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Vago Eight
Miner To'ls of Mirrc j!ojs Es3ap2
From Dealh.
As Instrument of Prc-.crvlnj f.'sn
From D.eaoTul £<--.i, Animal Was
Hotored b> ' Csmr.iumty.
This true storj of the aluii.si t:il
raclllnils ii -i-i:• ■ v!* a I'.uui iinpiiNuiiOil
in the shaft of a lead mine ■■ ;i- »•»'«!
to the writer, Corn Cole MeCuiioajdi,
by II member i»f her CmuHy. Wo nuote
it from Our Dumb Auliuals C>- •.•!....),
says the Lltentry I■>:> si •
Mnnj .x'eaVs ajio ! was liviu-.: In Mini
lima. A sin* iti-r had Ikv;i built a:al ii
created :i demand for nilvor rock. 1
owned an hueic^t in a lead mine t• ■ -s»
had been sunk over Ihlrtj feet. Thliiii
inj; the time lintl <■ c ti> make it
available, ! decided in go there. uw\
j:et some, ore und have it tested. 1 did
bo, and reached the place ju-t In time
to take shelter in the mine from ;.:
terrible hall storm. I li-:!ne I my win
die, went to tin 1 bottom, und wenl t>
work. 1 had not been there more
than I'm minutea when I heard ;i
noise that sounded likf ;i t'linnon. The
rock over my head shook, mid In ;i
moment the shaft caved In. Vmi can
Imagine my feelings better than l can
describe them, when I found myself
burled alive.
1 tremble even at this distant day,
when 1 think of thai moment. The
roof of the Bliuft was made of rocks,
and when they came down they did not
pack so tightly, but that the air came
through, ere « a-- nothing I could
do to release myself. 1 knew that If
relief did not come from the outside
I must perish. No one knew thai I
had gone there. A road ran past the
mouth of the shaft, but it whs not
traveled much, and ! was not likely
to attract attention by culling. Never
theless, I shouted at intervals till day.
The following morning I commenced
calling again, and all day, whenever
I thought 1 heard a sound, I Bhouted.
When uight came ugain, nil hopes of
being released were übandoned. 1 will
not dwell on the agonies I endured.
The morning of the fourth da\ of
my imprisonment I heard something
crawl into my grave
I lighted my candle mid buw o rab
bit. There whs only one aperture large
enough to admit him; I closed it t"
prevent his escape, l saw In him food
to appease my hunger, and my hand
wan raited to kill him, when a thought
occurred to me that prevented the blow
fn.m descending.
I had two fishing lines. Their united
length would reach the road. I took off
my shirt, tore it Into strips, tied them
together, and then to the fish line. 1
then tied the end made out of my
shirt around the rabbit's neck and let
him out. He soon reached the end of
the line, and 1 knew by tin- wuy he
was pulling thai he was making a
desperate effort to escape. Soon the
tugging censed, and as 1 I new that
gnawing was one of ii rabbit's accom
plishments, I thought he 1 nd gnawed
himself loose. About three horn's ill'
terward 1 felt the line pull, and some
one called. 1 tried to answer, but the
feeble noise l made died away In the
cavern. I then pulled the line n little
to show thai 1 whs still alive. All
grew still again, and I knew the per
■on had gone for assistance. Then
came the sound of voices, I pulled
in the Hue and it brought me foinl, 1;
took all the men who worked In the
shaft nine hours to reach me.
A very large pine tree thul stood
near had been the cause of m> mis
fortune. It had been dead v number
of years, and the storm had blown It
over. Tin* terrible blow it struck the
ground had caused the caving in of the
■haft. The rabbit hud wound the line
around a hush and tied himself so
short that h*> was Imprisoned outside
as securely an I had been inside. He
whs iiiken to town, [nit in a large cage,
nnd supplied with all rabbit delicacies
the market afforded. He, however, did
not Thrive, and the boys, believing he
"pined in thought," voted to set him
free, He was taken back to his old
neighborhood, and liberated. He not
onlj saved m\ life, but became the
benefactor of all the rabbits near, the
miners refraining from shooting any,
for fear it might bt> my rabbit,
Lead Poisoning Among Workers.
