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The Yakima Herald.
I * * ST. CLAIR + * 1
21 We invite your attention to the finest line of Steel Ranges and Cook Stoves ever shown L
■l in this city, combining all the latest improvements, carefully made of the finest f
material, and every range or stove guaranteed to please. £
I Modem SS§f Fire Bricks I
Baton i^mr Wmmrt I
pi*. JM^§ Filfite
Can you afford to buy a range from people who have no interest in you, your county or F^
city, and pay a much higher price for no better goods, if as good ? p^
m Satisfy yourselves by looking over our line before you ft
iA buy, is all we ask. mL
nni_ * • _ X* "T" 7" Sewing machines will 'be sold
I fllCt Id TrYP V r\l"l during the next 90 days, with
-1- 1110 J.KJ ±\JJL .1. \J Li instructions given on all
attachments from $19 up^*^*
Wheeler & Wilson a. *. baoei White, Eldrage B,
NeciiS° n ? e F. nB rt iITSL Paoiflo a«ee»
uiimax, Expert, and others.
Populist Centra! Committee Get Together and
Adopt Important Resolutions. .
The populist county central committee
met last Satnrday pursuant to the call of
the secretary and I*. Uildea was chosen
Chairman pro tern. Discussion was bad
at some length on matters of importance
to the party. The concensus ot opinion
being that the party ought to get to
work and again lead in the reform move-
SJ Facts Count- I
U not Wind. |
% TllfilfPr LIVERY I
J% fir n -!>■ - lln— iiuii'i.i niMii 9(
*# ittitloii". cciurtfiiu" troKtniont \
and v]) to-dstu turunutH that •
f^ It has ahvajra bceu noted for. S*
*^ The t !•■«* kuow u« beDce \
Cj patronize u« •
Best Riu-s, (iirriacfs and Wagonettes \
J^ in tlir City. *
Jt Trn< kiui; ami lirayini; a 5
a* spfclalty. ,
JJ H. L. TUCKER, Propr. *
J^ Telephone if you ueed us or J
call at Ute barn ou Fy»ui >t. ff
nient. The members of the committee
are urged to arouse interest in their re
pective precints by such means as may
to them seem best. The following reso
lution .was I'HSHHit,
Whereas, The time is drawing near,!
when the people will again be called up
on tv give their verdict at the polls on
the grave questions of the day; and that
the aggression of the money power, the
growth of the the trusts and the oppres
sion of the organized labor by the corpor
ations, backed by the military, demand
the earnest attention of all lovers of good
law and real liberty; Therefore it is
Resolved, That we urge every populist
to eird on the armor for tha contest in
I'.HK), take up the work where it was left I
off in 1894, perfect the precinct organiza
tione ami use every honorable means to
HTnr» the election of such men as will i
work for the establishing of the Initiative '■
' and Referendum, needed reform in the '
monetary system, and government con
trul of such monopolies and lines of i
transportation and communication as
the best interests of the whole people de
Committee ajourned to meet Saturday,
I September TO, at 1 p. m.
Mr. Gill (iarrow, a practical clothing
■nan fmin Spokane, ha* accepted a po
, aMion with I. H. Dills & Co.
Knrs! Furs! A lar/e assortment of
: the newest and latest styles in Fur Capes
! and Scarfs at J. J. MacilonaM'-. They
| comprise Stone Marten. Mink, Stone
Marten Opposum, Black Opossum,
I Skunk, Electric Seal, MutHon and Black |
i Marten. Trices from $:.' 50 to fL'S.OO.
Oolf caps for i?irls, Imndmome, neat
an<) serviceable, at Mm. Gary's. :)4
Watch Glaude Brigs' rauau: store and
Bee the new pianos and orgHns that are
coming in daily. .'{4
Those golf Imiß, in felt with large
quills, that are displayed at Mrs. Gary's
are the very lateet creations in the line of
hats. They are made in a number of
plain colors. 34
'TalKlng AVboUt
said D. R. Barton the other
day, "reminds me that I have
in a handsome line, and you
may tell the people that they
are being sold H low that they
cannot atfonl to buy of travel
ing vendors. I also have a
nice line of Cwkiw) StOMt and
I believe in prices I can dis
count any dealer in town. You
know my old motto—'S|>ot
cash beat* all other competi
tion,' explains lidw I can do
thi<s. It's the HUM in ull oth
er lines of Hardware.
