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|— 8 ————— . ——— .
New Tennis Flannels | New Challies
New Siikaline Draperies ! New Umbrellas
N.Qw Muslin Draperies | New Goods in Every Dep't
OCKI€II ros.

Brick Block, cor. R. R. Ave, and Holly St.
Agents for P. Centemeri & Co.’s Kid Gloves
Majestic Steel Ranges
General Hardware and Mill Supplies
1087 Elk Street NEW WHATCOM, WN.
Sehome Livery
First-class Light Rigs and Saddle Horses
Telephone No. 15 . l*{. CROP"I‘, Pl’()r).
D. W. FELT, Proprietor
“resh, Salt and Srmolked Meats
Fine Meats and Prompt Delivery 1908 Twelfth Stre-t
y -
AN na . N .
A Resort For Young Men
Open on all week days from9a. wm. tol!
p. m. and on Sundays from 2 p. m. W 6
e Free Reading Kooms, Gymnasium and
| Baths, Parlors. The rooms are kupgllod with
gumes and a large and varied lot o reading
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
All young men welcome. Canoe street.
New Whateom, Washington,
General Secretary. |
A 0. U. W, meets every Kriday evealus
. In the Masonie hall. All mewbers 1o |
Wm sundlumre cordially Invited.
e ——— S ———
ular ,meeting every first and t.hlrd‘
ednesday in the month. ‘
C. W. McKenzie, Captaln.
Henry Schloss, secretary.
e —————————————————————
G. A. R.. meets every second lond-{
evening of each month In Masonic Hall
Visiting comrades nlwurl welcome.
). ALVERSON, P. O, |
E. M. Day, Adjt.
e ——————————————————
AIRHAVEN LODGE No. 73, F. und A.
M. Meets the second and fourth
ednesday in each month at Masonie hall,
Eleventh street.
W. D. HurLsur, W. M.
Morris JONES, Secretary.
Regular mutln%'l'uendu. . g m., &t
nights of Pythias Hall, Eievent street,
All visiting members cordfslly {nvited w at
tend. A, U, Grusg, 0, O,
¥. D. ALexaspeEr, X of R. and 8.
AIRHAVEN LODGE N 0.%, L. 0. O. ¢
meets every Friday evening at Knight
of Pythias Hall, Eli‘venth street |
C. L. ERwIN, Noble Grand.
A. M, CHAPMAN. Rec. Seo. ' |
\ Order of Forresters of America, meets
| rst and third Wodnudny‘z of each month
in X. of P. hall, 8. K. MansuaLy, C. R,
‘ A. H. TATEMAN, Sec.
‘ ————————
| anxu'.n HOSE COMPANY NO. 2
| meets every second and fourth Wed
saesday of each month at 7:30 p. m. in the
fire hall. SCOTT MARSHALL, Capt.
NION COUNUIL No, 152 Y. M. L., meew
tmh ‘y. first n’d t'.'ll:ir% Wod-u:h{ o!- uo{
month atß p. m., in the basement o ure
o:}mk fimu T. C. lcflw.,%’n-.
. O McCormicK, Rec Sec.
e ——————————————————————
mudo;y No. 8 holden on first and third
e-dvno each month at 8 p. m. in Masonic
hall. Visiting Sir Knl&lnu oouruonly in
vited J. M. LawrExce, E, C.
J. B. DAwsOx, Rec.
A ————
Corner of Larrabee Avenue and Twelfth
) Street
" Arrival and departure of mall from Falr
-3} ;.‘uv‘.:;‘. Wash., Postoffice, taking effect March
Port Townsend, Oreas, Fridav Harbor
Monday, Wednesd:x and Friday at 4:45 p.n.
via boat, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
and sunday at 12:456 p. m. via Seattle.
Sedro, Anacortes, Seattle, Tacoma and
L Kastern mall at 12:456 p. m dnlll‘y.
West Ferndale, Blalne and British Colum
bia at 12:45 &, m. dally.
%ow Whatcom Electrie Street Rallway at
7:45 4. m. and 4:45 p. m. dally except Sunday
s port® Townsend, Oreas, Friday Harbor,
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:00 »
&n. and at 5:00 $ m.
l’n.lnohWen erndale and British Colum
#‘l.l 1: {m. dally.
tile, Tacoma and Eastern mall at 1:4
ow wznwom via Electric Btreet Rallway
at 8:00 &.m. and 5:00 p.m.dally except Sunday
ven 10 Beach closes closes atß a. m.,
ves at b(? m\dslly except Inn:'u.
muo nvclon- n&tp. [
- u.wod ay and Friday, and arrives
'“?ru. 88 m. tofp m Sunday
from . m.