The report of the United states
Public Health service on this subject
is now in press. The danger is chiefly
to those handling tlu> glaze; the lead
is Inhaled as 'lust, the lunga absorb
lead from fumes, and there is some
absorption through the skin. The use
if leadleu glazes, already established
in European factories, would remedy
tlie trouble, but this requires sweep
hangea in our manufacturing un<!
rtriiig meth ids. Scientific American.
A Fre»hman'B Viewpoint.
At the close of the tirst week In an
Indianapolis high school, a teacher
asked members of a fresh m tin class '•
writ** their Impressions of their tlrs!
'lay at the school.
"I <-niii'- expecting to recite," wrote
one youth, "but was deceived."
"My first Impression reminded me
of some cartoons, such as 'When a
Feller Needs a Friend,' and 'Where
Do We Go I rom Here.'" wrote an
other, who lacked the self-confidence
that the first youth had displayed.
His Start.
Jasper—He started hußlnesa on a
sboe*i i •
Gasper -Very true, it got untied
and he tripped; and he received
$2,of»f' from an accident Li
Diamond-Studded Heavyweight Pugi
; iornhip Trophy Was
Pledged for $1,800.
We went Into tin 1 pawnshop of the
Forty-second street Simpsons to Msk
about John 1- Sullivan's diamond
championship belt, m hk'li he ''hocked 1'
there May L'l, IIHJI He put it in for
$I,SOO. "11, this hem « i i_i,t bell
ever been ' •'■■ en out?" lid asked of
Christopher Hk'hardson, inn linger for
the njjt'd Thomas Simpson.
"Now tliul you know nlmui it," he
nj .■*•. well it'll you that
it was redeemed April •_".'. r.'ni We
had ii here, in our safe, for
three \i.
lU'iii^r a city of quirk opportunities
as well ;ts a city of adversity, New
l'ork pawnsliops are ran spots for
the study of human character. A
young woman nit 1 in and planked a
small diamond ring on the highly pol
ished rosewood-topped counter and
demanded $.35 In n hurry, "You must
hurry," she pleaded, "for I have an
appointment with my hairdresser .md
need the money to pay for a perma
nent wave."
The queerest ense of sentiment was
the pawning some years ago of three
$100 bills by an elderly woman In
Muck. When told she could not fret
more than i?'_'.">o, she was satisfied,
seeming to know thnt the money
given her had to he borrowed, and Its
shnre of the overhead added In.
''I xrntild not spend the bills, be
<■an.se thej were Issued by the is>>\
eminent to a bank in which my dead
husband wa- pr< *ldent." slie i>x
plnlned, and pointing at the name on
"tie of the IdlN. added: "Thai wns his
She did not re<leem the bills at
the end of the year, and they went
Into circulation to meet the KM in
terest due, the net loss oil Die pawn
shop books being $4.
A twenty-dollar gold piece pawns
for $15, and many are pawned being
keep-pieces with some sentimental
vnltie to their owners. The interest
■ n $1!) for a year is $ |..~i»
Recently n pearl necklace worth
$1,000,000 was offered through the
New York lonn offices and finally
found n home. Raymond Cl Carroll,
In Phllndelphln Public Ledger.
World's Fairs in 1922.
