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The Yakima herald. (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914, March 29, 1911, Image 2

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Jmrj in Case of Attorney Against
Fire Insurance Company On
ly Out an Hour
Snively Says Associate Has More
Fancy Vests Than Bruff Dem
onstrating It Not Improbable
for Man to Own So Many
After two trials, which resulted in |
hi* favor but were reversed or sent
back for retrial by the supreme court.
John H. Bruff, the well known at
torney, was given a verdict for *500
against the Northwestern Firo Insur
ance company, of Seattle, by a juryi
In the superior court. The amount was
for insurance on the plaintiff's house
hold goods and clothing. In addition
are the costs of the three trials, which
will have to be paid by the c.iso to
the supreme court, if a new trial is
not granted.
The Jury, which received the case
Saturday evening at 11 o'clock, was
out only one hour, returning a sealed
verdict, which was opened by Judge
Preble Monday morning, at the re
ueat of Judge Kaiiffmaii, before whom
the trial was had.
Government Official Here Says
tbe Data Will Prove to Be of
Great Value Hereafter
There Is every reason why ranchers
who are interested In the govern
ment frost service should enter Into
communication with Thomas Roger
Reed, the -weather bureau official, at
the Commercial club, as he can point
out excellent reasons why those In
terested In smudge pots and frost
protection should take temperature
observations la their orchards and
report them. It may be that there is
a difference of three degrees of tem
perature between the weather office
sub station and some orchard half a'
mile distant. This difference Is one
of the facts that the observer wants
to know, and It may prove of v'tal
Importance to the orchard owner.
By accumulating the weather stat
istics this year and succeeding years
the time will soon come when the ob
server here will be able to tell the
Individual orchardlst just what the
conditions will be In his particular!
Already a number of the orchard I
owners have communicated with Mr.
Reed to have their thermometers
tested and have received from him'
Instructions as to the character of the'
data he Is desirous of obtaining from 1
Utmmptaxy Operating in North Yak
ant Carrieed Millions of People
Last Year Without a Loss
Takima valley people who propose
to use the Harriman railway In and)
out and up and down this section ofj
the slate will be interested In its rec
ent as to Bafetv from the point of
view of the passengers.
Installation of safety devices and
the block signal system aro cited for
tho record of tho Harriman railroads
in carrying 4',),491,00(1 passengers iv
ISIO without sacrificing a single life.
The report was compiled in the of
fice of Julius Kriitlschnitt. director of
maißtenanco und operation, Chicago.
It covers the business of ;ho Union
Pacific, South and affiliated roads, a
total of 17.960 miles. The total num
ber of passengers carried on a mil"
basis is 3,000,000,000
Tho Harriman system carried 10
per cent of the estimated 1910 pas
senger traffic. The figures for most
of the other railroads hive not yet
becm compiled by the government, but
in 1(0* tho number of passengers car
ried was 29,000,00(1,000. The figures
for 1(10, it IS said, will not exceed a
billion more.
General Record Is (i<mhl
Hum other railroads have gone
through a year without a fatality to
any of its passengers, but it la said
that no system bas made this record
for such a large total of passengers.
Kesuhs on the Harriman lines are
ascribed to a campaign waged by the
management for years to reduce ac
. iiie»t.« The Harriman system now
has more miles nf automatio block
signal protection than any other sys
tem m the world. Mr. Knittsni.tt]
ha* directed special attention to the
accident problem, and began several
yearn ago to bring about a reduction
by giving complete- publicity to all
forms of accidents unci their investi
gation, which, it is believed, spurred
officers and employes to greater cf
lortji to safeguard live*
I* 1803-1904 the number of acd
itaata on the Union Pacific was 20 for
1.d10.000 locomotive miles. On the
Pacific system of the Bouthern Pacific
the number of accidents per 1,000,000
locomotive miles wtag reduced from
2*,| to 10.8 in tho same time
A pain in the side or back that
-atches you when you stra'ghten up
alls for a rubbing application of
i elaxes the contracted muscles and
p«rmitß ordinary bodily motion with
out suffering or inconvenience. Price
28c, 60c and SI 01) per bottle. Sold
i>y D. H. Fry, 10 Yakima aye., and |
C. W. Camp. W.st Side Druggist.
Permit Issued for Girl tn Parndo
Streets In Bifurcated Garment
TRAVERSE CITY. Mich.. March 27.
