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whbTbod waslmi
before creation was begun
Pastor Russell Diseases, "Before the
"From everlasting to everlasting, thou
art God" (Psalm xc. 2). "I a_m Jehovah,
that is my nnhie nrvl my glory will I not
give to another" (Isaiah xlll, 8). "To us
there Is one God, the Father, of whom are
all things" (I Thessalonlans viii, 6). "Hear,
O Israel, u« Lord our God Is one—Jeho
vah" (Deuteronomy vl, 4).
St. Petersburg,
Fla., Jan. B.—These
and other Scrip
tures tell us of a
personal God. the
Fnther or Life
Giver of nil, the
Grent One who In
hablteth Eternity.
St. Paul declare
thnt to the heathen
"there are lords mnny and gods many.
but to us there is but one God. the
Father," nnd one appointed Agent of
his in dealing with humanity — one Lord
Jesus Christ—"and that every tongue
shnll confess thnt Jesus. Messiah. Is
Lord, to the glory of God the Fnther"
(Philippinns ii. 111.
The Scriptures 101 l us of "the lie
ginning of tho creation of God," hence
there was a time before thnt beginning
of creation when Jehovah God was
alone—"he that In.mbiteth Eternity."
Not even the greal Michael was With
him. the groat Messiah, whom he lintli
so highly honored nnd whom he de
clares he will still further honor
throughout n glorious eternity. He
was not with the Fnther before the
beginning of creation, becnuse he him
self was "the beginning of the crea
tion of God—the first-born of every
creature" (Revolutions 111, 14; Oolos
slnns 1, 15). He wns the first expres
sion or manifestation of the Divine
attributes (John 1. 18).
This mighty God, Jehovah, self-cen
tered, self-contained, is ours, the same
yesterday, todny and forever, 'he
changes not.
Divine Attributes Glorious.
Bvery attribute of the Divine char
acter was the same millions of years
ago that It is today, but tbat character
was unrevealed. Every step of crea
tion has leuded to displuy the Divine
character more and more, and each
successive step and development of
creation has brought forth new crea
tures capable of comprehending the
Eternal One. We deem It not unrea
sonable to assume that Jehovah's cre
ative power will continue to be exer
cised throughout nil coming time.
Astronomical photography now re
veals nenrly 125,000,000 suns, around
which circle systems such ns the one
which circles nround our sun, nnd of
which our earth Is a part. We deem It
not nnreusounblu to ussi'me. from the
Scriptures, that the grent work of or
dering all those hundreds of million 1;
of planets stretches forward Into eter
nity, and thnt the work of Divine
grace, begun on the planet "Earth,"
will be continued throughout the Uni
verse, not only In conjunction with the
planetary systems we can discern,
but probably with millions of plan
etary systems too far removed from
us to be discerned even by photog
Doubtless Divine methods in con
nection with other worlds and other
inhabitants will display the manifold
wisdom of God. For Instance, we un
derstand the Bible to Indicate thnt
while the permission of evil In th"
earth wus wise. It will not necessarily
be wise or expedient for any reason
to permit n similar reign of Sin and
Death in any other of the millions of
worlds, in connection with their order
ing or development and their peopling
with glorious creatures who will
show forth the praises of the greal
Creator without their passing through
experiences with sin and death such
as have been permitted In connection
with the humanity of earth.
The Permission of Evil.
Can we not see v broad reason for
the permission of evil on the earth
tor the permission of the reign of Sin
and Dentil, which for six thousand
years hns apparently disgraced the
Creator, degraded humanity, ustonlsli
ed the angels and constituted our race
a groaning ere;! I ion ? Only when we
discern that Messiah's Kingdom will
surely bring order out of this confu
sion, do we begin to get the proper
focus upon our subject und realize
something of the greatness of our God.
From the Standpoint of the comple
tion of the Divine purposes In connec
tion with Immunity, und from that
standpoint alone, can we see illus
trnted Divine Wisdom. Justice, Love
and Power. The primary lesson was
Justice—thiit sin brings suffering nnd
eventually death.
