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The Yakima herald. (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, July 25, 1889, Image 4

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A Vaeklsiuie II be
VaMNNs wenUMi asa I'raacic
eaa Vlvee News Irani that I lly.
Ij j ■--« I
Washington-, D. C., July 1*», 'HH.
• • • • Climate ’bomina-
Me; people alow, and chill your marrow.
Washington to me, fat pork to soe-slck
man. It has many beauties, but more
defects. Its streets are wide and smooth,
forlasy wealth. Sidewalks roosh and
corn-producing, for despised pedestrians.
The long rows pf trees and
(So ned plazas look pleasant. A few of
the statues are notably floe; bat s mere
glance at some ’mediately bleak* heart of
an artist, and feltical sight-seers go by
them with averted heads, “to* hide the
shame.” Its public buildings are tbe
finest In world, told, yet every one of
. *em’s monument to colossal Ignorance,
because too small from their inception for
the needs of tbe government. Hotels
•ad restaurants belong to past age, sod
are far inferior to those of any city of
equal size in our country. Its theaters
are the valetudinarians of their kind,
with stages so narrow that spectacular
•hows ant down expenses by leaving the
balk of their scenery behind. Its news
papers—without the first syllable of the
wofd—are laughed at. Its policemen are
of many sues, nngoeasable ages, two col-!
ore, and all oondit’ooa—each ‘one puffed
up with the Idea that Grant was always a
Lilliputian in "my" Brobdingnagian
country. One of ’em other day requested
email boy in Franklin park to move on.
Small boy.said "Hats,” and moved on
to station-house. Don’t think policeman
should have power to tread on tail of con*
sti tut tonal right of small buy tossy Rats.
1 believe schools are excellent; but never
went to sehool, and as I expect always
hereafter to play hookey, liow do they
appeal to me?, Its social clubs are unim
portant; tooting Slobs good, as a kind
Providence fcut a good tootoe whore they
couldn’t escape it; athletic cluba indif
ferent. It has few boast-inspiring busi
ness houses. Society grades are many—
ofßdal dam. non-otfldal class, monied
darn, blue-blood class. plebUn class, col
ored class, intellectual class, artistic
class, adventurous class. Some wear out
quadrennially, anckare replaced bv a new
administration’s camp followers and post
traders. Washington is a huge pretender,
and Ha superciliousness to some and
servility to others is corkscrew to draw a
Climate is damnable, engendering
baked livers from extreme heat in snu
mar; chills and fever from 1 otemac flats,
malaria In autumn; sore-throats and
pneumonia, catarrh and consumption
from capricitiusaees of weather in winter;
an graves ’neath blooeycd Johnnie-Jump
ups in the spring.
One-fifth population colored; negroes,
insolent and razor-bearing, who make
hideous by the bellowing they call
aong, aad the day* nnpieaaaotly odifor
ona by street sauntering and 100 ranch
oontigaouanoM id street-cars. The people
endeavor to make life pleasant, bat they
are chilly, lack toe fire of life, and are
phlegmatic. The office-holding class la
jwekmy chance for the pieeldedcy; hen
ao generous impulse* beyond the S5-cent
limit, and no ideas of hospitality beyond
fried oysters lor one, coffee on the side;
or then those of of a snail w I tone domi
cile le bat large enough to accommodate
aad entertain bia own family of himself.
Shades of David Borns aad L’Enfant,
come back and take the town with you!
“Look on that picture, and on this!"
' —Two of the hgppiest years of my life
were lived In California—the cradle of
eoamopolit nism and home of beterogene
onaness; the abiding abode of peoples
from all pfaora; where Hie natives of all
nalfan* art known: the tongnra of all
tribes trumpeted; and where the man
ners end customs of every dime ran riot.
It’s rich with the coloring of Orientalism;
dragged with'the sensuous softness of
. Italian skies; spicy of the the love-dreams
of my laded and lamented youth—the
sweetest land the sun and south wind
aver, ktated—Jbe lissom of perennially
blooming flowtfrs—the crystallization oL
the dreams of all the poets, and where
preachers are dumb. I’ecause— if one
should imploringly point to a blissful
heaven beyond the skies, the serenely
undisturbed Californian would let him
point, and perhaps, with less elegance
than earnestness, invite him to journey
to the boom esteemed a fantasy by Inger
■ell. He would assert (lie proud con
sciousness that ••the court knows herself,’*
and that, knowing herself. California Is
heaven enough for him.