Mr. Barton's address is
South Second St-
N. B. To avoid carrying over
Scythes and Snaths, they can be
had ai nearly wholesale prices.
Report of the Seventeenth Annual Session
Internstlni Details.
The seventeenth anrn.al session of the
Vakima county teachers' institute con- i
i vened at the hiiMi school building nn '
MnllilllV at '.' 11. 11l . Wllh HU H'.tf>ll(tailCt'
heretofore uuequaled—there Iv .n.; sixty i
• '• In r !•:• -i i,t
Tiie inn .'htm hi tlif county are deeply
Indebted to County Buperlntetideot
I'linnli for securing such instructors to:
ImiJ the work n« State Supt. Frank.l.
Browse; I>r. F. P. Craves, ol theUni-i
veraity til Waeblngton; Ires. li. A. j
Bryan, of the Agricultural Collage; Prof.
;K M. Wilson, if Kllensburu Normal;
I'rol. J. A. Wakefleld, of fcienttln; l'rr ( f. '
<i 11. Walt, of I'lillinan, tii'i others of
I professional eminence.
Supt. Itrownc ot'Mpitd two periods in
the morning Ami aticrnoou *-<■--; •<,- liy
talking on psycbology ( a snliject of mlin-
Ite scope end oat which l'rof. Browne,
liter enlitting in hit) novel »ny the most
mli nl attention of tin' wandering mind,
t treated in a comprehensive at.<i admirable
faahlon, leaving untouched no essential
point in the DOOfM ol his tddrVM,
I>r. (iravts, in tin- M -idav morning
MMion, Hpokf on the dignltt of the pro
feamion ol teaching ami endeavored to in-
I spire the teachers with a love for the
Work ami an interest in the elevation of
the educational system. In the after
iiuon the dootof apokaon tt v most im
portant current eventa of wof klly Interest
louchiriK ?xteiisivelv on the run of Hel-'
liaoi, The speaker banan with the early
' history of lielKiuni ami ita people, trac
-1 ink; them Dp briefly to the present time,
outlining the tvstem of governmeol and
■ iiiilraMmc their lonstilnunn with iinrs.
All lliih wan tlone in a very interi'stintf
mill luciil Style. It is greatly regretted
that the doctor could not remain during I
' the entire neHßion.
l'rof. Waketieid lectured hoth in the i
; morning and afternoon eepsionH his firer j
tuike being on ths Htetory of Education.
' He itiM- i"«i it the Biihj'ict v<'ry exhaux
, lively, l>Pi;inninK with the rocking cradle
iof education alo.it; the hanks of ttie Nile,
j eearchlog earnently for the lost and hid-:
i den arts, thence down from ancient times ;
to the dark bkbh, on which he threw a
i uleamiiiK searchlight. He extolled,
Shakespeare and hi« contemporaries;
eroaeed the Atlautic and lii'niiionii; with
education in the lok cabin in New
Knj;lHntl ami ending cracpfnlly in the 1
ODiveraitiei ami schools of Inuuer learn
I ing. In his other subject, "Fractions," {
;he iiroiiseil great interest, expounding
I'lear and simple methotin for explaining
\ "vulnar 1' fractions, ami urged the
I shorter methods DIM in lightning calcii
{ latuig. I'mi r Wakcfield was for-
I merl> Inetmctor in mathematics in the
Wilson liuamusH College.