» 8. H. KEELER, P M
Fairhaven Herald,
Stationary and Marine
| Makesits ownsupply of gas
| from gasoline, and at less
\ expense than any o her en
gine. No boiler, ¢oal or fire
man required Runs with
either manafactured or
natural gas. Specially ad
ipted for small boat. and
launches and electric lignt
work. Circulars free. Men
> tion this paper,
FAatunaves, Wasn
r[RACTS in trom five to five hundred
acres each, s£s to 80 an acre; part cash,
balance in from three to four yeurs at 6
per cent. interest,
11th and Harris Sts, FAIRHAVEN, WN.
The Barber
-v & :
Cleanliness 18 next to Godliness and It |
should be remembered that Beuson's Bath
Rooms are the finest on the Bay.
's Hospital
St. Joseph’s Hospita
; « Attended by the Sisters of Peace
II)H H A. COMPTON. Surgeon In Charge
Dr. M. L. Jameson Dr. A. B. McKinnon
Dr. 8. N. Kelly l Dr. M. R. Svreeter
Dr,J. ¥, Cross Dr.W.A MacPherson
Dr. H.J. Birney l Dr.J. W. Goodheart
The Hospital Is near the line between
Falrhaven and New Whatcom and com
mands a beautiful view of the Bay and Is
For admission and terms apply to
Fairhuven. Wash,
Rheumatism, Fits (epilepsy), Serofula,
Liguor, Morphine or Tobaceo Habit
quickly and Yerman«ntl{ cured by the
wonderful 81-CHLORIDE OF GOLD
RHE[“ATIS“ (Fhe urie acid entirely ex
-4 L pel ed fro o the blooa). Cured
in from five to thirty days.
F"‘S (Fpllep:y) permanently cured; no re
tura of tue disesse from Iwo to four
w. eks treatment,
SCROFULA And the worst ¢ ses of inherited
blood taint quickly and Perma
neutly cured.
artrmas .
DRUNKENNESS ?.:‘.',3‘} a'.“g..""o"h{:'#."ilm‘;‘.‘
HINE or TOBACCO habit curgd In ten to
wwenty days.
No restriction or publiclnfi. Patients
cured at their own homes, Forty thons
and sufferers cured in eight years.
Full particulars without charge, ad
215 Powell St,, San Francisco, Cal,
The Outcome of a Quarrel Between
Him and Wife
A Prosperous Rancher on the Diagonal
Road, and Had Only Been
Marriea Two Months
John Barwick, a well-to-do rancher
living on the Diagonal road about eight
miles from New Whatcom, shot him
self through the temple yesterday af
As told in the HERALD of Thursday,
Barwick quarreled with his wife on
Tuesday over the manner in which one
of his wife’s children ate its dinner.
Some words passed between the couple,
and Barwick refused to finish Lis meal,
He then left the house and going (o an
outhouse proenred a shot gun; his wife
saw him coming and locked the door.
Barwick then placed the gun against
the door and pulled the trigger. Ai
hole was blown cle.an through the door,
and a shower of shot fell upon the floor,
narrowly missing his wife and the two
children. Mrs. Barwick with the
children took refuge at the home of her
mother, three miles distant. On Wed
nesday she ecame to Whatcom and
swore out a warrant in Justice Har
din’s court for Barwick's arrest. On
Thursday, Counstable M. E. White
went out to arrest him; he found Bar
wick with the house barricaded, and a
small arsenal, consisting of a shot gun,
a rifle, revolver and a can of giant pow
der, inside. Barwick refused to
open the door, but told
the constable to come around
to a window and he would talk with
him., White went to the window and
Barwick met him with a revolver in
hand. He told the officer that he
would not be taken alive under any
circumstances, Once while showing
the oflicer the giant powder with fuse
attached he dropped the revolver, and
then the officer might have killed him,
but nuturallf' he did not wish to do so.
