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UMtr ! BasUMMManaor.
rM.HK gICMtW. Solicitor and Colltrtor
OfeiaJ fm tf ftft Yiaiia.
Th* evidSßt effort of selfish politicians
to make tb* ailvsr question a partisan
l**tt* at deptorsM* In tha extreme. No
loyal American citizen will long be de
ceived by *weh a cry. Tb* very positive
(HffMeucsa in the great parties over the
adjustment of Irregularities and uncer
tantles In oar present financial system
clearly show tost tbe question is political;
it could not be other than so, touching as
it does Uie very foundation of tbe great
institution of our government; but these
salf-ssm* differences In party councils
•how quit* as clearly that the Issue pos
sesses not ceo partisan element-
It is, therefore, extremest folly to
charge western Democrats who refuse to
endorse tb* gbldite theory of tbe east
with being savagely at variance with tbe
leadership of their party, at war witb
President Cleveland on party manage
ment or with forcing a sectional contro
versy with a view of creating a serious and
hurtful nictation in tbe party. It would
be arrast madness to concede that politi
cal leaders are infallible, or shut the
statesman who safely led his party to
victory ia one emergency could repeat his
success In an emergency of a widely
different nature. Should the masses of
tbe country j ield without question to the
leadership of one man or one set of men
at all tHneSisuch un-American, un-Dem
ocratic, un-Republican concession would
qniekly destroy the glory of our renown
as a successful republic. Indeed, we must
regard tn« contempt in which individual
dictatorslip ia held In this country as one
oi tbe u»*st reassuring evidences of the
adepeadtmce of tbe American sovereign.
"****IJII silver doctrine endorsed by the
t majority of the Democrats of this
» cannot be reconciled witb tbe theory
anced by tbe administration ; but this
agreement with executive leadership
-u»kes them cone the less Democrats,
aor does ft affect tbe Democracy of Presi
-1 dent Cleveland and hia cabinet. There
is, in fact, no disagreement as to the re
sults desirfcd, in the main, for improve
ment of our faulty financial policy, loft
os as a legacy of the corrupt reign of the
Republican party, ia, we believe, the
earnest aim of the presept consideration
of financial policies, doctrines and'
Graver Cleveland's theory may be the
correct one, but the country, irrespective
ot party, has not yet been convinced thnt
it is. The ailverites may be more nearly
right, imperfect aa their doctrine is paid
to be, but iber are opposed by a powerful
array of able disputants.
There is ani pie ground for the suspicion
that tbe goldite theory is promulgated
chiefly in the interests of Wall street
whose gambling plutocrats are goaded to
desperation in the fight by the threat oi
withdraw! of favor by the soulless man
agers of the Lombard street infamy. Tbe
character of tbe .forces in this struggle
haa, therefore, gone far toward indicating
to the patriotic American, independent of
. party affiliations, what his duty ia In the
premise. And if he be found in uncon
cealed inharmony oo this question with
the administration he helped to elect, he
*ill also be found a loyal patriot laboring
/ for the promotion of common interests of
tbe masses of this country and uncom
promisingly opposed to Wall street and
its London confrere. .
Van Alen baa been couflrmwl Now. it he has
any Sana* of dscercr. he will reatgu.—Tacuma
' WhyT Is it a crime to contribute
money lor legitimate campaign purposes?
Ia he charged with encouraging election
frauds in helping to psy the expense
necessary in disseminating the reli
gion of Democracy? Boppose he did
have ambition for office, is it a
crime to make his aapiration pub
lic? Have we any proof tbat he lacks
qualification for the office to which he
ha» been appointed ? If not, then wby
should he resign ? Van Alen has plenty
of money and he used it generously to
hire orators and print literature on behalf
of his party. Tax Hkraijd bates tbe
doctrine that a man is qualified for public
office only in proportion to bia wealth, but
on til Van Alen is convicted of ignorance,
personal onfitness for office or the use of
his riches to obtain fraudulent possession
Of a public trust, we are unable to see
■why Be should resign. The outcry against
him is Republican buncombe anyway
and no good Democratic newspaper whose
editor understands the case will help to
agitate th* political atmosphere with such
clatter. If tb* man who contributes to
honest campaign funds thereby disquali
fies hhjsaelf for public honor, there are
***y tit* men of consequence in this great
conntre who are eligible to office. First
prova/yoor ease against the man and
th*W if guilty, compel him to withdraw.
