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The Yakima herald. (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, March 17, 1892, Image 4

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aa rn l^1 - ~
Written for TBS HsaaLu.
n Time! go (art. and listen not
f laughter sweet aor Idle talc
Of other loroe—ah mat
O Moss! ride bard through darkened rpot
Of laser cloed and alaeplac rele-
Mylovalstar.li aba!
O Tima! go lame, 1 pray and weep.
Oa folded wins aaaar!
O dear Mooa' rook tbyialf asleep
AJalon'i rata, caress her fare!
My lore, dear loro, la here!
Washington, D. C. W. H. Sais-CLiar.
Iriil Onileliofs of litters ol Inport
uct Tkroipoil lisblngton.
Ha aeetlea Is Overlaeket Where Any.
•blag Has Oecamf That to •! Es
pecial Mease a I is Ttoe Hermit's
Tkeasaata ef Beaters.
A Spokane man offers to bet SI,OOO
that that city will have a population of
75,000 at tbe close of 1900.
The Seattle Prese-Timet brings out L.
8. J. Hont, of tbe Poet-Intelligencer, lor
vice president on the republican national
Coi: James Hamilton Lewi* has pre
sented George Hassard with a silk tile,
one of the many he won on the Beattie
Billy Singleton, formerly half owner of
the townsite of Ruby City, died recently
In San Francisco. His father, John Sin
gleton, is a Walla Walla pioneer.
The Soar Dough Aid society, of Coulee
City, Douglas county, is daily expecting
a carload of old maids from the east, and
the bachelors of that section are AIM
with pleasurable excitement.
Work is progressing favorably on the
Kennewick irrigation ditch. About 20U
men and seventy-five teams are employed.
Work was begun abent midway on the
ditch and is being prosecuted in both
directions. Quite a section of the big
ditch is already completed.
The orchards in the vicinity of Dayton
are in a very bad condition in consequence
of vermin. Some of the orchards have
been condemned by State Fruit Inspector
Jeeeee, who has found the woolly aphis,
wood borers and bark loose, and who
thinks the San Jose scale is there sod will
make its appearance this season.
Toe city election held in Seattle last
week resulted in tha election of the entire
democratic city ticket and all of the
aldermen on the democratic ticket, and
afl bat fear el the democratic delegate*.
Ronald was elected mayor over Leary by
1866 mayoralty, while the balance of the
ticket secured majorities ranging from
Watarville Democrat: Dm in Yak
ima county irrigation is literally trans
forming the country. The arteoian well*
are proving Very sooceoaful, and people
are aaixiog the opportunity to engage in
fruit raiaing. The Northern Pacific com
pany hue a big ditch into which water
will shortly be turned, end altogether the
outlook in the arid districts of Yakima is
eery bright.
Walla Walla Patou. State Fruit In
spector D. M. Jrente returned Sunday
from u visit to Columbus andGddeodale.
He reports the orchards in that section
are nearly all ruined, the scale bug having
attacked the treee end killed many of
them, others being in a bod fix. The
oechardiata, however, have taken the
matter in baud and are earnestly trying
to kill off the pest.
EUenaburgh wants a telephone line to
Wenatchee. The telephone company
asks for a boons of $6,000 to construct
and maintain the line or the famishing
and netting of poles between the two
points. The company having the tele
phone franchise for this state is very gen
erous. All it asks is to be given the
plant and it will furnish the service pro
vided it is well paid (or it.
Throughout eastern Washington and
Oregon the prospect (or an immense wool
clip this spring ia roost encouraging. The
season is so far advanced that the asser
tion may be made with almost unquali
fied positiveoees that a better yield of
wool was never taken in these parts than
will be shorn in a few months. Notooly
ia the quality excellent, bat the quantity
will be large owing to the mild winter,
which bee occasioned no loss among the
Twenty of the thirty-four comities in
the ntnte of Washington report organiza
tion* subordinate to the Washington
Farmers’ Alliance. The number of subor
dinates by counties is as follow*: Whit
man. 50; Spokane. 27; Lincoln, 22; Gar
field. 17; Walla Walla. 15; Colombia, 12;
Klkkitat, 11; Cbebaila, »; Snohomish,
It; Stevens, 7; Doogias.s; Kittitas and
Adams, 5 each; Asotin, Clark* and
Whatcom, 8 each; Kitsap, 2; Lewis,
Pierce, Okanogan and Yakima. 1 each.
