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A Tree Is Known by Its Fruits: The Fruits of Capitalism Are Work, Worry, Want and War!
Socialism Means Abundant Production, Peace, Plenty and Protection for All Who Labor
It Means More Abundant Life! Join the Socialist Party, NOW! Give Its Press Your Support!
When the city ordinance stood be
tween the Shull Mill Co. and what
they wanted of the city council, com-1
missioner Clay suggested that be :lm!
the other capitalist-class commission
er "take the bit in the teeth" and
ignore the law. And they did. You
know it! That's what they were put
in office for.
Now comes Mrs. Lizzie Jones, coun-'
ty superintendent of schools, and
■hows what she can do toward law
lessness in high places. Also "taking
the bit in the teeth," Mrs. Jones set
out to oust the Socialist school teach
er, R. M. Wolfe, at Maltby by fair or
lawless means. She preferred the lat
ter, however, as becomes a "law and
order" patriot.
In our issue of March 18th, we call
ed attention to the fact that the pay
check of comrade Wolfe had been
arbitrarily held up, much to the in
convenience of comrade Wolfe's fam
ily. Busy Lizzie had been butting in
on Wolfe's province in divers ways
for some time, performing such petty
perescution stunts as visiting the
school and promoting illy-prepared pu-
pils over the teacher's decision, and in
other ways trying to discredit and
humiliate Wolfe in the eyes of par
ents and pupils.
She also demanded of the Socialist
teacher that he employ certain books
as pupils' text books, when, as a mat
ter of fact, the school laws require
that the teacher should own the said
text books, which are to be used as
the basis for discussion In class work.
It was never intended that these books
should be placed in the hands of pu
pils, nor does busy Lizzie make any
such ruling in the other schools un
der her control. Under no circum
stances would it fall within the legal
powers of the county superintendent
to penalize a teacher by holding up
his warrant for his failure to carry
out the provisions of the law regard
••ing course of study, etc. In such
cases it is the local school board which
is empowered by law to act, not the
county superintendent (R. and B.
Code, 4407; 4546 and 4550.)
Despite these express provisions of
the code, and notwithstanding the fact
that comrade Wolfe had actually vio
lated none of its requirements, busy
Lizzie lawlessly held up his January
and February teacher's warrant,
through the county auditor. She also
ordered (!) the county treasurer to
hold up the district money. Such
holding up of funds can be legally
done only with refei-ence to a teach
er's last month's salary of the school
term, pending the receipt of his an
nual report. Also warrants for globes,
maps and charts may be held up for
the county superintendent's approval.
But power to penalize a teacher for
failure, or alleged failure, to follow
the prescribed course of study Is no
where vested by law in the county
superintendent. Such action can be
taken only against the school board,
not against the teacher.
It may well be asked, "Why thia
persecution of R. M. Wolfe?"
As already stated, Wolfe is a So
cialist. And Lizzie Jones is deter
mined that nothing but capitalist poli
tic* shall be taught in the public
schools. Democrats and republicans
are never molested.
There is reason to believe that the
hand of the church, also, is in this per- j
Mention. A certain member of the i
school board was heard to ask Mrs.
Jones this question: "How are you
making out?" Lizzie replied, "I will j
get him out as soon as I can."
This Illuminating dialogue was over-1
heard by some children, at Maltby,
March 24th.
This is how the bosses keep religion
and politics out of the public schools.
Comrade Carl Melmgrem, of Everett,
brought in a dollar for the Henry
Dubb list. We need another $99.00.
Who'll be next?
Washington Socialist
Hit Them at the Psychological
If ever there was a time in the his
tory of the United States when the
masses were more willing to consider
the Socialist route out of the present
i industrial wilderness than RIGHT
NOW, the annalists failed to record It.
A few words right now, "the psycholo
glcal moment." have more weight
with the non-Socialist than a pamph
let had a few months ago. The ter-
I rlble devastation in Europe, obviously
all to no purpose, to far as the work
ing-class is concerned, the failure of
the democratic administration to pass
any laws calculated to reduce unem
ployment or to increase wages or shor
ten the work-day, together with the
chronic industrial depression, with no
relief in sight at the hands of the
capitalist class, all these conditions
make it apparent, even to the most
perverse and stubborn, that The Rem
edy Is To Be Found In Socialism Or
I* Not To Be Found At AIM Anyone
who is not deaf, dumb and blind can
and does apprehend this fact now upon
presentation of the facts.