—A harem skirt worn in tho streets
lof the downtown section by Miss
Marie Schmaltz, a saleswoman, creat-1
ed a furor among passersby, and tho
Kirl had to appeal to police head- j
quarters for -permission to wear tho
garment unmolested. She was given
police license to wear the skirt. The
permit was like a license to parade.
Thereafter she went abount under po- j
lice protection.
goo's mmmz
"As Star Diifcrcfh From Star.'*
"Greatest and Least In
tiia Kngdom"
Berlin, German].
which we report.
from the lext. "Of
those boru of women there is not a
greater Prophet than John tbe Bap
tist, Inn the leasi in the Kingdom "f
Heaven is greater than lie" (Luke vil,
88). Large and Interested audiences
attended. He leaves tonight for Co
penhagen and Stockholm. Crowds of
Jews are reported lo have heard him
during the last three days in Vienna,
Budapest, Lemberg ami Krakow.
There can be no better Illustration
of the sharp line of distinction between
tin- earthly niul the heavenly classes
ami their calling Hum is shown by our
text, said' Pastor Russell. Tho ureat
Teacher freely attested to Ihe loyalty
and courage niul saintliness of His
cousin John, as evidenced by the words
of our text. But if so great anil boi
untitle a Prophet, why could not .lorn
be a member of the Bride class? \Vli-.
could he not be numbered wiih Ihe
disciples of Jesus nml be an Apostle,
or ut least a footstep follower? Til
answer is that he was mil called
the heavenly plane, bul to tin- earthly,
lie was honored of God in being tntidi
one of (he Prophets of Ihe Jewish A;.i
—the last of them. Although a differ
ent honor from that conferred upon tli
Apostles, John's was a great honor aui
we have reason to believe that, undo
Divine providence when perfected ii
the resurrection, he will appreciate tin
earthly blessings and privileges wbicl
will be his, more than the spiritual tint
heavenly privileges bestowed upon tin
Apostles nnd the less prominent mem
hers of the Church.
The Lord "will choose our Inher
itance for us," we rend (Psnlni xlvii, I).
Happy nre those who repose implicit
confidence in Divine goodness and Who
seek to obtain whatever uuiy be God's
choice for them. If we hnve been
called with Hie heavenly railing, lei us
not shrink back nnd declare ourselves
unworthy nml decline to accept the fa
vors of Guil and to choose an inferior
position. Lei OS, rather, lie glad to
say. Thy will be done in my heart, in
my life, in all my future. "Order Thou
my steps in Thy Word."
A Friend of the Bridegroom.
Jesus hnd n two-fold mission:—
(1) Ile came "thai the world through
Him might he saved"—that He might
give Himself "n rnnsoin for nil. to lie
testified in due time" (I Timothy il, 8).
(2) Incidentally Ills mission wits to
proclaim the acceptable year of the
Lord-Hie time In which God is willing
to accept the sacrifice! of BUCb as desire
lo walk iv Hie Redeemer's footsteps,
anil to constitute Ihoso the Bride and
Joint licit- nf Messiah.
.iiiiiii tbe Baptist referred lo the lat
ter leal lire of our Lord's work, saying,
He lli.it haih Hie Bride Is the Bride
groom, lan tin- friend of tbe Bride
groom heardh His voice nud lcjoicetli
greatly. This, my joy, therefore, is
fulfilled (John in, -.»>. Ii was uol for
liim lo be a member of the Bride, but
be rejoiced to be a friend of the Bride
groom. As our Lord's forerunner he
announced Hie Bridegroom; lie called
Upon Hie nation of Israel to turn from
sin, to purify their hearts, io come
back into harmony with God nnd tints
to be prepared to receive the Briilc
groom nnd to become tbe Bride, so
fur as tbe nation was concerned John's
mission was a failure, us God had fore
known and foretold. But so far ns
Hie Bride clnss was concerned John's
mission was a success, for, ns the
Scriptures intimate, those who believ
ed John's testimony accepted Jesus
and Ho accepted them.
Greatest In the Kingdom.
We must rememlier that the Cbnrch
is the Kingdom of Hod—now in a
forma live or einbryotic state, but in
the end, by ■■tlw resurrection," to be
spirit beings and partakers with Je
sus, their Bridegroom, in His wonder
fui glory, honor. Immortality and
Kingdom work. This Kingdom elnss
la not reigning now. hut merely form
ill*-r- It is Joined "on probation." after
the Methodist style. If the probation
ary period of the present life be faith
fully used, the full Induction Into the
Kingdom, its glories, honors nml im
mortality, will surely follow by par
ticipation in tin- First Resurrection.