Even the entrancing song of. the siren
Imn the alluring caves >4 Carres would
sound harsh to him as “sweet bells jan
gled out o’ tune.” or as a charivari horse
flddleutfrtffklto’ The Ulypatwcharm
ing nfghflngate* themseim would seem
angular as the propositions of one Mr.
Epclld, unattractive as Miss Higgs (of
Vwdcnfamilyi and fierce and forbidding
as the Amazons—for far sweeter music I
doubt not, and fairer women. I am ready
la swear, are found in California, and
within the golden gates of the city of
which Bffctiferto w rote
. -mg! a t hj heiabt*. *o oe«i> w«w. .
| 4|ll stand banners of the umr
Long let VW'laol!
Makes me blue, to-touch on this dear
old Sen Francisco! How often I clutch
at thee in my dreams, bold thee fast
Miarfnlly far a moment; wake to dull life
amidat the rfgon, the penury, the clouds
and cold of the effete eaat! ' ,
«p .
Han Fkancinco, July U.
Ust alttht I Attended An entertainment
by the Jepnneee mteeion, e tii ket hevinil
been triven me. Pteec were annua In
Jaynnena, onttlone end recitatione in
eeetome—weddtoTrmeuibDT, .word exer
dee, etc. Borne »irla topk pert, in netire
dreee. The coelome eemned nearer bar.
baric than I had expected, bat what 1
helped to confirm ray impression
that the Japanese make a mistake in
wanting oar civilization. They are a
simple, joyous, honest, polite people.
The civilisation they are after is por
trayed by our daily papers: murder, ar
son, thieving, swindling, brutality and
chicanery of all sorts. Our high civilisa
tion is raw bmide theirs. As todresa.lhe
Japanese styles ere certainly as artistic
and pretty and I would think sa com
fortable as ours. I see a good deni of- the
Japs and never encountered so pleasant
and jolly a class.
The French in two factiona have made
great preparation# for celebrating tbe 14th
of July. The aristocratic faction have
three days of jollification, beginning to
night, with music End fireworks in an
open park. The plebians will hold forth
in Central Park to-morrow night, w i h.an
oration in Fread),'one in Engl tab by
Clitas Barbour, spectacle of tbe fall of
Pompeii, with chariot racing, extraordin
ary fireworks, concert, half. etc. j Home
of the Freot h boslnees houses are finely
decorated. Boos Eros/ block is covered
with arrangements of large and small
FrenclT flags on gilded staffs, drums, can
non, muskets, allegorical figures, and a
great ntodcl of tbe Baa tile, perhaps 20x30
feet. The decoration is striking, brilli
ant and tasteful and the moat elaborate
I ever saw, I guess.
*, * • The French aristocrats got a
heavy blow in their cvfebratioa. They
had arranged to receive Admiral Letevre
an l officers of tbe Duqoesne, Saturday
nUht, and expected tbe marines of this
French boat would he landed and take
pest in the park demonatration. Nor
officer nor sailor appeared, tbe admiral
probably not wishing to countenance
1 either side of a factional fight. Barrels
of champagne punch had been provided.
Tlie plebians appear to have the beet of
1 it, though tlie'r leader, a fire-eating edi
tor, «s in hiding from a bench warrant, a
result of several lihel suits brought by the
' -aristocrats. The aristocrats are, I guess,
1 of a piece with the shoddy of.Nob Hilt
Ai Btdrir Kaihraj ftrfa4rd~~Tlt Kstoare
Brtnwa lev lerl uf liaki Cm
W fererrd ii a light.
Weem’s railway system, incorporated
under the name of the Electro-Automatic
Transit Company, of Baltimore, after
about a year of carefully conducted and
conclusive experiments, has patented It*
.multiplicity of electrical and mechanical
appliances in the United Htates and all
over the world as a preliminary to put
ting the system regnlarly to work wher
ever required.
By this electro-automatic arrangement
the morning papers may be delivered for
the breakfast table and the evening papers
before supper time at distant points. It
will deliver letters almost with the promp
titude of the telegraph sending a message.
The mails between New York and Omaha
w ill be carried in a night. It w ill handle
perishable light freight from long dis
tances. will deliver with celerity themxils
and panels in cities and-suburban towns,
and will multiply many times the busi
ness of tbe postoffice and express com
panies. Its advantages are not alone in
speed but In the economy and frequency
with which traina can be despatched.
