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The Yakima herald. [volume] (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, September 21, 1899, Image 1

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The Yakima Herald.
It's a Lilt Warn lit Yon till soon j
Want a Heater! JL
1 The "GEM" Hot Blast FTI
I i* I lie |»cnl stove marie L*s*/S \
| for bni'iiiii^ *ofi coal. «te^3> I
|We have them in 3 Sizes. I f \
•& jk 111 I *T* L| ■ n
■'A fc':' t 1 —I——l—J__l V
I Air Tight j
ElflißßlSii iol' woiml, uilh onlsi<|< I
> BBmnSfp^- 1 •■■sill, is acknoulrd^U I
4* 1 the leailer of air lights. „
i IQ^^mS^^^J'S t'iean, <'<*oiioiiii<*al an<l r
Qijmiiyralll durable. .
i Talkie a, lool^: at tlxexn r
I Yakima Hardisrare Co. I
That's the number SCHOOL TABLETS we have just received. A bij; lot, isn't
it? But they will not last long at the prices maiked on them. Send in your or
ders f0r....
I Everything in Stationery. MOORE & WENNER.
1 MoG°uoTm N o I Get Ready lir tit Fair!
I V}vJ» I If you want to give the entertainment fund
|HHIHIHHBHBHHHHII or<""Of now 's your time!
Will go to this fund. We have everything
a Boy or a Man needs--from the top of his
head to the soles of his feet we cover.
Our opening was gratifying for which we
thank our patrons.
The Newest Stiles-tie Finest lies
Here is where You Get Them!
Moore Clothing Co. * Handsomest Store in the City.
Yaklma Avenue, Center of Block.
Back From thr Frozen North and the Trod
cal Philitctaes.
Will BMttdl ha« rflurne.t train AUiikit.
In rompxiiv with l.ntp .hin^ot hp arrived
on Monday niitlil frea lIM Sinmd. Tlip
hoys are neiuhbors, hut their nlobe trot- '
tinif proppiinitipH took them in widely
different directions. Will I' hhmlm ioo|bt
for «old in the Iroznn north Lot* .lnn»!»t
sailed for irlory on soi'ithern Hea(> li.itli
heli. ye there is M plare like Takimi
and are ulud to \z> < hark ■gala. Will
Hound* hi- liepn to Cn\w Ndiiip, which
he prWMMOCM a wdr'.l-lifMtcr f.ir t!'i!d
Binlßg. Me expnrlH t > return tbm in
the neir future.
Late Junicat, whoM > ider brother i-n d
if BOW in the Klondike, bM lately I n
hunor»hlv rliirhtrgad from the Mnl •*»•
viie, liKvit.i.' tPrved three years on hoard
the fPlaboal Monleri'V. He arrived it
Manila 100 late to participate in the
■';aval liattle. lie MW OOthißfl of the
hnvN of Comiianv X, owinir to the nature
of hi» sen MrVMaj, Me \» lookinir well,
though he NBVB th" clinmte of the Philip
pineH was very tryinir, owini! to the «m
--ftatit warm wpather.
An Uneventful Session in Which Routine Work
Was Performed.
Tli" city fathers met Moodty, «■! pro*
ent except Pooll
The comiinttt !• mi htrcclH inul iljtcl.i -
awarded the oontraci to grada Rstebws
I Ararat to William Mclror.
The city engineer's report for the irrad
in>! of Second street whh Hpproveii.
A pptition for « HiliWrtlk on lb« west
side of Tluril Rtrcpt north whh gntßted.
4 resnliiiiori aotboristog the Mayor tv
m»ke fin»l [>rcio[ on the town-ite prop*
! erty in thp Konth criil of town MMOrdiDg
to the di'cision of tlip Secretary of the In
' t rior. was phbspcl.
A resolution of thanks to Siiporinten
d«DtQUb*rt was pasneil for t tie >pl*Ddld
and jjeneroiiH improvements made by
the Nortnern I'rcitic railway conipany In
i this city.
An ordinnnt c wbh pasced rentrietitit'
the indiscriminate distribution of hand
The removal of the arc liijht at Tuck
, era livery Htahle to the I! street crofting
was considered and laid ayer.
OoQDeil adjourned.
An Italian Laborer Meets His Death on the
Railway dear Town
Kelix Cermele, an Italian laborer,
aged 50 yearn, nipt his ilea'.h on the ipil
! way a mile south of town yesterday
, evening. Me had been working on
the work train. It is presumed thut he
was under the Influence ot liquor and
11 while walking on the track ahead of the
,' train about a mile xoutli of town was
run over and horribly mangled by the
train. The engineer hail glowed up the
; train and whistled repeatedly but to no
.'purpose. [I'm death was instantaneous.