Amongst the faithful followers of
the Master there will be differences,
»s St. Paul explains, "as one star
dlffereth from another star in glory"
il Corinthians xv. 41). We cannot
know, and it is not necessary for
ns Io gues<. who shall occupy the
chief place* in th.- Kingdom. These
shall lie given io those whom the Fa
ther pr.-f.-rs. as ill- Red ncr explain
ed to the woman who asked that hot
two suns might sp. one on His right
ll 1 and the other on His left hand
in the Kingdom iMatthew \\. SI),
If we wile lo guess who shall be
Accidentally l,o<-k Themselves In Cell
Tliey Aro Inspecting
ROCK ISLAND, 111., March 27.—
Throe Rock Island county supervisors,
| who went to tho jail this morning to
1 Inspect tho cell from which a prisoner
■tried to oscapo several days ago.
found themselves locked In when the '
key broko In tho door. After several
hours they got out by tearing up the
floor and dropping to tho room be-j
j low tho same way tho prisoner tried 1
to escape
closest In |iosi;ioh io the Muster we
would suppose that St. I'aiil would be
Bnt, With Si. John. Bt Peter und St.
Jnuies near by in gloftous excellence.
And yet we know not how nearly up
to the AposJolic standard some inut
ile who hnve lived very humble und
Obscure lives, have fought v good
fight nnd finished their course with
joy. Indeed, the twelve Apostles seem
to occupy, by Divine decision in ad
vance, the very highest Stations In the
Kingdom, next to tbat of the Redeem
er, Who snld of them. "Ye who have
followed Me, in the regeneration see
shall sit t//ion tirelrr thrones Judging
the twelve trities of Israel" iMnlthew
xix. 2S). Again, they nre pictured to
ns ns the "crown of twelve stnrs" to
the Church (Revelation xii, I>, and yet
again they nre pictured to ns ns the
twelve precious foundation stones of
the Church in her future glory, us the
New Jerusalem (Revelation xxl, 14).
Those called of God to this high Sal
vation, as members of the spiritual
Kingdom which shall bless natural Is
rael and through her all the nations,
are required to. demonstrate their loy
nlty to God by faithfulness even unto
death— in the narrow way of self-sac
rifice. As there is no other Name thnn
that of Jesus whereby nny may be
snveil to eternal life, so. likewise, then
is no other path whereby any may
reach the Kingdom except the nar
row way. "and few there be thnt find
it." aii who attain to the Kingdom
musi be overcomers of the world to
the extent, of self-sacrifice. The grada
tions of glory will bo because of spe
clnl manifestations of y.oni for the
Lord nml His cntisc of righteousness
nnd Truth against sin nnd error.
A Lesser Spiritual Salvation.
The Scriptures clearly show another
elnss in process of salvation during
this Qospel \ge. quite separate nml
distinct from the Bride elnss. These
nre referred to in various pnrts of the
Scriptures. They will nil be loyul. to
the extent that they would not tlvnii
the Lord nor wilfully practise sin.
Their failure io reai h the statin of the
Bride is Indicated in an Insufficiency
of y.eal in . oiinectioii with their loyal
ty. This class is described in Revela
tion xii. 11. They arc represented ns
having failed to keep their garments
unspotted from the world failed to
live i ircuuisi-c ily. carefully enough.
Hence in a great lime of trouble in
the end of this Age these nre represent
ed ns washing their robes und making
them white in the blood of the Lamb
and then coming up through that trib
ulation to glory anil honor, but not
to immortality, nor to the same degree
of glory nnd honor us the Church, the
Bride. The distinction In their glory
Is Indicntetl in thnt Instead of being in
the Throne they nre before it; Instead
of being the Bride, they will serve; in
stend of wonring the crown, they will
benr palm branches; instead of being
the Temple, they will be servants in
tho Temple.
This same class Is referred to by the
Apostle In his declaration respecting
the end of this Age. He Intimates thnt
some will have an abundant entrance
(II Peter I. 11) Into the Kingdom, while
others will lie "saved so as by tire"
(I Corinthinns 111. 15). The tire of this
Day will test every uinn's work ol"
What sort it Is. Some will be proved
to be gold, silver, precious stones.