The motor car ia eighteen feet long and
two and one-half feet square at each end.
It is pointed in front, the wedge or point
being below tbe longitudinal center, ad
justing it to the air pressure, thna keep
ing the car down on tbe tmek. To reduce
atmospheric friction to a minimum ail
wheels and electrical appliances are
placed within the wall of the can.
The road is to be built on tbe surface
of the ground, with track of twenty-four
Inches gauge, and will cost about S6OOO
per mile. In thickly settled dbitricts the
road can be elevated, the varied length of
the uprights being a cheap mode of cover
ing irregularities in the surface of tbe
ground over which the road passes.
The mail and express csrs are tele
scoped in forming a train, the former into
the end of the motor car, and the latter
into that of tlie one preceding it, forming
a flexible train of ran, offering an un
broken surface to tbe air. The rear end
of the rear car is pointed in a similar
manner to the front of the motor car,
time preventing any auction as tlie train
rushes on Its way.
The motor may pul) one car or a train
lof cars. All trains will be controlled
from a generating station, where will lie
I placed an electrical generating plant.
Electrical brakes are to l« used, and
traina are started, stopped, speed lessened
and hacked st will from a station.
Special appliances w ill inform tbe ope
rator in charge of the generating station
of the cxdct location of any train from
; the time it leave* or passes any given
point until It reaches its cleat’.nation. It
hae* not yet been determined how fer
apart these generating stations shall be
placed. I’ossibly one hundred miles may
not be out of range, as U* current can be
run for fifty miles each way from the
station as a center without much loss of
The electrics! force may be generated
by either steam or water power. The
main object, that of carrying heavy cur
rents over long distances, is attained by
special methods. Vj these, in a given
; time, a large numlier of trains may be
deapHtched with extraordinary rapidity
and at comparatively little expense. Tlie
frequency of the Iraina consumes only a
email amount of power, and the fact that
no attendants on the train are necessary
constitutes no small item in economy.
The patents of the company nqmber 149
in the United State* and the principal
countries in the world, covering the vital
details of this novel system.
A series of experiments were made at
Laurel, Md., to show what the Weema
railway system will do. Twomileepei
minute are made aronnd a heavy curve,
, or the equivalent of IW> mile* an hour, o|
three miles s minute on a level track.
Prior to the inauguration of this system
i twenty uiUes an hour was the fastest time
i ever made by any kind of an electrical
railroad travel.
Arrangements are now he'n t made foa
1 tbe building of an extended road between
distant cittee.
3D. GKt 1,1.3 gyp <3U Prop. *
Convenleatly located. Finely (urnUhed. The very best tut and accommodations la tbe City
R4TEB, TO OtJOO PER DAT, Aeeordimg to Room.
rate* to regular boarder*
Oi It Into Jilt ill
1 bare platted and will pot on the market # aeree of the beautiful building lota located on tbe
gently eloping hllUlde overlooking the city of North Yakima, and known aa
Milroy’s Addition,
Monday, July Ist!
No Gash payments, and long time given to
Those who will Build Immediately.
Tku Militia is lie lost desiraUs Residence portion of Norik Yakima.
office lm Hewlett Black, Corner Hceead aad Ckcitsst Hta.. Norik Yakima.
©. J. LOWE
Carries the largest, best and cheapest stock of all kinds of
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
Etc., which he is prepared to offer at remarkably low prices. Also in stock a fine
line of
Tinware, Sheet Ironware, Graniteware, Guns,
Pistols and Farm Implements.
Comer Yakima Avenue and First street. - - - - W. T.
' —=in=—
I Real Estate
Have Listed, and are Now Offering, for the
First Time, Three Hundred
it-Miess and Desinence Lots-300
Formerly owned by the N. P. R. R. Co.
and other Locators of North Yakima.
~—r ~ -“stvussssa;
Tills Xjist Includes:
Choice Business LOts
’ flSear Ynkiiua Avenue.]
' 50-Seleet Residence Lots-50
* .
On !\nl<*)i<«o/e Avoiiima.
; Prices and Terms to Suit Customers.
\ ing to build!
", Call and Look Over the List.
■ r atr\ IaAROE portion of the above property ha&
s Rodman & eshelmaN
’STa.lgixria, -A.'v-ezru.e.
ft Snfiuffi sii-Hn
Meeker’s Addition
The fomer contains some o( the fine* Residence Property on the west alda ol the Kailread
end the letter, with Its
Fine Soil, all Cleared and Sown to Grass,
Together with e complete water-right with eech end every Let. ******* an opportunity to huy
Cheap ail DainUe Residue Property,
That should be Immediately taken advantage of by all deelrlng flistelass paying Investments.
