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The Yakima herald. [volume] (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, September 14, 1899, Image 9

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Lewis Martin I'nts a Hiillit Thruiii|h
Tom Johnson's Heart.
Yaklmas Black Clued Furnishes a Sensa
tlon -Stenographic Report of the Ttstl
mony-Accused Committed With
out Ball.
Last Thiirmlfty ninht, shortly after
train time, near midninh', Lewis MHrtiii,
colored, shot km.l instantly killrd Tom
Johnson, also a ne>;ro. Tin- deed oe
curred in Yakima's notorioiiH Black
Chapel, on lower Front street, and the
motive apparently was JeellHlß f
In the absence of the coroner, I>r. Hos
ier, Justice UMI presided tMref the coro
ner's court, which was held in I lie su
perior court RKMB on Friday, the Sli mm.
Dr. Hill made a post niortein exann
nation of the corpse and found that the
bullet hud split the heart and lodged
against the iplae, The phot was fired at
close ran«e—n few inches—the Clothing
being burnt around the region ol the
bullet hole. He found an empty cart
ridge In Hartia'i plttol end ligni of
frtefa barni powder in the barrel.
Wesley Adams and Lucy Willi uns,
both colored, were the main witMMM,
and Prosecuting Attorney Kudkin elicit
ed bom them the following testimony:
Where do you reside? "Here, about
nine months*."
Are you acquainted with the man who
wan shol last light} '-Yeß,nir."
How lonn hare yon known him? "He
came here to the Uonlyn coal milieu in
When did he come to this town? "Ht
came here this fail—you menu the fellow
that was Hhol?"
Yen. "He linn heen here about a week
or a little over."
What is his name? "Tom Johnson."
What in his age? 'Thirty-one or two,
I think."
Did you see him yesterday? "Yes,
Were you with him last night? "Ye?,
Where did yon go with him? "We nil
went to h theater—'to n show la«t night
in town?"
"Who else accompanied him? "Me
nini linn Mini Lewll Martin, Ben I'later,
Dug Hawkins, I'mnk Cooper ami idv-
Sf If—Wesley Adams."
Where did you go nfter (lie theater?
"We Itopped in ■luhfiHnu'h saloon."
About what Imie was that? "I RUMI
the theater let out about 11 o'clock—
sonic where along about that time. '
Where <iid you go nest? "We goes to
Nellie Nelson's house."
What took place after you got down
there? "We got to drinking down there
and me and him comet tip to the saloon
You and who? "Lewis and this Tom
Johnson. The three of us went up to
How long did you remain there? "We
slopiicil there long enough t'i get n bottle
Where did you go then? "We goes
nark down lo the house.'"
What took olace after you returned to
the house? "We wag jollying and hav
ing a little fun, and talking and talking,
and this Tom comes in had a little row
with this lady down there. I runs in
and pulls him off her, then we goes back
to the saloon to keep him from jumping
on her no in. and this fellow says to
him "
Who do you mean by Tom? "Thie
fellow that got killed."
Who did yon say had a row with this
lady? "This Lewis Martin. We goes
down and I says to him, 'Lewis, you are
a fool for trying to get yourself into
trouble. If you want to have a good
time, don't try to get in no fuss.' He
says: 'This is my woman,' and says 'you
got nothing to do with it at ill;' he says,
'You are all right, he wasn't trying to
meddle with your business,' and goes to
Horse . . .
If you are looking for nook
ties you must go somewhere
else, Imt If it's Harness,
either work or driving, hand
made or marhiue sewed, we
can serve yon aud give you
"■•' besl '■ ' ""' least mon
ey. Ow long years of experi
ence and the reputation we
have established guaranteel*
you a good article and at only
a fair price. Anything you
require la the tiaddiery Hue
can tie had at tbe shop of
Yaklma Avenue.
Repairing done quickly
"Little Strokes
Fell Great Oaks."
The giints of the forest must yield At
Ust to the continual blows of the •woods
man. When the human blood has become
clogged and impure the little drops of
Hood's SarsaparilU, properly taken, <will
fell the oak of bdd blood.
the MIOM and doubles to the house.