The old-style "world's fair" was an
extravagant, til - ■■• fnlrj land thnt
housed, for the most part, objects of
art and education exhibits, and rlisap
penred as if wrecked by an earth
quake. More ttian 50 world's fairs
are scheduled for Europe this year, but
their main object will be the extension
tif commerce rather than the proud ex
hibition of local and national treas
ures. Europe now regards such ex
positions hk valuable agents for pro
motlng trade; in UiiH altitude it re
turns in principle to the fairs of the
Middle ages, says the Scientific 1 Amer
ican The sample fair hold at Prague
last year, though but a minor example,
bronchi together J..~imi exhibitors. Kx
hibltion trains are supplementing the
tub en Islng value of the Pairs; wit
ness the completely-equipped train
brought from France lasl fall that
made an extensive tour of Canada.
Bumble Bees on Spree.
Humble bees, remarks the London
Dailj Express, swurui to a bed of
Trench marigolds in a [lerne Baj nar
den .mil become shockingly Inebriated.
These carousals occur so frequently
that the owner of the garden, a wom
an, has turned the adjoining bed <>f
hollyhocks into an inebriates' home,
to which she carries the bees. They
awake from an hour's glorious in
toxication on a sweet-scented bed of
flowers. The morning after has no ter
ror- for tin- drunken bee.
Hive bees and bill t erli ie> ale nut uf
fected. Thej sip decentlj and carry
their liquor like gentlemen.
other flowers, notably a variety of
the soduin nnd the helenhim, Stupefy
all bees, wild ami hive, by the narcotic
nectar they yield. The Insects remain
Intoxicated for the whole night, and
an- resigned to sobriety by the sun.
Lured "Skeeters" to Death.
During the receni hot season pedos
trians in a Jersej suburban town were
mystified each ninht about bedtime by
an unusual performance in a residence.
Every window In r lie house was dark
ened except one. A bright light of
round proportions wits seen upon the
■ screen of this window; now at the
top; now at the bottom; now in the
center, moving rapldlj as with :i lei
Tin' solution, as discovered, reveaU
a new plan of warfare on mosquitoes
Tin' man of the house hit upon thi
scheme <>f putting a flashlight on th»
screen to Induce the mosquitoes t<
dlluht upon the wire. They were then
finished with a swatter. Some nights
later the flashlight device was seen at
work In a dozen other houses on the
thoroughfare. — New York Sun.
Plants of Healing.
William Cole who wrote the "Art of
Stapling" In 1666, believed firmly In
the healing virtues of plants, and
based his theories upon certain exter
nal appearances of growth supposed
to have been Impressed on the plants
I'j guardian angels. Thus the spotted
leaves of lungwnrth were supposed to
Indicate its efficacy in curing diseases
of the lungs, and the shape of the wal
nut to show that It was good for af
fections of the head. Plants were sup
posed to be under the peculiar Influ
ence of the sun, the moon, and the
planets, and to possess virtue In at
cordance with their relative position
at the time they were gathered, to the
he:>ve:>'.y body which rule,; (hem.
Simple Cousin
"A nasty oi n Cousin Ambrose!"
said Cousin Amelia.
"I guess he thought lie WHS going li;
get all Uncle Reuben's property,"
chuckled Cousin Ilila.y.
"A -■ i |ol h mi him," snorti I
' ousln Siln t, \< iildn'l puj him, ufter
all, snooping round here daj after ilaj
and handlin- Uncle Ueubfii's ai
for him."
"Yes, and pretending to he bo
I 1'", loo," said Cousin Amelia, In
Their linger was not without solid
foundation, for Uncle Iteuhen, who
had been reputed a very rich man and
had been an 'centric, had died vvltl ■
out a will, and when his nephews and
nieces came to divide his property
they found that it totaled up to just
about two hundred dollars apiece.
Each felt prlvntplj outragt'd, for
each had thotiKlit himself ur herself t ■
ml L'lifle iteuben'M special conlldani
So bad ('iMisin Ambrose, umloubtedly.
After Uncle Reuben went blind,
Cousin Ambrose had acted as his sec
retary. Cousin Ambrose was forty,
pale, fat, puff} . and curried on an auc
tioneer's business in tile town, which
left him ii good deal of leisure.