Hot. VttNßi last » laf.
Cheney Sentinel: Citisens of Spokane
are protesting against the nomination of
Eogene Wilson for governor. Five years
* since Wilson started a weekly paper,
the Chinook, at Spokane, and, after three
weeks, suspended, publishing in his last
leans a valedictory In which he gave the
city a "Mack eya," predicting all aorta of
dismal things for her future. The nn
cailed-for attack upon Spokane’s business
assn la well remembered by them and it
la bat natural that they should bitterly
appose aaf effort to place a mao of so
atnall caliber in the gubernatorial chair,
or. Indeed, to alert him to say office.
Eugene T. Wilson, old boy. “your name
h Mud.” '
Editor Edrtrds or TU-Pot Dates ud
Bleer-Ejed Aristocrats.
Pates Waits aaase Owe •• Preside
Over Us “Ueapel Will”—The Head
light Maw Nave Preaches She
I'aaeral Heratewa.
Notwithstanding that there are quite a
few handsome and honorable bachelor
editors left, American girls persist ia going
across the ocean and bartering their glo
rious womanhood and their dad’s pile for
a moth-eaten, over-worked title of a bum
aristocracy, with which is thrown in a
bleary-eyed specimen of decrepit rosn
hood. The latest sacrifice on this altar of
tuft-hunting insanity ia lovely Mattie
Mitchell, daughter of Senator Mitchell, of
Oregon. Mattie was married about a
month ago to a ddke of the tin-pot vari
ety, with a name that would give away a
patent medicine testimonial and the
length of which would cause an honest
man a good deal of inconvenience in sign
ing bsnk cheeks. We mention this met
ier st this time because some one at Wash-
ington—presumably Senator Mitchell—
has sent us s wad of clippings from the
New York and other big dailies describ
log the wedding, and if Senator Mitchell
is proud of the achievement and wants s
puff, the Headlight is not tbs paper to say
him nay. We may say, however, that no
“staff” accompanied the clippings, and
so we throw in this flattering notice with
out money and without price.
This town has a large and vigorous
kick coming against the "ducks who run
the gospel mills." The wherefore of
which Is as thus: Pasco has car shops,
roundhouses, railways and rivers, store*
of every kind, colleges and public schools,
lawyers and doctors, hotels and saloons,
court house and Jail,—but nary a minis
ter of the gospel. We have one church,
bat it stands silent and nnnsed among a
population of £OO souls and in a Christian
land. There’s where the kick comes in.
We have everything to promote our
earthly comfort, while our spiritual wel
fare is laid over for future consideration.
We are left like a lot of stray sheep to
straggle aimlessly along without a shep
herd. Not a ■lergyman to speak a few
words of comfort or offer up a prayer for
the sick or dying. Not a servant of tl e
Lord to expound the good word and point
out the straight and narrow way to erring
ones. Not a minister to perform the last
sad rites for a so a I that has been sum
moned to its long home. When e burial
takes place the editor is called upon to
officiate in Ida own worldly way. He
does the best be ran, bat it is unsatisfac
tory to a dying man to know that he is to
have a half column of unorthodox long
primer spouted over him by a mao to
whom he is in arrears for subscription.
While the different denominations the
world over are moot sealous in collecting
money to send missionaries to save the
Chinese, the Africans, the Buddhists and
the hah on*, the people of Pasco are left
to stumble along on the broad and dan
gerous road without a ray of light. This
is a lamentable and unwarranted state of
affairs. No divine service has been held
in the city for over six months. No pearls
of truth or words of hope have been
spoken. We are simply left to toas shoot
among the breakers of uncertainty or drift
on with tits tide of don’t-care-a-damitive
ness. This is our little tale of woe. Hence
this kick.
Here is a sample of jerkwater poetry
with which we have been recently
* Little elanpa of aaac bnuh.
Little drills of aaad.
Show need of irritation
For tbl* parched but fertile land.
The Headlight has two nr three poets
chained up in the cellar who can dash off
rhymes like that at the rate of a mile a
minute. That is the reason we keep them
Wub fur fed far Pmifctl.
Secretary R. K. NI hols of the repub
lican central committee was at Walla
Walla last week and he is thus quoted by
the Union-Journal respecting republican
presidential timber:
“We need a magnetic ticket. ‘Let the
mantel of Elijah fall on the shoulders of
Elisha.’ Nominate Reed, the ’man from
Maine.”’ Reed and McKinley.be claims,
would sweep the country like wildfire,
and is the only true winning card.