I'rof. DiXOO, of liuckloy, selected for!
hi* theme, "(ieonraphy." lie explained
the causes for the great neglect of that
■object In our schools of to-day ; then ho ;
| proceeded to show by what incaUß it can
Ibe mtide Interacting and a profitable
-tndy. Undoubtedly tlie teachers of the 1
county have tlerived great benefit from
j l'rof. Dixon'n unexpected visit to their
l'rof, Watt Bpends tlie time in enlight-
I eniug the teachers on the commonly
j dreaded subject "School Law." The
profcHSur by his ciireful outline makes
th.) subject Rhort ami easily to cotnpre
i bend —hliowiuk that tbu principal dith
• cultyisin the lack of .study. I'rofesnor
| Watt also gave some interesting talks on
: "Spelling" on which he laid grea' stress.
•I This is the m»sl sadly neglected of the
! neglected stutlies, and the instructor
advanced excellent theories for creating
an interest in the subject am! properly
■ teaching it. Prof. Plumb, by gentle
admonitions, talked daily on the work of
the county teacher, and criticise din a!
i'general way the points brought to his
i mind during bin visitation of the schools.
On Wednesday evening the superintend
ent of public instruction lectured on "The
Stratford Schoolmaster." No audience
in Yakirua ever sat for nn hour and list
ened with deeper interest or closer atten
tion to any discourse than was manifested
during thi* eulogy on the Bard of .won
He proved to all that Shakespeare was a i
| schoolmaster and all one needs to do to
j prove the fact is to study his works care
fully. Superintendent Browne is one of
the most profound Bbakeeperian scholars
of the day and fs the author of many
'•xi • llent articles on tbe subject, hoth in
' the magazines of thi« country and Kng
| land l'rofessor (i. 11. Kouuh rendered
I an excellent recitation previous to the
1 delivering of the lecture. Protean
i Housb is a rare entertaiuer.
The teachero have rimrnfpHtpd a greater
intert-Bt in thitt institute than any ever
held in the county. They will leave feel
ing prouder thiin ever ol their profession
hi .1 determined to do better work. Wp
are juetiried in this statement by the fact
' tnat the teachers nresubßerihinij liberally
lor the etiiimluinul journals and profes
sional liookn whicli nre tipinii loll] by
Prof«MOf J A. TiaiiitT and fAtft*.
The (ollowinu I—cheri kic i-i.rolled
' Avaui-iu Omm. Asata X Olbaoa, Tlllta
Llolnnr, M«mt.- Knappwitmif, Kate Katcbam,
Anna Juiiiixt. Msry S'niini;, Kiliin C >(nlni>
I«mIk I Y<iii.-. t. A. Traiuer, Annie I Bullix-k,
X H. Doßflaaa, H. E. >!■ HrMe. J. f HdDtoah,
A. W. BcbwarUe, Sin. 1., K. Watxni, ( arrie
l.lvesly. l.t.uis K. Hrimk^. (irate libvlh. Jnhn
Demptey, Uraca Hbannoo, Mile M I'Krkrr, Kila
lli-ik.'unii, Annie Porter, Alne |iru«e. Neilm
RoKera, Eva 1.. Matteraon. Kuhy Vertncr Mrrtle
Pack, Frmik Button. Jennie Bberwood, ReuUcu
BrbwarUa, John Klnfiburr, Maj Crcwno, lioil*
Wiley, Ca>.«aii(lr(. h«.Klf«,Ollle V. (.rot.uo. »!»«»■
Perry. Mary A. !imiklh»«. AliwrtliiH Ko<linau
rhai. N Mabl.deorießUpbeuioQ, ci. H. Roiuh
CUBotd Pcrty, Mm. aiadyi l.«ir.J, Ji-unle Man.-
NO. :u
Choice Fruits, Fresh
Peanuts and Popcorn
Ice Cream and drinks.
■on. r .1 11. riTi.i.^.i. ■ \ BaHoekJ 1* llntniM,
'J. P. EUrbmon I. r. II Plumb. Won. D. Im«h11«,
. rarrle v<ninv. Sea vvmt, John K. Dlrkton, J.