The Second lesson wus thnt of Di
vine compassion, sympathy—Love.
This lesson was manifested in the
Bending of i.. • Ctedeemer and his sub
sequent reward of exaltation, and hi
gathering of nn "elect" Church to be
his associates In glory and in the
blessing of the redeemed nice. The
rejgn of glory, the reign of Messiah,
soon to be lutn tluci t, will lift up poor
humanity from sin . n.i sorrow, from
degradation and death, and give to
each and all the fullesl o] rtunity fa
return to buniaii perfee-tion and to Di
vine favor and e\ lasting life.
In all thai wor!> ..;' human restltu
tlon. which will lncltl I" the nwitl-cuiu".
of mankind from ihe sleep of death,
the one greal i ■ • i ivl be the greal
news of the Divine Puwer which will
be exercised through Messiah, the God
like One. the t'.in , of Life, "the
Transfer of the Old Granger Prop-!
erty Near Zillah Reveals
Growth of Lower Valley.
___. Chenaur has purchased from Nel
son Grimsley the lateter's half of
what remains of the old Walter
Granger ranch at Zillah. Of the orig
inal 160 acres there remained in the
hands of Messrs Grimsley and Chen
aur about 100 acres and for his half
of this Mr. Grimsley receives $27,500
from hie former partner.
■■Prince of Glory,- the Redeemer, the
Regenerator of Ailni.i nnd his rnce.
And linnlly. from the standpoint of
the completion of Jehovah's grent pnr
pdses nnd dealings with man and In
respect to him, will stnnd revealed the
foreknowlcd'e and Wisdom of God
who knew the cud from the beginning
nnd who foresaw how even the permis
sion of a reign of sin nnd death could
be made eventually to work out to his
own glory nnd to the blessing and in
struction of Ills crentures on both the
human and the angelic planes. Then
will be revealed to nil the glorious
character of their Creator, and the ne
cessity for his requirement of absolute
righteousness nnd perfection.
Surely, the result eventually will be,
as the Scriptures declare, that all shnll
learn righteousness, and hate Iniquity,
and that every creature In heaven and
In enrth nnd under the earth shall ac
claim both .Tehovnh. who sitteth upon
th*. Throne of the Universe, nnd the
Lamb, the Redeemer, forever.
Were we to nllow ourselves to spec
ulate respecting ihe future—respecting
the Divine purposes in relation to the
millions of wdrlds around us, our spec
ulations would run thus: Those in
structed nnd used of .Tehovnh In con
junction with the Initial development
of the Divine Finn In the enrth will
thereby be filled and prepared to be
the Divine Agents to other worlds.
The Grent Redeemer nnd his "elect"
associates, niter dealing with human
ity for their uplift oul of sin nnd death
conditions, will surely be qualified for
further service in other worlds: to
"show forth the praises of him who
called them n',:t of dnrlcness Into his
marvelous light."
And wh::t shall we say of humanity
when perfects al tbe end of Messiah's
glorious reign V Will not all be well
prepnred. not only to npprove right
eousness in themselves, but to tell in
other worlds, to Other races, the story
of the full and of the reign of Sin nnd
Death resullitur: nnd of the redemption
accomplished by God's love; and of
the grent restitution: nnd of the les
sons thus learned.
The Unchangeable One.
The qualities of the Divine character
which we have just considered—Wis
dom, Justice, Love and Power—be
longed to our Creator in the great eter
nity preceding creation. But there
was no one at that time to appreciate
"God—lt requires a full view of the
perfected Plnn of the Ages to make
known to any nnd to all the glory of
the Lord. As we have just seen, thus
far the secret of the Lord and the
glories of his character are known
only to his "sous," begotten of his
holy Spirit. Rut the time nears when
"the whole enrth shnll be full of the
knowledge of the glory of the Lord
as the wuters cover the grent deep."
