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4 Und Where Then Is lo Sorrow
lDl._bi.ed by Hunan Beings.
IB la SIB OH s-llsalaaa Ts*n Vllb m
Popalailow al s.ouo la Baa
If*. I.rr.tnt Industrie*
•I Ska W*rM.
Spokane Chronicle: Among the many
great mining ramps of Australia, whnes
fame makes even the miners ot the north
west uneasy snd envious, none is more
famous or better known here then Beulah,
the beautiful little city st the entrance of
tbe great tunnel, driven by the Hereford
Mining Company, about ninety miles
from Sidney in New South Wales. Not
only is It famous for the vast ore bodies,
which cannot be exhausted in a score of
years, or for the rapid dividends, which
bave ad 'ed millions to the wealth of the
three men who own the mine.
It is famous as the only great mining
camp in the world where a druken man
or an unchaste soman is never seen;
where an oath is never heard; where
there are no strikes and no crimes are
committed; where the great engines never
move on the Sabbath day; where divorce
laws sre unknown; where there is never
s vagrant nor a pauper, but all is peace
ful industry, comfort and hsppiness.
It is famous for the wisdom of its gov
ernment, and for the great free institu
tions, the librsries, baths, theaters, snd
even orchards snd gardens thst hsve
been dedicated to the use of all its peo
ple. And, yet, but for the efforts ol one
man, who is in Spokane to-day, this
beautiful spot would still be the arid
wilderness it wss eight yesrs sgo.
Herbert Bartlett, tbe founder of this
modern Beulah land, is now spending a
few days in Spokane on a journey of ex
ploration around the world. This is his
first visit to tbe northwest mining coun
try, and he expects to spend severs^
weeks in gathering scientific data before
resuming bis journey to other great min
ing districts of the world.
In response to a request le give a brief
sketch of tbe founding of this strange
Austrslisn tow n, Mr. Bartlett consented
to an interview, concerning its history, in
tbe course of which he said:
"In the summer of 1886 I wss plsced
in charge of a geological survey of a por
tion of New Souiti Wales, sod while ex
ploring a large affluent of the Murray
river we came scross some traces of min
eral deposits. To this spot I returned
when the survey was ended snd wss so
well pleased thst I interested some En
glish friends in developing the property,
and we purchased 10,000 seres of Isnd
from the government. In a year we were
ready to bring in more miners snd begin
work on a large scale.
"We decided to bring 1,000 miners snd
their families from England snd colonize
them at the mine. But we must build
houses for them. We could not use wood,
because the armies of snts would soon
cot the beams in two. It was necessary
to build the houses of iron, and when
these were done snd neatly painted we
fitted them with plain, serviceable fur
niture, and were ready for our people.
"I shall never forget that shipload of
emigrants we met at Sydney. They
were wretched paupers, ill-clad and ig
norant wretches, whose one joy had been
to keep dead drunk until all the liquor on
tbe ship was gone. Black eyes and
broken nosM were everywhere, and one
big red-shirted ruffian boasted tbat be
bad whipped every man, woman and
child on the ship.
"Between two lines of srmed police
we marched them through Sydney and
stopped their clamor for whiskey by
promising them all the drink they
wanted at Beulab. When they arrived
and found that we meant no drink but
water, their rage was terrible. But there
they were and they had to go to work.
''With no saloons or gambling houses
they coulil not help saving money, and in
• year they had ceased to grumble. The
men spent their evenings at home with
tbe family. The women, who came half
barefoot and clad tn their one scanty
dress, began to assume the appearance of
prosperous matrons. Churches were
built, and, as no work is done after Sat
urday at midnight, for a whole day they
went to church regularly. Ths children
went to school and learned what books
were, and in another year we were ready
lor the second cargo.
"Again they come, a thousand families
of dirty, wicked Yorkshire and Cumber
land miners, and the ssme scene was
enacted, with the same result. They
learned that industry and temperance
means happiness, and soon became the
most loyal and progressive citizens in the
world. They became ready to aid in
building public institutions, and in this
you may be sure tbe company encour
aged them.
"We built a handsome theater which
is open to the public every night in the
week, free of charge, and there is hardly
•n evening when it is not occupied. We
bad a huge net woven and hired fishers
•t public expense to fill it one morning
•very week. Tbe housekeepers gsther
about it, choose what they like and take
it home without cost. The rest of tbe
fl*h sre turned back into tbe river.