They went outside and we heard them
talkine, and I kocs out and says 'Come
ol in; let's drink and have a uood time.'
Ilesays'Go on inside.' Lewis Mortio
tt-lh me t<> go on insidp, and I noes in
and i_'nrs back and hears a shot in about
three niinutßH; I runs out and sees him
fall on the irroiinrl."
Who was in the house nt the time?
"These slime people — ling ilawkn.H, Nel
lie Nebwn and my self and lien I'later."
Were they an^ry, talking UgTy, when
yon went out the first time? '"Didn't
si m like they was anurv."
Did yon hear any anury talk prior to
the inOOtlng—iminediHtely pre 'edintr th«
•hootiocT "No; I didn't hear no talk
at all outside."
How fir were you from them? "As
far u« from here to that gate there (indi
cating gete of railing), I lie door was
sliu! tictwi en us."
Did yon have uny ta'k with Martin
bplore he did the shootint'. prior to the
■hooting, in relation to ebnotlng this
other pirtv? " lie told me, 'If [ see this
women tonight 1 will either kill her or
him. either one.' "
Whom d'nl he mean by "him?" "Thin
Johnson. He miii! that he had no liiihi
ness meddling, makes me think that he
whs monkeying with this woman by hie
How loiik before the shooting did yon
comedown from Johnson's Hiloon? "I
was iihout half an hour before the ahont
ng came oir. He goes down to Folin
on's Haloon and gpts n bottle and comes
Wai there anybody present after the
shooting? "There wan 11 whole crowd."
I mean lit tht time— "There was no
bud v except them two that I knows of."
Had they any quarrel during the even
in'-' b< (ore the shooting? "Not a word."
Had Johnson made any threats against
Martin, or anything of that kind? "Not
to my knowing."
How long did Johnson live after lie
was shot? "I runs out there and he
drops, and he didn't spuak a word."
Wh^re did you ro after the thoOtlOK?
"1 didn't go nowhere. Staved right
Where did Martin so? "He came on
down ami T "iHrted d'>wn town with him
and went !i wavn up."
Hid yon have any conversation with
Martin after tut slnotihu? "N'>, sir "
Yon say you walked part way down ?
"Yea, air, part wnv to Johnson'" sqlnon
Belaid he irai going to give himself up.
1 tried to get the gun, but he stiys 'No,
I'm goiiii down and give myself up."
Did he nivo any re ison why he shot
Johnson? "No, sir; all he Mid was thai
this man Wae trying to net in with this
woman "
DM ha say anything after the shot?
"After tin 1 shot be Mid nothing at nil.''
Dili you leave him alonp whan you
went hack after the shooting? "Yee,
sir "
Have you scon him since? "Only
down stairs."
Do yon know whether Joh'ison was
armed? "Hodidn't have nothing Lot a
nockflt knife, common, ordinary packet
By Mr. Lince—Did you knnw whether
this Martin was armed? "I didn't know
he was armed until after the shooting
came off."
What is your name? "Lucy Wil
Where do you reside 0 "On Front
Btri'Pt "
North Yakima, Washington? "Yes,
How long have you resided in this
city? "Six years."
Were you acquainted with Tom John-
Johnson? "No, sir."
Are yon acquainted with Lewis Mar
tin? "Yes, dr."
How lonn havß you known him? "Al
most two years."
Has he resided here during that time?
"A year."
Did yon see Martin Johnson yesterday
evening? "No, sir; I saw them when
they were going to the show, when they
all pissed—all four."
About what time in Urn afternoon wa«
that? "I guess it was about H o'clock."
Di<) yon see any of them after they re
tnrned from theehow? "Yes; Lewis."
Where did you ice him? "In my
Where is your house in relation to
where tlie shooting took place? "Itigbl
nex' door."