Goronor Koeser wan notified but con
| eluded that it was unnecessary to hold
an inquest. The dead man has a family
jin Italy. He belonged to a beneficiary
organization which allows a aick or
j death benefit of *?•>■ The burial took
j place tbia afternoon
Dolflf a Hashing Business
T. W. Moore, who started eantward
two weeks ajo in the interest of the Pure
; Shot Solution Co., of this city, in placing
| orders in every city (or their wonderful
] Moyeto tube repair preparation. But it
I w»- on Hept. IHtb that he did hia banner
day's work. A telegram to Messrs. Wen
n** and (irout, the other members of the
firm, dated at St. Tanl, rettdi as follows:
Sore Shot Solution Co.
North YakiniH. Wash.
Contracted iwarly $ jm worth of Sure
i Khot i.mlmv.
T. W. Moohk.
The firm is now IfaHog on enlarging
it« ttianu(acturiii|{ fa<;ilitifß and adding
several new pi«ceH of enacliinery. Kvery
day's mail t>rin|(e new orders and re
<-|iip«t« for RamfileH, »nd as the st-aHDn in
■ bout rlfjdinic in the <*»«t it is tspMted
• by them that Hpriiig will «cc Hm factory
rushed to its utmost cajiacity to enable
them to k(*p up with their order*.
A Fatal ActMrnt.
Monday Hfterix.rn Jump" J. Julian, ■
■fblf '>t din »(>rktrain force, met
with a frightful ac< ident, his right leu
below the knee l>eini{ rr.n over by the
,cars. The youn* man wa« brought to the
'city and immediately tdKeu to the hod-
NO. :iti
Choice Fruits, Fresh
Peanuts and Popcorn
Ice Cream ami drinks.
Bring your CASH. Save 20 per
cent in purchaae of
OldCo-Op. Store, S. Second St.
pi-ui, where It *nf found it would l>p
nacMMty to tmputata tbt limb. Tim
iimn whh la hiii'li » wcukt'iiiii condition
from Hip effcntl o| the Hlio<k and the
lorn of blood Hun l>r. Qaon dawstd i~
anwlM to operate on him until it- h»d
neovtrsd «ntH<ient itrcagth. Hh ooo
linii'il to uro* wpukiT, however, uml
died within ■ tow hoar* »fter Hn> iocl-
Sicrclary Hitchcock Ignorant of Pacific Coast
Bouyi Conjjret»m»n Uaihmao who
Ibti been to WwhlDßtoa to pratMt
ui;iiinst the revoking ol the ibMp pw
nuts. Heiujrt, la th« Lw)(«r, thki too
tnach ol thin ittte li rcwrftd un I it is a
nlihiih' to ri'fiiH" Him ibssp tucn thp priv
[il«aja <i( paainring on die rassrft. II"
', i-1 hi .1:1 dlmuittd pridi the aaU*ib**p
i herding Mlltllimill at WuHliitiKtou unit
hopes fur retiipilittl IwlllktioO tlim win
ter. Mr. ' iihli'iihii told the I'ont-lutelli
gsooer that Iterator; Bitobeooh Be«ate<l
ti> be Hfrniil th>it Urn nheep wolllil eat the
i tree topH <>IT the tall Bn un t tit* inn .n
The Church People's Column Religious Intel
licence for All.
OliriHlimi Sennet' service in llaaooiO
litill, Syndicate bloi'k, every Sunday at
11 a. in. All are cordially invited.
llev. Geo. Wallace will preach at the
Methodist Episcopal church nextHunduv,
Kept. £4, at 11 o'clock a. in. Kubject for
i discussion. "Kays of light on religioue
problems." Tlie wdtri c>f il.ih paper
are invited to be present.
Six boys will be prepared to enter a
silver medal OOBtett to bo held at th«
Cliristian ehofcfa on Friday evening
September 2i). The medal will be Kiven
to the best Hpeaker. (loo<l numii; will be
furnished by the oreheßtra. Kverybody
cordially invited. Admie»ion 25 and 1"
Rev. liyonß will preach at the. Hnool
house on the school section Bamlay
evening at 7:30. The sciopticon lantern
will be used in the service.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U. are pre
paring arratiKements for a tent on the
fair grounds next week, where tired
mothers and tbeir children can find a
o,uiet*place to sit down and rest for a !•■<•
Oa Sunday at the Congregational
church the pastor will preach at 11 and
8; Sunday Hchool at 10; 0. K. at 7. AH
are cordially invited.
Death of Pt«rl Miller.
Pearl Miller, daughter of Mrs. Uattie
Miller, dieil lit the home ot her mother in
thiß city September 17, IS;*"), at the uk>
ot 17 years, havinc been born in Klicki-
Ihi county in IMS, She was reaped ii.
North Yakima, her mother havinti r
moved to this city fourteen years «<■
A mother and brother and many frifiid
iii'nirri her iintimelr taking away.
Japan Ceylon
EngUh Break last
Oolcng Jdca! Blend

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