These the "lire" will not consume.
Others will be proved to be an admix
ture of hay nnd stubble, which will be
consumed, though themselves will be
saved from the fire (I Corinthians lit.
12. 13i.
The tribe of Levi pictured the entire
"Church of the First-born," but it con
tained Iwo classes the "little flock" of
priests and ihe "great (-.111111111}'" of Le
vites—the Bride class and the servant
class, untie of whom have nny Inher
itance In Ihe earth, all "f whom have
Ihe heavenly inheritance.
As Isaac typified our Lord, the Re
deemer, and as Rebecca typified tbe
Bride class, so Rebecca's maiden* typi
fied this "tirciit company" class. This
same thought is brought to our atten
tion in Psalm xlv, where the Bride
class is pictured ns being presented
to Jehovah in the end of this Age in
glory, honor and immortality, Illustrat
ed by raiment of line needlework and
gold. Following tiie Bride conic "Ihe
virgins, her companions, who follow
her." These also will lie greatly hon
ored, greatly blessed. tbOOgb theirs will
be ii less honor. This "great company"
will not constitute the Kingdom, al
though they will be Identified with it
ami its wonderful salvation nnd bless
ing fur mankind.
Keeping or 3reaking Commandments.
Tbe Croat Teacher's declaration thfll
they who break Cod's commandments
and teach otfa t's so to do shall be
called "least Ir ihe Kingdom" has caus
ed considerable perplexity in the past.
The question has been. How could any
one be tit at all for the Kingdom who
breaks Coil's commandments and
teaches others so to dot The answer
is tiiat many of Coil's people have la
bored miller more or less of blindness
and have done things which they
ought iml to have done and left un
done the things which they ought to
.Vivo done. As an Illustration, John
Calvin, noble mini ns he was, btirne I
ids Christian brother, Bervetmt. Bach
Violation of the Divine commands and
stub wrong teaching must, according
to mir human judgment, assign Brother
I al\ in lo a lesser place in the King
dom than if lie had more carefully.
more earnestly sought I lie will and
Spirit of (md. However, it is not for
us to Judge. We are merely seeking
io ascertain the spirit of our Lord's
Begotten of tbe Holy Spirii and priv
lleged of the Lord lo be disciples and
to be guided of the Holy Spirit. WS
should be so faithful In tbe study of
tiie Scriptures as not to be mistaken
in respect to the general application of
their meaning. Wrung practice am'
false teachings do not always repri
Ksciumbn Manufacturing Company to
Keep Men Out. of Temptation
ESCANABA, Mich., March 27.—
When the employes were paid today
by the Escanaba Manufacturing com
pany, the largest makers of butter
dishes In the woild, the checks bore
the words, "Not to be cashed in sa- j
j loons." Heretofore 85 per cent of .
checks have been cashed in sa
[ loons.
sent disloyalty to God. but they surely
do ulwnys l-cpreseut slackness or Inat
tention to tiie Divine i:'ei: ■"•c; though
we may be sure of the Lord's faithful
ness In enlightening nil who nre of tbe
proper, tea, liable spirit,
.1.-hn ths Baptist's Class.
Tn trbnl elnss d < John the l*;i] t! '
bclimg. ami \,liat will bo his share in
the Kingdom, according to ■ ur text*
Since the call of God I -t»-;:iti wi.'i tic
call of tbe Church, ami nine* the
Church began at the First Advent nf
.lesus. It follows that mi i-iu- ivas CHlletl
of God to salvation prior lv Jesus' time
—none for forty-one hundred nnd lift.