Who resides next door? "Miss Nellie
Wbat occurred between yon and Lewis i
when yon saw him? "Well, I wan stand
ing in the door when he came in ami
rappeil on the door; and he turned back
when I cane mil of the front door and
started up town and got just the other
Bide of the Chinese laundry, and he
turned hack and jumped at me in the
dnor; that is, b" pushed me on into the
I middle of tun room Rnd hit me twice,'
| Bnd Weelev passed me at the time and
| esma in tad taken him out and taken
him 'in town."
"What died he strike yon with? "His
nst " |
Whaf reason did he civ» for striking
vnn? He said nothinsrHt all shout it."
What time in the evening *m the?
"Abiut 11 o'clock, or a little afifr."
Where did yon go then ? "After Wen
lev taken him iiway f pops out the back
1 n iy and comes up town. 1'
Where did you go then? "I went
uronrd two blocks in'.o Yakima avenue
and riMiii down this street here anfl went
to the depot at the time the train was
eoaalag in . then I walked hack ami BUM
up Proa) street and «■ >t as for a* the ma
chine simp, and I heard the tiring of a
gun mii I noes across a lot between the
machine shop and the Chinese laundry
in I hp back way to this honse, and Bel
mar Harris tells me that Lewis had sbot
this other fellow "
Abnui whst time was this shot fired?
I"I really could not tell you; it «v abom
i ten minutra after the train ram in and
i I whs coming home; some time shortly
before midnight, prohably, I presume; I
could nol say exactly. "
Did you gee Lewis Martin after that?
"No, sir." Did you ever bear him make
any threats against Johnson? "No, sir,
I never did." Is this tun Ivinir on the
j bench here your properly? "Yes, sir."
Where wait that gun tIM last lime you
*aw it? "In the mattress under my
bed." When did you lust see the tun
there pr'.or to the SDOOtißft? "I saw it
yesterday evening ahont !> o'clock." Did
you sec it after i) o'clock? "Vis, I sen
: it nfler !• o'clock, just before I ran out of
I th« honse." You taw It then ibout 11
! o'clock? "Yes, sir." It was in yunr
1 house under tho BattfeSS at that tim>>"r
"Yes, »ir, in my bed." Did you or Mar
j tin leave the house first ? "Martin left
I the house mil »":Uk« with Wen. Wes
took tiir■ i nut after lie hit in and 1
didn't to buck no mo." Wild this (.miii
]of yours loaded when you lust MW it?
"Yep, sir." Do you know how min\
cartridge! wars in It? "Four." Ail
I loaded? "Yes, sir." It hns rive cham
bers altogether? "I think so; four was
lin it one was gone ool." Did Marliu
carry thin guv of youri occasionally?
"No. nut occasionally, he didn't." Did
'ie live with you? "Yes, Mr." Did he
carry lire arms of any kind an » rue,
lhal you know of? "Never curried any
: thing thai I know of." Did he ever carry
i Hii- gun of yur-! "Yes." hor what
! purpose? "Well, when he was around
I with Mr. i iriini ; he had it then ; I bought
it from Mr. Williams." Did Martin ever
say anything to you about Johnson?
"No, air, he never pan! anything to vie
abonl litin ; he just didn't want me to go
over to Tom's house btCauat men whs
over there." How long had Johns n
been over there? "I guess a little over a
week; 1 think i limn niue days helms
been there." Did Martin object to your
doing over there prior to Jobnson'i com
inn? "No, sir." When did lie. first ob
ject to it ? "Oh, about three nr four days
afjo." Did ho ever mention Johnson's
name to you? "No, air, never mentioned
II to me at all."
Witness excused.
made the following statement:
"la th« flrat plus, lm*t nlghl wa eo^x
lo the show and I pays for nl the tickets
for till of tin, and we come* back anil he
suys to me after I pomp, 'I believe yon
an- doing some dirty wink around here.'