It's up to us Socialists to see to it
that the message of Socialism is
brought to each and every man and
woman in Washington while the need
is greatest and the moment opportune.
Now what we propose Is this: Each
reader of these words send five one
cent stamps to The Washington So
cialist, with, or without, the name of
some Henry Dubb; we will then put
the name you send in, or one from our
own list of hundreds of them, on our
mailing list for three weeks, begin
ning with the second issue in April.
This issue will contain a few columns
of matter prepared especially for the
purpose in view, making a deep im
pression in three issues, and urging
the new readers to subscribe for a
period of three months. If they do
this, we'll have them. A five cent jit
ney attack on capitalism! Will you,
reader, help ub carry out this plan?
Of course yon will. Now sit right
down and sign the form below and
put in your five one-cent stamps.
We'll do the rest.
Washington Socialist,
1612 California Street.
Here are my 5 one-cent stamps
for the Jitney Attack on Capitalism.
Yours for a speedy revolution,
Name ,
Send to
No Socialist minds helping the
cause when it doesn't cost either time
or labor. Some are anxious to do
' their share of the work at no matter
what cost of time or money, within
their power or means. Often one finds
a comrade who will do quite a hard
task or undergo much physical dis
comfort for the cause if the ordeal is
sufficiently spectacular and well ad
But the real heroes of the move
ment are the unassuming, noiseless
comrades who habitually peg away
at the little things that help the pa
per and the organization immensely,
but don't gnt much space in the news
These are the kind of Socialists
that lay the sound basis of a clear
cut revolutionary working-class party.
Now there is no good reason why
i every reader of this paper should not']
I join this silent, tireless, persistent!'
brigade of foundation builders.
And a good way to begin this .
epoch-making service will be to join
jour Jitney Attack on Capitalism. BE-!
Comrade Katherine H. Hodgins is!
competing with a number of others'
for an automobile that is being given'
away by the Grand and Princess i
Theatres to the person who is given
the highest number of votes. Boost
for Kate Hodgins.
Have you over though of the power,
of the press? This thing you have in
your hands him cost many a precious
Buttles hnv<> been fought that you
might rend It tonight peacefully by
your fireside.
It Is ono of the '.rights" won by
blood and sncriflce. It and the ballot j
are the two moßt important rights
that mankind has wrung from tyranny, j
Think of it! This thing you have
in your hands -this Socialist paper —
is one of the greatest powers in the
And now ask yourself what use you
are making of it.
With It you can do anything; with
out It you can do nothing. Mark that!
This is no poetry or fine writing. This
is "a terrible God's fact."
"The Interests" have great newspa
pers—some one or more In every city, i
town and hamlet In this great country
—but have the working-class news
The thing you have in your hand is
something of that kind. It is anaemic,
underfed, half starved. It is ragged
and out at the toes. It shuffles along i
but, my stone-blind friend, it It the
promise of everything. Given nourish- '
ment, it may yet split rails; it may
yet become the great emancipator. ; '
It wa.t born of Labor In a dirty
basement, mothered and fathered by t
hungry parents. It was at birth little
more than a shriek, ungainly and hide-:
ous, yet Luther in his hovel or Lin-, '
coin in his cabin was no more.
If anything in this world is great, '
this thing in your-hand is great!
It is the beginning of a new wo#td '
power that will one day shape the dcs- '
tiny of man. |'
Its eyes and ears are social eyes (
and ears. Its voice is a social voice.
The eyes and ears search throughout '
the world for what you want to know,
and the voice carries to every part of
the world the news.
Through this thing, and only
through this thing, can you know the
truth about politics and business, '
about science, industry and art, about '
freedom, justice and democracy, about '
Colorado, West Virginia and every
great strike. And it 1b the truth, my (
friend, and the truth alone shall make
you free. ,
You are now fed on lies. You know
only what the enemy want you to .
know or what escapes from them
when they quarrel among themselves, i
By controlling the press the capitalists
control the sources of our information, .
as John D. Rockefeller controls the.,
sources of oil, and we must buy the
kind of product they want to sell and I
at their price.