MhicaJ Pmerk.
£f a law was past givin’ every ooneat
politiahun a marble monument 200 foot
high, it wouldent make much of a boom
in the quarry hixineos.
Ef wimmio could he elected president
they would he puttin’ tidies oo the hack
of the executive cheer inside of a week.
Thesalvashun of this country depends
oo intelijeot patt riot ism. not the jlm Jams
Miff Tku a rMp.
benevolent Lady—Little boy. here is
another tem|*raoce tract 1 wish you
would give to your father.
Street Gamin—Me dad ain’t drinking
now. He’s swore off.
Benevolent lady (ecstatically)— Did be
read the last tract 1 gar# you?
Gamin—Nope. He’s trainin’ for a prise
Tkrrt ( irisas PerU.
There are only four places is the world
where women poasees all the privileges of
voting ahu h are accorded to men, vis.:
Iceland, Fitcalm (aland, the fale of Man
and Wyoming. U. f*. A.
A watch beats 157,8H0,(*)0 times in a
year. In the same length of time its
wheels travel 355814 miles.
In England locomotives have neither
belle, headlight* nor •‘row catchers "
BkMat Varry •writ
“My husband received a note to-day in
a woman’s handwriting.”
“Did yon open it?"
“1 did not. And what ia more, I left
him by himself to read it at bia leisure.”
“Don’t yon worry over it?”
“No, hot 1 guess he does. It was from
my dressmaker.”
Tea Ink Frirslity.
Farmer’s Boy—There’s goin’ to be a
minstrel show in Fiukintown next week.
Can I
Old Hayseed—Gee whittaker! It ain’t
a niontii sence you went to tb’ top o’ th’
hill to see th’ 'clipae of th’ moon. D’yuh
wan ter be always on th’ go?
Bhm Cirb Kiev aa Aaftl Let
“The idea of your always asking for a
kiss before you take it!”
“Ob, you don’t like such timidity, eh 7”
“It is not timidity at all; it’s over con
fidence. If you were not sure yon would
get it, you would not stop to ask.”
iitire ia a Inal tria.
Ellensburgh Register: This is the
spring of and ail naturesmilea in at*
ticipation of the great democratic victory
that is billed lor this fall.
Stands at the head of all blood med
icines. This position it has secured
by its intrinsic merit, sustained by
the opinion of lending physicians,
and by the certificates of thousands
who have successfully tested its
remedial worth. No other medicine
so effectually
Scrofula, hoi I*, pimples, rheumatism, ca
tarrh. aud all other blood diseases.
- There can be uo question as to the supe
riority of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla over all other
blood-purifiers. It this was not the case, the
demand (or It, Instead of tncreaslng yearly,
would bare ceased long sgo, like so many
other blood medicines I could name.”—
F. L. Mo kb non. Drugs Ist. 75 Chelsea it,
Charlestown, Mass.
“ Two yean ago I was troubled with salt
rheum. It was all over my body, and noth
ing the doctors did for me was of any
avail. At last 1 took four bottles of Ayer’s
s .rsaparilla. and was completely cured.
I can sincerely recommend It as a splendid
Mo vl-purifier."—J. 8. Hurt, Upper Keswick,
JC.-w Brunswick.
•• ,’!y sister was afflicted with a severe
< lor re commended Ayer's Sarsaparilla
the best I lood blood-purifier within
I.; . ;,perlcnee. We gave her this medicine,
an I a complete cure was the result.”
Win. O. Jenkins. Deweese. Scb.
” When a boy I was trout.ed with a blood
disease which manifested Itself In sores on
the legs. Ayer's Sarsaparilla being recom
mended. I took a number of bottles, and was
cored. 1 have never since that lime bad
a recurrence of the complaint.” —J. C.
Thompson, Lowell. Mass.
•' I was cured of Scrofula by the use of
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla.”—John C. Kerry, Deer
field. Mo.
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla
Dr. J. C. AYeTa'co’ lowl, Mill.