I sins, 'No; nothing like that;' and [
I M7I 'Why do you say that?' and he Hay*
I Mr. (irant was d two l.i-t nii;lu and said
' the boyt would have to go to work ;' and
I ways'l didn't do it;' and I gays 'You
oaiul to know better than to say any
thing liko tbat of me, bpruuse I don't
bother Dobody' —just that way. Me guys
•You arc a — liar,' and I any* 'I am no!
a — liar. He says' Yon think yourself
miiart; you are on special, and V"> think
yourself smart;' and I says 'I quit talk
tsiklng to you at once.' He whs up then
above the corner of the house, and he
says 'I will kill you! (»— ri— you, I will
kill yon I" I barked otT a ways from him
over up to the corner and went down
just ii m xide of the house, dud I kept
telling him (he had btl I, and i ■ fail pock
et) —I says 'I io away from me ' He just
kept ooming '>n, and lie wouldn't stop,
and I shot; that was just the way of it."
What did you eboot at? "I shot at
him, of course." How far away from
him were you at the time? "About ten
or twelve feet; I was backing away from
him all the time." How long had you
been outside before you shot? "We had
been there talking I gness five minutes."
What did you go out for? "Went out to
(jo borne; I was K°'"K home." Why
didu't you ko home? "Well, he stopped
me and wanted to have a conversation
with me; just stopped tbis way.'' Where
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did you gel the, gun that ymi had? "I
hal it in my pockV." H"W long hud
you been carrying itT "Kver since laal
fall." All Hip time? "No, BM nil the
tine." Did you bate it «ii evening ves
terdny? "Yes, sir, I keiit it at the aaloon
all tin- tine at night." Where was i(
yesterday? "At the ial<>un a " Wti.it
time did you get it at the -ill.ion last
night? "1 H'tt it probably about six"
You (tarried it from Hihi tine np t . t i
time tbe shot wm Bred? "Yea. Ho*
long ha<l vnu bpen do«n ut the bounc
there before you ttarted botneT "Been
there quite a while." Did this trouble
between you and Johoaon (list conn
after you went out doors? "Ye»i air."
Wai that tho lir-t trouble you hud dur
ing the evening! "The lirst trouble;
never hail a word before m our lives "
Where were you standing in relation to
door going Into ths house daring this
conversation — how fur were yoa from it?
"We whs uwavup above the door." Whs
be armed? "1 could nol tell; ha bad bin
band In bis pocket." Which pocket*
"His right oat pocket." Outside coat
pocket? "Ye-." Whh his hand In his
pocket when the shot was tired.' "I
guess he was coming to me." He wus
about ei^ht or ten feet from you when
the shot was tired? "It must Imve been
I was hacking away from him all tin'
time." Towards town, or the other wmv ?
"Ducking ihis wav, toward town." You
were north of him, tlicn? "Yes; he'
was that wav, I was this way—west, I
guess." What ilo you me.an by above
town —that why, toward town? "No;
tho other way." It you were starting
(Of home, how did you happen to ko thai
way.' "Me called and 1 wanted to see j
what he wanted; I was in it uood humor;
I bad taken him to the show and paid for
the tickets for four; never had v word
with iiim before," Where did you t^t
the Kiin? "I bought it from Hmh Wil-|
hams here tlmt was on the potict Fores
here when he went to BkagWbV ; wlnn bs
ikj.it ready to tro I paid him the rest of the
> money and 1 took the gun and pawned
it." Just what words did he use before 1
lyooabot bint? "You blacks -of all —
.' I will kill you; and I knew thai he was
I a very desperate man." Did be drawn'
gnu that you siw? "N > wir " What
| leads you to believe thiil he was a very j
desperate man? "That is his general
reputation." How long bavi you known '
him? "About a week." Who informed
i you of his reputation. "Wen Adams
i mid Wonder Johnson." Who was he?
1 "He is in Roelyn; used to run witti him.'' j
Where is he? ' Ht>en here all the time;
rone to Roslyn ; went to Roslyn three or [
' four days ago." Hb told you this man
was a very desperate character) "Very !
desperate, yes sir; he wua just biding
i here now; he came from Arizona." How
I long hare you known him? "A little
[over a week." Never saw him before?
; "Never in my life." Were you ever
with him before laßt nlgbtt "Yea, sir;!