Where the others played golf, Cousin
Ambrose devoted himself to the. col
lection of coins and postage stamp
.iml lie as believed to have been re
fused by every girl in the place.
"1 le's not a man." said < 'tiusill S
"(>ughl to be dressed up in petticoats
the great big simpering ninny."
I ncle [(culieii bad certnlnlj been n
queer character. Ills hobby hail be<
en ee<l ia.i a \ erj Inspiring one, but '
he -as w iii known to botanists and he
had discovered one hundred
eleven new species. He had been in !
ipondence with correspondents
all u\er the world for forty years Inl
ginning before Cousin Ambrose was
However, lie had presented all liis
new samples to museums, and his col
lection in glass rases had been valui d
by the expert who was summoned
after his death at exactly nothing.
"Nobody wants seaweeds," he ex
plained, "and us your uncle gave away
the cream of hi* collection, why
there's only the cases. And they're
not worth more than lilly cents apiece,
ii' you could get that."
Decidedly Uncle Reuben had wasted
fortj years on the most singularly
useless hobby imaginable,
And here were the relations, come to
agree to an amicable division of what
property there was, to avoid the neces
sity of a sal...
"I must have dear Uncle Reuben's
desk, at which he sat when he was
blind und helpless," said Cousin Am
brose, who had come sliding and puf
fing In.
"Wa'al, I dunno as 1 want it myself,
exactly," said Cousin Silas, glancing
In contempt at the ancient piece.
"Didn't think it was valuable, did ye,
Ambrose? We've had it valued, you
There was a chortle of laughter at
the taking-down of C'Hisin Ambrose.
Cousin Ambrose nursed his knee.
"Oh, no. I don't want anything," he
answered. '"It's the clear, dear, never
to-be-forgotten memories of our dead
uncle that It will brin.: back to me"
Cousins Silas and Hilary cast
glances of measureless contempt at
"I'll take the parlor suite," said
<\nisin llih.ry.
"I want the best bedroom," claimed
Cousin Amelia.
Thej wrangled for two hours. They
went all over the house, earmarking
the pieces, which had all been ticketed
with their valuation prices, and then
there was another wrangle, because ft
was found that Cousin Silas' property
wus valued at two hundred and nine
dollars, while each of the others had
a valuation of v little less; than two
hundred, except Cousin Ambrose, who
couldn't get up to the hundred point,
They hated Cousin Ambrose with
burning hate, because he said he'd
simply take what was left as keep
sakes, and each <>f them had to dis
gorge something ti> make his share up
"Either lie's a fool or a bl
beurted schemer," growled Uncle Hil
ary. "That desk hasn't got a secret
drawer with nionej 1 in it, lias it?"
They ransacked the desk, hut it con
tained nothing but bundles of letters,
dating back forty years, from all the.
corners of the earth. So, growling,
they t.Nik their departure, after ac
ceding to Oousin Ambrose's request
for Uncle Reuben's correspondence
ami seaweed notes.
A week later Cousin Amelia met
CoUßlll Silasi 011 Main street. "Sa;>
did you hear about < '>lusin Ambrose? 1
she gusped.
"Been away, ha»n'i he?"
"Hc'm gold one of the stumps oC
Uncle Reuben* letter* for four thou
sand dollars, anil another for twelve
hundred. Thej were the only speci
mens in existence except In collec*
tiuMs. Oh, the black hearted monster I"
But both were rendered Kpeechleas
by the apparition of Cousin Ambrose
.ii a motorcar that puffed almost as
badly as he did. He was siimkl a
large cigar uud, us he pushed, ne
waved his hand.
Work; the Cther Way.