Bold by all DrugftaU. Prtoe fit; *li UxUaa.fi*-
Mleeple**ue«* Cured. IT
lam glad to taattfy that 1 was* fuM Bow
atg*a Harm Touts with ths bMt aaaaaasle*
■laayteaanoaa. sad baiters that Uta faulty a groat
rail* for •aS«rtos hoaaolty. M. FRANK, Paa
tar. It Beverln. Kevlortae P. 0.. Pa.
Laa Vtoti. Mew Maxleo, Jnly t, WX
trlabt and aba ora aw bar bosom b omasa 1
no cry to*, sad two boon attar I had tba ftrat
attack of baart dlamsa. Paster KoanlT• Narva
Touts baa doua aw mesh good aud ba* had tba
daoUad affaat. MIOUBL A. OUUUN.
Had Rpaon* fur Id Tears.
Mrs. J. P Show write* from Dayton. Lyon
00., Navada: 1 bars bad se amre of those tar.
rlbts oya—aoinm 1 too* Pastor Keoatg'a Motes
Touts, itikiagh 1 had thorn w vaura.
KOKNIQ MCO. 00.. OM<M«O, 111.
of North Yakima.
dib across.
I. K. Lew la. Tboo. ». Wlleoa, Chaa. Carpenter,
1 A. w. Bagla. R. B. Acaddor.
; ( wpitni,
A. W. Rmolb. Chau raaerimta.
President. Vim President.
1 W. L. Mtsinwbo, Cashier.
I ;o;
laji ud Mil Eirkaap >1 till*.
Have you goods to store that you
desire to keep in safety?
If so, call upon
Chappell <5 Cox.
Their new Warehouse, which is
as nearly fire-proof as it can be
made, is now ready for the storage
of goods, at owner’s risk.
Charges Reasonable.
There is a gentle-
Dyspepsia, man at Malden-on
the-Hudson, N. Y.,
named* Captain A. G. Pareis, who
has written us a letter in which it
is evident that he has made up bis
mind concerning some things, and
this is what he says:
“ I have used your preparation
called August Flower in my family
for seven or eight years. It is con
stantly in my house, and we consider
it the best remedy for Indigestion,
and Constipation we
Indigestion, have ever used or
known. My wife is
troubled with Dyspepsia, and at
times suffers very much after eating.
The August Flower, however, re
lieves the difficulty. My wife fre
quently says to me when I am going
to town. ‘We are out
Constipation of August Flower,
and I think you had
better get another bottle. ’ lam also
troubled with Indigestion, and when
ever I am, I take one or two tea
spoonfuls before eating, for a day or
two. and all trouble is removed.” •
Summons by Publication.
In the Superior Court of Yakima County,
State of Washington.
y n*. 341.
Action brought (n the
Anna Stomi. Superior Court of Yak-
Plaintiff, Inu County. State of
n. I Washington. at North
Yakima, and complaint
Hr sky T. stosk. filed In the office of the
Defendant Clerk of Mid Court on
* the 9th day of March,
The Stale of Washington to the ahore named
You ate hereby notified that Anna Stone,
Plaintiff, ban filed a romplalnt attain'd you lu
the superior Court of Yakima County, state of
Washington. at North Yakima, which will come
on to be heard sixty day* after the drat publlea
lion of this summons, to wit: Sixty days after
the lOth day of March. IMM; and unleu you ap
pear and anawer the ume mi or before the tfth
da; of May. IWI, the sane will be taken aa ion
fewwd and the prayer of aaid complaint a ranted.
The obie d aud prayer of aald complaint la,
that the Honda of matrimony relating between
Plain;id and Defendant l>e diaaolved, on the
ground of abandonment: that tbecommon prop
erty in aeld complaint dea.-rlbed be awanle<i to
Plaintiff, and ts«' Delcu lant be required to pay
a reasonable attorney a fee aud coata ami ex
pense* of tiila action, and (or such other an-i
further relief aa to the Court may seem meet
aud proper iu the premise*.
Witness my baud and the wal of said
catau Superior conn, affixed thUlih day of
March, A. D. WW.
County Clerk and Clerk of the suterior Court.
RBAVta «k MiLKoY. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 7
Simpson Bros.
Are now prepared to tarnish to tbe Public
Superior Varieties of
Froit Shade aid Ornamental Trees.
Hav or Oraln taken iu f.xc•>tangaMtor TYeea.
For Sale.
E“ Pure-Bred, Imported
Apply to
Ml Wrnan P. «>., Vaklma l a., W’ailt.
3POT Notice to Consamers.