I every day he came around the saloon
where i was workinir and I saw him."
Did you have any difficulty last nißht I
: with the woman you are living with
"Not to amount to anything; one time I
| did after the show." What was the,
I cause of that difficulty? "Oh, she was'
j drinking too much, and I told her she j
• had to stop it." Who was present atj
that time? "No one." Any dm (one
in during the difficulty? "Yea, air; Wm
A< I i mix " While diil ynu *n then?
"C*me up town." Where • iiti you «<> af-
Xt lie came Dp lOWBI "Went buck to
Nellie Nelenu'e home and maid there and
drank " Ho* loi^ did you remain
there? "1 don 'l know exactly." Did
\d <ins i;o ■Milside w lull' ynu and JoiiOtOO
wit. 1 out there )uai before the •hootinii?
'■Never seen mm ,(i all." He didn't
pomp ont And Itpeftk to either ODO of You ;
I'll n't n=k ynu to coma into the bOOMI
"Nip, nr." Non didn't •Ji'p anybody,
I then, from the line Jroo wen out ol 'Inl
I liome until after lbs ihootlng? "N'»,
tir." 1 >i! ymi v'" back to yonf own
I house from tnc time tog hadtbedtffl
iwliv with thia woman until altd the
•booting! "Oh »Bt, I WM tbere " You
had the difficult) with thia woman after
you came from the enow? "Yea,«t?.*'
You then came up town, when jr»o wt>nt,
bull to your own hoiisi'.' "Yt'-<, iilti'r 1
ciiiiii' from the ahnw." Ti:»t wax thn
inn" mmi bad the difficulty with tin 1 »<>
iimti • "Yes." Wrrt" you Imrk alter
that. ' Yi'S " Alter the woman left
there? "Ye«." Who wa« with you?
"No one.' How long i ill you ritimiu
there? "A very ihorttlnw." Wlmt did
you (jo l)Hi:k lor. ".Innt went. Imck to
the likilhc." Win) went with you wlirn
you writ down to Ni'llit' NHson'n boOMT
"\\»M " Wu Whi with you when you
went Imck to your boOfei "No, fir; I
Want back hloiic " And t'u'ii you went
dowu to Nellie Melion'i bonae? "Yes."
About how long did you remain there
before you ttartad home? "Not over flf
ttt'ii or iwmity iniuuleH " How long Ware
you outride before tin? tbootißK con*
nenoed? "About flw mlßaMa," IHd
you have any reason to tielieve tlmt
Johnson whs armed aaidn from th* tael
that yon ciaim he hud his luiml in Ihh
on Uidit pocket? "Yet; beoanM he H»iit
In* would kill me und bsMtUM he Imd Ihh
hiiiid in Ihh pooket." You had linn
around with Itlm.' "I bad bam with
him that d.iv." And >ou never MR miv
imliiatioiis of a in bit outside pock
et? "No." Where did vim L'oaft'Tthe
■booting! "I BUM up town Mini met
Mr, Hnlligan und laid I nwasd than
win no need of his going down there. I
Koened I tli'l the ihoottnit." I'iil ton
t<ll Miiliijiui why you nliot him? "No,
«ir; t lid him he made tne do it."
COBOMB'i vi:iidict.
We, the jury re^ularlv •tnpaJielled
and sworn to enquire Into Ihw fienea of
the dea>th of Ton. Johnson, do Bad that
the name of the decMaed whh Tom John-
Hun; that the cauH of bia death in the
city of North Yakiina, county of Yakima
and Sut*) of Wuwhini;toii, on the 7th day
of September, IH\)\), was a liun shot
Wound and that ■• i- I Hhot watt firnd pur
posely and deliheratelv )>v I. huh Martin.
W. J. RoAf,
Jam. K. Cob,
F. I). Clkmmku,
J. 0. LiaoErr.
Prisoner suhsenuently, repreeent^d by
by II J. Snively, waived exaininalioti
and was fominitted without bail to await
trial at the October term of Superior

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