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The Yakima herald. (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, February 28, 1889, Image 4

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the one mlßfoimlra cl at. Mibai
whom the moat b aaid and tha laaat b
known b probably Dannb Ryan. Lent
bckbhaailyln California, where they
will tha winter, Mr. Ryan came
back to at. Paal Uat week. He waa
walking throo|h the corridore of tha big
Ratal wklob ba baUI and which bean hb
oltbeballbQya walked la hb path ha
Mapped arid, to make way kw the boy.
To-day ba win probably oail o million dol
lars' worth el plno bade and trade off a
mine or two ier the coßtroaing latanat in
a railroad. Than an law bolder specs
latora than Dannb Ryta, and few men
saoeeartaL Hb intanala era everywhere
In the Week Ha owna mine, in Idaho,
Montana end Colorado that prom be big.
Ho may wake op aoroe morning and And
himself a richer man than Mackny ever
tboogfat of. He bee racently bnilt smelt
ing work, at Tacoma which will ban a
larger capacity than any aimibr Inatltn
tloo anywhere, when in fall operation.
Bat ha haa much money invested in prop
erty el men certain value. Ba haa a
larger income from reota than any man
in 8t PnnL It tmotmb to more than
*m,ooo a year. A man who ought to
know aaid yeaUrday toot Denub Ryan
could efear np over 13,800,000 after pay
iag offal obligation..—Sr. Peel «nwt
fkt Tfc? In Wtrtk.
Ada Bahai la worth 1150.000.
.tpa Booth ia worth 1100.000.
Botina Yokes b worth 1100/100.
Kota Clarion b worth t136/»0.
Edwin Booth ia worth 11,000,000.
Hollio McHenry io worth rt*>ooo.
Mary Andaman b : worth (00/Mt
Macro Mitchell Io worth 1100,000.
Mm. D. P. Bowen io worth 1150,000.
Joseph Jefleraoo io worth 1600,000.
Inwioaoo Banott ia worth 0750,000.
Mrs. Lilly Longhy io worth 1550/100.
Ohnr Hood Byron ia worth 5760,000. 1
Hobart Mojrnks b worth OhW/MO. '
Fsnnb Davenport ta worth 1150/100.
dam Looioo Kellogg io moth IUOIOOO. ,
Mrs. Tbornaa W. Kccnebworth 1100,-
Augustin Daly, of How Tech, ia worth
Henry C. Miner, of Now Took, b worth
A. M. Fahnor, of Now York, ta worth
Tony Peotor, of Now York, b worth
Mra. Crab Woo (Lotts’! enothcr) b worth
0000/ NO.
"Ethel,” laid Lionel Bertram Jonra. aa
ha dropped hb alice of bread oa the plate
with a lobe that nt the canary ia the
(01 cafe overheard chirping merrily,
"Ethel, 1 haw eoraothlng to any to yon.*'
They had been married only loor weeko
and the time had not yet arrived when
abo did all the aaying.
"Do yon remember the day on which I
peaooaadbyoar « r i
"Yob," aha roplbd, "I will never ior
•■t It."
“Do yoo remember.” he went on oo bo
abatractadly drilled a hob into the loaf
with the point of the earvini knifa, “bow,
when I rang the hell, yon came to the
doe* with yaar atoaeoa roiled op and yonr
Ongen flUcky with dough, and laid yon
tboaght h waa yonr littb brother who
wealed to get jo.” t. I ft/
“Oh, Ethel! How could yon? How
could year
"How canid I whotr eh* impended,
no i goaty look crept into her face.
"Bow ndd yon make me the victim of
each a bluff?"—JfrrcAoaf JVotvlrr.
The Tardies Ilnaabnona.
W. D. Salt, druggist. Bippoa, Ind., toe
tMn: "I can recommend Electric MP
ten n the very hntrwmody. Every hot
tb eoM haa given nlbf In avrrycnaa.
One man took sir bottlca and waa cored
of rheomatbm of ten yean’ etanding.”
Abraham Han, druggiat, BaUvilb, Ohio,
atfama: "Tho belt lolling medicine I
hoe* over handled in my twenty yean’
evpirlenii, b Electric Bitten.” Thou
eande of othen have added their teetl
mony, ao that the veegfct b anaaimona
that Electric Bitten do cam all riiaoaare
of the Bear, kidntys or blood. Oaly a
half dollar a hottb at C. B. BoahneU’a
drag atom. a
U Tee 5U Fer 18*1
Preeldent demand will retire from the
thief magbbacy precisely two weeks bo
fan the completion of hb gftywecond
year, ta the prime of hb Ufa and etrenglh.