years after sin entered tbe world,
God did, however, recognize ti' • loy
alty of lieart of Ills Prophei Enoch
nnd communed with him and bUssed
liiin. etc. God also recognized ."ii;ra
barn's faith and spirit of oliedlenee,
nnd Isaac's and Jacob's, and ihni of
Moses and Anron ami numerous pro| ll
ets and other faithful ones less nots le
Did lie not Call these? We uns.vci
that lie did not call them lo salvntii ll
for no salvation could be posltlvel,
offered until the Redeemer had sacrl
ticed; not- were they called to ibe King
dom, fur the mmc reason. God did
tell them thnt in due lime He would
bless all the world. 11.- did tell tlictii
that in due time the great Ruler of
the wiirld would come forth froi i
Abraham's posterity in the line of
Isaac anil Jacob nnd the nation of Is
rael. But telling them of v Comillf
blessing and giving I hem eternal "it
are different matters. St. Paul de
flares thnt none of them got everlast
ing life, and Hint "by the deeds of the
Law im Hosh can be justified befen
Israel's Lnw Covenant served to
instruct tho Chosen People. It was
B call to do right, and a promise of
eternal life if they would keep the
Law. "He ihat doeth these things
shall live." Israel learned the lesson
that a perfect Law could not be kept by
imperfect beings. Some of ther and
some of the Gentiles in due time heard
of Jesus nml how God has provided
justification through His sacrificial
God Provides Some Better Thing For
the Church Than For Ancient
St. Paul tells us the status of those
noble c iiai'iicicrs, of whom John Hie
Baptist was the last They were vol
unteer servants of God, so to speak.
Those of them who were born under
the Law Covenant, by their faith lived
above it and will be fully rewarded,
although they lived before any specific
call or offer of eternal life was made.
Their faith and obedience were pleas
ing to God; as St. Paul relates, "All
these died in faith, uot having receiv
ed Ihe things promised it hem), God
having provided some better thing for
us (the Gospel Church), that they with
out us should not be made perfect"
(Hebrews xi. la. 40).
j "The Church of the l-'irst-born" is to
be perfected flrst, and on the spirit
I plane, "partakers of the divine na
! ture" (II Peter i, 4). In dne time those
Ancient Worthies will come forth
from tiie tomb to receive the blessing
which Cod declares shall be the re
ward of their loyalty. As the Church
will have the "better resurrection" on
the spirit plane, so those Ancient
Worthies will have the "better resur
rection" on I lie earthly plane. They
will come forlli from tbe tomb actual
ly perfect, while the remainder of
mankind will be obliged to attain per
fection by the slow process of faith,
works, obedience, during the thousand
years of the Kingdom.
Ancient Worthies Will Be Princes In
All the Earth.
Moreover, those Ancient Worthies,
while not members of the Kingdom,
per se, which will be spiritual, will be
members of Hint Kingdom in its earth
ly phase. They will lie the Kingdom's
earthly representatives, princes or
rulers, in all ihe earth, ns the Scrip
tures declare (Psttlin xlv. 10). We re
member ihe words of Jesi-s to this ef
fect: "Ye shall see Abraham, Isaac
nnd Jacob and all Ihe Prophets In the
Kingdom," bul He said not. a word
about Himself or His disciples being
seen: properly so. because they, ns spir
it beings, will be invisible to men.
The Scriptures still further intimate
that during the thousand years of
Messiah's reign, al! the faithful of
mankind, all the obedient, will be priv
ileged to conic into relationship with
the King. This is figuratively repre
sented In the statement that the great
ones of earth -will bring their glory
and honor into the New Jerusalem."
With such glorious hopes before ns.
with such appreciation of our Heaven
ly Father's glorious character and
wonderful I'lau. with such n grand
view of our Savior'- work, with such
a hope of a share vith Him in His
Kingdom, what t..miner of persons
ought we tn he lii holy living nnd
godliness! Nor should it he thought
strange thnt tiny of the splrlt-besgotten
now. or the restored of the future,
who would turn I heir bucks upon the
gracious provisions made for their Sal
vation, would lie considered unworthy
of further favor or blessing nt the
hinds „f (b.il nnd would die the See
nnd Death annihilation. As Pnul snys
"they shall be punished with everlnst
In-r destruction from the presence of
the Lord and the glory of his power"
(H Tbessaloniana 1, 9),
Soon the disciples of the Master will
be one with Him beyond the veil.
sharer* of His glory nnd Kingdom
Then will come the time when th
world will believe. The knowledge n'
the Lord will fill the earth and all
the blinding and stumbling lnfll'.en ■■<
of ill-, present will he at an end. The
Ravlor will then exercise ll!s power
on behalf nf the world, oTPrthrowln™
evil :itill unliftlng every good prim l"!o
ami all who love righteousness, a-"'
destrnving those who wo I'd eornt 1
the earth
Statistics of the Various Precincts
Are Issued From the National
Practically All the Other Precincts
Show in the Census Column for
the First Time in Their History
According to Report
Statistics of the population of
Washington, in printed form, have
been issued from the National cap
ital and placed In circulation. They
show that In 1910 Yakima county had
a total population of 41,709, as com
pared with 1.1,462 in 1900, and 442
In 1890. In the aetailed statemen
but two places appear in the 189
column. These are Yakima City an
North Yakima. In 1890 Yakima Clt
| had a population of 196, which te
I years later had grown to be 287. an
I which iv 1910 was 263. This ap
parently Is a loss. North Yakima wa
1535 in 1890; then 3154 In the nex
decade census and finally 14,082
The Yakima reservation in 1900 ha
a population of 2219, which In 191
was figured at 1830.