He nnd his gl n'ious government will
then be "the desire of all nations;"
"The glory of the Lord shnll be reveal
ed nnd nil flesh shall see It together"
(Hnggnl 11. 7: Isnlnh xl, 5).
St. Paul nssures us thnt every fen
ture of the Divine Plan which we see
In process of execution wns known to
.Tehovnh from before the foundation
of the world. lie declares that these
things God purposed iv himself before
the foundation of the world. The
creative processes, which have been
operating for thousands of years, were
all surely elaborated lv the mind of
Jehovah before the creative work be
gan. In thnt purpose nngels had B
part—of how many grades we may
not surely know, but they nre various
ly designated In the holy Scriptures as
"angels, principalities nnd powers."
Lnter came the creation of man, "a
little lower than the nngels" and
crowned with earthly honor, dignity
and power, in the image and likeness
of his Creator's glorious power.
These creations varied not in degrees
of perfection anil Imperfection. Bach
was perfect oil its own plane. Bach
intelligent creature wns a free, mora]
agent, and hence, whether on the an
gelic or human plane, wis created in
the likeness of •' >d, unblemished, bnt
with different capacities and abilities,
Almighty God. Infinite in Wisdom
Justce, Love and loner, purposed tin
orderly exercise of his Infinite powers.
as a greut Father, desirous of giving
life und happiness to Ins creatures.
These Intelligent ones were desig
nated "Sons of God" so long as they
maintained their altitude of perfect
loyalty to him. their Creator nnd Fa
ther. Not only was it the Divine
Intention thus to give plensure to
millions of creatures to be created, but
It was also the Divine will to manifest
to his creatures his own greatness and
the perfection of his own goodness
that they might enjoy him and he en
joy them everlastingly.
Wo are not to understand thnt Al
mighty God wus lonely in thnt greal
Eternity before creation began. On
the contrary, human loneliness is
largely because of human deficiency.
What We-lack we seel; for in others.
But the great Jehovah lucked nothing;
he wus complete In himself; he needed
uot companionship to complete or to
supplement ins happiness, it was his
pleasure to create thai his creatures
might have Joy by reflecting as a
whoh. hi. Divine qualities implanted
ill I heir cuusli.utiiiiis.
The wreck of the humnu race pro
duced b.. sin he well foreknew. Nor
did this wrecking of human hopes tie
feut. nor waa it in (lunger of defeating.
Che Divine purpose, ll merely demon
si rules to ungate und to men the graces
of the Divine character and shows unto
all the more fully the ipiulities of God
proper to be appreciated and copied.
The Seven-Sealed Scroll.
When God would illustrate to us his
own greut personality, when he would
show to his creatures how he is worU
tag nil things according to the coun
sel of his own will, he pictured it sym
The :_tory of the Granger ranch Is
|in Dart the story of the Taklma valley.
I Mr. Granger, who grew timothy and
alfalfa on the property disposed of
the entire tract about seven years ago
for 111.000. Two years later it was
resold by the purchasers to Messrs.
Chenaur and Grimsley for $19,000 and
for five years they have farmed it
on shares and made a good profit
therefrom. They have sold to Messrs.
Bourgaize, Stahl, the North Coast rail
way, Pendrick and others a total of
about fifty acres or more for an ag
gregate of about 120,000. They have
a few acres which lie above the ditch.
tioli"nlly In the Book of Revelatlm
lv that vision the Throne of the Etcr
nal One is graphically portraypd ss the
sen! of Divine power nnd authority
for the Universe, with nngels ns DBjTl -
terlng spirits. Tli(jis is tea' rl.ied a
scroll, in the right hand of Jehovah-
In Divine power and keeping. Thnt
scroll, written inside and outside, was
"senled with seven sen Is," represent
ing the complete secrecy of the Divine
purposes related In that scroll. From
before the founHntinn of the world 1t
hnd been In the hand (In tho powerl
of the great Eternal. He hnd given
hints respecting It nnd hnd caused It
to be symbolized in the Lnw nnd to
some extent to be described by the
Prophets. But still It wns a Hidden
Mystery, because the prophets under
stood not the things which they wrote:
nor could any understand them nnli!
the Father's "due time," which he hnd
purposed in himself.