Barwick called a neighbor, Mr. Sutton,
who was present, and asked him to dig
a grave and he would come out, shoot
himself and fall into it The constable
then came back to town, but had the
house guarded to prevent Barwick’s
Yesterday afternoon Constable White,
‘m',cmnpanled by Sherifl Requa and
Deputy Sheriff Conlin, again went out
to Barwick’s house. They held a
‘parley with him, aud he again refused
to surrender. Then they began to
break in the door, but before they had
succeeded a shot was heard inside, and
entering the house-they found Bar
wick on the floor with a bullet hole in
his right wmrle. When thef' left at 5
o’clock Barwick was still alive, but it
was thought that he would not live
through the night. AN gR 8
Buarwick was married on April 12th
to Mrs. Julia A. Argo, and the story of
the bridegroom’s hurry to get married,
and the adjournment of Police Justice
Broyles’ court while Justice Gallaher,
who was conducting a case, tied the
knot, was told at the time. Barwick
was about 42 years old, anud has lived
ou his ranch for the past seven yeuars.
It is the opinion of, those who knew
him that the man was insane,
Dennison’s crepe tissue paper in all col
ors, and Sanford’s library paste for sale
by Allerton, the stationer,
P. B. Cornwall, who is now in San
Francisco, will return to Whatcom in
about four weeks and will remain dur
ing the summer. Thereis nodoubt that
the Bellingham Bay Improvement
mm,lmny contemplates some extensive
developments during this year, besides
the opening up of the new coal mine,
A HERALD reporter talked with a well.
informed Eentleman yesterday as to
some of the new developments, and
while the information gleaned was not
for publication it is o? such a nature
that assures excellent times ahead for
the Bay. A
The location of the new coa' bunkers
it 18 said, bas been decided upon, and
piles for their erection are now being
got out, &'
| Capt. C. E. Clancy, the new superin
tendent of the Pacific Navigation com
icompnuy, which is managing the
Sound business of the Canadian Pacifie,
is one of the oldgst steamboat men on
the coast, having been actively identi
fled with Sound steamers since
1868, He was first with BStarr
Brothers, and . when that firm
sold out to the Oregon Improvement
company he followed the fortunes of
the boats, and luter he was with the
Union Pacifie, retiring from steamboat |
business when the Union Pacifie witll-l
’drew their boats two years ngo. At
one time Capinin Clancy was on the}
Ozlz'mphs-Vlcmrh run. The fare was'
$25, und freight rates whatever the
stemmers had u mind to ask. The fare
from Beattle to Victoria was $6, and
Jike rates in fact prevailed all over the
Sound, at least wherever there was
steamboat serviee, The steamers in
those days had u good thing in mail
subsidies, ove route, that from Olympia
to Vlcwria, receiving $30,000 per year.
The paliny days of nmmixmlng on the
Sound seem to have departed with the
increase of population and the advent
of railroads. Nevertheless the local
steamboat traffic on Pust sound must
always be considerable, while it is
destined to be the great highway to the
Pacific and the isles of the sea.
* *
Complaints are being made that large
numbers of trout are being caught in
‘'set” nets in the various sloughs along
the Nooksack riyer. In fact one fish
erman was accosted with a large bas
ketful yesterday, and being asked how
he caught them freely confessed that
he caught the trout with nets, He
claimed ignorance of (he law, of course,
and this pot hunting will go on uutil
some effective means are taken to stop
it. Our lakes and streams will soon be
denuded of trout unless some steps are
taken to protect the fish contained
An unsophistacted young man went
into an office on Thirteenth street yes
terday and, after writing a couple of
letters, asked where there was a post
office box. He was told its location,
and sauntering out, saw the word *Let
ters” on a door leading into the Pacific
Clothing store. With all the verdancy
in the world he dropped his letters in
the slot, and they &l upon the floor,
He was called back am& given to un
derstand that that was not a postoffice.
He looked at the letter receptacle a mo
ment, and then innocently remarked :
“ What have you got that sign for
Joseph Goodfellow, of Point Roberts,
is in New Whatcom attending the ex
amination of the men arrested at Point-
Roberts, the other du{. for trespassing
u‘flmn his pm‘mrty and assaulting him.
The particulars have alread{y been
given in the HErALD., Mr, Goodfel
low has occupied a 19-acre tract of land
for some six years, and with it a fish
ing privilege which he acquired from
John Elwood. Mrs, Waller, who lives
some three miles away, filed on this
land some time ago, and Mr. Goodfel
low claims that the entry was altered
in the Seattle land office. It was his
intention, he says, to have home
steaded 160 acres, of which the 19-acre
tract mentioned is a part, 8o soon as the
reservation there was throwm open for
settlement. In the meantime, the land
was leased by Mrs. Waller to Mr, Wad
hams, while Mr. Goodfellow leased it
to D. Drysdale, Mr. Goodfellow retain
ing one flnmuF trap in front of the
premises occupied l?' him. The whole
matter seems one which the courts can
best adjudicate upon.