Terms, one-third cash, balance in equal pay
ments in six and twelve months.
(UIUHfMIk»>IMHIM TWi fI„MT m>ta.la(,
Sole Ao-.erLta,
! Oftoc Otm Yiktoo Notioaol luk. North Yoklno, WMblacUm
fii isji
*s 5 lit*
4 if |||l
_ u Jlti
5 I , a,s|f
ft 2«!|
ft I« ||;i
« gl § si
fS ®s ill*
5 ; •|ij
Sewing Machine Man,
In uow General Avnt for the Beat Make* of
Pianos, Omans and Sewins Machines
1 get my Goods direct (mm the different Man
ufacturing Establishments, so I am enabled to
Sell Cheaper,
•*—And to Give—
Than any other Agent in the Field.
Tfrm Cut, tr 5»!» With (M Ealtntn.
With RcdVlcld, Vaklma Arm,
to H. Sigmund.)
mm ipimß.
YAKIMA AVE.. near Front Bt.
Domestic and Imported Good* made up in the
latest styles and at reaaonable prices.
itemfag ss4 topsirisg s Spwmrltf.
itoTici: roR PimpmioN.
Lard Office at North Yak*ca, W. T.,l
June 29, \m. S
VTOTICE la hereby Riven that the follow In*
N * named settler has died notion of bis inten
tion to make final proof In support of bis claim,
and that said proof will be made before the reg
ister and receiver at north Yakima, w. T., on
Thursday, August Mb, UM>, vis:
Desert I.and Application No. 122. for the «WW
NEW. NWWHM«, and K«»»E'4. bee. ?J. Tp. 11,
N R2O K., WM. fie names the following wit
nesses to prove Ms continuous residence upon
and cultivation of, said land, viz: William Htoel,
Peter D. Mrook H. J. Micknell and Andrew Kuan
all of North Yakima. W. T. Any person whode
sifes to protest against the allowance of such
proof, or who knows any substantial reason, un
der the laws and regulations of the Interior De
partment, why such proof shonld not be allowsd
wtH be given an opportunity at the above men
tioned time and place to crosa-oamJue the wit
nesses of said claimant, and to offer evidence in
rebuttal of that submitted by said claimant
jytauK IKA M. KKI7TZ, Register.
Land Office at North Yakima, W.T.,i
June i 7,1889. f
VTOTICK Is hereby given that the following
Is named settler bss died notice of his inten
tion to make dual proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will he made before the reg
ister and receiver at North Yakima, w. r. on
August A, I*o. vis;
who filed pre-emption D. 8. No. MB fur the nwW
of sec. it, fwp &>, N R 23 R. W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous resident c upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: H. P. Reeves, J. R. Dlckay. H. T.
Hudson. J. U. Robinson, all of Hpokaoe Fails,
Washington Ter. Any person who desires to
protest against the allowance of such proof, «r
who knows any substantial reason, under the
law and regulations of the interior Department,
why such proof should not be allowed, will be
given an opportunity at the above mentioned
time and place to crose-enamlne the witnesses oi
said claimant, and to offer evidence in rebuttal
of that submitted by claimant.
frf-wri _ IRA M. KRITZ. Register.
wncs op mmim of piktrexxiip'
In drm composed of J. J. Carpenter. J. H.
Careen er and w. W. Atherton, heretofore doing
business under the Arm name of Carpenter Bros.
A Atherton, at North Yakima. Washington, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
Messrs. J. J . Carpenter aud J. H. Carpenter,
under the Arm name of Carpenter Brothers, will
CPRM Ihe buslnme of the Into Arm. assume all
liabilities and collect all account*.
Datml this i-th day of July, iWM.
»»tuck holders of the Notches and Cowyehao
Dtlcb Company: That a meeting of the said
Stockholders will be held attheoffleeof Whitson
A Parker. North Yakima. Washington, nn Satur
day. the 2ist day of Heptember. life*, at the hour
of 7 o’clock p. m.. f. r the purpose of voting on
the question as to whether the capital Block of
the said Company ahall be Increased from 9MOO
to 924,000.
Dated Jnly 18. MW.
Cuss. foSSS SSS! K-0N ‘ lyistt

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