Not only wns the Divine Program
thus sealed nnd snfely secreted, but it
wns the Divine determination that it
should be given only to the one who
would demonstrate his worthiness to
be Jehovah's honored Agent for the
carrying out of those purposes -pre
destlnnted before the world wns. The
honor of being the Agent, the Repre
sentative of Jehovah, to carry ant the
Divine purposes, should be disclosed
In ndvnnce only to the one who would
demonstrate his worthiness to be the
grent Messinh, the grent Deliverer,
the great Prophet. Priest, Judge. King
of Isrnol.
nigh ns the Redeemer stood in the
Divine counsels nnd fellowship before
he came lino the world to be mini's
Redcoat, r. it wns not then granted
even to htm to know nil the mysteries
of the ]"■ "c P".v-rim. Rut by vir
tue of his hifrh station, his perfection,
his obediem c, the privilege wns given
to hha first to become nun's Redeem
er, at the cost of „x-r-- ■:>!■.! humiliation
nnd death, and then. If fnithfn) in this
redemptive worts, It should be his to
be .glorified, exalted to the divine na
ture, and to execute the Divine Pro
gram to its completion. First, he
must manifest his devotion nnd loyal
ty to the Father, ere he could be trust
ed even with the knowledge of the
Divine Program.
"Worthy Is the Lamb."
All this is declared In the account
(Revelations vj. The proclamation
was made, Who Is worthy to receive
the scroll and to break its seals and
to execute the wonderful purposes of
God? None was found worthy! Final
ly, one demonstrated his worthiness
he left the courts of glory, he hum
bled himself, he "was made flesh."
More thun this, being found In fashion
as a man, he consecrated his all to the
doing of the Father's will, even unto
death, the death of the cross. Where
fore, snys the Apostle, "God also high
ly exulted him" nnd gave him a stand
ing, a rank, a title above all others
(Philippians li, 7, 8). He commission
ed him to execute all the Divine pur
poses nnd to him he handed over the
scroll with the privilege of opening Its
seals and comprehending to the full its
In the symbolic picture John saw a
freshly slain lnmb at the same time
that the angelic messenger declared
that the Lion of the tribe of Judah
hnd prevniled. Jesus proved himself
worthy nnd therefore the privilege of
understanding the things of tho Divine
Plan, nnd the privilege of executing
them rightfully belonged to him. The
Lamb slain represented the work of
Jesus from the day he was thirty
years of age and made his consecra
tion. There he became dead to self
and to the world. When he success
fully finished this great contract, he
cried on Calvary, "It Is finished."
This glorious victor was then ac
knowledge by God nnd by the holy an
gels to be the worthy One to whom the
Fnther would entrust the execution of
every fenture of the Divine Program,
"Worthy is the Lamb thnt wns slnin
to receive glory nnd honor, dominion
nnd might." 110 hns not yet completed
his groat work there nnd then entrust
ed to him. The Father glorified him
and set him nt his own right hnnd—
the place of Divine fnvor—when he fin
ished his demonstration of loyalty even
unto death. As yet he has only begun
his grent work. The blessing of the
Church ns "the Bride, the Lamb's
Wife," Is the first step in the glorious
Program, nnd it Is not yet completed.
Following it will come the blessing of
the world, all ths families of the
enrth. mil only the living but the dead.
His declaration to those now called to
be his Bride is "To him thnt over
cometh will 1 grant to sit with me in
my throne even ns I overcame and nin
set down with my Fnther in his
throne" (Revelntlon ill. 21).
"To us there is one God," says the
Apostle. All wisdom nnd power nre
his. Recent electricul inventions nssist
us greatly in apprehending his grent
uess. What mnn enn do limltedly with
the telephone and wireless telegraphy
merely hint to ns of the infinite re
sources of the Internal One—from ever
lasting to everlasting, Ood. P.ut our
knowledge of the Divine Justice nnd
Love satisfies our hearts—our Great
Creator becomes "Our Father, who art
in heaven."
