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The Yakima herald. [volume] (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, February 21, 1889, Image 4

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Mom Enr rnnani, 'Ant rf la
The following is s copy of the most
memorial sentence ever pronounced in the
annals of the world, namely, that of death
•gainst the Saylor, with the remarks
which the Journal Le Droit has collected,
and the knowledge of whkh must be
highly interesting to every Christian. It
la word for word as follows:
Sentence pronounced by Pontius Pilate,
intendent of the Lower Province of Gali
lee, that Jesrfs of Nasareth shall suffer
death by the cross.
In the seventeenth year of the reign of
the Emperor Tiberitts, and on the twenty
fourth day of the month of March, in the
moat holy city of Jerusalem, daring the
pontificate of Annas and Calapbss.
Pontius Pilate, intendent of the prov
ince of Lower Galilee, sitting to judgment
in the presidential seat of the Praetors,
sentences Jeans of Nasareth to death on the
does between two robbers, as the numer
ous and notorious testimonials of the peo
ple prove;
1. Jesus Is a misleader.
2. He has excited the people to sedition.
5. He is an enemy of the law.
4. He ealla himself to son of God.
6. He cells himself, falsely, the king of
6. He went into the temple followed by
a multitude carrying palms in their bands.
Order* from the first centurion Quirril-
Us Cornelius to bring him to the place of
execution, forbids all persons, rich or
poor, to prevent the execution of Jesus.
The witnesses who have signed the ex
ecution of Jesus are;
1. Daniel Robani, Pharisee.
2. John ZombabeL
3. Raphael Robani.
4. Capet.
Jeans to be taken oat of Jerusalem
through the gates ef Taurnes.
Ibis sentence is engraved on a plate of
brass in the Hebrew language, and on its
tides are the following words: “A simi
lar plate has been sent to each tribe.” Ik
was discovered in the year 1290, in the
city of Aquilla, in the kingdom of Naples,
by a search made for Roman antiquities,
and remained there until it was found by
the commission of aria in the French
army in Italy. Up to the time of the
campaign in Southern Italy it was pre
served in the sacristy of the Carthusians,
near Naples, where it was kept in a box
of ebony. Since than the relic baa been
kept in the chapel of Gaacri. The
Carthusians obtained by their petition*,
that the plate might be kept by them,
which was an acknowledgement of the
sacrifices which they made for the French
army. The French translation was made
literally by member* of the commiaion of
aria. Dennoo bade fac-aimOe of the plate
engraved, which waa bought by Lord
Howard on the sale of his cabinet for 2890
francs. There seems to be no historical
doubt aa to the authenticity of this. The
reasons of the sentence correspond exactly
with those of the gospel.
A poetess moans: “Mv heart lay on ,
the threshing floor ; I stifled every wail. ,
As blow on blow descended From one who
held the flan.” It was enough to kill ,
her I Bat a woman who is so careless as
to leave her heart lying on a barn door
until it ia pounded into a Jelly with a *
flail doesn’t deserve a particle of sympa
thy. The thrasher, perhaps, didn't know i
It was “only a woman’s bean.” He may <
hero mistaken it for a section of con- %
demned botapia sausage, snd we there- I
fore ask a suspension of public opinion in
his behalf until bis side of the story is ,
printed. ,
frifcj it lot lalacky. J
Friday, February 22, 1732, George
Washington waa born.
Bismarck, Gladstone aad Disraeli were ,
born on Friday.
Friday, March 25. 1600, the Hudson j
river waa discovered.
Friday, Juno 18. 1492, Colombo* dis
covered the continent of America.
Friday, December 22,1720, the Pilgrims ‘
amda the tint landing at Plymouth Rock.
Friday, June 10, 1834, Spurgeon, the *
celebrated English preacher, was bom.
Friday, September 82, 1780, Arnold's i
treason was laid bare, which saved the I
United States. i
Friday, November 28. 1814, the first
newspaper printed by steam, the London I
Timet, waa printed.
Friday, October 19,1781, the surrender (
of York town, the crowning glory of the
American army, occurred.
Friday, Jane 12, 1802, Alexander von
Humboldt, in climbing Chimborazo. j
reached an altitude of 19,200 feet.
Friday, September 7, 1465, Melendez
founded St. Augustine, the oldest town in
the United States by over forty years.