She (ul In I Hi dear, w liv
lJ tli uk It? 1 . iilfty,
Her Friend—Patience, my dear;
from now nn you'll Kfarl g< ttlng fur
the? away from It.—Paris Le Hire.
mi: i>i i.i.man mi; \i.i>
.\l>\ KHTISIXtJ \\<>l 1.1) OIVK
In his biennial report. Secrete rj ol
state j. drain ninkle declares that
a great percentage of the election
pamphlet- sent out by his office are
thrown away without reading As a
substitute he proposes advertising In
two or more newspapers In each
county tor h period ol tour weeks
prior to the election ;i!l proposi
tions to I" 1 voti d upon.
"I do not believe this very often
would reduce the expense," he says.
"but it would undoubtedly give a
wider circulation to those measures
on which the people are asked to
Beginning January nth The
Evergreen will be published three
time ;i week. .Monday. Wednesda)
and Friday, In itead ol twice a week
as at present. This is a result or the
ait ion taken by tin 1 Associated smi
dints at its meeting recently in
adopting the amendment to the con
stitution proposed by Clayton F.
Bernhard at the meeting. The
amendment was adopted on tin- oa
lief that it is a Btep toward agn tei
College of Washington, and
will fill a long felt need
lii conjunction with the resolution
which was adopted, the business
manager and editor of The Ever
green Rre to receive ten and eight
cent, respectively, of the funds
earned by The Evergreen, with an
additional stipend of $50 per se
ter PT the editor.
R v Mitchell, head of the depart
ment of poultrj husbandry ;it the
State College, lias just received a
licen ie to officiate as a poultry
- from the American Poultry
association. All poultry judges must
hi' i Icen - d by the ■> - sociat ion before
they can officially represent the or
A large number of boy scouts, un
der the supervision of Lieutenant A.
'1.. Pence and Lieutenant 11. Twitch
ell, hiked to Moscow yesterday, re
turning on the train. 'The boyt- left
Pullman shortly after nine o'clock,
carrying a light lunch. Hot drinks
were brewed on the way and the
boys gained much valuable scouting
tici on the trip.
There will he a basket dinner and
installation in Masonic hall January
2, I 923. <;. A. It. and wives and Re
lief Corps members and families are
j invited
To Taxi 70, we extend our thanks for
your kind Christmas remembrance
The Girls of Inland Tel Co
The wheat market, continues to
rise and fall, the latest quotations
being 99 cents for red and $1.02 for
the white varieties.
Elderly North Carolina Woman Thinkl'
Present-Day People Behind Those
of Her Generation.
Bright and chipper, Mrs. Lou ThnrK
er of Mount Airy, N. C, celebrated her
one hundred and eleventh birthday
here yesterday at the home of a grftUd
daimhu-r. Mi's. ,1. M. lvlmundsn>n, sjys
s dlspatcli from Greensboro, N. C, to
the New York World.
she "worries" Mr. Edmundson be
cause stie insists on helping him feed
his hogH and work In his garden, atid
wants Mrs. Kdmundson to let her wash
the dishes* and "red up" the house.
The day before her birthday she rode
Uptown In an automobile.
The old lady was horn near Stone
ville, in Rocklngham county, N. C,
Au^u-t 20, 1811. Four years ago she
Injured her hip in a fall ami doctors
told her she would never walk again.
Fhe laughed at them and today Is walk
*t)g with the aid of a stick.
The ia/,7.|ness of the young today
(Joes not meet with her npprovnl.
"Folks ain't like they used to be," she
wild. "Seems like they haven't got as
ranch religion."
He "Rang the Bell."
A number of well-known newspa
per men returning the other night
from one of the summer resorts had
Just ma in ed to get to the city when
their engine commenced to slow
down, relates the Washington Star.
A hurried examination disclosed the
fnct that the gas tank was nearly
empty. Two of them elected to ven
ftire forth In search or an all-night
garage while the other two remained
In the car. The searchers, after trav
ersing many streets, finally came
across ii station on which was a
sign "Open all night." No signs of
life, however, were visible. Finally one
of the scribes happened to notice a
rope protruding through a window of
the building In which were kept oils,
greases, accessories eto. (Jiving the
rope a vigorous pull, he nearly yanked
the custodian of the service station
out of bed, the rope being attached
to the caretender's foot —a rather new
and cove! way of ringing the door
WIDKR ( li:< t iation
'- /^A fa,"" •l'*"^**'
Advertisements under this head
ing will be '■• o ted i the rate of
one cent a word for eai h Insei tlon.