"But wbat they like best is the great
orchard of 1,200 acres, filled with fruit
trees brought from all quarters of the
world. This is irrigated by the water
discharged from the power wheels, and
the rich sand makes every tree yield
bountifully. This is open to all the town,
and every day in tbe year you can see all
-the housewives gathering tbe apples,
berries snd other fruits that ripen in that
wonderful climate every month in the
year. It is public property, and each
gathers what she prefers.
"At 12 o'clock .Saturday night, the
crash and clang of the machinery is still,
to remain quiet for a whole day. The
miners go home to rest, and on Sunday
nearly every man in town goes to soms
church, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist or
Preebvterisa as he may choose. You
cannot And a more Christian people in
the whole world than among these {Mo
pis who were almost savage less than
eight years sgo.
"Has tbe mining company prospered?
Certainly. Ws went there to make
money. Our plsnt has cost us 12,000,000,
but is one of ths most profitable invest
ments ever made in the world. We bsvs
no trouble with strikes Our employees
are honest and faithful—l believe they
would die for tbe company, such is their
loyalty. The mine is managed on scien
tific principles, and no money is spared
when it is needed. The dividends bsve
been enormous, snd the property now is
worth far more than its coat. We bsve
enough ore in sight now for three yesrs
snd I believe the mine will last a qusrter
of a century. Besides the greet dividends
the profits have accumulated in a Isrgs
sinking fund thst will be devoted to es
tablishing some new enterprises if a
promising opportunity can be found."
It Res-aired Hr.ln,.
Detroit Free Presi: A man from one of
the hack counties of the Upper Peninsula
wss leaning on the counter, talking to ths
clerk st ths Russell house.
"Fine hotel you've got here," be said.
shaking a hayseed off his wU-iakers. "I
keep a hotel myself, but 'taint nothing
like this."
The clerk smiled snd nodded compla
"Just tbe asms it tskes brsins to run
it," bs went on. "Man in this business
csn't know too much."
"Tbe public ssys we hotel clerks do,"
returned the clerk, modestly.
"Yes, I know; but that's pokin' fun at
you. I say, you can't know too much.
Frinstance, in my case now. Last week
a guest come to my place and registered
himself as a United States senator. Now,
if I hand't knowed sll about the power
and dignity and 'finance of a senator, I
would's'got left. Hut 1 wss posted, snd
I throwed the house open to him ; sent
drinks up every night, cocktails every
morning; give him the run of the bar
during the day; set out the cigars; took
him ont in my best livery rig to see the
town and the chance the government had
for improvin' our river and givin' us a
public buildin', and kept him there on
the fat of the land for four days and never
said a word about pay. If I'd been ig
norant I'd as like as not spiled the whole
business, but I wast, you tee."
"What state was Ihe senator from?"
inquired the clerk.
The clerk gagged and got red in the
"Arizona?" he repeated.
"Yes, Arizony ; don't you know where
thst is?"
"Of course, of course," replied the
clerk; "but Arizona is no state. It's a
territory and doesn't have any senators,
st all."
"Wha—whs—what?"gasped the visit
ing hotel keeper, and the clerk explained
and then got down a book and proved it
to him, and the Upper l'eninsulate tore
up and down the office awhile, and finally
went away and drowned his sorrow in
the flowing bowl.
A Political Incident.
The Hon. Patrick A. Collins, who
stands very high In the esteem of Mr.
Cleveland, is said to be a particularly
able presiding officer of a political con
vention, in proof of which it is told thst
some years ago he was presiding over
a democratic convention in Massachu
setts, in which wss an Irish delegste
from his own end of P.oaton, the pro
prietor of half a dozen saloons and a
thick, old-fashioned brogue. He was
very anxious, for B.mu> reason, to get the
floor, and jumped up every time he
thought he saw a chance for it, until he
had become a nuisance to the whole con
vention. At last, just as a committee
was about to report, he jumped up again
right in front.
"Mr. President!'' he shouted, "Mr.
Collins rapped sternly with his gavel,
but did not otherwise recognize him.
"Mr. President!" he continued; "Mr.
Again Collins rapped vigorously, this
time turning his keen eyes upon the ob
streperous , delegate with a withering
glance. But, instead of withering, it so
exasperated the delegate that he shook
his fist at the presiding officer and yelled:
"You, Pat Collins, I wsnt the flure!"
Collins leaned right over the table at
that, shook his gavel at the disturber, and
quietly but fiercely said:
"Sit down, you terrier!"
The "terrier" promptly took his seat,
while the convention howled with de
light '
Ilepartaaaeat at latforanatlai*.