Friday, May 14,1686, Gabriel Fahren
heit, usually regarded aa the inventor of I
the common mercurial thermometer, was 1
Friday, October 7, 1777, the surrender '
Saratoga was made, which had such 1
power and influence in inducing France
to declare far our cause.
VrUajP, March 6,14 M, Henry VIII. oi
England gave to John Cabot his com
missioo which led to the discovery of
North America. This la the first Ameri
can state paper In England.
Friday, November 10, 1620, the May
flower, with the Pilgrims, made the har
bor of Province town, and on the same
day they signed that august compact, the
forerunner of our present Constitution.
Friday, Jnly 7, 1776, the motion was
made In wrngnse by John Adams, and
seconded Richard Henry Lee, that the
United States colonies were, and of a right
ought to be, tree and Independent.
Friday, Jusi, 1825, General Lafayette
wm wefoeaxst to Boston aad feasted by
the VtoMMertna ahdeiflaene, aad attend
ed the laying at the earner-stone of Ban
ker Hill monument, crocked to perpetuate
the remembrance of the defenders of the
rights aad liberties of America.
—All styles of Job printing at the Her
ald office.
—Esparsette elover groats on dry soil
without irrigation. Fawcett Bros, have
it in stock. 1-lm.
—A fine new line of saddles, harness,
etc., just received at 0. E. McEwen’s
shop, Yakima avenue. •
—For fresh Olympia oysters, go to
Herke’s, who is prepared to wait on you
at all hours, day or night. #
—Call and inquire prices of saddles,
bridles, harness, etc., at C. E. McEwen’s
before purchasing elsewhere. •
—For lame hack, side or chest, use
Shiloh’s Porous Plaster. Price 26 cents.
Sold by C. B. Boshnell, druggist
—For a smooth shaving, a neat hair
cut and a delightful shampoo call at the
Shaving parlors of Wm. Shearer. •
—One hundred thousand dollars to loan
on farm property by Goodwin, Strobach
A Pogsley; long time, easy rates. *
Wasted.—A competent band to run a
hop yard and dry hops. Apply to
• Mom Co.
—That hacking cough can be ao quickly
cured by Sliilob’s Cure. We guarantee
it. Sold by C. B. Boshnell, druggist.
—Croup, whooping cough snd bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh’s
Cure. Sold by C. B. Bushnell, druggist.
- —For square dealing and value received.
for your hard earned cash, call on T. G. |
Redfield for anything in the line of jew- 1
elry. *
—Sleepless nights, made miserable by I
that terrible cough. Shiloh’s Cure is the j
remedy for you. Sold by C. B. Bushnell,
Cough and Consumption!
Cure Is sold by us on a guarantee. It
core* consumption. Sold by C. B. Bush
nell, druggist.
—The Huuu> is now prepared to do
all kinds of job printing, from a visiting 1
card to a lull stand poster, sad in the best i
style of ait, too.
-C. E. McEwen is bow offering sad
dles. bridles, harness and everything in
his line at prices not to be duplicated this i
side of Portland. •
—Will you suffer with dyspepsia and
liver complaint? Shiloh's Vitalises is
guaranteed to cure you. PoM by C. B.
Bushnell, dn*gist.
—lf you have lost any money lately,
Redfield will return it by selling you
goods so remarkably cheap that you will
forget your misfortune.
—Fawcett Bros, are agents lor the cel- i
ebrated lowa Steel Barbed Wire, which is
the best barbed wire manufactured, and
will go one rod to the pound. 1-lm.
—lf yon want a wagon, back, buggy,
plow, bay press, or any other kind of
farm machinery, don’t forget to call »n
Fawcett Bros, before buying. 1-lm. j
—Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured, by Shiloh’s Cartarrh Rem
edy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. :
Sold by C. B. Boshnell, druggist.
—Go and examine those elegant gold
watches at Redfield’s. They are daisies,
and to cheap! Remember, they are war- 1
ranted as represented or no trade.
—Be sore and buy the Screaioa Baebkd 11
Wise. One hundred pounds guaranteed 1
to make one hundred rods of fence, and ?
every pound beat quality of steel wire. * 1
—Dr. Savage will be found always
ready to attend calls day or night. Office
over postoffice; residence on Second
street, one block south of First National 1
Bank. Oct. 3-if.