I'opiilatioii by Pi-eciiicls.
Population of the county by pre
cincts was as follows: Ahtanum, 481
Alfalfa, Si; Belma, including Grand
view. 1771; Cowlche, 895; Grandview
City, 320; Divide, 120; East Selah
121; East Sunnyside, 1989; Sunnyside
City, 1041; and incmding West Sun
nyside, 1379; Fairview, 1102; For
Simcoe, 166; Fruitvale, 1275. Glade
258; Granger precinct, 1261; Grange
City, 453; Hopdale, 981; Lower Na
ches, 463; Mabton precinct, 902; Mab
ton City, 666; Mt. Adams, 41; Moxee,
1437; Nile, 177; Nob Hill, 1100
North Yakima, Ist ward, 2476: Sec
ond ward, 2153; Third ward, 2867
Fourth ward, 2546; Fifth ward, 1759
Sixth ward, 2281; Outlook, 683; Park
er, 823; Selah, 1524; Tamplco, 181
Toppenish precinct. 2594; Toppenish
City, 1598; Upper Naches, 769; Wap
ato precinct, 1164; Wapato town, 400
Wenas, 454; West Sunnyside precinct.
1555; Wheatland. 137; Yakima City
263; Zillah, 979; Indian reservation.
F. T. Carney has leased a portion
of his bottom land to a number of
Tom Freeman and George Thorn
ton have gone to Easton to work on
the log drive for the Cascade Lum
ber Co.
Harry Reeks and bride came to the
valley Sunday and expect to live on
their homestead on Pomona Heights.
They have the hearty congratulations
and best wishes of their friends.
The school entertainment and
shadow social that was held at the
school house Friday evening was a
success In every way. The proced"
amounted to $21.05.
A. L. Bush, of Seattle, is in Alfalfa,
at this writing.
The school meeting held at the
school house March 22 for the pur
pose of voting for consolidation of
the Alfalfa and Granger school dis
tricts was largely attended and car
ried for the consolidation.
Mrs. Coleman and daughter of
Mabt n were up to the ranch this
Miss Mary Tuttle was over from
Granger and spent Sunday with her
Miss Matle Johnson spent Satur
day and Sunday with Miss Dolle Gel
Polk's Oregon and Washington State
Gazetteer and Business Directory.
Just Issued for 1911-12 Is the most
complete work of the kind published.
It contains an accurate business di
rectory of North Taklma, Ellens
burg, Torp.nlsh, Seattle, Spokane,
Portland and every other city, town
and village in Oregon and Washing
ton, and the names and addresses
of country merchants and profes
sional men, lumbermen, etc., who
are located adjacent to villages; also
lists of government and county of
ficers, commissioners of deeds, state
boards, stal .tory provisions, terms of
courts, names of the postmaster-'
exp.-ess, telephone and telegraph of
fices, justices of the peace; hotels.
dally and weekly newspapers; be
sides much other Information use
ful to all classes of business anil
professional men. A descriptive
Bketch of each place Is given, em
bracing various items of interest,
such as the location, population
distances to different points, the
most convenient shipping station?
the products that are marketed,
stage crmmunlcatlon, trade statlI*-
tiea, the near. • bank location, min
eral Intjreats, churches, schools, li
braries and societies. An Important
feature Is the classified directory,
giving every business arranged un
der Its special heading, thus enab
ling subscrllers to obtain at a
glance a list of all houses manufac
turing or dealing in any particular
line of goods. The work generally
Is compiled to meet the wants of
the business community and Is so
thorough as to deserve their liberal
patronage. Pr'ce $9 00.
R. L. POLK & CO..
tf Seattle, Wash
A Cold, IjHGrlppe, (lion Pneumonln.
Is too often the fatal sequence-?