Secretary Whitney is excellent author
i. in the Van Alen case and his denial
■>i tbe charge that tbe latter bought hi*
office is worthy of belief.
AU residents of Washington who were
feeling a little blue and took an eastern
trip to cure their blues have returned to
tbe banner state of the Union better aatia
fied than ever to make this their home.
• . •
A Haytian soldier shot and killed an
American citizen at Port au Prince tbe
other day, and, although be was imme
diately' tried, convi :ted and ordered abot,
it is believed the Haytian repabli ; may
be compelled to pay any reasonable in
demnity tbe widow of the murdered man
may demand.
" • •
Tbe Citizens' League recently organized
in Spokane is doing excellent in weaving
a woof about the heads of tbe
boodlersof that city. Its members are
firm and determined: They propose to
obtain and present proof that political
rings are today the most serious menace
to public prosperity, as exemplified in
that community, and then proceed to
punish the gJuilty claquers. Tbe public is
w iih fbea> in sentiment and seven-tenths
of tha community are behind the move
ment, here are other communities in
In «Hoh tWIM work Is needed.
Tbe country-la pestered with an nn
usaai nntsber of Innatica. The telegraphic
reports tell m thai a great many of thavn
want to assassinate the president. No
other president haa ever been so closely
guarded from dangerous crank* aa is Mr.
Cleveland now. The precautions taken
for his protection are unprecedented.
There seems to be an epidemic of lunacy
at present, and demented persona gener
ally make the White house their mecca.
An average of two of them each day have
called to sea the chief magiatraU daring
the last month. Most of them are harm
leas, but a few are disposed to be violent.
Ordinarily It ia very difficult for a crunk
to approach the president. Juat now it
ia practically impossible. Each visitor at
the White house moat undergo a rigid
scrutiny before being admitted. Then
there stands at the preaident'a chair a
Cerberus in the person of a trusted em
ploye named Loeffler, hia orders being
tbat only members of tha cabinet shall
be admitted, there ia no cbance to get by
him. But the portaj ia further protected
Ijv an attendant placed there within the
last few days for the express purpose of
looking out for cranks. He carries a gun
which he would not heaitate to use if
there was occasion. But lor the treat
ment of lunatica of all sorts at the White
house the inaeiltr in modo is preferred to
the fwtiler in re, and Mr. Thurber smooths
their ruffled feelings and gets rid of them
in nearly every instance without the
slightest disturbance.
Tbe Denver News publisbea a sensa
tional story to the effect that Dr. T.
Thatcher Graven, tbe famoua poisoner,
who was supposed to have committed
suicide in jail, ia not dead. It is main
tained a pine log accupied the coffin in
stead of his body. The story is given on
tbe Authority of Charles N. Chandler, a
wealthy citizen of Thomas Centre. Conn.,
Graves' old home, where he is supposed
to be buried. Chandler and a fellow
townsman, Stephen Morse, are now in
Denver. They declare 1 h-t the coffin was
opened at the grave against the protests
of tbe widow and found to contain a pine
log, and tbat the supposed dead doctor is
now enjoying freedom in a foreign coun
try. A rumor has been current some
time that the body curried fr>m the
eonntv jail was really wax, and tbat tbt
parties to tba deception were some high
officials and a secret organisation. Thia
rumor la strengthened by the refusal to
allow the remains to bo viewed except by
the moat iutiniate friends, and by the
further fact that the widow refused to
allow the remains to be enbslmed.