—A. B-. Weed has a very large assort
ment of Plows, Harrows and Cultivators,
which he is selling at Eastern prices. Bo |
sure and examine his stock iiefore pur- 1
chasing. f!4-3t | J
—Everybody U MM Alike et Ho.l
- Jewelry stove. The poor man’s j
money will buy as much as the rich. If
you don’t believe it, call around ami in- j
—Hhiloh’s Vitalizer is what yon need
for constipation, lost of appetite, dim
ness, and all symptoms of dyspepsia. '
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
C. B. Boshnell, druggist.
—Farmers need not send east for their
saada, aa Fawcett Bros, have opened up a
full line of grass and garden seeds. Their i
prices are the same aa eastern firms.
Their seeds are all fresh, and are grown
by the beat market gardeners. 1-1 ni.
—Fawcett Bros, are agents for the cel
ebrated Bramer Washing Machine. It is
conceded by experts to be the best washer
in the world. They let them out on trial;
and if they do not give entire satisfac
tion, they can be returned at their ex- j
pense. 1-lm.
Bas Fbascisco, Cal., April 2.
For several weeks my wife suffered se
verely with kidney aflection of a very ag
gravated character, which seemed to <lefy
all the usual remedies. I finally tried the
Oregon Kidney Tea. The effect was an
immediate improvement, and site lias now
entirely recovered iier health.
H. G. Panes, Salesman at Catting Co.
Hold by Allen A Chapman.
—For your luxuries, call at the Candy |
Factory, for there can be found the choir- j
est candies and the finest tropical fruits, |
such as Washington naval oranges, fancy j
Sicily lemons by wholesale or retail.;
Smyrna, as well aa California figs, dates,
nuts, and, in fact, everything that ia to be
had here that a first-class establishment
of this kind carries. Come one and all
and try some of that pure unadulterated
candy that ia made here every day.
1-lm. P. J. Hesse, Prop.
■scklcaW Arslcs Halve
Is the best salve in the world lor cuts,
! bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
r sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
* ooras, and all skin eruptions, and posit ive
• ly cues piles, or no pay required. It is
► guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
i money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by C. B, Bushnell, druggist.
Goodwin, Strobach & Pugsley,
M Eil« fir iters, ml lisirat Aints.
From our eighteen years personal acquaintance in this country we are in a positioa to offer information that ne
others can give. A large List of Buui- ness and Residence Property, Suburban Acres, Garden Tracts and Farms is aew
on our books.
We Would Call Special Attention to Dir Natchez Orchards Addition, 5-Acre Tracts Adjacent to the City!
At Cost. At Cost.
Notice la give n to the Public that the mam
moth slock of RT essers. Haines A Trayner la
now being eloa ed out and must be sold. The
stock consists or an elegant line of Boots, Shoes,
Slippers, Rubber Goods, Glov ea, Ac.
I. R. D AWSON, i Assignee.
| Northern Pacific R. R.,
j The only line running Pullman Palace Sleeping'
I Car*. magnificent 'lay couch.**. and
[legist Eaigrut Sleeping Coaches,
With Perth* free of Coal,
To the ICiiMt.
The Only Transcontinental Lino Banning j
(Meals, 7.‘> Cents.)
Pastes! time ever made from the Coast, over the
To fttonx City, Council Itlafik. St Joseph, Atchi
son, leaven worth, Kansas 'lty.
BarUugton. Quincy,
mt. rot IN, cHirAco,
And all points throughout the East and South
vast. via fit Paai and Minneapolis.
Piilmu Sleeping Accommodalions;
Can be secured In advance.
Are hauled oa regular Express Trains over *
the entire length of the N. P. R. R.
Connection made at SL Paul and Minneapolis
to all points East. South and Sou'heast.
Through trains leave Vakaaa for Ht Panl at
If± p. m.
Through trains for Portland and all points on
Pacific and Cascade division, at 9.10 p. m . eon-1
1 nectiug at Tacoma with boats for points on '
Puget Hound.
Tickets oe sale to all points in th* L'nitod I
States and Canada. Por routes, rates. Ac,. ap- i
ply to H. C. HUMPHREY.
Ticket Agent. North Yakima. |
Asst. General Ta-scngcr Agent, No. L Washing
ton street, Portland. Oregon.
mm ml
1 Dom*-stlc and Imported Hoods made np In the
latest styles and at reasonable prices.