One feature of Washington's work st
the exposition will be the department of
information. The reading room provided
on the first floor above the main hall a ill
be fitted up with paper files, writing
tables, desks and other furniture, and
here it is expected that visitors from the
state of Washington can find their home
papers, receive their mail and write their
letters. Especial effort will be made to
make the visiting newspaper men feel at
home iv this department. From this of
fice will be sent st lesst once a week
news bulletins about Washington's share
in the World's fair to every paper io this
stste, and to one principal paper in each
state and territory, besides many special
illustrated articles to the most important
publications of tbe world. As the work
' ot this state at the exposition is in tbe
nature of a great advertisement, it is
' hoped to make the department of infor
mation serve to the best possible advan
tage in this line. There is being prepsred
a complete list of all the papers in this
state, and it is hoped to have every one
1 of them kept on file at Chicago during
' tbe entire six months ol tbe exposition.
Remember that Victor flour is the best
in tbe market. 44tl
(Copyright, 188-, by Americas Pre-* Associa
tion.! .as
Before I returned my guardian died,
so that when 1 landed there was not a
single person in the city whom 1 could
claim as a personal friend, and as it
happened there was none of the ac
qaiutances of my boyhood- whom I cared
to l«x>k up. My fortune had been invest
ed in United States bonds, and these >ad
been placed for safe keeping with ihe
old banking firm of Fotheringay &
Witherwax. My guardian had opened
an account there fur me when I came of
age, and the bankers had honored the
drafts 1 made on them from time to time.
On my arrival at home I had naturally
gone almost immediately to the bank.
On producing my papers I readily proved
my identity, and bad a very pleasant in
terview with the two partners in ths
house. I remember that they scrutinised
the papers very closely, as was proper
tod natural, and compared my signature
carefully writh several specimens of my
writinsr. which they had. Moreover, they
looked at me again and again, both ol
them, and I could see that they were
studying my appearance so aa to be posi
tive in their personal knowledge of me.
This pleased me greatly, for I had one
hundred thousand dollars in bonds in
their keeping and something like a
thousand dollars on deposit, and their
caution was really as much in my inter
est as in their own. My arn.-iMiun had
nursed my property carefully until it
reached the exact sum of one hundred
thousand and had put it in the safest in
vestment he knew, and I had lived up
to my income without touching the prin
"Are you thinking of embarking in
any bnsiness, Mr. Levinson?" asked old
Mr. Fotheringay as we sat in the old
fashioned business office the day 1 first
called at the bank.
"No," I answered, "I have made no
plans whatever for the future. 1 have
come to New York to see whothcr 1
shall prefer to live here, but I think it as
likely as not that 1 may go abroad again
There is nothing to keep me here ex
cepting an abstract feeling of patriot
ism, and, on tlie other hand, 1 have some
very pleasant associations in France and
Germany both."
"That is natural enough," said Mr.
Fotheringay, "and 1 only asked because
I hope yon will take no rash steps. Uf
course we do not wish to obtrude any
advice, bat we will be glad to aid you in
any way within our power in case you
desire to change the nature of your in
Unfortunately I was annoyed by what
seemed to me officiousness. 1 was young
enough to feel that 1 stood in no need of
advice, and 1 am naturally of a sus
picions temperament I answered as
coolly ss 1 knew how that 1 hod no pres
ent intention of making any change, but
that 1 could not undertake to say what
I might do at any time.
The good old man felt that I was try
ing to snub him, and with a dignity
which 1 would have given much to
equal he bowed and said: "Pray do not
think that 1 intend to be superservice
able. We are always glad to render any
legitimate aid that lies in our power to
our customers. "
I was still more annoyed, feeling that
1 had put myself in the wrong without
cause, but 1 was too diffident and too
young to set myself right, as 1 might
have done with a few manly words, and
after one or two commonplace remarks
The next day I was riding horseback
in the park and was thrown. So much
I remember. From subsequent inquiries
I have been able to learn something of
what happened to me during the follow
ing month, but strive us 1 may 1 am
never able to ret-all the slightest inci
dent that occurred in that month. In
deed it was not for a long time that 1
was able to believe that that particular
month had elapsed. It seemed to me
that the whole world was in a conspir
acy to deceive me, or that 1 was asleep
struggling with some horrible night
My coming to myself, after this wholly
Inexplicable hiatus in my life, was quite
as remarkable as my losing myself when
I was thrown from my horse. It was
accompanied by a fall. 1 was falling at
the instant 1 picked up the thread of ex
istence, and as 1 fell 1 was conscious of
crying ont loudly on account of an ex
cruciating pain in my head. The next
instant 1 realized that I had been struck
in the forehead by a heavy swinging
door in the lobby of the Castle hotel,
where 1 had engaged a room on arriving
in the city. The blow had knocked me
down and had given me a most tremen
dous headache, from which 1 did not re
cover for some days.