So ii"' Ices can be accepted o\ er the
telephone and Ihe monej mv it ac
p my Ihe i opy Cor ihe ad> erl Ise
ments, h tiounts are too ■
; i My opening book accounts.
Advertisements must be in the of
fice not later than 5:00 o'clock
iVednesday afternoon to Insure in
sertion in the m'xt issue,
FOR SA t,E On i asy terms five
room plastered house, modern except
heat, two blocks from P. O. on ih.>
i iat cm ii be iiM <! Cor I'm nace a;
small expi '' Inquire at B(>3
Spring St. dec29jan 1..'
FOR SALE Terms If desired, 6
rooro modern dwelling, lot 60x100.
See John Squires, owner. auglltf
FOR SALE [T. s. government un
derwear 2,r>00,000 pieces. New
.. ernment wool underwear pur
chased by us in sell to the public di ■
; eel ii T ',<■ X \('II. Aim ual retail
■ J 2.i>o each. All sizes: shirts,
.'! 1 to I ti; dra wits. 30 to 11. Send
con >• i siz ■■■■. Pay post man on de
livery in- =end uh money order. If
underwear is not satisfactory, we
will refund money promptly upon re
iu< ' Dept. 24. The PHgrJm Wool
en Co., 1476 Broadway, New York.
N. Y. no24tf
Fi >!; SALE one n gistered
(Guernsey hull; one registered
Guernsey cow: two grade Jersey;
cows; on' grade Holstein cow L.!
■ ; Thajer, Fa i mers 23. dc 22 .'''
F( KR S.\ LE Sewing machine.
elect ric range i 1 lot point i. bed
springs. Call at mi;, Spring St.,
near Baptist church nov24tf
Fn|; SALE \t once. 60 leghorn
pullet -; ::• \ eaiilng bens; cxl
'oik; bargain. ('all I v,!, or see
< )tho West dec 29 |no
FOR SALE Canned fruit ami
jams ol all kind Phone 65
t ween s: nn a. m. and >> : 00 p m
I< !R SALE Thoroughbred b■ i
rock cockerels. Phone MIOX 6
Man 1 :<
FOR SALE Hot water heater.
I'hone i it i i. nov24tf
FOR SALE Fresh cow. Win. M.
Porter. dec 29
FOR RENT Two suites of fur
nished looms: cheap; 501 Jackson
St. ['hone 2674 oct6tf
FOR RENT Light housekeeping
rooms; reasonable prices: li us
Karniacken St. oct6tf
Foil RENT Housekeeping and
sleeping rooms. 203 West Main,
phone i 7.", i dec22janl'J
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms
or room and board, 510 Maiden Lane.
I'hoii" I s? I tiec22
GARAGE tor rent 307 Mont
gomery, E'hone 330 I in evening. H.
1 m Henton. dec29tf
FOR RENT Strictly modem new
house. Inquire I». F. Staley.
i< p i .".tt
FOR RENT Furnished room,
dose in. 503 VlcKenzie St.. phone
'±<l:l-j dec22Jan!2
WANTED Teaming jobs. I
have re-engaged in the teaming busi
ness and have an office With W. A.
Yen iii the Flat iron building, Phone
51. R. C Hedglen. decß-29
WANTED Sewing, children's
clothes a specialty Mrs A. Linn
Jinnett, 209 Harrison St. Phone,
2424. aprl2tf
WANTED Work by experienced
woman by day or hour, l'hone L 944,
no \ 2 11 f
TO LOAN Six pei- cent money.