Judge Weisenburger, E. T. Vernon
and 8. McLeod, of the Fourth of July
sports committee, were yesterday look
ing around New Whatcom for suitable
grounds for the sports on that day,
They found a most desirable location
within easy reach of town. Itis the
intention of the committee to wake the
sports a leading feature of the celebra
tion, and a meeting will be held on
Monday eveninf 0 map out a pro
gram. Among the features proposed is
a tug-of-war between different nation
alities if it can be so arranged. The
next general meeti “f of the committees
will be held in the city hall on Tuesday
evening. &
The baseball season on Bellingham
bay will be formally inaugurated to
day at Silver Beach, where the Belling
ham boys and Seattles will twirl the
ball and use the willows. Today is
ladies’ day, and the fair sex will be
charged no admission. The game will
be called today promptly at 3:30
o’clock, and tomorrow at 3 o’clock.
Round trip tickets to Silver Beach may
be obtained at Hardy & Scaman’s and
Higginson’s drug stores at fifty cents
eacfi). These tickets include notonly
transportation to and from the grounds
but admission to the grand stand as
well. Tickets heretofore sold, and
punched with the figures 6 and 7, are
good for today; those with the figure 4
will be honored tomorrow,
Ma ager Leedy received a telegram
last evening stating that the Seattle
team would arrive this morning on the
State of Washington. Following is the
bnulnf order of the Belllnfioham bays:
Darnell, e.; Miller, Ist b.; Roberts, c.f.;
J. D. Leedy, 3rd b); E. B. Lawrence,
r. f.; Marcy, 1. f.; Beck, p.; C. H.
Leedy, s. s.; Wagner, 2nd b. Seattle—
Hein, ¢.; Huber, Ist b.; Warner, 2nd
b.; Gamble, s. s.; Mantor, ¢. f.; S‘nnu
han, Brd b.; Parks, 1. f.; Norris, r, f,;
Simmons, p. Since playing at Seattle
the home team has been greatly
strengthened; and a good game may be
expected. S
In the HERALD of May 19th was
published an item obtained from a life
insurance man of Seattle to the effect
that Nellie Holgate was not at the bot
tom of Lake Washington, and that the
company in which her life was insured
had detectives working on the case and
had already established the fact that
the missing girl took a train for Ta
coma on the evening of her disappear
ance. Recent developments seem to
show that the detectives for once had
the right clew, Nellie must be some
what of a festive lass, and if she de
clines the cashier’s position offered her
by a Seattle firm lllllihl. obtain a re
cortorlal “sit” on the New York
Vorld. & .3
““ The financial institutions of this
country seem to be in a worse condi
tion than the manufacturers” said
Geo. E. Atkinson yesterday. ‘“The in
dustries of the countr,r are ina gener
ally flourishing condition; the crop out
look is exoellen:i.nd work is plentiful.
But in financial circles, and this ap
plies almost the world over at the pres
ent time, there seems to be an uneas
feeling. The policy of the Demoonté
administration as regards the silver
issue is not known and this too, no
doubt, l;:lar to keep financial matters
in an unsettled condition. Ido not see
any lgut cause for alarm, however, as
I believe in a short time things finan
cial will right themselves and we will
settle down to a period of prosperity for
some time to come.”
Serious Trouble Threatened on a
Street Car Line
A Noted Chicago Board of'Trade Plunger
Finds Himself in Serious Diffi-
Forr WaAvNE, Ind., June 2—Aflairs
in the street car strike are assuming an
alarming phase. Early this morning
poles were cut down, trolley wires
grounded and no cars could be run,
The police exhausted by two days con
stant duty were obliged to turn in.
The sheriff cannot get deputies toserve,
The county commissioners have called
a meeting of influential business men,
and sworn them in to protect property.
A Speculator Ousted
CHicAGO, June 2—FEd Pardington,
the prominent board of trade specu
lator, was arrested last night, accused
of inducing Clara Karginski, aged 16
years, in the latter part of March last,
to accompany him to a house of ill re
ruua. He gave bail. His friends assert
t is a case of blackmail.