■ After rbe l.'.th of December
Hoslyn Coal
OAO Li Will »* delivered for IC.-W
Unun per ton. ipor Cash!
Hereafter not a ton of Coal
nor a cord of Wool will be
unloaded union* the money
I* paid on delivery. There
will be no deviation from
tbla rule.
$6.50 JOHN REED -
A l''ll-Ht-CIBHH
la a strong. handnome Hour, po**eaalo«
food speed and endurance. Has no au
perlor in harneaa.
Registered it Wallace’s Trotting Register
4-4 For Particular* Apply «t Thi« Office.
Do Yon Want a Good Meal?
Kay & Lucy,
T)M firallMit ttNMIoa of this H~Unr.nl !•
b«lD( ■•lnulMdV tfc* prMMit
Opel all Hum, Day aid Hiikt.
~~J 1 S. J. LOWE.
MOpstoß ii'lFin liltnii
Garden Hose, Lawn Mowers, Sprinklers, The Latest Improved
Gardening Tools.
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Lamps and
Chimneys, Wire Nails, Etc.
Oliver Plows, Best on Earth
Dccring and McCormick Mowers, and the Hollingsworth and Tiger
Rakes. These machines have no superiors. ; : : ;
Buggies, Carriages, Hacks, Sulkeys, and Carts of first class make
and finish. None better.
Corner Yakima Avenue and First Streets, North Yakima, Washington
Lorn/beircL &c Horsley,
Furniture, Carpet, Wall Paper, Picture Frames
That the above firm holds out greater inducements in Bar
gains than any other house East of the Cascades.
And challenge Competition for Honesty and Square Deal
ing. We carry Everything !
No RsasonaMe Price Refosoi for Boot and Shoe Leather.
prank a. *«ahW»w. Jtrr. d. mcdaniel
StLardlO'W" I McDaniel,
Wines, Liquors.
Imported & Domestic Cigars.
Southeast Corner Yakima Avenue A Front Street, One Door West of Steiner’* Hotel.
Sole Apts for tie Celebrated Jesse Moore Keatacly Whiskies.
Spring Stock of Groods
Before ordering elsewhere, we want yonto call and examine o«r excellent line offhcvlota.
Worsted*. Panting*and Overcoating* «If you rau*t order from *amples, we have the largest
range* from two wholesale house* In the Ka*t.
Do Hot Boy ‘M-Be-Downs” anil fay Ordered Prices for Them!
Bt honest dealings we have built up the largest trade Ea*t of the mountain*, and good Judgea
of clothing apnrwlate »ur styles and work. clothes that do not lit we never ask our cus
tomer* to lake, and wo are more willing to rectify mistake* than to make them.
MB*.WHITE UliOS’. TAI LOlt SllQl'..' .'-V
Sash, Doors, Lath, Shingles, Etc.
Lumber Exchanged for Hay.
A. 11 LAHSON. lUHiinger.
Summons by Publication-
In the Superior Court of Yakima County,
State of Washington.
Fl*. 330.
Action brought in the
Maouie B. Knapp, Superior Court of Yak -
Plaintiff, ma County, state of
va. Washington, at North
Vaklma.and complaint
Lestek Knapp. filed in the office of the
Defendant. Clerk of aald Court on
the 24th day of Febru-
J ary, IMU.
The Slate of Washington to the above named
You arc hereby notified that Maggie K. Knapp,
Plaintiff, haa filed a complaint against you in
the Superior Court of Yakima County, State of
Washington, at North Yakima, which will come
on to lie heard sixty daya after the flrat publica
tion of thia Summons, 10-wlt; Sixty days after
the '-ttth day of February. IW2, and unless you
appear and answer the same on or before the
27th day of April, IW2. the same will be takeu aa
confessed and the prayer of aald complaiut
The object and prayer of said complaint ia to
obtain an absolute divorce from the bonda of
matrimony existing between the Plaintiff and
the Defendant, and to obtain custody of the
children of aald Plaintiff and Defendant.
Witness my baud and the seal of said
[seal) Superior Court, affixed this 24th day of
February. A. D. 1892.
County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Court.
11. J. Snivelv. Plaintiff's Attoruea. 5-Kt
Summons by Publication.
In the Superior Court of Yakima County,
Stale of Washington.
Many R. Wiley,
ra. Km. t*3.
John L. Wiley,
Defendant. .