He woo tho yaemgert, aave one, of all the
poeMdenle when inaugurated, General
Glint only being hb junior by a year.
Ho b now moral yean younger than a
majority of the presidents were when
ebctod. Ho may edll look forward to a
long period of activity and neefolnen ia
hb prnlmlnn.
lenamnjcci, Or., Dec. 13.
Both myaeU and wile have been far
ooaao yean afflicted with disease of the
kidneys, and had tried many remedies
without obtaining any permanent rebel.
About three months ago we were induced
b try a package of Oregon Kidney Tea
which has apparently cored both of os.
aa Otoco taking it two weeko wo have fait
no symptoms of tho disease. We can
heartilymoooernanditto othen similarly
■Nlctod aa wo behove H will do all that
taebfaaadfarlt. M. L. Wnm.
Hold by Allan A Chapmaa.
—Nothing fa more disagreeable to a
young lady or gentleman than to have
>i— i— fn Head with pimplea. towekhraiie
and blotches. Dotard’s BpeciHc, the now
skin remedy, W0 remove all disftgera
tions from the face and hands sad pom
dacs a clear dhd beautiful complerkm.
Try It and be convinced. gold by Albn
A Chapman.
—All ityba of Job printing at the Hra-
ald office.
—Kapanetta clover grow, on dry toll
without irrigation. Fawcett Buie, have
it tat Mock. 1-tm.
—A fine new line of nddfee, hsrnne,
Me., |uat received at O. E. McEwen'a
abop, Yakima areata. *
—For freeh Olympia oyeiora, go to
Hrrke'a, who b prepared to wait on yon
M all boom, day or night •
—Call and inquire prion of aoddln,
brtdleo, horneae, ate., ot C. E. McEwen'e
before purchaaiiig elsewhere. •
—For o emooth ahaviog, a neat hair
cut and a delightful ahampoo call at the
Sharing parlors of Wo. Shearer. •
—One hundred thooeend dollari to loan
an farm property by Goodwin, Strobach
A Pugsley; long time, eaay rates. e
-“Hackmatack" bo baling and fra
grant perfume. Price 25 and M cent*,
vac Bab by C. B. Boahnell, druggist.
Waxttd.—A competent hand to rnn a
hop yard and dry hope. Apply to
e Mom Co.
—A naoal injector free with each bottle
of Shiloh's CoUrrb Remedy. Price 60
rente. For eab by C. B. Boahnell, drag
—Shiloh's Care will immediately re
lieve croup, whooping cough and bum
chitb. For sale by C. B. Buehnell, drng
—For equate dealing and value received
(or your hard earned cash, cal] on T. G.
Bodfbld for anything la the line of Jew
elry. a
—Shiloh*! Catarrh Remedy is a posi
tive cure lor catarrh. dlptbsirla and Cank
er Moutn. For mb by C. B. Boahnell,
—The Hksalo Li now prepared to do
all kinds of Job printing, from a visiting •
card to a fall sited poster, and in the best
style of ait, too.
—C. E. HcEwen is now offering sad
dles, bridles, harness and everything in
his line at prices not to be duplicated this '
side of Portland. •
—Why will you cough when Shiloh’s
Own will give immediate relief. Price
10 cents, 60 cento and |l. For sole by C. ,
B. Bushnell, druggist.
—lf you have lost any money lately,
Redfldd win return it by selling you
goods so remarkably cheap that you will
forget your misfortune.
—Fawcett Bros, are agents lor the cel
ebrated lows Steel Barbed Wire, which is
the best barbed wire manufactured, and :
win goonilad to the pound. 1-lni.
—lf you want a wagon, hack, buggy,
plow, hay press, or any other kind of
farm machinery, don’t forget to call on
Fawcett Bros, before baying. 1-lm.
—Oo and examine those elegant gold
watches at Bedflaid’s. They are daisies,
and to chaapl Remember, they are war
ranted as represented or no trade.
—Be sure and buy the Summon Barbed
Wins. One hundred pounds guaranteed
to make one hundred rods of fence, and
every pound best quality of steel wire. *
—For dyspepsia and liver complaint,you
have a printed guarantee on every bottle
of Shiloh’s ViUUser. It never fails to
cure. For sale by C. B. Bushnell, drng
—Dr. Savage will be found always
ready to attend calls day or night. Office
ewer pestoAce; residence oo Second
street, one block south of First National
Bank. Oti. 8-tf.