The celebrated John Holland gold
fountain pen is one of the many useful
additions to Allerton, the stationer’s
Frank Van de Mark has gone on a
month’s trip among the islands,
C. V. Reid goes to San Juan island
next week, where he will rusticate for a
short time.
Rev. 8. R. 8. Gray, the indefatigable
pastor of the Episcopal church at East
Sound, is in town.
The Fairhaven Lumber company
shipped two cars of cedar lumber yes
terday to lllinois.
A meeting of =t. Helen’s Guild will
be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock in
the guild hall. A full attendance is
especially requested.
Mrs. MeDonald has opened a restau
rant on Harris avenue, between Tenth
and Eleventh streets, in which home
cooking is a specialty.
~ T. F. Monahan, who for some
months has been confined his room
by a combined attack of &?phuid fever
and pleurisy, was able yesterday to be
out ou the street for a short time,
0. H. Culver left on the afternoon
train for Seattle on his way to Chicago.
Alter taking in the World's ruir:'fir.
Culver will make a trip to New Eug
land. He will be absent about six or
eight weeks.
Major Wilkin was a passenger on
{‘eslerduy’u south-bound train for St.
aul, where he will attend the grand
celebration of the Loyal Legion com
mencing June 6. From thence he will
visit his old home at Newark, 0., and
will be absent from Fairhaven six
weeks or two montlis,
Some of the little tots at the Chil
dren’s Home have been in training
lately, and will take part in the chil
dren’s day exercises to be held in the
Congregational church tomoirow even
ing. 'l#le exercises at the Murphy tem
perance neeting tomorrow afternoon
will be of a npecfisll interesting nature,
The program willy be appropriate to
children’s day.
Ladies, when you go over to New
Whatcom call at 8. E"rledman Co.s
da' goods store, two doors from post
office. Slaughtering the C. P. Ro{:erts
and White lfiouse stocks.,
A letter received from Dr. W, W,
Danel, who with his wife left here a
few weeks ago for an extended trip
through the Kastern states and a Eu
ropean tour, states that they will sail
June 3 from New York for Liverpool
on the Campania, of the Cunard line,
the newest, finest and fastest steam
ship in the world, which recently beat
all previous records in crossing the
Atlantic. i
Candidates for positions in the cus
toms service are as thick as hair on a
dog’s back. Besides some twenty-five
or thirty applicants for inspectorships,
the names of 8. L. Butler and M. R.
Staight have been added to the list of
those who would like to have the
‘mantle of Deputy Collector Reilly fall
upon them, 8. L. Butler, it is said,
left on the Behome yesterday to inter
view Collector Baunders at i’nrt Town
send, nnd(rmem his claims for recog
nition, and it is barely possible that he
mn{ bring back his appointment in his
mc et. lsoke Smith, it will be remem
red, is a warm friend and admirer of
Mr. Butler. To & man up a tg it looks
as though the local Democracy might
have a hair pulling time before they
all get offices. o
J. F. Wardner, according to a Bpo
kane dispateh, has purchased a copper
mine at Rock creek, in the Kebtenai
country, paying $50,000 therefor. The
mine is pronounced an extremeli' valu
able pmperti'. The ledge is of enor
mous size, being from fone'.w seventy
feet, and traceable for a long distance
on the surface.
To Exchange
Improved property on Eik street for prop
erty in Tacoma or Everett,
R. J. AxvEßsox & Sox
Real Estate, Elk street, near Holly.
The Mufi' Queen is on the gridiron
at the Sehome dock, receiving some
needed repairs,
Siemons & Sons shipped u car of
shingles yesterday to Indiana, via the
Great Northern.
The xashingwu Cedtpr th?gle com
pany s one car of shingles yester
day to lflms.
The Lita will sail today for Callao,
Peru, with 1,331,349 feet of lumber,
valued at $13,313,
The tug Goliah came into port yes
terday for a boom of logs from McEl
roy’s logging camp for(t)ge Tacoma Mill
The Bellingham Bay Improvement
company’s mill is shut down until
Monday, that one of the slips may be
repaired. n
The sloop Hornet and a party of in
vited guests will accompany the Lita
today as far as Anacortes, returning
this evening,
The Success is on the beach near the
Ocean dock, receiving a general over
hauling. Tae Fairhaven foundry is at
tending to the repairs on her ma
chinery. 2
The Sehome arrived at 10 o’clock yes
terday morning, in command of Cap
tain O’Brien. She had a good frelfht
and quite a !msuenuer list. Fhe left
promptly on time, at 3:30.