Think of this thing, more precious,
more powerful, more enlightening
than all Bin, owned by the enemy—
at least, all but owned by the enemy!
You have this poor thing, this So
cialist paper, In your hands. It de
pends upon you whether it will live or
die, whether It is to reach one million
or ten million. It dspradl upon you
whether It will become a great lnitru
ment for fighting our battles. Poor
as It is, it it, a symbol of that which
Is our sole security as a sovereign
It must be on guard. It must watch
out for us. It must report the truth
to us. It must warn us of danger and,
when need be, call us to action.
Charles H. Maurer, Socialist
member of the Pennsylvania legis
lature, has presented bills for
mothers' pensions, one day rest in
seven, and also to prohibit opera
tions of any factory of mercantile
establishment more than six days
a week, unless a schedule is filed
with the state labor bureau. The
bill is aimed principally at the
iron and steel barons who operate
on Sundays while they sit in front
pews of the churches.
In ten years over 50,000 trespassers
upon railway rights of way were kill
ed in the United States.
War Is still playing Its terrible act
upon the lUfe In Europe and its at
tributes death, disease, poverty and
| crlinn am Btlll ravaging humanity.
I The red spray Of working-class blood
1 Htlll darkens the sun of civilization
; and llbc'rty lian boon sacrificed to the'
nnr.lii of Ignorance.
Tho Jaws of the exterminator, war,
are grinding relentlessly and this
I whirlpool of manhood contlnueß to bo
drawn to tho center, being swallowed
up In destruction. The man made vol
canoes, flashing forth in the hideous
| spectral gloom a wild lava-like light
ning, deal death to thn human walls
|of cannon-flesh. These wild light
nliiKß, throwing their terrible pro
jectiles are accomplishing the hope
of the iiinn'i-r c1«h», they are agents
of the exterminator.
In a maddening nuh thousands
charge through pools of life-blood in a
slew, spattering it 1b a thousand di
rections. The gore so prized by the
loved ones at home has become a scar
let mist making momentary hideous
rainbows In the flaslilngs of man's
chained lightning and falling In the
crash that follows.
In tho night the machinery of mur
der (operated with tfte blessings of
the clergy) belches forth) its death
dealing fire. The flashes light the
woods; each twig bearing for a mo
ment the crimson of blood on one side
while the other side remains a death
like black. War the exterminator has
taken Into its fold every possible
means of murder and butchery. The
men with good capitalistic zeal hear
their masters voice and fat;» machin
ery of murder, with its counterpart,
always expecting the poor working
men on the other side will be the
once slain instead of themselves. Then
with the mental picture of few pieces
of bronzed tin, to be awarded them for
their heroic bravery, they plunge for
ward baring their breast for the en
emy's bayonet.
The winter has come and gone, and
the producers are at the front; the
parasites remain at home to consume
all that remains. Women and chil
dren will face the exterminator with
hungry mouths and chilled, half cloth
ed limbs.
Poverty will give their lives to the
fierce savage fiend, war. Oh! Sacri
fices so unnecessary; so useless; so
cold blooded and so terrible! But in
the meanwhile the capitalists in Ber
lin, Paris, St. Petersburg, Constanti
nople, Vienna and London are batting
their passions in the wine glass and
the silken rustle of pleasure. They
have regained the absolute powers
they were loosing; the workers are
dead, or dying!
For several good reasons the dis
cussion being carried on through these
colunuiH between comrades Barzee and
Boitrom will appear every other week,
instead of weekly. By this arrange
ment the two articles will appear side
by side. It is well that we give these
questions of party tactics our most
thoughtful and impartial consideration.
Subject of Talk by Commissioner
Salter Sunday, April 4
Next Sunday evening, at 8:15, com
rade J. M. Salter, commisßioner of
public works, will speak at Socialist
hall, 1612 California street, his subject
being "The Collapse of Capitalism."
Perhapi no question is more fre
quently aaked at this time than this:
"When will normal business condi
tions be restored?" Or, as many are
beginning to ask, "Has the capitalist
system collapsed for good?"