Agency for the Celebrated Light running
Purchase no other. Give me a rail. 1.
Hold by Allen A Chapman.
A Complete fine of
Harness, Saddles,Wlipz, GloYes, &c.
lias Jn»t been received by
Alex. It. Hlik-Ihli*.
at his Harness Shop on Yakima Avenue.
These Goods are of the beat make, and are sold
st price* guaranteed to be aa
Offered In the City of North Yakima.
; Repairing a Specialty.
1 Yakima Ave. (near Depot). North Yakiata.
Bartholet Bros.
Have just finished Invoicing and find
that the past year’s business has been
not only satisfactory but profitable. This
is the result not of any cause other than
the Sale of large quantities of goods on
which were gained
This telling policy will be continued
as in the past, and those in need of
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Dry Goods,
Will find them of good quality and of
reasonable price at our store in the
Opera House Block.
Matt Bartholet. Joe Bartholet.
Here's Tour Oyster I
Anticipating the wants of my numerous and increasing easterners. 1 have per
fected arrangements for furnishing
I'Voaali <>yHterH in Every Nlylc.
At moderate prices, and for public accommodation will keep OPF.N AT ALL
HOURS. Also a full line of
File Candies, Hits, Frisk Fruits, Imported ami Domestic Cijars.
I Proprietor Yakima Candy Factory.
Bartholet -:- House,
The Bartholet House is centrally located and conducted oa first-claw principles.
Every attention given to the comfort of guests.
rim. a. mumov. jbw. 0. Minn.
Shardlow S KcDaniel,
Ein© Wines, Liquors,
Imported and OomeHlie Cliptra.
Sole Aieiti fir tic Celebrated Jesse Moore Keilnclj fiisties.
8. J. LOWE
Carries tba largest, beat and die*pest stock of all kinda of
BU*., which he la prepared to offar at remarkably low price*. Alao la atock a fine
Una of
Tinware, Sheet Ironware, Graniteware, Guns,
Pistols and Farm Implements.
Comer Yakima Avenue aad Firat street, - • W. T.
itM I MI.
Real Estate and Insurance,
Ynkimn Avenue.
A law Bmiom why North Takliaa. Washington Territory U being mognleed u the matt
yn.nlilng elty la Ceatrel Wasblngtaa
Pint—Becaase It kn«a»g?il of the flneet.largeat t)ie great Mata of Waablugtofi.
and moat fertile eallera »a Bark.agtun territory Mlilh-liccaaM mn who ere well kaewn m»
Immediately tribntary to It •■ccswfal. shrewd and long headed, art miking
w^ n i7&h« «; s, i Kty" T - lm - u *■ Horth T, “ a,ufl T ‘ k, «
d»Tir I h?fnl H 7i* n, f W * «* T r ,L f« ftn "‘ • B V no *» p^t^ot^ihlM'urn ' Territory*
4 sv*„ h „l mL'I-Vr .V* " (,rth " e,t - >”»** crowing and general agrlcnltaraL yinniwi
to become the great we Invite all those who are liking for homes,
track garden of the coast, with a cash market business location* and mana factoring opporta-
Nov is Dm Accepted Time to brut!
Wa bare aaw MMed for tale. In addition la the The opening of Baring will herald a sharper
Northern Pacific land*, of which wa are the advance la tba realty of Yakima than has bean
local ageou. soma of the most desirable real- mailed daring the correspondingsaaaan f°r
dance and naslneoa lots in North Yiklmi, to two yearn past; and It la a *
gather with farm property and garden tract*
"W ©ll Known Fact
That while all who have "dabbled In Taklma the bast and coined the moot manor
dirt" bare made hondar.ms retnrns on their In- Let not the opportaaity allp, bat cat in at
Tasmania, those who have availed tbemselrea once aad drill! ' F «at
of the Winter moatbs far parrhaslng have fared
Recently pUaad an the Market
IMZa.cXjea.zi. «&c ZReecL,,
_ p- o. box, m.
taimi *, to,, non,, id.mut,m> » u>.
Poor plan’s Picpic Harness stem,
iMbnbnU. »d .. ih. «•» a M ■« m, m, p i, n „ u,,
Terr Lot Prices it flick Jones is Oiriii His EiceDeit Goods!”
o_*U and See Me. W. JP. CTOHOS.

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