Next Lord's Day, D. V., I will have
something more to say to the large
congregation of millions whom I ad
dress weekly, respecting the methods
by which the Almighty God is work
lug all things according to the counsel
of hla own will, using his glorious
Son. Messinh, his First Begotten, as
Ills honored Sgant in the prosecution
or ever? feature of the greut Plan
which he purposed In himself before
the world WAS—When he was alone.
I suggest to Interested renders of my
Keruions purtieipntioti in the "Luyiitm'a
Borne Min.iionury Moviinent" of bringing
them to the attention of their friends
und neighbors who do not attend
church services.
Grimsley Makes Money.
Mr. Grimsley, on his Investment of
$9,600 originally made, has received in
return, In the five years which have
elapsed, approximately $86,000. The
farm has alway more than paid for
the improvements and expenses of
operation. The farm lies Just south
east of ZUlah and Is one of the well
known ranches of that section of the
valley. Lately a large number of fruit
trees have been planted thereon and
the place has begun to lose Its old
Identity as a huy lunch. Records of
the sale, it is understood, will be on
file In the office of the county auditor
In a day or two.
As stated this ranch has a history
which, within its scope, embraces the
entire history of that section of the
Taklma valley. The story reads In
some respects as one which would not
be understandable In the east but Is a
fact here. Only the Taklma valley
can show such development and such
Suggested for This Spring as a
Novel and Promising Pub
licity Move.
Weather like that of tha past week
reminds, though It does not prophecy,
that spring is not far away. It also
recalls a suggestion made last year
by Henry J. Snlvely that Yakima put
to a commercial use its beautiful
blossom seaaon. Aside from doing
their part In furthering the fruit
crop, the massed pink of the peaches,
the softer tint of the applea and the
snowy white of the cherries and
pears make up a picture which many
come miles to see each year, and
which many more would come to see
Mr. Snively thinks, if they knew
about it.
It 'is hard to imagine that the
much advertised cherry season of
Japan can be any lovelier or more
wonderful than spring in the Yak
ima valley with acres upon acres
breaking into bloom at the same
time, yet many tourists make it a
point to visit the flowery kingdom to
see the bourgeoning trees.
With Yakima much more accessi
ble and equally spectacular, Mr.
Bnlvely thinks the Commercial club
could not do better than to exploit
the blossom season, bring about the
"running of special excursions over
here from the sound and from the
eastward, in order that people in less
favored communities may enjoy the
spring from four to six weeks sooner
than they get It at home.
Portland an Example.
Portland, with its rose festival, is
a near at hand example of what can
be done along this line. Getting
people Into the city at the loveliest
time of the year, when conditions
appear unique, is the best kind of ad
vertisement, the surest way of get
ting settlers.
Already a number of Seattle peo
ple make a practice of coming over
for a few weeks in April. Week-end
excursions, it has been suggested,
would make It possible for business
men to run over for a few days and
get a breath of spring. The North
ern Pacific would doubtless be agree
able to any arrangement which would
increase the number of people it had
to carry. It is likely that the Com
mercial club will be asked at Its next
meeting to endorse the plan and t.
appoint a committee to confer wltn
the railroad officials. It is thought
that it Is a good idea to get the blos
som festival established here this
spring before some of the other fruit
growing districts get In ahead of It.
It is the essence of good advertis
ing to make the most of that which
the competitor haa not, or to point
out the superiority of the article of
fered to that of the competitor. Cer
tainly with regard to its blossoms this
valley is in a class by itself. In mag
nitude and variety there is nothing
to compare with it and the confor
mation of the land lends a charm
which other sections cannot boast of.