• • *
A brief description of the terrible seen*
at the Battle Creek railroad wreck on the
30th mat , in which twenty six persona
were instantly killed and twenty-seven
more so horribly burned and mangled
that de ih may ensue, in given in the fol
lowing piratfrnph : "Were you to build*
a raging fire, and above it a erid iron, and
on that place fifty human beings you
could get some idea of the scenes which
were enacted, oh, it was frightful and
tbe memory of it can never be erased
from my mind. One pdbr woman was
pinioned in the wreck to her waist. In a
frantic endeavor to extricate her a man
palled off one of her hands. It was the
most terrible sight I ever saw. All about
us were men, women and children held
fast in burning embers, slowly rossting
before the eyes of would-be saviors. I aaw
one poor child with a rod pierced clear
through hia body. He screamed in his
torture. He was dragged from the w reck.
Other sights equally painful were to be
seen in every direction. Tbe horror of it
all was beyond description. No mere
worda con do it justice."
• • •
Secretary Carlisle, in reply to Senator
Stewart'* resolution asking for informa
tion on the state of the treasury, says:
"The actual expenditures for the first
quarter of the present fiscal year amount
to $98,458,127, and if continued at the
same ratio for tiie balance of the year
would be about $'.'0,830,508 in excess of
tbe estimates for the year, and would also
show an excess of expenditures over the
supposed actual receipts for the year esti
mated, of $76,318,833. • • • A simple
calculation will ahow that with tba email
working balance in tbe treasury, and
which has been decreasing in varied
ratioafor several years, if there be no im
portant internal receipt of revenuea for
the remaining three-fourths of tbe present
fiscal year and no legislative reduction of
the expenditures, there may be contem
plated a deficit at the and of the year of
$50,000,000 in the revenues and $80,000,
--000 w»h reference to the estimates."
• . •
The people of the great breadth of
country directly interested in the success
of tbe Northern Pacific Railroad com
pany will rejoice at tbe news tbat Villard
has been incontinently kicked out of the
controlling councils of that corporation.
Tbe chief interests of tbe road have been
subordinated to the Villard spirit of plun
der so long and so continuously tbat the
chief purpose* for which the company waa
organized have been only scantily realized,
while the millions made by the operation
of the line and the use of its grant have
gone down deep iuto the private coffers of
Villard and bia henchmen who were
never actuated by a generous impulse in
the work of their management. Tba
Ives spirit will now predominate and the
company will certainly be reorganized
purely on • boainesa foundation. Tha
result Will be greatly advantageous to tbe
hundred* of thousands of people through
whose country it traverses.
• • •
A fire occurred at Spokane on Tueaday
evening last from a gas explosion in the
business center of tbe town. Mrs. Will
iam' Beam was in the store adjoining the
room in which the exploaion occurred.
Tbe debris caught bar and she wsa burned
to death in view of those who were trying
to save her. The scene was on* of tragic
horror. People were frantic witb excite
ment. Screams of help came from tbe
mad flames. Lives were bravely hazarded
to save tboae in peril; but Mrs. Beam
could not be rescued. When she saw
that she must perish in the fire she gave
farewell messages to her husband and
• • *
Jorgen Anderson has been acquitted at
Chehalia of the murder of Theodore
Hardy. Twelve Ltwi* county ranchers
have decided tbat they believe in tbe
sanctity of their homes and that the fam
ily tie U tbe most sacred and must for
ever remain inviolate. The crime for
which Anderson waa tried waa tbt shoot
ing of Theodore Hardy with a rifle, kill
ng him isstaatly. To* listed/ oouoimd
on the afteraoon of Jnly 6 Is**, oo Min
eral creek in the northeast part of Lswia
county. Hardy had repeatedly insulted
Anderson's wife, who tv • prepossessing
little woman. Thia led to a qaarrel be
tween Anderson and Hard? in which (ha
former ahot tba latter with a Winchester,
killing him instantly
* • •
Tha October number of the (.'oamopol
itan is an especially attractive number of
tbat very excellent publication,. Tbe list
of contributors to that iaaoe comprise* an
unusual numb*! of leading writers and
their efforts are happily successful oo a
variety of intereating topics. Price par
copy, I2J, cents.