In discussing this very live issue
Sunday evening, comrade Salter will
attempt to give an unbiased statement
of the known facts in the case, and
will give a Socialist answer to the ab
sorbing question, "Has the Capitalist
System Collapsed?"
Admission will be free, no collection
Everybody is invited!
The time la drawing near when
"American Socialism" will be given
the acid test as has the German,
Frf-ncli, i'.iti;\Mi, Russian and Belgian
and wb are of the opinion that unless
we throw overboard the peddlers of
adulterated Socialism wo will receive
the name thrashing at the hands of
the capitalist henchmen as is now be
ing served out to the European So
cialists (?)
We have a bunch of Socialist (?)
politicians in our midst that corrupt
the movement with the 57 varieties
of Socialism and at the same time
tell the wage slaves that their Social*
Ism Is the pure brand, yet almost ev
ery speech they make or article they
write is of the sloppy, sentimental,
reform guff that simply gets the
hearers or readers Into a mass of en
If Borne of them attempted to teach
revolutionary Socialism they would
break a blood vessel and if they hear
of anyone teaching it they do their
best to throttle them.
Tet today European Socialists (?)
are. being used as pawns at the be
hest of the capitalist class and the
time Is not far off when our same So
cialists will be used as the pawns of
the John D.'s, J. p. Morgan's et al
and we fully agree with the writer
of the following, that, had the revo
lutionary Socialism of Marx and En
gels been taught in Germany the
present war could hardly have hap
pened, and we will go further and
say that, if Marxian Socialism is not
taught on a greater scale in this coun
try our movement will be used by the
capitalist class to back them up in a
similar slaughter.
Anstin Harrison, editor of the
"English Review," a monthly maga
zine, who has had a sound German
education and is well equipped to
write upon matters Teutonic, pointed
out in an article in the November is
sue that Socialism had collapsed, re
ferring to the German S. D. P.
Messrs. Hyndman and Bax, two
have-been Socialists (?) who are now
working hand and glove with the Brit
ish government for the "crushing of
Germany," replied to him in the De
cember issue, wherein the Marxian
theory was "remolded" to suit the
Jingoistic spirit of both these gentle
men. They made just as good a de
fense of Socialism as would a Cath
olic prießt or some of our Chicago of
ficials, and naturally gave the editor
all the show that he needed for a
comeback which he did in the Janu
ary issue in an interesting article on
'•Marx and Materialism."
He says that his object in writing
of the collapse of German Socialism
was to show:
1. "That the rigid doctrinaire
theory of Marx, with its laws of class
warfare and automatic necessity, had,
in Germany, degenerated into a mere
parliamentary party of opposition and
opportunism characterized by the very
national and imperialistic tendencies
that Marx sought to destroy in his
philosophy of revolution which was to
bring about a Collectivist State. (Em
phasis mine.)
2. "That the moment social demo
cracy had so broken away, Socialism
as the implacable antagonist of bour
geois civilization in whatever form—
military, capitalistic, liberal, commer
cial or monarchical—forfeited its in
herent truth and purpose, the sole
concern of which lay in the freedom
of the wage earning classes."
He then expresses quite a refresh
ing sentence. He refers to what he
did write and says Mr. Hyndman did
not answer it. Our Chicago politi
cians would do the same. This is the
"The words I wrote were: 'German
Socialism has drifted away from
Marx into a slough of German Im
perialism, as far from the ideal it had
' set itself to win as Ecclesiasliclsm
has drifted away from Christianity.'"
(Continued on Page 3)
Socialism and Nationalism
When Judge Ben Lindsey went to
Washington to see President Wilaoo
in behalf of thw striking miners o*
Colorado, he Innocently believed1 thwt
as soon as the president knew th«
facts he would promptly set the pow
erful machinery of state in operation*
to bring Rockefeller and the rest of
the buccaneers to time. But alas!
President Wilson dared not offend!
King Rockefeller, an* when the Mnff
sat down on him he looked sad and
said he hadn't the 'legal" right to
do a thing.
Now Judge Lindsey nays that we're
ruled from Wall street, and that King
John Is a good deal bigger than Pres
ident Woodrow, all of wttich is an old
story with every one not as deficient
in gray matter as a shellfish. Judge
Lindsey also says that "Our civiliza
tion is a conspiracy against nature as
well an against Justice." Right again,
judge! But what are you-going to do
about it?