In addition the development Is pro
gressive. From Pasco to Selah the
blossoms progress, the season cover
ing a considerable period and offering
a change every few miles. Certainly
the opportunities offered are such
that any wide awake district should
make use of them as Mr. Snlvely has
Foley's Kidney Remedy—An Appre
L. McConnell, Catherine St., El
mlra, N. V., writes: "I wish to
express my appreciation of the great
good I derived from Foley's Kidney
Remedy, which I used for a bad ca«?
of kidney trouble. Five bottles did
the work most effectively and proved
to me beyond doubt it Is the most
reliable kidney medicine I have ever
taken and shall always have my en
dorsement." For sale by North
Yakima Drug Store. Tues-Thus-Sat.
New York Animal Sets Butter Fig
ures While Ahtanum Beauty
Has Twin Calves.
E. B. Marks of the Ahtanum, who
was in North Yakima Wednesday, was
wearing an unusually happy smile and
those who knew him judged that there
must be something new in the Hol
stein world. This proved to be the
case. Mr. Marks had heard news
from the east and had news of his
own, both of which Items delighted
him. From the east he had heard that
a Holstein in one of the New York
herds had broken the world's butter
record, making "7 and 58-100 pounds
of butter in seven days. As no other
breed of cows is able to set up a
butter record for the black and white
animals they are compelled to set up
and knock down records of their own
and are gradually approachine nearer
to the 40 pounds in seven days mark.
For himself Mr. Marks had to re
port that one ot his cows had pre
sented him with two fine Holstein
twins. Every pure bred livestock man
is naturally anxious to see a good in
crease in his herd, and heifer calves
are preferred. The cow of Mr. Marks
at his Holstein Home in the Ahtanum,
appears to have recognised her full
duty for she has presented him with
twin calveß, a bull and a heifer, both
fine animals and, at latest reports,
thriving splendidly.
Any little wound or abrasion of
the flesh occurring In cold weather
that .Is not promptly treated be
comes a bad sore and Is difficult to
heal. Apply BALLARD'S SNOW
LINIMENT at once when such ac
cidents happen. The wound heals
promptly and soon does away with
the annoyance of a bandage. Price
25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold
by D. H. Fry, 10 Yakima aye. and C.
W. Camp, West Side Druggist.
moren names
Howard D. Taylor of Eagle Gorge
Elected as Leader of Present
Both Allen and Moren Where
They Can do Most Good for
Their Home County—Govern
or's Message Will be Read.
OLYMPIA, Jan. 9—Special)—The
honor nt nominating the next speak
er of the house of representatives of
this state, Howard D. Taylor of Eagle
Gorge, fell to the lot of Walker
Moren, newly elected member from
Yakima county. Mr. Moren In a few
well chosen words placed Mr. Taylor's
name before the assemblage and he
was elected without a contest. W.
H. Paulhamus of Puyallup was elect
ed leader of the senate.
In the committee appointments,
Mr. Moren was placed on the appro
priations, judiciary and horticulture
committees. Senator Frank J. Allen
of Yakima, is chairman of the com
mittee for cities of less than the flrat
class which will give him an oppor
tunity to press the commission plan
of government bill of which he la
author. Mr. Moren's public utilities
bill will no doubt be referred to the
judiciary committee of which he la a
member while his place on the horti
culture committee will give nlm an
opportunity to guard the Interests of
the fruit Industry in which his dis
trict is largely interested.
Endorse San Francisco
The legislature after its organiza
tion was perfected, adopted a Jilnt
resolution indorsing San Francisco as
the place for holding the Panama-
Pacific exposition In 1915. The same
caucus Sunday night laid on the table
a resolution which authorized women
to hold positions a_> clerks and sten
ographers in the senate and house
and sidetracked a similar resolution
in the committee on rules today.
The legislature will do away with
the system of enrolling bills by hand
and substitute book typewriters. This
will result in a great saving of ex
pense. After disposing of routine
matters both houses adjourned until
tomorrow when they will Convene in
joint Session at two o'clock and Gov
ernor Hay will read his second an
nual message.