♦ • •
The war against the Itorde of gamblers
of Col fax la farioosly on. The green vel
vet devoteea who were indicted have eon
feeaed. The caiea grew oat of the dis
honorable and deßant methoda employed
by the gamblera and saloon men to ran
the politica of the town and the county in
the interest of the lawless element in
business and the outcast class in society.
• . •
Tbe silver men have practically given
up the fight in the senate. They an on
the ground and It moat be conceded that
their action la taken in tbe true light of
the situation. Whether or not the triumph
of th*> golditea will bring upon the coun
try the dessster predicted we can't ace
from hero; bat tbe country ehould have
patience until early developments prove
tbe truth or falsity of grave charges made.
• • •
If P. B. Johnson is guilty of tba offense
with which he it) charged by the governor
and for which he waa removed, tbe fact
that the other commissionera are alao
guilty does not lessen Mr. Johnsons
crime one iota, nor is he entitled to a
motticom of commisseration on that ac
count. But if Mr. Johnson's statement
concerning his fellow commissioner* be
true the governor will fail to do bia duty
if he refuse to depose them also.
# t #
. Attorney General Jones says that Gov
ernor McGraw has given ample assurance
that he will convene the legislature In
extraordinary seasion this year—which
means sometime during the next two
months. We don't believe it. The re
port that tba farmers cast of tbe moun
tains want it ia nut true. The Spokane
Review misrepresents the general senti
ment on this aide of the range when it
says so. And we believe it knowa it.
Knowing it, it is, therefor*, false to the
common interests of its clientelage. There
is no excuse for it at this time, bat there
is good reason wby it should not be*
called. It ia purely a partisan movement,
tbe expense ot which will have to be paid
by an already unnecessarily burdened
class of taxpayers. Who wants it, any
way, and what ia it wanted for?
r-ome ou« who has already perfected his
pluns to get rich out of the mid-winter
fair at San Francisco has sent us printed
pictures of scenes which will probably be
arranged for tbe delectation of visitors;
and he offers to sell them to us at a*
much a cut, so we can use them by way
of advertising his business. The chief
element in this fellow's proposition ia hla
gall; but, to convince him that we're all
right, we hereby agree to run his cuts for
60 cents an ■ insertion per single-column
inch, he to furnish the cuts free to us. If
this is not acceptable, then he and we
can't do business. We are perfectly
willing to advertise California's grand re
sources in a reasonably legitimate way,
and invite a comparison with those of
tb a magnificent state, but wo respectfully
decline to join the fakirs in their unholy
quest for wealth.
* Directory far Tlieu Wai* Itralre
la Attend 111 llgloua Scr» Irr.
Preaching Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. .Sunday school at 10: 30 a.m.
Y.P.fc.C.K. «t 6: 30 p.m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening at 7: 30. Seats free.
All are invited.
M. L. Rose, Minister.
Residence, Second St. between C and l>.
Sunday services: Sunday school, 10
o'clock a.m. Sermon, 11 a.m. (.'lass
meeting, 12:80 p.m. Junior League, 3:30
p.m. Senior League, 6:30 p.m. Evening
sermon, 731 p.m. Prayer services,
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 p.m. A oor
dial invitation ia extended to all of tbeae
Roar. Warner. Pastor.
Sunday school at 10:30 a.m. Preach
ing by the pastor at 11:30 a.m. B.Y.P.U.
prayer meeting at 6:30. Preaching by
tbe paslor at 7:30 p.m. On Wednesday
of each week at 2:30 p.m., Lrdies Mission
Circle. On Thursday at 7:30 p.m., church
prayer meeting. On FriJay at 3:30 p.m.
children's meeting. Oo Monday, Tues
day, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
nights, Chinese Mission school from 8 till
9 o'clock.
