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Calutr ilmtntal
Entered at the Postoffice in Everett, V\a. h., M HKond-cUuM matter.
Office, Labor Temple Phone Main 116
Subscription, $1.00 per year in advance. Advertising rates on application.
MRS. M. R. STAUFFEK Advertising Manager
Hoard of Control. Publisher.
Meets second Sunday of each month ut 11 a. m. in Labor Temple.
CHARLES KENNEDY. President Electrical Workers
JOHN X.ROLL, Vice-President Label League
CARL LEONARD. Secretary - Cooks and Waiters
Ed. Faulkner, Treasurer Carpenters
Officers Central Labor Council
J. O. SHARPLESS President
L. A. SUYDAM Vice-President
Before a largo crowd that filled the Labor Temple hall last
Thursday night. Jimmie Duncan lectured like some college pro
fessor would have done. Cold facta and proofs of the facts were
presented by Duncan. All present at the meeting will vote for
him. as he is not a professional politician, but a student of
facts. Anybody hearing him speak gets a kind of feeling like
"well, this is a fellow 1 can trust to represent me, the worker."
If the workers can elect a large number of the same kind
as Duncan, unafraid, fearless and honest men m tin: next lew
elections, we will see some change in the running of affairs.
Some papers not representing the workers not being able to
find anything particular wrong with Duncan, like some piece of
land rented out to .laps, or some other foolish subject, .vhich the
ignorant public will swallow, call him a bolshevik.
They can not find tiny record of him ever having been a so
cialist, so the bolshevik stuff is the next best thing, as there
never happened to be a bolshevik party in the good old U. S.
They claim he was the main leader in the terrible revolution in
Seattle when old Ole Hanson rode around in the police patrol
and was taking moving pictures of mobs, hired by him. Machine
guns took an important part in the movies of Ole. One piece
of luck was that there was nobody killed in Oles revolution.
Another thing was that Ole made a nice piece of money after
the revolution was all over.
The whole affair was blamed to Lenine or Trotsky or to
some of the Russians anyway, and according to reports in these
papers dictated by Ole and the Colonel, boatloads of Russian
money were shipped into Seattle at the time.
And Jimmie was at the head of it. he must have had a spe
cial telegraph cable connected with headquarters in Russia some
where and the Seattle Labor Temple.
Anybody knowing Jimmie Duncan laughed about the ridic
ulous stories, anybody knowing the little fellow who always was
one of the most faithful servants of organized labor, an honest,
upright, well posted man with the best of intentions to work
for the interest of the workers and the workers alone. But some
of that dope will be brought to the attention of the voters be
tween now and election and will poison the minds of some of the
least intelligent.
Whatever thai Russian stuff has to do with the political af
fairs of the State of Washington, we don't know, and nobody
seems to know when you ask them out.'ight.
Vote The Farmer-Labor Ticket
In order that the children may have all the benefits of our
system of education, it is necessary that they shall be safe
guarded and that they shall have a wholesome environment when
in school. Physical and mental growth go side by side.
School rooms are properly lighted to conserve eyesight.
Buildings are kept clean ami sanitary as a safeguard against
filth-borne diseases.
Buildings are heated that they may pursue their studies in
School rooms art ventilated to insure a constant supply of
fresh air.
Playgrounds are provided for physical exercise.
The water supply is kept pure to guard against sickness.
Periodical physical examinations are made to protect heal
thy children from contagious diseases.
To hamper or abandon any part of this disease prevention
work would result in sickness, distress and the loss of precious
A prevent;?ble death or a preventable disease that is not
prevented is a disgrace to the community.
Referendum Measure 13 would break down well-tried regu
lations and open the way to epidemics.
Vote for Duncan for Senator
Hon. John W. Weeks, Secretary of War, says in a Cleveland
"The legislative branch of our government never has been
•it a lower ebb than it is today."
Hon. Julius Kahn, Chairman Military Affairs committee,
says in New York speech:
"I have never known the time when the make up of the
house was so low as it is today."
Hon. W. R. Wood, member of congress, and Chairman Re
publican Congressional Committee, says:
"I am only speaking the truth when I say that the people
\)f this country are giving congress hell!"
Vote The Farmer-Labor Ticket
During the forty-one years since the American Federation
of Labor was organized one of its most persistent agitations has
been to abolish child labor. Laws have been enacted that have
been declared unconstitutional. An amendment to the Constitu
tion prepared by the American Federation of Labor in conjunc
tion with a number of organizations interested in protecting
child life has been introduced by Senator McCormick of Illinois,
and is now before the senate and hearings will be held as soon as
congress re-assembles in December.
Vote The Farmer-Labor Ticket
Not the weak but the strong are the burdens we bear;
We could carry the feeble today,
And no one be broken with heart-ache and care,
11 the strong would stand out of the way.
We could satisfy all who have less than they need.
If those who have more would refrain;
Want is not the world's problem—the problem of greed,
For the slums are the backyards of gain.
We prate of "defectives," and scold the "unfit,"
But the people who trouble us most
Are the vaunted "efficient," who think they are IT.
And know not the things that they boast.
The handsome folks live on the plain folks, of course,
And the clever folks live on the fools;
And the people who work are forever the source
Of the waste and the riot that rules.
You may double the tax on the common man's bread,
But the rich man must still have his cake,
And the foolish must fill up the trenches with dead.
That the wise folks may double their stake.
And when you have beggared the man who is down.
The man is a patriot still;
But alas for the flag, and alack for the crown,
When the rich have to settle the bill.