Medicines tnat aid nature are al
ways most effectual. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this olan. It
allays the cough, relieves the lungs,
opens the secretions and aids nature
in restoring the system to a heathy
condition. Thousands have testified
to its superior excellence. Sold by
all dealers. Wed-Fri-Sun.
To Be Great City, "Wake Siyah,"
Capital of the Territory of
A . akima valley newspaper of
exceedingly early vintage is the Kit
titas Wav-Wav of July 4, 1879, a
copy of which is in the possession of
Volney Taft. The copy Is No. 1,
Vol. 1, and whether there were lat
er numbers Mr. Taft doesn't re
member. At any rate Its publishers
only undertake to get it out semi
occaslonally. The occasion of tha
first number was aewndarily tbe
Fourth of July and primarily the ex
ploitation of the stock carried _>y
the grocery store of A. A. Bell A
Company, proprleor of the little
five by ten Inch sheet and its only
Clever Editorial.
The Declaration of Independence
is used very cleverly editorially to
convince the population of Ellens
burg, then in Yakima county, ac
cording to the date line, that It
should indulge in home trade, and
not patronize the stores at The
It was made evident, also, that
there were no local option contro
versy in those days, the bottlaJ beer
and cold lager on draught being
much talked of. "We hold these
truths to be self evident," says the
Wav-Wav," that all men are created
equal; that they are endowed with
certain unalienable rights, that
among these are life, liberty, a good
lunch accompanied by a refreshing
glass of beer and a good cigar," an I
that the Stockade grocery was es
tablished at Ellensburg to permit the
pursuit of happiness along just thete
Ellin Go I mini.
The local column beginning "Erin
Go Unum; E Pluribus Bragh," con
tains verious items of Interest as
Well as praise for Hess' lager bee r
and of Humboldt Packwood, who "as
a bar-creature is a success," and who
serves a "jam-up cocktail with a
lemon In it."
For instance, Smith Bros, cut 15C0
tons of hay at Ellensburg thirty-. »'d
years ago. It was before the day 3
of the "safe and sane" Fourth, and
firecrackers were sold at the Stock
ade grocery. Moreover, there were
picnics up and down the val'ey and
a basket party at Shoudy's hall, a
dance and fireworks at the Post.
Business Hustling.
Business was hustling and the city
looked forward to a great future as
Is evident from the paragraphs:
Messrs. Sharp and Rprague are
ereoting a building for the general
merchandise establishment of Block
& Blumauer.
Mr. Jewett has moved Into his
new and elegant saloon and Is pre
pared to "greet the boys in his
usual happy style.
Carpenters are all busy. The
sound of the hammer Indicates the
Prosperity of Ellensburg. It is
"wake siyah," the capital of tha:
territory. \ [
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been
In use for over 90 years, has borne the signature of
--f - and has been made under his per*
f^LjCJ&fS+-#-.. sonal supervision since its Infancy.
***!T7j, f<<*CA4*tt Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allnys Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
y^Bears the Signature of .
The Kind Yoa Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Walter A. Bull, the Irrepressible
freighter has arrived with goods for
Shoudy & Stewart.
A turning lathe and furniture fac
tory will be established In Ellens
burg, providing the necessary wa
ter privilege can Be secured.
Interspersed between these Items
is news concerning "mottoe" candy,
conversation candy, prise candy
packages, choice French candy aa
well as tobacco, cigars and tha afore
mentioned lager.
Makes Fun of Sign.
The Wav-Wav makes fun of a
sign at The Dalles in which spelling'
Is fearful and wonderful. Aa the lit-!
tie paper itself shown practically no I
typographical errors, it is in a posl-!
tlon to joke. The sign reada: "John'
Smith, teacher of cowtlllions and ]
other dances —gramer taught in the)
neatest manner—fresh aalt herring
on draft —likewise Riley's root beer
—irute sausages and other garden
truck. N. B—A Ibawl on Friday
night—prayer meeting chuesdry,
also salme slngli g by the quire."