Every one cordially invited to attend
all services.
All the members of the Baptist church
are requested to be present at the church
prayer meeting, Thursday, November the
2d, to answer personally to tbe church
roll-call. If impossible to cone, notify
the secretary, A. F. Snelliog, by mail.
Rev. Gko. Abmob Faib, Paator.
Communion mass at 7.30 a. in. Paro
chial mass at 10 a. m. Sunday school at
3 p.m. Benediction service at 330 p. m.
Daily uiass at 7.30 p. m.
A. M. Fou hi, Paator.
Sunday school, 10:30 a.m. Sermon at
11:30 a.ra. and 7:30 p.m. Prayer meet
every Thursday evening at 6:30.
Y. P. C K. Society meeting at 6:30
Sunday evening. A cordial invitation ia
extended to all to attend these meetings.
Monbob Dbkw, Preacher.
There ia more catarrh in thia section of
the country than all other diseaaea put
together, and until the last few yean waa
supposed to be incurable. For a great
many years doctors pronounced it a local
disease, and prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure with lo
cal treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science haa proven catarrh to be a consti
tutional diaease and therefore require* con
stitutional treatment. Hall'sCatarrhCure,
manufactured by K. J. Cheney 4 Co.,
Toledo, Ohio, ia tba only conatitntional
cure on the market. It ia taken internal
ly, in doses from 10 dropa to a teaspoon
fnl. It acta directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and tse
timonials. Address F. J. Cheney A Co.,
Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 7« cents.
Frei rtuiaftM
Ha* juat received another car load of cel
ebrated Wauktgan barbed wire. Light
est, sajanyst and cnaaoMt mads. tV-iM
. . . WE. . .
Will Hi a Bii Sale His Week
Will Sue I»i i Clem R
aocoi.aad l*Jl|
ll.OOper BotUe.^^wm*M t^
Ooe noot t do**.
Tan Omi Ootoh Cmv promptly oun*
Ooocba, ENnnmiSorafkrotf, Croup;
and nitons wfeoopfcurOoach and Asthma,
Fur OosxuapUoa It liv do riv»l: bat cured
thoaaaadswacn all otfcan filled; will cnaa
toe If Wisa la time. Bold br DrugßUUon*
imnrtw. For lmm« D«ck or Ctat, urn
inh^iii iiIPH EME DV.
H«TeyouC»UiTh? Thta rmoedy I* vu»rmo
teed to cure you. PrtocHOcU. Injictorfree.
Sold by W. H. Chtpnum, DnugllL «ly
And boy a better bargains at tbt
Fumisniag goose.
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gents' and children's underwear,
hosiery, and complete line of
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Syndicate Building*. Corner
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North Yakima, • - - . - Washington.
jos o. xVaks. <ko. a. sum.
ehwith wnni s mo to.
* •
Centrifugal Pumps,
Bucket Elevators,
Hydraulic Rams.
W« whoa* MmM an aU«cb*d betow, j
h«T int cmrtTally *i»mined the plant of j
ET»o»-Smith Irrigatioa A Land Co.'f
Sobmwgad Water Pover and Elevator
• aoployed aa a meam oi inigmtioa and .
for funtiaaing waUr »opply for other
aoea, for which parpoae* we have •can it
jin operation,we anbeaitatlngly pronooDc* |
jita pariict toecMa. The ratnlts oi iuj
Signed h
j M. F. WARD, Merchant.
KREI) PARKER, Attorney.
FRED R. REED, Mmm P. F. I. Co.
. L. 8. HO W LETT, Re«iat*r U fl UadOflt*
O. 8. RANKIN, Merchant.
j IRA P. KiOLEHAKT, Attorary.
A. B. *'KED, RMi lM«t« ud U^

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