Try as hard as 1 may 1 can never tell
how I caino to be there, and what I
learned of the events of the month then
just past was so extraordinary that 1 de
termined to get written statements from
my different informants. I went further
than this, for 1 induced each one to make
affidavit to bis statement 1 realized
that I hod a most serious problem before
me, which it might take years to solve,
and 1 was determined to have proof as
complete as possible of the exact facts.
The statements are seven in number, and
I have read them over and over in the
wain effort to understand what 1 could
possibly have done with that hundred
thousand dollars 1 inclose them witb
this story of mine that you may under
stand exactly my position.
Guaranteed to cure Bilious attacks,
Sick Headache and Coastipatioa. 40 In
each bottlo. Price _sc. For sale by
Plctar* "7,17, 70" and sampl* do** fre*.
J. P. SMITH A CO., Pi-eprtetsrs, MW YOU.

Tske Tax H_j_t__- and keep potted.
Mrs. Sarah M. Black of Seneca,
Mo., during the past two years has
been affected with] Neuralgia of the
Head, Stomach and Womb, and
writes: "My food did not seem to
strengthen me at all and my appe
tite was very variable. My face
was yellow, my head dull, and I had
such pains in my left side. In the
morning when I got up I would
have a now of mucus in the mouth,
and a bad, bitter taste. Sometimes
my breath became short, and I had
such queer, tumbling, palpitating
sensations around the heart. I ached
all day under the shoulder blades,
in the left side, and down the back
of my limbs. It seemed to be worse
in the wet, cold weather of Winter
and Spring; and whenever the spells
came on, my feet and hands would
turn cold, and I could get no sleep
at all. I tried everywhere, and got
no relief before using August Flower
Then the change came. It has done
me a wonderful deal of good during
the time I have taken it and is work
ing a complete cure." ®
G. G. GREEN. Sole Man'fr. Woodbury, N.J.
Eswcett Bros, sre headquarters for all
kinds of farm, field and garden seeds.
They have just issued a handsome 100
page catalogue. They have the largest
snd best stock of seeds ever brought to
this county. Their seeds are all northern
grown und do better than seeds grown in
a southern or eastern Istitude. Call or
write for catalogue. 4tf
Whan Baby was sick, we *-bt* h*r Castor is.
When she was a Child, the cried for Can tori*.
When (ha became Mi**, she clung to Caatoria.
Wben she bad C-lldmi, *he gar* lima (Daatorla.
We are prepared to furnish hop roots
in large or small quantities and at reason- ,
able prices. Call and see us.
Spinning A Co.,
9-tf Yakima Aye.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego,
Cii!., says: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
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cents. Sold by W. H. Chapman, drug
gist. 3-ly
Choice Seed Grain—Wheat, Oats, Bar
ley and Corn for sale at the North Yakima
Roller Mills. lit.
Karl's Clover Root, the new blood puri
fier, gives freshness and clearness to the
complexion and cures constipation. 25c,
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Toal.l Digest i«-ntiiUof.ii'' Siit.i'Mlil.ilk-Ui
■Daec'ltiim. -;ot. „«!■ i.t.ia•■.
Curran grocery, Yakima avenue, is the
place to trade. KM
Cure fur Oolila, Fever* nnd General De
bility, Small llilu Ik una. 25c. per bottle.
Curran is headquarters for everything
in the grocery line. 52tf
Prevent and cure Constipation aud Sick-
Hi-udatiii-. Small lulu I). am.
Cnrren'a "Green Front" grocery store
is the idace^to buy your supplies. 52tf
OuaiTiiii.s-tl to cur** llMinu. Attacks aud
CoQ*iiput]oii,Maaad i...tit.v;.>.
Chit-ken wheat, fsed oats, chop barley,
bran and shorts can be had at tbe North
Yakima roller mills. 44tf
They inci-ense appetite, purify Ihe whole
87.t1-ii!mittuclout;.«-!,vir. !...< ili-.iiis.Simx™.
For sale on the installment plan one of
the best residence properties in the city.
Enquire of G. M. McKinney, Syndicate
block. ltf
Put up I ii neii I wntt h-shaped Imtt le*,si ig-ar
Coaled, Miulil it..'.: lie.ots. liv. |kit boll',:.
