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Friday, September 23, 1921
You Can See Your Face
In It!
That's the kind of a surface you can get with our Varnish.
•White and Ivory Enamel that will make your furniture look
like new.
: Just scrape off some of your old furniture and put on a coat of
this Varnish or Enamel.
Phone 24 • • Good Goods Only
\ .
. -
We are equipped to handle any kind of |
a contract —large or small -
. -^-- |
i , — !
| Roth Construction Co. |
rainiing and CALCIMINING
Let us make you an estimate
C. H. BANTHAM Phone 1733 M. S. HOWELL
Jheres an advantage
to you °
\ resources
\ -resources
1 -experience
\ -knowledge
I -equipment
% of the Standard
\ Oil Company xvhidi
\ combine to mah
\ oil quality
Correct \ .^^SJ^
ICALiroiVNIA) *** kg J c.
{7^ By LEE BRADFORD. ffa
(©. 1921. by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Donald stopped at the foot of the
lot hill, threw himself down under
a large apple tree which bung over
the road, and wiped his brow,
"Going to rest a minute, dad, before
I tackle that mountain," he called
'<' his father, who waved his hand In
reply, and continued pushing his bi
cycle up the ascent.
ills sister. Roberta'; and their mother
had gone to their grandfather's farm
In New Hampshire hy train. Donald
and his father were making the trip "a
la bike," as Don expressed it, and en-
Joyed It Immensely.
Don watched his father till he
reached th., top, leaned his wheel
against a tree and sat down In a
shady spot. He reached for his hat.
Plunk) A very large, red apple
dropped into his upturned straw hat.
He seized It and sank his teeth Into
the Juicy fruit.
"Gee," he said aloud, "a gift from
the gods! Plunk! Another round,
red apple dropped in the same spot.
"One for pop." he said, storing It
away In his pocket.
He looked up into the tree and en
countered a pair of laughing eyes, be
longing to a girl In a pink gingham
dress, perched on the highest limb.
"Not a gift from the gods, but from
a goddess," she corrected, laughing.
Donald returned to his natural man
ner. "Say, I didn't know girls could
climb trees."
'.'Oh, you don't she queried, mock
ingly. "Well, this girl can."
Just then Ids father hallooed, and
he turned to go reluctantly.
"Good-by, stmtrty," called the girl.
"Good-by, tomboy," returned the
lie thought the Incident closed, but
during his four years of college the
rosy, smiling face of the "Apple Tree
<.irl," us he called her, was constantly
it. the background of his mind.
it was the summer after he gradu
ated from college when his father In
sisted he should take a real vacation,
for he had worked his way through
College and his summers had been de
voted to the making of extra money.
Now he was graduated with honors
and had accepted a desirable position.
lie was tentatively turning over In
his mind the possibility of looking up
the white farmhouse mi a corner of a
certain New- Hampshire road, near
which he had rested that August day
four years ago, en route for grandpa's
farm. Of course, the charming god
dess of the apple tree must live there.
, Roberta was expecting a girl friend of
hers who was "finished" at the same
, boarding school as herself, and begged
Donald to stay at home a few weeks
hefore he went to Ins grandfather's.
"Yes, I'll stay," he said ungraciously,
"but for pity's sake stop singing her
praises from morning till night."
"Oh, Don, look! 1 just got her pic
ture — "
"Maisie," he continued, scornfully,
refusing to look at it, "what a name!
Probably It was Just plain Mary be
fore she fixed it over."
"Don," said his mother, laughing,
"stop teasing your sister." She took
the photograph. "She really has a
very bright, sweet face."
"Malsle, Malsle, clean gone crazy,"
sang Don, as he dodged a pillow flung
nt him by his Irate .sister.
Three days later Malsle King had ar
rived and the three met again in their
mother's sitting room.
"Gee, mom,. I don't like dinner par
ties; fix me an alibi, will you?" plead
ed Don.
"I will not," answered his mother
firmly; "It's getting noticeable, your
dodging about, trying to avoid Miss
"Oh, well, all right; I'll be here,"
replied Don shortly.
Turning the corner of the house, he
came to a sudden halt. A dark-eyed,
dark-haired girl was sitting In the ham
mock, tin amused smile In her bright
"The Apple Tree Girl!" ejaculated
Don. He came nearer. "Who are you?"
he asked cautiously.
"Why, I'm Maisie, Malsle, clean gone
crazy,*' she answered demurely.
lb* stared at her, a quick flush flood
ing his tan.
"Say, I'm no end ashamed of myself,
and I owe you an apology. How will
I you have it':"
".No: at all," she ,laughed. "I know
exactly how you felt. Your sister had
your photo at school and talked of you
a great deal, and I've really known
you for four years now," she added.
The day seemed singularly bright to
Don. He seated himself on the ground
near her.
