my attorneys of record, at
Pullman, Washington, and file the
same together with proof of such
service with the clerk of the superior
court of Whitman county at Colfax, ,
Washington, within six months after j
tin date of the first publication of,
this notice or be forever barred.
Date of first publication, July 15,
jlyl saugG Administratrix.
Will trade 6-rooin modern dwell
! ing in Spokane for Pullman prop-
I city. Phone 127, ju!29aus
*« — ~* """fi ____a^^gj^^gyt*" ■ —■ -~"~ "~ ~'i '' '-m
Paint your house with
>TpHE above picture shows that one f »M J # H-W materials for repainting and also saving
•«- gallon of SWP house paint covers ___W___W _ff_£_^ the labor cost which fa about 75 P"
360 square feet of surface, two coats. •^^ I* V JF^ Cent of the total expense.
Ordinary paint covers from 200 to 250 mjp' WT^W 3 In buyin & Paint jt's the area a allon
square feet, That is the first saving. covers, not the cost per gallon, that de-
SWP, though heavy-bodied, flows eas- jsl{_\ termines its economy,
fly and evenly, thus cutting down the _^^v We carry a complete line of SWP
time required to apply it That is the / the \ If you plan to paint your house, let m
second saving. I f^yJLjU help you,
SWP outlasts two or three paintings i_YnVi3M_l_i_ll
with ordinary paint, saving the cost of Va*^^^^^ \
—\. t& B AWB9 J_5ES_ m _Wk aW AH kf\ E9 H Ami kWM fS UT ¥i *W fifi _*W "Jo*_k
George W. Clous, optician, will
again visit Pullman Wednesday.
August 10. and may be found at
Palace hotel. He will examine your 1
eyes without charge and fit them to I
your perfect satisfaction. If you
need glasses or new lensees in your
frames, it will pay you to see him.
All work guaranteed. Mr. Clous i
will also visit Albion Thursday, Aug
ust -*• jul'29augr.!
; ——■
We are read) to haul your win I
at reasonable rates with our motor
trucks. Pullman Engineering Co
Jul29Rugi 2
All kinds of curtains washed and
stretched. Rough Dry laundry; 60c
per dozen. Mrs. Mack's Hand aim
*'''>• 1310 Maiden Lane. Phone
HIS. aprltt j
A preparation guaranteed to re-'
move any hair dye when the hair!
shows up streaky with dye. This!
preparation removes the objection-'
able color quickly, allowing the hair
to be recolored in an even shade,
and produces satisfactory results.
Reauty Parlor. First Nat. Rank Itldg. j
« Ksfifi_________PE_|
l———\ ——————m^m^mWmm^mmsfl . "-~*" ii |M — ■ ""* I I '-/'J «■ «4H
i^_mWK_&_WE[&H!^^^> w."J'.'-—!*f —.(JSp ***a'*t-'^
" >" have any thought of buying ,* new range and
if Monarch Ranges have been among those that you were
considering, your mind lias been working at the right
time. For a short time we are offering Monarch's at a
$10.00 less price than the new stove will sell for this
lull. We have only a limited number so if you are in
terested conic in. early.
|£ Lilß Jk.%-* L, H M ;?
Phono 24 Good Goods (July
Pose Nine

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