Capitalism Is the thing Judge Lind
sey so fiercely denounces and If he is
opposed to it, then what reason has
he for not being a Socialist? The
Socialists are the only one* who have
a definite program for the overthrow
of capitalism and the establishment of
industrial democracy.
After hundreds of United States
civil service employes have given up
their membership in the Socialist
party, fearing that if they did not do
so they would lose their jobs under
the anti-political proclamation of the
civil service commission, a ruling has
been secured from the commission de
claring that government employes
may be dues payinr Socialist party
This is the first victory in the cam
paign to secure political Jnstice for
the government employes who are
now intimidated by the democratic ad
ministration under Wilson, as they
were previously oppressed by the re
publican administrations of Taft and
The next step will be to prevent the
persecution and discharging of civil
service employes who happen to take
active part in the work of the Social
ist movement, men and women who
are the candidates of the Socialist
party in campaigns, or hold official
positions within the party organiza
tion, for, as The American Socialist
has shown, there are numbers of
cases where Socialists have been dis
criminated against, and old party poli
ticians favored under the civil service
, rules.
In the age when Socialism is ad
mittedly shaking the foundation
of politics the world over and
penetrating our science and litera
ture, I am unable to appreciate
the moral and intellectual outlook
of any person who does not take
an intelligent interest in Social
ism."—Prof. C. A. Beard, of Co
lumbia University.
Henry Stolz, jr., Socialist mayor of
I Manitowoc, Wis., has been re-elected
I to that office.
April 2nd, at 8 P. M.
AT HEADQUARTERS, 1612 California
In the last school election at Green
bank, Island county, there was con
siderable excitement felt among the
retainers of the capitalist class as
represented by the Calvin-Phillips
real estate firm; or, more strictly
! speaking, by their lackey, Mr. Guy
Richards, who is their farm superin
tendent and all around slave-driver
and political boss.
And the reason is easily seen, when
the fact that Mr. Richards is clerk of
the school board, and had as running
mates previous to election Mr. Bar
ton (foreman under Richards), and
Mr. Jackson, a mechanic in the em
ploy of the same company. Mr. Rich
ards, by virtue of his office, was en
abled to employ his daughter as teach
er in that district, though this is ia
direct violation of the school lawg.
Previous to election there was a
rumor circulated that the horrible So
cialists were going to run a man for
school director to take the place of
Mr. Barton, who had moved away.
Now to lose the control of that seat
on the school board might cause com
plications, and, worse yet, to have a
Socialist on the board would be gall
and worm-wood to the capitalisticly
minded serfs; so a campaign was
launched' to keep the control of the
school board safely in their hands.
One of the old time hands of the
company, at least, was solicited to
stay there until after the election; the
company team, with the foreman as
coachman, was put into service to haul
the adherents of the capitalist system
to the school taooae.
The meeting was called to order
promptly at 1 o'clock, or possibly a
little before by correct time. The
judges appointed Mrs. Guy Richards
and Mrs. Jackson (wives of the two
directors.) The meeting was then
thrown open to balloting, in spite of
the fact t&at it is customary to have
nominations made previous to ballot
On the question being raised, the
names of Wm. Day, the company's
choice, and Lillian Marshal were put
on the black board, and the balloting
carried ©n; incidentally the count
showed Wm. Day receiving 28, and
Mrs. Marshal 16 votes.
The question aa to the district fur
nishing the school books was raised,
and Mr. Richards was asked as to the
raeanß to be employed to secure them.
He stated that he, personally, did not
believe in it, and therefore he did not
consider that it was up to him to give
out the information unless directly
asked; but, in his opinion, a petition
for a special election would be neces
sary; this petition was started and
signed by 38 legal voters of the dis
trict, including the two directors.
This was forwarded to the county sup
erintendent of schools and returned
by her with the statement that it was
up to the school board to settle this
book question. Mr. Richards in an
interview stated that they would fight
it. Now as two of the board have sig
nified their approval of the measure,
it remains to be seen what means Mr.
Richards will use to guard his mast
er's interests.
Over 700,000 miners are expected to
go on strike in Great Britain unless
they receive a raise in wages to ott
set the increased cost of living.
No. 221

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