"Did you -did you ever mention our
auple tree acquaintance?" be asked
"No," she blushed, "I never hap
; ened to mention ii to anyone."
"Do you still climb apple trees?"
teased Don.
"Oh, l can," she flashed back, then
added, "but I haven't i limbed much
sin, a certain young man called me a
"Hut I like" you that way." insisted
Don, "It hits made you seem different
from the dolls around here." .
"Well, i don't think I've really for
gone:, any of my boyish accomplish.
mentS," she laughed.
Two weeks later,' when Malsle re
turned home, she was accompanied by
her fiance, who only smiled when
Roberta tang teaslngly after them:
"Malsle, Malsle,
Clean gone crazy!"
In the Superior Court ol the State
of Washington, in and for Whit
man County.
In the Matter of the Estate of James
O. Callaway, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned lias been appointed by the
above entitled court as administra
trix of th estate of James O. Calla
way, eased, and has duly quali
fied .is such, and all creditors of said
deceased and all persons having
claims against his estate are hereby
notified to serve their claims, duly
verified, upon the undersigned or I
her attorney of record, M. S. Jamar,
at. his office in Pullman. Washing
ton, and file the same with the clerk |
of the above entitled court with!
proof of service thereof; within six
months from the date of the first
publication of this notice, to wit,
within six months from the Bth day
of September, 1921.
All claims not so filed within the
time aforesaid shall be forever
Dated this 3rd day of September,
Administratrix of the Estate of
James 0. Callaway, Deceased.
M. S. Jamar, Attorney for Estate.
sep9-30 Pullman, Wash.
The Herald prints butter wraps.
To provide a systematic and abso- I
lutely safe plan for the Investment j1
of savings, and to aid its members
to acquire homes of their own is the
object of the Pullman Savings and
Lean Association. The Association
Is in every sense a HOME Institution.
Who It's For
It is for the Practical Man, who
realizing the uncertainties of busi
ness and health, and of the folly or
spending all his money as fast a*
ho gets it, provides for an enter
It is for the Prudent Woman, who
oat of her earnings or allowance, de
sires to put away a little money |
monthly, whero it wil". be securely J
and profitably invested, and givo her
the least trouble and where she can j
get it when needed.
It is for the Young Man possessing!
the manhood and determination to
save something every month from
his earnings as a reserve fund, to
draw on when sick or out of a posi- ;
tion, for providing a home or for a
start in business.
It is for Boys and Girls, to help
them to be economical and Industri- 1
ous and to encourage them to ac
quire the habit of saving, provide a
fund to educate them and to make
them Independent.
It is for Societies, Fraternal and
other Organizations wishing to in- j
vest their income for the purpose ol !
creating a reserve fund, or for build- j
It is for all Seeking a Home or
who want to improve their property,
or pay off a mortgage or to provide
a fund for any other worthy purpose.
Call on or write
_ , . "S/Vj
A pipe won t burn your V /
tongue if you smoke R A.!
Get that pipe-party-bee buzzing in your smoke
section! Know for a fact what a joy'us jimmy pipe
can and will do for your peace and content! Just
check up the men in all walks of life you meet daily
who certainly get top sport out of their pipes — all
aglow with fragrant, delightful, friendly Prince
Prince Albert is Albert!
sold in toppy red
hand/om/'pound And, you can wager your week's wad that Prince
nuiufrs^ndtihe Albert's quality and flavor and coolness —and its
\\Tair/^a\iTh freedom from bite and parch (cut out by our exclu-
s P one t moistens give patented process)—will ring up records in your
{&—__^3£~~^S little old smokemeter the likes of which you never
before could believe possible!
jfaßSSjijSß You don't get tired of a pipe when it's packed with
lllifflßMffll Prince Albert! Paste that in your hat!
f little old smokemeter the likes of which you never
before could believe possible!
You don't get tired of a pipe when it's packed with
Prince Albert! Paste that in your hat!
And, just between ourselves! Ever dip into the
liSS'/B^B sport of rolling 'em? Get some Prince Albert and
I ISitilil/ Im the niakin's papers — quick — and cash in on a ciga-
I HWilJfi rette that will rove a revelation!
Wlntlon-Salcm. *4 ~> **■
N.C. '-■•"":••", . . . .•
the national joy smoke
the national joy smoße
You may think that a genuine Willard
Battery for your Ford car would cost
too much. We'd like to see the look of
surprise that comes on your face when
we quote you our price!
Willard Storage Battery Service Station
J. E. Scherman Phone 65
Mill Work of All Descriptions
Store Fronts and Interior
Fixtures a Specialty
Estimates Gladly Furnished
F. V. Roth
300 Main Street Pullman, Wash.
War Prices Are Over!
New Stock of QLJ/~|I7Q At PRE-WAR
Men's and Boys' *Jli KJsaCjtD PRICES
At the Electric Shoe Shop
Pago Three

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