The Chicago Daily Times and the Tri
bune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press for
sale by Allerton, the stationer.
A patriotic children’s day service,
entitled “Our Country,” le be ren
dered by the children of the Congrega
tional church Sunday evening, com
mencing at 7:30, An offering for the
Sunday school work of the state will
be taken. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to the public to attend.
Services at the Baptist hall, on Four
wenth street, near Mill avenue, on
Sunday at 11 a. m. Subject, *‘Shad
ows.” Baptism at evening service,
All cordially invited. T, L. Crandall,
Rev. O. B. Read, evangelist, of Los
Angeles, will close his meetings at the
First M. E. chu ¢h, New Whatcom, to
morrow night, and will begin a series
of like meetings in the Trinity M. E.
church, corner of Garden and A\f’;tgnolh
streets. Preaching every evening at 8
o'clock, and Bible readings every after
noo: except Saturday.
At the Presbyterian church, New
Whatcom, e>mmunion and the recep
tion of new members will accompany
the morning service. In the evening
Rev. W. B. Floyd wiil preach a pro
phetic sermon on the *“ Eight Visions
of a Young Man.” Seats free,
There were forty-two through pass
engers on the Conadian Pacific yester
day afternoon.
The life of Rev.J. V. Dimon was in
sured in the Masonic Mutual Benpefit
Association for $5,000,
The infant son of M. Gooding, on
High street, died yenu'rduy mornle
and will be buried from the Trinity M.
E. church at 2 p. m. today.
Sixteen special parties are booked
from California over the Canadian Pa
cific from this city this month. The
first will arrive next week.
Geo, McL. Brown, distriet passenger
agent of the Canadian Pacific at Van
couver, with Mrs. Brown, left on the
afternoon train for Tacoma.
John MeNieoll, of the local Canadian
Pacific office, has returned from Banff,
to which place he went with the Cali
fornia school ma’ams on Monday.
The Panter institute at Lake What"
com will be opened on June 8, when
Dr. Richards, of Tacoma, will deliver
an address upon the merits of the cure.
Geo. E. Atkinson, whose activity has
been somewhat impeded for some time
pust by a disabled foot, caused by a
truck running over it, is again able to
be around almost as acllver;nn ever,
V. Duncan, Philadeldhia; 8. Wil
liams, Blaine; A. P. Wadleigh, Seattle;
A. Nush, Port Townseud; A. Nelson,
H. Goodfellow, C, L. Wadhams, E, A.
Wadhams and Arthur Wadhams are
registered at the Bellingham,
ReV. C. E. Mcßeynolds, presiding
elder of the Puget Sound conference of
the Free Methodist church, is in the
city and will conduct services at the
church on K street this evening, and
tomorrow both morning and evening,
The case of the Fairhaven & South
ern railroad vs the Pacific Coust Trad
ing compan{ was still on trial yester
day. It wil fi) to the jury this morn
ing. A. H. Miller vs. T. G. Nicklin,
another tide land case, is the next on
the docket.
Edward (,mfn‘ e tendered his resig
’nuucm yesterday as a member of the
board of school directors to take effect
at once. County Superintendent Hitt
immediately accepted Mr. Cosgrove’s
resignation, and m-all)polnted him to
serve until July 81. This will necessi
tate the election of two directors on
June 12, and will prevent any legal
question arising. -
New Oases Filed
Following are the cases filed with the
clerk of the superior court yesterday :
Hattie A. Dellinger vs Hazelton—
Suit to recover $4 rent, SSO dunn’u
and restitution of ‘rremheu on Holly
street, occupied o‘y 1e defendant,
The Commercial Bank vs W. H,
Dobbs, B. W. Loring and M. R.
Staight—Suit to recover $158.25 on a
promissory note.
AT Tur FAmrEAVEN —J S Conwell,
Ph”ldfllflhll; Arthur Boucher, Tacoma;
J CUrich, Seattle; J H Ferryman, Seat
tle; G W Knee, St Paul; John C Boy
Portland, Or; ¢ W Chander, Seattle;
G Picketi, New York; C E Clancy. ’f
coma; B W Mor}ln. San Francisco; C
O Sweet, San Franckeo; W L
Seattle. &
NO. 70

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