Foley's Honey and Tar expels the
cold, checks the lagrippe, and pre
vents pneumoni . It Is a prompt
and reliable cough medicine that
contains no narcotics. "Foley'J
Honey and Tar Is the best cough
remedy I ever used as It quickly
stopped a severe cough that had long
troubled me," says J. W. Kuhn,
Princeton, Nebr. Just so quickly aad
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colds, lagrippe and lung trouble. It
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self, and should be used tn all cases
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North Taklma Prug Store.
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If r ASTORIIThe Kind You Have
II *r%SS Always Bought
ffbf& AVegelaWePreparattonforAs] «n j.l. #
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Roosevelt Speaks in California of
the Public Servant and the
Eighth Commandment
Corrupt Business Men Who Give
Graft Are Treated as Severely
as Are the Receivers of Corrupt
Money |
BERKELEY, March 27.—A crowd
again taxed the resources of the cap- '
aclous Greek theatre of the Unlverr j
slty of California to hear Theodore*
Roosevelt continue his lecture series
today. |
"The Public Servant and the!
Eighth Commandment," was the sub
ject of today's preachment and tnere
were many who read into Col. Roose
velt's stirring remarks a special re- j
ference to the conditions In San
Francisco that resulted In the recent
graft prosecutions. While excoriat
ing the corrupt public servant, the
speaker dwelt with like severity on |
the public, which he claimed was'
primarily responsible for corrupt of
ficials and he devoted particular at
tention to graft givers as well as to '
graft receivers. j
Graft Givers Scored
In speaking of corrupt capitalists
he said that if business can't be run
without submitting to blackmail or
If business Is of a kind that can't be
done except In the dark, "I say get
—lit————rr^Tin i wim m in an ii i ■ !■—■— n
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It hns an efficiency of 100 per cent every day in the week, ai-.d from one year's mri
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It meets the need for rapid work, with speed to spare.
It fits into any business groove as though it were built to order.
The Oliver Typewriter is original in design, perfect in construction, bnllian' in
pertormaa :e. , m
It nas overturned all typewriter traditions and precedents —broken all recotds in th,.
typewriter world-set up a new standard of results. "*"" ,n cne
Keep your eye on The OLIVER!
If your typewriting department is handicapped by back-number machine-, it wilt h.
money in your pocket to get them out of the way. J°
The Oliver Typewriter will increase the efficiency of ever,- operator in your employ ,
and *a£i3k£. gfo?VcSpy nter ** " """ """"' '" "*" •**«"*• *»"**ver
JOHN S. WERT, Local Agent
114 East A St. NORTH YAKIMA, WASH. Telephone 1361
into some entirely different business."
into some entirely different business."
After addressing himself to the
capitalists and declaring the capital-
Its is his own arch enemy if he per
sisted In the business of corrupting
and leagues with dishonest officials,
Roosevelt turned to the laboring
man, and declared that If he supports
candidates that tolerate violence or
other practices outside the pale of
the law he Is supporting the candi
dates that stand for corruption that
will bring not alone his cause but the
country to an end. Let both capital-
Its and laborer look to corruption in
their own classes was his advice.
"Cleanup" day will come soon. Dr.
Thomas Tetreau, city health officer,
is heartily in favor of not only, ma
king It cleanup "day." but would de
vote considerable portion of an ad
ditional part of the whole of next
week to cleaning up. In his opinioa
the matter is one wnlch here, as else
where, should be attended to with
care and not slighted. He would lika
to have much of the cleaning done
during the week preceding April 3,
the official date, for the reason that
there would undoubtedly be a con
gestion of the work if It were post
poned and an attempt made to ac
complish everything at once. By cart
ing all the refuse possible to the city
garbage dump during the week, ths
wagon and team capacity of the city
would not be overtaxed.
The necessity for a thorough clean
ing up of the rubbish of the city is
apparent, and that notwithstanding
the fact that North Yakima is per
haps In as good condition from a
sanitary standpoint as any other city
In the state at least.
A fight is to be made to keep the
unclean housefly from getting tos
much of a foothold this spring, and
that can only be done by taking the
situation as it is. and not delaying.
The health officer desires to impress
UDon all the necessity of cleaning up
around the barns where stock of dif
ferent kinds has been kept during
the winter, and to have all rubbish of
whatsoever kind cleaned up and
hauled away.

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