The Stale of Washington to the above named
Yon are hereby notified that Mary R. Wiley,
Plaintiff, haa filed a complaint against yon lu
the Superior Court of Yakima County, State of
Washington, at North Yakima, which will come
on to be beard alxty days after the first publica
tion of this Summons, to-wit: Sixty days after
the 25th day of February, 1*92. and unless you
appear aud anawer the same on or before the
27th day of April, MB, the same will be taken
as confcsaed and the prayer of aald complaint
The object and praver of aald complaint Is to
obtain an absolute divorce from the bouda of
matrimony existing between the Plaintiff and
Witness my hand and the sea) of said
[SEAL.] Superior Court, affixed this 21th day of
February, A. D. 1*92.
County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Court.
11. J. Snivelv, Attorney for Plaintiff. Ml
Notice of Sale of School Lands
at Flic Aiction.
i> Monday, the 2*th day of March, 1892, at
the boar of 10 o’clock a. m., at the front door of
the conrt bouae of Yakima county, Woah., the
following described school lands of Yakima
county, to-wlt:
| .PART OF SECTION. gg. * >S.
NW quarter . If. 9 24 tilt OU
NK quarter If. 924 16 00
HW quarter |IA 924 15 00
HE quarter ;1« 9 24 10 00
SB quarter 924 25 00
NW quarter 9 H 25 00
NW quarter of 8W quarter . I.in 924 25 00
tat 1 ■ (» 924 12 00
tat 2 an 924 12 00
lets. |» 9 24 «0 00
NR quarter 16 Mao 25 00
NW quarter 16 1 *, 26 00
HE quarter 16 BSt 2ft 00
HW quarter 16 860 2ft 00
Lot I W IS IB 70 00
Lot 2 SB IS Is 70 00
tat S S6 IS IS 70 00
tat 4 sn is is 70 oo
tat 41 SB IS is M 00
tat 42 S6 ISII* V. 00
tat 43 SB IS If 6o 00
tat 44 . .MISIS 65 U)
tat 51 M IS IH 50 (10
tat 52 SB 18 .6 AO (JO
tat AS SB IS IB 4A 00
tat 54 SB IS 16 45 00
HE quarter If. lo 2B 14 00
N* quarter 1610 28 15 00
taU 1 and 2 « s so 20 00
W hf BKqr, HE qr HE qr A lot S ~86 SBO 22.50
, HW quarter SB HSO 16 00
NW quarter ;Mi »SO 10 00
N half HE quarter 16,11 » .« 50
NK quarter 16111 20 80 00
NW quarter of NW quarter ~l6lio 27 20 00
E half of NK quarter .. 36 1.1 19 10 00
NW quarter of NK quarter .16,18 19 15 00
HW quarter of NE quarter i* ;ia 19 15 00
NK quarter of NW quarter 'Httiis 19 14 00
1 NW quarter of NW quarter 1.16 IS 19 15 00
RE quarter of NW quarter :«18 l» 15 00
8W quarter of NW quarter 36*18 19 15 00
NB quarter of HE quarter i3f.!lS IV 15 00
NW quarter of HE quarter. iSBIiSIP 15 on
1 HR quarter of ME quarter «IS 19 16 00
HW quarter of HE quarter :*> IS 19 15 00
NK quarter of HW quarter . SB 18 19 15 00
NW quarter of HW quarter . :tb IS 1» 14 00
HE quarter of HW quarter 3ft IS 19 15 00
HW quarter of HW quarter SB IS IV 15 (10
NK quarter of NB quarter M 11 20 17 00
NW quarter of NE quarter 86 II 2Di 17 00
NE quarter of N W quarter 3f. 11 2i 17 00
tat 1 |B6|ll|2o 17 00
will be offered for sole to the highest bidder.
Terms are oa follows: One-tenth of the total
purchase price parable at time of sale, deterred
payment payable In Installments of one tenth
annually with Interest at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum. Hold Bale Is made under and by
virtue of an order of sale duly made by the
■tale school land commission.
Witness our band and onlrlal seel of the com
. fsiai-1 miss loners’ court of Yakima Coenty.
I Wash., this tenth day of Pebruanr. A. D. 1892.
Chairman of the Board of County Commis
Attest: MYRON H. BLUE.
4-5t Clerk of the Board.
HJsttsur" “ w - ~ n,nd --•

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