No, it isn't the weakness of those who are weak
That makes the world wretched and wrong;
We shall some day discover the sinner we seek
In the self-centered greed of the strong.
—Oklahoma Leader.
Vote The Farmer-Labor Ticket
Vote for Duncan for Senator
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Hy ]\ s. K. Press Service
The ' following are items culled
from various Moscow news dis
patches. They give some indication
of the giant effort under way to
establish Russian industry and com
merce on a basis that will assure
the life and strength of the Soviet
go\ eminent!
The Scientific-Technical Commit
tee, in a repoti recently made pub-,
lie, finds that Russia will be able to
export large quantities of iron, plat-|
intim, gold and manganese.
The arrival of a large consignment
of asbestos from the Urals is ex
pelled at Petrograd. Half a million
poods are already on the way for ex
port to Germany.
The Petrograd Foreign Trade De
partment is shipping to Esthonia a
large consignment of Treugc.Vn.ik
The Srimea is enjoying a record
vintage harvest. Crapes are being
sold at 30 rubles a pound, which is
extremely cheap, and prices are still
on the decline.
The Tobaco Trust has received
from England an order for 10 mil
lion Petrograd cigarettes.
The electrification of the Rakh
mut wait region, which is expected
to increase production, is Hearing
Another consignment of artistic
products has been exported to Eng
land by the Slate Potteries. The
work is being pointed to in artistic
circles as handicraft of the finest
About 18 million poods of coal
have arrived in Petrograd since the
opening of navigation.
The Sevastopol branch of the
Lloyd-Triestino has received 3,000
"poods" of foreign freights from
Smoke Olympia St. Rigis, 10c, 3
for 25c. adv.
No. 20825
in the Superior Courl of the State of Wash
ington, in and for Snohomish County.
G. L. Wood, plaintiff, vs. Prank J. Walsh
Company, a corporation, defendant!
Under and by virtue of a Writ of Execution
issued out of the above named court, in the
above entitled cause, and to me directed and
delivered, 1 have duly levied upon all the
fight, title, claim and interest of above named
defendant, or either of them, in and to the
following described real property, situated in
Snohomish County, Stale of Washington, to
wit :
Lotrt one (1), two (2), three (3>, twenty
eight (28), twenty.nlne (29) and thirty (80),
all in block seven hundred twenty-four t724 1 ,
Plat of Everett, Division "II", in the city of
Everett, Snohomish County, Washington.
Notice is therefore hereby «iven, that on
the lMh day of November, A.D. 1922, at the
hour of 10 o'clock A.M. of said day, at the
front door of the Court House in Everett,
Snohomish County, State of Washington, I
will sell all the right, title, claim nnd interest
of above named defendant, or either of them,
in and to the above described property at
public auction to the highest and best bidder
for cash.
Dated at Everett, Washington, this 10th day
of October, 1922.
Sheriff of Snohomish County.
By A. H. HOWELL, Deputy.
DAILEY A DAILEY. Everett, Wash.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Plret publication Oct. 18, 1922.
East publication Nov. 3, 11)22.
Holmes' Confectionery for Candies
No. 207C6
Oscar Edlund, Plaintiff,
Stephen Mitchell and June Doe Mitchell, his
wife whose true Christian name is unknown
to plaintiff, and all unknown heirs of the
siiid Mitchell, and all persons having or
claiming to have any interest in the prop
erty hereinafter described. Defendant*.
The State of Washinirton:
To Stephen Mitchell anil Jane Doe Mjtrhell,
his wife, whose true Christian name is un
known, anil to all heirs of the said Mitchell,
and to ull persons having or clniminK to have
any interest in the property hereinafter de
scribed, Defendants.
You and each of you are hereby summoned
to appear within sixty (60) days after the
date of the first publication of this summons,
to-wit: Within sixty days after the 22nd day
ot September, H122, and defend the above en
tilled action in the above entitled court and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff and serve
a copy of your answer upon the undersigned
attorney for the plaintiff at his office address
below stated, and in ease of your failure so
to do, judgment will he' rendered against you
according to the demand of the complain',
which has been filed with the Clerk of said
The object of the above entitled action Is to
quiet title to the S' .of the SW', of the SE',
and the NW> ,of the SW' 4 of the SE', Sic'
22, Tp. 32, X, 4, E. W. M., in Snohomish
County, State of Washington, containing thirty
acres more or less,
Attorney for Plaintiff, P. O. and
Office Address. 210 Colby riuild
iiuf, Everett, Washington.
First publication Sept. 22, 11*22.
Last publication. Oct. 27, 1922.
Smoke Olympia Capitol, 10c straight
In the Superior Court of the State of Wash
ington, for Snohomish County.
Alice Holton, idaintiff, vs. J. It. Holton, de
The state of Washington, to the said J. It.
Holton, defendant:
You ate hereby summoned to appear within
sixty i6ll) days after the date of the Hint
publication of this summons, to-wit: within
sixty (601 days after the 13th day of October.
15122, and defend the above entitled action in
the above entitled court, and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff, and serve a copy of
your answer Upon the undersigned attorneys
for plaintiff, at their office below stated ; and
in ease of your failure so to do judgment will
be rendered against you according to the de
mand of the complaint, which has been filed
with the clerk of said c^ourt.
The object of this action is to obtain a
divorce from the above named defendant, on
the g rou niks of abandonment and non-support
Attorneys for Plaintiff,
Orfne and P.O. Address. 210 Stokes Building,
Everett, Snohomish County. Washington
First publication Oct. 13, 1022.
Last publication November 17, 11122.
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.;8 a matter** 1
Friday. October 27. 1922

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