Shiloh's Vilalizer is what you need for
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SPOT! NoticetqjConsnmers.
«—""■"■■w™ After the litb of Dccembe.
| Roslyn Coal
OAO Li i Wll> * •" delivered for (6.60
IjU^fn per ton, SroT Cash!
H ere.lter not a ton of Coal
I nor a cor«t of Wood wilt b*
unloaded unlets the money
Is paid on delivery. Tber*
will be uo deviation from
I thi* rule.
$6.50 j°hn REED
In tb*-Uipurlor Court of Yakima County, Stat*
of Washington.
David FSrActniHO. 1
v. } Ko *77.
|1,-[.-Ui|*llt j
«• iou brought lv Ihe superior court of Yaklm*
an:., atate of Wu.tiiii.---n. *t North Y*klm*
■ I ctnni'laiut filed lv the office of the clerk
-aid court on th* 7th d*y of March, lvia
.« -'ate of Wasbaiirtun to th* above named
taut: Yoitare tit-relit, notilled Iliat liavl.l P.
, .ciMi;..: plainrlfl, has tiled a complaint against
-on lv the.nperior court ot Vakltna count., atat*
< I W*»hiuirUm. at North Yakima, which will
. ime on to be heard -rtsty day* after the first
■ .til.cstlou of thla aummous, tv sil Slaty
day a alter tbe 9th day of Misli, IBU.I, and an
| '^ss you appear aud answer the same on or be
lure the nth day of May. IS'.ia. tbe *am* will
J I. taken aa rnalratrd *ud tb* prayer of said
, cm plaint k ranted
I b* obiect *od prayer of aald comnlaint Is that
llhctsiudaof in.trim, ny esf.tioK tietweeu the
I pl*iatlrT *nd defeud*ni be diutihctl
Wltuessmy h*ud and the a*al of .aid
si «i Superior Court, affixed thi* Tib day of
-larch. A I)., I sua.
Count, clerk and clerk of the sui«erior Court.
By II H Vourbea, Hcpaty.
1 Maeklaaon A il*r*u. *ttv. for illf lis
G* /¥. Bailey's ....
Music Store
Corner of Second and Chestnut Streets
with the largest and best stock of
Ever brought to Central Washington;
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j iii) j ~~
I ill
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j pau/eett Bros. |
Fan Macliw Hi Vehicles. I •
* —
I Sole agents for the «-elebrated Morri
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for us are rewarded. Why not write to day for
lull particulars, free t 1 C ALLEN A CO.,
Uox No ■_-:_». Augu.Ua. Me.
la tbe Hue to take
To all Points East and Sooth.
It la th*Di>«i.io cab boutk. It run* through
Til* YB.B to
(No Change of Cars.)
Campos*, af Diniug Cars Insurpasscd,
Pullman Drawing.Ro.ln SliTprm
(ol latest Equipment).
Best th»t r»n be constructed antl In which
accommodations »re both rßie »ml ri-B
nishfd for holders ol Klrat or Secoud-clas.
A continuous line connecting
with ALL LINES, affording DI
RECT and uninter
rupted service.
Pullman Nleeprr rrarrs ntloua can be
secured In advance through aa;
Agent ot Hie road.
rJ7liroiiK-ls "Tiolcets
To and from all points In America, England
aud Europe can In purchased at any
Ticket Office of IhU t'oinpany.
East Bound. I West Bound.
Atl*utlcExp..7.4.. .. m. J Fatlflc Exp.. 2.40 *. in.
Atl.uticM.illll2ii.il- I raclflc Mail. 2.30 p. m
>all lntormatlon concerning r»tes, tlm* ol
tr*lns, routes *nd ol ber detail, furnished on *p
plication to any ageut, or
A, D. Ciiarletox,
A*at. General Passenger, Agent, No 121 Klrtl
street, cor.Washington. I'ortlaiid, Oregou.
H. C. Ilrai-iiBKY. Agent. Worth Yakima.
rA/i\ i 3'NoT ateata therisht
1"» ro^&i/* (MAtC-u.-Tr.iLl rou Ml about
bicycles or EVERY r*+.3cr?:;JTlCN.
I jjgjggg BuitDlsiS -PoaTij-VNnOßcaoiM.
SIXTY Grail* Huliteln KresUn cows. lieep
milkers. Heaaunable prlr*. If you want *
good cow now ta your chance
H. B. rMTIiIiKR.
ISM. *_,, 1€ _.

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