—A. B-. Weed has s very large assort
meat of Plows, Harrows and Cultivators,
which he is selling at Eastern prices. Be
sure and examine hit stock before pur
chasing. f!4*3t
—The Rev. George H. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Indiana, aayar “Both myself and
wife owe our lives to Shiloh’s Consump
tion Cure.” For sale by C. B. Bushnell,
—Everybody fa totaled alike at Red
field’s jewelry store. The poor man’s
money will buy as much as the rich. If
you don’t believe it, call around and in
—Are yon made miserable by indigee
and yellow skin? Shiloh’s VitaUter is a
positive cure. For sale by C. B. Bush
nell, druggist.
—The Notches orchitis are now on
sola at Opodwln, Strobach A Pugsley’s.
Them five-acre tracts adjacent to the city
are offered at a vary low figure and with
terms to salt. •
—Farmers need not send east for their
seeds, as Fawcett Bros, have opened op s
fall line of gram and garden seeds. Their
prices are the same aa eastern firms.
Their seeds ara all fresh, and are grown
by the best market gardeners. 1-lm.
—The great majority of so-called cough
cures do little more than impoir the di
gestive functions sod create bile. Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral, on the contrary, while
it cores the cough, does not interfere with
the functions of either stomach or liver. *
—For your luxuries, call at the Candy
Factory, for there can be found the cholc-
I eat candies and the finest tropical fruits,
such as Washington naval oranges, fancy
Sicily lemons by wholesale or retail,
Smyrna, as well m California figs, dates,
nuts, and, in fact, everything that is tube
■ had here that a first-clam establishment
i of this kind carries. Come one and all
’ and toy some of that pore unadulterated
; candy that fa made here every day.
1-lm. P. J. Hntxx, Prop.
■nekton's Arnton Halve
» la the beet salve in the world for cuts,
i bruises, some, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
r sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
- oorns, and all skin eruptions, and positive
- ly cures piles, or no pay required. It fa
. guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
I I money refunded. Price Sfi cento per box.
Goodwin, Strobach & Pugsley,
M Esuu Br ibis, ul Im Amts.
From oar eighteen years personal acquaintance In this country we are in a position to oflW information that no
others can give. A Urge List of Bosi- ness and Residence Property, Suburban Acres, Carden Tracts and Farms is now
on our books.
We Would Call Special Attain 1b Oir Natchez Orchards Addition 5-Acr Tracts Adiacat to the City!
At Cost At Cost
Notice Is give n to the Public that the Mam
moth stock of M cssers. Haines A Trayner Is
now being clos ed out and must be sold. The
stock consists of an elegant line of Boots, Shoes,
Slippers, Rubber Goods, Olov es, &c.
I. R. D AWSON, I Assignee.
Northern Pacific B. R.,
The only Hue mini In* Pullman Palace Sleeping
Van, magnificent day coaches. and
Elegant Emlgnat Sleeping Coaches,
With Berth.dreo o( Coat.
TO I lie Kdfata
via-:-iit. mihnkapous.
The Only Transcontinental Line Running
(Meals, 76 Cents.)
Fastest time ever made (mm the Cosat over the
To Sioux City, Council ninth. Bf. Joseph, Atchi
son, Leavenworth, Kansas city,
Burlington, Quincy,
»T. 1.01 IN, CHICAGO,
And all points throughout the East and South
east, via St Paul and Minneapolis.
Pullman Sleeping Accommodations
Can be secured In advance.
Are hauled on regular Express Trains over
the entire length of the N. P. It. R.
Connection made at Bt. Paul and Minneapolis
to all points East Booth and Southeast.
Through trains leave Yakima (or At. Paul at
lAO p. m.
Through trains (or Portland and all points on
Pacific and Cascade division, at 9.1U p. m., con
necting at Tacoma with boats for points no
Paget sound.
Tickets <«f sale to all points lu the United
States and Canada. For route*, rates. Ac., ap
ply to H. C. HUMPHREY,
Ticket Agent, North Yakima.
Asst. General Passenger Agent, No. IXI First
street, cor. Wa*htng*nn. Portland, Oregon.
mm m
Domestic and Imported Goods made np la the
latest styles and at reasonable prices.