When given as soon as the croupy
cough appears Chamberlain's Coinjh
Remedy will ward off an attack of
croup and prevent all danger and
cause of anxiety. Thousands of
mothers use it successfully. Sold by
all dealers. Wed-Frl.-Sun
North Coast Railway Will Prob
ably Get at Least Half a Hun
dred lor Its Use.
Between three and four million
dollars for locomotives is to be ex
pended by the Harriman system, the
new additions to the motive power
being for use in Washington and
other additions in the northwest to
the trackage of the Harriman lines,
An order has been placed with the
American Locomotive works for 198
engines which must be delivered not
later than June, 1911.
No one factory in the United States
is capable of making so many en
gines in the time specified, and the
various factories throughout the east
ern states will be taxed to the utmost
to get the lagre order out on time.
Of the 196 engines ordered, prob
ably 50 will be placed in service on
the North Coast, the majority will
go to the Southern Pacific and the
Oregon-Washington Kailroad & Navi
gation Company.
Robert E. Strahorn, builder of the
North Coast, is in conference with
the officials of the Harriman lines at
Chicago and has been for the paat
two weeks. While there the matter
of ordering the engines was taken up
and disposed of.
Record Locomotive Order.
This order placed Thursday after
noon with the Philadelphia firm Is
Progress is rapid with the man who combines
good credit with his working capital.
When temporary reverses come it is an excellent
thing to have some reserve capital or a good credit
to fall back upon. ,
The merchant, the manufacturer, the farmer, the
private individual, can all use credit advantageous
ly. Each find cash and credit
They supplement each other. With credit you
ran make more money. W Tith money you can get
more credit.
Banks are always glad to make loans to persons
who are known to protect their credit.
In loaning money this bank always makes it a
point to attend to the needs of its depositors first.
The First National Bank of North Yakima.
W. L. OTKINWE-G. President. A. B. CLINK, Cashier.
O. R. DONOVAN, Asst. Cashier. J. A. LOUDON, Aeet. Cashier.
the largest ever given by a single sys
tem of ralroad in the history of rail
road building in America, where It
is brought to perfection by the mod
ern and present day methods.
Just as soon as Mr. Strahorn re
turns from Chicago, which will be
within a few days, he will announce
the personnel ot the operating force
which will have charge of the Colum
bia division from Attalia to North
Yakima. This line is a little more
than 100 miles in length and will be
the first over which the North Coaat
will operate trains for revenue.
j Foley Kidney Pills
! Are tonic in action, quick In re-
I suits. A special medicine for all kld
| ney and Madded disorders. Mary C.
! Abbott, Wolfeboro, N. H., says "I
| was afflicted with a bad cas? cf
i rheumatism, due to uric acid that my
kidneys failed to clear out of my
blood. I was so lame In my feet.
joints and back that It was agony
for me to step. I used Foley Kid
ney Pills for three days when I waa
abie '.-_ get up and move at>out and
the pains were all gone. Tne great
change in condition I owe to Foley
Kidney Pille and recommend them
to any one suffering as I have" For
sale by North Yakima Drug Store.
Answering the request of Lieut. Col.
Lemon, retired, and Capt. Denham
of Company C Washington National
Guard, the county commissioners, In
their first session Monday, agreed to
provide a suitable site for a state
armory in this city, providing the
state legislature appropriates sufficient
money to erect the building. Selec
tion of the site is left with the state
authorities. Present in the meeting
were the new commissioners, James
Lancaster and Martian E. Olson, and
"hold-over" commissioner, Lemay. As
the armory question rests now, all
that is necessary is to put the appro
priation through the legislature.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
purifies the blood, strengthens the
nerves, regulates the bowels, aids
the kidneys, cures stomach troubles,
builds up the nervous force and re
pairs the ill effects of over-eating.
Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. For sale
by D. H. Fry.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office over Janeck Drug Store.
Residence, Cor. Sixth and Chestnut.
Office hours—9 a. m. to li m. and
2 to 5 p. m. Member of Pension
Attorneys at Law.
Notaries Public.
Atterney for American Surety Co,
Empire State Surety 00.

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