A. Wakafleld, Prank J. Browne.
The CoDimercial Club ba» appointed a
OOBIIDittM ol dtismi to nuke arrrtiik. 1' 1-
BB(Btl fur enti'rlainiiie and curing fnr
the vliitofl to the Km:. TLn commtMiOD
is aHHiircil an nntMOalty l«t({e iilU'inUnrr,
ami the wirk ol th« club in Inking up
tins nwtler ih oommendabto and charac-
I tsrlltlo Of Ihil ii'OHt excellent or^rtniza
tion of bMiMM men. Thll enmmttti Ii"
COmpOMd uf UMsnii Hoa^b, liri«>;» and
Tba oonmlsloa tt well plMied with
the line entry list ol bOfW fur linrness
' racec. All but one race has mure than
rilled, therp l»'ini{ an uvermre <>t over
seven eiitripn for each raeo. Tliih is the
best list ever nuide at the Yakutia trick,
and iH an lodicatioo ol thi ■tteoduKM
that iimv be expected. Kntrii'N are in
from Wuhlngton, Oragon, OalltornU
and i'ritixh ('<>liiiiilila.
W. L. Conolly, Superintendent ol the
1 piivtliiuti, ii'M recovered from his recent
; lllneM, ami i J nmkinu preparations for
dMoratlßf Hip Urge pavilion with hops,
Hip (treat prodacl "f Yakiinit V.illi'y.
11.it- bolldlni will hp tilled to overflowing
1 with exhibits, anil when properly decora
ted as* it certninlv will M, will nuikc a
: tine exhibit of VuU ,ni'i product!".
I'onltry men who contemplnte enter
inn their several fowls for exhibition or
pn Minium Hhoiild cull at tin- ollice of the
Secretary, at onoa and g.et entry blanks.
Roaf's Drnt Store .mj North Yakima Mllllns
Company's Store 'Touched."
Almhi I 10 o'clock Monday Bornlog
C'ouni ilimin Poolc t-'in two mi pi'i'.u
l'i iknit! 11 it-fi mi Hi' 1 ii'.-ilii i-«i roriiiT of
Ynkima avenue hikl Second street,
lieiiiK in " hurry to me.et tln- train Mr.
Pools paid do further attention to the men.
Next morning Wallace Williams of the
Ynkima Milling Company, on to
bia register found tbat |9.BSta change
which had been left in the till was gone.
He then dUoOWd that the back door of
the feed store whh broken open by uomu
one from the ou'side. Nothinu<'lH<! wiih
misHiiiL' from the stcre or office Mr.
Will ■ iri■.h noticed ■! intpWon looking
man on the corner when lie I'loßci u|>
the ni_'li' before, »nd his description tal
lied with tlint of one of the men Been by
Mr. Poole. 'I'he tame Bight robbers
forced an entr:inii> llirou^h the httek
vmuUuw til BmTi drug sluru opposite.
The till of tbe c»fh register whb plun
dered in p like mtuim-r to the one across
the street, but nothing more wnu missing
Uamor li»d it that the ,ile whs brokea
into by the bnrglnri, but in neither in
stance whs tbe safe tampered with by
the. thieves.
The New Post Office.
The Yakimu post "Hire will be moved
to the Syndicate block about October 2,
wLen an inspec'or will be here to super
intend the removal. The Morgan bid
for -■in per annum heinic the lowest, the
department awarded him the contract.
The (tore room adjoining the one on the
corner of Hecond and A streets will be
used, the contractor to lunn-h boxes,
heat, lighting, Water, etc. rostmaHter
Sperrv states that this in not of lua own
chooeinK, hi he would have preferred to
have the office on the avenue, but the
contract went to the lowest bidder and
he hopes, in lime, the public will get
uned to the change MM be served with
better facilities than ever. The new
theatre will be nearly opposite the new
poet office.
Cure n 4'old In One lla j
Take Laxative BIOBM Quiniup Tablets.
All driiL'K'MH refund money il it failn to
cure. !oe. The genuine haa I* U. (J.
on each tablet.
money-back tea and
bakiflg powder at
Tfbur Grocers

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