Agency (or the Celebrated Light running
Purchase no other. Give me - call. 1.
Sold by Allen A Chapman.
A Complete Line of
Hanes, Saddles, Whips, Glmris,k
Has )aat been received by
Alex. R. Hlnelalr,
[ at bis Berness shop on Ysklme Avenue.
These Goods ere o( the best make, and are sold
at prices guaranteed to he as
Offered In the City of North Yakima
, Repairing a Specialty.
Yakima Are. (near Depot). North Yakima.
Bartholet Bros.
Have just finished Invoicing and find
that the past year’s business has been
not only satisfactory but profitable. This
is the result not of any cause other than
the Sale of large quantities of goods on i
which were gained |
This telling policy will be continued
as in the past, and those in need of
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Dry Goods,
Will find them of good quality and of
reasonable price at our store in the
Opera House Block.
Matt Bartholet. Joe Bartholet.
Here's Your Oyster I
Anticipating the wants of my numerous ami increasing customers. I have j*r
fected arrangements for furnishing
Frenh Oj-Hteit* in Every (Style.
At moderate prices, and for public accommodation will keep OPEN AT ALL
HOURS. Also a full line of
File Candies, Nib, Fred Mi, Inputted aid Dnestic Cpi
_ P. J. HERKE.
I Proprietor Yakima Candy Factory.
Bartholet House,
The Bartholet House is centrally located and conducted on first-class principles.
Every attention given to the comfort of guests.
StLardlow I McDaniel,
Fine Wines, Liqiiors,
Imported and l>omeaitio Ci^fara.
Soli! Apts tor tie Celebrated Jesse Moore Kentucky Huskies.
Carrie* the largest, best and cheapest stock of all kinds of
Etc., which he is prepared to offer at remarkably low prices. Also in stock a fin*
line of
Tinware, Sheet Ironware, Graniteware, Guns,
Pistols and Farm Implements.
Comer Yakima Avenue and First street, - - - - W. T.
i 1
Real Estate and Insurance,
Yiikimn Avenue.
A few Reason* why North Yakima. Washington Territory la being recognised as ths mast
promising city In Central Washington;
{ Flral—Because K has eight of the finest,largest the great atalc of Washington.
•id most fertile valley* In Washington territory Mixth-Becanae men who are wall known a*
| Immediately tributary to it successful, abrcwd and long-headed, an making
; Second—The Mason* are from four to eight large investment* In North Yakimaaad Yakima
| weeks earlier than any other part ol the north- county.
. Believing we are located in the moat favored
I s T I h Wrt B *7?‘ u- ? Y* ,h * fIMWI 100,1 I-rtlon of Washington Territory for gardening.
; delightful climate iu the Pacific northwest. fruitgrowing and general agrtcnltnrafpnrpoaas
i Fourth—We are destined to become tbe great we Invite all those who are looking for homes,
; truck garden of the coast, with a cash market business locations and manufacturing opportu- -- **''
for our product* on Puget Bound. nitle*. to call on ns at North Yakima, and, by
Fifth—Being centrally located, we are rerog- teeing for themselves, be convinced,
nixed as tha deslrabla place for thacapital of
Nov is tlie Accepted Time to Infest!
Y. 1 1 ‘P* 1 , P r I" •Edition to the The opening of Baring wilt herald a sharper
Northern Faclflc Lands, of which we we the advance'ln the realty of Yakimathan haTIJeSJ
ASKJ'hi'i?«Lh”v r *.Vi "7 1 " nStf d ""“« .SSL7C
and baelaew lot* In North Yakima, to- two yearn past; and it is a
gethar with farm property and garden tracts.
W ©ll Known Fact
»T»attJß,-aa?jjßgg •Tswwcwjpa ....
vmtmento. those who have availed themselves once and drill! 7 ,p ’ I ***■ at
of tha Winter month* for purchasing have fared
SotithPark Addition
Recently placed on tbe Markef.
Mac Lean <Sc IReecL,
- *.OBOX.«W.
(■» >K>.» III:—“A Born], * Horn! M, for . , d.l. ,ou». hi. loth.
foot Phil’s Picnic Harness stun,
AM k». bm hi. aitlnil, Mptrlmoad, and at Um Mrac tin. aat th, tr. rp l. n «
Terr Lw Prices at Vkick Jones is OlliiriH His EiceOeit Mr
*•“» "»“• *«e.
must hate boom I
I Can and Bee Me. W.F.JoneS.

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