Under hankers Reserve System •;■-,
loan- may be secured on city or farm
property, to buy, build, improve, or
pay indebtedness Hankers Reserve
Deposit Company, I<; i v California
St. in'iiv.T, Colo. nov24Janl2
WEAVING I weave rag ruga; 10
years experience; expect to put on
blue and gold warp about Jan. L 5.
(ilenn i; Vine.'lit. j>hone l' 131,
dec lajanl2
LOST String of pearls. Finder
please communicate with Mrs v. O.
\iistin. phone :!7 I 1 dec2'.'
lost -String of pearls. Finder
please leave at College Market and
receive iTwunl. dec 29
LOST Watch and attached hand
lens. Finder kindly leave at Herald
office: reward, ilffL'L'.janl 2
Different kinds of weather and
the temperature at which you teat
your milk will cause a variation of
the cream test.
A good credit for the farmer to
show to his banker, is a carefully
worked out inventory of all his equip
ment and stock.
Job work at the Herald office.
Friday, December 21), iom
I'ullmnn Hcndcrj. Aro Learning lho
\\«y c
It's the* little kidney ills—
':;"■ lump, weak or aching back
The unnoticed urinary diwrdTiil
That may lead to droD^v ,7
Brlght'a disease. "">Ps> and
When the kidney's are weak
..Help them with "'—'Kidney
A remedy es] lally f or weak kin
neys. Kld-
Doan's have been v i i n hj
troubl >s for 50 years "lll('y
indorsed by 50,0 • i neoni
domed at home. " "»-
Iroof in a Pullman citizen's "ttte
ment. b state-
U. G. Lawler, prop, of grain oi Q '
yator4oo Dexter St., I'ullm™ '"4,
My kidneys were out \ [ Xck Ti
I felt all out of son , had ad"l
ache In the small of my lack and t?J
(o paea the kidney M.oretions fr
c;'"|"" y: they wero thly SloSd
and scanty intpassage. f s ° U f °[Jj
from severe pains in my back and it
hurl to turn my head one way or an
other. I heard about Dean's Kirtn
Pills and three box, rid me O f?hp
pain in my back and head and nut
my kidneys in a healthy condition
I bought this remedy at Watt's PhS"
macy.' 1 ' lU"
. '■'•"•- ai all dealers. Don't
simply ask fur a kidney remedy-
•■•"' Doan's Kidney Pills- „„,'„
"'■'• Mr. Lawler had. \v«l
Milburn Co., .Mtis., Buffalo, N, y.
Every day the diet of the child
should contain some milk; eggs, n«h
fowl or meat; br< ] (( . n ,,i,'
vegetables; fruits; sweets and fats.
Th" (I;iir-v 'ow cash producer
My Homes are built
to specifications and
my specifications are
above Standard.
Howard Haskell
Builder and Contractor
601 High St. Telephone 1023
To Yield
We offer the serial sold bonds
of the Kuhr Land and Live
stork Company, which are se
cured by a First Mortgage on
21,594 acres of ranch land,
and me the direct obligation of
a long established, successful
company Total net assets
over $1,000,000, or about eight
times th' 1 loan
lull details on request
Ferris & Harelgrove
MnSfi^nVßßHßr^HnßS.^> *
HSP'fr^H^BsKvViitr^MwAiißS^'&t ?'j «r*
you can select almost any kind
of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit,
dessert, etc. Our table offers a
great variety of dishes, cooked
and served in a most appealing,
appetizing way. Bring HER
here if you want to treat her to
something fine in eatables.
Robinson's Bakery
Phone 49
V. H. Johnson
N. W. Cairns
Purebred and Farm Sales
Specializing in Hereford
Shorthorn, purebred horse
and hog sales. Twelve year
on the block selling pure
2 men for 1 man's price
See us before billing JW*
sales, at MeClaskey's Insur
ance Agency, Pullman, Wn.
Phone 7 or 3011

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